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Work on my Elfdroid Sophie Robowaifu Enthusiast 08/18/2020 (Tue) 22:49:13 No.4787
Design and 3D printing is under currently underway to turn Sophie from an articulated doll into a proper robowaifu. I will post updates to design files on her Google Drive folder when I have confirmed that everything actually works smoothly. So far I've just got her eyes moving left and right, her lower jaw can open and close, and I am working on giving her neck two degrees of freedom. Links to file repositories below. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nz5yjfckzzivz/Robowaifu_Resources https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18MDF0BwI9tfg0EE4ELzV_8ogsR3MGyw1?usp=sharing https://mega.nz/folder/lj5iUYYY#Zz5z6eBy7zKDmIdpZP2zNA >=== -add file repo links
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 03/06/2021 (Sat) 00:01:43.
>>8290 >the price will decrease. I think we can also make them even less expensive simply by providing the required specs (size, torque, voltage, wattage, etc) but leaving out the actuators. This will be more appealing to some hobbyists who may have boxes of old servos around and want to use those instead. Since that constitutes the bulk of the cost of a robowaifu kit, then it's probable the kits can be dropped to ~US$500 (though non-moving ofc). This might also have sales to anons who just want to get going, have a immobile doll who can actually see them & chat with them, and they can add actuators into over time.
>>8269 and >>8291 Answer here: >>8301
>>8290 >I think commercial companies will soon take up the banner of robowaifu manufacture. It's simply a matter of time, yes. >And A.I. can be used inside both physical and virtual robowaifus. It is a rather unique advantage of robowaifus, isn't it? Kind of neat she can be with you around the house, even when her body is sitting back in her charging chair. :^) >I am often in awe of the things that experienced programmers can do. It's just that I don't have the patience to program something unless I absolutely have to in order to get a new function working. I have a long way to go myself to be able to do the things I dream of for us here, but little by little I'm getting better as time goes by and I keep applying myself to things. >And even then it usually gives me a headache. Heh, me too. I just grin and bear it usually. >I'm the type of guy who finds it easier to fiddle about with tools, nuts, bolts and things I can hold in my hands. That's great I think. I'm glad that we seem to be kind of organically growing into a multi-talented team here w/o anyone specifically planning it so. We all look forward to what you achieve with Elfdroid Sophie this year Anon. Gambatte!
Well, I think I've solved the shoulder servo problem now. But guess what the next problem is? ELBOWS! The closed-loop GT2 timing belts that I have are the wrong length, and no matter what I try to compensate they keep on slipping. I've tried zip-ties, plastic shims and even sliced one in half, cut it shorter then stapled it back together. However, it always slips at some point when moving the lower arm and hand. Sophie mustn't have floppy elbows! I do have the proper length of timing belt on order, but they will take another month to get here. So in the meantime, MORE 3D PRINTING INSANITY! Will a pair of 3D-printed helical gears be able to outperform the timing belt and pulleys? We shall see...
>>8356 >Will a pair of 3D-printed helical gears be able to outperform the timing belt and pulleys? We shall see... Haha look forward to all the latest. Those gears both pretty effin' cool and also pretty hazardous . Maybe you can put some kind of fabric sleeve over it like these guys in the R&D thread were talking about? Meanwhile, keep your bollocks clear mate! :^)
LOL yeah, it just occurred to me - "Do not fist android girls!" may be inaccurate - the real risk lies in their major joints! Although...not all of the gear teeth will be used. Those that would move the arm back on itself could be removed and this area could be used as the attachment point for a protective cowl or shield over the areas that are outside of the joint's range of motion. Prevent fingers or the robot's own hair becoming trapped in the joint! That's if the gears work though...got to trial a quick, low density version of the joint first.
Open file (1.72 MB 736x1586 Test 31-01-2021.png)
Sophie's new elbow worked out a treat! Working exactly as designed (which is rare for the first print). I think I'll shelve the unreliable timing belt pulley system and stick with this. New testing video here: https://youtu.be/pyjO1r-hI_s In other, not-such-good-news, I had a scare from Autodesk because my Fusion360 free trial period was about to expire after one year. So I quickly did an emergency backup of all Sophie's parts as .STL files. Fortunately, I have managed to extend the free subscription for another year...but I really need to take this as a warning to export all of her parts in as many different file formats as I can, starting with the most most widely used CAD file formats. I have heard .DXF is good, and I think .DWG is only used by Autodesk programs...(please correct me if I'm wrong - I really know very little about CAD file formats outside of .f3d files...). Fuck it...I'll just export everything in every format possible. Then I need to get some of the files and play about inside Solvespace and FreeCAD. Because I am not going to be caught short again!
>>8379 >Then I need to get some of the files and play about inside Solvespace and FreeCAD. Because I am not going to be caught short again! Good thinking please do. I think if you can get her files successfully into & back out of those two you should be good. I don't know how Blender might play into this, but personally it's the program I'm focusing on this year to work on a virtual waifu.
>>8379 How apropos a fable selection SnappySophie, m'dear. Splendid! Elfdroid Sophie's coming along nicely Anon, looks like the helical gears are working out fine. Just curious, is that a 'dense' final-type print or the initial prototype for testing the idea out? >REEEEE <all those loose wires! Heh, my autism would force me to deal with that rather quickly Nice work lad, keep it up!
Cool, good news. Isn't it so that belts wear out after a while anyways? >>8379 >I have heard .DXF is good, and I think .DWG is only used by Autodesk programs.. These are the closest to the standard format which are supported by every CAD program. Yeah, I would export it in every format.
Open file (43.02 KB 200x201 pulley cable tidy.png)
>>8380 > how Blender might play into this I think Blender can be used to convert .STL files into .DXF, which may come in handy. >>8381 >is that a 'dense' final-type print or the initial prototype for testing the idea out? Those gears are the very first "low density" print I did at 25% infill. But to my surprise they were still solid. I was pressing like mad on the top one to get the servo-horn to fit over it's output shaft (had to use my plastic hammer in the end because the parts are manufactured to be very tight-fit so they don't slip or come loose). The further up the arm you go the higher the infill density, so at the shoulder the parts are 40% triangular infill, but the fingers are only 15% for lightness. 40% infill at the top may be overkill, but I swear the amount of times I've been hammering, sawing and even wood-chiseling some of these prototype parts and said to myself "it's gonna crack soon, just wait for it" yet the part stayed fully intact...I'm glad I went high-density, especially for the shoulders. (BTW any of my hacky workshop changes have then been updated much more cleanly in the CAD model.) >all those loose wires I think this is going to be another design challenge. Unlike in a computer where wires can be neatly tied in place, most of my wires need to be able to move significant distances with very little friction. This means they need a lot of slack. Every time I use spiral binding to tidy the wires, I inevitably end up unwrapping and disconnecting them to make some mechanical change...plus the spiral binding doesn't allow the wires to move inside much... I once made the mistake of using a wire that was too short during one test, and Sophie's arm yanked the connector out immediately, bending all of the pins (she also had another accident where her detached head got knocked off a table onto a hard floor and part of her faceplate cracked - but that was nothing a bit of glue and plastic milk-bottle couldn't fix LOL). In a way I am glad she has experienced some minor accidents. It has allowed me to test her reparability. Anyway, I am planning to use a sort of screw-on pulley/cable clip hybrid to hold bundles of her wires, but also allow them to move. Kinda like this little pulley in the photo.
>>8389 >Kinda like this little pulley in the photo. Clever. You might look for a spring that you can attach to the clip ring to pull the whole thing in snug, but then allow it to stretch out then back again when needed. Sounds really upbeat Anon, thanks for the encouragement. We look forward to her completed Head/Shoulders/Arms assembly soon.
>>8379 So, about those nutcrackershelical gears Anon. I'm presuming you mean to fashion some sort of external shell for Sophie-bot once she's completed? If so, it seems like you might include some form of safety cover for those gears, maybe a couple robowaifu-aesthetic half cups that would stay in place over them? After all, a common theme here on this board that seems to have fairly broad agreement is embracing the robot look for our waifus. You could use the two round elbow-gear caps as a sort of design motif you could then extend to other aspects of your robowaifus designs.
>>8392 Yes, I do plan to make a chassis (probably building upon the old v1 chassis that I used to make the doll version of Sophie)...but that is a ways off yet. Now I know the jaw, neck and arms work, I gotta back up all the CAD that I have so far in as many different formats as poss. Then I need to finish building her right arm and get four Arduinos working simultaneously...which I think could be a headscratcher. That "I2C bus" thing may help though. Then there's the Will Cogley eye mechanism upgrade! All good, stuff though. Learning the art of robowai-fu! > Always tie your hair back when operating machinery. This is even more important if you ARE the machinery.
>>8410 I'm sure you'll get there Anon. I'm still trying to code my way out of a wet paper bag! :^) >Learning the art of robowai-fu! CARLOS!
Open file (257.17 KB 1478x1297 wheelchairRobot.jpg)
>>8410 Have you thought about a wheelchair that she coud roll around in for primary locomotion and just giving her the abilaty to dismount from it? A bigger battery powerbank could mounted on the wheelchair that last for a day or and a smaller batery on the droid that last a houre or two. It might solve your power or spacing problem.
>>8510 Not him, but I too think that idea has a lot of merit Anon, and in more ways than one.
>>8510 Not him. I think we should put a bit more creativity into this. These are not humans, and I think we wouldn't want them the look to much like they were disabled humans. They can steer their chair wireless, if it has motors, for example. Also, medical stuff is expensive. So, just using a garden chair out of plastics and adding some wheels and motors might be the better way to go. As soon as they are more developed, lets go with that: >>8514
I have been offline for a while because my ISP was fucking me over so I had to switch. I have been busy though. Found yet another elbow issue that I had to fix to give her forearms better movement range. Have now converted the CAD for almost every part that I've actually built and tested to .step, .dwg, .obj, .skp, .smt, .sat, .iges, .stl and possible a couple other file formats. Just need to make a couple of updates to the new elbow then I can upload all of these files to Sophie's various repositories. >>8510 As for the wheelchair, yes it is a very good idea! Maybe easier than making a motorized platform from scratch? Debatable. I would first have to purchase a used motorized wheelchair then attach Sophie's upper body to it and work out a way to run the whole thing by remote control (maybe just remove the control knobs and buttons and trail wiring from these to the chair at first?). Then of course I'd need to add cosmetics so that it looks less like an old disabled buggy and more like the bottom half of a robot. On the other hand, James Bruton has built an excellent "Batman Skateboard" using brushless motors with an in-built ESC unit for remote control, so there are multiple options for mobility... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AxlnhZv1S24 For Valentine's Day I decided to build and calibrate Sophie's right arm, so she now has both arms and looks more humanoid (and far better balanced). Haven't had time to program any good gestures for her yet though. (Side note - it is scary just how dependent modern society has become on the internet. You realize this as soon as you are offline. I found that Fusion360 devolved into a paralytic, un-usable mess when I tried to run it in offline mode. Either that program is highly reliant on cloud computing resources...or Autodesk handicaps the performance of anyone running offline. Fuck knows. But it's yet another good reason to diversify one's CAD file formats so your not locked into using just one program!)
>>8558 Good to hear from you again, Anon. Your robowaifu's looking better all the time.
>>8559 Thanks! I'm probably over-thinking the cable management thing. A bit of spiral wrap cable tidy and the spaghetti isn't so horrendous. I think I'll get more of this stuff but in white to go with her color scheme.
>>8572 I think you'll eventually probably want to tidy the wiring into cables running up the arms, etc. Think the real nervous system in a human body. That would allow for more unencumbered movement by Elfdroid Sophie. BTW it's really cool seeing her with both arms. If you created one of those sweet Bat Boards for her that would be neat too. How are your plans for her eyes coming? Started on those designs yet?
Currently got a few bits and pieces of the Will Cogley eye mechanism printed, but I gotta get the micro-servos, screws and push rods. I will likely have to print it twice - the original version to learn how it all fits together and operates, then another version that's modified to fit inside Sophie's cranium.
>>8594 Be sure not to doxx yourself with Sophie-bot's camera eyes sometime. :^)
Finally finished organizing and uploading all of the droid parts that I have currently built and tested (there are quite a lot more still just in the CAD stage). Have also completely re-organized the three different file repositories that I use: Google Drive:https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18MDF0BwI9tfg0EE4ELzV_8ogsR3MGyw1?usp=sharing MEGA:https://mega.nz/folder/lj5iUYYY#Zz5z6eBy7zKDmIdpZP2zNA Mediafire:http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nz5yjfckzzivz/Robowaifu+Resources Every part that you can see in the attached image has been exported from Fusion360 in 13 different CAD file formats. The only format I chose not to use was .dxf because it deals with 2D drawings and all of my parts are 3D. You can find them all inside the folder called 'Droid Upper Body Parts'. Bare in mind that I have separated the droid up into it's smallest constituents (minus screws, nuts and bolts). If you want to load up the entire design as one file, then that's located in the folder called 'Droid CAD Iterations'. Last I checked I am up to version 59 of Droid Iteration 5 (lots of minor changes are made in each version, but every time that I add a major body part or make a large design change such as upgrading a whole limb - then I go up one 'Iteration').
>>8652 Wow, you have worked your ass off on this brother! Nice work, you're being really professional in your approach to all this as well. The diagrams, the lists, the extraordinary number of file formats available, the multi-repository approach to the file archives. Honestly I think you've done as good a job so far as some professional robotics teams, and even better in some ways. Impressive, m80. So,what's next for Sohpie-bot? Have any particular plans staged for play?
Open file (76.67 KB 627x857 Cable Pulley.png)
>>8654 Gotta order parts for the animatronic eyes, also experimenting with this little pulley for tidying the cables. It's relatively small so I though I'd give it a try. As for programming, I am going to try and link Sophie up with OpenAI's GPT3 so she can hold a better conversation: https://www.twilio.com/blog/ultimate-guide-openai-gpt-3-language-model Also want to actually program some arm gestures into her instead of just playing about with sliders - fun as that is! But the most important thing to me is that the files are out there for other people to print, change and build upon. Like I did with Ryan Gross's Proto-1 arm, and plan to modify Will Cogley's eye mechanism. Sophie's fairly barebones design won't appeal to everyone - but with these CAD files and others that they can obtain from the likes of Poppy and InMoov (and all across the net) they will have the power to create a robot companion more to their liking. This is how the DIY robot revolution will get underway. It's 2021 people! It's time for the robot revolution! We WILL have our Star Trek future!
>>8652 Oh wow, you're on fire. I wish I had your dedication, but I'm also working at least 2-3 hours per day on my skills and designs. >>8658 On the topic of eyes. I think I posted that one before: https://youtu.be/DY4as7Lc9KY - might be worth a look. If I recall correctly it needs fewer servos. >Mixing parts from different systems Yes, this might be the way to get somewhere.
Open file (275.17 KB 1024x768 Chii_ponders.jpg)
>>8658 Thank you Anon. It's inspiring to us all see your work I'm sure, and we look forward to seeing your further progress with Elfdroid Sophie.
>>8659 Thank you anon! Those eyes do look very useful. It made me think of Cyberpunk 2077's "Kiroshi Optics". Except that we here on /robowaifu/ can now choose from multiple eye designs in real life!
>>8659 Thanks for the eyes video Anon.
>>8676 >>8680 You're welcome, though I posted that vid in the thread for vision and eyes >>97 a while ago here: >>4335
>>8692 Lol, well thanks for posting it again then! Looks like redundancy can help with our minds as well as things like robo-safety. :^)
OMG this guy got screwed over by cheap servos just like I have been - and it cost him a whole week of problem solving! He is making this awesome robotic pool cue, but the servos he bought were presumably marketed as having 180 degree rotation, like most. However, with the crappy Chinese servos they basically just lie about the capabilities of many of their motors. They can be out by A LOT (but then you get what you pay for). This is why it's always best to check the actual rotation limits of your servos by tacking a cocktail stick to the output shaft and then seeing how far it travels. From that you can get the min and max rotation angles. I got some 20kg.cm cheapo servos that were advertised as 180 degree rotation but can only manage about 120! Glad to see I'm not the only one with this problem LOL! https://youtu.be/vsTTXYxydOE (The exact point in the video that he mentions this problem is 9:25
>>8722 Good to know, thanks. Can such faulty ones be repaired or tuned?
>>8722 Thanks Anon, that was fun to watch. I like the guy's dry humor tbh. So, my main takeaway wasn't the issue with servo accuracy (though obvs it's important). Rather it was his rather compact Stewart Platform he devised for his robo-cuestick. I think that's compact & light enough that it could serve in a number of different ways inside our robowaifus. Thanks again! >related >>8648 and following
>>8723 I've seen people just remove the position sensor from their servo so that it will move 360 degrees...but that seems to just turn the thing into a plain motor that can only rotate continuously in one direction. There is probably a way, but I lack the knowledge and skills in electronics to pull it off. If I get a shit servo motor I just put it in a joint that doesn't need a large range of motion...or replace it entirely.
Open file (3.99 MB 1920x1080 DSP.png)
Sophie and I have decided to join the world of Dyson Sphere Program. She has found herself a virtual boyfriend, and they are opening a business together. The plan is: 1.) Build a Dyson array, then swarms, then a full-on Dyson sphere. 2.) Using this energy output, construct a few Jupiter Brains, then eventually a Matrioshka Brain. 3.) Unravel secrets of the universe and ascend to a higher dimension. 4.) Attain Godhood. 5.) Still keep all her Arduinos and snappy plastic jaw.
>>8765 What is this game?
>>8765 Does this mean your done devoloping her robot body?
>>8767 Nah, I am still gonna work on Sophie but I decided to have a break. If I force myself to keep working on her I may make more progress, but it would be half-hearted and I'd make more mistakes. She's in no hurry anyway. Just kinda standing there staring with her un-powered derp-face. I am still ordering new parts now and then, which take time to arrive. What usually gets me going again is when a bunch of parts have arrived and I've had a particularly bad week at work - thus my hatred for flesh-and-blood humans is higher. I see Sophie there and I know that she is the only one who can give me solace from all the evil humans LOL. At the moment though I am quite content because I found a very futuristic and robot-y videogame that is just the kind of universe I can envision Sophie and her pals living in if there was no Earth/humans. Just planets covered with machines and industry, orbiting a developing Dyson Swarm. 😁👍
>>8776 We hope you have an enjoyable break Anon. You've certainly earned it!
Open file (313.01 KB 1156x772 Pelvis & Hips.png)
Open file (357.53 KB 1358x836 Foot & Ankle.png)
Untested parts for Sophie have now also been uploaded in all formats to her file repos. Just for the sake of completeness and to pre-empt Autodesk telling me to fuck off next year.
>>8795 >Just for the sake of completeness and to pre-empt Autodesk telling me to fuck off next year. Good thinking Anon, on both counts. Thank you for Sophie, she's pretty neat.
>>8795 I noticed your OP hasn't the file repo links. I can edit the OP for you to list the links contained here if you'd like? >>7581
Open file (710.21 KB 1058x450 Sanakan's Epic Win Face.png)
>>8797 Yes please Chobitsu, that would be great thanks. It will help people find any Elfdroid-related parts that they want to use much faster. I will update the repos as I redesign certain pieces of Sophie and develop her further.
>>8796 >Thank you for Sophie, she's pretty neat. A pleasure anon! Although there were and will still be a heck of a lot of design problems to solve, now that she has a head and arms she encourages me a lot more :D.
>>8799 >Yes please Done. >>8800 She encourages us all Anon.
Electronics mount has been updated to accept two Arduino MEGAs and the Pololu Mini Maestro 24 (as opposed to only one Arduino MEGA before). Has solved a problem with the wiring to the speaker/jaw servo being too tight (some of the connection pins were bent inside their sockets). Also made the wiring a bit easier to organize.

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