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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

Fluffytail 800 dev thread Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 03:38:41 No.364
I figured would be good time to start a thread on this type of robowaifu. If I don't do this I will keep flip-flopping on specs and won't get anything done.
I'll be relying on the open source contributions of other teams and want to give back wherever I can (maybe even interchangeable parts). Thus I finally (hopefully) set on the 80cm specification or 800mm robot, which is exactly a 5'3" woman in 1/2 scale. Being a catgirl with big boobs will hopefully offer a level of protection, since she is technically an adult catgirl despite the size. There's so much potential for very different robowaifu designs, but I'm being a bit conservative for my first endeavor, for no other reason than I don't see any standard anime catgirl robot projects out there.
So here she is, the Fluffytail 800. I posted a 1000 concept before and I might make a Fluffytail 1500 later on, but I think if I manage to get this right I can stay with this size.
Based on my favorite "Worst Girls" in anime, the Fluffytail 800 can handle abuse. Although inspired and patterned after exquisite Japanese ball jointed dolls, this is no fragile sculpture. Built for robustness using mostly high impact hard plastic, she should be able to satisfy millions of ricecels and currycels living in high humidity shitholes the third world over. She'll feel just at home whether it's in your house, your trailer, your pickup truck, or at the trash heap.
She will be a plastic model kit with no sexual features out of the box, with some cheap electronics thrown in. No warranty, but the end user should be able to customize and fix her up later on depending on his skill. I will try to find some onahole and silicone suppliers that will offer optional soft tits torso and vaginal insert…it might be that I'll need a supplier local to the country that she'll be sold in, so that she can be imported as a mere doll kit and not as a sex toy.
- cheap electronics (arduino or similar, she'll be dumber than a celphone)
- available physical ports or bluetooth / wifi to connect to an external computer (i.e. if you want her to be able to follow you and other basic AI)
- limited interaction, her only utterances are "Nyaa. Nyaa? Nyaa!" Maybe an upgrade will add a few spoken lines such as "Thank you.", "Follow your dreams", and "Do you want a hug?"
- facial expressions are just blank, tilting head, yandere and ahegao. I'll try to incorporate eyes-always-forward tech that removes a lot of the uncanny feel of robot heads.
- Cannot walk, but she can crawl and flail around.
- (Most importantly) she can hug.
- (With sex parts upgrade) she will be able to suck dick
- tons of LEDs. Not only her heart-shaped eyes, but sidestrips, her hair clips, even her fucking vaginal area has LED backlighting that displays an arrival pattern similar to Audi's matrix LED lights.
- chastity lock: access to her removable vagina module will be password protected (I have a feeling the high-tech optional vagina module will cost as much as if not more than the main doll herself)
Estimated SRP: $500-$800 just for the doll, $500+ for the silicone / vaginal upgrade
>>6201 Brilliant idea! I hadn’t thought of that, genius solution.
Hello people, I am working with Fluffytail dev on the 3D modeling stuff, gonna post some updates here and there.
Modelling butts is harder than it looks.
Guys, let me introduce Mexicoanon, we met in 8 agdg, he is from the dev team of my hobby Unreal Engine game (which I currently deny is on hiatus but which development nevertheless slowed to a crawl… Collateralds also did the char designs for that). I wageslave 60 hour workweeks so for the sake of convenience I just pulled in my old contacts. My journey from visual novels to Unreal games to serious robotics is just a natural progress of conceptualizing anime girls, interacting with said anime girls, seeing their boobs jiggle and their skirts flutter in realtime thanks to Nvidia PhysX (along with other gameplay of course), then finally making them real enough to touch and hug and make love to. One of these days I'll need to find out how Unreal can output commands via USB (say, to make a controller rumble) and be able to tap into that and translate into robowaifu commands so that the physical waifu can do things while you're running her training simulation.
>>6209 I think is only a matter of learning force feedback functions and translating simple "vibration levels" to specific signals the doll will interpret as commands.
>>6207 >>6208 MAYA MUSTARD RACE She's looking good Mexicoanon, keep it up! >>6209 Thanks for the update Phillipinesanon. Your perseverance will pay off.
>>6211 Blender looks great when people use it on tutorials, but I can't get a grasp on that thing at all.
>>6212 I have the same challenge tbh, but I keep going back and trying again for a while, time after time. I've actually sat and had dinner with Ton he is a terrific guy actually and I certainly want to support his project. Maybe once they perfect the Blender 101 reskin after 2.8 is done it will make things easier on guys like me heh.
>>6213 My issue with Blender is how it depends on hotkeys a little too much, in Maya you learn to use them but there is always the visual option, navigating is also a pain because there are more programs that navigate using Maya's controls or similar rather than Blender's.
>>6215 Yes, you're certainly not alone in this perspective. I certainly hope this 101 approach pays off big time for Blender. It would be nice to see it's user base increase dramatically. The demand is certainly there today, but most everyone trips up over the odd interface issues and drops out. Same with be tbh.
Almost there, sadly I need to redo the butt because the topology is quite hard to keep when adding some stuff, the hard part is yet to come.
>>6217 >[sweaty brow wipe.jpg]* Nice work Mexanon (is that a good name?). Related work that may be of interest yo. ]]]/agdg/30078 >ed. note cross-board link was likely the Shinobu2 thread back on 8ch, now known as the 'Viva' project.
>>6218 Well, for most people who know me in social networks I am aka , without the X to sound less edgy, I tend to use as an avatar. You are Shinobu Simulator's dev?
>>6219 I'll make a ' ' tripcode for you if you want. Just email me >the Shinobu dev. lol wut, me? no. simply an admirer.
>>6220 Maybe later, most of my Maya screens have my name in the file's path so I am OK for now, I still need to make a good breakthrough on my portfolio.
>>6221 I see, heh. So why do you worry about 'portfolio'? I'm asking for a friend. I'm not actually a robot. :^)
>>6222 Oh, I am just a little odd, what I meant with the portfolio was because other than fluffytail dev I have gotten no respect from the last few clients I had, I ended up doing spec for one and the other one cancelled without paying me for the time invested, not so long story but I am heading to bed, will post more updates later.
OK, about those clients. Client #1 from the Netherlands wanted to make a game, apparently something like Counter Strike, I was supposed to just make a model of his counter terrorist with clothes and gear specified by the guy using pictures, all seemed well and suddenly he stops responding, I panic and leave him a message telling him I am putting his stuff on hold and since that silence was too sudden I asked for 50% upfront payment to continue. He comes back, says he was on vacation "so what?" then he says "that was not what we agreed upon" then he says "screw it, I don't want to continue" which means the time I spent making his stuff was wasted. The thing is, we never agreed on when to pay, only the amount, the norm would usually be asking for a % upfront regardless, I was just being naive. Client #2 from Mexico wants to enter the toy market by making some kind of dioramas for figmas, he said he couldn't pay me upfront and this would be mostly a partnership, his commission was a simple piece for 3D printing, I made it, he liked it and even got to print a test piece and showed it, then I asked for a measly 20 bucks for the time spent, he then began saying that's not what we agreed upon. I told him it wasn't a full commission payment, just what you would call a tip, he said maybe he would have to release his product without my works (as to not pay me on the partnership deal), I reluctantly had to wait for his "pre-order" date to get my fricking 20 bucks then and in turn asked him to post it on the figma collectors group we were as to at least give me exposure including showing the picture of the piece he printed. Thn he told me he can't do that because showing off the piece would reduce the impact of his product upon release, I just played along but I basically plan on releasing that piece to the public if he doesn't comply, still, a fucking ingrate. In both cases I didn't ask for upfront payments because I wasn't used to that, and most potential clients don't respect people like me because there was no portfolio so now I have to render every single thing I can do just to stop these assholes from treating me like a beggar.
>>6224 I'm glad you're helping FluffyDev out, . I like your work tbh, and look forward to seeing more of it.
almost there, only some adjustments on the feet and butt.
>>6248 Good to see the progress . Almost a complete shell.
OK people, help me finding any issues before I attach the head.
I think that's it.
>>6251 Great work Mexicanon! Would be great to 3D print a miniature of your design. >>364 Was this design commissioned from Green Tea Neko?
^^^ ^^^ ^^^ > ed note: >that ends the posts available from the archive. >we lost the majority of this thread, posts-wise. what follows is an image dump of the remaining images themselves, which thankfully we managed to save during the final few hours of existence of 8ch. >=== -fixed ed note
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/30/2020 (Fri) 22:35:32.
>>6270 Can I 3d print the face for you? Add me on discord, [redacted] >=== -removed doxxcord alias
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 10/31/2020 (Sat) 23:52:39.
>>6330 FYI, this is an archive repost of thread content from old 8/robowaifu/ anon so we retain the memory of the information. I don't think that anon is actually around anymore after the transition. Also, find a different way to communicate out-of-band than D*xxcord please.
>>6332 Had no socials linked and name was impossible to google, thank you for looking out for my safety though. And i'll make sure to include a different means of communication next time.
>>6330 >>6332 >>6343 >>6346 This sounds like it could make for a good/productive off-topic conversation I started here: >>6345
>>6343 Sounds good Anon, thanks. FluffyDev was the original thread BO, and the commissioner of MexicoAnon 's modeling work (I used to allow flags on the old board). I hope they will both return to us someday before long.
>>6347 >off-topic conversation I started here Again, thanks. It is a topic it would be good to discuss.

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