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Elfdroid Sophie Dev Thread 2 Robowaifu Enthusiast 03/26/2021 (Fri) 19:51:19 No.9216
The saga of the Elfdroid-pattern Robowaifu continues! Previous (1st) dev thread starts here >>4787 At the moment I am working to upgrade Sophie's eye mechanism with proper animatronics. I have confirmed that I'm able to build and program the original mechanism so that the eyes and eyelids move, but that was the easy part. Now I have to make this already 'compact' Nilheim Mechatronics design even more compact so that it can fit snugly inside of Sophie's head. One big problem I can see coming is building in clearance between her eyeballs, eyelids and eye sockets so that everything can move fully and smoothly. I already had to use Vaseline on the eyeballs of the first attempt because the tolerances were so small. If the eyelids are recessed too deep into her face, then she looks like a lizard-creature with a nictitating membrane. But if the eyelids are pushed too far forward then she just looks bug-eyed and ridiculous. There is a middle ground which still looks robotic and fairly inhuman, but not too bad (besides, a certain degree of inhuman is what I'm aiming for, hence I made her an elf). Links to file repositories below. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nz5yjfckzzivz/Robowaifu_Resources https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18MDF0BwI9tfg0EE4ELzV_8ogsR3MGyw1?usp=sharing https://mega.nz/folder/lj5iUYYY#Zz5z6eBy7zKDmIdpZP2zNA >=== -add file repo links
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Open file (674.78 KB 1248x936 Sniffing_Bostik.jpg)
Got sunburn so I decided to spend the day fitting sound-deadening foam into Sophie's head and getting high on glue. While I was trying to resist the temptation to scratch my own skin, it occurred to me that her "skin" is now on the inside!
>>10971 Neat. I suspect that will tone down several of the frequencies, especially lower ones. While you're in there, it might be just as handy if you took time right now to shape some of the softer 'foam'-type expanded plastic you might find as protective padding for electronics and the like, to take up much of the remaining open volume. This should take down several of the other frequencies of sound, particularly the higher ones a servo might make. BTW, I'd suggest you keep air ventilation in mind while fashioning your sound-absorption designs. Heat will always be an issue to address. Looking good SophieDev. Please keep your room well ventilated. We'd all like your mind to stay sharp as a tack you know! :^)
>>10972 Can still hear the servo when she speaks, but having listened to previous videos where it was definitely being amplified by her headcase, the motor sound is shorter and a little quieter now. I've added a second layer (of bubblewrap) on top of the thin foam pictured in the above post for extra sound-deadening. Thank you for the suggestion about expanded plastic. I remember some of that was packed into my new computer when it was delivered years ago. Although, it's getting tricky to fit much stuffing inside her head because that large gap at the top is partially filled by her forehead assembly, two motors and wiring for her eyebrows. Probably can't tell here, but I've also had a go at fixing her droopy right lower eyelid. Needed an extra 2mm slice gluing on, then a repaint. It's a shame that the eye mechanism is very tricky to construct. But honestly Will Cogley's design is bang-on. I reckon when it comes to animatronics - especially 3D printed animatronics - there isn't really a way of escaping all the filing and sanding, filling and tweaking that the mechanism needs to operate smoothly (unless maybe you have one of those resin printers...but I hear they're also a bit of a nightmare).That's probably why the Nilheim Mechatronics eyes only cost about £60 all-told whereas the cheapest set of eyes I could find (inside a clear plastic shell-head) were going for £136.90 (plus £15 postage), and you'd need to add another tenner onto that for the servo driver board. Considering how difficult it is to build, modify and align your own 3D animatronic eyes though, I can totally understand why a lot of folks will opt for a similarly priced but much easier set of animated eyes.
>>10973 Very cool to see Sophie interior like that. Reminds me of that funny scene in Bicentennial Man when he began getting his upgrades.
>>10980 I like that movie a lot. But after what happened to Robin Williams, every time I watch him now it's bittersweet. Especially 'Bicentennial Man', where the plot focuses quite a bit on mortality. I think immortality is given a bad rap because humans cannot attain it. Like the fable of the Fox & the Grapes. In reality, many people would like a companion who cannot age or die. So, here's to making somebody who will never leave🥂
>>11047 Well as a Christian, I can't agree with your assessment of immortality. I personally find a large number of metaphysical corollaries between the striving for robowaifus, and the spiritual reality around us. But I think you're definitely correct that many men would like to have a legacy in this world. If we're denied the ability to raise children in a sound and healthy by the demonic forces driving current year, then maybe building long-enduring robowaifus can be at least partially gratifying. But I don't want to off-topic your thread heh. :^)
>>11048 I hope I'm wrong about immortality ofc, since if there is an afterlife that means infinite time to build, program and upgrade robowaifus! Meantime, I have another PSU on the way (a smaller one that only goes upto 5A) and with this I should be able to safely run Sophie's eye mechanism on a separate low voltage circuit to the rest of her body. Hopefully fewer burnt micro-servos.
>>11057 >I hope I'm wrong about immortality ofc, I replied to you over in the meta thread to not derail your thread anon. >>11061 >Meantime, I have another PSU on the way Neat. So, do you ever imagine moving over to big on-board batteries for this version of Elfdroid Sophie someday Anon? Or will that be with a different thing sometime in the future maybe instead?
>>11062 Yup. If I want her to have a degree of mobility and still be able to move her limbs at the same time, I'll need to get some LiPos and throw them in the back of whatever vehicle I bolt her to. Not sure how it will all connect yet though. I know the most powerful servos I have (in the shoulders) are 12-24V and can draw upto about 5A under load (say if I push firmly on Sophie's outstretched hand). The larger servos are all connected to the Pololu Maestro servo board. Meanwhile her eyes will be fine on a 5V battery. Any Arduino UNO or MEGA has to stay at or below 5V otherwise it might burn out, but this is fine at the moment because they are all plugged in either via USB or a 5V adaptor. I mustn't make the mistake of connecting a chonker LiPo up to an Arduino otherwise I can expect some magic smoke.
>>11065 >I mustn't make the mistake of connecting a chonker LiPo up to an Arduino I'd say you can probably just use a common battery system, and then portion off separate voltage/separate amperage busses with circuitry such as (>>10841). >otherwise I can expect some magic smoke. Heh. Don't let that happen to dear Sophie please! :^)
>>11077 I meant to add as a thought example of my 'common battery system' Tesla (and other) electric vehicles. AFAICT, they all work off a common battery bank, even though they have wildly-varying component demands onboard the vehicle. Everything from the main drive motors, down to the lowest-energy little LEDs/sensors. All from the same batteries.
Open file (184.20 KB 1183x639 elf_waifu_evolution1.jpg)
Open file (500.41 KB 1642x920 elf_waifu_evolution2.jpg)
Open file (136.54 KB 674x756 Celeborn_Galadriel1.jpg)
The Japanons at Square-Enix have made an almost perfect virtual world inside Waifus Galore XIV Online. Their elf waifus are of particularly high quality.
>>11143 Nice. Things are looking up Anon. But quite frankly I find Elfdroid Sophie more attractive -- she's real. :^) >Waifus Galore XIV Kek. You should run their PR department tbh.
>>11145 Another positive thing about robowaifus is that they need not have one single body or virtual avatar. It's a trope that gets played with a lot in sci-fi and cyberpunk. Although it helps to have a single, main corporeal form to act as an anchor/reference point, otherwise she will just lose her identity. I like finding different models and other assets inside games as well. If I see an attractive girl inside a game I now think...hmmm...maybe I could use her eyes...or she has a nice face...I'll try ripping and downloading her 3D model mesh? (Of course that kind of thing has to be non-commercial as the models are all owned by Square-Enix). Oh and BTW, I would never attempt to harvest the organs and body parts of young maidens in real life. They turn putrid and decay far too quickly to be of any use to a robot 😉
>>11147 Yep, it's never been easier to derive base assets. Flipping them freely is really quite frictionless overall when VR is the primary target platform. >Oh and BTW, I would never attempt to harvest the organs and body parts of young maidens in real life. Haha OK, always a good plan IMO. Those young maidens will probably need them! :^)
Open file (242.54 KB 816x1283 her_chonkness.jpg)
If any anon out there is really struggling to build themselves a robowaifu, then it may be worth getting a cat. I literally have a cat-girl. She is very loving and warm, but also very yandere (she loves torture-murdering small woodland creatures). Very athletic and active (esp. at night). If your relationship is close enough, she may even bring you beautiful, heartfelt gifts and hunting trophies such as the wing of a sparrow, half a mouse or small piles of entrails (my personal favourite). Unfortunately, cat-girls aren't immortal like robowaifus, but such is the law of nature.
Open file (509.12 KB 1024x819 Black-Magic-M66_OU6INX2.jpg)
>>11220 Lol, got one as well. Though, it wasn't my decision to get one. Now, she lives on my sense of responsibility and love for cuteness, like a parasite. They can live for up to 38yrs, btw. Much longer than dogs. So it's rather so that you would want a robowaifu, so you could go on holidays one day and have her take care of the cat. Also, yours might benefit from fewer food, she looks quite chubby. Might try to feed her only moist food, these dry crackers only as a treat. >Pic related to thread Here some picture about M66(?), I found when looking for the anime. Didn't watch it yet. Pic might be a good model for Sophie.
>>11220 Kek. I love anmals in general and cats are certainly a favorite. But they have a hard time leaving the birbs alone! :^) I can hardly even feed even myself atm, but the neighbors are trying to push off one of their cats on me lol. It's very affectionate and might actually try to take it with me when I go west.
>>11221 Yes, that image is one of the best fan-made renders of M-66. Originally I was going to fit those antenna on her head instead of elf ears, but it turns out that those bottom antenna parts just behind her head can interfere with movement IRL and jam on her back/shoulders. I would still like to model some kind of chestplate/chassis along similar lines to the one that M66 has, though. My cat tends to eat what she hunts...so it can be difficult to keep her weight down. She is laying on her side in that photo though, (saying "Paint me like one of your French cats.") so it makes her look chonker than she actually is. >>11224 I like that fresh meat (esp. chicken) is basically the way to a cat's affections. Not complicated like people. Just give 'er a few chicken tendies and before you know it you have a warm, furry, purring ball to keep your lap warm and pull on your carpet.
Open file (442.75 KB 1152x648 happy_elf_waifu.jpg)
The Japanons are really close to making the ideal VR waifu environment. I know we are nowhere near a human-level A.I, but they have crafted a whole virtual world full of characters and animals. If chatbot A.I. ever gets good enough, they will likely add it later somewhere. At the moment ML is not required and all of their NPCs can operate just fine using symbolic A.I. If you're after a deeper interaction then join a guild/free company and try to make friends (which can often be done by joining dungeon raids/answering the questions of newer players). With a chatbot (even an advanced one), it is often difficult to maintain interest because you cannot have shared experiences or interact very much with other agents. But characters inside an MMORPG don't have those problems. Case in point: I was just trying to learn my Elf Waifu some alchemy and ended up on a dangerous mission which led me to some ancient ruins filled with 'Thunder Dragons'. A.I. dungeon can use machine learning to come up with infinite storylines, but nothing beats having the actual environments there to explore and interact with. Having had this experience, I'm convinced that an in-game environment would be the best place to deploy an advanced chatbot. So that it's not just trapped inside a featureless box - it will have backstory (in the case of Final Fantasy; a whole fictional universe), context and purpose beyond just idle conversation; it can provide services and information to player characters.
>>11295 Sounds like you're enjoying your time with Infinite Waifus Online SophieDev. :^)
>>11298 For sure LOL. It's rekindled my interest in 3D modelling. Reading the journey of how FFXIV was made and improved is fascinating, because the game was a bit of a disaster when it first debuted back in 2010. Naoki Yoshida said that the dev team had "an unhealthy obsession with graphical quality" over all else. If you look closely at the models and textures you can see that many of them are quite low-poly/low res textures, but the modellers have really learned to cleverly position their assets to do more with less.
>>11319 >It's rekindled my interest in 3D modelling. Excellent. I'm currently getting into Blender now that the new version is LTS (2.93). Here's a nice playlist from Grant Abbitt for beginners. >get_good_at_blender_2.8 youtube-dl -i --write-description --write-auto-sub --sub-lang="en" https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vvv3ZpWJYvV5Tmvo7ISO-NN Good luck Anon. :^)
>>11320 Wow, thanks anon! I'm just a beginner so I have no plans to get involved professionally (have read too many horror stories from inside the games industry of psychopathic management, insane working hours and project deadlines ... so pretty much like most jobs where you get more than min wage LOL)! I just want to create a relatively small elf village for fun - and so that I have somewhere to retreat from reality that is mine and cannot be shut down one day. Because awesome as FFXIV is, if it ever becomes unprofitable, Square Enix will, ofc, pull the plug and the whole place will end in the same way as 'The Matrix Online' did. An entity that is completely at the mercy of the free market isn't as permanent as I would like. The other name for Valinor is "The Undying Lands", after all ;D So in-game I'm making sure to take plenty of screenshots and investigate the shapes of simple 3D assets. Whilst it's here, Eorzea is chock-full of good reference material!
>>11323 You're welcome Anon. BTW, just in case you're lazy like me heheh here's a playlist I created so I can play the whole thing locally with mpv at the click of a mouse. Just save this as a text file named get_good_at_blender_2.8.m3u or something in the same folder as the downloaded videos from the YT playlist (the '.m3u' bit is important to tack b/c mpv knows it's a playlist that way). >get_good_at_blender_2.8.m3u Beginner Exercises _ Part 1 _ Blender 2.8-98FkRIbihyQ.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 2 _ Blender 2.8-51SdWI-yof4.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 3 _ Low Poly Weapons _ Blender 2.8--0tMeMZpeXE.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 4 _ Low Poly Buildings _ Blender 2.8-Syq6JjMdyhI.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 5 _ Hard Surface Modelling 1 _ Blender 2.8-DG9hlltg2HA.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 6 _ Lego Bricks _ Hard Surface Modelling 2 _ Blender 2.8-Lj0nBJ4Xsy0.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 7 _ Hard Surface Modelling 3 _ Blender 2.8-ZaxncC_2fp0.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 8 _ Hard Surface Modelling 4 _ Blender 2.8-qHtxFntZfLM.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 9 _ Hard Surface Modelling 5 _ Chess set _ Blender 2.8-p4eShxxB2lU.mkv Make 3d Logos from 2d images _ Blender 2.8-hwTfNmFpCs0.mkv Do You Have to Model in Quads Tris, Quads & Ngons Explained-O9yXCsRcMqk.mkv Topology Flow _ Hard Surface Modelling _ Blender 2.8-ormlcMpVx7k.mkv Steam Punk Goggles _ Beginner Exercises _ Part 10 _ Hard Surface Modelling 6 _ Blender 2.8-eL6W1s7e8zA.mkv Hunting Knife _ Beginner Exercises _ Part 11 _ Hard Surface Modelling 7 _ Blender 2.8-QXNRrt8EcEg.mkv 3 Different Quick Effective TEXTURING TECHNIQUES - Hunting Knife - Blender 2.8-2Wlc5PXo6pE.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 12 _ Hard Surface Modelling 7 _ Blender 2.8-dgg9M5nuLTA.mkv Beginner Exercises _ Part 13 _ Hard Surface Modelling _ Space Ship _ Blender 2.8-AEMWIga-Bo0.mkv How to Learn Hard Surface Modelling in Blender-pSFeDo7aOp4.mkv Blender 2.8 Complete Training - Course Review-eyWmQ2VZLN0.mp4 blender secrets-8Q_BsS2KToY.mkv Create a Low Poly Sword for Beginners-lgJaWqIYeKM.mkv Essential Skills to Become a PRO - How to Learn Topology-xo9JRPhGi68.mp4
Open file (1.78 MB 1920x1017 2020-10-14_22.48.07.png)
Open file (2.28 MB 1920x1017 2020-10-15_21.46.58.png)
Open file (2.97 MB 1920x1017 2020-10-15_23.04.13.png)
Obviously, the first thing many people will turn to when they want to make virtual buildings is Minecraft. I've already done this. I like the way that Minecraft portrays buildings, but nothing else. Blocky trees? Rectangular bushes? Square wildlife? Not really the look I want for the virtual dwellingplace of my waifus and I. Elven architecture is full of sweeping curves and arches, so Minecraft isn't well suited. Takes bloody ages to make anything curvy like that with a bunch of cubes. I daresay learning to use the proper design tools will give better payoff, since they can then be used to model lots of other things besides buildings.
>>11356 Thank you anon, this will definitely come in handy for both my project and likely lots of other 3D Printing .stl file creation and editing.
I like your work. I personally will try to use openscad to create some minimal functions (hopefully under 30 lines) that can define a female body based on variable input (e.g., how wide the hips should be, etc). This is a different approach.
>>9818 This is pretty good, I don't get much of an uncanny effect from it I personally am going to avoid making it look too much like a hominoid. For me, I plan on accentuating the secondary sex characteristics, but taking advantage of the fact that the human retard brain can easily get hijacked into interpreting something that vaguely resembles a woman as being an actual sexual partner. This is a trait we share with many other animals. E.g., why it is possible to masturbate to cartoon porn. I feel like I'd like to use some kind of LCD panel to display a cartoon like face
>>11383 >I feel like I'd like to use some kind of LCD panel to display a cartoon like face Screen faces are a regular topic on the board Anon. Our Visual Waifus thread (>>240) deals a bit with the idea directly.
Open file (493.93 KB 519x1271 derp.jpg)
>>11383 Cheers anon. This is Sophie as she is today. Pretty much just a large animatronic. Sure she's programmable, but she only has one sound sensor and no ROS2 autonomous navigation, so I hesitate to call her a proper robot. Despite this, I'm still quite happy with the progress I've got so far. Would like to shift my attention to the virtual for a while though, so I doubt I'll be posting here for a long time, because I have a few software packages that I want to try out (World Machine, Gaia2, Unity). Not too bothered about the software I use being proprietary, as long as whatever I create can then be exported and imported into an open-source platform like Blender. Even accounting for the purchase of entry-level proprietary software, crafting virtual assets is way cheaper than robotics . I have a lower electricity bill absent all that 3D printing, and no expenditure on new tools,materials and servos when things go wrong. I must admit that the removal of risks such as electrocution and fire are an added bonus, too! I do still plan to keep developing Sophie in the future - probably NVIDIA will release some new SBC or there will be an advance that enables more generalised A.I. than we have now. Then I'll really want to update her so that she can do more than just wave her arms about, regurgitate internet searches and sing .VSQX files. I've decided not to get her wheels since I dare not take her outside because: a.) I HATE outside. b.) She was fairly expensive and difficult to build and she will almost certainly get vandalised if she goes anywhere other than a makers fair or robo-con. Maybe it's different where some of you anons live, but Airstrip One is full of spiteful dipshits and most people just fucking hate each other; especially in the poorer inner-city areas. Advise avoid LOL. So yeah, this is basically why I want to make a virtual retreat of my own to replace the shitworld our politicians, greedy corporations and so-called leaders have created. Hopefully it will be a place that can persist in some form or another long after both those idiots and I are worm-food or our ashes have scattered on the wind. I know that many of Sophie's parts can be replaced within a few days, but if she gets totally wrecked and her head gets badly damaged it'd take me several weeks to a couple of months of work to repair and re-build her, and frankly I'd rather not. Happily though, a robot can be mothballed for years while waiting for tech to improve (but I certainly can't do it - I got my own dead-end job and life's laundry to take care of). I hope that my derpy animatronic can at least provide other like-minded anons with some degree of inspiration to build their own robowaifus, whether they be physical or virtual. Your creations will contribute to bringing into existence a better world. No pain. No suffering. All machine.
>>11418 >so I doubt I'll be posting here for a long time What? No! Why would you do that SophieDev, did someone here offend you or do something else wrong?
Open file (632.30 KB 545x822 IMG_20210626_174616.jpg)
>>11418 >Would like to shift my attention to the virtual for a while though, so I doubt I'll be posting here for a long time, because I have a few software packages that I want to try out (World Machine, Gaia2, Unity). All of this is on topic here, at least in a bit wider sense. Though, we still don't have a good thread on VR or virtual companions. The visual waifu thread seems officially to be about a monitor (with wheels) which shows the waifu or so. The challenges in AI are highly relevant here, since for example you'll need to know what objects are, how they are related and then form propper sentences to communicate about them. >I've decided not to get her wheels since I dare not take her outside because: I understand why you won't get her outside, but wheels could also be useful for inhouse movement. However, yeah, it certainly would be riskier. >head gets badly damaged it'd take me several weeks to a couple of months of work to repair and re-build her, and frankly I'd rather not. Oh, I see. But what would be the main reason for that? Since you have the files and experience? >at least provide other like-minded anons with some degree of inspiration Yes, absolutely. Personally I'm just stuck with some stuff, but still working on it. I hope you'll still post some videos after upgrading your AI or if she has new songs. Aside from all of the, Japanons are still on it (pic related).
>>11428 >pic Pretty nice progress I'd say.
>>11418 I was thinking, if you still want to improve something with a huge impact, try to add some breast plates to the pole in the right distance, so she could wear a dress, maybe with a light belt around her hips, so it would look like there's a body underneath. You also could add some thin hull of EVA foam around her arms, like they are using in cosplay. I also wounder if she turns on automatically if you're home. If she would do that then she would probably feel more alive. > I got my own dead-end job and life's laundry to take care of Wish you well, hope you are able to get out of this and also have at least some money on the side, bc the economy might get very bad soon.
>>11420 Nothing like that LOL! I am just making a lot of unrelated stuff in Blender (and hopefully later other 3D modelling programs). Since this board is focused on engineering robowaifus I don't want to mess it up with too many posts unrelated to that subject. That's all. >>11428 >Oh, I see. But what would be the main reason for that? Since you have the files and experience? 3D printing of the parts takes a long time, and there are a lot of them. Also, the post-processing of parts is quite labor intensive, too. Although, I may be a bit pessimistic with the timescale required to completely rebuild/repair her considering I already have all of the extra fasteners and glue. That is an absolutely awesome Miku robowaifu from the Japanons BTW! She's good enough to go to the offical Vocaloid concerts! >>11432 >Wish you well, hope you are able to get out of this and also have at least some money on the side, bc the economy might get very bad soon. Thank you anon. I am content in a dead-end job as long as I have enough money to pay bills, eat and keep a roof over my head (and occasionally play with/develop my waifus ofc). I used to work in a pharmacy and it was REALLY stressful because there was lots of responsibility and everything was rushed, (quite dangerous) and you got a lot of abuse from patients. But now I just fill up and fix printers all over a university campus. Same pay. Much less sick people. Much less stress LOL. I agree that the economy is headed straight down the drainpipe yet again. This post-pandemic "re-opening" is very much a false dawn. I hope I'm wrong, of course, but there's barely any businesses left to re-open in my city! Hence why I'm kinda battening down the hatches and not spending on robotic parts or doing lots of 3D printing, but instead concentrating more on the virtual.
>>11506 >Since this board is focused on engineering robowaifus I don't want to mess it up with too many posts unrelated to that subject. That's all. <"We are creating an active hobbyist scene of builders, programmers, artists, designers, and writers..." >>3 I would suggest that posts dedicated to 3D modelling, texturing, rigging, animating of waifus is right in line with /robowaifu/ 's goals, SophieDev. I, for one, would welcome our new Blender overlords a thread dedicated to such works.
>>11507 OK cool. If I make any assets that I think would be useful to the robowaifu effort I shall have to post a screenshot and put them in Sophie's file repository.
Open file (705.33 KB 1000x562 ffxiv #housing.png)
As much as I like FFXIV's plot and designs, the "housing system" absolutely sucks. Apparently some anons have been waiting for hours upon hours to secure their own digital plot of land within FFXIV. I swear, in the time it takes to save up the in-game cash to buy a plot of land, then buy a construction permit, then actually craft and buy all the materials and build the freaking thing, you could learn a lot of basic 3D modelling and just start building your own virtual estate instead! https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/final-fantasy-14-is-desperately-trying-to-fix-its-housing-crisis/ Instead of being beholden to the skills and rules of others, they could learn how to make their own 3D models, then build a house of whatever shape and size they wish. Containing whatever they wish! Obviously aquiring the skill and making the models and finding/creating the textures is a lot more work. BUT once each piece is finished it cannot be taken away from you because you haven't logged in frequently enough or because you broke some arbitrary rule. I suppose if you have a lot of in-game friends and want to show them inside your property, I can understand why you would absolutely need to purchase some server-side virtual-estate. But you could also just show some real-life friends your own 3D models?
>>11629 >BUT once each piece is finished it cannot be taken away from you because you haven't logged in frequently enough or because you broke some arbitrary rule. That's the key difference, which you obviously understand. However, it takes a lot of dedication to put in the hours needed to become skillful. Good luck!
Open file (356.61 KB 594x470 m66_frontview.png)
Open file (415.69 KB 1052x788 m66_progress1.png)
Trying to make an M66 robowaifu. Because she is a robot, I don't think modelling her all as one shape is the correct approach. Instead, I am going to try and make some parts as one would fit armor over a mannequin or armature. (Thanks to Precia-t for the reference sketches of the anime girl body). https://www.deviantart.com/precia-t/art/Anime-anatomy-full-body-commission-435054009
>>11644 >already setting up ortho reference plains and doing actual character work That warms my heart to see your progress SophieDev, you're already on your way. If you stick it out for 6 solid months of reasonably-focused efforts, then you'll be up there with students who have shelled out small fortunes (US$85,000+) to get to the same level -- and you kept that debt out of your life! Not to mention all the Marxist-indoctrination that's basically rampant in all colleges now. Godspeed in your waifu development efforts Anon.
Open file (678.48 KB 746x1006 utility_boobas.png)
Open file (611.59 KB 736x444 m66_cooling_mechanism.png)
The anime girl sketch I used had big boobas. This was good, I thought, since at the moment everyone in the Western gaming industry is being forced on pain of losing their livelihoods to create flat-chested, masculine looking, female game characters. So even though the original m66 only had small "boobs" I decided to keep the bigguns. In the anime, they act as vents which extend to let out hot gasses after m66 has been zapping lots of things with her death-ray eye. But in my model I have added a couple of banks of single-shot grenade launchers. Similar to those found on armored fighting vehicles that are used to launch smoke grenades...or maybe flares? Bigger robot boobs = more space inside to carry vital equipment.
Open file (59.15 KB 720x718 HFAT.jpg)
>>11657 Heh. Robo-tits are indeed 'vital equipment' all by themselves Anon! :^) I think huge anime tiddies are destined to be an important part of any successful robowaifu design for the vast majority of men. To my thinking the bounciest squishiest honkiest ahem 'pliancy' is a tough design challenge. How do we make them soft and squeezable w/o adding too much weight? I suppose that if we do end up having liquids of some sort in our designs, then the bewbs can act as a reservoir of sorts? Perhaps small half-liter or so formed-bladders of thermal-conductive oil as an outer encasement for an inner hard shell design?
Your modeling work has piqued my interest and led me to investigate the glTF format. Seems to have picked up quite a bit of interest, and has a direct import/export tool suited to Blender (it's already 'in the box' for v2.92+). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GlTF https://github.com/KhronosGroup/glTF-Blender-IO
Open file (117.24 KB 800x600 9K22_Tunguska.jpg)
Open file (64.66 KB 640x905 IS-3.jpg)
>>11645 >students who have shelled out small fortunes (US$85,000+) to get to the same level They do get an officially recognised diploma/degree at the end for their efforts, but I'm not really in it for that anyway. I'm just in it for the robowaifus (and maybe Elven village later on). Humanoid character design is one of the hardest things to model, so although it would be jumping in at the deep end, if I can learn that then there will be very little that I cannot 3D model. As expected, I've made a lot of errors but it feels to me like Blender has REALLY improved since I last tried to seriously figure it out. (Version 2.47 I think...just before they made that cartoon with the girl and the dragon). Last time I couldn't make head nor tail of how to standardise anything. There didn't appear to be any units to speak of and if I extruded one thing I couldn't work out how to make the next thing exactly the same distance. But now, there's this little box that pops up for most functions showing you the 3D Cartesian co-ordinates and distances moved in 'm'. Which is excellent. The Blender dev community has definitely learned many lessons from Fusion360. Also, there appears to be a real knack to deciding if a part needs to be separate or if you can simply extrude it from an existing area. I started out by extruding most things, but now I'm going to try adding more separate meshes, because every time I extrude a lot of surfaces, I end up with a rather lumpy-looking result. This would work for organic/natural things but it looks out of place on a robot. Ultimately I think it would be fun to make a range of different Kantai Collection/Azur Lane style robowaifus who share the characteristics of different military vehicles and weapons systems. It's been done before, no doubt. But the mixture of military hardware and the female form will provide lots of good 3D modelling practice. Also tanks, howitzers and missile launchers are fukken awesome (as long as they're not trying to blast YOU into giblets LOL). Robowaifus are also awesome. Combining the two transformers-style is just a no-brainer. >>11663 Yes, hopefully that gITF file format will make it easier for us to backup and spread our robowaifu designs and 3D-printable parts across the internet, anon!
Open file (304.71 KB 450x764 Original_Shoulder.png)
Open file (757.26 KB 988x815 Shoulder_2.png)
Knew I'd have to digitally sculpt her shoulder plate, but I started waaay too complex. The thing was 20,000+ faces (down to about 13.5K after a lot of messing about with 'Simplify' tool and 'Decimate' modifier - but this left the mesh in absolute un-editable chaos). I've heard people claim that "poly count doesn't matter as much these days". But my 'puter is more than a decade old. It ain't in no shape to be editing model meshes with half a million polys. Plus I think it's good to be efficient so your robowaifu can display happily on both a high-end gaming rig or a budget laptop. So I started over with a much lower poly-count sphere. Final result is 1,321 faces. Not only is this much easier on the old CPU but the mesh is far neater and easier to edit. Plus I like the 'plated surface' effect it gives to the part.
>>11673 That shoulder plate design looks quite nice SophieDev! >Not only is this much easier on the old CPU but the mesh is far neater and easier to edit. Yup, I'd say those two are almost always found working alongside together. It's generally the best approach (even doing high-end film digital double work) to always start with a low-poly mesh (say, one more suited to a low-end BG LOD vidya NPC) while you're first working out the initial design ideas -- even on high-end studio workstations (which wouldn't sneeze at millions of real-time polys). The basic point is one of human artistry rather than technical capacity; basically, it's far easier to correctly 'grow' a design bottom up from simple shapes, than it is to 'impose' them from the top down. You only decide to cut in additional polygons once you see the design calls for it. >tl;dr Don't try to over-anticipate a design beforehand. Feel it as you go along. Learn to listen to your sculptures, Anon. They will tell you when they need more details from you! :^)
>>11675 Thanks for the advice, anon. It makes good sense and I appreciate it!

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