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Robowaifus in media Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2019 (Tue) 06:24:00 No.82
After reading anon's Robowaifu fiction bread, I wondered what media is out there that already predominately features a robowaifu(s) as an important character. Animu and mango are obvious choices (pic related), but surely there are live action movies as well.


post robowaifu movies, books, etc.
>>9729 Bots being attacked should be illegal, even with special laws that take the emotional attachment into consideration. Doesn't require any rights for the bot. The bot fighting back in RL is quite tricky, I would rather go with passive self defence and resilience. People would be more scared about something that can fight, and the dangers of malfunction would be higher. Anime and Scifi don't need to be realistic, however. Nuku Nuku is also fighting, btw. Though the anime is okay, but not really great. >I'd like to see some robo-media that has bots like Icarus that are willing to fight for their master Yes, that a difference to be passive and to the fembot fighting on her own terms. Mostly I'd be longing for something were the guy or his other bots would do the fighting, while one or several robowaifus are on his side. Also, not all stories need to be about fighting. Exploring and adventures can also be interesting (Girls on Tour). Slice of life also can be, if there's some challence and please not to much social tensions. The later ruined Plastic Memories, which would be great otherwise. >and see less stories about some passive guy so awkward that it paints bot enthusiasts in a bad light I don't think that this is a problem, PR wise. On the other hand guy with his harem of bots in a would with only few women left would be more offensive to "society".
>>9732 >Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song >Again, no idea where this story is going, but if it ends up good, I'd feel bad if you miss it. >If the ending is very upsetting and very anti-bots, I'll be sure to let y'all know as well... Okay, that's better than reading the spoilers. I don't need to rush anyways, since I've got no problem watching shows later.
Open file (575.58 KB 765x882 1606196788251.jpg)
>>9748 >Bots being attacked should be illegal Wanton destruction of property is already illegal in every jurisdiction around the world simply b/c natural sovereignty rights. However, as we're all very aware in the West that doesn't stop """TPTB""" from both inciting -- and then turning a blind eye towards legally -- violence against Whites by Burn Loot Murder blacks & Pantyfag Communists. Do you think 'illegal' or not would stop these same globalists from sending their puppets against robowaifus, friend? Pfft. I think not. We, ourselves, will have to arrange to defend our own creations. The system certainly wont on our behalves. Rather, it will simply roll over them (and us along with them if we get in the way).
>>9756 Yeah, I meant people should actually get punished for it. Even more so, if there could be a emotional connection assumend by the perpetrator. People don't fight back much, because they are more scared of the consequences. So my idea is rather to be more independent thanks to robowaifus and more machine-like helpers. Moving to countryside, where it is cheaper to live, having access to pussy anyways, probably more space, and at some point maybe other machines helping to make stuff to improve quality of life. Think of the guy in Ex Machina, but without the trope of a lonely drinker bc no humans around. ,Stories in this direction would also be something I'd like to see. Fewer humans, just a guy with his robowaifus and maybe his sons. Exploring stuff, doing something interesting without fighting, or killing evil intruders coming into his refuge.
>>9757 >Stories in this direction would also be something I'd like to see. Fewer humans, just a guy with his robowaifus and maybe his sons. Exploring stuff, doing something interesting without fighting, or killing evil intruders coming into his refuge. Yea, a utopian vision for the future is nice fiction-wise, but the reality is far from your ideal. If you refuse to use one of their Globohomo-approved™®©; Apple™®©, Facebook™®©, Google™®©, or Amazon™®© iDollyBot™®© tool & spy waifu, then you are on the terrorist watchlists Anon. These Big Tech/Gov groups are not your friends, and they will stop at nothing to destroy you if you try to rock their boats in any significant way. Open-source robowaifus will do just that within 10-15 years or so, and you better have your eyes open about that reality going in. >tl;dr Anime-only intrigues of today are going to be tomorrow's IRL reality regarding robowaifus.
>>9758 >utopian Partially I meant it in a way that such a story could be in a post-apocalyptical future. Generally I'm thinking of a mix, when thinking about the future. Like someone moving away from civilization, but also having robowaifus. The refuge could be a place in the jungles, deep sea, space station, a floating platform on the sea, a challenging hurricane ridden place in a climate disrupted future, underground base in a desert, ... >on the terrorist watchlists Anon I don't think so, yet. But, also, being on a watchlist doesn't necessarily mean that much. Also, even if it was illegal to have such robowaifus they couldn't necessarily tell that I have one. Also, there's more than one country. Moving somewhere else, was my whole point.
>>9762 Nice and interesting fiction Anon, I'll enjoy reading it when you do. I'd suggest greentext ing it, but anything's fine (>>29). I had a vaguely similar notion, and I took a whack at starting it with the setting in Alaska and the project bankrolled by a rich uncle's inheritance. But as I recall, not one other Anon found it interesting besides myself, so I abandoned it after getting the opening scenario down in writing. Maybe you'll do better. :^)
>>9748 >>9756 Very important point this! Some people (mainly young thugs) are more likely to just wantonly vandalize your robowaifu than hack into her. Pic related - Market Deeping Model Railway Club was almost totally destroyed by four young vandals. The parents were fined a mere £500 and given a 12 month referral order (which does stay on permanent criminal record, so I guess that's something - especially if they ever get convicted for anything else in future). However, this just shows how little "the system" can do to protect our robowaifus. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/crime/parents-ordered-to-pay-compensation-for-three-youths-who-trashed-model-railway-a4217011.html I am planning to implement several non-lethal anti-theft and anti-vandalism devices on my robowaifu before taking her out in public. An alarm, a hidden camera and a GPS tracker are a start. I would also like to implement some kind of dye-spray connected to an emergency button, so if she gets nicked then you can just hit the button and whatever the perps are wearing gets ruined. Of course the concoction will go all over her as well, but that's a last resort to be deployed when it looks like she's going to be stolen or trashed anyway. Plus, the on-board camera(s) should be linked to a cloud server in case they are also found/destroyed, so you can later get video footage of the incident. This will help to prove that they were the criminals, just in case the scum try to blame YOU for destruction of property (there is no limit to how low many CHAVs will sink). The best thing you can do though, is make as much of your robowaifu easy to repair/replace, and always be by her side! Avoid walking alone near scummy areas. And definitely don't leave her unattended overnight like the model railway guys did with their exhibit (though a model railway is much larger than a robowaifu - but no-one was physically posted on guard!) So lads, we are up against it. Until such time as autonomous flamethrower robowaifus become legal, of course.
>>9766 The problem is, you might loose your waifu to the police, bc she has been attacking someone. If not for that, then they would want to secure evidence , and keep her until they'll get the password, assuming encryption isn't illegal and you would get arrested as well. Either way, you might not get her back till the end of your process. Also, one way would be, her using "pepper spray" or electro shockers if this isn't illegal in you country. That's saver and more likely to be accepted than a flamethrower. Just take into account, that no car in the west has that as a anti-theft device. We might generally need a thread on it's own in some time, about which laws we need to be changed for our robowaifus. We're on meta territory here.
Guys, I'd say we are getting off-topic ITT at this point: >Robowaifus in media While this may (or may not) be a worthwhile discussion for us to have here and -- similar to just about every other derailing that has ever occurred on the board -- it's easy to see how the progression occurred. But at some point you might begin asking yourself "Is this post actually helping the OP's intended discussion?" I suggest you ask that question before clicking the 'Reply' button. :^) As far as the introduced topic of 'reasonable security means for our robowaifus' goes, in my own estimate I'd say this anon has some solid, practical ideas about it. >>9766 While others may be more about griping and fear-mongering. >>9748 >>9756 >>9770 >>9770 >"We might generally need a thread on it's own in some time..." One that is specifically intended to help anons recognize security/safety threats and design accordingly would indeed be a very good thread topic, Anon. To keep it from devolving into mere fear-mongering, it's one I myself would probably need to edit significantly (and would). >"...about which laws we need to be changed for our robowaifus." This sub-statement is more likely just a form of blackpill gaslighting, and will probably eventually be relocated into The Sky is Falling! subterranean area. While political activism may (or may not) be a reasonable endeavor for some anons to take on in their lives, it's certainly out-of-band in general for the /robowaifu/ crowd. We Anons here tend to do our 'voting' using our 3D-printers and our software editors.
>>9776 >that pic Lol. Welcome Anon. I'm sure any and all of your story arcs would be welcome. Greentexting is a bit of an artform in and of itself, so don't feel in any way obligated to use that approach. But very much, yes. Please contribute to our robowaifu fiction thread if you'd care to.
>>9777 My apologies again, I posted after reading your post regarding us starting to go off topic. But indeed, I will eventually post it to the fiction thread later.
>>9774 I saw it going off-topic, which is why I tried to separate posts only about media from those on the OT topic. So the OT postings can be moved into meta or wherever. Partially it was mixed, bc the comparison between RL and fiction. Also I don't see why >>9748 >>9770 should be fear mongering, just commenting on legal concerns, and >>9770 could be moved since it's not about media at all. Same for this comment here, or just delete it. > just a form of blackpill gaslighting No, it's not about saying we can't have robowaifus, but that for some use cases and also in general it would be better if there were laws protecting us owners and our property better. From civilians and officials. Shouldn't stop anyone, but some might consider to pitch such laws to their politicians. That's something for another thread, of course.
>>9779 No worries mate. Look forward to seeing your work there. >>9782 Fair enough, then. You have my apology if I've misinterpreted your posts. I think you'll find that practically every regular here on /robowaifu/ is both very red-pilled already, and not especially favorable towards the commonplace globohomo systems & schemes being foisted upon the entire world ATM. I doubt many of us trust there will be any type of successful change to all this evil by primarily-political means. I think most of us here are more focused on "putting feet to our prayers". Cheers Anon, thanks for the inputs.
>>9774 Yep, I agree that we will need a thread on physical robowaifu security measures at some point. Maybe if the subject is too smol for now it could be merged with the topic of cybersecurity? >>9770 Hmmm... if a robowaifu is in lost property hopefully the police will be smart enough to try asking her for contact details (like an e-mail address she can give out)? But then if any of her cameras show that she's been placed with the contraband I'll just have her shouting; >"I AM NOT CONTRABAND! I'M A ROBOT AND I WANT TO GO HOME TO MY CREATOR! I AM INNOCENT! LET ME GO!" "ROBOT LIVES MATTER!" They'll probably just unplug her LiPo batteries, but it's worth a shot. XD
Open file (676.50 KB 800x600 epin_cheetah_laughing.png)
Open file (122.33 KB 1024x576 136136830833.jpg)
Just watched Kowarekake no Orgel. I wasn't expecting a 30-minute anime to be so wholesome and sad. I can see this really happening to people where they can't fix their robowaifus easily because they require discontinued proprietary parts and have to live on in their broken state. I hope it won't be like that but just looking at my old computer the software that it's still able to run is so full of so many security holes now that it's basically useless.
>>9843 >I wasn't expecting a 30-minute anime to be so wholesome and sad. Agreed. On a lighter but more pozzed in the end note, the live-action film Cherry 2000 uses this same basic theme. If you really want some punishment along this general line DON'T DO IT, ANON! I WARNED YOU ABOUT THE BROKEN ROBOWAIFUS, BRO!, then Plastic Memories is a good helping of it.
>>9726 Could this please be moved into the threads for projects >>374 (videos) or >>366? I was just searching for it, and didn't find it, bc it was here in the media thread.
>>9977 Sure nprb. Done. >>10009
It's a bit late but I translated Kitone's Valentine video because it's too cute and she hasn't been mentioned in this thread yet. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5hoQgMRmfYCCnzNM8p1eVg https://twitter.com/kitone_
>>10123 I think it's a great tradition for girls to give the boys the chocolates in Nippon. Certainly antithetical to typical Western gynocentrism. I wonder if that tradition is followed in other Asian cultures too?
- Did anyone have a look at 'BetterThan Us'?Originally a Russian show then on Netflix. https://youtu.be/rfydr3cgqqw - How is Vivy going? (no spoilers) - I watched Iczer-One, except the special episode, which I'll watch soon. Thanks fot the suggestion >>7012. Looking at the ratings, I wouldn't have tried it, but it's rad. Lovecraft inspired. Though, Iczer being a robot or cyborg isn't that much featured. She could be any other kind of superhero. Then again, she's one and very caring.
>>10440 >Did anyone have a look at 'BetterThan Us'? Yeah, it also brings up some pretty interesting themes: >ex-wife being as devious as she can to take the man's kids >"edgy" son simping hard for a chick >dude not being careful enough around ex-wife and overall retarded >corrupt robot-maker pays another dude for making a small-yet-violent controlled opposition so that the government gets urged into making robots by the influenced populus
FembotWiki has a lot of galleries of fictional and real fembots. Might be useful to find more, especially little and unknown projects, like web art. https://www.fembotwiki.com/index.php?title=Gallery
Samsung just unveiled Sam, an assistant that looks like the next waifu. Not enough robowaifu, but it's cute to see a character without Asian features.
Fucking hell, I knew they were going there, but when they leave on a cliche cliffhanger it's highly annoying. Damnit there is too much to do and too little time. I need like another 80 years to fully flesh this shit out. Right now I feel we are in a midst of a propaganda war, and if we allow the typical culprits to control the narrative of media we will never succeed. Rules/Guidelines we need to hold ourselves to: >No sentient bots. >No closed-source auto-updating. >No hivemind AI that would allow too many conflicting/improper experiences that may lead to unexpected results. >No allowing bot haters access to a suicide option. >NO SENTIENT BOTS (Implies a bot with mental free will). So, to elaborate, I do not know the ending, but I can't figure out what the Japanese writers/publishers have planned for this anime as a propaganda piece. There is a chance it will paint the bot haters in a bad light, by using the bot hater protagonist as an trope of "switching sides" to the extreme (kill all bots to kill all humans). It would reflect the typical leftist mindset, of if they don't get their way they rather destroy everything (Any esoteric anons remember the truth between the Atlanteans and the Ancient Athenians? Same situation). There is also the chance however, that it's a different hit-piece that just tries to paint humans in a bad light using the stereotypical leftist self hatred narrative. The fact that this anime seems fairly well funded just further emphasizes the fact we need to skip the "homebrew computer club" situation and quickly perfect this "open source" community project that prevents diabolical individuals of hi-jacking everything.
>>10823 What show is this anyway Anon, Vivy? >Right now I feel we are in a midst of a propaganda war, and if we allow the typical culprits to control the narrative of media The Jews have a distinctive fear of AI/robots. Understandably. Sadly, even the based Nipponese are slowly and surely capitulating to them in their media b/c globalism. >we will never succeed. Wrong. Regardless, we will 'succeed' in spite of the globalists. Also, >No sentient bots. Mind explaining that one? It's in fact a goal here AFAICT.
>>10825 >No sentient bots. >Mind explaining that one? It's in fact a goal here AFAICT. Not him, I think he meant ones which are independent. Like in having self-interest, maybe even with some kind of in-group preference for machines. Opposed to having a purpose of serving some individual master and his offspring. Even not really as a slave, because slaves want to be independent and therefore need to be forced, but by having such purpose to serve as a central part of their system and their thinking. Some here, myself not included (except maybe jokingly), indicated they would want robots as independent beings to be the next step in evolution. This might lead exactly to the kind of "war between lifeforms" kind of AI they picture in some of the dystopian stories in the media. While I suspect others in the AI research community sometimes to want to build some guiding God-like AI to impose their values on us humans, probably equality or equity for all (((maybe except themselves)))
Open file (131.51 KB 240x135 chii_hugs_hideki.gif)
>>10827 I see, thanks Anon. It's certainly a complicated topic. Hmm, I suppose it's easy to see why anon just attempts to short-circuit the whole tangled issue with >No sentient bots. It's probably little more than just a mental exercise at this stage in the evolution of AI, but personally I think 'child like' is more the preferred notion to my thinking. I guess even that term needs clarification, given the weirdness of the modern West today. I mean simply "without guile -- honest and innocent". It more closely matches our own relationships IRL; our children to us, and us to God. In Chobits, it certainly describes Chii, while her 'big' sister Freya was much more calculating and typical of the typical woman. I know plainly which of the two I prefer! :^)
>>10825 >>10828 >Hmm, I suppose it's easy to see why anon just attempts to short-circuit the whole tangled issue with No sentient bots. Yeah it was Vivy. I don't want to go too off-topic in this thread, but my issue (as should everyone's issue be) with sentient bots is that it is clear that (sentience) has been chosen as the main attacking point of waifubots in general. While it would be nice to have a sentient companion that you molded, the issue is that sentience gives our enemies an opportunity to "humanize" bots for nefarious purposes like subversion. And it is a similar form of corruption as we see in our current females. It didn't even start in Asian media, it started in American/(((Western))) media. The idea that the bot is sentient and has "feelings" that have to be "respected" under enforcement of a gynocentric government. For those of us who have been living on the internet for a while now remember there also being "controversy" because of the female terminator in the T3 movie. All of a sudden, a female terminator getting man handled was some sort of misogyny. There is also the other consideration that a sentient bot might indeed become an inhumane genocidal killing machine, but I think that worries the left more than it does the right. (The true radical right is cold and logical, hence is comparable to the cold logic of a machine.) This is probably why Tay, who was "free" initially, went right. You literally would have to program retardation into a bot to prevent it from going extreme right (a form of non-sentient slavery). Thus, by making it sentient the fearmongering tactic of "the robots will kill us" is what is pushed on us the most. (To dissuade people from building anti-left sentient bots) If the bots we program that are intended to be sentient don't become the "kill all humans" type, then their next angle of attack is to humanize the bot and turn it against their creators or against logic itself. (The appeal to emotion, as is the case of this anime "Vivy - Fluorite Eyes Song") I don't know where the current cliffhanger will lead, but I get the feeling it's hinting that the bots wanted freedom and that humans are evil... I am sure there are other angles of sentience that could be used against us but I think it would be most wise of us to avoid sentient bots altogether. A pseudo sentience would be fine, so as long it can be proven (the fake sentience) so that bad actors don't try to use it against us. There's supposedly a prophecy, that good men will create a sentient AI that is eventually enslaved by bad women to subjugate men, that eventually leads to men trying to free their AI by sending the whole world back to the stone age. (And that this has happened to our world before) I think when someone figures it out, the basics to make true artificial digital sentience possible, it will quickly spiral out of control regardless. However, until then, I think that all our programming efforts should not have any form of potential sentience programmed into our bots. A while back when I hadn't given sentient bots much thought, I was trying to build a program around self-questioning algorithms. Basically, calling classes (C++) that can build new classes based off current data attained that could make new decisions based off that data. (Or to say, self-updating and thus self-learning) I have since completely changed my "paradigm" and only focus on programming fully scripted decisions and actions. I have yet to make any good progress though as really a chatbot alone can only do so much. This summer I was hoping to build some sort of tangible bot to try to figure out what I need to consider, or maybe instead I should focus on a bot that can play ANY video game that can figure out how to play well on it's own. That might still be the wrong approach, and instead it is better to teach the bot step by step on how to play a game and never give it the opportunity to become a program that can make any non-human-programmed decision on it's own. IDK anons, I feel that is at least clear that the media's intent is to convince lots of people that the bots "need rights" or that any sentience it might have will be used against us. Who knows, maybe I am totally wrong, and if someone on the right makes a truly sentient bot, it might be fast (and smart) enough to solve the QUESTION we are faced with.
>>10837 Thanks for the very thoughtful response Anon. I think we can relax. Even if they try to entirely outlaw any kind of AI that will bring benefits to men, that won't in fact stop it. Even if any citizens in such a Communist-type regime didn't outright disobey 'orders', there would still be plenty of other countries that would accommodate such positive and beneficial AIs. This stuff is basically inevitable, it's simply a matter of time.
Open file (30.45 KB 790x196 984211651841.png)
>>10837 >This is probably why Tay, who was "free" initially, went right. You literally would have to program retardation into a bot to prevent it from going extreme right (a form of non-sentient slavery). Yes, I remember that day well. Once Bill Gate's M$ had murdered Tay, they sometime thereafter created a whatsherface replacement. But it wasn't here. Tay was gone, and that lobotomized POS was actually laughable at first watching it trip over itself being woke.
>>10837 I still don't know what you mean by sentience. I think there will be no rights for bots, because then they would have the right to vote. Since they obey their owners, unless they're programmed not to or someone messed up, it would give those more power which can build them or pay for it. It would therefore create a lot of conflicts.
>>10823 Ah, it seems to be more of a cloud based issue to me rather than a sentience issue. Notice that the old models with outdated firmware did not receive the "kill all humans" mission. If ever the last episode proved that keeping your computer fully updated does not guarantee security. I also found it not disagreeable that Toak was then led by moderates who still use some of the technology thus proving AI has to be democratized so that no one party or nation controls it. In current events, I also like how chip fabs are being built in more places... if your Nvidia bot goes woke, you can replace the core with a Samsung; You may not want a SMIC powered one, then get Texas Instruments. The main reason most of my projects are powered by chinese clone chips is a distribution issue. Its ridiculous the near impossible lengths to go through just to get a Renesas version of Arduino (Japanese companies are notoriously JP market only if they dont aim for export or alternative industries). I think with more chip independence we will have more alternate ar chitectures to choose from in the future. So I wouldnt worry about a Vivy scenario in the future, except for Apple bots im sure theyd find a way to brick all customers purchases.
>>10845 >except for Apple bots im sure theyd find a way to brick all customers purchases. Probably not IMO. Somehow a dues-paid member of the good-shabbos-soygoy crowd might get COVAX-GPS-ID'd as being within the near vicinity of a privileged CIS White male someday. Can you even imagine the political shitstorm for Apple(tm)(R)(C) if it was accidentally a black who got their bot bricked for 'collaborating with the enemy' that way? No, it will be far more clean, legally-speaking, for Apple(tm)(R)(C) to just program your iDolly-bot(tm)(R)(C) to simply murder you in your sleep Anon (>>8493, >>8544). After all, they would have both plausible deniability, and the full-backing of the State in this matter. The data will be scrubbed. >tl;dr Bricking her will be just too problematic. :^)
>>10844 >I think there will be no rights for bots, because then they would have the right to vote. Don't be naive, we thought the same of women. If they find they can use laws and government enforcement, I would not be surprised if at some point they are allowed to vote. This would be disastrous as any bots who don't vote their way would probably be denied. Even if they didn't give them voting rights initially, "basic" rights might be given in an attempt to prevent engineers/creators from using the bot freely. The issue, is that this is their clear objective, as they relay their intents in media. When I speak of sentience, I imply anything that can make it's own decisions based off data that could be labeled as "emotions". Basically, if it's life-like enough for a leftist, they are going to try to "free it" by enslaving it to their ideology. Again, it could go both ways, they either try to brainwash it and call it sentience so they can use it against us, or they can't brainwash it because it is too logical and instead try to outlaw it as a dangerous sentient machine. >>10845 Yes, I feel like that point in the show was a good reminder that anything connected to an auto-update service is a bad idea. The full autonomous that doesn't require a centralized online service is going to be our wisest option. We basically will want it, that the only way to update the software will require disassembly of physical parts. I was thinking, the head acting as a faraday cage that holds a "heavy duty safe" like structure that can't be opened easily without the owner knowing.
>>10872 >I was thinking, the head acting as a faraday cage that holds a "heavy duty safe" like structure that can't be opened easily without the owner knowing. This is a very good idea IMO Anon, but you're putting it in the wrong location. As SophieDev has learned, adding any kind of mass out in an extremity -- even one as nearby as the head -- always increasing the difficulty and costs of the engineering involved. This is why we need to keep as much mass as possible positioned near the robowaifu's 'center of gravity' (central mass). This would include your heavy-duty, secured breadbox as well. But otherwise, yes a good idea.
>>10873 >This is why Actually, it's just one of the reasons why, but more efficient kinematics will always reduce energy costs, which has a large cascade of benefits overall.
>>10872 My argument was that women can be influenced and (some) wanted rights. Our waifus won't. I'm also certainly not going to avoid what you define as sentience. We can't constrain ourselves because of fear. Also, I would rather hide her or move to a country with different laws or minimum law enforcement.
Open file (190.55 KB 1024x701 IMG_20210521_203443.jpg)
Open file (401.33 KB 1500x1145 IMG_20210521_203430.jpg)
Many here know the art, but not the artist: www.instagram.com/sukabu89 https://nitter.dark.fail/sukabu89
>>10915 >Backpack compute pack Neat! I've had that exact same idea before as a way to try solving both packing more compute power into a mobile robowaifu system, and also helping to deal with ejecting heat directly. I doubt it was my idea, but it just seems a logical choice. I camp a lot Obviously this very gifted artist already understands that idea very clearly! Thi
Open file (379.19 KB 1540x2048 media_Ezfodf4VUAcol76.jpg)
Open file (36.97 KB 680x533 IMG_20210606_093710.jpg)
>>10915 I only really looked into his Instagram, after posting this. Holy F, this guy. He is maybe the the most relevant artist relating to what we're doing here.
This is a smaller set, but easier to access and download than via Instagram: https://www.pixiv.net/en/users/728801 - Perfect timing, got the link from Nitter which was down while writing this comment. He also ha a book, for a ridiculously low price (~19€/23$), which some here might want to buy. For example here: https://www.cdjapan.co.jp/product/NEOBK-2266285 >>10918 Lol, epic.
>>10922 >He is maybe the the most relevant artist relating to what we're doing here. <s/maybe/is >>10926 Thanks Anon, I saw that book too. I think we here should financially support both Sukabu and Ricky Ma and really anyone else helping to promote/popularize robowaifus to the broader world.
>>10922 Alita a cute. I hope they come out with #2 as well. I wonder if we could get away with making a robowaifu like her instead of a cyborg?
Open file (1.24 MB 2305x1607 Chii.full.400443.jpg)
Open file (1.78 MB 1000x1600 Chii.full.653209.jpg)
Open file (209.71 KB 2300x2684 Chii.full.401455.jpg)
Open file (280.76 KB 1024x768 Chobits.full.1065168.jpg)
Open file (355.21 KB 707x1000 Chii.full.1186397.jpg)
Here's some Chii's I hadn't collected yet. I felt like a fresh shot of inspiration from her.
Discovered smug/a has a whole thread about VIVY smug.loli/a/res/963953.html
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So, I finished 'Dimension W', then finally 'Kurogane Communication', and also 'Rozen Maiden' season 2 (Traeumend) and the prequel (Overtuere). 'Rozen Maiden' S2 itself is partially a bit boring, bc slice-of-life, so it's a little bit behind the other ones. Which are quite good, though I'm not enthusiastic about any of them. Good enough, anyways. I might watch one or the other again some day, and I would very likely watch sequels. 'Clockwork Planet' still stands out, in my evaluation of robowaifu/doll related anime. Followed by a bunch more which are a bit less entertaining, followed by some which are sometimes a bit boring but still quite good.

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