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Waifu Robotics Project Dump Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 03:45:02 No.366
Edited last time by rw_bumpbot on 05/25/2020 (Mon) 04:54:42.
>>3530 I messed up, here's the newest video. He reminds me of an 90s animu mad scientist with all his fancy retro gadgets . Check him out! https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=uH-7HPS45DY
Advanced humanoid hand builder and designer explaining how it works, what he learned and what went wrong. TL;DR - it looks awesome but working hands are incredibly complex and should be an afterthought. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=l6xqTcLXXC8
Ford's bipedal robot also looks very promising. Much more streamlined than Atlas. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=ghmmYQlFNbo
Fluid Humanoid Robot. This actually looks really awesome and gets me excited for the future of wheelchair bound robot-waifus. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=h3Svu--qmeY
>>3534 $26,000 hmm? Well, still cheaper than alimony.
Many of these I do find the faces to be a bit disconcerting, but what's under the skin is absolutely amazing. We can't be more than a decade away from factory produced robowaifus.
I really like the LED eyes in >>3419 so that gets me thinking, until we get it to the point where the facial movements and materials are conducive to really kissing your waifu would it be easier to use a contoured display for a face? That would allow for full accurate representation of your 2D waifu as depicted in media as well as simplifying and reducing the cost of one of the most complicated and expensive portions of the robot.
>>3537 Yeah, that's what I was thinking or we just go higher on the >>>/clang/ scale until technology catches up.
Probably the most convincing humanoid I've seen motion-wise. That could almost be mistaken for a real dude wearing a mask. https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=u6iVUgKNJy8
another vid showing the insides https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=5qteMlMAaNM
>>3540 those animatronics look familiar, if I recall the arms, torso, and head are all maneuvered by cables. This may just be a puppet with cleverly hidden strings. If it is self actuated though then this is an even more impressive design.
>>3541 I'm scratching my head trying to figure out why the servo hum is barely audible, at that size it's supposed to be all you can hear. I was going to post another find, vid related, stop motion convinces me that the articulation in a typical anime action figure is enough, just need a way to swap out face plates and hand positions on the fly. https://streamable.com/eg6m7
>>3530 >>3531 >>3532 >>3533 >>3534 >>3539 >>3540 >>3542 thanks for the videos anons. i'm particularly glad to see Alexander Bersenev picking up his robot laboratory work again.
Fuck I love the Japs, here's a new life-size robo waifu! https://www.invidio.us/watch?v=AXhOfPghTpQ
>>3544 http://speecys.com/ Ex-Sony Aibo engineer. Very legit, the only problem is it looks expensive (only renting to businesses for now, and all those patents).
>>3544 Thanks for the link anon. I assume everyone notices the entire thing is supported on a crane boom from the back, probably heavy af. Nice to see it though.
>>3547 Yeah, most of these kinds of robots are. It makes me optimistic for a decade in the future though. I just hope 30+ year-old me has nether impregnated and been trapped by 3dpd or lost my desire for a robo companion. Fuck knows what'll happen to any of us between now and then.
OK, Fotamon. Sorry but that's all I have bro. Hopefully we can recover some of these video files at some point. Cheers mate. :^)
>>3502 Since the main instance seems to be having issues atm, here's an alternate onion that seems in good health: http://axqzx4s6s54s32yentfqojs3x5i7faxza6xo3ehd4bzzsg2ii4fv2iid.onion/playlist?list=PLAtoHywa4Q2Nc_-r5g1bHlHdcnGJ3oM-4
>>3549 Appreciated! I got a lot of crap due over the next week but will see about dumping what extra files I still have into the thread when I get the chance. :)
>>3552 Sounds like a plan, take your time no hurry. GOOD LUCK WITH EXAMS
>>3550 hmm, i wonder if it had anything to do with google's recent captcha-defeat changes?https://github.com/omarroth/invidious/issues/1183
Apparently you had saved pretty much every post in the thread. This thread actually contains more robowaifu projects than I had saved to my HD. So that worked out pretty well.
>>3739 Hi Fotamon, how did exams go? Heh, I do have most of the content from the board apart from 8 threads or so where I'll have to rely on the archives pages. If you have any of the files marked with >missing filename: please post them ITT. I tried to determine the original filename so you might be able to find it in your filepile simply by searching that. Good luck with the job hunt bro. First gig out of school is always a big one! :^)
>>3500 >Unfortunately, I'd have to prototype at a adult scale for legality's sake (more expensive) She only has to not be anatomically correct, like having bigger eyes, maybe some arm showing its a robot. Hip/waist ratio and face proportions might also help.
Look what I've found while looking for models of female torsos on Thingiverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:833163 Some guy with his own fembot project. Video was deleted by YouTube...
Open file (233.66 KB 1108x1477 1419.jpg)
Open file (280.83 KB 2048x1152 EWdllfSUMAAExmr.jpg)
Open file (117.63 KB 1706x960 2196.jpg)
Open file (265.95 KB 1706x960 2252.jpg)
>>3476 This guy is on Twitter: @missile_39 and @adachirei0 And here is his webpage, last update was last year: http://mechanical-girl.seesaa.net/ And also with more pics: https://camp-fire.jp/projects/12475/activities/132053?s=09#main
>>5361 Wow that's impressive actually. Obviously a mad-scientist at work Terry would be proud. :^)
>>5361 I remember when this guy built a life-size singing Hatsune Miku using what looked like some kind of high-density styrofoam attached to servos and steel hinges. Good to see he has adopted 3D printing now as well. Inspirational stuff!
>>5371 Just a guess, but the pink material looks a lot like some kind of foam, or near-enough. Still, if it's that same guy glad to see he's still at it. He became a minor sensation and made some spending money taking his Miku-chan robowaifu around and just showing her off IIRC.
>>5378 Pink? You mean the whole shell in very light brown or sand colored? This one is clearly 3d printed. Or were you referring to something in the Miku build video: >>3475 Didn't watch that (yet).
Open file (2.99 MB 563x1000 1594931426752.webm)
>>5413 Yeah that's pretty adorable. The guy has a good sense of character animation obviously. Thanks Anon.
Immervision is talking about a humanoid robot, named Joyce, coming out of the computer vision community. I understood one part of the article so that she would soon be available as a set to be build. However, haven't seen anything about it yet. On the site I only found the claim: "Soon, JOYCE’s programming interface will made available to the computer vision community to run experiments and upgrade her capabilities." I understand it so, that they want to show her the first time on some summit soon (might be cancelled bc Covid). Maybe the parts are freely available, and how to rebuild her will be explained after release. Otherwise it's just one more Sophia (Hanson Robotics). I also wonder how she's going to look like: "Joyce comes equipped with three ultra-wide-angle panomorph cameras calibrated to give 2D hemispheric, 3D stereoscopic hemispheric, or full 360 x 360 spherical capture and viewing of the environment." Introduction video: https://youtu.be/1fyDJu5IxCA Article: https://www.eejournal.com/article/the-joyce-project-to-equip-machines-with-human-like-perception/ Homepage: https://www.immervision.com/joyce/ YT-channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ImmerVision
>>5622 Thanks for the update Anon, please keep us posted about her. >Otherwise it's just one more Sophia (Hanson Robotics). I sort of hope not, tbh. What Hanson is doing with her is pretty sketchy IMO, and she isn't particularly appealing either.
>>5413 Segawa is selling STL files for Handmade Kibo-chan (link in video description) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dJYUOxxDW4k Apparently it's been out for a month already (I was too busy being distracted by Vtubers to notice). Once I understand the mechanism -- part of why his animations are so smooth and lifelike -- I'm going to merge it with one of my wheeled or tank tread projects to make a wheeled Kibo-chan.
>>5744 >I'm going to merge it with one of my wheeled or tank tread projects to make a wheeled Kibo-chan. You must post videos of such cuteness here when you do!
>>5744 That is an interesting neck mechanism he's got there!
Open file (250.86 KB 1536x2048 Eo8l_HEU0AApRqH.jpg)
hamcat_mqq just updated after a yearlong hiatus on twitter. [machine-translated]"It's been a while, but it's completed! Wow Wow (Wow Wow ⌒▽⌒ ) Before I knew it, I forgot Twitter, Before I knew it, the cat that had been a year old was fine. To be honest, I can't see anything when I'm absorbed in it. Specifications Whole body seamless life-size doll Silicone skin / soft urethane foam Aluminum base Metal frame 150cm 12kg" More pics on his account, the nude pic there you can see his workshop. There have been 1/3 scale silicone animedolls before, as well as near-full-scale 90cm-100cm "stylized" sexdolls, as well as hard as rock fullscale waifu statues. IMHO this is actually the first time I've seen a fullscale silicone waifudoll.
>>7707 I love the work he's done on her eyes and eyelashes!
Open file (372.40 KB 1536x2048 hamcat_mqq-12.jpg)
Open file (275.03 KB 1153x2048 hamcat_mqq-11.jpg)
Open file (285.24 KB 1153x2048 hamcat_mqq-06.jpg)
Open file (267.38 KB 2048x1153 hamcat_mqq-04.jpg)
>>7707 Good find, but I think you can link to it via nitter.net: https://nitter.net/hamcat_mqq and pics might be okay if they don't show a lot of nude skin or if they're hidden. - The Skeleton is absolutely the right direction for better dolls, but also fembots with soft materials and any kind of artificial muscles... Amazing.
>>7707 >>7709 Thanks guys, wonderful stuff. Quite inspiring progress from him.
Open file (253.10 KB 1535x2048 hamcat_mqq-26.jpg)
Open file (222.73 KB 2048x1153 hamcat_mqq-17.jpg)
Open file (237.70 KB 2048x1153 hamcat_mqq-19.jpg)
>>7712 He seem to have started the way I planned to do it, and so far didn't make it, with some differences. Using tubes and small ball joints is a great idea for the first model (pic 26), but knees and elbows in the human body aren't ball joints but hinges. That's something I would probably honor right from the start. The shoulder area is fascinating, and something to keep in mind, though. He seem to have moved away in his later designs. Also, some of his arm designs (pic 17&19) are freaking great. With these two bones to make them twist similar to real ones and also making the bones feel like real that way. Of course, one would need to find a way to move them with motors and/or muscles.
>>7719 oh, didn't look at the knees well enough before. They are actually way better than some simple ball joints.
>>7719 >Tibia and Fibula design Excellent. Biomemetics are really the way to go.
>>3521 > I hope they succeed. Agreed. Do you know of any progress on his project? Just in case you're following it.
Open file (326.56 KB 2048x1536 Et7vwrZVEAIOBM6.jpg)
Open file (66.95 KB 680x510 Et7vv7MVgAEjy2O.jpg)
Open file (67.13 KB 680x510 Et7vwaZUcAAnXbj.jpg)
>>7709 Can anyone tell me if these are some special, more advanced, ball joints? >hamcat https://nitter.pussthecat.org/hamcat_mqq/status/1359787760513503235#m Text is about how to mold them: >Molding method that I often do these days >Very convenient once you get used to it >Modeling and printing the prototype and formwork, pasting and masking on a clear file with double-sided tape, and finishing with silicon >Merit >Dramatic reduction in silicon consumption! >Can be recreated from the same formwork even if damaged"
>>7719 >Of course, one would need to find a way to move them with motors and/or muscles. What I've been thinking is that you could have thin metal cables snaked along the armature, maybe strategically fastened by guides at the joints, that could pull/pull the bones around from an internal centrally-located actuator arrays. Not only would this kind of mimic the actual human tendons, etc, but would also centralize much of the mass around the center of gravity in the robowaifu.
>>8604 It's good to have ideas and sharing them, but I'm quite sure actual muscles contract themselves. Airmuscles and maybe dielectric elastomers are more similar to them than tendons. I'll try to go with small motors in some bones, and then additional soft muscles. Not saying, your idea won't work, but winding tendons up and down might be slow and inflexible, for example.
>>8606 Anon just posted a video showing more or less my exact ideas, but scaled down to the hand & with the actuators out on the forearm. >>8632 My design notions have, as I mentioned, the actuators tucked away inside the torso. But otherwise this is an excellent example of the basic physics of the system.

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