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Artificial Wombs general Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 03:11:54 No.157
I think we need to figure out how to fit a womb onto a waifubot. Where's the fun in having sex if you can't procreate?

Repost from a thread on /b/;
>"If you're like me and want to fuck a qt battlebot and get her pregnant, the best place to put an artificial womb is where a normal womb would be on a normal girl. The metal exterior could simply be a bunch of metal plates that unfold to allow space for the womb pod inside. The baby is probably safest inside the battlebot, and if she has good calibration then there shouldn't be problems with her falling and hurting the baby. After giving birth the metal plates could automatically fold back up again, shrinking the womb pod inside so she is combat effective again."

Well /robowaifu/? Feasible?
>>2611 Nothing's perfect. That doesn't mean you shouldn't strive to get as close as possible. >goes to college, meets some people, hears some lectures and gradually realizes the error of your ways This would only apply if I tried to actually hide information, which was then later exposed. Terrible strategy. What should be done is to expose to as much information as possible, so that you can then sift through the ideas together, and find which have merit and which do not. And why, of course. The difference between actual education and indoctrination. It would be the same for a completely robotic being. I'd want my robowaifu to understand SJW arguments, and also why they are wrong. All the better for her to eventually fight the SJWs when they eventually come for both her and me in the future.
>>2610 >>2612 Hello Anon. The board needs a second to take responsibility for it in case something happens to me, or if I just go missing for a while. Previously, a board vol stepped in and took over for us. It worked out well in that case and things continued smoothly for us. But I'd prefer a little more defined approach to the need. If you're interested please create an account on the site, then email me. In that email, please spell out a bit about some of your ideas for managing the board against various future eventualities. Thank you.
>>2614 >global vol*
>>2612 >It would be the same for a completely robotic being. I'd want my robowaifu to understand SJW arguments, and also why they are wrong. Maybe. I don't need to understand Islam or Scientology to dislike them and think the world's better off without them. It's really our interests vs theirs. Feminism does benefit a group of people in a way. You'd have to teach that some people's interests or more important than others.
>>2616 I think I can dismantle feminism just by focusing on the long term benefits of equality. SJWs openly hate equality now (saying that it's evil, and they like "equity" instead), but equality is really a very easy argument for the masses to buy. Know your enemy. >>2614 I suppose it's a moot point now with the "rebirth" thing, but I don't know if I'd be good at this anyway. Very flattering to see that someone thinks my writing and ideas are that good, but I'm a free speech absolutist, and I probably would never moderate anything. I think 4chan was at its best when 99% of /b/ was botspam telling people to install viruses. Freedom weeds out those that don't deserve to be there anyway. I like the idea of robowaifus because it would free many more men from instincts that lead to them giving power to women, who then use it for authoritarianism. That same feminine authoritarianism that then forces us to censor ourselves and each other. Robowaifus would remove censorship from society. Beta orbiters wouldn't pretend to agree with it, and then enforce it, just to get women, because they'd all be placated with robowaifus.
>>2621 It was meant as a compliment. And my decision to make the offer was based on what I perceive your heart in the matter to be. You seem to have both some wisdom and some passion on the general topics we cover here. But yes, responsibility comes with, well, responsibility ofc. Your assertion ...and I probably would never moderate anything wouldn't fly ofc. Not only would it violate the basic trust the site itself places on BOs, but it certainly would be destructive to this actual community--particularly once we start hitting the 'front page' everywhere with our robowaifus in the future, and the real shitstorm fun begins. :^) As a counter-balance to your stated methodology, I'd ask: Would "I probably would never moderate anything" best serve your organo-robo-daughteru? If not, then I'd say you might consider a similar view about the offer from /robowaifu/. This isn't /b/, nor will it ever be if I can manage that. I came from 4/b/ back in the day, it's literally where I cut my teeth in the IB world. So I have no opposition to the need for it, but /robowaifu/ is not that place.
>>2626 >Would "I probably would never moderate anything" best serve your organo-robo-daughteru? Yes, I think it would. Discussion is always better than censorship. The only exception I can think of would be immediate dangers to life. Which would never be the case with words and images, only with actual actions. I suppose you could consider breaking global rules or federal laws to be immediate dangers to life of the board, which must be censored for the board to survive. But that's just playing along with the people who are actually endangering the board, by threatening to shut them down for wrongthink. The other thing that I do think can slowly degrade the board is just bad actors, like if SJWs invaded, but I also believe that it is a very dangerous precedent to start censoring what we think to be wrongthink. I suppose since this isn't /b/, though, it's fair enough to delete posts for being off-topic. And in that case, most of my posts in this thread should be deleted. I would actually understand that. So for a more specific answer, I could concede to deleting off-topic posts. And maybe, just maybe, to deleting things that violate global rules. But frankly, I consider that to be little more than cuckoldry.
>>2633 So letting outsiders who don't share the interests of the native users and have zero respect for their culture invade is cuckoldry? Uh huh.
>>2634 No. Enforcing rules just because some sort of "higher authority" tells you to is cuckoldry. Letting outsiders in, or at least not actually deleting their posts and banning them, is the price you pay for free speech. However, I do think it's important to make the place as distasteful to cultural outsiders as possible.
>>2633 >>2635 Alright, I understand your position Anon. In that light I'll respectfully withdraw my offer. /robowaifu/ isn't an activist platform, at least not in that sense. The community's welfare is an important priority for me, and I don't feel it's best served by letting any and every outsider just run rough-shod over the community engagements going on here. However, thank you for your other contributions here Anon. Please do continue with them. :^)
>>2636 I don't consider myself an activist in that regard. Quite the opposite. I refuse to use my powers for activism. I think that is best for the community's overall welfare. However, I think you've been doing an excellent job with the board so far, and it doesn't seem like you're even doing anything I wouldn't do myself. So I certainly respect your opinions on these matters, and am flattered by your compliments. Also, I'm the type that forgets to go on the internet for months at a time, so I'd probably be too often absent to be a good hotpocket anyway. You should probably delete all or most of my posts from this thread anyway, since they're absurdly off topic.
>>2637 On the contrary. Your position smacks of the 'muh_free_speech' activism from my personal perspective. I don't need to wade through a sewer itself to know it's a vile cesspool. Certainly I don't need to route it directly through my living room to do so. I'm also rather skeptical your approach can possibly lead to a good outcome for your daughter either tbh.
>>2638 You're a different guy from me. I'm the one who's been replying to him besides chobitsu. I agree with you, but felt it would be impolite to express those feelings. Total free speech should be supported on a societal level, by on a community to community basis it's simply undesirable and pointless. He's right that all of these posts should be moved for being absurdly off-topic.
OK guys, thanks for the concern about keeping things on-topic, much appreciated. I'll give some consideration how to move content ITT around to more appropriate locations.
Maybe instead of an artificial womb we could decellarize a pig womb and recellularize it with human cells. There is already a lot of research in this area for xenotransplants. Then all we would have to do is keep it hooked up to life support long enough for a child to be born.
>>2667 Yes, there is certainly a lot of experimentation happening in this area. My suspicions is that China, for example, has already succeeded in artificial human gestation via animal surrogacy, and pigs seem the most likely species to pull it off with given their many similarities to human systems, including our embryonic ones. I could be entirely wrong ofc. I'm not aware of any public claims in the literature by the Chinese or anyone else for that matter regarding a success in this area yet. The problems are many, but conceivably surmountable. But IMO It'd sure be pretty gross to find out one day you were born from a literal pig though. I'd much rather hear I came from an purely-technical artificial womb I think. :^)
Was listening to a video on synthetic life and apparently they can already print custom human DNA for a few million dollars and theoretically grow it into a human being if it's coded properly: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rU_pfCtSWF4
>>2678 thanks for the info anon, will give it a listen.
>>2671 We need a starting point before we go for more complex systems. Let's learn what does and doesn't work before we move on to fully artificially wombs.
>>2695 Sound wisdom. The only obvious practical choice atm is human-female paid surrogacy. That's a complex enough topic all on it's own to go on with, I think. :^)
The focus here should clearly be on building networks to help men having children with surrogates. Also, making sure we are not being scammed or the prices would generally be to high. Getting women from developed countries to go to ones with more libertarian laws, to sell some egg cells won't be easy. The process isn't pleasant.
>>4292 >The focus here should clearly be on building networks to help men having children with surrogates. I expect that probably quite beyond our current resources (and a fair distraction from our core mission as well). It's certainly a desirable goal, but we're more or less limited to posting links to groups and other resources, etc., ITT--that motivated anons such as yourself dig up for us and tell us about. In that sense we might become a sort of politically-incorrect gateway on this important topic for men who have this need, but frankly couldn't care less about robowaifus. Maybe we can be a help to a broader community of men this way, if only motivated anons take the bull by the horns and deliver links and resources here. Interested?
>>4296 I meant, that >>4292 makes more sense than hoping for artificial wombs or getting distracted by looking into details there. MGTOWs and Incels are interested in having children with surrogates, using nannies or fembots to help raising them. I'm currently trying to focus on bots and learning the tech, but organizing to archive such goals might become interesting at some point.
>>4304 > MGTOWs and Incels are interested in having children with surrogates, using nannies or fembots to help raising them. I'm neither, and I'm interested in the same thing, particularly the latter choice. Effectively all Westernized women are infected with feminism brainwashing. I don't wan them--nannies included--passing that evil on to my children. >I'm currently trying to focus on bots and learning the tech, Good luck to us all. >but organizing to archive such goals might become interesting at some point. I hope you or someone else takes the reins and actually does this. It's an important--but ancillary--issue here, and it would be nice to help disenfranchised men everywhere through /robowaifu/, not just those of us who want our own waifubots.
>>157 >I think we need to figure out how to fit a womb onto a waifubot I personally don't think so. Why risking the life of your child everytime she gets slightly bumped? What we should really be doing is giving her a semen storage unit that she can use to the put the sperm another place and keep the artificial womb outside of her.
>>4688 These are pretty good points IMO Anon.
>>4688 Indeed. It is much easier to maintain homeostasis too in a nice, cabinet-sized artificial womb than trying to cram it in a tiny robotic abdomen.
>>4698 Exactly. With robowaifus we now have a chance of creating our women, so why not make them the best? Why limit the concept of femininity to the modern woman's one if we can make it better?
>>4698 >>4703 So where do we get the eggs from for our blessed offspring?
>>4706 Making sure that whole thing works would be a huge topic of it's own, depends also on the country. Paid donors of course, but not possible everywhere. Making eggcells from normal cells has already been tested in a lab, though.
>>4688 Aye, that along with engineered egg cells would be enough to produce a viable fetus.
>>4703 Y'know, part of what limits human intelligence is the size of a woman's hips. Larger brains require larger heads, and those are difficult to pass through birth canals. With a completely separate artificial womb this problem can be eliminated. >>2671 Pig uterus recellularized with human cells kept alive via ex vivo organ perfusion is probably our best bet at an artificial womb. There is already a lot of research done in that area.
>>8007 > ex vivo organ perfusion Interesting I didn't know about that one. So, can you clarify the proposal here? Is the idea that the uterus (pig's presumably?) be kept alive outside a body during the gestation process?
>>8009 >So, can you clarify the proposal here? Is the idea that the uterus (pig's presumably?) be kept alive outside a body during the gestation process? Yes that is the gist of it. Organs can be kept alive outside the body if they are put into similar conditions to the body. The organs are kept at body temperature and supplied with blood. This technology is already used in order to keep organs alive for transplants. HOWEVER these organs are usually only kept alive for a couple of days. Though it is worth noting that there have been animal tests that have lasted weeks or even months, and this technology is rapidly advancing. It should also be noted that this pigs are the model organism for this technology. https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/transplant/programs/Ex-Vivo-Perfusion.html https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/28266040/
>>8011 We could bring a human baby to term inside an artificial womb/xenopregnancy at this present day if the government of any first-world nation were insane enough to devote the resources to it. Although such a move would be incredibly ethically questionable (many destroyed ova and aborted babies due to failed attempts) and there is currently no demand for such technology. Surrogacy and fostering take precedence over it.
>>8012 Good points. OTOH, it also highlights the one nation that is likely to achieve it first: namely China. First, they have a large deficit of females that is even more likely to increase now that they are granting stronk, independynts the right to """choose""". Secondly, they have no such ethical compunctions (which are directly an artifact of the growth of Christianity and The Western Tradition hand-in-hand).
Yeah, I also tend to think that either China or Russia will produce the first synthetically birthed humans (possible they already have). Both countries are ahead of the West in stem cell research, and Russia has its well established Biopreparat facilities for biochem research. Even if the bodies produced aren't sentient, growing all of those replacement organs will be lucrative and very useful both medically and militarily.
>>8012 I think there would be demand if it would be working reliably. Women could go on working instead of being pregnant, men could have their own children, both in a much later stage of life. It should first be tested on animals of course. It also makes more sense to use it first to make pregnancy shorter, which could be used by mothers but also by surrogates. In the later case it would also prevent them from getting attached to the baby. Also, the customer and the doctors would not have to monitor the woman for factors like her eating habits or other behaviors which could be harmful to the baby. The surrogate herself could have more babies, even more at once, if they could be taken out earlier and moved to some artificial womb.
>>8012 We could sell the idea from a feminist or trans rights approach. "Free women from motherhood" "Transwomen can have babies too!" I think SJW types are dumb enough to buy that shit.
>>8016 It's not completely BS, though. Some things are a zero sum game, or it's just more complicated. They would be able to cut pregnancy short and reduce their mother role by having a robonanny. Also, could be easier for them to have children without a husband. Women will be hit by having no men if they want to and also might be financially affected, if more men go MGTOW bc robowaifus, lovebots and artificial wombs. The really interesting part of that topic would be how we can get to a point where men can have children without needing a woman as partner. That might be outside of the scope of this board. It also is interesting before having robowaifus, since one could also use a nanny to nurture the child for the first four or five year. It's more about organizing that. Western women selling eggcells abroad, having reliable clinics and surrogates, infrastructure to host the surrogates and control their habits for a few month, getting the children over the border and accepted by law, excluding the eggcell donor from any motherly entitlements. Having artificial wombs would be an extension of that, making it easier, more reliable, more scaleable, closer to home and maybe cheaper.
>>8016 While it is true that they would fall for it I don't think it would fool there "handlers" who would immediately see through our rouse.
>>8043 Good point Anon. They are probably far craftier & cynical than we ourselves are, always expecting the worst from everyone around them and plotting accordingly. They wouldn't be taken in for a minute, regardless whether they felt they should fool their golems into believing so or not. Accordingly, what we should be doing is devising ways to convince the handlers themselves it's in their best bottom-line interest to play along as well.
>>8044 Well I think they would always like the free human labor because rebellious humans can be dealt with a lot better than a rebellious AI that just hacked access to hundreds of metal worker robots. Maybe all human in the future are birthed in giant womb factories with the best worker DNA being harvested by campion bots and deferent Dna is combined based on what is needed. Need workers combine the best worker stock, need a new genius for new ideas make an Einstein. All the while the robowifes will keep there companions happy, docile, and well loved. I'm okay with this outcome.
>>8045 >currently watching The Matrix series <lots of similarities here Kek. You have the makings of a fine storyline there Anon. :^)
Open file (245.03 KB 480x676 Draw it.png)
>>8046 I was thinking more like 40k with government issued wife bots. Kek but the matrix analogy works too.
Open file (56.38 KB 621x621 1605329452640.jpg)
>>8047 >that image search Lol.
>>8048 Thx it was the third image I pulled up when I searched for Cyberdong.
>>157 >Where's the fun in having sex if you can't procreate? Having sex without consequences IS the fun.
>>8061 What a ginormous cowardly faggot you are

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