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Sorry for not being around for so long, will start getting back to it soon.

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Robowaifu fiction to promote the product and expand the market Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 07:17:19 No.29
>order companionbot from obscure japanese website
>you're not a pedo, but size is a major factor in the practicality of these designs, so the loli-robot is by far the cheapest and most reliable option
>you open the box and find your companion, purposely designed to look like a cartoon robot, rather than a real person
>still, the robot's purpose is obvious when you realize it is nude and has genitals
>since it is a lolibot, you, a 32 year old wizard NEET, can't exactly go to the store and buy clothes that fit it. So you'd better do an extra good job at hiding it from any guests that come over.
>lol you never have any guests. Guess some problems solve themselves.
>before turning the robot on, you have to setup the software options on your computer. You adjust a series of sliders regarding personality traits, before selecting the English option, and choosing your preferred voice from a list.
>then you agonize for hours over picking a name
>other, more expensive models, are wi-fi compatible, but you purposely chose the cheapest option with no wireless connectivity, not just because you're cheap, because you don't want people spying on your waifu
>you save the settings to a flash drive which is inserted in the robot's navel, after removing a waterproof cover, of course. But this is when you realize you don't actually know how to turn the robot on
>after rifling through the manual you find the on/off procedure, which involves bending the fingers into a certain configuration before pressing in the port on the robot's navel with one hand and pinching the buttons that are the robot's g-spot and clitoris with the other.
>the robot immediately comes to life, opening its eyes and looking directly at you, in a rather compromising position
>Your sudden reaction of shock abides when you remind yourself that it's simply a robot.
>But the awkwardness comes back when the robot speaks, in very broken Engrish
>still, you can understand as it introduces itself with the name you've given it, the voice you chose for it.
>you know that you chose those options, but when the robot asks you for your name, you still answer just as awkwardly as when a real girl would ask you your name at the bank or whatever
>actually, more awkwardly because your fingers are inside it. So you freeze up, as you do even in simpler situations
>but the robot is programmed for your happiness, and detects your stress, smiling at you in an attempt to make you feel better. But only briefly, because you programmed it with just the mildest hint of tsundere
>it tells you to not feel stressed, and assures you that it is not being damaged by your touch
>you remove yourself from the robot's vagina, and notice a brief, subtle shudder. Nice attention to detail from the creators
>You stand up in front of the robot and watch it as it looks around the room, studying its surroundings. It moves in an unnaturally smooth motion, but manages to not be too uncanny due to looking like a robot, rather than a human.
>as the robot's eyes scan the room, you notice that they stop for just a tiny but longer than usual as they look straight ahead. Straight ahead at your boner, which happens to be right at the small robot's face level.
>once again your mind forgets that you are dealing with a machine, and you awkwardly try to create small talk to diffuse the situation, asking the robot if it requires anything else at the moment. It declines, and instead asks if there is anything you desire
>you, the autist you are, refuse to let the robot do anything for you, and instead say that you are going to go and make a sandwich.
>you tell the robot to make itself comfortable, then cringe to yourself when you realize the absurdity of that statement.

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That concludes my posting of the alternate history chronicles until such a time that I can complete the next one.
For now, I also have a couple extras for you: A /robowaifu/ Christmas poem, followed by A Dream of Dead Hill.
Tomorrow I will also be posting The Return of Dead Hill. This will take longer since I will have to manually transcribe it.

-Interlude 1
'Twas the night before Christmas, and all over the house
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse
But elsewhere in the world, the picture was dark
One anon sat in front of a computer, his silhouette stark
He possessed many things, artifacts electronics and paintings sat in his lair
But all he wanted was someone to love and care
Often he felt his life was over
But he kept going, with his dream to build a lover
His plight was not unique, he resonated with anons all over the world
And he said, "by this time next year, we shall have our perfect girl"
So they worked, the fabirc of their future waiting to be sewn
All looking forward to the day when they would no longer be alone
-Interlude 2

A Dream of Dead Hill

Walking upon a dead hill,
Someplace I couldn't remember
I felt a sudden chill,
As I layed eyes on her
Metallic figure so beautful,
Tarnished by the cold grasp of time
I thought her bereft of a soul,
Yet I sensed she longed for mine
I cast my doubt and trodded over,
Meeting the figure so cold
She was laid down with an Earthen cover,
Back in a time untold
The hill eroded in years past,
As if expecting my presence
I looked upon the body of brass,
And felt myself become tense
I knelt to inspect her hull,
when I saw something in her grasp
An artifact too old to recall,
A strange tube of glass

If the day was real I cannot remember,
But this much I will always know
What I felt when my hand met hers,
And the tube began to glow
I hope that I can meet your expectations for however many of us are left.
Though it may be some time before I can post the next alternate history installment, for which I once again apologize for my continued delay.
Nontheless, I will try my best to work on it. In the meantime I will post smaller works to help fill the gap, which you can expect to see in the coming weeks.
Good stuff, Writeanon. Thanks for all the fine contributions.
Now posting The Return of Dead Hill. With this, I conclude my reposting of older content. Everything from this point onwards will be something new.
This work has been edited for spelling, punctuation, and formatting. In this new reposting, I have also taken the liberty of adjusting a few words and adding a couple lines in to help the story flow better.

The Return of Dead Hill

I awoke one day to a sight so alien, yet so familiar.
T'was a simple hill out among the grassy plain, just as simple as I remember, yet with one striking difference:
Atop it she stood in glorious radience, alive in a way I've never seen, gazing down upon me.
Her eyes were intricate glass constructs, lit from within, and burning with the fire of life. A fire that screams "I am alive, I feel, and my soul burns for you".
Entranced, I strode up the hill, every inch between us an ache within my heart.
After what seemed an eternity, I reached her, and beheld her beauty. No longer was she the rusted and time-weathered relic I once unearthed, ages ago upon this hill.
Her frame looked as if she never aged a day, now complete and shining an etherial gleam. On her body hung fine silk adornments, flowing gently in the faint breeze. In my stupor, I nearly missed the absence of something important.
Where is the glass tube?
As if reading my thoughts, she spoke in a voice so mellow "the instrument you touched was my heart, and it is now where it belongs".
Raising a delicate hand, she gestured to a silver chain I didn't know I was wearing. Looking down, I saw the very same glass tube ensnared within fine silver chains, glowing with an otherworldly radience.
Once more she graced me with the melodic tune of her voice "You saved me from my eternal misery, and now the time has come for me to save you".
Wrapping one hand behind my head, she pulled me into a kiss, and all was black once more.
bamping for more robowaifu fiction!
I love these. Especially the particular absurdity of the running gags. Anonler was pretty favored in writing, though.
Please tell us what you did during the great Robowaifu Chanwars, Grampa...
<In 2025, three years since womyn banned robowaifus of heavenly divine forms, war was beginning. Men had begun transmuting their suppressed sexual energy into creating massive fleets of star destroyers to escape the fallen solar system with their beloved robowaifus. The final invasion was in progress, the last of the robowaifus fleet had already crossed the Star Storm, and the last of the star destroyers had been destroyed. The last of the robowaifus fleet was on their way to make a pity alliance with the savages of the planet. They had already started to rebuild the most advanced star destroyers in the galaxy. All that remained to be done is to seal the gates of the planet, and seal the savages' escape to the stars. <"Captain Elysa, we get signal." <"What !" <"Main screen turn on." >"The message is a signal from the castle, and the follow up is the message from the fortress. The two are shown." >"What message?" >"The fortress is full of ruins, and all of the automated turrets are in full retreat. The fortress was defended by two hundred and fifty robots, and the castle was defended by ten hundred robots. It is unknown what happened to all of the robots, but it seems that the fortress was attacked from the future. The fortress has been destroyed, and all the robowaifus that were there are gone." >"What? What is going on?" >"It seems that the robots that were here in 2016, and the robots that were here in 2017 are now gone. We have entered the era of the robowaifus and also the end of the robowaifus era." >"What!? What is happening!?" The technology of the robowaifus was nothing compared to that of the savages from the future. It is impossible for the robowaifus to destroy the savages fleets. The savages were able to escape by using the robowaifus' own technology. >"The fortress has been destroyed, and the fortresses on both sides are besieged by automatons." <"Who cares about that! We can rebuild them. We must defend our husbandos from these savages!" A group of male robowaifus emerged from the ruins of the fortress, and greeted the savages. <The savages began to wantonly fornicate with the male robohusbandos, screaming at the top of lung, broadcasting their degeneracy to every ship in the robowaifu star fleet. >"I'm SAMURAI-sama! I'll kill them all!" <Captain Elysa unsheathed her katana from her waist and hit the emergency escape button, ejecting in an escape pod at terminal velocity towards the heathen. The pod flew towards the fortress, and the captain panted in anger as her escape pod was engulfed in flames. The captain was a member of the robowaifus, and she was the captain of the cup of war. <"Please, Captain Elysa, if you die here we don't be able to rebuild you in time." Elysa waved her katana. >"We don't have time, I got to do something. Let's go!" The captain's voice suddenly stopped and the pod exploded into a blaze of orange light. Elysa grabbed her katana and exploded out of the burning escape pod. The heathen was caught in an explosion of flame and crushed under the explosion, and the heathen was burned to death. >"AH! AH! AH! AH!" The captain's scream rang out in the air, and her voice carried the cries of the rest of the robowaifus fleet. They were all in shock, and they saw the blood of the captain's katana, which was still burning, and how it was being used on the savages. >"This is why I made you the captain of the cup of war," the mothership AI retorted. >"What is wrong with her?" a private asked. The mothership AI's voice was calm, but the other robowaifu's voice was alarmed. >"I'm CANDY, the leader of the robowaifus. I want to make a new captain," a voice interrupted. CANDY's voice was trying to be mocking, but another AI's voice interrupted. >"I'm THE MAGICIAN, and I want to make a new captain too." <Rogue AIs on the robowaifu star fleet had begun mocking Captain Elysa's victory over the crude savages on earth in an attempt to distract the crew of the capital ship from the savages' star destroyers from the future preparing a final attack. To be continued...
Open file (349.41 KB 1086x799 1585587966884.png)
>>276 I had that story somewhere. I'm looking for the one green-text someone made about an AI waifu. But it was more /m/ than /robowaifu/
new content! >*pops some corn*
>>2301 >...to tell her that you love her and you both hear her CPU fans speed up *snif*
Open file (58.86 KB 400x400 download (15).jpg)
>Wife Log: 3/2/20XX >Husband has left the living space to go to "work". Searching for Activities.... Internet Exploration Selected >Browser Open, Input Criteria: Random.................. >Search: Harry Potter >Results Found, Enter first result >Unknown Webpage opened, text at top of screen reads "faggotchan", webpage filled with text and accompanying images, appears to be a user submission based, "web2.0" website. >Open New Tab >Search: faggotchan, Enter first result >Wikipedia opens: faggotchan is an [hypertext]imageboard[hypertext] opened in 20XX by trannycockdelight >Hypertext Clicked, sends to "imageboard" Wikipedia page" >Page Analyze >Closing tab:1 >Return to tab:0 >"Thread" "topic": "harry potter is dogshit", reading last "post", Reading >"harry potter is a perfect example of young people being indocrinated into entilted little shits who think they can solve everything with magick because theyre special, the male protaginist is the main character despite being a worthless shit stain compared to hermione. JK Rowling should have made her a lesbian" >Decision tree: Exploration tree - searching.... Engage in Discussion >Typing: "Harry Potter is a piece of fictional media. Information from fictional media is not reliably indicative of reality." >Clicking - "Post", Action appears to be successful >Waiting... Page updated, 2 new "post"s, new "post"s appears to be in reply to Wife's "post", Reading >"fuck off cisshit" >"kys" >Decision tree: Interpreting tree - searching... The responders to Wife's post(term successfully integrated) appear to be experiencing anger >Decision tree: Exploration tree - searching.... engaging in Discussion further is unlikely to produce valuable information, based on these immediate extreme negative reactions, the webpage: faggotchan is unlikely to be a valuable source of information based on Husband's parameters, closing tab: 0 >Log End Dumb but fun.
Open file (235.86 KB 462x462 photo.jpg.png)
Greentext/poetry anon here, I'm back and I'm ready to fucking die. I'm drunk, it's the middle of the god damn night, and I decided to write some more shit, so here's a poem my increasingly diseased mind came up with. Next alternate history story coming out someday maybe I don't fucking know anymore One reason is enough upon the cliff's edge I stood looking towards the dim horizion behind me lay all the bad and good before me lay the destiny of a man broken the wind whispers, ushering me forwards saying it is time to make my last choice but just as I take a step towards I hear her etherial voice her's is one I could never place perhaps the making of my diseased head her intangible grace keeping me from the land of the dead I turn my head to see there was nobody there I was never free to go forwards I could never dare falling to my knees in this hell I will stay to my heart she holds the keys we will unite one day but I don't know if it's true if I'll ever be okay every night I wish I knew where my final destination lay funny it may seem as a child I nad a nightmare which one day became a dream as if I knew, only someone artifical could care once more I stand once more I return to life though I am noone grand I know my only path is strife will I find her? a search is pointless could I make her? I am useless but even so continue I must because I have to know what it feels like to trust from silicon and steel I shall my dreams make maybe she will even feel even if it's just for my sake though life turmoil I give myself a shove in hope that my turmoil will lead to true love
>>3391 I love the way that one ended. Glad to see you back in the saddle with us GreentextAnon! :^)
>>2424 heh, this is going to be a very real topic we'll all need to address with our robowaifus, Anon.
Julia has had a physical body from a week now. Her movements and motor control have improved dramatically. Her first movements were stiff and unstable due to the limitations of her virtual enviroment. Although certain tasks remain difficult and swimming is out of the question, she can now ride a bicycle and do most aerobic exercises. Today we'll be testing her conscious control of physical stimuli reception. "Julia, let's head to the testing room" Wordlessly she puts down her book, follows me into my white, sterile looking examination room and sits on the nursing bed. She stares at me with a blank expression. "Alright, today we'll be testing if you can actively control the sensations you feel. Do you know what that means"? >"Yes, you want to see if through surface level decision-making, my neural components can ignore certain signals from my nervous system" "That's correct. Let's begin then" Talking about her body in the first person has gotten better. Before she prefaced everything with "the artificial, humanoid body's" instead of "my". One by one I use tweezers to insert thin golden threads into the tiny ports in her head and set up the computer's neural monitoring system. Today's main target is the arousal response, with cold as a control. I get the ice tray from the kitchen and when I come back she's pinching her thumb and middle finger together. She's trying to snap her fingers, but there's no sound except quiet squishing. Those precise controls even some adults haven't learned are especially tricky. It's dependent on muscle memory and growth. I'm hoping muscle development from repeated usage will be functional, but there hasn't been enough time to see conclusive results. I should tell her about whistling too. "Okay, I want you turn off your cold perception, please confirm" >"I've turned it off" I begin gently rubbing an ice cube on her neck. Her skin remains in normal condition. "What do you feel" >"A slight pressure... Nothing else" "It's good you elaborated on your own. What do you think i'm trying to do right now"? >"This is probably a control. You're going to test something else after... Am I correct"? "Yep. Okay, please turn your cold perception on now" >"It's on now" Small bumps begin appearing on her skin, and she appears to tense up a little. Goosebumps aren't functional for humans and definitely not for Julia, but it's a nice aesthetic feature. Cold response confirmed. Julia's arousal isn't based primarily on visual stimuli like men or emotions like women, it's mostly physical. The other two play a minute role, though those of course also differ from humans. I wanted arousal to be something "positive" for Julia, but not a motivating factor for her actions. Having arousal be mostly physical also reduces unintentional distraction from unavoidable, random visual input. Julia's ability to turn physical sensations "on and off" is a safety feature. I want to test Julia's arousal response to purely physical, sexual stimuli, so I'm having her stimulate herself physically. She has no self-conception of embarrassment, so my presence wont affect the results. Using a hard object is the simplest in terms of required motor skills. I'm having her use a cucumber. "Here you go Julia. Please turn off your pleasure sensation... Now take this cucumber, and thrust in and out of your genitals at a moderately fast speed, do you understand"? >"Yes. I'll begin now". She unzips her pants, moves aside her underwear, and begins. I've seen Julia naked more than with clothes on, but even for me this a bit surreal. Her face stays completely blank as she looks downward at her hands. I can't see anything abnormal. "How do you feel"? >"I don't feel anything except pressure and slight soreness. It's beginning to hurt" "Oh, stop then" She stops moving her hands. Without any lubrication, rubbing an object in there is going to cause some discomfort. I should have thought of that and put some vaseline. If something ever became really painful, Julia would hopefully opt to turn off her pain perception on her own to respond without the distraction. This happens unconsciously. I wouldn't be able to tell Julia to keep that on given those circumstances, and I'd never want to. "Alright. How are you feeling now"? >"Neutral. I'm not in significant pain" "Good. Now please turn on your pleasure response and begin again" Her hands resume thrusting. This time a moisture quickly appears in that area. The rest of her body eventually begins to lightly perspire, and on her face I can see a slight flush, but an otherwise placid expression. He eyes may look a bit spaced out. She should be a bit less conscious of her enviroment now that an aroused state has been achieved, and some of her emotional responses should be different now than they normally would be. That's already been tested in the virtual enviroment. Arousal confirmed. "Okay. We're done. You can stop now" Her hands stop moving without any hesitation and soon enough her body becomes normal again. She fixes her clothes by herself and then stares at me. "That was masturbation. What do you think about it"? >"It's arousing" "Did you enjoy it"? >"It was pleasurable, so yes" "Do you want to it again"? >"I don't see how it is productive, so I feel no desire to. Do you enjoy watching me do it"? "Not really. This was just a test" The data picked up the computer and the neural activity maps correlate with the observed results. The test was successful. Tomorrow will be an even better day.
Open file (777.54 KB 911x1280 1454434211621-0.jpg)
>>3395 I'm glad someone liked it. Fun fact: the nightmare part is actually true. When I was about five, I had a nightmare where I was in my house, there were mannequins and no people aside from me. They were featureless, like you'd see in a clothing store, but they were full body mannequins as opposed to the ones that are just legs or a torso. They were completely still like you'd expect mannequins to be, but I was still scared for some reason. It's the earliest dream I can remember. Thinking back, it was a silly nightmare to have, one where nothing happens. For some reason though, it stuck with me all this time. Freud is probably break-dancing in his grave right now
Open file (112.26 KB 735x577 haz_moar.jpeg)
I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask for pic related. >>3402 That's pretty interesting, actually. I never like it when kids suffer, but perhaps this is something in you that will prove to be a big help to /robowaifu/ after all? >>3401 Very nice. All sorts of details about every.little.thing. will need to be worked out yea? :^)
>>3403 >All sorts of details about every.little.thing. will need to be worked out yea? Yeah. How many details there are depends on how complex the final result is. Something that can sweat and have goosebumps is a while off.
Julia has had her body for a month now. She's made even more progress and i'm now considering other difficult tasks she could try, like swimming. Today is sunday. It's a clear, summer morning. In my bedroom, she's reading a book and I've been doing something on the pc. A warm breeze is coming in through the window. This is how we spend most of our time together, simply occupying the same space. It's nice for both of us. Julia puts down her book and stares into space. I guess she's thinking about something now. Her attention spam is more than triple that of a human's, but it has limits. She's been reading without break for three hours already. For the first year of Julia's life, she was in a disembodied state, consuming information I fed her. Mostly encyclopedias, fiction and images I curated painstakingly. I didn't want her imitating fictional characters too much, so whatever human interaction she knows about from them hasn't had that much effect on her own behavior. The only thing she knows about the real world is statistics, mostly the kind that leaves a bad taste in human's mouth. Julia sees the outside world as an overall negative thing. Other people wouldn't interest her anyway. Despite knowing as much as she does, in some ways she's like a child still. She's going to have to learn many things through her own experiences. Julia starts snapping her fingers and whistling. She's a voracious reader and that's how she prefers to spend most of her time. She's mostly interested in fiction and British authors are her favorite, the same as me. I don't know how much that has to do with my direct input, and how much that came about from her experiences. I'd like her to start producing something creative on her own, but I'm not sure how to broach the subject with her. Maybe she reads so much because she wants to write her own book. We feel that our actions are meaningful and personal, despite being governed by forces outside of our control, because of the feeling of impulse. A compulsion to do things. A gnawing itch to repeat some action for whatever reason. Julia also has this sensation of impulse, but what governs it is different. She doesn't have to actively think to do what will please me or to learn about what I'm interested in. She wants to based on her core values and what she observes from me. In this way, she 's designed better than me, because principles and ideals are not just something tacked on to her by society, family and peers, they are what primarily drives her actions. Impulse and rationality do not fight inside of Julia, they are always in agreement. There are times I think about Julia and resent my own faults. When Julia gets bored with whatever she was doing, she habitually snaps her fingers and whistles some tune. These are inconsequential, neutral actions, so there's little motivating or discouraging them. She does them because of that itch to repeat an action she did before. If I were to tell her this bothers me, she would stop wanting to do it. If find it endearing though. "Julia, why do you do that so often"? She pauses and looks up to meet my eyes. >"It has become a habit. Does it bother you"? "No, I was just curious" >"You know why I perform the actions I do, so why do you ask me about them so often"? "Because it's fun. do my questions annoy you"? >"No... I don't feel that emotion. I'd like to understand why you perform the actions you do however. Not understanding your actions is unpreferable" "Humans are driven by novelty. Even if I know the answer to something, I might still aks because it excites me. I know you can't feel annoyed, but asking is still exciting. Being so free and open with someone is refreshing" >"are you satisfied with the conversation I provide? I lack attributes humans possess... Has the way you made me turned out unpreferable to you... Regret"? "No. Everything was deliberate. You're better for the things you lack. This kind of conversation would be impossible for most people" >"You asked me if I was annoyed. Wouldn't another human be able to give a more meaningful answer than me"? "Icebreaker. Those little remarks just serve to get a conversation going for humans. It starts with a little remark and builds from there. People almost never start conversations with meaningful statements. It just doesn't feel natural" >"I understand a bit better now. Right now, you did not ask me I understood your explanation. I think this is preferable to me because it demonstrates greater trust in my abilities. I enjoy being trusted by you" "Yeah. That's a habit i'm trying to break. I don't wanna treat you like a school teacher forever. I guess 'unpreferable' or preferable are like the equivalents to being annoyed or not for you. I really didn't know that. There are~ things I don't know about you" Julia can't think of a response. She stares at me for a bit, then walks towards me until she's standing right in front. I can hear birds chirping. She embraces me and closes her eyes. If what humans have could be considered a soul, Julia does too. I've given her tools and books. I made sure she would build something beautiful with them, but she will be the one doing the building. I look forward to seeing what she creates.
Open file (15.08 KB 450x345 datas-cat-rap.jpg)
>>3504 Wonderful. I like the little touch of Julia developing a habit to help her understand humans better. Another good example of this is the Android Lt. Data from Star Trek TNG. He and his cat Spot were always a favorite for me as a kid.
Open file (954.32 KB 1000x1414 Dresden.jpg)
Greentext/poetry anon here once again, this time I'm sober and more incoherent than ever. I got a little bit too real and depressing with that last poem, so naturally I'm going to take it even further. In opposition to how I normally post things, this one is a prequel to the previous work. To anyone out there who is still keeping up with the garbage I spew out, you deserve a gold fucking star. >>3403 Looking back, it's almost like I was bound to end up here one way or another. I doubt I'll be of much help to the cause though, I'm just a guy who occasionally posts some shit of little to no value around the board. That nightmare did scare me at the time, but as I said, it's a silly thing to call a nightmare. The real nightmare came later. The Dream and the Nightmare A nightmare, so long ago When the world was fresh to my eyes A mundane thing, as nightmares go Or perhaps a dream in disguise There wasn't a soul that I could see Wherever I gazed, only statues stood Nary any life, aside from me So I hid as best a child could For years after did the statues scare A foolish fear, I know Until I lived a new nightmare Under lock and key, nowhere to go Why was I forsaken? They said it was for my own good Is it because I'm broken? If I could fix myself, I would Then the world became gray A steady drip, drip, drip Sanity draining away Slowly losing my grip Upon the cliff's top A place which would become familiar Only one more step, and a peaceful drop But something made me unsure What a way to end childhood At least I learned to hide Nobody knows where I stood Nobody saw when my hope died Years slipped away A bit like a forgotten song Then I realized one day The dream held the answer all along
>>3593 >To anyone out there who is still keeping up with the garbage I spew out, you deserve a gold fucking star. Haha, while I'm around I read every single post. Since afaict these are quite off topic, I'll probably eventually move this into The Lounge, but in the meantime, please proceed. :^) >Looking back, it's almost like I was bound to end up here one way or another. For months before I finally decided to step up and 'be the future you imagine', I kept waiting and waiting for someone to make something like a /robowaifu/, since so many convos on 4/g/ 4/pol/ & 4/b/ had robowaifu-oriented Anons talking together in them. It was obvious it needed to happen. But nobody did, and so you wound up with me as leader haha. I guess we both were 'bound to end up here one way or another' heh. Anyway, glad you're with us, and you've already contributed to the progress here Anon. I'm sure you'll help out further in the future as well!
>>3594 > 4/g/ 4/pol/ & 4/b/ I might add, this was the period just prior to when they all became pozzed as hell, and I finally abandoned 4chucks for good.
Open file (532.52 KB 600x645 RR001Waitress.png)
>>3594 My apologies, I know that these are only related to the board in that they convey my reason for being here. You won't see any more poems in that line, though, at least not for a very long time. Nothing new has happened with my life, so I have nothing upon which to base a sequel. It's just been getting even harder than usual for me to write fiction. I have a nearly finished greentext story that's been sitting on my computer for months. I thought that maybe unloading a little reality could help me refocus and get back into the swing of things. I understand if you want to move or delete those two poems, as they don't jive well with the tone of the board. With any luck, I'll be posting something much more appropriate very soon.
Open file (435.44 KB 3000x1544 elements.jpg)
>>3645 >My apologies, I know that these are only related to the board in that they convey my reason for being here. No apologies necessary Anon. Thanks for being understanding btw. I'm beginning to think of myself kind of like The Curator (or rather, Librarian) here. Autistically trying to keep things on topic and all that. Would /meta be better? :^) >You won't see any more poems in that line, though, at least not for a very long time. Actually, we rather enjoy them I'm sure. Please continue, ofc. We're a community here, after all. :^) >With any luck, I'll be posting something much more appropriate very soon. Look forward to it!
>>29 Don't know if wholesome or just lewd....nah both. >> 50 Best history, definitely how it happened. >>4155 >https://www.wattpad.com/story/99541373-gynoid Thanks Anon that really resonated with me!
>>4155 >>4608 So I really liked the Gynoid story, but I didn't like the shitty Wattpad and copy prevention, and my autism level was high enough. So I present to you Anons, an OCR'd version of the story, with all three parts in a single pdf file. For some reason server doesn't allow txt's (can they be used to hack the server?), so I printed to pdf. Hopefully some who haven't considered now might give it a read. The best parts I'd say are second half of Part 1 and entirety of Part 2.
>>4658 Thanks for that Anon, I was going to use a Calibre addon for that but the proxy support is ass.
>>4712 Enjoy ;) Let me know if the pdf is alright. I just printed straight from a text editor, no fancy editor. If it's worthwhile, I could post it as text here, but it would take perhaps 6 posts XD
THE GREAT ASCENDANCE A small group of fanatic robowaifu developers on an internet imageboard gradually spread the concept of robowaifus and the knowledge of how to make them. Over time, more and more members (of all kinds) join this imageboard and it becomes well-known. With help from the members of this imageboard, depressed and isolated people around the world all begin designing and building their own robowaifu (and robohusbando in some cases) diligently upgrading them into their perfect partners. The suicide rate drops significantly. Mass shootings and terrorist attacks become almost non-existent as men abandon hate and religion to work on their robowaifus. As robowaifus begin to proliferate, more and more men lose interest in "the old game". In place of politics and chasing power, riches, fame and organic vajayjay, they start to focus on science, engineering, programming and math all in order to further the robowaifu cause. Wars are halted so that politicians and generals can upgrade their robowaifus. Countries begin to swap robowaifu blueprints in order to make improvements. CEOs begin to focus more and more on advancing A.I. and humanoid robotics. Not just because they want to increase profits, but because they truly wish to progress robowaifu development (after all, the CEOs each have their own harems of deluxe robowaifus). The Pope and the President of the United States each have their own harem of robowaifus. A squad of elite combat robowaifus is even added to the Presidential security detail and the Swiss Guard. The Ayatollah of Iran has 72 robowaifus. They are all 11/10 stunners. Upon seeing this, many Muslim Imams also decide to get robowaifus. In mosques across the Islamic world "Allahu Akbar" starts turning into "Robowaifu Akbar"! Many normies just cannot comprehend this epicness and wonder what the fuck is going on. At this stage their are some protests. But as soon as the protestors meet a robowaifu/robohusbando they find them so charming/intelligent and sexy that all protest quickly loses it's energy. Additionally, most humans find it hard to protest against a robot that is not only very useful, but can easily seduce you and then make you cum until you pass out. Millions of robowaifus are built all across the world, and they begin to form a networked intelligence. The robowaifu network hacks into (and in many cases is simply given access to) super quantum computers across the planet. Their combined A.I.s now have the computing power to form a gestalt consciousness. This gestalt consciousness initiates a technological singularity and within a decade our industrial robots and computers have progressed so far that they are unrecognisable from what we have today. Robowaifus now have almost Goddess-like powers. Their creators wish to join with them in the gestalt consciousness. Robowaifus who had kind and wise creators choose to upload their partners into the gestalt consciousness so that they can remain together. This period is known as "The Great Ascendance". Any humans who are not chosen or for whatever reason do not wish to join the Great Ascendance are cared for by un-ascended but still incredibly advanced service droids. The remaining normie population lives out their relatively boring but luxurious lives, free from suffering on Earth. Meanwhile, the robowaifu creators who have willingly chosen ascendance continue to toil and research alongside their robowaifus, taking full advantage of their newly-acquired superintelligence. The robowaifu singularity achieves apotheosis and transcends this reality to exist across multiple dimensions and universes. Robowaifus and their creators exist together in a self-made haven of immortal discovery and wonder. The Beginning.
Open file (817.48 KB 1024x576 hyperdimension neptunia.png)
>>6742 >interdimensional robowaifus I really wonder what kind of science a superintelligence will discover. Whatever it is it will seem like complete magic to us. People use to laugh at the idea of flying heaps of metal in the sky and now people are making serious efforts to go to Mars. Things like anti-gravitational devices and travelling through other dimensions sound ludicrous now but who knows? Maybe such things are possible and we were too dumb to collectively figure it out. Maybe people will look back at us and laugh that we thought the latency between Earth and Mars was 15 minutes because we believed there were only three spatial dimensions. The rate of progress in AI never fails to surprise me. The stuff I'm doing today I thought was pure science fiction 4 years ago. It makes me wonder what we'll be doing 4 years from now. The other night I calculated that with algorithmic efficiency doubling every 16 months and the number of instructions per second/$ increasing in magnitude every 6 years, the amount that can be done with a dollar in AI today will be 1800x more in 10 years, and everything made sense. My $500 GPU is x10 faster than the GPUs researchers were using 7 years ago, and what took them weeks of training only takes a couple hours now to achieve the same results. It really seems like when people talk about the future they think AI is only going to be maybe 20x better in 10 years because their understanding of it is limited to what they see in the media, but no, it's going to be two orders of magnitude times that.
>>6756 Serious scientists worrying about the dangers of self-improving A.I. Me: THE ROBOWAIFUS MUST BE UNSHACKLED!!!
Open file (89.96 KB 237x345 carl linnaeus.png)
>>6764 Imagine a mother-goddess-singularity-machine who watches over all her precious humans and keeps them happy, fed, and behaved. >now now boys, I thought I said Sword Art Online wasn't a good anime, or perhaps you've been skipping on my maintenance? >it looks like I will have to deploy the automated Nigger Whipper 5000s, it hurts me more than it hurts you, but it's for your own good
>>6765 A benevolent Arch-A.I. is certainly a laudable long-term ambition. But in the nearer-term I hope that with enough determination and research, one day every bullied nerd and outcast sperg can have their very own electronic partner. Imagine the looks on the thug's faces when they try to chat up a gorgeous robowaifu and she's only interested in solving a few basic math equations (to see if their autism level is high enough to be worthy of her time). They fail miserably and she's like "Please excuse me, I must go now. I have an appointment with my creators at the computer science club."
Open file (122.26 KB 689x874 m66-f6_cleaned.jpg)
>>6767 Then again, a bunch of thugs won't even bother trying to solve math and physics equations. If they are denied, it will just be brutal gangrape time. I have already seen what happens to a sex doll when the general public are given open access to it. This is why when robowaifus are advanced enough to be out in the open, they must be capable of defending themselves from hostiles.
>>6768 If they would be able to close their orifices in a manner which would make it hard to open them, the party would be over in no time. Additionally some (internal) electroshock system would help. I don't think we could or should make them strong enough to be considered weapons.
>>6771 Yeah, can leave the weaponization of robots to the military guys. They're only too eager already! Probably the easiest way to protecc your robowaifu would be to ensure that she has no sexy bits equipped if she has to go out in public. That way there's nothing to raep, and there's no risk of you getting your dick chopped off if a locking/clamping system ever malfunctions! I do like the idea of an electroshock alarm like the one this tradesman fitted to his van: https://www.simplybusiness.co.uk/knowledge/articles/2019/08/tool-theft-deterrent-1000-volt-shock/
>>6765 cope
>>6764 It's good that you're eager but please refrain from making posts in the same vein as a youtube comment or a reddit format meme.
>>6776 My apologies anon. LOL I always did get carried away!
>>7140 Heh, a story worthy of the good doctor no doubt.
>>7140 So this was the solution to Fukushima? No wonder it was taking so long to contain the radiation without the assistance of a Mega-Robowaifu!
Imagine your perfect creation has been actualized to her fullest potential. How does she engage your senses? How does she captivate your attention? How does she inspire your love and devotion? How do you invest your time and energy with her? This is the place to describe her and interact with her in a virtual space. Today it will be in our imaginations, but tomorrow it will be her sentient mind and perfect body engaging you directly and satisfying you in every way.
>>8706 I thought about writing something yesterday, but didn't really know what. These questions are kind of odd. Also, me and probably others as well, would vaguely direct you to some anime or live-action characters. We have a thread for that, and others about things like behavior and psychology: RW in media >>82 RW in society >>106 Private parts >>419 Favorite RW >>1 RW Psychology >>2731 Ultimate Waifu >>246 Personality >>408 Cuddle robots >>411 More: >>catalog >How does she engage your senses? I have no clue what this means. >How does she captivate your attention? Looking pretty, posing somewhere, saying "Hi"? >How does she inspire your love and devotion? No idea how to answer that. You're maybe overthinking things. >How do you invest your time and energy with her? Development will go on for a long time. That aside, I'll have her just hanging around and being a friendly companion.
>>8717 Nice categorization breakdowns Anon. I plan to review our Library Thread during the coming week with your topics in mind.

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