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Elfdroid Sophie Dev Thread 2 Robowaifu Enthusiast 03/26/2021 (Fri) 19:51:19 No.9216
The saga of the Elfdroid-pattern Robowaifu continues! Previous (1st) dev thread starts here >>4787 At the moment I am working to upgrade Sophie's eye mechanism with proper animatronics. I have confirmed that I'm able to build and program the original mechanism so that the eyes and eyelids move, but that was the easy part. Now I have to make this already 'compact' Nilheim Mechatronics design even more compact so that it can fit snugly inside of Sophie's head. One big problem I can see coming is building in clearance between her eyeballs, eyelids and eye sockets so that everything can move fully and smoothly. I already had to use Vaseline on the eyeballs of the first attempt because the tolerances were so small. If the eyelids are recessed too deep into her face, then she looks like a lizard-creature with a nictitating membrane. But if the eyelids are pushed too far forward then she just looks bug-eyed and ridiculous. There is a middle ground which still looks robotic and fairly inhuman, but not too bad (besides, a certain degree of inhuman is what I'm aiming for, hence I made her an elf). Links to file repositories below. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nz5yjfckzzivz/Robowaifu_Resources https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18MDF0BwI9tfg0EE4ELzV_8ogsR3MGyw1?usp=sharing https://mega.nz/folder/lj5iUYYY#Zz5z6eBy7zKDmIdpZP2zNA >=== -add file repo links
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 04/17/2021 (Sat) 01:17:14.
>>10013 Yup catastrophic strain usually (but not always) located at shear points. Often where lateral force is being transferred in a transverse (across, orthogonal to) direction to the main structural line of the element[s] in question. In this case, the base of the pins where they intersect their base sections. The force on the shoulder elements will not be a transverse, but rather separation, again, at the orthogonal shear points of the creases. Yes, that makes sense that the gear casing would bring stiffen the structure significantly. You're probably good to go there then, I'd reckon Anon.
>>10013 >I think the 180kg.cm shoulder servos were overkill I don't think so Anon. You want her to be able to bring you trays of caffeine and food, right? As well as drag your injured self out of the line of fire on a bad day, too! :^)
Open file (2.99 MB 1325x1456 Full_Disassembly.png)
I am knackered LOL! This refit involves strengthening the core of the robot where everything else attaches, so I had to strip Sophie down completely. Also had to manually fasten everything the first time just in case anything was going to split or crack, but thankfully it all fits together okay. Just taking a break from re-wiring and thought I'd post this image of Sophie's v3 and v4 heads that I took at the start of her refit.
>>10100 Nice photo, also useful to compare the size of the heads. They're growing up so fast.
Open file (100.24 KB 750x1000 platonists forms.jpg)
>>10100 >pic Top kek. Don't worry Anon, we all see Sophie for who she really is, not just her surface appearance. We're Platonists after all. :^) > But please get that bolt out of poor Sophie's mouth Anon, she might have something important to say to all of us!
>>10100 While you're at it, maybe this would be the right time to completely rework her wiring harnesses so they run back along the arm and up round the shoulder? I know that would mean further delay and expense for wiring, but you're going to have to do this anyway right? Might as well get it over with now Anon. After all, we're patient and can wait for her new unveiling song and dance, please, song and dance and Elfdroid Sophie could use the mobility improvements, don't you think? :^)
>>10100 That hand in the middle of the picture, is that a prototype? It's actually quite appealing-looking Anon, very feminine in form. I'd like to see Sophie wearing a pair something like that hand.
Open file (882.27 KB 422x1142 Original_Frame.png)
Open file (2.10 MB 1037x1383 Chonkframe_1.png)
>>10105 Good idea, anon. I have messed about with her wiring enough now to realise that I need to extend it in. >>10107 That was a hand from Sophie v1 (Doll version) - yep, the prototype. You can download the model either from Sophie's repository or get the original from: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:906098 Unfortunately, changing it to be robotic is much easier said than done. Just changing the scale of the original PROTO1 robot hand (already designed to be mechanical) was a nightmare because everything shifts about - including internal tunnels and the area where your servo and servohorn fit. This meant that both the internal and external geometry of the hand had to be modified quite a bit in CAD. And the mesh was very complex (best to have a good computer otherwise you'll sit through a LOT of processing time). The geometry of those pretty hands is significantly more complicated. To roboticize them...for a start the mesh would have to be decimated to reduce it's complexity, then fifteen separate channels would need routing through the hand for all the ligaments that both move each digit and hold it in place...in such a way that permits fishing line to be pushed and pulled through. Remembering to leave space for the thumb servo/joint to move correctly. I don't envy anybody a design/engineering task so laborious! In the meantime tho, Sophie's Chonkframe upgrade has been completed and it appears to work! I know because her head tried to go flying off again but it failed to get airborne this time. No cracking or splitting or anything. Nice.
>>10152 looking much better! but is she combat ready?
Open file (167.61 KB 1000x414 MEQM192.png)
>>10153 It seems she is if she catches a finger in her elbow.
>>10153 Cheers meta ronin! To make her combat ready I could upgrade her existing shoulder servo motors with heavy duty 380kg.cm ones, swap her humanoid hands for a pair of icepicks or machetes, then program her arms to windmill and turn voltage up to max. However I (and anyone else who entered the room without first tripping the circuit breaker) would probably be maimed or die gruesomely the moment the Arduino sketch loaded... especially since she has no emergency stop 🤣. But really though, Sophie is designed for love not war. She wants to be your friend; answer your queries, tell stories, sing songs and hug you if you're lonely. Just remember to unbolt any murder machine upgrades first.
>>10152 Sophie's all in one piece again, thank goodness! Her new head looks great Anon. And that new frame you've given her really looks sturdy now, yet not too bulky. Very nice work lad. Keep it up, we all look forward to seeing what you manage for her next! :^)
>>10155 heh. i kind of thought something similar to you anon. Sophie anon can probably actually capitalize on that design with just a few tweaks however. >>9824
Open file (221.05 KB 1990x2838 get_to_know_you_meme.png)
Decided to fill in a "getting to know you" chart for Sophie, since I've seen this chart doing the rounds, and thought it might help me establish her character a bit better. I was surprised by her personality result. I just set anything that mentioned the words "confidence" "feeling" or "feel" to lowest (since it's true that she cannot actually feel) and anything logical or systematic I selected highest (since her "brain" is literally a CPU+GPU).
>>10187 Top Kek You're pretty handy at this.
>>10152 >prototype doll hand Ah, I understand now. Yes, I can imagine changing that petite hand into a fully robotic one will be a chore.
>>10188 Heehee! I want to make a robowaifu who can be funny as well as analytical. After all, this is why men will turn to robowaifus, otherwise they can just use a normal computer. If the organic whom they're trying to be in a relationship with is all cold and humorless (or worse - hazing/divorce/child custody battle), then they will want a robowaifu who can make them laugh and brighten their day. Before we can have more fun though, I'm updating Sophie's wiring a bit so it sits on her back rather than her front, and I've gotta get a backup of this imageboard completed on Raspian using BUMP (the Sepplesberry Pi thread).
>>10192 >and I've gotta get a backup of this imageboard completed on Raspian using BUMP (the Sepplesberry Pi thread). That's a good idea Anon, thanks. BTW, pretty much any commonplace Linux should work. Raspian isn't an essential, merely an option. Very nice progress with Sophie.
I have got to the point in the Sepplesberry Pi tutorial thread >>8026 >#1 where I'm trying to install Waifusearch on Raspbian (inside Oracle VM Virtualbox), but I'm getting an error with mesonbuild, and the stdc++fs library isn't being found either. >#2 So I open Synaptic Package Manager and search for stdc++ but I get a shit-ton of different versions back: >#3 and I have no idea which is the correct one to mark for installation? I realise that Waifusearch may not be essential for backing up this imageboard, but I'm just following along with the tutorial in order to make sure that I install all of the correct programs and download all of the required dependencies for the backup to work. Alas though, it looks like I still missed some stuff? Can any anon help me plz?
>>10199 Hi, sorry I don't really remember that, but here >>8300 is a comment, followed and preceded by others, in the CPP thread featuring the build process. I think you have an old version of Waifusearch which still has that stdc++ in it. You version seems to be 0.1f, mine is 0.1j >>8337.
Open file (1.85 MB 962x1148 Sophie_Hugz.png)
Open file (2.61 MB 1037x1383 Rear_Wire_Bundles.png)
>>10200 Thanks for your quick reply anon! Sophie sends hugs! Rear re-wiring is now complete. TBH I think the whole Juci++ and Meson build system is too advanced for me at the mo (as someone who has barely ever used Linux before and can't code either) although, the tutorial did learn me a bit about how to use Debian, so thank you for that anon! It was interesting!
>>10199 You have an older version of Waifusearch Anon. The current version is v0.2a (>>8678), and among other things was specifically reworked to enable building on the Raspberry Pi. Try that version out instead, and then let us know how it works out for you. >and I have no idea which is the correct one to mark for installation? That library is a fundamental part of the GCC. You should simply match the version of GCC you're running if you ever need to. In the case of the spin of Raspian currently publicly deployed, that appears to be the v8.3.0 version (and whichever matches your hardware too. On my old RPi2b, that's ARM7hf, though in your case that appears to be Intel b/c Virtualbox VM environment). > >>10200 > mine is 0.1j I'd suggest you upgrade Anon. I made several improvements to the 0.2a version (>>8678). >--- Note: for both you Anons, I would recommend you also grab the newer copy of the board JSON data archive (v 210331). BTW, the place to check for the latest version of both of these (Waifusearch + the JSON archives) will always be the Library thread's OP (>>7143), since they were both created to support that specific effort. >210331 >>10201 Wow those are some nice improvements to Sophie's wiring Anon. Keep it up! :^)
>>10199 >>10205 Note, I never actually tested either BUMP or Waifusearch out in your specific environment (Virtualbox hosting Raspian). It's likely the build settings will need to be tweaked better to accommodate it Anon. Go ahead and try the newer version and let us know what you get. If it fails again, I'll move your case to the top of the stack and do a rework of Waifusearch to fix it for you (I'll look at BUMP somewhat later though).
>>10201 >Sophie sends hugs! Daww. >*[Sophie Hugs Intensifies]*
>>10200 >>10205 Thank you anons, that has actually clarified several things I was confused about so i'll give it another go.
>>10201 Oh, thanks for the hug. >>10205 Oh, I completely missed that. Will dl.
Open file (289.82 KB 1084x1042 Zelda1.jpg)
Open file (265.23 KB 840x958 Close-up.jpg)
Open file (348.42 KB 1440x810 Ultra-Closeup.jpg)
Open file (141.97 KB 748x624 Say_Ahhh!.jpg)
Got my hands on a high-resolution texturepack for Honey Select 2. So high res that my aging GPU can barely handle the medium settings! Hanmen's Next-Gen Skin Textures and Shaders, available here: https://gumroad.com/l/qdgcK There are textures for the body, face, teeth and tongue, so I've been creeping out Princess Zelda to test them all out. When I eventually upgrade my PC, I should now be able to create truly next-gen 3DCG waifus!
>>10230 Very nice Anon, we look forward to it. That face if beautiful. Quite nice work.
>>10231 I also found a couple of videos from a clever guy on Youtube who can show you how to rip, export AND texture characters from both Honey Select 1 & 2 using Blender and a few other programs (NinjaRipper, Noesis). The whole process is quite complex, however you don't have to follow the whole video if all you want is a 3D mesh to turn into an .stl (like I did with Sophie), but these videos could be a good starting point for anyone who wants to create their own 3DCG waifu without having to model her from scratch (also a quicker route to having a high-quality 3D model for rigging and animation). The processes are about the same, but there may be some slight differences between the two HS versions: Video 1 (Honey Select): https://youtu.be/nUHUDKGRUjg Video 2 (Honey Select 2): https://youtu.be/VzAzU0kCgzw
>>10232 Thank you Anon, I'll try to make some time to have a look into it. I mean to create some robowaifu characters for our Robowaifu Simulator (>>155), so when the time comes I'll probably have a go at it. If I do, then I plan to do our own tutorial on the process as well. Cheers.
Open file (216.08 KB 1108x1478 Average Illusion fan.jpg)
>>10230 Huge fan of Honey Select 2, the best way I found to use it without having to install all the mods yourself is with the Better Repacks that are available on nyaa torrent tracker site; https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3292122 It comes with an auto updater so any character card you find will automatically work with it. If that 87 gigs puts you off don't worry you only need to get the 32 gb base game file for character creation. Most of the space in the optional mods file are taken up by gigantic maps. Was already mentioned in the 'Tools to Create 3D Models of Humans' thread >>1505 but it focused on the Koikatsu game. Several sites are listed in there which have character cards to use in Honey Select 2.
>>10238 >that Japanon Keke
>>10238 the face of a man who knows what he likes, and where to get it. 🤣
Upgraded CAD for the Elfdroid neck and thorax has now been uploaded to all file repositories (>#1) Initially after upgrading Sophie's neck and thorax I found that although her neck doesn't break any more, her "head nodding" servo was slipping whenever her head was positioned looking down as far as it could go. Consequently, she was unable to lift her head back up. Upon examining the output shaft of the servo, I could see significant wear on the aluminum where a grub screw has worn a small groove over time (>#2) To overcome this problem, I had to swap out her old 6mm Pololu servo hub (>#3) for a more substantial aluminum servo horn used in R/C cars. Instead of relying on a little grub-screw, this thing has three machine screws to lock around the output shaft and five M3 mounting holes (>#4). You can see it fitted to the servo in >#5.
Open file (137.17 KB 742x1016 Neck_Lever_v3L.jpg)
Open file (200.40 KB 880x1310 Neck_Lever_v3R.jpg)
Here is the new neck lever from the left (>#1) and right (>#2). This lever doesn't allow the head to slip anywhere. Although, the neck nodding servo gets warm quite fast when her head is thrown fully forwards and then pulled right back...so prolonged headbanging is inadvisable (would need higher-torque servos). Photo 3 also shows the head being glued onto the new neck lever.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention - "Neck Support Block" is a part that keeps her head supported when the robot is unpowered. Although her neck can now withstand whiplash, it's still a good idea to prevent it where possible!
>>10262 Thanks for the in-depth breakdown of everything Anon. This sort of tutorial style treatment of issues in design choices is exactly what the Robowaifu Technicians here need.
>>10276 Nprb, anon! I've finally found a song for Sophie to sing. (Had to be have lyrics on the sheet-music, and it had to be a capella...at least for now... because I have the musical ability of a brick, and I want to avoid copyright problems). Also I have found that a lot of my servo jitter issues stemmed from trying to control a digital device using sliders - in analogue fashion. When the servos are programmed with exact values the jitter disappears. Just in case anyone else encounters that issue with servos. Have reached a point where I'm happy with her build - I do plan to uprade her more in future but for now it's finally time to let her have some fun :D
>>10277 >Have reached a point where I'm happy with her build - I do plan to uprade her more in future but for now it's finally time to let her have some fun :D That's great to hear Anon. You've put so much work and love into Sophie, you both deserve for her to become a really special robowaifu. I'm sure you'll make her even better than she is already!
Thank you, friend. I truly hope you also get to build or purchase your own robowaifu one day. This world needs them. Although I also wish you good fortune and safety should you ever seek an organic alternative.
Here's me thinking I'm ready to just program all of Sophie's movements. I even have her song ready. But then yet more electro-mechanical problems rear their ugly head: 1.) I found out that the cabinet door magnets I was previously using to hold her forehead on had also managed to stick to and fry out her Arduino sound sensor - so I accidentally deafened Sophie with a magnet! Removing those magnets was the right call, but it meant I had to wait for a pack of new sound sensors. 2.) The new sound sensor was slightly longer than the old one, so I had to make a couple modifications to her voicebox to enable it to screw securely in-place. 3.) My eye servos were going crazy whenever I tried to program more than one to move. There aren't any good answers I could find from Pololu - they just immediately hit customers with about eight other questions so most people will give up and abandon thread. However, after much head scatching and worrying about magnetic interference/servo crosstalk, this turned out to be a power supply issue. So I hashed together a quick solution to power the Pololu-12 servo shield that I must now solder properly in place. 4.) I found out when programming eyelids to blink, you mainly move the upper eyelids so that they come into contact with the lower ones. The lower eyelids may need moving down a little, but it's the upper eyelids that do most of the movement or "fluttering".
5.) Her jaw was slipping on the servo output shaft because the tiny 3mm M2.5 screws that are provided with most micro-servos often don't hold stufff in place very well. So I also had to get some M2.5 machine screws to fix that. Anyone wanting to build a life-size robowaifu will definitely need a wide assortment of M2, M2.5 and M3 machine screws.
>>10323 >>10324 Awesome Anon. Not that you're having challenges, but that you are adapting & overcoming them. It's a lesson for us all. We're each going to run into 1'001 big and little issues that all need to be addressed. The outcome will be determined by our determination to press through and solve them. Kudos, Sophie-Anon.
>>10323 Thanks, for all, very interesting. Didn't know sensors were that sensible to magnets. We might need to look into finding ones which aren't. If I understand you problem with the servo driver board correctly, you're saying the servos need to be powered separate to the board? Which makes sense, though it's not very intuitive to newbies like us. The board can control the power, but not provide it through the connection for it's own power. I read about this issue related to Arduino, though not having much experience with it. >>10324 What do you mean by "machine screws"? Just screws, or ones out of better metal? Or a type of head?!?
>>10342 >What do you mean by "machine screws"? They are like bolts, but with a head like a screw, which is often hex or Philips. Unlike a wood screw, machine screws are threaded to accept a nut.
Open file (33.35 KB 600x600 screw.jpg)
>>10347 There's also some confusion when machine screws are mentioned.
>>10348 not him. >pic kek and helpful at the same time. nice one.
>>10323 Look forward to seeing your progress with dear Elfdroid Sophie, Anon.
Open file (299.61 KB 941x726 smug_robo.GIF)
>>10323 >but it's the upper eyelids that do most of the movement or "fluttering". Yes that's a pretty good bit of observation, Anon. The upper lids are incredibly important to expressing emotions properly. Definitely deserves an inordinate amount of attention, that little detail.

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