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/robowaifu/ + /monster/, its benefits, and the uncanny valley Robowaifu Technician 05/03/2021 (Mon) 14:02:40 No.10259
Discussing the potential benefits of creating monster girls via robotics instead of 1 to 1 replicas of humans and what parts can be substituted to get them in production as soon as possible. Firstly is the fact that many of the animal parts that could be substituted for human one are much simpler to work with than the human appendages, which have a ton of bones and complex joints in the hands and feet, My primary example of this is bird/harpy species (image 1), which have relatively simple structures and much less complexity in the hands and feet. For example, the wings of the bird species typically only have around three or four joints total, compared to the twenty-seven in the human hand, while the legs typically only have two or three, compared to the thirty-three in the human foot. As you can guess, having to work with a tenth of the bones and joints and opposable thumbs and all that shit makes things incredibly easier to work with. And while I used bird species as an example, the same argument could be put forward for MG species with paws and other more simplistic appendages, such as Bogey (image 2) and insect hybrids (image 3). Secondly is intentionally making it appear to not be human in order to circumvent the uncanny valley. It's incredibly difficult to make completely convincing human movement, and one of the simplest ways around that is just to suspend the need for it entirely. We as humans are incredibly sensitive to the uncanny valley of our own species, even something as benign as a prosthetic limb can trigger it, but if we were to create something that we don't expect to move in such a way, it's theoretically entirely possible to just not have to deal with it (for the extremities part of it, anyways), leaving more time to focus on other aspects, such as the face. On the topic of face, so too could slight things be substituted there (again for instance, insect girls), in order to draw attention away from the uncanny valley until technology is advanced enough that said uncanny valley can be eliminated entirely. These possibilities, while certainly not to the taste of every anon, could be used as a way to accelerate production to the point that it picks up investors and begins to breed competition and innovation among people with wayyyyyyy more money and manpower than us, which I believe should be the endgoal for this board as a whole. . Any ideas or input is sincerely appreciated.
It's okay if you want to do that. I think the challenges are mostly the same. The uncanny valley doesn't really exist: https://youtu.be/LKJBND_IRdI However, one idea I find interesting is APHRED2: https://youtu.be/5xHtfD_Hewk
I've been learning how to make bipedal humanoids for a training simulation in Bullet and was thinking it'd be a lot easier to train if the model had a tail for balance. It wouldn't have to be a permanent tail either. The tail could shrink over time until it's no longer needed. It could also help with transfer learning from the simulation to the real world. Wings could also be used in a similar way, especially in robowaifus with heavier chests. Bird feet are also incredibly good for balance. I've thought of redesigning my robowaifu with wings once since feathers are so soft. Hair feels nice to pet but it doesn't really compare with feathers and if the wings are large enough she could also cuddle with them. It'd also make a statement she's not an imitation of a woman but something else entirely. >>10260 Yeah, the uncanny valley is mostly just an excuse created by people with no art skills that don't realize art is hard, especially expressing it through mechanical engineering and AI. A beginner or even an experienced artist can trace something by a pro and it will look like total garbage because they failed to grasp the aesthetic. I'm reminded of a kid I saw who fell for /ic/ memes and spent years mastering the fundamentals like a machine but lamented he couldn't figure out how to make his drawings beautiful and no one cared about his art on social media either. Technically he was amazing and knew his stuff but he never drew anything that ever touched his emotions and sense of beauty. So I think OP is still correct but in a different sense. Monster girl artists understand the aesthetics of taking something fearsome and making it lovable. The limiting factor is how well they can express themselves in the medium of machines, and right now it's a bit like trying to paint with 0.1% of the pigments that exist because the other 99.9% haven't been discovered yet.
>>10260 That was a fantastic video, made a lot of sense, will look more into that point of view of emotion over likeness. Another tangentially related idea I had to cutting costs/production time, while not necessarily related to monster girls, is skipping over the voice synthesis and chatting capabilities for pure voice/emotional recognition and expressiveness. A mute, until sufficient software can be developed, but one that understands and can communicate through body and facial language. So being pointed into the direction of expressiveness opposed to pure likeness is actually a big helper on that front, thank you >>10266 The one of the best parts about deciding to create a 'monster girl' is that you can just throw on unnatural stuff like tails or bird feet (you could even go as far as creating a chimera-type if necessary), as you've noticed, to help push things such as mobility and balance farther easier than it would be with human appendages, which is the primary reason I'm aiming for it myself. As long as I can create something I can love and semi-interact with (which likely other people would be able to), the parts can be whatever. Monsterization out of utilitarianism or something like that
>>10266 >that don't realize art is hard, especially expressing it through mechanical engineering and AI. related. (>>10257)
>>10267 Thank you for spoilering the /monster/girl. I think it probably would be wise for us to address it here as a 'containment thread' topic generally-speaking.
>>10266 > that capp < skindeep/10
>>10260 *ALPHRED2

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