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Black Magic M66 3D Modelling Project & Battledroid Robowaifus SophieDev 07/27/2021 (Tue) 14:03:16 No.11776
Decided it may be best to place my 3D digital modelling efforts in a separate thread to my work on 'Elfdroid Sophie'. I think this thread will still belong under "Personal Projects". At the moment the 3D modelling begins over on her thread: >>11644 >>11657 I'm using some source material from Masamune Shirow's 1987 OVA "Black Magic - M66" (which itself was based off his 1983 manga). However, as a child of the late eighties/early nineties, I loved 'Transformers', and I was also a big fan of the 'Heavy Gear' series (similar to MechWarrior), and Armored Core. So I often get the urge to create battle-ready robowaifus, but I can only create them virtually. Because obviously I cannot get hold of machine-guns, explosives, tank cannons, and rocket launchers IRL. Good thing, too, since if I were given access to live ammunition I would almost certainly blow myself into a flying streamer of giblets. But I digress. This thread may also be a good place for any equally deranged anons who wish to post images of military-grade robowaifus, either found online or their own creations?
Open file (228.77 KB 740x788 foot_wip.png)
LOL wtf am I doing? I can't draw feet in 2D, never mind model them in 3D! Oh well. To prove that this thread was more than just an excuse to post M66 pictures.
>>11786 Feet are surprisingly difficult. It took me hours to do one at first, and I had already had the benefit of doing the hand first (they are similar in a few ways b/c digits). Those aren't too bad Anon, but I'd go for even lower resolution until you've blocked out the entire form to get the proportions/pose just right (think lego version of M66). Then spend time working on the 'simpler' forms like the arms & legs. Then cut in torso details (but leave out the bewbs!). Then shape up the neck and shoulders, then the back. At that point you can go to work on the hands and then the feet (they are tricky!). Go back up and do the bewbs, butt, and other lady bits. Finally you have enough familiarity with the model to begin working on the piece de resistance: the face. Even during this forming pass though, don't cut in too many details! Still too early. Let the model site for a couple days at this stage if you have that luxury, and study other things. Then, with 'fresh eyes' you make the third pass to tune it up into your final game mesh. (Should stay at roughly 30K - 45K polys depending on accessories, etc.) Later once you've lived with the model for a while you can lock it into a background mode, and use it as true 3D-ref for sculpting (if you have enough h/w) a real hero mesh from her. Good luck Anon, happy vert-wrangling! :^)
>>11792 >Let the model sit *
>>11792 I might have added: > (Should stay at roughly 30K - 45K polys depending on accessories, etc., lower is better.) *
>>11792 When I do feet, I tend to just do them in two parts. The big toe, and then the remaining four.
>>11798 Sensible thinking. I model the big & next toe separately, then just dupe the 'fore' toe 3 times, position & tweak accordingly. I guess technically they are all similar biologically-speaking, but as you suggest, they seem easier to model separately. Similarly, I tend to rig the big and other toes separately, same as with the thumb and fingers.
>>11792 Sounds like you are a pretty experienced 3d modeller anon! I was lost as to which order to do things, so I'll follow your advice, thank you. I have a silly idea about M66 becoming a special character in Cyberpunk 2077. Unlike the NCPD or MaxTac, M-66 only spawns in response to cheats being used by the player. Once a cheat is used within the developer console, she spawns somewhere randomly on the map and starts steadily but constantly walking towards the character. If she ever gets within 100m of the cheater she will suddenly break into a sprint and start indiscriminately blasting in the players general direction with her laser-eye (ignoring NPC casualties). Upon reaching the player she rapidly tears you to pieces. M66 cannot be harmed by any in-game weapons or physics and her claws ignore all armor (even the tank). Once spawned, she will just keep coming until the cheater is dead. This would probably require some horribly complex pathfinding program (unless she just walks straight through walls and buildings LOL). Considering how glitchy the game already is, it'll never happen. But I know the devs of Alien: Isolation pulled off something similar (although that wasn't a massive open-world map).
>>11835 You're very welcome. If you keep at this for 6 month's steady going, trust me you won't need any advice from me! :^) You'll have developed your own personal approach. Still, my recommendation is directly based on hundreds of hours of character modeling work done in both school and professional settings. Just as with science & engineering, there's a guiding principle to doing this kind of technical art: Do the simple things first, and the harder things will be easier. My recommended modeling progression for you is based directly on this notion. I think you'll find it well-suited to the beginner. As for your gaming idea, as you point out there's little chance of it happening with 2077. But you'd probably like to play around with the animation of your model once it's fully rigged anyway, so keep your goals for it in mind Anon. Might be doable w/o too much effort in the end. Meanwhile, keep metric shitloads of references for your characters around as a beginner. Trust me on this one! :^)
>>11840 Yeah, I gotta take things one step at a time and keep it simple. Being chased about and zapped by a psychotic robowaifu inside something like Unity Engine is a ways off yet. But I've always wanted a robowaifu who I can play LaserQuest with!
>>11868 >But I've always wanted a robowaifu who I can play LaserQuest with! Me too, Anon. Me too. One of my dreams is having a good one to go rock-climbJust keep perfecting your skills, and you may find it's easier than you thought to get things working in an engine once you're finished with lovingly fashioning her.
Open file (394.40 KB 1920x984 Sculpt_Mode_Died.png)
Got this far (I admit I stole her head from a character I made in Honey Select), but then sculpt mode suddenly stopped working. It seems that I can sculpt on the pink parts but not on the dark grey. Looking on StackExchange and Blender forums, lots of people seem to have problems with sculpt mode breaking, so atm I'm just going to carry on without it until I have a Eureka moment. Unless, of course someone here knows what has happened?
>>11870 Sorry, I've personally only ever used ZBrush (and Mudbox a little bit) for sculpting Anon. I assume you'd tried all the obvious things (restarting, etc). One thing I can tell you in general is that because of the nature of what the proxy-mesh process is doing during sculpting, that it's a quite GPU-intensive operation. If you have diagnostics tools for your card I'd have a look at them as you attempt sculpting. If you have older hardware, it's quite possible that Blender's sculpting mode simply can't be supported properly. ZBrush is certainly like that.
>>11870 BTW, if you'd like to push the file somewhere I'll try opening it on my box and seeing if I get the same results you do.
>>11870 Hmm, while I read it, somehow it didn't quite sink in. Since you can already sculpt on the pink, I'd compare the modifiers list for that geometry and the geometry of the gray. Perhaps you need to apply a sculpt modifier to that geometry Anon?
>>11874 BTW, if you decide to youtube-dl this playlist, here's is .m3u file I made: >learn_sculpting_in_blender_2.8.m3u Sculpting _ Beginner Follow Along Tutorial _ Easy _ Blender 2.8-lKY2FIy60nc.mkv Sculpting in Blender 2.8 _ Beginners Detailed Guide _ Every Brush-L3XtAFUWNuk.mkv Sculpting in Blender 2.8 _ Beginners Detailed Guide _ Brush settings-xTcQjNmdSsE.mkv Alien Sculpting _ Beginner Follow Along Tutorial _ Easy _ Blender 2.8-E79SLGdOGPw.mp4 Sculpting on 2 Separate Objects WITHOUT leaving Sculpt mode _ Blender 2.8-oXNZIIDZC48.mp4 Sculpting for Beginners _ How to Sculpt Lips _ Blender 2.8-SfWfAoKZ-mc.mp4 Sculpting for Beginners _ How to Sculpt the Nose_ Blender 2.8-wk3toxkPfOA.mp4 Sculpting for Beginners _ How to Sculpt the Eyes _ Blender 2.8-AJC-QUoBa8c.mp4 BEGINNERS GUIDE TO SCULPTING _ EARS _ Blender 2.8-zPQXcLN7xE4.mp4 Beginners Alien Sculpting Tutorials - Easy Follow Along-NjGZ0uQREV0.mkv Rhino Sculpt - Follow Along Tutorial - Blender 2 8-JqYn2-vHgxg.mkv Owl Sculpt - Follow Along Tutorial - Blender 2 8-KAwTqpjNhcQ.mkv Elephant Sculpt - Follow Along Tutorial - Blender 2 8-C8Ww2HX8OGk.mkv Cat Sculpt - Follow Along Tutorial - Blender 2 8-etc1B5dVvuw.mp4 Wizard Gnome Sculpt - Follow Along Tutorial - Blender 2.9-2mLAH2muUtA.mkv How to Colour Your Sculpts - Blender 2.9-pX4KQ7wjEec.mkv Grumpy Toadstool Sculpt - Follow Along Tutorial - Blender 2.9-IFan6PHo8Ls.mkv Procedural Texturing for Sculpts - Toadstool - Blender 2.9-K5iJ9zVaR7c.mp4 Sculpting a Dragon's Head - Tutorial-KOSdRdeS5oM.mkv Sculpting Basics _ Multiresolution vs Dyntopo _ When to use which-Y5Sow63cu80.mp4 5 Great Free Texture Sites for Brush Alphas-M4ezjTKVzxM.mkv How to Use Alphas_Textures for Sculpt Brushes-JJtNfDKHzmo.mkv Retopology a Detailed Guide - Part 1 - The Setup-6sE-p8PcHDo.mkv Dragon Painting - Node Setup & Breakdown-cztzkcAGWnw.mp4 Halloween Sculpt - Crazy Candle - Blender 2.9-o7PwF7xSvxY.mkv Best Free Brush Pack for Blender - Orb Brushes-9XenjM3gRYc.mkv Easy Base Meshes 4 Sculpting - WINTER WOLF - Sculpt & 3D Print-JtDuLvJEIyQ.mkv Sculpting Follow Along - WINTER WOLF - Sculpting Details - P2-KZXXpeYVYS4.mkv Sculpting Details with MASKS-I4gYFVbY2NQ.mkv Create Base Meshes for Sculpting Quickly & Easily-7EJRlWitYmo.mkv
>>11876 Here's another, closely on-topic playlist Anon. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLn3ukorJv4vuOi2Ar-Xt46VFbDFP3c_RE >Low_poly_anime_girl.m3u Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8-E5HnnGcGvmc.mkv Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.2 - Upper Body & Arms-r1Gsqdhv9IE.mkv Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.3 - Head & Hair-0ANC-EUlKic.mkv Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.4 Hands-t_sXZ03Xv2s.mkv Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.5 Legs & Clothing-M5h7InoL8FU.mp4 Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.6 Face-dxqTxpgG0_g.mp4 Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.7 Adding Colour-pBaLlDpM1Cc.mp4 Low Poly _ Anime Girl _ Blender 2.8 _ P.8 Clothing-k5GQP1p_yHM.mp4 Animate & Rig Characters the Easy Way-k-ZeLNV4zPw.mkv
Open file (602.36 KB 1000x562 MioBeam.png)
Figured it out! I somehow masked the entire torso. Alt+M removes the mask so I can sculpt that surface again (there is also a way of removing all mask data, which I shall do): https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/2.80/sculpt_paint/sculpting/hide_mask.html#clearing-mask-data No idea how that happened. Don't remember even touching the mask brush. Must've pressed an incorrect key combo at some point! Funny thing is, I'm even familiar with the mask function from using ZBrush in the past, but I still didn't twig on. Oh well, thank you for your help >>11871 >>11874 >>11875 And >>11876 >>11877 Thank you for compiling those links anon! I have already followed along with about four tutorials that were linked here, so those will definitely help me in my Blender-hermit ways. Once she is completed, I plan to put a copy of her mesh into the same file repositories where all of Elfdroid Sophie's parts and designs are located. I hope to then animate her and maybe even make some kind of 'Robowaifu Laser Tag' vidya game. If all goes well, I can eventually progress from laser beams through to a range of considerably more powerful weapons.
>>11895 Excellent! Glad to know it was just that simple Anon. It pleases me to see you're tapping into the official Blender docs they are really quite good. That's directly attributable to Ton's diligent character, and his willingness to quickly get on top of technical debt (having good docs is important for any project, but much moreso for huge ones like Blender). He spent many thousands of dollars of the foundation's money getting them in order. BTW, I notice you're using v2.80 docs. You should match the docs to the version you're actually on (I'm on v2.93 for example), as any new details are immediately reflected in the documentations. >Funny thing is, I'm even familiar with the mask function from using ZBrush in the past, but I still didn't twig on. Well, if you're well-experienced with ZBrush, then you probably don't need any help in this area, I'm sure you'll be fine heh. :^) >Thank you for compiling those links anon! Nprb. I have literally at least a hundred of those lists, it's been my plan to post them here if we ever get a general OC, Design, & 3D Art thread or something. Far too little attention is being paid to artistry on /robowaifu/ currently IMO. >and maybe even make some kind of 'Robowaifu Laser Tag' vidya game. You certainly appear to be well on your way to me Anon, M66 a cute!
>>11905 >You should match the docs to the version you're actually on > (pic related)
Open file (189.56 KB 1360x707 Selection_020.jpg)
>>11906 Lol, I just took my own advice and found that specific page has been moved. https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/2.93/sculpt_paint/sculpting/editing/mask.html#clear-sculpt-mask-data
>>11792 Feet and helmets are easier to make imo. I have no idea how the asians know how many vertices to use along the jawline for the faces
>>11792 Dont forget to add the subdivision surface modifier to smooth out the overall shape of the model and shade smooth, otherwise you will have a blocky shape that won't look as good
Open file (627.53 KB 1195x867 M66_Progress.png)
Bit more progress on M66. Added the most similar hairstyle to that eighties-style floof that I could find. She looks a bit more like the character now. Realised for the first time that a lot of the finer robotic details will need to be painted/textured onto the model, because it's simply not feasible to cut/sculpt them in (poly count goes insanely high and the edges still look jagged). But this appears to be how many game assets are made anyway (relatively low-poly mesh with the fine details painted on top). I'd like to say that I spent the most time sculpting her bum. However, it's actually her hands that are giving me the most trouble, because they are special robotic claws. So I had to make a normal hand, then shrink down all the digits so I could fit the claw parts over the top. Only done her nails so far.
Open file (970.12 KB 1920x1080 WIP RoboWaifu.png)
Still stuck on the head, face and torso. have not implemented the hands yet,
>>11912 >Realised for the first time that a lot of the finer robotic details will need to be painted/textured onto the model If you can import CAD designs from Blender or exported from other programs, then that would probably be the better option. Sculpting is for biological parts, CAD for technical ones.
>>11908 The simple rule at first is always: >Use the minimum number of verts you can get away with, Anon. Less is always more when it comes to asset modeling, especially for character assets. Especially during the first pass! Try to figure out ways to remove vertices and edges whenever and wherever you can. >>11909 Yup. Sub-D's are always important in the finishing up stage (#3), but I like to keep it simple earlier on. Gives you a better sense of the asset's impact on the animation/rendering systems, etc. >>11912 Coming along nicely SophieDev -- she's going from cute to scary~! Materials and texturing can actually fill in gaps sometimes, yes. >>11913 Wow, that's looking good Anon. Are you going for a real engineering design with her, or what? Thanks for sharing it, you seem to be making really good progress so far!
>>11915 Not him, but makes sense IMO. I think anyone working on designing robowaifus should have both SolveSpace and Blender in their tool-belts.
>>11920 It is an engineering design. I just cant find any good sculpting tutorial resources despite most of the blender community swearing its their pagan god. "just learn anatomy bro" is the autistic non-response most of the blender community will give you when asking for a basic outline of how to start a head or torso for the first time. I can share an updated picture If interested. The fingers of the hands were simple but its the palm that I am still trying to shape correctly and I re-did the torso again.
>>11944 Did you look into drawing tutorials?
>>11944 Don't get hung up on anything is the best advice I can give you Anon. That's one important -- but unstated -- goal of doing a character design in 3 different phases. You start very crude and blocky, but that's literally the easiest way to spot proportion errors (which is a notorious issue with human characters in particular). You get all the ratio and proportions right while it's still 'lego robowaifu'. Then you start cutting in more details sufficient so you can start forming up the shapes (still crudely, but better than legos). Then put the whole thing aside for a couple of days and put it out of your mind. Finally, come back with the aim of finishing up the low-poly model entirely. Only at that 3rd pass do you start cutting in smaller details like nails, hair, clothing, accessories of various sorts. This last phase can actually take a while depending how complex the model is, so just be patient. By doing it this way, you really get comfortable with the character as you go along, and it's a lot easier to spot issues early this way, and you can fix them while it's still easy. Sure, I'd always like to see WIP anon, insofar as myself goes.
Open file (391.04 KB 1920x1080 knhi32432rv23.png)
>>11946 Oh I know how complicated it can be. Lol "lego robowaifu" makes sense since I had another design besides This one I was working on as well. Learned how to do braided hair and rigging from the other design but still don't have a actual head done for that design either. But at least I got better with Torso's in general from that one im chipping away at when I get hung up on a part here..
>>11948 That's a pretty cool-looking robowaifu Anon! Are those ball & socket joints for her hips? That's a really good idea for extra leg flexibility. I'm not quite sure what the ends of her arms do yet. Hey that's a neat idea having those rings for 'feet'. Seems like it would be pretty stable.
>>11951 The ends of the arms are only wrists for the moment/placeholders for where the hands should be and they are. Did not get around to fixing the hands yet. I Will have to redo the torso again because I forgot to add a bit more of a curve to the back. Its all a matter of practice.
>>11953 Yes, hands are quite intricate actually. Challenging to get them just right IMO.
Open file (1.48 MB 1920x1080 db21gbho1h2v.png)
>>11974 Found Hands were not as hard as they were made out to be. Depends on the design and will refine them later. Also fixed the cartoonish proportions of the arms and they look right to me and added a few more details and some color.
>>11988 OH I SEE NOW. The forearms look a little like gauntlet sleeves to me. Very cool. The hands look good, and in nice proportion, with the rest of the arms. Actually I really like where you're going with this robowaifu's design Anon, please keep it up!
Open file (12.19 KB 336x274 P4AU_Aigis_5AAAA.png)
I've been considering how difficult it will be to include silicone into my robowaifu and thinking of reworking her model into a more armored look or something like Aigis. Then I only have to worry about casting her face. It would also make accessing parts and prototyping much easier too. And it would be fun to make a robowaifu fighting game kind of like Cyberspace Girls Colosseum: https://youtu.be/e1NR-Q2gc6w?t=392 Except instead of controlling the robowaifu you program her AI and battle against other people's. I've been pretty unmotivated to finish her model since I don't have any use for it right now until I get a 3D printer but if I made a battlewaifu game then I'd be working on it every day and exploring a variety designs.
>>11990 Well I did the head and torso today. Have to do the eyes, hair, texturing, and rigging. Did most of the head accessories too. Thought it came out nice so far but have to find out why my pc has a burning plastic smell. The model as a whole is under 50k polys and I made the head and torso in a separate file... Dont want to spam the board with my WIP pics and will show a fully assembled model After I add her hair. No idea how to screw back on my 3D printer’s Extruder fan and I need to get some new tubing and a connector for it. The screws are super tiny and its not worth cutting myself by accident with the tiny chinesium tools since most actual hardware doesn’t go under 1 mm.
>>12091 >but if I made a battlewaifu game then I'd be working on it every day and exploring a variety designs. DO IT! >>12092 >but have to find out why my pc has a burning plastic smell. Open up a task manager to watch the CPU load. >Dont want to spam the board with my WIP pics and will show a fully assembled model After I add her hair. Look forward to seeing it!
>>11913 Cool anon! I like her forearms. Those look like they could double as laser cannons. A critical feature of any battledroid, whether robowaifu or not.
>>11915 >Sculpting is for biological parts, CAD for technical ones. Good point and something I have come across at least once already when trying to draw a reference image for her chassis. CAD sketches look like a good way of creating accurate decals.
>>11988 Looking at this one, I can now see she has many design similarities to Aigis. Hope your PC holds out and we get to see more of her, anon! >>12091 Cyberspace Girls Coliseum This looks like fun! Could do with more levels... but... I must resist the temptation to spend several hours blowing up chibi anime girls and stay focused on practicing my own 3D modelling.
Open file (1.50 MB 1920x1080 Allie 024 3 - Copy.png)
>>12111 Well I did most of the head and torso today. First time making a humanoid in Blender and is yet another milestone for me. Still have more to go with adding more detail and rigging. Thank you anons for giving me the motivation to even get this far, had this on the back burner for the past few months.
>>12111 Tbh I feel like I went through the metaverse equivalent of the "Rebuild HK-47" quest from Kotor 2.
>>12113 Very neat Anon, congratulations! She's getting along nicely. >t/y y/w Are you planning to rig and animate her Anon? One of the nice things about hard-surface modelling is that weight-painting is really straight forward for most of the surfaces, so there's that. Regardless, you deserve credit for finding your motivation spark. Keep it up! :^)
>>12116 Yes I am planning on rigging her so she is a playable character in Unreal Engine. Though Blender’s action editor is a huge PITA and I have no idea how to get the stash/ push down functions to work properly for more than 1 animation per model. Could not find a good tutorial on it.
>>12127 Please share it here (or a 3D CGI General should we get one) if you figure it out Anon! TIA.
>>11945 Have any others like this Anon, please thank you. :^)
>>12128 I thought we had a 3dcg? Will probably do more details tomorrow and go about fixing the hair bun.
>>12127 I'd also like a tutorial on this. I still have a hard time grasping how it works. Most of my confusion was cleared realizing I need to have both the action editor and non-linear animation editor open at the same time. Pushing down puts the active action in the NLA editor as a strip on a track, which acts like a layer in an image editor. Each track modifies the modified track below it. Each strip is a bit of animation data on that track that references an action's keyframes and blends/extrapolates them. The active action being edited always sits on top of all the tracks. Pressing N opens the context panel sidebar of the NLA editor which is important to have open, particularly the Strip tab where you can set the blending, extrapolation and playback scale of strips. Selecting a strip and pressing Tab in the NLA editor will enter tweak mode for its action, which will make it the active action being edited. To get multiple animations, exporting as GLTF or FBX format will export each NLA track as an individual animation you can use in Godot and I imagine other game engines as well. I couldn't figure out the Godot exporter for animations. Each animation mode with it just merged them all together into one clusterfuck. I'm still not really sure how it all works but I think the NLA editor is just to help you blend and utilize existing actions to help create new tracks which get exported as individual animations, at least with GLTF and FBX, that can be blended together later in the engine if desired.
Open file (408.93 KB 1609x813 rocket_launchers.png)
Unguided mini rockets with an assortment of warheads: High Explosive High Explosive Armor Piercing Incendiary Bubble mix Celebratory Confetti Plan to make them shoulder-mounted so she can carry upto 16 rockets if need be.
>>12139 That's going to be fun Anon. Cool-looking designs, BTW.
>>12132 Neat. It sounds like you're pretty much got it all sorted Anon. Look forward to trying your approach before long!
Open file (2.57 MB 1920x1080 Allie 024 5 - Copy.png)
Well I added more details today and made a rough draft of the hair bun. A surprising lack of tutorials on those. Guess its because the same principles of straight hair and braids apply. Have not done the eyelashes yet because "Extrude along normals" does not appear in my context menu at all, not even the keybinds will work and I do have loop and meshtools enabled and also have to fix the hair.
>>12155 Very cool anon! I especially like the detail on her lower back. I still don't know how to make hair yet. Something I have to work on.
>>12155 Allie a cute. >"Extrude along normals" Maybe this is it Anon? Seems like it's alt+e keys, but I can't check it myself. https://docs.blender.org/manual/en/latest/modeling/meshes/editing/face/extrude_faces_normal.html?highlight=extrude%20along%20normals
>>12129 >more drawing tutorials I would post it in the human design/sculpting thread. Me: >>4756 >>12186
>>12185 I think I figured it out anon,Its also called "extrude region" and I took another look at the techniques I was using. Thank you for the help I appreciate it. Also realized how complicated this might be to rig. not the humanoid parts, but the pivoting joints of the shoulder, elbow, hips, and knees. Will still get to it. But upon reflection it pretty much is the same principles of rigging a FPS weapon. Might have to look at how the Persona Devs rigged Labrys and Aigis for Persona 3 Dancing since Allie is a predecessor unit to Labrys and has most of the same parts.
>>12191 Well I took a look at the Labrys model from P3D. Apparently I made Allie correctly since Labrys has multiple objects in the same way and just uses a standard character rig. Was odd that the fingers are a separate object from the hands and the obvious professional texturing where most of the detail was just drawn on. Will have to make some adjustments to Allie based on what I learned.
>>12191 >>12192 Godspeed Anon, sounds exciting!
Open file (713.69 KB 886x765 M66_Arms.png)
Open file (23.83 KB 500x269 Jim Carrey.jpg)
>>12212 Oh wow, those are looking ebin SophieDev. Very scary now!
Open file (2.14 MB 1920x1080 Allie 024 8 - Copy.png)
>>12212 Neat arms, How do they connect to her torso? Magnets? >>12195 I made the eyelashes and a basic rig today. Did not parent it yet since I attempted to add IK for it starting with the legs and its a mess of conflicting info starting with most sources. Looked further into how the P3D Devs made labrys and the hair had no subsurface modifier and was all merged into one object. Did they use a triangulate and decimate modifiers to make it lower poly? I'm not expert on hand drawn textures and will probably wind up re-doing the hair from a backup save I have and appending it to this version to get rid of the small gaps here.
>>12224 >Did not parent it yet since I attempted to add IK for it starting with the legs and its a mess of conflicting info starting with most sources. If you're going for a full-body rig for Allie, then I would suggest starting the IK/FK chain with a single, unattached joint named Root that's located at the lower pelvis. All the other skeleton chains (spine, hips, ...) have this joint as their ultimate parent. Note: You do not paint any weights for this joint Anon. Having the master root joint makes it simple & straightforward to move the entire rigged model around at once, to properly place it in your scenes. Sorry, I can't answer any of the studio questions you're curious about Anon. Good luck! You're doing well.
>>12213 >Very scary now LOL I am glad. M66 needs to be somewhat scary. What better robowaifu to thrive during the creeping societal collapse of globohomo hellworld? (Being virtual she's also MUCH easier and cheaper for me to work on). >>12224 >How do they connect to her torso? Magnets? In the anime OVA M66 appears to use pneumatic artificial muscles connected to an articulated metal endoskeleton (from what little I could see between her joints). Although, obviously she's not going to be a real-life robot so there's plenty of artistic license being used. It's gonna be interesting trying to texture, rig and animate her. She's proving to be a fascinating training model. Currently re-doing several parts of her mesh that I messed up when I first started. I can also see that the palms of her hands need more work. They shouldn't be as blocky as they are in that render. Model, pull back and review, then change and (hopefully) improve! Similar to the design, build, test, redesign iterative cycle.
Open file (422.35 KB 1920x1080 WIP - Copy.png)
>>12234 Well I decided to try and lower the polycount on Allie. No Idea how the hell Its up to 2 million polys mostly coming from the limbs without a subsurf modifier. The Entirety of the torso and head was less than 10k polys when I made it two weeks ago. Though I started the arms a few months ago when I was still roughly green and learned many better techniques since then. Also am trying another design for practice. have not added the robotic parts yet as it took me a few hours to make the basemesh here so far. I improved on the mouth and collarbone area and no longer does Allie look like she has a CD Drive for a mouth anymore thanks to my practice here.
>>12354 Not him, but she's going to look really cool once you finish Anon. Those eyes are pretty neat tbh.
>>12357 Thank you anon! I have most of the parts ready for her, just need to finish the basemesh and append them into the scene. Felt the eyes were kinda scary tbh after I added an emission to them. Will go over and mix it with an actual hand drawn image texture later for more detail like I did with Allie. Its just a generated texture for now. >not him wdym?
>>12358 Y/w. One thing I'd recommend is using a placard with reference images in the background during modelling Allie, Anon. This is really, really helpful to getting ratio and proportions correct. Just a suggestion. Materials and texturing are like the cherry on top IMO. The foundation is all within the modelling itself. Anyway, I'm sure you'll craft Allie into something very interesting Anon. >>12368 LOL. Art hater?
Open file (1.03 MB 1218x850 m66_progress_8-21.png)
Lots of fixes and changes made but long story short, I've replaced her thorax completely so it's closer to the original M66 and fitted her attenae and a load of armor plates. She now almost has two "layers" - an internal and external. I still kept a backup copy of her original large thorax though in case she ever needs to store more stuff...*chest compartment opens* "Medikit available!") M66 was probably not a good choice for a beginner like me due to her complexity and the fact that her design changes between different reference images. In some of Masamune Shirow's original sketches and animation cells the scale and position of M66's armor plates and other components often change subtly (sometimes in ways that would completely obstruct a real robot joint). But then, he was producing hundreds of keyframes so this is only to be expected.
>>12393 She's looking really good, SophieDev. Coming right along. I'd say you have real talent and probably can become a pro at this if you wanted to and really set your mind to it. When do you think she'll be ready for your next steps? >M66 was probably not a good choice for a beginner like me due to her complexity It was indeed a bold and obviously a good choice Anon. You're clearly good frontiersman stock. >and the fact that her design changes between different reference images Heheh. Welcome to the real world of character arts in media! Staying on-model is a lot harder for the 2D guys ofc, so you've got it easier actually. :^) Looking forward to M66 assault gynoid robowaifu 's further growth!
Open file (522.93 KB 1920x1080 Il_Megh_FFXIV.jpg)
>>12395 Thanks anon, I appreciate your encouragement. Final Fantasy has made me realise that there is no limit to what one can 3D model. From the humble barrels, boxes, lumber and logs to gigantic monsters, alien worlds and different dimensions. I will need to practice making lots of other things, but when imagination is your canvas and you see it as a hobby (and an escape from shitworld), it's easy to keep practicing. As for M66, I have to finish her armor, organise the part-tree properly and then start adding color and detail textures. Might also mess about with some of those emission things that >>12358 anon mentions for her laser eye. Will have to see how it looks.
>>12354 This version of Allie is fucking terrifying (glowy red eyes in the darkness). She could potentially be Slenderman's robowaifu? Give her some long claws and she'd make an excellent ambush/close combat battledroid.
>>12411 >I will need to practice making lots of other things, but when imagination is your canvas and you see it as a hobby (and an escape from shitworld), it's easy to keep practicing. Well, I may say you are already progressing well. Indeed it seems that a number of anons across the board seem to be releasing their creative spark lately. That's gratifying, and it's something I strongly encourage. Not only does it benefit each anon personally, but it also positions us as robowaifuists much better to devise original and innovative design and engineering. Please keep it up, Anons.
>>12113 Hope your No.24 gets built. She has such a cool design in Persona. The circle feet are a great idea for stability. >>12393 You're making excellent progress SophieDev! If you're going to build her IRL, don't forget to add more space for the joints. I've learned through trial and many errors that designs need to incorporate generous clearance.
>>12426 Well I had done more practice on that design I shared a WIP of earlier over the last 2 weeks. Damn time flies. But she looks more human and less robot so was debating whether to post an update. Have not touched allie up since there must be a part of the techniques I am missing to lower the polycounts. Still haven't gotten around to rigging since blender has been extremely frustrating not only automatically rigging the spine bones to L or R, but also folding in on itself so no matter how I turn it. I can get it to look right, but its often 90 degrees the wrong direction and still labels the spine/center bones L or R and being a major PITA and wont even move the mesh after I've parented the bones. So I instead learned more techniques and added much more detail and some custom textures in a design a bit more advanced than with allie.
Open file (4.17 MB 2048x2048 sample4096cens.png)
Open file (425.35 KB 767x798 panels.PNG)
Open file (377.79 KB 1294x685 mods_off.PNG)
Open file (356.20 KB 1258x595 mods_on.PNG)
Here's a quick tip for body panels. Use an edge split modifier with sharp edges ticked. Solidify for some thickness. Then use a subdivision modifier so you can get nice rounded body panels. It's really quick and hassle free, non-destructive too. That's assuming your topology isn't fugged.
>>12500 Very cool. Thanks for the good advice Anon. Nice-looking model BTW. Hard-surface is best! :^)
Open file (297.23 KB 275x791 m66_xyz_colormgmt.png)
Open file (802.36 KB 767x932 m66_early_face_render.png)
Making those slices in her face in a technically correct manner, without it looking completely derp was harder than I thought. The normals kept on doing wierd shit and projecting ugly shadows all over the place. ​ I eventually fixed this though, first by flipping some normals, then by selecting them in Edit mode and doing > Mesh menu > Normals > Average > Corner Angle I checked in overlay mode that all of the mesh faces were facing the correct direction. Next I have to get her uv seams setup, unwrapped and start doing some texture painting of details. >>12500 That is an awesome robowaifu/battledroid anon! Very useful advice too. Will have to try it out, thank you!
>>12500 >Here's a quick tip for body panels. Thanks, that's good to know. Maybe this also works for muscles.
Would it be worth it to show my Progress on my new Allie design? I have her textured and everything with some renders. just not rigged with IK.
>>12626 Yes of course it would Anon. Please do.l
>>12626 Yes, please do Anon.
Open file (1.16 MB 1920x1080 dbh2vdgy1.png)
>>12628 Allieanon again, Are cyborgs off topic? Only reason I havent posted renders is because I thought it was OT. read the meta thread and saw that cyborgs were Ok. The only challenge I have left is sculpting a hilt ornament for one of her accessories. Im no master sculptor. Also asking for a solution on how to fix the rigging issue in blender where instead of the skeleton symmetrizing Left to right after every bone is labelled except the center bones, it symmetrizes from the feet downwards.... Google did not help for me on this one.
>>13081 Cool design, I don't know much about blender but, maybe you're clicking on the wrong axis? Usually I model with the x axis being the point of symmetry.
>>13081 We don't really build cyborgs (yet) and this thread was about M66. Is it about how to model bodies?
>>13081 >Also asking for a solution on how to fix the rigging issue in blender where instead of the skeleton symmetrizing Left to right after every bone is labelled except the center bones, it symmetrizes from the feet downwards.... My guess just offhand is you need to go into the property settings for your mirror modifier and change the orientation for it?
Have uploaded everything I've done so far on M-66 to the file repository for Elfdroid Sophie which can be found here: >>9216 It's the file 'M66_f11.blend'. Feel free to do with her as you will. Even though I really enjoy 3D digital modelling, I have had to put this on the back burner, because it just takes so much time. I need money if I am to get any kind of waifu (I doubt the Tesla robot will be cheap if it gets released). So I gotta spend my time on job-related training.
>>13095 >Have uploaded everything I've done so far Thanks. >because it just takes so much time That's what I've feared. >job-related training Okay, sounds wise.
>>13095 Thanks for sharing SophieDev! Your work is sehr gut!
Open file (42.96 KB 902x768 7t2b3vn7123v.png)
>>13095 Sounds like a good idea and good luck with your training! Thank you being an inspiration to do better with my own models and other Robowaifu engineers. >>13088 I wound up duplicating the armature and mirroring it over the correct global axis I needed. Then since blender can be incredibly stupid at times, had to re-label the bones again back from "bone.R.001" to "Bone.L" when parenting/connecting the Left arm and leg to the skeleton and deleting the duplicate center bones.
>>13096 >>because it just takes so much time That's what I've feared. Dont be discouraged anon, you get faster as you go along and learn new and better techniques over time.
>>13095 Thank you kindly SophieDev, good luck with your studies. >>13099 Hello there AllieDev. Nice armature work by the looks of it.

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