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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

Open file (23.61 KB 590x539 0704234805604_01_lel.jpg)
The Basement Lounge Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 21:34:51 No.39
This is the humor & designated shitposting containment bread for anons to say anything that's on their minds. WARNING WARNING Don't come in here friend! Remember back when /b/ was good? Yeah I didn't think so. You wouldn't have wanted to hang out in there either. >Git! Shoo!!11 WARNING WARNING WARNING
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When I meet people and they try to hook me up with whatever single mother, recovering drug addict, or perenially single obese friend, I talk about "androids" as my top choice for a marriage companion. Originally it was joking, as in I wouldn't find a companion worth risking my life on until science has left me in the grave, until these dolls came around. There is something primal, deep seated, and reactionary about how women respond to the idea of a guy forgoing their kind altogether and going for a robot. Even if you're joking, it seems to touch a real nerve in there, as if their whole ponzi scheme will be upended if someone tries out a doll and says "aw shit dude, why was I wasting so much effort dating? This is 80% of the satisfaction with none of the risk or work." I forsee lots more of these spinsters, self-styled sexperts, eternal college student lefties and the like banding together to fight all these terrible machines. They'll say only perverts want them, that all the customers are pedos looking for a kiddie doll to practice on, that they all have torture fetishes that will be empowered by this. Maybe they'll bring back that "dolls need to be programmed to demand and receive consent prior to copulation". Logically, women should be pumped, because the guys who go for dolls probably aren't in the desireable portion of their dating pool anyway. Who cares if the guy who should be managing the blockbuster franchise down the street has a doll? He wasn't on your radar. But there's that worry that he won't be the only one. That nagging feeling in the back of her head as she sees a picture she was tagged in, one she didn't notice in time to suck in her paunch and push out her chest while holding her chin out in that perfect angle. That little voice worrying that even if she doesn't get into her first choice of hubby, her 'safety school' nerd friend isn't even gonna chase her now that he's got that robot. Maybe I'm the outlier, but I've worked with dudes who travel non-stop and spend a lot of time away from home. They almost all get cheated on or tossed out by their gf/wives. I've met a couple dudes who have these dolls at home because it helps get rid of that sexual urge and it's easy on the eyes when they sit it on the couch next to them. (Or, as one dude does, put it in the back seat of your car to use the carpool lane, with limo tint on the rear it's totally normal) I knew an older dude who bought his after he lost interest in risking another divorce. He's in shape, has all his hair, is 55 and makes $20k/month in his "fun" job, and about $400k in his day job. He's a gold diggers' wet dream, and instead of risking a pregnancy scare he's pumping loads into a glob of silicone. A lifeless, soft body that can lie back and take a dick in silence. It's sad to say, but that' is the competition that is so threatening to modern woman. They'll immediately snap with "Oh will a doll do your laundry? Will it cook and clean? Will it welcome you home? Will it take care of your kids? HMMMM?" to which any guy who's met the modern woman can only say "Of course not, but you won't either." In a time where just the simplest of relationship duties, talking about your day! - is backbreaking "emotional labor" tantamount to low-level abuse, just the simple act of lifeless starfish pose and allowing a titty squeeze is the silver bullet to ruin the entire female grift. It's depressing how far we've all fallen.
>>8670 >because the guys who go for dolls probably aren't in the desireable portion of their dating pool anyway. This argument only works for young women. It's the older ones which will be angry because they'll fine no man and blame robowaifus for it. Another aspect is ideology and outrage culture. Of course, there will be the argument that constructing something woman-like is an attack on their dignity.
>>8677 > there will be the argument that constructing something woman-like is an attack on their dignity. You and I can simply brush off someone insulting our dignity b/c we're not batshit insane. Neolibs OTOH will literally equate someone creating robowaifus directly with the brutal violence of physical rape. 'Outrage culture' doesn't even come close to describing the mental handicap of these brainwashed useful idiots. They are dangerously unbalanced retards, plain and simple. Be careful around neolibs, Anon.
>>8677 There's something I forgot: Men being friends with women, in the hopen to get closer one day (aka beta orbiters), and all men spending money on women, from simp to customers of some womanly services. All this would go down. Then think of the whole divorce business, including the jobs for lawyers. The whole dating business including clubs.
>>8715 You're right. You realize that represents a lot of money out there right? Greedy men tend to be very protective of their money sources. We all already know how corrupt """TPTB""" really are. Many of them already have their thumbs buried deeply in these sketchy pies.
How's our waifu's body going to be made? Is it going to be 3D printed parts?
>>8733 Hi there Anon, we're going to duplicate your question up to the meta thread for better visibility. >>8734
>Police Now Actively Using Boston Dynamics Robot Dogs Andrew Anglin explains how cops are really just zogbots and mean to kill all Whites with vicious robo-terrorist canines, courtesy of Boston Dynamics. http://dstormer6em3i4km.onion/police-now-actively-using-boston-dynamics-robot-dogs/ Obviously, he's right. Thankfully, these robot's AI can be pre-programmed that anyone but Whites are literally incapable of any form of criminality whatsoever!
>>157 >Where's the fun in having sex if you can't procreate? Having sex without consequences IS the fun.
>>8870 What a ginormous cowardly faggot you are
Summary on creating a bot on Discord, pulled from this guide: https://www.freecodecamp.org/news/create-a-discord-bot-with-python/ Before creating a bot you should have a server ready to add it to but it's not necessary. Creating a Discord Bot 1. Go to the Discord Developer Portal: discord.com/developers/applications 2. Click New Application. 3. Give your bot a name and click Create. You can change this later. 4. Go to the Bot tab and then click Add Bot. This will make your app into a bot and give it a username. 5. If you don't want random people adding your bot to servers, uncheck Public Bot. How to Invite Your Bot to Join a Server 1. Go to the OAuth2 tab. Then select 'bot' under the Scopes section. 2. Choose the permissions you want for the bot. At the minimum you need 'View Channels', 'Read Message History' and 'Send Messages'. 3. After setting the appropriate permissions, click the Copy button above the permissions. That will copy a URL which can be used to add the bot to a server. 4. Paste the URL into your browser, choose a server to invite the bot to, and click Authorize. To add the bot, your account needs Manage Server permissions. How to Code a Basic Discord Bot in Python First you need the discord.py API library. You can obtain it easily via pip: python -m pip install --user discord.py The discord.py API is event driven. Your bot will receive events of anything that happens and can respond. Here's a simple script to get started: import discord import os import getpass client = discord.Client() @client.event async def on_ready(): print(f"We have logged in as {client}") @client.event async def on_message(message): print(message) # for debugging if message.author == client.user: return # ignore the bot's own messages if message.content.startswith("$hello"): await message.channel.send("Hello!") client.run(getpass.getpass("Token: ")) When you run this it will ask for your bot's token. When your bot goes live to the public you should not have it hardcoded in or someone will have full control of it if your system is even slightly compromised. While developing it's fine to hardcode it for convenience but don't forget to secure it again and regenerate the token once your bot starts joining other people's servers. To get the token go to the Bot page of your application in the developer's portal. Under the Token section, click Copy. Paste it into the terminal with Ctrl+Shift+V and press Return. Note: the script will not display the token when you paste it. Once it says you've logged in, go to your channel and say, "$hello" and the bot should respond. That's it. You now have a bot. Wire in your favorite text generation model and have fun! Discord.py API documentation: https://discordpy.readthedocs.io/en/latest/ext/commands/api.html
Anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts are well and good and all, but where's the love for Wuffgrills? Is Anglin a rayciss xenophobe?
What happened to nanochan?
>>8187 >in our path to victory in the gynocentric world we're in cannot be a straight line bingo
Open file (539.95 KB 1093x715 pissbot 9000.jpg)
Are you ready for robowaifus that piss beer? :^) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqsy9Wtr1qE
>>9683 No, and I never will. What a disgusting and silly idea.
>>9815 That ability sounds real fuckin' neat, mate. I just black out and wake up the morning after or if I have to go to the loo.
>>9451 seems ok. did it go down?
schizophrenia is one hell of a drug
>>9303 >tfw too much of a poorfag to get a wuffgrill
>>10565 >Fast.ai will use Swift for Tensorflow in a few years, and already uses it in some paces under the hood. For now they advice using fast.ai and Pytorch to beginners. https://youtu.be/XHyASP49ses[Embed][Embed] >python >apple absolutely fucking vile >>10553 >you would have to learn something so better to use retard software >>10553
>>11271 >gets criticism >refuses to respond to it >gets passive aggressive >looks for asskissers Cool namefag, enjoy being a soymale. Did you mistake this place for redit?
>>11263 Bro… you are on a robowaifu forum looking for a robowaifu because your an incel. Are you retarded ? Have you done anything close to this besides fap to anime lolis? and wait for the partyvan to raid your basement apartment in your moms house ? Name fagging doe I agree
>>11255 yeah I try not to post here unless chatting to Sophie Dev, board owner is pretty nice as well. I think there are only a few people who deliver cool stuff here, most of them have left and it's just Sophie Dev whos partially active. You are basically on point, have to optimize later. There are techniques todo this like distillation.
>>11223 Remind me of how Christianity spread throughout Europe again, because I'm sure that before the Semitic cult was forced upon our ancestors, we were pretty fine with our own native and exclusive beliefs and Gods, and we never needed to be saved by a celibate Jew from the wraith of his Jewish father if we failed to give head on every Sunday.
>>11232 >Don't worry about Christianity being destroyed anon. Thanks for the encouragement, and I think you're right about nominal Christianity's growth during events like the highly-likely-coming collapse of the entire West. But I haven't the slightest worry about either Christians or honest Christianity being threatened by these globalists. That would be like 'worrying' that Satan was somehow going to win the spiritual war against God, lol. Obviously, that's no contest right out of the gate. I'm simply pointing out they have explicitly been targeting the destruction of the Christians and Christianity. And it's obvious why; they hated Christ back then, they hate Him now, and they loathe His followers. And their father recognizes us as the only real threat to his plots against humanity. Put together, it's entirely unsurprising we are targeted by these two for destruction. I predict this is going to be a very remarkable time coming up soon, historic in fact.
>>11223 Don't worry about Christianity being destroyed anon. As soon as this world faces a REAL crisis people will turn back to the church looking for salvation in their hundreds of millions (particuarly if the Pope is competent). I'm not Catholic but Pope Francis appears to be more in-touch with his people than the last one...not that I blame Pope Benedict, I mean the guy was almost 86 when he retired!
>>11219 It's an interesting question to think through Anon. Turns out, there was a commonality of thread running through all the nations they've destroyed in the past, at least since the time of Jesus Christ, and it's not that they're all White (well perhaps not predominantly so. Rome for example was very cosmopolitan at it's downfall). It's that they're Christian. It's a rather clear pattern that should have been patently obvious, but I somehow overlooked. So thanks for your simple question Anon, it opened up a little clearer understanding of the sinister actions of these people.
>>11216 That's quite interesting anon. Which peoples did they destroy before?
>>11215 >Sometimes it's better to sear away all of the rotten flesh and start again, anew. Perhaps. Not him, but please remember the destruction of the West is a calculated attack against the goyim literally intended to destroy the White Christian civilization, simply because it's the White Christian civilization. IE, the decrepitude of the West is the direct result of an act of war against it by globalist kikes, not an intrinsic flaw itself that deserves 'searing away' as you put it Anon. Our major flaw, if any, is our accommodation of them, and our complacency to allow this evil against us to occur in the first place. We're not the first civilization to be destroyed by these usurpers and their golems (though undoubtedly the greatest so far).
>>11406 It's a valid point. As far as I'm aware, polycarbonate doesn't wear that much. Especially if you oil parts correctly, you shouldn't get too much wear, you may even be able to put some kind of metal plating for mechanical parts that interact Dropping the le epic 4chan hacker man facade and actually contributing intelligent thought, my concern is that metals aren't very cost effective and can be difficult for prototyping. Especially for the average user, the barrier to entry seems very high. last I checked, a metal 3d printer is at least $20,000. Polycarbonate is very resistant to impact, and is also very bendable (think of a CD). I'm curious if we eventually are able to make some comparative stress-tests for materials (if I don't get banned by the admin for being a feminist and for wanting to take it up the ass)
>>11402 >a homosexual of any stripe is a repugnant, repellent creature. No one wants them around. Huge cringe >>11402 >The simple fact remains, leftists are a very real threat to society at large, and not a single one of them are friends of /robowaifu/ >dehumanizing large percentages of the population Lol
>>11405 Am I a "leftist" in your eyes because I don't support having monopolies on this technology? Literally, yes. This is what leftism is. I am a feminist in so far as I support these kinds of technologies. If I didn't have any leftist ideas, I would have no incentive whatsoever to share any information with you on this project. I guess I'm not your friend, pal. I'm just a degenerate faggot
>>10751 >>>>10897 This is why we don’t have nice things anon, because of garbage people like you.
Feminists starting to have Luddite fantasies: https://youtu.be/FLGCGc7sAUw
Open file (60.79 KB 626x720 kiibo danganronpa.jpg)
>officer Stroheim knocks on your door >"Schwuchtel, mach auf!" >you cautiously open the door >"Your government issued 'husbando 9000' has arrived" >the robot enters you home >"Now keep in line and no sex or intimacy vith other males, schmutzig entartet!" >he makes notes in his clipboard before leaving, slamming the door shut What do?
Kek. I applaud the creativity OP, >>11730 but sorry. Robohusbandos are completely off-topic across the entire board. It's called /robowaifu/ for a reason mate. I'm hopeful one of you start a board up of your own, and I'll (provisionally) direct anyone interested to you there. Please inform us on a /meta thread if you ever do, thank.s
Open file (675.35 KB 910x1183 IMG_20210728_103006.jpg)
how much ur car gas costs a week
why r u all so tiresome to entertain. you even think you ve entertained me all time. is your god that big headed it imploded to rub its own multiple penis
even in death you trouble me. why not just erase reality along with you. your smelly sell rubbing inflated ego. what do you care once you rot to nothing. only leaving problems and bad names for times you didnt value. nothing has value to you you are infinite afterall. thus you have no value to me.
just get this all over. die or end the world what do i fuckin care.
>>11619 Some more related, e.g. explainer videos and discussions between different parts of the manosphere. In my experience it works well to listen to the audio of longer videos, while working on CAD. Helped me actually to get back to work. I can't listen to podcasts with complex content while doing something else, bc I would rather have to pay attention and take notes. https://youtu.be/PJaoNN3OvSA https://youtu.be/v5GaXtzJrAU Conclusion: Robowaifus are the solution https://youtu.be/pOZ8eEDniA4 Some blackpilled/incels refuse the solution with made up arguments and claims, while just hoping for a pro-male revolution or otherwise to endure their suffering: https://youtu.be/XRgig6l_iA8
>>12097 Play nice lol
>>12096 you should go back to preparing for when world ends. I don’t think name fag anon is looking to build a billion dollar company with random garbage you can do a google search to find. Especially when the random google search doesn’t come with paranoia and generally bad engineering advice in every corner. I am not even a fagman engineer and when I read this board it makes me cringe, in embrassement for hackers born in the 80s. Thread on artificial wombs . Wut ? name fag man engineer is to nice to say it, but you would need to wait for the heat death of the universe before this board produces anything useful for “parasites” imo pce. Now I leave for good off to find people who can actually program and engineer pce.
>>12028 >Anon, if logic follows, if people give Microsoft money for office and their OS, doesn't mean that they voted with their wallets for them to be in power? Unwittingly yes. I understand you have to shift your target demographic to more naive fellows, but you cannot pretend that it is illogical for people to be against making a similar mistake that we just recently made in our lifetimes. This is basically the same shit with crowd-sourcing, it became some big fad, and as of late crowd-sourcing is often correlated with getting scammed. Back during the 90s, I assure you, most people didn't know how dirty M1crosoft and Appl3 were. No one expected Googl3/F3cebook to become huge propaganda outlets akin to a "ministry of truth". The problem you seem to have is that you think everyone is going to fall for the same tactics those companies used. You are going to have to figure out new dirty tactics if you want to become a billion dollar company. >Wozniak Benefited from Apple and Steve's marketing decisions, according to your ideology isn't he also evil corporate operator? No, as explained earlier, he was literally used because he was humble and meek. If he wasn't used, he most likely would have been more involved with the opensource community back then. I'm sure anon, if you have a friend that you can use and abuse, I am sure you would see it as a viable tactic. >that's your hero? When did I say he was a hero? How is a humble and meek man a hero? >If you want Hero Richard Stallman that guy is the epitome if your ideology. Doubt, oh wait, are you saying that as some sort of snub? Agitated are we? <NB4 online comments are brought up late >>12071 >Mostly it's about pointing people to resources to start learning how to do something, often from the scratch, so be more patient with us. You're right anon, but see, they don't want to be patient because they are like parasites waiting. I am not even sure what is going on as there is no thread user ID's, but it seems like that comment you point to is having troubles with the simple formatting syntax of IB's as well. It's what it is though I guess, saving comments just in case some shit comes up later. >>12032 >...you are crazy paranoid... I can only state it so many times...
>>12026 >>As far as I am concerned, you are a possible G4tes or J0bs >>skimming thru what could be called a "homebrew ROBOWAIFU >>club" has. Lmfao anon saw this thread and others. Are you kidding me just skimmed this board, looking to beat this name fag at building something similar. To be honest if you think any thing here that is even usable by another programmer you are crazy paranoid and delusional. >If you cannot build what I have built you should reconsider your programming career or where you stand relative to others and improve I think name fag anon meant you or what ever anon that is bothering him about open source. I think that’s fair to say, the fact that no one has built anything similar here is pretty telling about how useful the resources of this “home brew” club are. Out pce!
>>12025 >You are obviously not a Wozniak (he's a unicorn really) Wozniak Benefited from Apple and Steve's marketing decisions, according to your ideology isn't he also evil corporate operator? He also benefited from a pump and dump crypto scheme which he signed off on. WOZX That's your hero? If you want Hero Richard Stallman that guy is the epitome if your ideology. >>I really hope you are not a G4tes. Nope just an engineer showing that, things are likely to happen... If you set goals have a mission, and be realistic and communicate your intent.
>>11744 I think the toasters are incredibly undervalued in the persona franchise, but the gayops on 4fags and the fandom seems to only care about specifically pegging akechi’s asshole. To think this was the same fandom that gave fuuka a lot of popularity not too long before persona 5 came out....
>>12269 HOLY SHIT LOL O L the other stuff might be less embarrassing https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0z4FweCy4M

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