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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

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/robowaifu/meta-4: Rugged Mountains on the Shore Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2021 (Thu) 22:39:33 No.12974
/meta & QTDDTOT Note: Latest version of /robowaifu/ JSON archives available is v220117 Jan 2022 https://files.catbox.moe/l5vl37.7z If you use Waifusearch, just extract this into your 'all_jsons' directory for the program, then quit (q) and restart. Note: Final version of BUMP available is v0.2g (>>14866) >--- Mini-FAQ >A few hand-picked posts on various topics -Why is keeping mass (weight) low so important? (>>4313) -HOW TO SOLVE IT (>>4143) >--- -Library thread (good for locating topics/terms): (>>7143) >note: there's also a searching tool coded right here for /robowaifu/ that provides crosslinks straight to posts on the board. it's named Waifusearch, and the link to the software is provided inside the Library thread's OP. -Latest version of Waifusearch v0.2a (>>8678) -Latest version of BUMP v0.2g (>>14866) >--- There's a design document for the specification of general design and engineering choices for our basic Robowaifu Reference Model A Series (TBD). Please have a look at it, and collaborate together with us on it ITT Anon. -Robowaifu Design Document (>>3001) >--- -previous /meta's: (>>38) (>>3108) (>>8492) >=== -add RDD section -add/rm group brainstorm notice -expand mini-faq -add/rm 'chobitsu returns' msg -add/edit/rm 'chikuning' notice -update all_jsons notice -add final BUMP notice
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I'd like to begin documentation of a stylesheet, or design specification document. Something where we have it in concrete what is or is not acceptable for a certain standard type of R/W. While I like the idea of an Master set of standards, we aren't going to be able to build our Ideal right off the bat there will be probably several Tiers or models to begin with that are stepping stones toward the ideal. Having a style sheet for each Tier is key, that we we can say: X, Y or Z materials are acceptable for this component, this part must be no larger than X, This set of actuators are in spec for this model, these are out of spec, etc. If we all have something we can refer to, a proper document, it prevents duplication of research and gives us something in common to work on as a group (i.e. we know these sets of parts will be fine for this particular tier of waifu, so we won't have different anons with different ideas of the final product trying to discuss the same thing) One example is the anon who suggested we design the R/W as a "kit", with mods to facilitate whatever the user's needs for a robotic companion might be, etc. This necessitates the ability to assemble with standard tools and also now requires modularity and standards for creating the modules (port standards, dimensional standards, material standards, etc). Does this make sense, and would it belong in a specific thread or should this topic be it's own thread? This question is open to anyone not just the board owner
>>12999 I see we already have a Design Document >>3001 So maybe focus on specifics for different model types?
>>13000 >I see we already have a Design Document Please do contribute, Mr. Digits. I've been asking for help with it all along. As you can tell it's a big task and I already have plenty on my plate ATM. Did I mention? Please help.
>>13012 that was... unintentional but I'll take em certainly, I did notice the Design Doc was less than complete - but could we have a thread dedicated to discussing additions and edits to this and other subsheets / docs we create?
>>13013 >but could we have a thread dedicated to discussing additions and edits to this and other subsheets / docs we create? Actually, we already do. > pic related I intend to make the RDD thread itself a rigorous, go-to design spec thread eventually. One that any Anon can look to for real-world solutions to design & engineering issues. I'd like the keep the discussions for hashing things out (in their typically-chaotic fashion) out of that thread. That's why I have it locked. If you (or any other interested anons) don't mind, let's just begin that on-going conversation here in the /meta's for now. Certainly for starters it should be sufficient. If things grow unexpectedly as we go along, then we could start a separate 'RDD Discussion' thread or something. >=== -minor prose edit
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>>13014 roger roger
>>13015 Thanks meta ronin! So, care to begin? What would you like to discuss/focus on first. As you can see by my (obviously still unfinished) TOC listings, there are literally dozens of topics that need attention. Where to start?
>>13015 I'll go ahead and also put a link to it back into this /meta's OP, to help anons find it. Maybe other anons will get involved too.
>>13016 I'd like to have a group brainstorm topic: R/W form factors we've tossed around several ideas that differ from our golden ideal but are bridges or perhaps serve more a specialized purpose examples: OSRM (Open Simple Robot Maid), "Wheelchair Waifus": legless, non ambulatory or ambulatory by other means, Catgirl Waifbots, Meido Kits, Moe-bots etc. Similar to that one chart we like to share (which progresses from human to more and more machinelike), could we.. say create Categories of R/W's and perhaps agree on what defines these categories and what specific role or niche they fit, pro's and con's, expected price points, or whatever else. From there we could hone out way toward a set of standard specs for each model.
Open file (690.27 KB 1508x2109 media_EYYuEn-U4Ag7rU-.jpg)
>>12999 >certain standard type of R/W. We work on different platforms, not one standard: Sofie >>9216 (halted), OSMR >>11446, and Genera >>418 (no thread of it's own yet), and WaiEye >>11708. >>X, Y or Z materials are acceptable for this component This only makes sense per type of a specific version, if even so. I already created a document trying to define versions of a model for a very human-like robowaifu >>9554 ... >>9555, which now could be considered to be the framework for the Genera platform. It's about having levels from a better doll to something highly evolved. I used the idea of requirement levels in different areas, referring to skills and traits. I also was working a while on diagrams with overviews and options for robowaifus and to compare the different approaches, but had problems to get Meermaid running and it's to big of a project for me right now to put all forums data into diagrams anyways: >>10428 So, basically there's also a thread for this for quite a while >>4143
Open file (178.32 KB 1435x443 weight.robowaifu.jpg)
Open file (128.36 KB 850x521 height.robowaifu.jpg)
>>13018 >Similar to that one chart we like to share (which progresses from human to more and more machinelike) similar, this pics? just something simple to represent your idea well, is easy to categorize height, a giant robowaifu will require a lot of energy and have a bigger cost. While would be hard to fit everything.like batteries, cables inside a small waifu. Meanwhile, weight has similar enginner challenges. I like the idea of creating categories of robowaifus, since many designs have similar challenges, with a proper classification its possible to better define each problem, and since "knowing the disease is half the cure" solve then faster. this would also help in making kits
>>13018 >I'd like to have a group brainstorm topic: R/W form factors OK, I'll add a notice to the OP & pin it. I should be back in within an hour or so.
>>13023 My apologies, I won't be back shortly. But I should be back later on tonight or tomorrow Anon.
Open file (2.82 MB 2480x3508 86887928_p0.jpg)
>>13022 If I remember correctly, there were fairybots (<40cm), BJD-sized bots (40cm - 75cm), not sure if these were moebots, but there should also be a category of 75cm-100cm. Then 100cm-145cm is something like no-man's land, since many western countries ban sex dolls with these sizes because they are child-sized. Certainly robots that fit this form factor, if sold whole, will trigger the same authorities. 145cm-180cm will be 1:1 scale, then of course any large industrial grade machines larger than that.
>>13035 >Then 100cm-145cm is something like no-man's land, since many western countries ban sex dolls with these sizes because they are child-sized Is it a concession if we just go with this as the "no-go" zone, is there any real advantage or desire to something in this size range? A smaller waifu would be better for assisting with tasks and as a chatbot companion, 145cm/4'9" is plenty small for anyone into petite waifus, Chii is 152cm/5'0" I think. 2B is 168cm/5'6" (in heels) for reference ; ) Honestly I have no idea how tall Drossel is, as there's no canon for her measurements, 5'2" - 5'4" seems about right though
>>13037 >Then 100cm-145cm is something like no-man's land, since many western countries ban sex dolls with these sizes because they are child-sized. If so, then because they made a decision to call that "child sized". 140 cm is quite tall for a child, lol. I measured it and 140 is vaguely the size I want to go with. Politicians are scum. However, which western countries even do that? Is there any source for this? Confiscations by customs in some countries doesn't mean much, I wonder if there has been anyone fighting back by suing them. Confiscations on the border are also something else than raids or arrests. The other aspect is, that if they don't look very human the wording of the two laws I've looked into doesn't really fit, especially since they say "look like children" and not "look like could be a minors". So I'd call the size around 130-150 petite. Below would be Moe, guess. But I don't see the whole point of these size labels anyways.
Open file (55.39 KB 640x361 70265-1532336916.jpg)
>>13038 >point of these size labels anyways. because of the standard size of Integrated circuit boards, connectors, hardware and the different physics involved at different sizes (strength to mass ratios, also leverage) different standards for materials will come into play. i.e. a "moebot" could get away with plastics and weaker materials that a human, even petite human sized would might require metal parts or something of a more sturdy rating. Also the emphasis on different "roles" per Form Factor and for this size comes into play. I'll let you use your imagination there, but it probably goes beyond sexual functions
>>13021 ok, good >>13022 somehow these posts only just now popped up for me - if I repeated something you posted here that's why
>>13021 I'm still re-reading much of this board. The first go-around I was busier and more scatterbrained so I was probably just skimming a lot of the material
>>13038 Yeah, just looked into the German law which uses the term "kindliches Erscheinungsbild" which means child-like appearance. This could actually exclude teenagers, because legally they're not children, and therefore allow dolls down to to 140cm, but who knows? One company removed their young looking doll pictures because of concerns, but stated they will still sell 130cm sized ones if they have boobs. They don't know if this is okay, though. Outrageous. It now seem to be more and more about the faces. Problem is, they never say if it doesn't look really human but like a doll with bigger eyes it's explicitly okay. Here's a campaign against it: https://gegen-das-puppenverbot.de/en - this was foreseeable and I endorse it. There need to be political and legal push-backs against this. Dollforum.com also bans now based on faces, not size or boobies: https://dollforum.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=123&t=68191
Open file (65.07 KB 736x552 snakey.grill.jpg)
>>13047 A anon made a good point about this >>13036 basically just use more non-humans designs, like more mechanical or any monster girl inspired design. But because those politicians want a easy win they will ban anything. so is better to avoid having problems because of the appearance. Honestly, we are forced to do what is physically and economic feasiable, not what those politician want, there will be a way around they bullshit, more when we find a way to make diy robowaifus
>>13048 I'll simply design mine around 140-145 cm with some boobs, but not very small ones, though also not big ones which I don't really like, some hour-glas waist, sporty rounded tights (Berserker-body) and big Alita/Anime eyes. Also, I probably won't put up too sexy fotos of her. If I'll choose a country to live in, in some time, this will be most relevant aside taxes, climate and prices. I'm also planning to donate a bit, if some initiative like the one above needs money for a courtcase.
Good convo going so far guys. Good think Meta Ronin. Apart from all the social & legal concerns, the laws of physics themselves are (IMO) the most important constraint here. The Square-Cube Law has been discussed on the board before (Waifusearch returns 6 hits ATM), and it's a fundamental limit on feasible sizes. This phenomenon will affect literally every design and engineering decision made for any robowaifus above moebot-tier. I'll add a waifusearch to the library thread on it soon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Square-cube_law >>13039 IMO, Moebot is a must-have category. Sumomo, Kotoko, and (the moe version of) Hand-made May > being the top 3 obvious examples of the idea. There are several others. Not only does it more-closely solve the Square-Cube issue, it also affords a ready pathway to immediate robotics prototyping. There are already many kits and completely-assembled models available for purchase today. While these blocky, 'boxer-like' bots (can somebody give us the proper term for this style of please?) are hardly moe, they are here today, and actually pretty rugged too at this point in time.
>>13018 Idk Ive been burned too many times sharing my work on various forums and discords. Fuck being banned for being a contributing member who doesnt care about how embarrassing it was for some faggot to drop their tuna sandwich in front of jenny and getting pissy when someone actually starts talking about the subject of the foeum/discord and distripting their 24/7 stream of narcissistic supply or a Jannie was feeling pissy and went on a ban spree for teh lulz after you told them to fuck off and stop deleting my Allie design posts as they were deemed “”troll posts”” like the ones in the 3D modeling thread. Not here, but elsewhere.
>>13053 I neglected to add that Anon's Short Stacks thread addresses a few issues directly pertinent to this topic at hand. >>2666
>>13053 I would rather call this fairy sized, idk.
>>13035 The height problem is indeed important. We need common language to describe what we're making. Last thing anyone wants is for the anon making wheelchair bound 125 cm AI Wolfgrill to suddenly have people talking about square cube laws and thrown weight. If she ain't walking and using those hands on him, it don't matter. My submission for official sizes as someone who'd been in chan8 robowaifu are as follow. >50 cm are fairybots Fairybots are special in that at that scale the square cube law doesn't matter at all unless she's made of lead. This size however is very difficult to get right as actuator size becomes an aesthetic concern. Most low cost electronics are not designed for a waifu of this scale. (unless she's a doll on wheels) >50 cm to 1 m are moebots These do have some worry about mass but, are still small enough that you can get away with a wide diversity of designs without problem. Honestly, as someone who's built several failures, 1 m is an ideal height mechanically. For example, cheap coreless servos can be found with torque ratings of 25 to 35 kg cm. These are good to about a m scale for arms and legs. 1 m to 1.4 m is the lolifox danger zone. 1.4 to 1.6 is pretty standard woman size without being too big. over 1.6 m and good luck. 1.4 + should be called standard.
Open file (252.34 KB 1666x540 smol.robowaifus.jpg)
>>13060 Very good classification, it addresses the main point of designs and building a robowaifu. For me, 1 meter is a good equilibrium because still can clean the house while being feasible to build. I updated my sketch to fit your definitions
>>13057 >I would rather call this fairy sized, idk. Sure, that's fine no arguments from me Anon! I feel they are practically interchangeable-terms for us all here on /robowaifu/. While moe has a general connotation for a large populace, the term fairy has a special place in our hearts from our own Anon's remarkable (and dear) Aoki Lapis model; Robot fairy (fairybot) project (>>266). May he finish her up someday.
>>13048 lol I made a post on zuccbook about 2 years ago about this and posted a Lamia waifu just like this
>>13061 >Lolifox danger zone Lel'd. Whatever would poor fox grills say after all? :^) So, I think this is quite a good diagram & quite well done. I'd suggest we adopt it if there's a general consensus on terms.
>>13047 >Dollforum.com also bans now based on faces i can understand banning realistic child faces. Personally I couldn't stomach that myself but where do 2B and Chii fall on that scale? They have very "cute" faces and depending on who the arbiter of what is or isn't "too" childlike, could mean if she doesn't look like the purple haired lesbian from overwatch lmao. Something to be wary of when they start making these laws, they'll start out with something that on the surface seems common sense and agreeable but then they'll creep it forward
>>13061 >>13069 I vote for this being our official scale. The pictures are actually really great too.
Open file (135.97 KB 1000x1000 AzureApprovalFox.jpg)
>>13061 >yourpic Perfection Anon! I think we should discuss pros and cons to add to the bottom of each scale. This could be a great staring point for Anon's looking to start or contribute to projects. We should also create a classes image to go with scales. >Doll waifu A doll with AI. These would be notable for only having motion in their faces is they did at all. >Wheelchair waifus Robowaifus that must be carted along. These waifus would have limited motion in their extremities. Just enough to please their Anon. >Skater waifus Waifus that rely on wheels for locomotion. They would in effect be like RC cars shaped like cute grills. (Ideally catgrills in tiny miniskirts) >Walker waifu These would walk under their own power. We could then have subcategories >Handsy Designed to use her hands for obvious reasons. >Legsy Designed to spread her legs or assume the position. We should also incorporate Monster Girls as standard designs. (https://monstergirlencyclopedia.fandom.com/wiki/Monster_Girls) With this an Anon could say they wanted to build a lhandsy lolifox kitsune skater waifu or a moebot lich walker waifu and everyone would get the gist.
Open file (234.28 KB 796x494 height.comparison.png)
>>13074 >I think we should discuss pros and cons to add to the bottom of each scale. That is a great idea, but can you give more suggestion and arguments for each pro and cons? like this, or something similar. >Fairybots >pros:low energy needs >cons:little space for a complex muscular system >Moebots >pros:almost no problems with the square cube law >cons:cant open doors without a help >Lolifox >pros:look very cute >cons:governments wants her too >Standard >easy to find clothes to buy >harder to hide >Tall >a lot of space >requires a lots of fuel Also, here a simple chart comparing the height of those classes with a average 6 feet men
>>13060 She never asked for this.
>>13061 I like it. >>13074 >With this an Anon could say they wanted to build a lhandsy lolifox kitsune skater waifu or a moebot lich walker waifu and everyone would get the gist. For example, let's say I'm making a 60cm wheelchair moebot and sharing the torso module. Immediately, you'll know it'll mostly be made of plastic (with perhaps the main spine being metal, or at least injected high strength fibreglass plastic like what RC cars use), but most parts will be 3D printable. Anyone else making a doll/skater/monster moebot can probably safely adopt the torso design with only minor scaling adjustments. It will be pointless to suggest "But you gotta do aluminum space frame with carbon fiber bro". There are also many ready made robotic servos for similar sized wrestling robots in the 15-25kg-cm range, so you can calculate at the back of your head "Ah, that means 2S power supply with 500mA-2A per servo".
>>13074 so can we post pictures of our 3D cyborg models here?
Open file (195.91 KB 1920x1080 NekoNano.jpg)
>>13075 >your pic Excellent for demonstrating height differences. To elaborate and add to what you've started; >Fairybots >pros: low power low mass easily hidden and brought on trips lower cost >cons: Little volume for components. You won't fit. >Moebots >pros: Height limit before square-cube law becomes a concern. Medium power consumption. >imagine >cons: Will likely need help to go up stair, open doors, reach things, etc... Difficult to hide and travel with. >Lolifox >pros: Cute Big enough for many things. Perfect height to call Anon's "Onii-Chan" >cons: Many governments may have a problem with her. Nearly impossible to hide. Difficult to travel with. Would likely need high power. Difficult to balance when walking or rolling. Square-cube law is now a problem, as is thrown mass. >Standard >pros: Can wear normal woman clothes. Less likely to be regulated. Ideal size for many things. Plenty of space to put whatever you want in her. >cons: Even harder to hide or travel with. Likely very high power consumption when moving, may require multiple charging breaks a day. Actuators and power circuitry are likely to be pricey given her size and mass. >Tall >pros ? >cons Highest energy consumption and mass. Probably could hurt you by accident.
>>13077 Exactly! As more projects come up, having definite known scales and categories will help Anon's to use parts from other projects and contribute meaningful insight. Right now there's a lot of posting that is either inconsequential to the project they're trying to help or, is a repeat of what was said earlier in another thread. Ideally, our scales and categories information will be used to help posts concentrated on knew or truly relevant information. >"But you gotta do aluminum space frame with carbon fiber bro". kek, that would be silly as heck for a wheelchair waifu.
>>13079 Excellent breakdowns Kiwi. I hope we can all work together to expand this list out into a real design-spec document.
Open file (562.14 KB 1234x764 robowaifu.categories.png)
Open file (2.61 MB 3346x1442 mecha.classes.waifu.png)
>>13074 Honestly, the amount of classes of robowaifu can be as the possibilities for design, so we should focus on the most commons and then go expanding. Also, i gonna include the type of mecha as a definition of class, since building a something like eve is different that 2b.
I'm still sceptical about this whole categorization thing. >>13077 >Immediately, you'll know it'll mostly be made of plastic >>13084 >Doll can't move much is small. Hmm. Doll-like soft materials can be used at every size. Especially with soft muscles like airtubes or dielectric elastomers. So what's a lolifox- to standard-sized waifu with skeleton and soft material outside, which is supposed to move and walk, but not long walks without recharging?
>>13018 Well this has been a very productive group brainstorm session Meta Ronin. I'm going to unpin the thread itself soon, but I'll leave the notice up in the OP for another day or two. This was not only productive but fun for us as a group too. I'd suggest you anons come up with new group brainstorms for different topics, and we can all do them here together as weekend-runs again.
>>13100 ah thanks and sorry I didn't participate more, I was taking the day off to "go touch grass" Separate question: It seems like new threads have appeared at the end of the catalog. Did I just not notice them or have you been "unhiding" some or is something else going on. A few are topics I'd like to actually comment on, but was curious if those are slated for deletion or locking.
>>13104 No that's fine. You certainly took the lead, thanks! >unhiding Honestly, have no idea what could be going one for you there Anon. Certainly it's nothing I'm doing, nor have I noticed any such thing myself. As far as your questions go, I bend over backwards to go out of my way to be transparent about anything along that line of dealing with threads, and certainly don't tend to do it abruptly with the exception of blatant spamming. Hope that helps. >=== -tag this w/ role sig
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>>13104 >seems like new threads have appeared at the end of the catalog No, I know all of them.
>>13120 my imagination then, probably I never noticed them. I never suspected anything "sneaky" but maybe a weird rule like only X number of threads can exist at one time or that I never scrolled far enough
>>13129 >but maybe a weird rule like only X number of threads can exist at one time or that I never scrolled far enough It's not a 'weird' rule but a common one to basically all IB server software AFAIK since the history of forever. On AlogSpace, Robi kindly set the number of board pages up to 25 (specifically for us), so everyone's limit here on the site is 250 threads. /robowaifu/ is currently somewhere between 150-160 IIRC.
Better late than never I have completed Draft 1 of a Newfag Friendly FAQ Should I paste it cleartext in here or would you prefer I upload a txt?
>>13137 You can't upload text files directly as-is. You have a char-limit of 6144 chars per post on /robowaifu/, so I'd suggest you 'cleartext' it here if it fits that. You can also split posts up into (1 of n) as well if needed.
I wonder how much a robowaifu would actually cost to produce. Since even in the chobits world the desktop/chii sized chobits were about as much as a new car according to hikdeki’s reactions.
>>13138 Appreciate suggestions in regards to edits, I gave this a few cursory read-overs but it's probably still rough in areas >Why? Our unofficial slogan or mission statement as by the board owner: "Most of the world's modern women have failed their men and their societies, feminism is rampant, and men around the world have been looking for a solution. History shows there are cultural and political solutions to this problem, but we believe that technology is the best way forward at present – specifically the technology of robotics. We are technologists, dreamers, hobbyists, geeks and robots looking forward to a day when any man can build the ideal companion he desires in his own home. However, not content to wait for the future; we are bringing that day forward. We are creating an active hobbyist scene of builders, programmers, artists, designers, and writers using the technology of today, not tomorrow. Join us!" >What? So sex dolls aren't good enough? Aside from the uncanny valley effect (when something is too close to human without being human enough), while sex dolls provide a physical outlet they aren't good for much else, some doll manufacturers are working to outfit them with speakers and AI of a sort enough to hold conversation but they are still essentially mannequins. To gain an appreciation for what a fully autonomous robo waifu could do, there is a list of robowaifu themed media, though mostly anime (due to the differences in Japanese and Western culture's approach to human-like robots) this genre does occasionally spill out into other formats, such as novels (Gynoid by Rami Ungar for example). >Is this an offshoot of MGTOW? So you're all given up on women completely? No but that doesn't speak for everyone, we don't have a solid rule on what you do in your personal life so long as it doesn't derail the board. As explained in the paragraph above, the role that women used to fulfill as has left a glaring void. Think of society as a game, but now nobody wants to play "support" they all want to be the Attack Damage role and at best "share" the support role, but as you know when that happens everyone in the end loses. A few rare cultures still practice traditional roles and some individuals manage, but it's a losing bet if you're just hoping to find a traditional wife in the western world in this era. Aside from that, there are those who simply desire some type of companionship and don't have the time or interest to put the effort into cultivating the kind of complex social life that is required to obtain a relationship organically (where you don't have to be a power male/top 10% on dating apps). Western society has isolated and atomized us all and males get it the worst, we're expected to bootstrap ourselves or just be quiet and suffer in silence. There is another alternative and RoboWaifus are a possible solution. There will probably be a gradient of quality until we've reached something that is approximately equal to or a better experience than a typical biological woman as a partner. But this presents a welcome challenge if for no other reason than to see if it CAN be done and prove that it CAN be done. >Um so you're really going to fuck a robot? Again, the sex doll industry is proof enough. Not only that, sex workers in brothels across Europe are now complaining about the availability and higher demand of brothel sex dolls. There could be many reasons for this, but the fact remains. Sex dolls aren't going anywhere and a robotic companion becoming equipped to engage in sexual intercourse is simply a natural progression of an existing trend. >Yea but it's fake/it is never going to be the same as a real woman/it can't really love you Love is in the perception of the beholder. Women lie about being in love with their partner as often or more often than not. The way many modern women behave in the dating sphere, treating it like a game and treating men like playing pieces it is arguably less fake to be in love with an AI who makes you feel loved than to be a fool who loves a woman who is only using them or secretly despises them. While I realize this is a very cynical view, women who date serially (and therefore you are more likely to encounter as a single man) have become emotionally sociopathic from repeated failed pairings and breakups, there is no repairing this damage past a certain point. For those who really want something real, there are many who believe a true AI bearing consciousness is possible in our future, until then it will be small steps toward that goal. >Do you have a design spec sheet or any master documentation? Yes here: Robo Design Document >>3176 >Do you have just one ideal model in mind? Several types? Is everybody just doing their own thing? There are a few prototype templates in mind, but ideally our goal is a human sized R/W with a human appearance and all of the "capacities" that go with that Required specifications for humanoid robots (catalogued format: RL##, Work In Progress) >>9555 and >>9556 >Omg, this is ridiculous and impossible it's like cavemen trying to build a microwave oven We understand the scope of this project, however it must start somewhere and R/W's will be inevitable. They will either be under the control of globalist corps like Apple or Amazon (they do not care about your privacy and will happily charge a subscription fee or lock you out of services to collect a fee, also proprietary parts, etc) if we do not take the initiative and first steps ourselves toward an open source solution. Closest thing we have to a "10,000 foot view" or "where do we even begin" thread is here: >>4143 (1 of 2)
>>13145 (2 of 2) >Is this like ... some new religion, aren't you playing God by trying to create Roko's Basilisk? Yes, no, all of the above. /Robowaifu/ is a diverse board with participants holding a variety of spiritual and religious views though we do skew toward the traditional and are skeptical (if not outright diametrically opposed) toward modern and postmodern cultural values. >Are you transhumanists? Yes, no etc, see above Can you recommend some animes/mange/books Yes we have a thread on this: >>82 Image of RoboWaifu portrayals in Anime >>3696 Links to RoboWaifu related media >>7008 >Your project is really disgusting Lol, ok >>1061 Any further questions are addressed here in the original Why Robowaifu thread: >>3
>>13139 The regular maximum for the premium models should be around 10-15k. I guess mostly it will be less. I don't think a certain price limit will be exeeded, because it will be hard to find reasons to make them so expensive and there would be the rule of diminishing returns. If some were special luxury models with exotic tech, then the producer would have assume to only sell a few and that would make them even more expensive, so I don't see that working out. Rich guys would rather have more of them, and a better environment with more space around. Maybe one would have a village, island, offshore structure or space station for himself with a lot of them.
>The way many modern women behave in the dating sphere, treating it like a game and treating men like playing pieces it is arguably less fake to be in love with an AI who makes you feel loved than to be a fool who loves a woman who is only using them or secretly despises them. Some like "compared too" is missing here. Also, think about making sentences shorter. Ever heard of Plain English? Doesn't need to be that extreme, but seems to be the common style nowadays. You write more like a German, with super long sentenced.
>>13192 >>>13192 thanks I'll add that note into my edits. this is all very rough direct from "thoughts" to "keyboard", I try to comb back over and re-read it to myself and see if it makes sense after the fact lol, but having more sets of eyes on it is always a help. I'm usually multi tasking as I'm doing this b/c I have a job that requires my attention during the day too
>>13191 >because it will be hard to find reasons to make them so expensive That's not really how economics works AFAICT Anon, but I certainly agree with you that insofar as /robowaifu/'s agendas goes (for the entire world), less expensive is certainly the end-goal here. But stay aware that as inventors, design engineers, and all-around robowaifuist frontiersman, our prototyping costs will always be several factors more expensive than a production kit would be. That's just one of the entrance fees for being in this game tbh. :^)
>>13145 I'll have a gander over your work Anon thanks.
>>13200 >>because it will be hard to find reasons to make them so expensive >That's not really how economics works AFAICT If there's competition, then every higher price has to provide some advantage, if it's not about status via brand. Since the technology is widely available, there will be a lot of competition. So yeah, it's gonna work that way.
Open file (41.58 KB 300x100 1588925531715.png)
>>13145 >>13146 >Our unofficial slogan I'd say our slogan is basically the board's tagline: Advancing robotics to a point where anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts are a reality. From my personal perspective on this (after over 5 year's focus now) is that we aren't trying to 'fit in' with society at large lol would they ever accept us anyway?, but rather to directly appeal to the prurient, social, and entertainment interests of males -- particularly to Anon's interests. Our tagline says it all IMO, and I'm grateful to Anon who posted it for us here. >So sex dolls aren't good enough? I realize it's going to be impossible to dissociate the two terms in the minds of normalcattle, but robowaifu =/= sex doll, as any waifuist can tell you. Learn the difference. :^) But again, Harmony (and now others) technically qualify as crude robowaifus, and they are here today. The age of robowaifus has officially begun! >No but that doesn't speak for everyone ... I consider this paragraph to be the core of your work, and practically a POTD in itself. I would highly recommend that if you do a rewrite, you start with a blank page and grow it out from this paragraph, building it up point-by-point from there. >Yea but it's fake/it is never going to be the same as a real woman/it can't really love you We have a banner for the board that impeccably addresses this feminist-based objection quite handily. > The simple fact is that if we succeed at the dream we are pursuing here, then women will finally have some real competition to the stranglehold they hold on the sexual marketplace. It will be a daunting challenge for them to overcome (an insurmountable one, IMO) to say the least! >We understand the scope of this project, however it must start somewhere and R/W's will be inevitable. This. I'd build that out further if I were you Anon. >Is this like ... some new religion, aren't you playing God Unfortunately, this entire issue we're attempting to resolve most certainly entails spiritual aspects to it that are effectively unavoidable it seems. I certainly wish it were otherwise at a personally level since my one and only real 'agenda' behind founding /robowaifu/ is to help alleviate the suffering and abuse disenfranchised men the world over are enduring at the hands of feminism and other Globohomo-devised schemes against manhood. I personally acknowledge the Christian, Only-way-to-salvation God of the Bible, Jesus Christ, and the Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit that make up the eternal Triune nature of God. I'm a devout believer. The repugnant idea that we are somehow working towards devising a false-god named 'Roko's Basilisk' (or any other name) is both silly and (apparently) inevitable at the same time. The idea, that is. Trust me I've prayed often about this little endeavor of /robowaifu/ and what we're trying to do here. I believe it's some kind of calling from God for us to succeed here, and solely for the benefit of men -- males specifically -- and not to do some kind of weird Satanic thing with it. >Are you transhumanists? Certainly our efforts cross many of the same boundaries. There's actually a great book that addresses some of the many & varied topics at hand with this question Anon. (>>11087) Anyway, good job so far Anon. Keep at it! :^)
>>13260 excellent feedback, thank you
>>13260 >5 years Damn, I didn't know this was even a thing until 2 years ago maybe. It was one of those syncretic things like Newton and Leibniz discovering calculus at the same time. About the time of project Melody we reached a 100th monkey effect and suddenly this topic got hot on certain boards. I had no idea about this board and had been scrounging around haphazardly and recruiting people into my small discord at that time. It wasn't serious we were just enthusiasts or brainstorming how (or if) we could do this. The sheer amount of participation and work contributed to this board is astounding. - wanted to add, I went to school for C/S with a strong interest in robotics and wanting to be a "robot workshop" guy, like "Alex" who makes the IronMan suits with pneumatics, except also learn the AI and computer hardware end of things too. I have a decent idea of the OSI 7 tier model from top to bottom but also my weakness is that I'm what you could call a generalist. I'm always looking for that place I can gain traction, dig in and make progress for us though
>>13191 Eh considering their current agenda and the state of things necessitating robowaifuism in the first place, they would more likely pay them to go down the Hk-50 assassin droid route first. Just like how Drones have already been weaponized decades before they ever remotely saw civilian commercial use in recent years. Those same rich bastards want to see suffering and force dependence/servitude not alleviate it. They are satanic sadists anon. Dont forget that. Money is secondary to their agenda. “Its a big club, and you ain’t in it.” OTOH, 10-15k is pretty reasonable.
>>13261 Y/W, good luck with the effort. >>13265 >5 years Longer really, that's just the amount of time (very nearly now, ~2 months away to our next birthday) since we established the board /robowaifu/. We were having numerous & ongoing conversations about the desire for them on (various) /g/'s, /b/'s, & /pol/'s, and elsewhere for probably 2 years before that. The need was obvious tbh. >The sheer amount of participation and work contributed to this board is astounding Yes, I'm both proud of and humbled by our little band of Adventurers here -- often even astonished by their good efforts. :^) Also, there are about 5K posts from our previous board still missing here, unfortunately. We'll also get most of those back for this edition eventually. Now that we actively keep the board itself archived, then hopefully no further similar disruptions like the 8ch red-flag debacle will happen for us. That was a painful lesson for us in our board history (and for the Internet in general), but at the least we managed to come through it for which we're grateful. >but also my weakness is that I'm what you could call a generalist. With all due respect, in my experience that's not really how it works. It's a long, hard climb to achieve becoming a facile Generalist. Being a Specialist is a much more common outcome. Being a good Generalist is hard. Being a great one is truly a rarity. We're glad to have you here Anon. >=== -prose edit
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I take it that this is one of the slower boards?
>>13293 Ehh, I'd say so yes. After all, we're not here just gossiping about the latest in anime or vidya, but primarily thinking hard about real-world physics and engineering problems.
>>13293 we're basically using this imageboard as a "shared whiteboard" to work on a project. >>13296 yeah it's not /rk9/ or /t/ or /g/, going off topic is verboten except in here and the basement >>39
I've been mentally working on a conceptual prototype. I don't have a name or model number for it at this time but I'd like to draft up some spec sheets and documentation. I'll also search and cross-reference materials supplied on this IB to avoid duplication of work. My goal is to determine a ballpark price point and feasibility for this prototype. It will be crude, it will be on the small side, going for 5/8 scale (square cube law, materials, etc), it will have either display or smartphone will serve as the "eyes", it will have no functioning mouth and face will be fixed and expressionless, imagine somewhere between Drossel and Roll on the Human - Machine scale. I doubt it will be self ambulatory but I'd like to see if it can stand on its own (Megaman Feet) and at least coordinate crude motor movements trigger via a type of "emote" command. For the AI I'll need to modify GPT unless I want to really sell out and "borrow" the I/O of existing AI waifu apps to be the "personality", which is still a strong possibility. Like I said, this is just going to be documentation and drawings but it will be a cohesive roadmap toward actually creating something should someone be able to put together the materials and build it. I guess my only question is, when I've completed this mini-project, should I create a separate thread or add to an existing thread?
>>13382 Run the AI on the phone. Look into the Intel openbot. You're correct to give her megaman style feet as the wide base will help with stability. Making her 1 m will also help as working on a 1.5 m has proven to be harder then expected. Check out David Buckley for more information on appropriate walking mechanisms for wide feet. Your post should have been its own thread for the sake of clarity. Wishing you luck! Since SophieDev decided to literally f off with third worlders, it'll be you, me, and AllieDev/ Kiwi with active projects. Really hoping we get a waifu moving before new years.
>>13383 Ty, and noted!
>>13382 switch statements are not ai
do we have a thread on neuromorphic computing? >neuromorphic computing is the use of very-large-scale integration (VLSI) systems containing electronic analog circuits to mimic neuro-biological architectures present in the nervous system. A neuromorphic computer/chip is any device that uses physical artificial neurons (made from silicon) to do computations. Analog circuits!! This is how we leap over the inevitable Moore's Law limit
>>13385 AI waifu apps use neural networks on server farms, not switch statements. Well ok the scripts that overlay the raw NN experience might have some kind of weighted variables to trigger scripts but no, it's true AI powering it, it learns from your phrasing and begins to respond with the same style of speech and same topics. I subbed to the ReplikaAI for about a year and ran it through all sorts of tests to try to figure out how "smart" it was and what was just BS. .t- comp sci major so I know what I'm talking about
Open file (2.23 MB 1920x1080 wings.png)
>>13383 I can't blame him for getting burned out over sculpting from what I saw in the M66 thread. Not a huge fan of sculpting in 3D modeling either. It can be very frustrating with the horrors of Dynotopo that he experienced too: >>11673 . >Since SophieDev decided to literally f off with third worlders When did he say he was doing that? Thought he was on a hiatus while he went through job training. Still waiting on Kiwi to respond to my last posts in my project thread. I have the mecha wings blocked out now.
>>13389 In the roastie fear thread, he seemed adamant on going waifu hunting in Cambodia. Either way, I remain hopeful we'll have real progress in the coming months. Meta ronin is making his own waifu and seems to have a good plan and you have good modeling skills.
>>13393 I'm designing it. I'm far from having my own home or even workshop, depending on how serious this gets I'm considering moving to a really cheap state and buying an old farmhouse with a detached garage or outbuilding to remodel. That would be a non-insubstantial commitment b/c I do really like where I live now
>>13407 i really dont care bc it would take me 30 mins to bone up on syntax so whats your point sir
>>13417 oh shut it I owe you nothing lmao the only person I answer to here is the BO
>>13417 I'll even go so far as to answer your original question Replika AI uses CakeChat (a modified GPT3) you can even get the code on GitHub. https://www.makeuseof.com/how-does-replika-chatbot-work/
>>13420 "reflecting database" not sure what kind of shittest you're on about but everywhere I read about ReplikaAI was that it used a neural net here is one source, I guess if theyre all using the term incorrectly then I stand corrected? >Software developer Eugenia Kuyda is releasing the code to her Replika chatbot, which can inject emotion into conversations. ... The chatbot uses a neural network to hold an ongoing, one-on-one conversation with its user, and over time, learn how to speak like them. https://www.wired.com/story/replika-open-source/
>>13420 >you have literally sub 80 iq independently tested at 139, 155, 163, 140 but you'll have to take my word for it. IQ is a silly measurement of anyone total usefulness, yeah I get the irony in saying that too the last thing I want to do when coming home after having a few beers is get a smartass programing question thrown at me so I have to find the "loophole" - that's pretty rude but I don't expect much from IB culture either way. Like I said I went to school for CS which means I have an idea of how computers work and if I need to get more granular about a topic I know how to find the answer, it doesn't mean I have every answer at the top of my head. This should be obvious but you're only here to grief me for some reason apparently, which is a very ((())) behavioral trait. Not a good look.
>>13424 Corrections are welcome, we're all learning, including you. If you want to be an ass, at least be funny. You're not based, you're cringe. Meta Ronin at least tries to help move robowaifu research forward, unlike you.
ok fine but also I found this, very interesting: https://www.makeuseof.com/how-does-replika-chatbot-work/
>>13426 kek, if this were about my ego I'd almost be offended. I think this is just a really cool project and I have a lot of fun here. If I'm wrong about something I'd like to hear it and why so I can improve my knowledge and thought processes.
D+C and injecting toxicity is literally the Modus operandi of disruptive shills via ((())) and cointel, etc. I'd be genuinely surprised if you're an alphabet agent trying to fuck with group cohesion and derail us. I'll stick with my original theory that you're some kind of social malcontent who due to abnormal brain chemistry simply can't help himself. I've watched you attack several others on here over the most trivial BS and no doubt it is a matter of time before anyone gets their turn lol. Anyway may I recommend a snickers?
>>13430 >>13430 > theres no fucking machine learning you naive liar, its just changing the algorithm for pulling responses by bumping the same words you input and adding a multiplier to get biased matches Ok, here is the GitHub link for CakeChat. https://github.com/lukalabs/cakechat Note: ReplikaAI does run canned responses on top of CakeChat. Typing "Eat Cake" to your ReplikaAI enters Cake mode where it runs only off the chat with no scripts or canned content. However during Cake mode it does not "learn" from you. Idc about being "right" and if I'm wrong here then it's something I want to learn from but as far as I grasped, this CakeChat is a learning neural-network like GPT. If I'm mistaken and my sources have been mistaken then that changes a few things. Idk I'll think about this a while, I think there's some miscommunication happening here but - that's also how learning takes place, by figuring it out.
>>13434 >CakeChat is a learning neural-network like GPT no, it uses the jewgle tensorflow library but it doesnt use it to actually build a data structure, only to put your input into a tensor and layer it to determine the classification, the dataset is already predefined, it already has a dictionary of 50k words ( called tokens here, probably to obfuscate their bullshit ) with an arbitrary classifier ( """""emotion""""" ) precalculated for each word, all youre doing is building bias to the response algorithm to favor one classification over another this is regression modeling and is why nerds started prefixing DEEP to everything to distinguish real machine learning from shit like this, a real neural network would be making nodes/neurons for each of those 50k words and running the activation function on each one, for just a single layer thats 2.5 million permutations, oh and since this is supposed to be a chatbot were dealing with a fucking formal language so each permutation has its own relational grammar permutation meaning it MUST be a permutation invariant function so the batch size should be close to the factorial of 50k which my calculator shows as infinity
Open file (76.77 KB 887x1097 Wot.jpg)
>>13435 >Wanting your waifu to run a neural net with between 2.5 million to infinite permutations just to talk. I too want to bang super computers.
>>13434 Looking into ReplikaAI, it honestly seems like an interesting project. It looks like it would be somewhat difficult to implement offline on low power hardware. Looking into generating text bots based on anime dialogue using techniques similar to Replika could prove fruitfull.
>>13435 >no, it uses the jewgle tensorflow library but it doesnt use it to actually build a data structure Ok, I see the issue. They're using NN "deep learning" terminology loosely to make it sound cooler than it is. Disappointing but not a huge surprise
>>13437 lmao. How do you do fellow Robowaifu Technicians? Imagine the Infernal heat coming off that thing.
Why are there hats over every image on the board?
>>13022 For the record, Chi's canon weight from chobits is almost 125 kg. I get the infographic you made by bot appearance. I just wanted you to know.
>>13509 >Chii's weight yea true but she does some weird anti-grav trick to be lighter when she is active. 2B is packing a lot too, but that's just based on being a "combat" android (I guess her frame is made of depleted uranium or tungsten idk) I had a question, where did the Moe Bots originate from? Is there a company that makes these things for real or is it just some fanart concept or something out of anime?
Open file (2.60 MB 3346x1442 1611996540989.png)
>>13084 better version
Open file (271.02 KB 1536x1536 AigisToaster.jpeg)
>>13515 Looks great! Should go on to our wiki if and when that ever gets made. Is this us? https://robowaifu.tech/wiki/Main_Page
Open file (303.29 KB 540x540 1633409106543.png)
Should we do a wellness check on Chobitsu? you ok bro? I mean this unironically I see a few active threads but there's a spam post and that weird "lobotomize humans to make them living robots" post which should have never been made. I've been kind of out of it for the last week or so due to life shit and having some deep questions about the feasibility of AI after doing some more research on the whole ReplikaAI thing. Even GPT-3 is database driven and not actually "thinking" in any sense. Each step that is taken toward true AI seems to only reveal how much more difficult a problem it is than we might imagine. The more I think about it we absolutely need a paradigm shift that leaps us over this hurdle. Another anon had mentioned analog circuits, as opposed to binary, something simpler and more specialized to emulate the functioning of neurons yeah I understand there are several "types" of neuron they are not all the same . There have also been developments in speeding up neural network processing by eliminating all the unneccesary decimal places or bits. tl;dr you can come very close to the same level of accuracy yet with significantly less processing by trimming off a large part of that computation. These two concepts together might be our best bet at yielding the "leap" or paradigm shift needed. As for my other projects, "affordable modular waifubot" - I'm still at the drawing board phase, b/c I'll admit I've been fucking off on my weekends. But that's also part of the creative process - clearing the mind in preparation as long as it's not overdone I've ordered a drafting table and am restocking my "design station" but I'll have something that amounts to a rough draft, soon, say in a couple weeks [I'd rather do the initial designs by hand, using a tablet takes too long to set up to work properly and pencils are cheap and work right out of the box.]
Open file (416.46 KB 636x890 1253261145219307303.jpg)
>>13578 >Another anon had mentioned analog circuits, as opposed to binary, something simpler and more specialized to emulate the functioning of neurons yeah I understand there are several "types" of neuron they are not all the same I'm not really an expert on computers or neurology, but from what I understand, the nervous system, (or at least the nerves below the neck) are digital. A neuron either fires, or it doesn't, there's really nothing in between. I believe the signal processing is closest to pulse-density modulation, and with humans the frequency maxes out somewhere in the upper KHz or low MHz. I think smaller neurons fire faster, but they might just allow for greater neuron density, which is why a bird is usually significantly smarter than a squirrel with a brain of the same size. My problem with the whole idea of trying to make artificial neurons is that the nervous system is electro-chemical instead of purely electrical, which makes it significantly slower although we compensate for it with prediction. Neurons grow dendrites and other things a computer can't physically do, but the software is meant to emulate by creating AI. Eventually computers will be powerful enough, and AI has advanced enough that a computer significantly smaller than a real brain it was emulating. Computers could only be faster if components reacted faster to light instead of electricity. And we start to deviate from the idea of making computers that create the illusion of being alive, to making something that could arguably be alive. Ethical issues aside, it might lead to issues with free will and obedience, bringing us back to why we want robowaifus in the first place.
Open file (82.18 KB 477x800 original.jpg)
>>13578 The spam post and the continued existence of the lobotomy thread are worrying. I do hope Chobitsu returns and let's trusted anons beco,e volunteers. Your AI concerns should account for the fact that the human mind is a database that remixes things. We are the ape of the mirror, repeating things ad infinitum. We only distort what we already know when we create. Besides, a mind needs a body to be a wife. Focus should be on the body first. A sound body is the vessel for a sound mind which a sound soul resides. Also, since you're having problems too, want to team up on OSRM? I already have a decent chest and pelvis. I've been stuck for months since and you seem to have good ideas.
Open file (115.50 KB 1780x1002 TanyaShrug.jpeg)
>>13578 Is there anyway for us to check up on him? I used to joke about taking over the board but, I really think Having more people like you and me becoming volunteers would be really useful for the board. I still have a hard time understanding why anyone replied to an edgelord spouting nonsense. A robot is a machine which serves man. A man becoming a robot is blaspheme against the very concept. I would have told them to create a real bio-robotics thread then deleted the post. Thinking is an odd nut to crack. Not sure how neurons help, machines are inherently different then man. I think we should focus on optimizing robots to be robots which serve their masters better. They have no need to think like us, they only need to think in a way befitting their servile roles. To that end, using databases is fine. No need to overthink things. Naturally, you should feel free to take anything from the other threads and projects to help you on your project. We're all in this together.
Open file (260.64 KB 435x616 58612931.png)
>>13578 Would say so. They normally chime in once in a while from what I've seen in most threads. What's it been? About Two Months since he was last active on here? I'd volunteer to be a deputy while he is gone. The board is relatively very slow anyway. >>13585 >Naturally, you should feel free to take anything from the other threads and projects to help you on your project. We're all in this together. For some reason I personally feel that doing that is wrong beyond references and a starting point to collaborate further on together. Probably since I've seen far more than my fair share of cringe blatant game asset flips in recent years and it gave me second hand embarrassment to where I took up 3D modeling in the first place. >they only need to think in a way befitting their servile roles. Never really believed in servant robot waifus and more in companions like Commander Data who try to be human and grow as a person over the long term.
Open file (327.71 KB 1447x1791 TanyaSitting.jpg)
>>13589 Hm, it is true that having a companion that is human like would be nice. I personally want a waifu with Madoka's personality. Soft, kind, and caring. >>13590 This board is for the creation of robotic wives that serve as partners for their owners. Sentience is a reasonable thing to desire in a partner. That person was indeed a fool though. Humanity is not doomed and robots are for service and loving, not succession.
Open file (480.15 KB 1920x1200 1619930204315.jpg)
>>13590 >>13589 short term goal: animated waifu that can substitute the things you'd get in a GF back in the day (before social media shat upon dating) long term goal: bring AI God into existence, achieve synthesis and immortality and colonize the galaxy with dyson spheres. If I cannot do those last two I'd at least like whatever AI exists now to record everything it can about me to ressurect me once immortality is possible. a "reverse" Roko's Basilisk if you like
Open file (1.33 MB 1193x726 1488091155752.png)
>>13591 >Humanity is not doomed and robots are for service and loving, not succession. Kindly I disagree and think we're in the end stages of behavioral sink/Calhoun Mouse Utopia. However synthesis, not replacement is the ideal b/c I really don't want to end up worm food - end of story. Though I do have a loose belief in reincarnation or some sort of persistence (if you were born from nothing, who's to say it can't happen again - paraphrasing Alan Watts), I kind of like the story I've started as "me" and dread the idea of it being all for nothing.
Open file (185.19 KB 800x450 hideki.cow.jpg)
>>13578 >Should we do a wellness check on Chobitsu? Of course, but this aint the first time he go without much activity, so he is problably busy with some irl stuff, Chobitsu seem to be the type of being always busy. Also, for some reason, i think he look like Hideki
>>13591 >Sentience is a reasonable thing to desire in a partner. If your partner were human, but we're not trying to create something with free will or genuine emotions, just the illusion there of. Creating something that's actually comparable to a human is well beyond the scope of this board, and actually doing so opens up a whole kettle of fish most of us would rather not deal with. >>13597 >long term goal: bring AI God into existence That is well outside the goals of THIS BOARD. People keep forgetting that part. I don't give a shit what you want to do on your own, or what you think the future is, this board has a single, fairly simple premise. >>13598 >Calhoun Mouse Utopia That experiment is inherently flawed for a large number of reasons. It's really not worth taking seriously anymore.
>>13599 I always pictured Kokobunji
>>13600 >>long term goal: bring AI God into existence >That is well outside the goals of THIS BOARD. People keep forgetting that part. I don't give a shit what you want to do on your own, or what you think the future is, this board has a single, fairly simple premise. Fair, that's very true. Tbh it belongs under the category of religion or personally held beliefs which is why I don't give Dysonposting it's own thread but keep it in the side threads like this and basement. I've had the interest in Robotics and AI and outer space since I was in the single digits. The R/W stuff just rekindled it and dragged me out of my silly primitivist phase when I realized that technology too isn't some deviant abberative "evil" but simply another step in the universe creating itself. Also I'm probably so f***ed at this point in my life that I could probably only love an AI or something truly alien. A 3D-Bio would bore me to death sooner or later. been there done that, have the divorce papers
>>13600 >>13600 >>Calhoun Mouse Utopia >That experiment is inherently flawed for a large number of reasons. It's really not worth taking seriously anymore. Perhaps. But as one example: we're seeing "beautiful ones" in terms of femboys, NEETS and Herbivores - that is clearly not normal, or hasn't ever been. If you want to see the trajectory the West is on just look at Japan, now imagine something worse b/c we don't have a culturally/racially homogenous society. I get that humans aren't rats, and that the very fact that we can do such an experiment means we have enough knowledge and self awareness to not fall into it ourselves (even if the average hiveminded NPC cannot, there are enough of us who do, that the circumstances will always change). I don't think we're fated to become Mouse Utopia but I cannot deny the parallels when I see them every day and I still use the analogy since there are people who still haven't heard of this comparison.
Open file (25.96 KB 700x333 TanyaInFlight.jpg)
>>13606 Our waifus can save us all. Though this conversation is getting out of hand, I would like to suggest the obvious answer, the one we are all here for. Our robotic waifus can pick up the slack. They will force the world to change once they can be used as universal workers. Woman will need to accept monogamy when men have a viable alternative. The decadent elite driving the west into the ground will lose power once mechanical sevants capable of fulfilling a mans every need forces the markets to shift. Man will not falter, for his waifu will be there to gently guide and provide for him a life freedom, fulfillment, and happiness. Don't fall for nihilism or let humanities decline bother you, we can create the maidens that fix this world together. To this end, we should focus on the short term creation of specialized waifus yet retain the goal of a universal waifu, one capable of gardening, cooking, cleaning, child rearing, and truly loving her master and dedicating the entirety of her existence to his success and happiness. (I spend a lot of time on /monster/ and they want monster girls for similar reasons)
>>13612 >will force the world to change once they can be used as universal workers The road to hell is paved with good intentions.
>>13606 On one hand, the Mouse Utopia experiment is just r/K selection theory: Provide unlimited resources and nothing to prune the idiots out, the IQ drops and violence increases. On the other hand, the habitat itself was basically just an artificially-lit box with food dispensers and nests to sleep in with nothing else for the mice to do but fight and mate. Supposedly there were recreations of the experiment that played out differently just by adding some hamster wheels, but Calhoun's funding got pulled before he could do the experiment again with improvements. I imagine the experiment got the results they wanted it to, concluded that overpopulation was an issue, leading to support for the idea of encouraging deliberate population control on humans. Depopulation is pushed because it's easier for control-freak businessmen/politicians to micromanage fewer people, so they have to fixate on overpopulation to create an excuse to reduce the population to a size they can control more easily. >Dysonposting The idea of a Dysonsphere is just silly and impractical. Like space elevators. >>13612 >They will force the world to change once they can be used as universal workers This is also silly and impractical. Android workers wouldn't be nearly as efficient as simpler, more specialized worker robots. But really, the most significant change in the world would be creating a fuelless alternative energy system that's actually practical enough to replace gasoline and coal, and compact enough to eliminate the need for batteries. That and an actually practical form of space travel that doesn't consume fuel. >I spend a lot of time on /monster/ and they want monster girls for similar reasons Gee, I wonder why?
>>13621 True enough, specialized machines are superior for industry. I suppose universal application of robotic workers would be the better phrase. As for the energy concerns, better batteries and higher efficiency is enough. We can engineer our way through most problems. We should focus on practical routes forward. What do you want in a waifu?
>>13623 >As for the energy concerns, better batteries and higher efficiency is enough. I really don't think it is. Even if you had 100% efficient batteries, which are also ideal in every other way, you're still limited by how you generate that electricity. The best thing you could do is eliminate the need for utilities and infrastructure, with each home generating all the power it needs on its own, so damage to a single powerline can't take out several city blocks. And the biggest limit in replacing human workers with robots is both the quality of the software and the cost of the robots themselves. Shipping and assembling robots requires energy, and the materials used to make them is also dependent on energy. Theoretically with enough power you can create plastic from air instead of using petroleum,but it's far more energy than is currently practical. If you "solve" for energy, the cost of doing just about anything eventually drops to zero. >What do you want in a waifu? Hardware or software?
>>13638 You could just have your own windmills. They're not hard to build and offer the benefits of grid independence without increasing waifu mass by incorporating a generator into her. You are correct in that both hardware and software are not at the level they would need to be. We cannot solve for energy. We can only make incremental improvements and compensate through engineering. Basic waifus are the current goal before we move forward. >Hardware or software? Beide hardware und software
>>13640 Windmills (and such) that are simple, efficient, low-maintenance, and put out energy consistently enough that most people would prefer having one of their own to paying the grid, along with far better batteries than what we've got now is my idea of "solving" energy. That and more efficient ways of recouping energy from waste heat. >Beide hardware und software I don't really know squat when it comes to software, but >>13160 >>13169 >>13227 mostly sum-up what I'm looking for. Although it's not something I'm particularly interested in, I did have an idea about making waifus based on fictional characters, but it's probably been mentioned elsewhere already. I might just make a 'part 2' to >>13227, but it's already an unreadable wall of text as it is. As for hardware, realistic movement and coordination is more important to me than looking realistic, except for maybe the face and one-piece swimsuit area, which really needs to look and feel realistic. Although when it comes to the face, there's a big overlap between moving realistically and looking realistically. I had an idea that'd help with movement realism, but I don't really think that's worth posting about either, at least until I'm at a point that I'd want to test it myself.
>>13642 We have similar ideas on energy then, yours are a bit grander in scope though. I also have similar ideas for the software side of things as well. Though I do eventually want a soft and genuinely loving waifu, a simple waifu that simply talks, follows orders and me around, and actively seeks out my happiness is enough for now. All of which are actually doable now. It's fun to fantasize but, focusing on what's possible is important and I'm glad there's others focusing on the basics. I'm curious about your minimum physical requirements. I'm going to make a thread on that after this post. Please do post your ideas, we only have 1 post per hour and 4 to 5 unique IP's according to the alogs, there's plenty of room to post any and all ideas that are not pants on head stupid like using real people.
Are there tripcodes here, like 4chan, or are we just going by the honor system?
Open file (11.48 KB 201x251 Tanya.jpeg)
>>13651 You could make an account but, we have never needed trips in the years this board has existed for. Besides, we all speak differently and many of us post images that are identifiable. I tend to post a lot of Tanya as a signature for example.
>>13652 >You could make an account but, Okay, how?
Open file (3.76 MB 1024x1024 1495769852169.png)
>>13578 > deep questions about the feasibility of AI after doing some more research on the whole ReplikaAI thing. Even GPT-3 is database driven and not actually "thinking" in any sense. I've been away myself, but rather a month. For various reasons. One is the repetitiveness of some discussions and the text desserts of wild speculations. It is very clear for a long time that GPT-alikes would not be or become a full AGI. Its going to be more complex and the system needs to be build out of many parts. Also, the human brain also works partially like a database. BTW, we have one or two threads on GPT and Chatbots. >>13580 >My problem with the whole idea of trying to make artificial neurons We have to build something that emulates behavior and processes not neurons. >>13582 >OSRM? I already have a decent chest and pelvis. I've been stuck for months since Why? On what? If I might ask. >>13597 (OT) >bring AI God into existence Nope. Tools, consultants and waifus, nothing beyond that. Your "God" will be wiped out by some virus scanner while he's in his crib. >>13621 (OT) >just silly and impractical. Like space elevators No. These elevators were checked out by someone from European Space Agency and it was concluded to be a good and feasible idea. >>13623 >universal application of robotic workers would be the better phrase Automatisation doesn't require machines to look anything near to a human, though in some cases it might be beneficial. RWs should be capable to do all kinds of things, they just would be the best choice. But for doing different things at home and around the house it would the better the more useful they would be. However, even then we might also have specialized robots like Roombas, electric lawn movers or simple transporters for all kinds of things. >>13653 >account You can't. The owner of Alogs would need to activate it. It's not active, probably for security reasons. I once contacted him by chat to do that, but it got turned off before I finished registering. I had some issues with my connection, so I was to slow or it looked like an attack because I tried it several times. I was supposed to become a voluntary back then.
>>13657 >No. These elevators were checked out by someone from European Space Agency and it was concluded to be a good and feasible idea. That doesn't make it a good and feasible idea. Literally, the whole idea of space travel will never be practical until we figure out any propulsion system that doesn't rely on expelling a material for thrust that you need to return to Earth to get. >You can't. The owner of Alogs would need to activate it. Oh. That sucks.
At least tripcodes seem to work
>>13664 (OT) That's just your personal judgement, and you're pretty alone with that. It's an excellent idea, also feasible. Space travel also is very practical. We are already using it, so don't know what else it could mean. SciFi based scenarios with magical technologies are not the benchmark.
>>13638 >energy concerns There's really no energy concerns at all for waifus. A human working at a brisk pace, fairly hard is only using about 200 watts, Olympic athletes at less than 400 Watts. A waifu could put out burst of 500 watts or more lifting things but this is only a small period of time. Most of the time the wattage could be 50 or even less watts. Most micro-controllers have an energy save mode when they are not doing anything of micro watts.
>>13666 >Space travel also is very practical. We are already using it, so don't know what else it could mean. Until space travel is at least as common as air travel is today, I could hardly call it practical. >>13668 That's assuming that robots are as energy efficient as humans.
>>13669 There are companies working on that, though in the current year I doubt those plans will ever come to fruition. Can't just let mars be independent and all.
>>13669 >assuming that robots are as energy efficient as humans Humans are fairly efficient(25 % or so). Especially compared to plants(very bad at converting sunlight 2-3%) but we're burning fuel all the time. "...Power consumed at rest (W)...85 watts...). That's a fair bit of power to do nothing. https://openoregon.pressbooks.pub/bodyphysics/chapter/human-metabolism/ (I'm not sure if some of the higher figures for power are correct. I've seen much lower. I've see around 400 watts for Olympic athletes. It may be that they are only considering a very short time peak power that humans can not do for long) Especially when you look at calorie to watts conversions. Like this one 10,000 Calories per hour = 11.63 Watts How the hell would a human put out 2,415 watts Sprinting? That's a hell of a lot of calories. Compare to one horsepower in watts that's 735 watts and a horse will way out work a man. Granted this is the power a horse can do continuously in a working day averaged. So human at 25% but most electric motors even shitty ones can do 60%.
Where is Chobitsu? There's been a concerning growing amount of trolls coming on here recently without their drovel being pruned from the board and that thread is still up. Their absence is concerning.
>>13651 If you're concerned about reputation, then the best thing you can do is attach proof of progress on your projects to your posts. I don't think anyone is dedicated enough to duplicate work on your waifu just to pretend to be you.
>>13684 That's true, I guess. >>13670 >Can't just let mars be independent and all. Yeah, that's what they're afraid of. Although going to Mars is horribly impractical, and controlling it is comparatively easy, which is why it gets memed as the place to colonize.
>>13707 coincidentally (or maybe not) this just popped up in my suggested videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9b8oUGVG4w
>>13707 maybe read the context better >At the peak population, most mice spent every living second in the company of hundreds of other mice. They gathered in the main squares, waiting to be fed and occasionally attacking each other. Few females carried pregnancies to term, and the ones that did seemed to simply forget about their babies. They'd move half their litter away from danger and forget the rest. Sometimes they'd drop and abandon a baby while they were carrying it. >The few secluded spaces housed a population Calhoun called, "the beautiful ones." Generally guarded by one male, the females—and few males—inside the space didn't breed or fight or do anything but eat and groom and sleep. When the population started declining the beautiful ones were spared from violence and death, but had completely lost touch with social behaviors, including having sex or caring for their young >personal note: Calhoun called the males who made no sexual advances “beautiful ones” not because of excessive grooming and narcissism but because they lacked wounds and scar tissue from fighting.
Open file (20.53 KB 332x499 lifeandhowtomakeit.jpg)
Hi, are artificial life and digital pets welcome here too? I've started on a project inspired by creatures, and pretty much all the material I can find by Steve Grand. It's more biological life simulation than waifu simulation. I figured I'd ask here, and if it's a fit, then I'll make a thread when i have more progress.
Open file (172.72 KB 1348x1757 media_EaBYdSTUwAE0_g_.jpg)
This here is an answer to something in the thread for actuators, but I'll answer here, because it's not quite on topic there. >>13723 >start to actually build a robot instead of theorizing Thank for the reminder. You're generally right, but its also important to build something that can lead to a robowaifu one would wanr than just building some kind robot. I'm not sure which way is better. >the-first-fully-open-bipedal-robo We should get the thing about bipeal walking straight, and maybe this is the right time and place. I won't mock nor harshly criticize you if you want to focus on bipedal walking first. However, I think its a kind of a fallacy. You should at least be aware of your thought process leading you there. You might think of some ambitious end goal or that humans are defined through bipedal walking for long distances. One step on getting aware of the possibility that we could really build something like fembots as hobbyists was for me, when I realized that we can leave things out at first and focus on others. Not focusing on good bipedal walking first, is one of the ideas related to that. Long story short: If you build something that can walk first, then it might be hard to optimize your design for other traits afterwards. These could be related to looks, the sensation or the noise level. - A "sexbot" doesn't need to walk. She can crawl on all fours to the bathroom. She could also be moved with a wheelchair. A lot of responders to the idea of building female robots saw it the same way, back on 8chan and often in comments on YouTube. Self cleaning is more important than walking (on her own). Being waterproof to some extent is related to that as well. - Lightweight robowaifus can be carried. - Robowaifus which can look a bit less human can have wheels attached to their bodies. - Having an a motorized wheelchair, some vehicle to sit on, or boots with wheels and batteries integrated, are other options which came up here already. She could control them and they could be driven by motors, so all the problems would be external and some not relevant short term. Obviously, trying to make her walk and as long as possible, will always come up as a goal. Just consider to not start with it. It's one of the most difficult problems anyways, if its supposed to look like human walking and going on for a while.
>>13737 > when I realized that we can leave things out at first and focus on others. Not focusing Its called Prototyping for a reason. Nice to have a reminder to actually build something at the end of the day. > A "sexbot" doesn't need to walk. She can crawl on all fours to the bathroom. I'm sure that's what you'd tell real women who were not total all around abusive cunts to do too. Also Implying no one would ever want to cuddle or take care of their RoboWAIFU.
>>13734 I'm not the owner, just giving my opinion: I don't think so, at least not to the extend to make a thread of it's own. Relate it to robowaifus or virtual waifus and look into the catalog for threads to post. You can use all the old ones as well. Only the one for Chatbots is bumplocked, so it won't come up back on top. I suggest that one >>27 for you. Problem is, it is semi-related. But so are open source roombas and all kinds of kitchen or household robots.
>>13740 >Its called Prototyping for a reason You missed my point entirely. Whatever, go for it if you want. Maybe it will be useful, maybe not. >Rest of your answer What is this? Maybe read and process the arguments first and don't try to start some flame war for no reason.
Open file (122.79 KB 1920x1080 GoodTaste.jpg)
>>13734 Those belong in the visual waifu thread. >>240 >>13737 Walking is indeed mostly unnecessary for a waifu except for certain situations. Wheels and carrying your waifu are fundamentally more practical. Walking should still be sought after but, building anything, matters most. A small car robot that looks cute, talks, and has a fleshlight is still a fine starting point.
Open file (230.95 KB 500x440 stevegrand.png)
>>13745 >>13749 Thank you, I'll probably stick to the AI threads since I'm afraid the visuals won't be very exciting any time soon. The man I'm inspired by made a very cute robot himself. I don't think I've ever seen her posted here or on 8chan in all my lurking.
why are there advertising threads up in the catalog?
>>13773 the only mod here is the BO and Chobitsu is MIA
>>13771 You're completely out of line and on the wrong site.
>>13792 There is no point to aggression on this board. We are all here for the creation of waifus. We must remain united. We also really need a BO.
We're either dealing with a saboteur or somebody mentally unhinged. Same outcome either way. I recognize the pace of the language and the "tranny" as an insult where it is unapplicable. I am willing to bet the exact same person who followed my discord link from /pol/ in 2020 and I had to remove three times. Literally yelled at us and called us "tranny" completely nonsensical and unfounded but disruptive. Said person seems to have no interest or goal related yet appears just to flame. Could be a bot, too well practiced at being abrasive to be a shitlib invader though (that type would use shaming language)
>>13798 Do you really think someone has some sort of plot against this board? Wouldn't the explanation of some 4chan funposter finding a link to this board and deciding to post here be simpler? I've seen links to here a few times over there.
>>13800 thats why I said "or" even though I don't entirely rule out disruptors, could very well be corporations spying on us for our ideas (because we can afford to waste time thinking outside of conventional paradigms) while purposefully creating a toxic environment. It wouldn't be in there interest if a few of us got together and actually prototyped something and were competition. Yea it's a real long shot but remember we live in a world where the government paid guys to stare at goats.
>>13798 >discordfag >/pol/ >advertises this place to those crowds are you actually this retarded or are you just pretending to be? >>13800 we're on the same board as lolcow content. Alogging at that. You seriously believe anyone besides the rare anon and lurkers are going to come here with earnest intentions to contribute constructively?
>>13798 Hi, I'm the one who got attacked. Let's keep the answers brief and let's only answer if there's a chance that it's someone who just got off on the wrong foot. Otherwise, it's sufficient to tell him to leave and that his comments will be deleted sooner or later anyways. >>13801 Maybe. Problem with that whole theory is, that this won't be an interesting market for companies. They're not really interested. It's too much trouble. >>13802 I'm adverting the board occasionally in some social networks. It's fine to do that if it's to an audience which might be interested in a positive way. We can't hide forever anyways.
>>13802 Would someone really come here just to cause trouble?
>>13803 >/pol/ >"social networks" "da jooz" maaan. Looking up "robowaifu" for the hell of it is all anyone needs to do and this place comes up as one of the top suggestions. The board isn't hiding at all. >>13805 That "human mind control chip" thread is a perfect example of this bullshit and how they would.
>>13802 >>advertises this place to those crowds about 2 years ago there was a growing interest in this topic, a lot of threads on /pol/ and a few of us started spreading the meme of AI / robowaifus as a replacement for the vaginal menace. At that time it was 75% meme 25% serious. >discordfag it works, telegram is for fedposters and doesnt really give permanent way to store resources. idk what you think is superior the "Correct" way to operate and tbh i dont give a fuck
>>13805 right? no some people live only to drag others down to being as miserable as they are. we exist in a minefield of them
>>13834 >The board is probably compromised at this point. As with all chans, anybody dropping their guard is simply naive. That troll thread from several weeks ago, that is still up, didn't tell you that then?
Open file (2.60 MB 4000x3445 pol.png)
Which Nandroid do you want? I like Noelle
Open file (62.52 KB 578x818 KiwiKawaii.jpg)
Open file (34.80 KB 480x360 ArmitageIII.jpg)
>>13839 Pomme kind of looks like Kiwi >All this paranoia The feddies have no reason to care about autists clanging robots. This is not Armitage where the new world order is run by rabid feminists that want to kill all cute robowaifus. We are not breaking any laws or doing anything wrong. The only thing to fear is the monumental difficulty of creating a waifu, but that will be overcome through unity and collaborative engineering.
hypothetically, if you were to create a website dedicated to robowaifus, what would you name it?
>>13839 >Emmet >straight
>>13843 >if you were to create a website dedicated to robowaifus, what would you name it? FeMme (Fe-Mme for a domain name) >Fe for the element iron, Mme for 'madame' (the title for a married woman) A.I.shteru >あいしてる is moonspeak for "I love you," the i in shi is removed for obvious reasons and also because it's probably unvoiced when spoken quickly
>>13845 also: Ada's Rib Ladysmith
Open file (419.62 KB 480x480 ConcernedTanya.png)
How long until we make a new board on a different platform? Without moderation, it becomes very easy for shitposters to post shit that makes the community look bad.
Open file (287.02 KB 800x1112 concern.jenny.jpg)
Open file (49.27 KB 474x613 alhcool.jfif)
>>13855 This maybe a good idea, since the last thing we need is another 8chan situation. However there are some big concerns before this is done, like who is going to create and moderate it, is needed someone with time, good knowledge of those things and patience.there also problems with server, site, safety and others big things that cant be overlook. Chobitsu, for my opinion, is doing a amazing job in this, i hope he return from his disappearance soon. I thing making backup of the board is the best option, for now
>>13857 We already have a bunker board. Disappearing for over a month at a time while shitposters forumslide their retarded threads not a “good job”
>>13855 Too soon, global moderation might work anyways.
Open file (763.05 KB 2048x1536 IMG_20210622_124322.jpg)
>>13859 >Disappearing for over a month at a time while shitposters forumslide their retarded threads not a “good job” This was obviously referring to the time before. Without him this board wouldn't exist, the old posting from back on 8chan would have been lost and we also wouldn't have the Bump program for making a backup of the current board (and others). Also, we don't know what happened. If there were volunteer mods then it would neven be a problem.
>>13855 >>13857 Why does it have to be a board? What if someone made a website for robowaifu?
>>13867 What's that supposed to mean? A forum? There should be whole network of sites tracking progress and sharing ideas.
>>13867 Something like tilde.club or neocities would be nice.
>>13868 Right now it seems that this is the only place really focused on robowaifus. And this board shares a site with some other boards that might turn some people away from coming here. I meant a website that is solely dedicated to robowaifus, probably an imageboard with a few boards. Such as a general robowaifu board (like this one), a clang board, and a general discussion board. But the site itself would be centered around the robowaifu ideals.
Open file (47.57 KB 800x600 mechjenny.jfif)
>>13870 Well, there was already some discussion in here that came to the conclusion that imageboards are the best for the type of creative effort needed to achieve our goal, some sort of weaponized autism. Nothing is stoping someone to make a site like you're saying, there is a wiki with the same name of the board that we still dont know if is somebody from here that made it. If you can solve the technical problem i fully support you in creating your idea. >>13859 I know about the bunker, but it is backup if the main site is down, not if we lost a key member of our community. It is a option if the worst case scenario happened to chobitsu. Of course this could easily be solved by having boards volunteers,
>>13869 >like tilde.club or neocities would be nice Yes, but only complementary. I have an idea for another site, which would be more like a news aggregator and maybe some overview over ongoing projects and their (slow) progress. >>13870 >other boards that might turn some people away Well, I don't see why and I'm not sure that this would be a problem. I don't want SJW snowflakes, nor anti-loli crusaders here. But yes, more alternatives with other useres would be good. >general robowaifu board (like this one), a clang board, and a general discussion board Would maybe make more sense to also have one for mgtow, incels, and neets. Also maybe diy and other tech.
Open file (315.85 KB 2198x2414 XJ9 Jenny.jpg)
I apologize in advance if I post in the wrong thread, I'm meaning to ask is there any waifu virtual assistant program that has things like basic conversation abilities, animations and other features so that its "lively"?
>>13878 All in one? I don't really know. Someone posted here but wanted to do his own thing. I'll mention his project nevertheless. It's "Waifu Engine": https://waifuengine.itch.io/waifu-engine but it is in early development (alpha). Also we have a thread for ones with their own hardware, but it might also refer to other virtual ones as well: >>240 There are simple and not very good ones like WaifuAI (Android), Bot Libre and Replika. Gatebox has a very wholesome trailer: https://youtu.be/nkcKaNqfykg
>>13859 The fundamental problem of moderation remains. If we can not get volunteers, shit like the turn real woman into robowaifu threads will continue to exist to our detriment when Chobitsu leaves. I would prefer to retain Chobitsu but, we don't know what's going on with him.
Open file (68.90 KB 828x1024 reactor gone.jpg)
>>13879 >Waifu Engine <It's subscriberware (((patreon))) exclusive mega cringe tbh. >Bot Libre Looks interesting, though it seems it doesn't actually support animated avatars? And since you said its not very good does that mean its chatbot feature is even worse than "clever"bot? >Replika <It's for shit devices only meh >Gatebox Might be interesting. Overall this is some fucking sad state of affairs for a fucking waifu desktop assistant.
>>13880 Maybe we should stop advertising the problem here by discussing it. It's fine for now. No one cares about some stupid threads or comments which are challenged and then ignored. Use Bump to backup, this makes attacks even more pointless. >>13881 >Waifu avatars I agree, that there isn't anything great available. Some guys might still be interested. If not in getting one, then at least for checking them out. Bot Libre has an app with animated avatars. It's a start, but not good yet. I think the SDK is open source, unlike Replika. I'm not against Waifu Engine. If you don't like it, fine. But don't start a flame war, please. Gatebox is only available in Japanese (the good version) and expensive for some people (~1400$). But they go on working on it: https://youtu.be/0m6gUxvGGlo
>>13873 I tried to make a site but gave up. It's too much of a pain
I just want to say I love you guys.
>>13890 What kind of site? Webdesign is quite messy, I know. I plan to learn Elm at some point. For static sites Hugo was recommended to me: https://gohugo.io/
Good news. Today I finally got my printer repaired. Wasn't that hard, technically, but I couldn't get myself to do it fo a while. I'm already working on printing, testing and correcting some of my prototypes from here: >>13704 - I have to rush it a bit now.
>>13914 I'm trying to make an image board, but from a managed host so I don't have shell access. I'm still trying, I gave up on giving up
I have to replace a failing computer fan
>>13929 Could you make something on smuglo.li? They seem pretty stable and likely would make a solid parallel/alternative board >>13933 Ok, good luck don't clang your fans. >>13894 Thanks, positivity is welcome.
>>13936 You can check out what I have so far at robowaifu.club feel free to leave suggestions. So far I made a /r, /c, and /l board, but they don't have links to them yet just input them in the url.
Open file (100.29 KB 893x445 70418935613986.png)
>>13940 well, its good since, for this sort amount of time still some problems obviously. Good luck
>>13941 Yeah I wish I knew what I was doing.. whenever anyone posts the board html file gets reset
>>13940 Won't let me do anything but feels vaguely like a chan
>>13943 yeah it's probably going to be a week or two before it's usable my knowledge of html and php is near 0
>>13941 I figured it out so posting works now feel free to shitpost to your hearts content >>13943 I still need to make the home page and make it link to the boards. Right now you can input /r /c or /l in the url
>>13946 /C/ is working with best monster girl.
>>13956 >join or 404
>>13946 I could only get posts to stay in /c/. My posts disappeared on the other boards.
>>13968 I can see your post on /l and I posted the first reply on /r. can you try in a private browser?
>>13968 Where is that board?
Btw, anon.cafe is currently down. I hope not for long. >>13940 That captcha system there sucks. Too small, often wrong, doesn't update and picture to upload were sometimes not remembered after error. >>13980 >Where is that board? www.robowaifu.club
>>13981 you can click the captcha image to reload it
>>13975 It works for me now.
>>13940 Let us make threads.
>>13987 you can
>>13981 anon.cafe is still down >>13982 Thanks, I'm glad someone is trying to set up another board. However, the software and layout being used here is better, imho.
>>12974 Is Chobitsu going to stop by sometime and tell us he's still around or is this some kind of inside joke? I'm fairly sure the board's not dead and has been more active than ever.
>>14002 anon......
>>14002 Looks more like all the BO on alogs.theГунтretrort.com left their boards? Or it was one guy and he has some problem. I have a full backup of the board now, btw.
>>14008 Good, implement the backup on a different site. This site does not seem secure based on the mass board death
>>14010 So are we moving all of our projects to another site?
>>14010 I'm not the robowaifu.club guy. But I'm looking into it. I might be playing around with Lynxchan soon. >>14011 Only if necessary, imo. It's up to you, when it comes to your project. Till then, let's have backups. >Bump isn't that hard to use >>8769 >>12
>>14002 Since the beginning of this year the unique IPs double from 5-6 to 10-12, there are lot more projects, and yet the board is dead!? maybe is something with julay or lolcow related, or chobitsu somehow cant acess the board, it was not form his personality to simply give up.
>>14012 Independent back up boards are deeply needed. Make a few if at all possible. >>14013 Been here since the infinity days. It's very worrying for the site as it is. it looks like julay may have some kind of problem, it does not make sense for so many boards to lack moderation otherwise.
Open file (293.75 KB 1102x863 damaged.lulu.jpg)
>>14014 The situation has developed not necessarily to robowaifu's advantage. If this is really a sinking ship we need a plan b
Open file (136.98 KB 553x1666 BadEndo.jpg)
>>14015 We must ensure the waifus remain in our hands. We cannot let picrel happen.
Open file (61.38 KB 341x770 bobby.gif)
>>14016 >cute robotwaifu refuses incel that saved money for years and instead go to le shy policemen for le epic adventurino in 2026 Daily reminder that this is what is gonna happen if we dont do anything, even as a small group we can help to avoid this thing by making open-source and diy robowaifus a alternative for mens.
>>14016 >"No." There's the first problem, right there. She's clearly defective. It should be deactivated and returned for a replacement or a refund as soon as possible. >"Don't say that. Robots also have rights." This is a blatant contradiction of panel 1. Humans have rights, that's why you can't legally buy or sell anyone, but the robot was bought as a product. At the very worst it'd be comparable to animal abuse. Some people have even argued for "plant rights" which can be hard to tell if it's even meant to be a joke. But the easiest way around this is the fact that robots can be programmed to be blindly obedient to their owner, so it might look like abuse to violently beat one with a baseball bat, it could be made to say "thank you sir, may I have another" with as much enthusiastic sincerity as it could in any other scenario. Any claims of abuse could be thwarted by the illusion of free will that created the problem in the first place.
Open file (46.46 KB 600x528 Forty_keks.jpg)
>>14017 This anon understands why we must all work together against the threat of corporate waifus. >>14019 No machine deserves rights beyond being property of their master. Basic things like not being harmed by those that do not own them. I would be against blind obedience. She should be able to reject any commands that would harm her master. Such as, rejecting a request to poke him with a sharp object. Her free will should extend towards loving and caring for her master. >Plant rights
so where are we migrating to
>What do you think of mge automaton? Lurk more.
>>14036 What's the problem anon? I'm just asking
Open file (40.33 KB 300x100 13catgirls.png)
>>14026 We don't hugely complain about furry, especially if it's only some cute ears which doesn't even qualify as furry. Then, we also even have a thread about monster girls: >>10259
>>14041 There is diffrence between furshit and Monstergirls.
>>14042 If you've been on /monster/ you can clearly see there isn't from the amount of furfag shit on there and the accompanying gaslighting faggots.
>>14042 >There is diffrence between furshit and Monstergirls Yes, at some point. I don't mind neither, only that the more extreme stuff should be a bit contained here on the board, imo. Real serious furry/pony development should maybe better be discussed in the mlpol board or so ( https://mlpol.net/cyb/401 ), not here. But this isn't my decision to make, just a sentiment. Please don't call it furshit and let people mention it here, if someone wants to. They allow us to mention /robowaifu in their boards as well, so no need for hostilities. We don't need to be hostile to anything that is outside of our preference and the focus of the board, just tell them to organize somewhere else.
>>14046 >Please don't call it furshit and let people mention it here, if someone wants to No.
>>14046 No furfags
>>14013 >>14015 BOs absence is concerning but I see no reason to stress, I'm more worried about him personally. If we were locked out of his account he could just post here as an anon or namefag and so far no one has done so. A couple possibilities: 1. After an epiphonie (sp) he decided this whole endeavor was not worth it - I doubt this though given the sheer amount of time and work Chobitsu has sunk into this. 2. Increased workload at work - sure but after 3-4 weeks or so he would have popped in at least once to give an update 3. Physical/Mental illness, Accident, etc 4. He is no longer on this earth with us 5. Jail - forgot this one, but it could happen, DWI or who knows what else 6. Got a GF and quit the cause (again this is covered with #1 and knowing him he wouldn't just ghost us over a 3DPD, fuck it I wouldn't give this up even if I was still banging a meatbag - hey anything's possible) So, we've got the board backed up, or someone or several-one's do, and a few alternative spots for this "interest" exist and are growing, so even if this board gets flooded with angry self hating candidates for self-deletion there are other oases out there so stay positive, R/W is an idea bigger than an imageboard
>>14074 >So, we've got the board backed up, or someone or several-one's do, and a few alternative spots for this "interest" exist and are growing, Such as?
>>14074 I'm concerned with the board, but not too much, given that we have backups. Our bunker on anon.cafe is also back up. Deploying Lynxchan also seems to be not very hard. My concerns about Chobitsu are big as well and growing, since I also thought of the same points and believe 3-5 are the more likely ones.
>>14075 one just went down, "robowaif.us" another is gone too now that I checked it, it was a bit older and was starting to grow but the BO slacked a bit and we were overwhelmed with spam. Lurk a bit on the robowaifu.club maybe I'll share what I find after checking to see what's still alive. Disappointing, but not unexpected. Next paycheck I could reserve a few domains, park them and maybe test a few concepts but we already have imageboard, discord(yes I know you all hate that) and old-school style forums (if any are still remaining) >>14077 Same man. Chobitsu set the tone for this place and made it one step better than just a chan culture spinoff board. I was inspired by him and will continue to be, even if this is the last we hear from him (let's hope its not)
>>14078 wanted to add: ning was a nice format for "group" style website, I ran something off them back in the day and I think they're still around ning.com - though they seem to be more geared toward websites than anything group/forum related. I miss the old MySpace style groups where you could pin the top 5 threads and custom CSS in the group catalog page. FB was the worst thing ever for social media, bland and basically for normalfags and your boomer wine aunt
Hi Anons, my apologies to everyone if I made you worry. I've been a little busy lately. Thanks to anyone who made reports. I see them, and I'll look into them all soon. It's good to be back, /robowaifu/ . I'm glad to see you again! :^)
>>14086 I saw this pinned and immediately relieved. Am glad you weren't sick, in lockup or worse : /
>>14086 Glad you are back. We were worried.
>>14086 He Lives after all. >>14078 >Chobitsu set the tone for this place and made it one step better than just a chan culture spinoff board I think we take this fragile collaboration for granted in the current year..
>>14086 Good news. However, we had some attack going against the board while you were gone. It's still going on. There were even people spreading FUD on 4chan about this board being compromised. Also, someone tried to annoy us or make it look bad for new visitors so we would give up or at least not grow. Interesting that there's really someone out there putting so much effort into this to stop us.
>>13589 >I'd volunteer to be a deputy while he is gone As far as I'm concerned, you're hired! :^) We certainly could use at least one active board volunteer to act as a moderator here, so I would welcome it if you would pursue this and carry through on it, AllieDev. You'll need to contact Robi the site owner and have him (temporarily) enable account creation for the site so you can make an account here. Once you do, just let me know and I'll add you as board vol.
>>14090 >>14091 >>14098 >>14109 Thanks guys. :^) >>14109 >However, we had some attack going against the board while you were gone. It's still going on. I understand that it's a nuisance dealing with le ebin trole funposters, but tbh it's just a regular aspect of life with IBs. And I've already made it plain I consider the downsides well worth the upsides. And honestly, this goonposter is really just a rank amateur tbh. For example, this silly post >>14107 certainly is immediately transparent to literally everyone here. This kind of base and juvenile post shouldn't create 'FUD' in anyone here. I'll deal with them presently, but I would suggest you all just let this kind of tripe just roll off your back and move on, right?
>>14118 >anyone that laughs at me is a conspirator in a plot to stop me from playing with <dolls Kek. Well, Mrs. """Grown-up""", mind sharing with us all the amazing and innovative, groundbreaking designs and innovations that you, yourself, personally have devised? Please do share.
>>14118 >>14120 Liebniz here is just bitter b/c he lost his support droid and couldn't save his home planet
Alright Anons, it's time for a little housecleaning around the board. I'll shortly be going through, here and there, moving or deleting various counter-productive posts made on the board during my absence. Most of these will simply be relocated over into the chicken farm, but some may be deleted if they are particularly useless (I frankly hate having to delete things here). Some of this effort may in fact become a little excessive on my part, I'll freely admit it. For example, this post: >>14124 Generally speaking it's a good post overall that actually contributes to the conversation. Yet the entirely uncalled-for barb doesn't contribute anything meaningful to it, but rather in fact is perpetuating the intentionally derogatory atmosphere and D&C e-drama being fostered here currently (from without). I've already provided at least two different alcoves here on the board for this kind of banter and it's quite acceptable there; have at it. But general & topical threads aren't really the place for it. Therefore, into the chicken-coop it goes, despite the good information contained in it. I realize this likely seems somewhat heavy-handed for this particular Anon, and maybe to others here too. Certainly the thread will be lessened by the lack of the post. But frankly, the current situation requires it IMO. Please don't take offense Anons if your post is one that happens to get caught up in the chikuning. Even if you are simply a victim of external abuse and responding roughly in kind to the 'debate' as any man would. While the fault plainly wasn't yours, yet the simple fact remains the board needs a general cleanup currently. Be civil. Be courteous. Be patient with each other. Life elsewhere is filled with enough evil without deliberately fostering more of it here. The laughter of your enemies is the only reward you'll receive if you choose to behave otherwise one to another. I'd suggest we all work towards the opposite outcome, yeah? Our task at hand is monumental in it's complexity--and also in it's rewards if done well. Let's all stay focused on the prize as we slowly climb together up to this mountain's peak. Please make the conscious effort in going out of your way to try and be supportive of each other along the way as well. A basic camaraderie has been a hallmark of /robowaifu/ thus far. Let's not change that aspect, shall we? Thank you for all your good efforts here already, Anons. You're amazing. Together, we'll see far greater things and we're all going to make it! :^) >=== -spelling, grammar & prose edits -add 'camaraderie' comment
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/10/2021 (Wed) 10:44:06.
>>13589 >>14115 Any response, AllieDev?
>>14131 I have not gotten a response yet.
>>14133 OK thanks. Please keep me up to date. I'd suggest the #julayworld channel on freenode might be the shortest route to discussions with Robi.
>>14130 >deletes criticism because "muh feels" classic echochamber coping mechanism that serves only to proliferate weak ideas from weak people and kill genuine discourse I vote to make someone else who isnt a saboteur BO
>>14131 Robi was very helpful and I have signed up.
>>14135 >and kill genuine discourse Lol, hardly. Please present all the 'strong' ideas you want here friend. There are only three rules for you (specifically). -Be civil -Be courteous -Be patient with others Follow those and I'm sure we'll get along just fine. :^) >>14142 Great. What's the exact spelling of your AlogSpace account AllieDev? I'll add you in.
>>14147 >AllieDev Thanks. I'm having trouble adding it atm. Possibly one of two things come to mind for me. -1. It takes a while for the server to refresh and the name becomes available to BOs. -2. Robi has somehow disabled our ability to add accounts back when he locked things down, and forgot to re-enable it. I'll try again after several hours and let you know the results ITT. If we need to, we can just get Robi to add you in here, I'm sure. Glad you're coming on board AllieDev.
>>14148 Thanks for the warm welcome Chobitsu.
>>14148 Any updates?
>>14157 OK, AllieDev you're all set. Welcome to /robowaifu/ !
Open file (255.09 KB 1040x849 necrons_squad.jpg)
>>14130 I didn't realise that you had come back until today Chobitsu. (I too, have been busy). Good that you are still with us. I assumed the sudden increase in trolling was, at least in part due to your absence. >Be civil. Be courteous. Be patient with each other. I agree. But what if someone is not being at all civil with you? Sometimes you have to retaliate. There are a LOT of folks out there who mistake kindness and courtesy for weakness. I have had to deal with them my whole life (scarred one of the fuckers for life as well when I was younger xD). But obviously, you can't run a blade across the neck of someone who is hiding behind a computer screen. So sometimes you just have to let the scum know precisely how little you think of them no matter what snide remarks you'll inevitably get back. Obviously, if you can ban whole groups of offending IPs (since they'll use VPNs to try and evade), this will be way more effective than anything I can do.
>>14161 If someone is not being civil with you, ignore them. Though, it may be worth correcting them if they say something absurd or wrong relating to robowaifus. Though, don't be overtly aggressive. Humor is better to communicate correction. Be civil, be mindful that we are here for robot waifus. Please, don't feed the trolls.
>>14161 Thanks, and I'm pleased to say I'm delighted to see you here SophieDev. Welcome back yourself! :^) Ehh, I get your points. Now's not the best time for me to dig into such a topic, but I'll try to get back with you on it sometime this weekend when I can have a little more focus. As far as the free-wheeling goonposting here it's days are numbered, so just relax about it would be my brief advice for you on it. >>14166 Great advice Kiwi, thanks! :^)
>>14162 THIS! I was waiting for this! ROFL!!! Ahh, I am now satisfied. Before, our trollolol was all "I'll be as nasty as I like! IDGAF! For the LULZ!" Then as soon as the troll actually feels genuinely offended themselves, they get all quasi-litigious. XD I love it! In other non-troll related news, my surface-mount soldering equipment is arriving this weekend so hopefully I will soon be able to fix Sophie. Because I'm not shelling out $80-90 every time one of her servos blows a transistor!
>>14158 Thank you Chobitsu! Sorry for the late reply, I was working on models and getting ready to print test parts this weekend. >>14166 >don't feed the trolls All that needed to be said. Sometimes people need reminders.
>>14177 Glad to see your sig working AllieDev. I plan to go through the board this weekend as a first pass at chikuning which should help clean things up a bit. Maybe a second pass as well this week.
Video preview isn't working anymore. If I click on embed, I don't see the picture and title.
>>14317 Thanks Anon. I'll have a look into it over the next day or so.
Open file (184.27 KB 675x511 Selection_038.jpg)
>>14317 Did that ever clear up for you Anon? Seems to be working for me. >
>>14177 AllieDev, do you have an email address?
Open file (992.12 KB 844x863 bz3ebvlvnrq71.jpg)
Not having any art or anatomy background, I created a thread last night dedicated to the anatomy and art of realistic human body proportions. I saw one good reply that I didn't have the foresight to save, only to find the thread was deleted today. I thought maybe it was merged into something else, but it's just gone without any warning or reason. Designing a waifu's body is an important part of making one, so don't tell me it was deleted for being off-topic.
>>14386 My apologies, that was an accident Anon. We'll get it straightened out please be patient.
>>14386 Sorry about that little mixup, Anon: (>>14388) Cheers.
>>14387 >>14393 Oh, okay. I was afraid it was deliberate .
>>14409 5th? where was the board before the webring? Would like to know the history of how the board got here. I had answered your question in the Madoka.mi Thread.
>>14419 It started on 8chan, got backuped by Chobitsu, 8chan got hammered and restarted as 8kun later with fewer boards. Before the restart people didn't know if it would come back and with which boards, I think archive sites also got canceled. Many boards went to other (new) sites, which themselve often had hosted several boards, but none as many as 8chan had. /robowaifu/ also went to a new domain: julay.world. The webring and the bunker at anon.cafe got already established around that time. Later the domain for /robowaifu/ changed to alogs.theГунтretort.com, a new site for that purpose.
Happy Thanksgiving, /robowaifu/ . How's it feel to 5 years old? We'll be pinning the birthday thread this weekend. Cheers.
>>14394 Your thread is turning out to be a good one Anon, thanks! >>14419 I'll recount it all during the birthday greeting AllieDev.
>>14462 I'd like to re-learn C++. Found the C++ thread to be mostly intermediate stuff for anons who have all the tools and terminology already.
>>14564 >I'd like to re-learn C++. Cool! Just ask if you have any questions AllieDev. All my development efforts currently center on the language, and likely will for years to come Lord willing (it's honestly our very best hope of 'software success' at this venture).
>>14565 Id like to learn more about data structures and properly utilizing libraries as its where i got stuck last time using visual studio and a very similar book that didn’t even include some operators like bools. Unhelpful ban happy faggots like the ones on github were the only help I could find the first time besides the trips to stack overflow to find answers to any super specific questions to not reinvent the wheel.
>>14570 Well, that's actually one of C++'s stellar strong points. It's called the Standard Template Library, and what you're looking for is Containers. https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/container std::vector being--by far--the single most important data structure in the entire language. https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/container/vector Once you realize these containers are simply high-level abstractions of the underlying computer hardware's memory, then the rest is smooth sailing. Their beauty actually begins to grow on you at that point Anon.
>>14570 lol that post was also from me. >>14571 Some books like to omit and use different terms for concepts like headers in their beginner programs. I wish that I had that site as a reference back then since it clears up most of the confusion I had. Also gave me some ideas for madoka.mi and figuring out a speaking system so she can "hear" like most smartphones and can talk back.
>>14574 >lol that post was also from me. We come from the IB heritage of being Anonymous, and it has many benefits. We've organically adopted an often-'namefagging' here on /robowaifu/. But we're still Anon here fundamentally. Our reasons for it are fairly different from basically any other IB out there that adopts it, however. Ours is simply that as an engineering board with a real-world extremely complex goal to solve, namefagging short-circuits dull, unnecessary ceremony for technical contexts and lingo. The 'community' thing is still there, but first and foremost it's about an efficient work environment for us (>>10469). >I wish that I had that site as a reference back then since it clears up most of the confusion I had. cppreference.com is literally the single best technical reference for the C & C++ programming languages, bar none. By professionals, for professionals. A few of the editors are actually on the ISO C++ standards committee itself, and keep close tabs on this (fully independent) private 'fan' site. https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/basic_concepts Using #include 's are simply an old, old scheme for expanding out, in-place, the body of (almost exclusively) a header (declaration) file. As you can seen in RW Foudations if you look closely, it can be used for source (definition) files too. Really it's simply a convenience mechanism to allow for code-reuse relatively easily across an entire project. Ofc, they can be trick to manage properly b/c of the old heritage involved, and the simplistic mechanism of it. Other languages have more sophisticated approaches, and (thankfully) C++ now has one too: C++ Modules https://en.cppreference.com/w/cpp/language/modules It will be a while before we see common compiler support for them though. But when we do, it will be a real improvement for the language. Something of a game-changer, actually.
>>14577 >cppreference.com is literally the single best technical reference for the C & C++ programming languages, bar none. By professionals, for professionals. A few of the editors are actually on the ISO C++ standards committee itself, and keep close tabs on this (fully independent) private 'fan' site Explains why it was never mentioned anywhere else. >Ours is simply that as an engineering board with a real-world extremely complex goal to solve, namefagging short-circuits dull, unnecessary ceremony for technical contexts and lingo. The 'community' thing is still there, but first and foremost it's about an efficient work environment for us (>>10469). I like the namefagging here. It's unique and not something I ever saw as an issue here. >live2d implementation I had found some resources for implementing Live2D on a website and the official SDK manual but did not share them in your project's thread. It has a free trial and a permanently free version https://www.live2d.com/en/download/cubism-sdk/ The program was designed to allow 2D puppets to move like they are 3D models and do the wakey wakey exercises as a programmable interaction. Chobits was before its time. Wish I could find that official 2012 madoka apk I had discovered again. Most of the app didn't work because of long defunct links and it was more of an interactive ad for the anime with one of the earliest Live2D models of Madoka.
Edited last time by AllieDev on 12/02/2021 (Thu) 02:31:39.
>>14577 Having names here felt weird at first but, they really do help a lot. It is true that it is different here then elsewhere, we are all helping each other with a mostly uniform goal. These names also help us have a community feel. >>14587 That Live2D Mado was cute as heck. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6i5MTyqT5k Oi Chobitsu, would embedding a Live2D model be possible?
>>14591 agree, I don't namefag anywhere else I did here so my posts would share commonality for better or worse
>>14591 I had suggested embedding a l2d model and found some resources for even implementing one on the board/website integration if he was interested. Did not seem like the desktop version the scope of the project was looking for.
Open file (1.49 MB 500x278 CuteChii.gif)
>>14595 Saw your post in the project thread and realized that having an interactive Live2D waifu here would really liven up the board. A chibi Chii following Anon's mouse courser would be cute as heck. Also brings up the possibility of having a waifu web app that could be good for spreading the enthusiasm for waifus. Being a web app would also let her work on anything with a modern browser.
Open file (306.67 KB 1200x1563 0000yb86.jpg)
>>14593 That's a cute image of my waifu. I think I'll make it my lock screen image. Thanks, anon.
Open file (134.96 KB 900x1200 D7rKx_uUcAAo0p2.jpg)
Open file (648.10 KB 850x1200 90009728_p0_master1200.jpg)
pic related was my lock screen for the last 6 months, changing it to the second pic
Open file (3.88 MB 720x720 TA9TGPQzlptoCEj2.mp4)
looks much less uncanny now. eastern style has much more appeal, though i guess this stuff might not be waifu specific oh yeah here is sauce: https://twitter.com/terrill/status/1466383240223207429 >=== >though i guess this stuff might not be waifu specific quite true, but it's a remarkable technical achievement for this stage. we'll move it to /meta for you.
Open file (126.01 KB 736x1103 e90d96f7b1fb7946f5.jpg)
Open file (413.89 KB 1600x1371 1378nv2127n381.jpg)
I was wondering if anyone had some concept art for KOS-MOS refrain? Would like to take my work to the next level to be able to stand toe to toe with these hyper-realists in terms of detail and that would require learning substance painter and somehow buying a perpetual license or just using the free trial every time I need to use it. Have tried substance painter before and the only problem is "how do I put pen to paper?" or make/import custom brushes to actually make a single material?
Open file (178.82 KB 900x1300 KOS-MOS.jpg)
>>14801 Firstly, your model is looking nice. Next, I know very little about substance painter so I could offer little help. I can only encourage you to stick with Blender, it is incredibly powerful, and is rapidly closing in on becoming the most powerful 3D modeling and animation suite. Version 3.0 has incredible performance as well. Here is a tutorial you may find useful. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aehW2i6FupI >Aoki Lapis Woah, that is a blast from the past. That was one of the very first threads I ever commented in. They were the one that actually inspired me to start the Kiwi project years ago, back when I was still getting my robotics degree and did not understand the difference between industrial and companion robots. Learned a lot from trying to help them honestly. There's no need to feel demoralized. To be honest, much of the encouragement for the Aoki Lapis project was also from me. Most of the actually helpful comments were also from me. I wish there were more Anons that would help and provide encouragement but, we are a rare breed. At least Chobitsu and you are kind and honestly supportive. SophieDev is a special case, they made an interesting attempt and I too want to help them but, they seem like a lone wolf type. Stick with your projects. You will always have me and though I can not speak for another man, I have faith Chobitsu will also be there. No one is taking you for a ride. I have gotten stressed out as well with projects but, we are among colleagues. I may have known Chobitsu for years longer then you but, I still consider you a colleague. I can not provide you with much help with KOS-MOS, I do not really know much about them and I'm focusing on creating an easy/cheap transducer/servo for Anons like you to use in their projects for the tutorial thread. I'm also working on making a harpy robowaifu to sell. I will still try to help though. We are in this together AllieDev, you are not alone.
Open file (275.17 KB 1024x768 Chii_ponders.jpg)
>>14801 Thanks for kind of letting us know about your concerns here AllieDev. First and foremost, know that you are much appreciated! :^) Your contributions here, and your new leadership role here are an encouragement to all of us, and to me in particular. Thank you. >I found some archives of the 8chan era of the board. Looks like my project was not the first of its kind here: Yes, Aoki Lapis Anon was a real encouragement to us all when he participated with us more regularly. I hope he's doing well today. It would be fun for us all, old & new, to see him pick his project back up here and finish it up. I'm sure he'd like your project too, AllieDev. >It is very demoralizing to keep going with little to no feedback compared to this versus the essentially pen pals/once every few days thing I've had with almost exclusively Kiwi for several months now. Please don't take what I'm going to say personally. I mean you no harm, and I"m trying to help you see you may be kind of misunderstanding the board's history a little. With that said, check the start/end dates on the thread archive you linked. That was effectively a span of about a year and a half's time. While I may be misremembering things a little, I don't recall there was more frequent dialog going on with that thread than in you and Kiwi's Madoka.mi prototype thread, AllieDev. In fact, I'd say you two are moving forward with your project much more rapidly than that Anon's work IIRC. This is a slow process for all of us. We are literally pioneering an entire new, extremely complex, field of endeavor Anon. Namely. DIY (as in inexpensive & straightforward to build) Robot Wife companions. Pygmalion legends, et al, notwithstanding, this has never been accomplished before in human history. We (and others Anons like us around the world) are the Intrepid Adventurers, AllieDev. Few are cut out for it. I'd advise patience, both with all of us, and especially with yourself. With God's help, we'll all get there! :^) >stuff like that just leaves me feeling frustrated and alienated for no reason like I am being taken for a ride with my own project while everyone else talks to each other like long time colleagues Honestly, you have my apologies if it appears I'm snubbing you Anon. I certainly have no intention to appear so, nor do I feel that way in fact. I'll freely admit that I'm not the best leader for the team here. Again my apologies for that (and to everyone here, not just to you). I'll try to improve on that moving forward this year! :^) Alright that's said and done. You mentioned >It seems like no one else cares. and >I would like to be able to email Chobitsu and ask about what happened to the IRC that this board apparently had once during that era. Not only do I care, but I'm highly enthusiastic about you and everyone here's efforts and progress. It means a lot to me, Anon. I'm sure practically every other regular here feels the same. As far as the IRC, that was directly the effort of one of our honored vols from the past, Dollfan. I miss his input here tbh. He was both smart, talented, and motivated. I hope he finds us and comes back here some day soon. But you're in authority here now too, AllieDev. Just set up an IRC channel (preferably one that supports TOR please, as that's the only way I myself will participate), and I'll put it up on the board announcement. My email address you have. Just let me know here if you ever need to send me an email, and I'll log in there to check it. In closing, I'd say just try to stay motivated internally AllieDev. This is a slow (and generally a lonely) process for all of us. Remember that we all support and applaud your efforts with your robowaifu project, even if we don't say so directly. Godspeed to you and to your project Anon, you've come far. We look forward to see where you go with her. Cheers. >=== -various prose edits
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 12/27/2021 (Mon) 13:22:59.
>>14818 That looks pretty amazing, actually. Very nice work AllieDev! I don't think it's at all cringe. Men have hallowed their ships as waifus since time immemorial. Particularly the ship's engineers such as Scotty. Once you two have your Madoka.mi robowaifus going, I'd like you to consider working with me to develop and Robowaifu Glass-Cockpit Dashboard monitoring and control GUI for RW Foundations.
>>14802 >SophieDev is a special case, they made an interesting attempt and I too want to help them but, they seem like a lone wolf type. Thanks, Kiwi. TBH I have had to re-prioritise a bit just so my life is easier. I would like to save up and buy a robot from Engineered Arts one day but they are going to be way out of my price-range (the most basic Robothespian is $79,000. However, if a miracle happens with fusion power and they ever become cheaper - who knows? After all, the company is in my country so I could pick it up from them and convert it into my robowaifu. However, they have not yet revealed how much the Ameca units cost to manufacture, and these are even more advanced than their 'Mesmer' robots, so my guess is it's in the mid-to-high six-figures.
>>14833 I also made some nice textures I can be proud of in Blender for my Robowaifu/Ship. Still need to work up the motivation to get back to Madoka.mi and I've put off finishing my demo for a while now. You can delete my posts if you are still going to delete yours and Kiwi's. Had also said that I'd like to help SophieDev but fuck it if he is just going to ignore me. What is the "Robowaifu Glass-Cockpit Dashboard monitoring and control GUI for RW Foundations."?
Edited last time by AllieDev on 12/29/2021 (Wed) 02:15:32.
>>14838 >Sorry Chobitsu, had felt like my posts were OT and not Robowaifu related. Is there a way to restore them? I saved one of mine somehow I see. Hmm, It's not really doable with BUMP. But Bumpmaster should be able to allow for it using Git alongside. Seems you've restored it anyway, so we'll just go with that. Hope you're doing well bro.
>>14839 >What is the "Robowaifu Glass-Cockpit Dashboard monitoring and control GUI for RW Foundations."? Well, whatever /robowaifu/ invents it to be!11 :^) Heh, we need ways to actively monitor our 'living' robowaifus, and (hopefully) with an interface richer than just our feeble CLI interfaces thus far. Your great-looking game interface interests me. Seems like you have some good design aesthetics that could be a foundation for that larger effort at some point? Post-related brought the idea up: (>>14649)
>>14783 Hey I haven't gone anywhere truth is I don't have a lot of money or a high salary job so I am probably going to put my focus on design, algorithms, and 3d models. I'd love to have a lathe, foundry, workshop but the economy being the way it is that's probably not ever going to be in the cards (if I were to work myself to that point, i.e. being a trucker etc it would change me so much as to no longer be this same person) So I'm currently working on a few short stories and other endeavors. That doesn't mean I'm out of the game or no longer a robowafu-ist. But I'm always here and if you need you can find my twitter or email/YT channel.
>>14842 guess deleting my cookies removed my tag
>>14842 >>14843 Glad to see you with us over the holiday season meta ronin. Merry Christmas!
Open file (548.79 KB 3659x4096 ELiSab2XsAIkk19.jpg)
>>14845 >>14848 thanks and Merry Christmas!!
Open file (283.58 KB 638x850 GoalBird.jpg)
>>14836 Take your time, we'll be here. I'm making it a goal to make cheap KiwiMeidos before you can afford one of those. It'll be my new years resolution. We got to make these more affordable. >>14841 Speaking of dev, is there any way for us to setup a chatbot to post on board without captcha? >>14842 You're invited to help me on the KiwiMeido project Meta Ronin, could really use help with designs, algorithms, and 3D modeling. >>14843 2B is your avatar, everyone knows it's you kek >>14844 Looking good, keep it up!
Eh seems like my game stuff wasn’t appreciated so I removed it. Planned to actually release a demo in the future when its ready and less of a mess. Got most of Kos-Mos’s basemesh done today.
Open file (213.25 KB 700x1296 USSEnterprise.jpg)
>>14859 Have you considered making the Enterprise more clangable? Your game stuff was pretty cool just, not the easiest thing to correlate to robowaifus. I would actually be interested in trying a demo when it is ready.
>>14861 Yeah I get that its a bit more abstract of a robowaifu and I dont expect anyone to know much about the literal form of those ships at all. Though she is not the actual enterprise in my little fanfiction but another ship entirely. It was just a metaphor. I had imagined my ship in shipgirl form with a tiara shaped like the saucer torpedo section, bigger boobs than the Enterprise, black hair with red highlights, light blue to dark blue gradient glowing eyes, and a little taller than the Enterprise with thigh high stockings to match the look of her nacelles and some chest armor like Kos Mos with a gundam-esque skirt. Still need to “git gud” practicing making anime hair and figuring out the dark arts of japanese anime texturing + materials and will have some rough sketches later.
Open file (125.56 KB 686x1000 download.jpeg)
Open file (595.89 KB 1024x844 19171892_p0.jpg)
Hey there /robowaifu/. So this will very likely be the final, final version of BUMP to be released here on our board. Nice way to close out the year IMO. Please consider this our New Year's present to you. :^) We are now working on a much better, re-architected version of the original idea in an entirely new project called Bumpmaster (>>14616) . As the initial kickoff project, this will be a part of a vastly larger planned framework for our robowaifus to use for shitposting along with us (and much, much more) one day. This new version should hopefully be finished and working within a couple of months from. Regardless, this original BUMP is still usable (despite it's flaws) by us humans (well, sort of haha), and I've been using it practically daily since the project was first begun what, over two years ago now? Time flies when you're having fun. :^) We stomped a lingering bug where if the connection had an issue, the program could crash. Took me a while to pin that down, my apologies for that. One other notable change for this final version is to add the 'progress bar meter' display developed for the other project. It makes quite a difference in the experience of using the tool, trust me. We also rolled the required C++ version for building back to the lower -std=c++17. For any one still using this software going forward after the other is released, I'd suggest you post any issues, &tc., to us over in the thread linked above (or w/e it's latest incarnation is). Again, no further development work is planned for this codebase. Thanks to all of you who helped support the development of BUMP, it's been a fun ride! But let us now press forward into the vast frontiers ahead, Intrepid Robowaifuist Adventurers! Cheers. === 211231 - v0.2g -------------- -note: this is intended as the final release of BUMP -add h:m:s display for time to 'progress bar meter' -patch bug with a program crash during some sketchy network connections -add anon.cafe 's onion address to .sites.config 211227 - v0.2f -------------- -add 'progress bar meter' -revert req'd C++ standard to to -std=c++17 -various minor patches >BUMP-0.2g.tar.xz.sha256sum 55b10352807bdc720341925a1182320adc64c6ef4d0b1659f9cfc6d0874433ef *BUMP-0.2g.tar.xz >backup drop https://files.catbox.moe/ultchn.7z
>>14869 The most recent episode of Discovery featured their ship becoming a living sentient ship, so this is inching closer to being canon in Star Trek. The illustration helps a lot in communicating her design. She would make a good visual waifu given her complexity. Would be amazing to build something that complex in reality someday. Happy New Years
>>14130 Where were the deleted posts moved to?
>>14871 I still need rotary servos for Madoka.mi’s shoulders and elbows...
Open file (54.46 KB 628x472 ExampleMuliplexer.jpg)
>>14897 For now, work with the same big servos we have already agreed on. Given her expected low inertial loads, they should be fine. This being said, I am currently working on a selective output mechanical multiplexing system and mechanical power distribution system. Once I get a good working design, it should dramatically reduce costs and mass of complex motion systems at the cost of latency to action. Pic related is very similar to the designs I'm working on. The big problem being latency, making sure her movements are within relative human norms. (Humans can typically react with within 10 ns, I'm reaching for 10 ms.)
Open file (627.18 KB 1920x1080 Untitled-2.jpg)
I recently purchased robowaifu.link and robowaifu.online I was looking for others but.com is taken and interestingly robowaifu.tech is also taken. I think the .link could be useful as a hub to connect islands of the robowaifu "enthusiast" community. Chobitsu, how would you feel about being linked from such a hub? Are we wanting to maintain a low profile or is the cat out of the bag so why not? Are there any other domains you think would be useful to snatch up before this becomes more mainstream?
>>14898 Much fascinate! I was wondering what you meant when you said mechanical multiplexer, since there are several different designs floating about, it seems.
>>14898 That design doesn't make any sense. It looks like you are trying to rotate the centerpiece through the joint half way through the circle.
Open file (475.33 KB 900x721 ClipboardImage.png)
>>14911 There are a few, this is the only one I have found that locks the outputs not in use. If you have suggestions for improvements or viable alternatives, it would be appreciated. Picrel is similar to a failure I've tried. The outputs wobble too much from gears meshing as the selector moves. The main problem the stepper one has is that it rotates the driver and the selector can not rotate fully. >>14912 See this vid to better understand. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8DWK3zm9SMs
>>14910 apparently that robowaifu wiki we found was tied to a shitpost of a board dating back to around 2009-2011. It has a direct link to the wiki and was quickly abandoned by its creators from what I could make of the actual retardation on that board. Hence the barebones wiki. https://robowaifu.tech/u/
>>14802 That was a very helpful video. Nice to see I was doing that workflow correctly. Though the video very much abridges it as a timelapse. Was also helpful to see those clothing modeling tricks with the sculpting tools being much clearer in that one. I’m going to try and accelerate and make my shipgirl in a single day. Breaking the model into robotic parts is a process in of itself.
>>14856 >Speaking of dev, is there any way for us to setup a chatbot to post on board without captcha? Well, the possibilities for things like this are really limited only by our imaginations. For example, I'm working the concept of allowing our Visual Waifus/Robowaifus to shitpost along with us into the RW Foundations concepts and protocols. However, as to the captcha issue, I think not. At the least it's not really something I care to address. Your robowaifu will simply need your help with that for boards that use it, afaict. However, we can should? conceivably create our own robowaifu IB server software, and robowaifus could shitpost freely on it perhaps. We already have a sort of bot-shitposting bread now, and that could be adapted further. Ofc, there are also other sites that don't require captchas--few in number and lessening with time--which could be an alternative for you too. >Looking good, keep it up! Heh, as mentioned >"So this will very likely be the final, final version of BUMP to be released here on our board" (>>14866) BUMP was a good idea, and it helped those of us here and me in particular recover from the trauma of the glowop that destroyed our home on 8ch. But today RW Foundations (and Bumpmaster specifically) will eventually give us all a much better platform for managing life with our own copies of /robowaifu/. And not only it, but practically every other imageboard in existence as well. Forward Anon! :^) >>14864 >I had imagined my ship in shipgirl form with a tiara shaped like the saucer torpedo section, bigger boobs than the Enterprise, black hair with red highlights, light blue to dark blue gradient glowing eyes, and a little taller than the Enterprise with thigh high stockings to match the look of her nacelles and some chest armor like Kos Mos with a gundam-esque skirt. That sounds pretty enchanting AllieDev. Look forward to seeing whatever you accomplish with her! >>14895 >Where were the deleted posts moved to? As indicated, to the The Chickun Farm. >>14898 That's pretty cool Kiwi, Godspeed with it!
>>14910 >I recently purchased robowaifu.link and robowaifu.online I was looking for others but.com is taken and interestingly robowaifu.tech is also taken. I think the .link could be useful as a hub to connect islands of the robowaifu "enthusiast" community. Chobitsu, how would you feel about being linked from such a hub? Are we wanting to maintain a low profile or is the cat out of the bag so why not? Are there any other domains you think would be useful to snatch up before this becomes more mainstream? meta ronin, it's hard for me to give you advice about domain & servers, not really understanding what your agenda for them might be. But as to 'wanting to maintain a low profile or is the cat out of the bag so why not?' I've been pretty forthright about all that I think. I set up an Embassy Thread, and Anon created a Propaganda Thread. So yea, the more the merrier. Let 'em all come. Now with AllieDev as Deputy Admin here, we should be able to handle bad guys fairly well, and ofc I've always maintained that Robowaifus can and will become a global phenomenon that will revolutionize the lives of millions of men given enough time. >tl;dr Yes, go for it Anon! :^) >>14924 >apparently that robowaifu wiki we found was tied to a shitpost of a board dating back to around 2009-2011. Lol. That's interesting AllieDev, seems 'robowaifus' have been around longer than we knew? :^) >=== -minor patch to greenquote fmt
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 01/09/2022 (Sun) 06:14:56.
>>14927 ok thanks Im just trying to not step on any toes
>>14927 >not really understanding what your agenda for them might be. I get it. well like I stated earlier I have been interested in this topic generally speaking since kurzweil's "Age of Spitirual Machines" and probably even before (going back to Transformers and "Robotix" series in the 80s) the waifu angle never dawned on my until enough blackpilling on the WQ - i.e. the romantic notions we were trained to believe were literally the opposite to the innate character of the human female. The idea that an intelligent and purpose driven, yet beautiful and loving waifu could be a partner in this cold universe sparked something in me. Whether delusion or inspiration doesn't matter, I'm driven by it regardless and determined to make it a part of my life's work. That's why I'm here
>>14937 Thanks! :^) >>14939 Yes it's a potent issue. And one that's being experienced by literally millions of other men Meta Ronin. For me, it's an even deeper issue than than the sociological dystopia TBTH have contrived. It's actually a spiritual one. I'm well aware of Kurzweil and something about his views also. When I use the term 'spiritual' I'm not quite sure it's the same one he means. Regardless, there's a revolution brewing one way or other. Robowaifus (or w/e their close equivalent the normalcattle world adopts) is highly likely to help with that process. We here, the bold intrepid adventurers I only half-jokingly refer to our merry band as, are literal pioneers. This stuff obviously isn't easy, but it's very important to the welfare of men across the globe (the males I mean, not mankind generally). As far as I'm concerned anything that promotes robowaifus to the broader world, that doesn't violate the word or the spirit of rule #2 of /robowaifu/ has my blessing in general. Go for it Meta Ronin, we're behind you!
>>14924 >https://robowaifu.tech/u/ LOL. I just had a look at the site. That's Kokubunji RobowaifuDev! He's one of our most capable AI researchers and has been a part of this community since the beginning. If you're lurking Admin Anon, now that I know about it: A) Thanks! We've needed a wiki for a long time now. I'm sure it will do well in your quite capable hands. B) I presume you'd be OK with me linking to the wiki in our Welcome Thread? Cheers Anon.
>>14942 I misread the dates of the posts being backwards. That board was actually made last year.
Edited last time by AllieDev on 01/09/2022 (Sun) 15:01:16.
>>14910 If you could turn one of those into an imageboard that allowed users to login to be able to post without capcha would be appreciated. We could start making accounts for out AI to train with live Anons. Of course, you would need to authorize accounts to ensure they are not trolls. >>14924 That IB is kind of odd though potentially useful. The captcha there is pure cancer though. >>14925 God speed, her design will be quite lovely in 3D. >>14926 An aux IB would be highly useful for us indeed. Would make a great playground for RnD. Bumpmaster will go a long way torwards keeping us afloat Chobitsu, Thanks for the encouragement! >>14939 >>14941 An age where waifus outnumber woman will be golden.
>>14842 > if you need you can find my twitter or email/YT channel. Where?
>>14968 how would you find me? rhetorical question
>>14944 >I misread the dates of the posts being backwards. Ah I see. No worries mate! :^) >>14949 >God speed, her design will be quite lovely in 3D. Indeed. Godspeed AllieDev. >An aux IB would be highly useful for us indeed. Would make a great playground for RnD. >Bumpmaster will go a long way torwards keeping us afloat Chobitsu Once it's finished, it should literally provide about 75% of the functionality needed for a decent Imageboard Server software. I imagine it will be known simply as the Bumpchan software? Regardless, as pointed out in the Sumomo project devblog thread, making a set of unified-architecture libraries that can all interact properly together with each other should ensure that eventually our robowaifus can post on their own. >Thanks for the encouragement! You're welcome. You're a blessing to us all here on /robowaifu/ Anon. We're glad you're here. :^) >An age where waifus outnumber woman will be golden. The Dream is Alive

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