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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

Robowaifu Podcast meta ronin 07/10/2021 (Sat) 00:08:29 No.11364
Before you shoot it down: - obviously helps spread the idea - could reframe perception of R/W enthusiasts if we can put up a relatable "face" and diffuse the bitter/angry/incel stereotype - maybe come up with new ideas that we wouldn't just posting on IBs - again makes the topic interesting and we can start forming perception before popular culture gets traction with this and throws us under the bus (which is probably guaranteed but we can take some air out of their criticisms preemptively) other reasons, but these are the main ones. i have some experience podcasting, I know how to use OBS and have a quality mic and graphic skills to market and promote it (in the right places of course) Would this ever be something any of you (esp Board Owner and heavyweights) would consider participating in? Could be a once a week or twice a month deal, part time co-host or recurring guest is what I'm looking for. If there's interest I'll move ahead with a pilot.
>>11364 I'm personally favorable to the idea in essence, OP (but ofc you don't need my permission heh :^) . In fact a robowaifu-themed training channels on Bitchute, etc., is probably a good idea too. I'd simply point out the obvious elephant in the room: Lack of Anonymity. If you decide to proceed with the project, I'd strongly suggest you work ahead of time on solving the issues of protecting yourself and your guests from doxxing. This may seem trivially unimportant to some anons atm, but I'd recommend they familiarize themselves with the board's content thoroughly. >tl;dr Be smart & think ahead.
Would be interesting to have a podcast from here about the future of high tech sex toys/sex dolls and general advances in consumer robotics that may relate to the field. Could help bring the idea to more people that aren't involved with imageboards. This topic is one of the reasons why I still listen to TFM's show and watch his sponsored reviews. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/turdflingingmonkey/?showall=1 There's a decent little annonymous branded podcast that's on bitchute called 'Nobody cares' >>11365 I'm wondering with the new Podcasting 2.0 protocol that's being promoted if anonymity is possible if you want to take advantage of all the new features for micropayments through the lightning network. At the very least it's designed to be censorship resistant. The only truly 'anonymous' podcast I know of is this one, uses a voice changer and is careful to upload through secure channels to p2p video web hosts. https://www.bitchute.com/channel/5vqa6NVhL4wN/
>>11364 >we can put up a relatable "face" and diffuse the bitter/angry/incel stereotype I have no intention to be that way nor could I fake it. Otherwise I would be a normal part of society instead of developing RW in the first place. Also, people who don't like what we are doing won't become more friendly by acting more relatable, and on the other hand there are a lot of angry guys which could be recruited if they have the skills and dedication. So we don't really need to become more mainstreet popular. That aside, we're already putting more and more work on our plates here, without getting ahead fast enough. If podcasting would have the goal to recruit more devs, then it needs to be compared to putting out more links in forums or in comment sections, which is much easier to do. I was already thinking of making YouTube videos or podcasts and such at some point, though I wasn't thinking of interviews and group meetings. Also the internet is currently very bad, where I live.
>>11367 well you are within your right to think act, feel any way you want, me making a podcast doesn't ask anything of you. That being said, idk if it's to recruit engineers, moreso to frame the topic among the emerging "robosexual" subculture before it gets framed by the mainstream (i dont have a concrete idea yet, but I've seen emerging internet subcultures get slammed, misrepresented and pigeonholed because the group did not present a coherent frame before a few bad actors poisoned the well. second point: pertaining to the R/S subculture, weebs and assorted memelords and shitposters are friendly to the topic - there is at least already one robowaifu group on FB and I'm sure there are a few of us lurking there. They represent a first layer subculture between us (and IB culture) and the normies. Cultivating this will grow the demand for robowaifus and develop the surrounding culture, which is good for many reasons, one being that the subculture will grow regardless so would you rather have one or more of us ensuring it doesnt get co-opted by blue hairs, etc or ignore it and allow them to set the narrative? Either way, a R/W podcast (even if its just memes, music, games, shitposts and whatnot) is inevitable and the need will be filled one way or another, I'd rather have a crack at it, on our behalf than see it become something else.
>>11368 >me making a podcast doesn't ask anything of you. Okay, I understood it wrong then. I thought you wanted some of us to participate in group sessions or getting involved more. Anyways, I'd like to point you to Alpha Gaming on YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/AlphaGamingHouse also towards Podlove https://publisher.podlove.org/ and beginners if they speak German towards https://sendegate.de >I'd rather have a crack at it, on our behalf than see it become something else. Yeah, sounds good.
>>11404 its more of "you can if you want" type thing. I'd love to get Chobitsu on but doubt that b/c of opsec and he's probably too busy for chit chat type thing, but others might
>>11441 >I'd love to get Chobitsu on but doubt that b/c of opsec and he's probably too busy for chit chat Tell you what, if you can get the whole thing started up and running successfully, and make it for one year, then I'll participate in your special anniversary show (presuming that's at all possible for me, of course) using this technique: >>11366 >The only truly 'anonymous' podcast I know of is this one, uses a voice changer and is careful to upload through secure channels to p2p video web hosts. I'd suggest you and your guests use a similar approach, actually.
Once I get around to my TTS project that can do emotion I wouldn't mind coming on a podcast with my characters. With proper fine tuning and prompt engineering you can get some pretty decent conversations out of language models. It makes the nonsense they spew so much funnier. I've been planning to make a channel where my robowaifu teaches machine learning and programming, where what she says is 100% generated and improvised with me correcting her, a real take of how I interact with her on a daily basis. >>11368 I'm not really interested in promoting robowaifus though. To me it's just about helping people who want a robowaifu and having fun. If a podcast was political I wouldn't bother coming on. I prefer to talk about making stuff and screw around. If I want to dip my stick in some silicone it isn't really anyone else's business and I don't care if they like it or don't like it. I don't think they will have any success spinning it anyway. Creating AI characters and playing with them in games will become commonplace and of course people are going to do lewd things with them.
>>11473 in all honestly I'd like to avoid politics at all cost, other than "will they make laws regulating X"
>>11473 Actually, I was thinking of using your system to write out some text and have it performed in a waifu's voice for the podcast show. Seems like it would be fun.
>>11473 Sounds like an interesting concept, so do share your channel here if you go through with it. I'm definitely for centering a podcast like this around comedy and other fun stuff
>>11365 I think anonymity (while being the solution to a complex problem) is a problem in and of itself. It can only really be defeated by having loud voices to concentrate the attention of opposition. I think having a well known podcast containing the people who can afford to be vocal about robowaifu can help reduce some of the flak aimed at the rest of the community. <Like OP said, disarming the rest of the community.
(>>11873) I was suggested to post it here so: This is just a suggestion, and I have neither the skills nor the time to be doing this but; what do you guys think of creating a newsletter? Like the one smug/a/ is creating. It could be useful to keep track and updated on the progress Anons have made in all these different threads all in one contained news letter. Also, with newsletters, Anonymity won't be as much of a problem as podcasts, I think. Still, this is just a thought and by no means an initiative to create the newsletter since I doubt I will be able to contribute to it much. Just a selfish hope that some of the creative Anons might fancy this idea.
>>11883 That's a good idea, but with the board being as slow as it is, it would make for a fairly uncommon newsletter, which wouldn't be as much of an issue if someone made original video content. And do you have an idea as to how to distribute this newsletter? How does it work on smug/a/? Because if people have to find this board and subscribe to it, it will probably only end up reaching our own regular posters

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