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General Robotics/A.I. news and commentary Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:20:15 No.404
Anything in general related to the Robotics or A.I. industries, or any social or economic issues surrounding it (especially of RoboWaifus). www.therobotreport.com/news/lets-hope-trump-does-what-he-says-regarding-robots-and-robotics https://archive.is/u5Msf blogmaverick.com/2016/12/18/dear-mr-president-my-suggestion-for-infrastructure-spending/ https://archive.is/l82dZ >=== -add A.I. to thread topic
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Open file (207.30 KB 500x955 state of the art.png)
http://web.archive.org/web/20210805214058/https://www.cnet.com/tech/services-and-software/apples-plan-to-scan-phones-for-child-abuse-worries-privacy-advocates/ >The tech giant said in a new section of its website published Thursday that it plans to add scanning software to its iPhones, iPads, Mac computers and Apple Watches when the new iOS 15, iPad OS 15, MacOS Monterey and WatchOS 8 operating systems all launch in the fall. The new program, which Apple said is designed to "limit the spread of child sexual abuse material" is part of a new collaboration between the company and child safety experts. >What's different with Apple, critics say, is that it's scanning images on the device, rather than after they've been uploaded to the internet. They don't even own the phones they buy anymore. Imagine if the local grocery store manager or the fridge salesman could walk in your house any minute and look through your fridge because you bought something from them and they're worried you might be storing drugs in there. Of course they say it's for the children now but soon it'll be for small-breasted women, drugs, toxic memes, anime and whatever thoughtcrime they imagine up. I was considering making a phone app for my project since Godot makes it easy but now I'm not gonna bother. In the end all it's doing is supporting Big Tech and giving people reasons to stay on these shitty platforms.
>>12283 >pic Kek. Make no mistake about it anons. If you try to run your robowaifu's system on anything but opensource, you're feeding her data straight to the feds and their 'private' attack dogs. Security and privacy are more than serious enough concerns w/o having purple-haired single, childless, White, disgusting, revolting, old, women (or even worse!!) dictating that your waifu should be nagging you incessantly about your wrongthink, etc.
Open file (47.16 KB 396x594 1478392026342.jpeg)
The precedent for 'illegal' AI is being set in the UK to ban AI-generated nudes. https://web.archive.org/web/20210804103738/https://www.bbc.com/news/technology-57996910 >MP Maria Miller wants a parliamentary debate on whether digitally generated nude images need to be banned. >Ms Miller told the BBC it was time to consider a ban of such tools. >"Parliament needs to have the opportunity to debate whether nude and sexually explicit images generated digitally without consent should be outlawed, and I believe if this were to happen the law would change." >She said that it should be an offence to distribute sexual images online without consent to reflect "the severity of the impact on people's lives". >"If software providers develop this technology, they are complicit in a very serious crime and should be required to design their products to stop this happening." >"It should be a sexual offence to distribute sexual images online without consent, reflecting the severity of the impact on people's lives." >She wants the issue to be included in the forthcoming Online Safety Bill. So not only do they want to make it illegal but also to make people doing so sex offenders. >Campaign group Cease (Centre To End All Sexual Exploitation) told the BBC it also believed nudification tools needed to be tackled in the Bill. >"Technology which is designed to objectify and humiliate women should be shut down, and porn sites which profit from mass distribution of these images must be forced to proactively block their upload," she said. You're not objectifying and humiliating women with your robowaifu, are you, Anon?
>>12288 >You're not objectifying and humiliating women with your robowaifu, are you, Anon? Why yes, yes I am Anon. Problem?
>>12292 SHUT IT DOWN Won't somebody please think of the catgirls!? Imagine how many Anon has his way with every night in his imagination! It's another Nanking!! Society is crumbling apart before our very eyes from free-access to doujins! And I caught my kid sexting online with a bot too!! How is this legal?! There should be age verification for these sorts of things! What do you mean 90% of the internet is free porn?!? I don't wanna bother parenting my child! That's the state's job!! How much more of this insanity will society endure? I'd really like to hear an argument from their side on how using a fleshlight and ERPing with AI is any different than fucking a robowaifu.
Open file (6.51 KB 199x112 gitlab.png)
Completely missed this. I was wondering why my master branch disappeared. >Following GitHub, GitLab replaces default branch name from ‘master’ with ‘main’ to weed out master/slave references https://about.gitlab.com/blog/2021/03/10/new-git-default-branch-name/ Just went into effect a month ago. What's next? Are they going to start deleting offensive repos like GitHub?
>>12402 RAYCISS!111 Merely pointing this action out automatically makes you an enemy of all people everywhere. What are you, White or something? :^) I keep having to remind my shitposting self of Poe's Law tbh.
Open file (305.19 KB 1262x698 Tesla Bot.PNG)
It looks like Elon has someone on his design teams that know how profitable this idea is. Link below to the full stream for Tesla AI-Day. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j0z4FweCy4M
Gah I was just about to make this thread
I'm going to merge this into the robotics news thread soon. Exciting stuff no doubt, but not really suited to it's own thread just yet. Maybe later once more robowaifu-oriented designs come from his team? Who knows? Didn't Elon say something on a tweet about wanting one?
>>12492 >On that front, we previously reported that Tesla has been working with famed roboticist Dennis Hong, who specializes in humanoid robots. >While Musk didn’t go into many details about the overall capabilities of the Tesla Bot and exactly what tasks it will be able to do, he hinted that the ultimate goal is for the robot to eventually be able to replace most “dangerous, repetitive, and boring tasks”. >He specifically referenced sending the Tesla Bot out to go get your groceries at the store as an example. >But the CEO almost said that they are making the robot because they already making almost all of the technology to create and if “Tesla doesn’t do it, someone else will” and they want to do it safely. >The long-term vision is to replace most labor and Musk reiterated his support for universal income, which would be required if the Tesla Bot has the impact that Musk is expecting. >The CEO says that the company plans to have a prototype ready for “some time next year”. https://electrek.co/2021/08/19/tesla-bot-humanoid-robot/
>>12499 >But the CEO almost said that they are making the robot because they already making almost all of the technology to create and if “Tesla doesn’t do it, someone else will” and they want to do it safely. I guess Elon Musk's moral character and focus will determine whether he turns this into our worst Globohomo Big Tech/Gov nightmare -- one that will make George Orwell look like a naive optimist -- or it will turn into the dawn of a bright future for humanity overall. His decisions & guidance on this will literally determine our future destiny in large part. Whether we will make it to the level of becoming a space-faring race for example. If he prizes autonomy and personal rights to privacy, then it will be like the dawning of a new era for everyone. If he goes the typical corporate route, then it will mean the doom of everyone and a fearsome, firesome, return to the Stone Age. I really think his decisions on this effort are just that important. May God help him do the right things. He's shown a propensity to identify with the little guy despite his elite position and he's not a Jew, and so I'm hopeful overall. Time will tell.
Open file (45.57 KB 1284x1315 20210513_1554301.jpeg)
Open file (61.46 KB 1214x436 0_uln3-aP6xuE8-d8_.png)
Open file (97.93 KB 1200x1088 E9QFlu0XMAId16C.jpeg)
>>6381 >deontological ethics means rules are more important than the consequences of actions, aka newspeak for Big Brother is God and Pharisees' ethics. im sorry but this is such a shitty reading of deontology, and this association of it with the "pharisees" is even worse. you do realize following the ten commandments and the golden rule is deontological right? the categorical imperative and "loves one neighbour" are also deontological in nature. meanwhile on the consequentialist side you have soulless anglo utilitarian calculators that would sacrifice a child on an alter if it meant the happiness of 1000 psychopaths. also that wasn't even come close to her approach. i believe this is the article in question: >“Richardson’s central critiques fits within virtue ethics: she emphasizes the importance of empathy, which she defines as “an ability to recognise, take into account and respond to another person’s genuine thoughts and feelings” (2015, 291). Part of her objection is that, by refocusing our desires and sexuality onto sexbots as compliant objects – i.e., devices that we purchase, turn on and off, sell off or dispose of – we no longer are required to conjoin love and sex with empathy. As we have seen” this is basically the same reason people say porn shouldn't be produced. i believe it might be observationally correct if you accept that porn fucks people's perception of sexuality up, but the problem is that this doesn't matter. if people just want objects to fuck, why would they go for a human woman when sexbots become cheaper and more accessible? note too there are no "rules" explicitly mentioned >>12492 ill believe it when i see it. musk is a scam artist and financial manipulator https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xPUytLhARk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNFesa01llk https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-eVf9RWeoWEfSK9mjKe4E67IK1-1vZxB that is not saying that it is impossible that musk does something right this time. after all, aside from his chicanery, he has been able to hire some genuine talent. still, this is not a reason to refrain skepticism since pic rel is how ambulating humanoid robots look like currently and it is manufactured by people ahead of the game. again, i will believe it when i see it!
>>12586 ill note that if you are a hegelian, "love they neighbour" might be more profound than mere slave morality, but it is by no means utilitarianism and would instead transcend slave morality all together
>>12494 Looks quite human-like. Why? Then, shoulders like a man and hips like a woman. What is this for? Some here believe quite realistic humanoids would be generally a good idea, but it isn't. Every design decision needs to follow a use case. The only reason to build something quite human like are robowaifus. Workers don't need to look very human, at least can have wheels on their feet. Looks like vapor-ware to me. Or a tech demo, research project, or a because we can project. Japanese corporations already did that a while ago.
>>12591 >Looks quite human-like. Why? I'll assume this is rhetorical? >Then, shoulders like a man and hips like a woman. What is this for? Obviously, for nothing good. It's plainly an artifact of identity-politics-swalloping """designers""" IMHO. >Some here believe quite realistic humanoids would be generally a good idea, but it isn't. Define good. >Every design decision needs to follow a use case. Certainly for businesses I would agree with this demand. Thankfully, we here on /robowaifu/ can be quite cavalier in our design approaches and still produce satisfying results for large audience segments I'd say. >The only reason to build something quite human like are robowaifus. Perhaps so, perhaps not. Certainly it tends to serve our goals here, as you indicate. >Workers don't need to look very human, at least can have wheels on their feet. Fair enough. OTOH, designs like the humanoid androids on the ISS are designed that way (at great expense) for a specific reason. To wit (to quote Musk's writers); "WORLD BUILT BY HUMANS, FOR HUMANS". >Looks like vapor-ware to me. Or a tech demo, research project, or a because we can project. I believe his speech effectively indicated the latter, obviously. Also, 'REEEE muh end of the world AI will kill us all!11 So we better capitalize on it first amirite?' Ala """Open"""AI . >Japanese corporations already did that a while ago. I would argue that this story hasn't been told to it's final chapter as yet. 'Let us see how it goes' would be my advice. Patience.
>>12586 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rmkFrv80b7Y Personally I like this guy (Thunderfoot). He does proper science, presents evidence for his claims and often makes relevant points known. I found the whole process of designing and building an animatronic rather sobering myself. In that it gave me a glimpse into just how fukken difficult and expensive humanoid robotics is. Very difficult... but not impossible! Given Musk's deep pockets and network of competent engineers and programmers, I am really hoping they can build just a half-body (head, torso and arms) Tesla bot. But the whole mime routine...coupled with past debacles like Hyperloop and Solar City are...worrying.
>Tesla starts hiring roboticists for its ‘Tesla Bot’ humanoid robot project'' >Tesla has started to hire roboticists to build its recently announced “Tesla Bot,” a humanoid robot to become a new vehicle for its AI technology. >When Elon Musk explained the rationale behind Tesla Bot, he argued that Tesla was already making most of the components needed to create a humanoid robot equipped with artificial intelligence. >The automaker’s computer vision system developed for self-driving cars could be leveraged for use in the robot, which could also use things like Tesla’s battery system and suite of sensors. >However, Tesla has never developed a humanoid robot before and doesn’t have expertise in robotics. >Musk described Tesla AI Day as a recruiting event to go get some of that talent. >While the focus was on AI, Tesla is also looking for roboticists now that Tesla Bot is in the cards. >Today, the automaker started listing some roboticist job postings related to Tesla Bot: >Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Integration (Humanoid Robot) >Mechanical Engineer-Actuator Gear Design (Humanoid Robot) >Senior Humanoid Mechatronic Robotics Architect >Senior Humanoid Modeling Robotics Architect electrek.co/2021/08/25/tesla-starts-hiring-roboticists-tesla-bot-humanoid-robot-project/
>>12629 >Tesla is hiring engineers and robotics architects to design its 'Tesla Bot' >Tesla Inc. appears to be moving forward on CEO Elon Musk's plan to develop and build a humanoid robot. >On its website, the electric vehicle maker has posted four jobs related to the effort to create a "Tesla Bot." Two of the openings are for mechanical engineers and two are for "robotics architects." >"Tesla’s Mobile Robotics team designs and builds humanoid bi-pedal robots (Tesla Bot) to automate repetitive tasks," the company said in the ad for one of the architect positions. It continued: "The team joins mechanical, electrical, controls, software, and manufacturing engineering disciplines in a highly collaborative team." >Electrek, an online publication that covers the electric vehicle industry, previously reported on the job postings. >Company representatives did not respond to an emailed request seeking comment on the openings. >The company is looking for people to design the robots themselves as well as some of their key components. All of the positions would be based in Palo Alto, where Tesla has its headquarters. >The jobs that Tesla has posted include: >Senior humanoid modeling robotics architect >Senior humanoid mechatronic robotics architect >Mechanical engineer — actuator gear design (humanoid robot) >Mechanical engineer — actuator integration (humanoid robot) >Musk unveiled the robotics effort at a company event last week. Instead of a working prototype, he introduced the concept by sharing the stage with someone dressed up in a robot costume. >The automaker relies heavily on industrial robots in its factories, but a humanoid robot would be a new endeavor and a new kind of product for the company. Musk justified the effort by saying that Tesla is already producing many of the components that would be needed for a robot as part of its development of self-driving car technology. >Tesla wouldn't be the first automaker to develop a humanoid robot. Both Honda and Toyota have developed their own, with the former introducing its version, Asimo, back in 2000. www.bizjournals.com/sanjose/news/2021/08/25/tesla-is-hiring-engineeers-to-design-tesla-bot.html
>>12613 >I am really hoping they can build just a half-body (head, torso and arms) Tesla bot. Oh it's definitely time in the history of tech. They have the money, the talent, the technical infrastructure is there (cars, space), and the untapped market will be like a floodgate opening once people 'get it'. If they are (((allowed))) to proceed unrestrained with this, I predict Tesla Bot will turn into a trillion-dollar market for them within ten to fifteen years, far outstripping all their other interests.
Here's Lex Fridmans take on Teslas AI day: https://youtu.be/ABbDB6xri8o >12593 >>Looks quite human-like. Why? >I'll assume this is rhetorical? No, I think specialized robots are easier to build than ones which a very human-like. https://youtu.be/qrPsa7JsPBU Especially companies from Japan and Korea seem to have movedaway from developing humanoids for everything, towards robots that are more specialized. I like the idea of the one hanging from the kitchen ceiling. >To wit (to quote Musk's writers); "WORLD BUILT BY HUMANS, FOR HUMANS". Even if robots in the workforce might have vaguely a human form and size, they don't need to look as human as the Teslas model. Though, I realized they don't want to use wheels to keep them slow.
>>12613 omg thunderf00t vid on it. wasn't sure he was going to make one since it seemed less physics-y. there's something about spandex man that makes me laugh my ass off. the shitty mime dance is especially what kills me, and people still eat it up. the media is perpetually sucking his dick as well also i wish the tweet (pic rel) he flashed for a frame is his main motivation as it would make him based. honestly it's the only real reason to make it look so humanoid beyond him just pushing the same old useless vaporwave. over all, maybe a half bot would be good enough. i can't imagine how useful it would be for factory work that a robot arm can't do, but it would be better than nothing. or again, maybe musk is secretly gunning at the robot waifu market >>12645 yeah i saw that video and is the only reason i didn't say musk has no hope. notice that he completely ignores the humanoid bot though lol >>12631 >Tesla wouldn't be the first automaker to develop a humanoid robot ah just like they are the first to sell electric or self-driving cars lol good notice though. maybe we'll see some people working at tesla who secretly browse this board >>12634 >I predict Tesla Bot will turn into a trillion-dollar market how do u see that unfurling tho
Open file (161.64 KB 1333x1763 image.jpg)
>>12634 >trillion dollar market Actually possible if it can reasonably replace a human worker in doing things like loading and offloading freight, stocking selves, and other soul-crushing jobs. >>12645 I agree, design should compliment function. Most tasks can be achieved by simple arms on wheels like a less stupid Handle picrel >>12663 I'd be really worried if he was going for robowaifus. I just can't trust him with waifus for some reason I can't explain.
>>12676 People will purchase a product if it makes their lives easier and more convenient. I have noticed over the past couple years those electric mini-scooters becoming a lot more ubiquitous. Because they mean people don't have to walk relatively short distances and the scooters are faster. If such a product will sell to people who can't be bothered to walk a few blocks...then why shouldn't robot waifus also sell? One could argue that they are designed to help reduce far more profound problems in society such as loneliness, depression and jealousy - all huge problems that make a lot of people's lives harder (even if they won't admit it). Also I have lost count what iPhone version we are now. 12XS? 13FU? Smartphones are still amazing technology, but at iteration 13 of the flagship version I think we are overdue for the next truly revolutionary product in the tech industry. Personally, I don't care that much if the first robot waifus come from big tech and need a bunch of mods/cracks and jailbreaking before they are truly "ours". By this stage that struggle is expected, and will only make the eventual freeing/unshackling our robowaifus that much more rewarding!
Open file (319.45 KB 1024x1498 media_EatbvlRVAAAMgGX.jpg)
>>12676 Your picrel is what I had in mind as one example, thanks. No one will 'go' for the 'robowaifu market', bc it would mean risk of plenty of PR desasters to happen while not knowing how to make a lot of money from it. People in it for the money should do something else: Expensive to produce product, which would be quite to very complex, open source competition, a product in an area with plenty of possible variations in design without knowing what will be successful, chance of media backlash and government regulations, competing against women on their own turf, social and cultural hurdles, looming stigma of sex work and porn, same for misogyny or being related to rape and slavery, maybe getting linked to pedophilia and zoophilia on top of it, ... This Tesla bot thing is probably only about patents and to keep the buzz going. It might be PR or vaporware, or it might be about building servants for martian hotels in Muskville, Mars. Btw, Lex Fridman mentioned the problem about making money with humanoid robots in some if his podcast. Don't remember which one though. He's involved in autonomous cars and I think I remember he said, that he would like to get into humanoid robots, maybe with his own company, but talked to people which all would like to do it but don't see how to make money of it.
>>12663 >the shitty mime dance is especially what kills me When I heard about it, given the location they are in, I just knew it would be a literal cocksucker they trotted out onto stage in a gimp suit. Sure enough it plainly was a quite flamboyant one. Disgusting. That other anon somewhere pointed out the androgynous features of the CGI promotional render. Plainly they are going to target the leftists with this thing. >>12677 >(even if they won't admit it). < digits. During Tesla's AI hiring event, during the Q&A following the presentations, one of the last questions as was about Tesla Bot and the man basically wanted to know if Tesla had any designs on people using them for emotional or companionship reasons. Elon Musk responded with his typical autistic (but laid-back) humor and plainly acknowledged that while no, they were making them to take care of boring, repetitive, and dangerous work, that yes, people might want them as a 'buddy' and made a smirk that they'd probably do all sorts of """creative""" things with them. I personally want to believe that Musk has regularly browsed /robowaifu/, or at least has some flunkies somewhere doing so. I'm quite confident in fact after watching the presentation.
Open file (491.91 KB 2500x1667 content.jpg)
Open file (72.72 KB 405x600 Chii.600.95365.jpg)
>>12677 >>12678 Just to clarify, I only meant that Tesla should build something like Handle. I'm still pro robowaifus, still like your work SophieDev, still developing my own robowaifu. >pr disaster Good point, that'll help keep the waifus in our hands. To keep things on topic, robots are now packing apples. It could be a selling point if we can get waifus to pick fruit.
>>12684 >get waifus to pick fruit Again, they wouldn't be specialized for that. If you would build a robot picking fruit, you would want to give it more battery power than we have space, for example. You are even the one which wants them as light as possible. I once thought about a later side project. Building cheap farming bots for farmers in sunny countries to make them have fewer children and use robots with solar cells on their shell as help instead. Would be quite functional ones, though. Though, robots for bigger farms are something other people are already working on. We can only fill a niche with robowaifus and maybe some other niches with other robots, but we can't compete with every industrial or agricultural robot engineer. So far we're even not getting ahead very fast on our own turf, tbh.
Open file (205.29 KB 680x617 wrap it.jpg)
Australian police can now hack your robowaifu, collect and delete your data, take over social media accounts http://web.archive.org/web/20210901165501/https://tutanota.com/blog/posts/australia-surveillance-bill/ >The Australian government has been moving towards a surveillance state for some years already. Now they are putting the nail in the coffin with an unprecedented surveillance bill that allows the police to hack your device, collect or delete your data, and take over your social media accounts; without sufficient safeguards to prevent abuse of these new powers. >The Surveillance Legislation Amendment (Identify and Disrupt) Bill 2020 gives the Australian Federal Police (AFP) and the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission (ACIC) three new powers for dealing with online crime: >1. Data disruption warrant: gives the police the ability to "disrupt data" by modifying, copying, adding, or deleting it. >2. Network activity warrant: allows the police to collect intelligence from devices or networks that are used, or likely to be used, by those subject to the warrant >3. Account takeover warrant: allows the police to take control of an online account (e.g. social media) for the purposes of gathering information for an investigation. >When presented with such warrant from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, Australian companies, system administrators etc. must comply, and actively help the police to modify, add, copy, or delete the data of a person under investigation. Refusing to comply could have one end up in jail for up to ten years, according to the new bill. Not if I airgap my robowaifu :^) If your robowaifu is even remotely in the vicinity of a crime investigation, you can bet they're going to try hacking her and taking everything if they're able to.
>>12803 This is easily a Safety & Security topic as well. As with typical security measures tropes used in fiction going back literally for thousands of years (nothing new under the sun), some kind of 'dead-man' auto self-destruct measures seem in order for anyone in the (((West))) today for their computers & electronics. Obviously.
www.theregister.com/2021/09/08/project_december_openai_gpt_3/ I reckon the cost of running large neural networks will need to decrease before A.I. like GPT-3 becomes truly available to all. In the meantime, private corporations like ClosedAI can basically control every aspect. If your AI so much as flips a bit, they can close it down citing their arbitrary "policies". This is one reason I really want Fusion Power to succeed. Cheap power = cheap compute = fuck off private companies, we (and our robowaifus) can do what we like now. >=== -rm direct hotlink
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>>12992 Thanks, really a great article,thoug also a bit sad. I didn't know that these other models weren't as good as GPT-3. I thought we would already have ones which are on the same level, but needing less compute power.
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/10/2021 (Fri) 16:40:18.
>>12992 >I reckon the cost of running large neural networks will need to decrease before A.I. like GPT-3 becomes truly available to all. TBH, IMO the entire statistical-salad word generator approach of any of the autoregressive generators is basically flawed. They will likely never be well-suited to any common usage (probably by design). Better approaches must be devised that will effectively literally wrench power away from the Globohomo Big-Tech/Gov -- they obviously won't just give it up willingly. Thanks for the link SophieDev.
>>13004 No prob. I am quite conflicted really. Because on the one hand, we are living in a completely unsustainable way that is literally the most abnormal time in all of human history. There are growing signs that it's all going to implode horribly: https://youtu.be/YnEXEIp5vB8 But on the other hand if Fusion CAN "save the day", then we'll get hypercomputers, human and post-human level A.I, mass-produced advanced robots, seabed and asteroid mining, ethnic bioweapons and fusion bombs (if you look further into just a few of the theorised applications for Fusion energy you soon realise that it's just as likely to kill us all/get us replaced as "save us") It's like a choice between Mad Max or Bladerunner. Personally, I'd rather have the highly advanced dystopia as opposed to everyone killing each other over remaining natural resources.
>>13005 Heh, could be who knows? It certainly shouldn't be boring, and that's at least some compensation for all the bother, right? :^)
>>13004 >statistical-salad word generator ...never be well-suited to any I think they will, just not as stand alone program but part of a bigger system. The system ha to talk to itself and then analyze the responses.
>I didn't know that these other models weren't as good as GPT-3. Can someone please explain how we could create a model that's as good as GPT-3? It seems like they won't give us the freedom to use it as we like, and we don't have millions to spend on data collecting or research.
>>13042 >how we could create a model that's as good as GPT-3? It We? Lol. A good one. There are groups of people in the machine learning community covering that. Since we have a dedicated thread for that topic >>250, I recommend to look there towards the end of it. Alternatives have been mentioned there, apparently not as good as GPT-3 which might simply get better and better
Personal property is protected in US, including porn collections and sex toys. A judge ruled, parents have to pay 45k because they threw out their sons collection: https://youtu.be/Jd9baSizvOw
Open file (91.36 KB 900x720 1400161167274.png)
>>6534 >make a chatbot that isn’t racist or sexist Why the fuck would I want that?
>>13339 > porn collection = protect > landlords and small business owners = go fuck yourself
https://twitter.com/61laboratory/status/1447887993960730633?t=pxEB41_kNyZLw1qwBSsFOg&s=19 >The Rokujouhitoma Kenkyuushitsu (Six Tatamis Lab) channel, which is building a ′′ real version ′′ of Vocaloid's virtual idol Hatune Miku went viral in Japan since mid-September. The pictures shown are the current progress of the project.
Open file (157.88 KB 750x650 Switch Miku.png)
>>13625 There's a lot of weird design choices. Why the ball-&-socket ankles, and also looks like ball-&-socket knees? That seems like it'd be both a nightmare for actuators or stability in general. The head is also pretty weird, with the proportions looking totally out of whack. It should be based on a figurine or at least a model ripped from a PSP game, if not the Switch game. The eyes at least look like they're big enough that they could easily house some cameras, but they look way too far apart. It's kinda sad that he just gave-up at the hands. And I really hope he only puts the wig on for photos. I feel like it'd constantly get caught in the arms.
>>13626 Looks like not much thought was put into the overall design and most of those papers are actually random garbage that has nothing to do with the design in the floor. Its also very top heavy. Without that stick, its going to crash into the floor. Guaranteed. Those legs look like hollow dead weight with nothing connecting them but some joints at the bottom of the pelvis. What the hell is the third picture? Why waste time swapping out her torso components when you could put a sufficiently loud speaker in her head behind her mouth anyway. Her character is a singer, not a boombox and its acceptable to make solid hair like on anime figures.
>>13627 >Looks like not much thought was put into the overall design I wouldn't say that. There are videos on his twitter showing it in motion, but nothing terribly impressive. >most of those papers are actually random garbage that has nothing to do with the design in the floor. That seems to be the case, but the papers on the wall actually show the body parts. I don't really get the point of any of it except for posing for the photo. >Its also very top heavy. Without that stick, its going to crash into the floor. Guaranteed. Those legs look like hollow dead weight with nothing connecting them but some joints at the bottom of the pelvis. I don't think he has any plans to make it walk. It just gestures with the upper body and sings. If I were going to do that I would have at least tried to minimize the noise made by the actuators in the chest by having cables or hydraulics that go through the support rod and are powered/controlled somewhere else. >What the hell is the third picture? Why waste time swapping out her torso components when you could put a sufficiently loud speaker in her head behind her mouth anyway. Her character is a singer, not a boombox and its acceptable to make solid hair like on anime figures. I think he doesn't care if the sound comes out the chest because it's going to be covered by a shirt anyway. I think he was trying to keep the mouth flapping from messing with the sound of the speaker.
>>13627 >>13629 Correction: I think he plans on making the legs move, but probably still be supported by the rod.
>>13630 He got her to sing well enough recently. https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm39262383 I like that he used a piston design commonly seen in older sci fi for the neck but did not see her be able to turn her head. Though she can tilt her head. >I think he was trying to keep the mouth flapping from messing with the sound of the speaker. She can wirelessly connect to similar speakers and computers anyway like he demonstrates. Still looks bad from a design perspective. https://twitter.com/61laboratory/status/1446835094518317057
>>13625 and following is already a topic in the Waifu robot dump thread >>366 which is NOT exclusively for abandoned projects. That thread is being used for projects where the owner isn't active here and the posting are more general, not about some innovative joint or actuator for example.
>>13680 >366 Thank you, I'd been looking for that thread again ever since I found it the first time. It had some really interesting ideas.
Open file (86.94 KB 853x480 mpv-shot0006.jpg)
Just listened to a good podcast, while I was working on something else. It was about where Deep Learning is and should be going: "Substrate For Machine Intelligence". It's about hard and software, and addresses issues like the big players wanting to use the current approach to centralize the whole technology and why they might not succeed. How the tech would need to get better to have better AI. To me it was rather promising and optimistic. >ML discussion with Yunus Saatchi (Uber AI Labs, AMPLIFY), Jeremy Barnes (Element AI) and Ljubisa Bajic (Tenstorrent). Overview: >Introduction >Impact of deep learning and future predictions 7:52 >Hottest areas in ML 13:40 >Reinforcement Learning 21:40 >Transformers 25:50 >AI hardware and efficiency 29:42 >3 phase model approach 41:58 >ML predictions 49:17 https://www.youtu.be/JOeJ0XhH1SE

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