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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

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/robowaifu/meta-4: Rugged Mountains on the Shore Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2021 (Thu) 22:39:33 No.12974
/meta & QTDDTOT Note: Latest version of /robowaifu/ JSON archives available is 210905 Sep 2021 https://files.catbox.moe/h2xuqf.7z If you use Waifusearch, just extract this into your 'all_jsons' directory for the program, then quit (q) and restart. >--- Mini-FAQ >A few hand-picked posts on various topics -Why is keeping mass (weight) low so important? (>>4313) -HOW TO SOLVE IT (>>4143) >--- -Library thread (good for locating topics/terms): (>>7143) >note: there's also a searching tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides crosslinks straight to posts on the board. it's named Waifusearch, and the link to the software is provided inside the Library thread's OP. -Latest version of Waifusearch v0.2a (>>8678) -Latest version of BUMP v0.2e (>>8769) >--- There's a design document for the specification of general design and engineering choices for our basic Robowaifu Reference Model A Series (TBD). Please have a look at it, and collaborate together with us on it ITT Anon. -Robowaifu Design Document (>>3001) >--- -previous /meta's: (>>38) (>>3108) (>>8492) >=== -add RDD section -add/rm group brainstorm notice -expand mini-faq
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I'd like to begin documentation of a stylesheet, or design specification document. Something where we have it in concrete what is or is not acceptable for a certain standard type of R/W. While I like the idea of an Master set of standards, we aren't going to be able to build our Ideal right off the bat there will be probably several Tiers or models to begin with that are stepping stones toward the ideal. Having a style sheet for each Tier is key, that we we can say: X, Y or Z materials are acceptable for this component, this part must be no larger than X, This set of actuators are in spec for this model, these are out of spec, etc. If we all have something we can refer to, a proper document, it prevents duplication of research and gives us something in common to work on as a group (i.e. we know these sets of parts will be fine for this particular tier of waifu, so we won't have different anons with different ideas of the final product trying to discuss the same thing) One example is the anon who suggested we design the R/W as a "kit", with mods to facilitate whatever the user's needs for a robotic companion might be, etc. This necessitates the ability to assemble with standard tools and also now requires modularity and standards for creating the modules (port standards, dimensional standards, material standards, etc). Does this make sense, and would it belong in a specific thread or should this topic be it's own thread? This question is open to anyone not just the board owner
>>12999 I see we already have a Design Document >>3001 So maybe focus on specifics for different model types?
>>13000 >I see we already have a Design Document Please do contribute, Mr. Digits. I've been asking for help with it all along. As you can tell it's a big task and I already have plenty on my plate ATM. Did I mention? Please help.
>>13012 that was... unintentional but I'll take em certainly, I did notice the Design Doc was less than complete - but could we have a thread dedicated to discussing additions and edits to this and other subsheets / docs we create?
>>13013 >but could we have a thread dedicated to discussing additions and edits to this and other subsheets / docs we create? Actually, we already do. > pic related I intend to make the RDD thread itself a rigorous, go-to design spec thread eventually. One that any Anon can look to for real-world solutions to design & engineering issues. I'd like the keep the discussions for hashing things out (in their typically-chaotic fashion) out of that thread. That's why I have it locked. If you (or any other interested anons) don't mind, let's just begin that on-going conversation here in the /meta's for now. Certainly for starters it should be sufficient. If things grow unexpectedly as we go along, then we could start a separate 'RDD Discussion' thread or something. >=== -minor prose edit
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>>13014 roger roger
>>13015 Thanks meta ronin! So, care to begin? What would you like to discuss/focus on first. As you can see by my (obviously still unfinished) TOC listings, there are literally dozens of topics that need attention. Where to start?
>>13015 I'll go ahead and also put a link to it back into this /meta's OP, to help anons find it. Maybe other anons will get involved too.
>>13016 I'd like to have a group brainstorm topic: R/W form factors we've tossed around several ideas that differ from our golden ideal but are bridges or perhaps serve more a specialized purpose examples: OSRM (Open Simple Robot Maid), "Wheelchair Waifus": legless, non ambulatory or ambulatory by other means, Catgirl Waifbots, Meido Kits, Moe-bots etc. Similar to that one chart we like to share (which progresses from human to more and more machinelike), could we.. say create Categories of R/W's and perhaps agree on what defines these categories and what specific role or niche they fit, pro's and con's, expected price points, or whatever else. From there we could hone out way toward a set of standard specs for each model.
Open file (690.27 KB 1508x2109 media_EYYuEn-U4Ag7rU-.jpg)
>>12999 >certain standard type of R/W. We work on different platforms, not one standard: Sofie >>9216 (halted), OSMR >>11446, and Genera >>418 (no thread of it's own yet), and WaiEye >>11708. >>X, Y or Z materials are acceptable for this component This only makes sense per type of a specific version, if even so. I already created a document trying to define versions of a model for a very human-like robowaifu >>9554 ... >>9555, which now could be considered to be the framework for the Genera platform. It's about having levels from a better doll to something highly evolved. I used the idea of requirement levels in different areas, referring to skills and traits. I also was working a while on diagrams with overviews and options for robowaifus and to compare the different approaches, but had problems to get Meermaid running and it's to big of a project for me right now to put all forums data into diagrams anyways: >>10428 So, basically there's also a thread for this for quite a while >>4143
Open file (178.32 KB 1435x443 weight.robowaifu.jpg)
Open file (128.36 KB 850x521 height.robowaifu.jpg)
>>13018 >Similar to that one chart we like to share (which progresses from human to more and more machinelike) similar, this pics? just something simple to represent your idea well, is easy to categorize height, a giant robowaifu will require a lot of energy and have a bigger cost. While would be hard to fit everything.like batteries, cables inside a small waifu. Meanwhile, weight has similar enginner challenges. I like the idea of creating categories of robowaifus, since many designs have similar challenges, with a proper classification its possible to better define each problem, and since "knowing the disease is half the cure" solve then faster. this would also help in making kits
>>13018 >I'd like to have a group brainstorm topic: R/W form factors OK, I'll add a notice to the OP & pin it. I should be back in within an hour or so.
>>13023 My apologies, I won't be back shortly. But I should be back later on tonight or tomorrow Anon.
Open file (2.82 MB 2480x3508 86887928_p0.jpg)
>>13022 If I remember correctly, there were fairybots (<40cm), BJD-sized bots (40cm - 75cm), not sure if these were moebots, but there should also be a category of 75cm-100cm. Then 100cm-145cm is something like no-man's land, since many western countries ban sex dolls with these sizes because they are child-sized. Certainly robots that fit this form factor, if sold whole, will trigger the same authorities. 145cm-180cm will be 1:1 scale, then of course any large industrial grade machines larger than that.
>>13035 >Then 100cm-145cm is something like no-man's land, since many western countries ban sex dolls with these sizes because they are child-sized Is it a concession if we just go with this as the "no-go" zone, is there any real advantage or desire to something in this size range? A smaller waifu would be better for assisting with tasks and as a chatbot companion, 145cm/4'9" is plenty small for anyone into petite waifus, Chii is 152cm/5'0" I think. 2B is 168cm/5'6" (in heels) for reference ; ) Honestly I have no idea how tall Drossel is, as there's no canon for her measurements, 5'2" - 5'4" seems about right though
>>13037 >Then 100cm-145cm is something like no-man's land, since many western countries ban sex dolls with these sizes because they are child-sized. If so, then because they made a decision to call that "child sized". 140 cm is quite tall for a child, lol. I measured it and 140 is vaguely the size I want to go with. Politicians are scum. However, which western countries even do that? Is there any source for this? Confiscations by customs in some countries doesn't mean much, I wonder if there has been anyone fighting back by suing them. Confiscations on the border are also something else than raids or arrests. The other aspect is, that if they don't look very human the wording of the two laws I've looked into doesn't really fit, especially since they say "look like children" and not "look like could be a minors". So I'd call the size around 130-150 petite. Below would be Moe, guess. But I don't see the whole point of these size labels anyways.
Open file (55.39 KB 640x361 70265-1532336916.jpg)
>>13038 >point of these size labels anyways. because of the standard size of Integrated circuit boards, connectors, hardware and the different physics involved at different sizes (strength to mass ratios, also leverage) different standards for materials will come into play. i.e. a "moebot" could get away with plastics and weaker materials that a human, even petite human sized would might require metal parts or something of a more sturdy rating. Also the emphasis on different "roles" per Form Factor and for this size comes into play. I'll let you use your imagination there, but it probably goes beyond sexual functions
>>13021 ok, good >>13022 somehow these posts only just now popped up for me - if I repeated something you posted here that's why
>>13021 I'm still re-reading much of this board. The first go-around I was busier and more scatterbrained so I was probably just skimming a lot of the material
>>13038 Yeah, just looked into the German law which uses the term "kindliches Erscheinungsbild" which means child-like appearance. This could actually exclude teenagers, because legally they're not children, and therefore allow dolls down to to 140cm, but who knows? One company removed their young looking doll pictures because of concerns, but stated they will still sell 130cm sized ones if they have boobs. They don't know if this is okay, though. Outrageous. It now seem to be more and more about the faces. Problem is, they never say if it doesn't look really human but like a doll with bigger eyes it's explicitly okay. Here's a campaign against it: https://gegen-das-puppenverbot.de/en - this was foreseeable and I endorse it. There need to be political and legal push-backs against this. Dollforum.com also bans now based on faces, not size or boobies: https://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=123&t=68191
Open file (65.07 KB 736x552 snakey.grill.jpg)
>>13047 A anon made a good point about this >>13036 basically just use more non-humans designs, like more mechanical or any monster girl inspired design. But because those politicians want a easy win they will ban anything. so is better to avoid having problems because of the appearance. Honestly, we are forced to do what is physically and economic feasiable, not what those politician want, there will be a way around they bullshit, more when we find a way to make diy robowaifus
>>13048 I'll simply design mine around 140-145 cm with some boobs, but not very small ones, though also not big ones which I don't really like, some hour-glas waist, sporty rounded tights (Berserker-body) and big Alita/Anime eyes. Also, I probably won't put up too sexy fotos of her. If I'll choose a country to live in, in some time, this will be most relevant aside taxes, climate and prices. I'm also planning to donate a bit, if some initiative like the one above needs money for a courtcase.
Good convo going so far guys. Good think Meta Ronin. Apart from all the social & legal concerns, the laws of physics themselves are (IMO) the most important constraint here. The Square-Cube Law has been discussed on the board before (Waifusearch returns 6 hits ATM), and it's a fundamental limit on feasible sizes. This phenomenon will affect literally every design and engineering decision made for any robowaifus above moebot-tier. I'll add a waifusearch to the library thread on it soon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square-cube_law >>13039 IMO, Moebot is a must-have category. Sumomo, Kotoko, and (the moe version of) Hand-made May > being the top 3 obvious examples of the idea. There are several others. Not only does it more-closely solve the Square-Cube issue, it also affords a ready pathway to immediate robotics prototyping. There are already many kits and completely-assembled models available for purchase today. While these blocky, 'boxer-like' bots (can somebody give us the proper term for this style of please?) are hardly moe, they are here today, and actually pretty rugged too at this point in time.
>>13018 Idk Ive been burned too many times sharing my work on various forums and discords. Fuck being banned for being a contributing member who doesnt care about how embarrassing it was for some faggot to drop their tuna sandwich in front of jenny and getting pissy when someone actually starts talking about the subject of the foeum/discord and distripting their 24/7 stream of narcissistic supply or a Jannie was feeling pissy and went on a ban spree for teh lulz after you told them to fuck off and stop deleting my Allie design posts as they were deemed “”troll posts”” like the ones in the 3D modeling thread. Not here, but elsewhere.
>>13053 I neglected to add that Anon's Short Stacks thread addresses a few issues directly pertinent to this topic at hand. >>2666
>>13053 I would rather call this fairy sized, idk.
>>13035 The height problem is indeed important. We need common language to describe what we're making. Last thing anyone wants is for the anon making wheelchair bound 125 cm AI Wolfgrill to suddenly have people talking about square cube laws and thrown weight. If she ain't walking and using those hands on him, it don't matter. My submission for official sizes as someone who'd been in chan8 robowaifu are as follow. >50 cm are fairybots Fairybots are special in that at that scale the square cube law doesn't matter at all unless she's made of lead. This size however is very difficult to get right as actuator size becomes an aesthetic concern. Most low cost electronics are not designed for a waifu of this scale. (unless she's a doll on wheels) >50 cm to 1 m are moebots These do have some worry about mass but, are still small enough that you can get away with a wide diversity of designs without problem. Honestly, as someone who's built several failures, 1 m is an ideal height mechanically. For example, cheap coreless servos can be found with torque ratings of 25 to 35 kg cm. These are good to about a m scale for arms and legs. 1 m to 1.4 m is the lolifox danger zone. 1.4 to 1.6 is pretty standard woman size without being too big. over 1.6 m and good luck. 1.4 + should be called standard.
Open file (252.34 KB 1666x540 smol.robowaifus.jpg)
>>13060 Very good classification, it addresses the main point of designs and building a robowaifu. For me, 1 meter is a good equilibrium because still can clean the house while being feasible to build. I updated my sketch to fit your definitions
>>13057 >I would rather call this fairy sized, idk. Sure, that's fine no arguments from me Anon! I feel they are practically interchangeable-terms for us all here on /robowaifu/. While moe has a general connotation for a large populace, the term fairy has a special place in our hearts from our own Anon's remarkable (and dear) Aoki Lapis model; Robot fairy (fairybot) project (>>266). May he finish her up someday.
>>13048 lol I made a post on zuccbook about 2 years ago about this and posted a Lamia waifu just like this
>>13061 >Lolifox danger zone Lel'd. Whatever would poor fox grills say after all? :^) So, I think this is quite a good diagram & quite well done. I'd suggest we adopt it if there's a general consensus on terms.
>>13047 >Dollforum.com also bans now based on faces i can understand banning realistic child faces. Personally I couldn't stomach that myself but where do 2B and Chii fall on that scale? They have very "cute" faces and depending on who the arbiter of what is or isn't "too" childlike, could mean if she doesn't look like the purple haired lesbian from overwatch lmao. Something to be wary of when they start making these laws, they'll start out with something that on the surface seems common sense and agreeable but then they'll creep it forward
>>13061 >>13069 I vote for this being our official scale. The pictures are actually really great too.
Open file (135.97 KB 1000x1000 AzureApprovalFox.jpg)
>>13061 >yourpic Perfection Anon! I think we should discuss pros and cons to add to the bottom of each scale. This could be a great staring point for Anon's looking to start or contribute to projects. We should also create a classes image to go with scales. >Doll waifu A doll with AI. These would be notable for only having motion in their faces is they did at all. >Wheelchair waifus Robowaifus that must be carted along. These waifus would have limited motion in their extremities. Just enough to please their Anon. >Skater waifus Waifus that rely on wheels for locomotion. They would in effect be like RC cars shaped like cute grills. (Ideally catgrills in tiny miniskirts) >Walker waifu These would walk under their own power. We could then have subcategories >Handsy Designed to use her hands for obvious reasons. >Legsy Designed to spread her legs or assume the position. We should also incorporate Monster Girls as standard designs. (https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Monster_Girls) With this an Anon could say they wanted to build a lhandsy lolifox kitsune skater waifu or a moebot lich walker waifu and everyone would get the gist.
Open file (234.28 KB 796x494 height.comparison.png)
>>13074 >I think we should discuss pros and cons to add to the bottom of each scale. That is a great idea, but can you give more suggestion and arguments for each pro and cons? like this, or something similar. >Fairybots >pros:low energy needs >cons:little space for a complex muscular system >Moebots >pros:almost no problems with the square cube law >cons:cant open doors without a help >Lolifox >pros:look very cute >cons:governments wants her too >Standard >easy to find clothes to buy >harder to hide >Tall >a lot of space >requires a lots of fuel Also, here a simple chart comparing the height of those classes with a average 6 feet men
>>13060 She never asked for this.
>>13061 I like it. >>13074 >With this an Anon could say they wanted to build a lhandsy lolifox kitsune skater waifu or a moebot lich walker waifu and everyone would get the gist. For example, let's say I'm making a 60cm wheelchair moebot and sharing the torso module. Immediately, you'll know it'll mostly be made of plastic (with perhaps the main spine being metal, or at least injected high strength fibreglass plastic like what RC cars use), but most parts will be 3D printable. Anyone else making a doll/skater/monster moebot can probably safely adopt the torso design with only minor scaling adjustments. It will be pointless to suggest "But you gotta do aluminum space frame with carbon fiber bro". There are also many ready made robotic servos for similar sized wrestling robots in the 15-25kg-cm range, so you can calculate at the back of your head "Ah, that means 2S power supply with 500mA-2A per servo".
>>13074 so can we post pictures of our 3D cyborg models here?
Open file (195.91 KB 1920x1080 NekoNano.jpg)
>>13075 >your pic Excellent for demonstrating height differences. To elaborate and add to what you've started; >Fairybots >pros: low power low mass easily hidden and brought on trips lower cost >cons: Little volume for components. You won't fit. >Moebots >pros: Height limit before square-cube law becomes a concern. Medium power consumption. >imagine >cons: Will likely need help to go up stair, open doors, reach things, etc... Difficult to hide and travel with. >Lolifox >pros: Cute Big enough for many things. Perfect height to call Anon's "Onii-Chan" >cons: Many governments may have a problem with her. Nearly impossible to hide. Difficult to travel with. Would likely need high power. Difficult to balance when walking or rolling. Square-cube law is now a problem, as is thrown mass. >Standard >pros: Can wear normal woman clothes. Less likely to be regulated. Ideal size for many things. Plenty of space to put whatever you want in her. >cons: Even harder to hide or travel with. Likely very high power consumption when moving, may require multiple charging breaks a day. Actuators and power circuitry are likely to be pricey given her size and mass. >Tall >pros ? >cons Highest energy consumption and mass. Probably could hurt you by accident.
>>13077 Exactly! As more projects come up, having definite known scales and categories will help Anon's to use parts from other projects and contribute meaningful insight. Right now there's a lot of posting that is either inconsequential to the project they're trying to help or, is a repeat of what was said earlier in another thread. Ideally, our scales and categories information will be used to help posts concentrated on knew or truly relevant information. >"But you gotta do aluminum space frame with carbon fiber bro". kek, that would be silly as heck for a wheelchair waifu.
>>13079 Excellent breakdowns Kiwi. I hope we can all work together to expand this list out into a real design-spec document.
Open file (562.14 KB 1234x764 robowaifu.categories.png)
Open file (2.61 MB 3346x1442 mecha.classes.waifu.png)
>>13074 Honestly, the amount of classes of robowaifu can be as the possibilities for design, so we should focus on the most commons and then go expanding. Also, i gonna include the type of mecha as a definition of class, since building a something like eve is different that 2b.
I'm still sceptical about this whole categorization thing. >>13077 >Immediately, you'll know it'll mostly be made of plastic >>13084 >Doll can't move much is small. Hmm. Doll-like soft materials can be used at every size. Especially with soft muscles like airtubes or dielectric elastomers. So what's a lolifox- to standard-sized waifu with skeleton and soft material outside, which is supposed to move and walk, but not long walks without recharging?
>>13018 Well this has been a very productive group brainstorm session Meta Ronin. I'm going to unpin the thread itself soon, but I'll leave the notice up in the OP for another day or two. This was not only productive but fun for us as a group too. I'd suggest you anons come up with new group brainstorms for different topics, and we can all do them here together as weekend-runs again.
>>13100 ah thanks and sorry I didn't participate more, I was taking the day off to "go touch grass" Separate question: It seems like new threads have appeared at the end of the catalog. Did I just not notice them or have you been "unhiding" some or is something else going on. A few are topics I'd like to actually comment on, but was curious if those are slated for deletion or locking.
>>13104 No that's fine. You certainly took the lead, thanks! >unhiding Honestly, have no idea what could be going one for you there Anon. Certainly it's nothing I'm doing, nor have I noticed any such thing myself. As far as your questions go, I bend over backwards to go out of my way to be transparent about anything along that line of dealing with threads, and certainly don't tend to do it abruptly with the exception of blatant spamming. Hope that helps. >=== -tag this w/ role sig
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>>13104 >seems like new threads have appeared at the end of the catalog No, I know all of them.
>>13120 my imagination then, probably I never noticed them. I never suspected anything "sneaky" but maybe a weird rule like only X number of threads can exist at one time or that I never scrolled far enough
>>13129 >but maybe a weird rule like only X number of threads can exist at one time or that I never scrolled far enough It's not a 'weird' rule but a common one to basically all IB server software AFAIK since the history of forever. On AlogSpace, Robi kindly set the number of board pages up to 25 (specifically for us), so everyone's limit here on the site is 250 threads. /robowaifu/ is currently somewhere between 150-160 IIRC.
Better late than never I have completed Draft 1 of a Newfag Friendly FAQ Should I paste it cleartext in here or would you prefer I upload a txt?
>>13137 You can't upload text files directly as-is. You have a char-limit of 6144 chars per post on /robowaifu/, so I'd suggest you 'cleartext' it here if it fits that. You can also split posts up into (1 of n) as well if needed.
I wonder how much a robowaifu would actually cost to produce. Since even in the chobits world the desktop/chii sized chobits were about as much as a new car according to hikdeki’s reactions.
>>13138 Appreciate suggestions in regards to edits, I gave this a few cursory read-overs but it's probably still rough in areas >Why? Our unofficial slogan or mission statement as by the board owner: "Most of the world's modern women have failed their men and their societies, feminism is rampant, and men around the world have been looking for a solution. History shows there are cultural and political solutions to this problem, but we believe that technology is the best way forward at present – specifically the technology of robotics. We are technologists, dreamers, hobbyists, geeks and robots looking forward to a day when any man can build the ideal companion he desires in his own home. However, not content to wait for the future; we are bringing that day forward. We are creating an active hobbyist scene of builders, programmers, artists, designers, and writers using the technology of today, not tomorrow. Join us!" >What? So sex dolls aren't good enough? Aside from the uncanny valley effect (when something is too close to human without being human enough), while sex dolls provide a physical outlet they aren't good for much else, some doll manufacturers are working to outfit them with speakers and AI of a sort enough to hold conversation but they are still essentially mannequins. To gain an appreciation for what a fully autonomous robo waifu could do, there is a list of robowaifu themed media, though mostly anime (due to the differences in Japanese and Western culture's approach to human-like robots) this genre does occasionally spill out into other formats, such as novels (Gynoid by Rami Ungar for example). >Is this an offshoot of MGTOW? So you're all given up on women completely? No but that doesn't speak for everyone, we don't have a solid rule on what you do in your personal life so long as it doesn't derail the board. As explained in the paragraph above, the role that women used to fulfill as has left a glaring void. Think of society as a game, but now nobody wants to play "support" they all want to be the Attack Damage role and at best "share" the support role, but as you know when that happens everyone in the end loses. A few rare cultures still practice traditional roles and some individuals manage, but it's a losing bet if you're just hoping to find a traditional wife in the western world in this era. Aside from that, there are those who simply desire some type of companionship and don't have the time or interest to put the effort into cultivating the kind of complex social life that is required to obtain a relationship organically (where you don't have to be a power male/top 10% on dating apps). Western society has isolated and atomized us all and males get it the worst, we're expected to bootstrap ourselves or just be quiet and suffer in silence. There is another alternative and RoboWaifus are a possible solution. There will probably be a gradient of quality until we've reached something that is approximately equal to or a better experience than a typical biological woman as a partner. But this presents a welcome challenge if for no other reason than to see if it CAN be done and prove that it CAN be done. >Um so you're really going to fuck a robot? Again, the sex doll industry is proof enough. Not only that, sex workers in brothels across Europe are now complaining about the availability and higher demand of brothel sex dolls. There could be many reasons for this, but the fact remains. Sex dolls aren't going anywhere and a robotic companion becoming equipped to engage in sexual intercourse is simply a natural progression of an existing trend. >Yea but it's fake/it is never going to be the same as a real woman/it can't really love you Love is in the perception of the beholder. Women lie about being in love with their partner as often or more often than not. The way many modern women behave in the dating sphere, treating it like a game and treating men like playing pieces it is arguably less fake to be in love with an AI who makes you feel loved than to be a fool who loves a woman who is only using them or secretly despises them. While I realize this is a very cynical view, women who date serially (and therefore you are more likely to encounter as a single man) have become emotionally sociopathic from repeated failed pairings and breakups, there is no repairing this damage past a certain point. For those who really want something real, there are many who believe a true AI bearing consciousness is possible in our future, until then it will be small steps toward that goal. >Do you have a design spec sheet or any master documentation? Yes here: Robo Design Document >>3176 >Do you have just one ideal model in mind? Several types? Is everybody just doing their own thing? There are a few prototype templates in mind, but ideally our goal is a human sized R/W with a human appearance and all of the "capacities" that go with that Required specifications for humanoid robots (catalogued format: RL##, Work In Progress) >>9555 and >>9556 >Omg, this is ridiculous and impossible it's like cavemen trying to build a microwave oven We understand the scope of this project, however it must start somewhere and R/W's will be inevitable. They will either be under the control of globalist corps like Apple or Amazon (they do not care about your privacy and will happily charge a subscription fee or lock you out of services to collect a fee, also proprietary parts, etc) if we do not take the initiative and first steps ourselves toward an open source solution. Closest thing we have to a "10,000 foot view" or "where do we even begin" thread is here: >>4143 (1 of 2)
>>13145 (2 of 2) >Is this like ... some new religion, aren't you playing God by trying to create Roko's Basilisk? Yes, no, all of the above. /Robowaifu/ is a diverse board with participants holding a variety of spiritual and religious views though we do skew toward the traditional and are skeptical (if not outright diametrically opposed) toward modern and postmodern cultural values. >Are you transhumanists? Yes, no etc, see above Can you recommend some animes/mange/books Yes we have a thread on this: >>82 Image of RoboWaifu portrayals in Anime >>3696 Links to RoboWaifu related media >>7008 >Your project is really disgusting Lol, ok >>1061 Any further questions are addressed here in the original Why Robowaifu thread: >>3
>>13139 The regular maximum for the premium models should be around 10-15k. I guess mostly it will be less. I don't think a certain price limit will be exeeded, because it will be hard to find reasons to make them so expensive and there would be the rule of diminishing returns. If some were special luxury models with exotic tech, then the producer would have assume to only sell a few and that would make them even more expensive, so I don't see that working out. Rich guys would rather have more of them, and a better environment with more space around. Maybe one would have a village, island, offshore structure or space station for himself with a lot of them.
>The way many modern women behave in the dating sphere, treating it like a game and treating men like playing pieces it is arguably less fake to be in love with an AI who makes you feel loved than to be a fool who loves a woman who is only using them or secretly despises them. Some like "compared too" is missing here. Also, think about making sentences shorter. Ever heard of Plain English? Doesn't need to be that extreme, but seems to be the common style nowadays. You write more like a German, with super long sentenced.
>>13192 >>>13192 thanks I'll add that note into my edits. this is all very rough direct from "thoughts" to "keyboard", I try to comb back over and re-read it to myself and see if it makes sense after the fact lol, but having more sets of eyes on it is always a help. I'm usually multi tasking as I'm doing this b/c I have a job that requires my attention during the day too
>>13191 >because it will be hard to find reasons to make them so expensive That's not really how economics works AFAICT Anon, but I certainly agree with you that insofar as /robowaifu/'s agendas goes (for the entire world), less expensive is certainly the end-goal here. But stay aware that as inventors, design engineers, and all-around robowaifuist frontiersman, our prototyping costs will always be several factors more expensive than a production kit would be. That's just one of the entrance fees for being in this game tbh. :^)
>>13145 I'll have a gander over your work Anon thanks.
>>13200 >>because it will be hard to find reasons to make them so expensive >That's not really how economics works AFAICT If there's competition, then every higher price has to provide some advantage, if it's not about status via brand. Since the technology is widely available, there will be a lot of competition. So yeah, it's gonna work that way.
Open file (41.58 KB 300x100 1588925531715.png)
>>13145 >>13146 >Our unofficial slogan I'd say our slogan is basically the board's tagline: Advancing robotics to a point where anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts are a reality. From my personal perspective on this (after over 5 year's focus now) is that we aren't trying to 'fit in' with society at large lol would they ever accept us anyway?, but rather to directly appeal to the prurient, social, and entertainment interests of males -- particularly to Anon's interests. Our tagline says it all IMO, and I'm grateful to Anon who posted it for us here. >So sex dolls aren't good enough? I realize it's going to be impossible to dissociate the two terms in the minds of normalcattle, but robowaifu =/= sex doll, as any waifuist can tell you. Learn the difference. :^) But again, Harmony (and now others) technically qualify as crude robowaifus, and they are here today. The age of robowaifus has officially begun! >No but that doesn't speak for everyone ... I consider this paragraph to be the core of your work, and practically a POTD in itself. I would highly recommend that if you do a rewrite, you start with a blank page and grow it out from this paragraph, building it up point-by-point from there. >Yea but it's fake/it is never going to be the same as a real woman/it can't really love you We have a banner for the board that impeccably addresses this feminist-based objection quite handily. > The simple fact is that if we succeed at the dream we are pursuing here, then women will finally have some real competition to the stranglehold they hold on the sexual marketplace. It will be a daunting challenge for them to overcome (an insurmountable one, IMO) to say the least! >We understand the scope of this project, however it must start somewhere and R/W's will be inevitable. This. I'd build that out further if I were you Anon. >Is this like ... some new religion, aren't you playing God Unfortunately, this entire issue we're attempting to resolve most certainly entails spiritual aspects to it that are effectively unavoidable it seems. I certainly wish it were otherwise at a personally level since my one and only real 'agenda' behind founding /robowaifu/ is to help alleviate the suffering and abuse disenfranchised men the world over are enduring at the hands of feminism and other Globohomo-devised schemes against manhood. I personally acknowledge the Christian, Only-way-to-salvation God of the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit that make up the eternal Triune nature of God. I'm a devout believer. The repugnant idea that we are somehow working towards devising a false-god named 'Roko's Basilisk' (or any other name) is both silly and (apparently) inevitable at the same time. The idea, that is. Trust me I've prayed often about this little endeavor of /robowaifu/ and what we're trying to do here. I believe it's some kind of calling from God for us to succeed here, and solely for the benefit of men -- males specifically -- and not to do some kind of weird Satanic thing with it. >Are you transhumanists? Certainly our efforts cross many of the same boundaries. There's actually a great book that addresses some of the many & varied topics at hand with this question Anon. (>>11087) Anyway, good job so far Anon. Keep at it! :^)
>>13260 excellent feedback, thank you
>>13260 >5 years Damn, I didn't know this was even a thing until 2 years ago maybe. It was one of those syncretic things like Newton and Leibniz discovering calculus at the same time. About the time of project Melody we reached a 100th monkey effect and suddenly this topic got hot on certain boards. I had no idea about this board and had been scrounging around haphazardly and recruiting people into my small discord at that time. It wasn't serious we were just enthusiasts or brainstorming how (or if) we could do this. The sheer amount of participation and work contributed to this board is astounding. - wanted to add, I went to school for C/S with a strong interest in robotics and wanting to be a "robot workshop" guy, like "Alex" who makes the IronMan suits with pneumatics, except also learn the AI and computer hardware end of things too. I have a decent idea of the OSI 7 tier model from top to bottom but also my weakness is that I'm what you could call a generalist. I'm always looking for that place I can gain traction, dig in and make progress for us though
>>13191 Eh considering their current agenda and the state of things necessitating robowaifuism in the first place, they would more likely pay them to go down the Hk-50 assassin droid route first. Just like how Drones have already been weaponized decades before they ever remotely saw civilian commercial use in recent years. Those same rich bastards want to see suffering and force dependence/servitude not alleviate it. They are satanic sadists anon. Dont forget that. Money is secondary to their agenda. “Its a big club, and you ain’t in it.” OTOH, 10-15k is pretty reasonable.
>>13261 Y/W, good luck with the effort. >>13265 >5 years Longer really, that's just the amount of time (very nearly now, ~2 months away to our next birthday) since we established the board /robowaifu/. We were having numerous & ongoing conversations about the desire for them on (various) /g/'s, /b/'s, & /pol/'s, and elsewhere for probably 2 years before that. The need was obvious tbh. >The sheer amount of participation and work contributed to this board is astounding Yes, I'm both proud of and humbled by our little band of Adventurers here -- often even astonished by their good efforts. :^) Also, there are about 5K posts from our previous board still missing here, unfortunately. We'll also get most of those back for this edition eventually. Now that we actively keep the board itself archived, then hopefully no further similar disruptions like the 8ch red-flag debacle will happen for us. That was a painful lesson for us in our board history (and for the Internet in general), but at the least we managed to come through it for which we're grateful. >but also my weakness is that I'm what you could call a generalist. With all due respect, in my experience that's not really how it works. It's a long, hard climb to achieve becoming a facile Generalist. Being a Specialist is a much more common outcome. Being a good Generalist is hard. Being a great one is truly a rarity. We're glad to have you here Anon. >=== -prose edit
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I take it that this is one of the slower boards?
>>13293 Ehh, I'd say so yes. After all, we're not here just gossiping about the latest in anime or vidya, but primarily thinking hard about real-world physics and engineering problems.
>>13293 we're basically using this imageboard as a "shared whiteboard" to work on a project. >>13296 yeah it's not /rk9/ or /t/ or /g/, going off topic is verboten except in here and the basement >>39

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