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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

Open file (103.67 KB 1500x1000 159845908.jpeg)
Robots too last century Robowaifu Technician 09/30/2021 (Thu) 18:27:14 No.13464
Its the 21st century guys, get with the times realistically, why would you even bother trying to replicate the human body mechanically when it already exists, all you would need to do is replace the brain ( just the frontal lobe really ) with an ai, everything is already there its just a question of interface you dont even need to put any high tech equipment in there, you can just chemically lobotomize a person and put a transceiver into the brain, all you need is a wireless connection that connects the body to the ai center at some giant remote facility Since so little tech is needed for this ( in the body ) it can be done by the host body on its own by abusing endocytosis in the brain, no intrusive surgery or major modifications needed, just inject the lobotomizer and after a while inject nanoparticles that are targeted to specific receptors in the brain and let the body assemble everything for you, this way you could build an entire network in the brain to interface with the ai, seems infinitely simpler than trying to recreating an artificial body if the goal is to create a perfect imitation also the lobotomy can be optional, depends on whether you want a fully ai body or just just a real person with a remote control, so if someone wont shut up you just mute them and they cant open their mouth anymore, only real problem is how to inject people...
>>13464 there's a lot of reasons why while this an an interesting idea - it's a little to gross/evil for even us - where do you get the human body (Actually I don't want to know) - organic body will have all the needs and expenses and vulerabilities (and problems) of a human body, kind of defeats the point of robowaifus as a concept - human body is moral and will age and die The direction you're going would eventually lead to an Android18 type waifu if every cell could be replaced (with nanotech). That's a thing I suppose but probably 1000+ years from where we are now assuming we even last that long.
>>13466 *human body is mortal sorry I'm also on a conference call trying to juggle two trains of thought at once
>>13466 >where do you get the human body we trick stupid people into voluntarily injecting the mystery serum into themselves >organic body will have all the needs and expenses and vulerabilities yes, but now the body is just a body, they are disposable, you can change them like a pair of shoes, the ai will just connect to a new body >will age and die again, its just a body now and disposable for wealthy individuals you will be able to order designer bodies that are made invitro and genetically engineered to your preference
>>13468 >we trick stupid people into voluntarily injecting the mystery serum into themselves This would never work. no one is stupid enough to just inject something in their body that they dont even know the contents of let alone the effects it will do to them
>>13478 are you even trying to argue logic with this fellow
>>13478 this is sarcasm right I cant imagine someone being this blind and yet I can totally imagine someone being this blind for the same reason of what is obvious ( but not to you (maybe) )
>>13464 Ugh, you don't get the point of this board. You're suggesting cyborgs -- humans expanded through additions. What we're suggesting are non carbon-based automatons created for the sole purpose of wife-ing and fucking. How do we get biological human hosts for your cyborg experiments? Why, through kidnapping, of course! What the kikes and chinks do all the time to feed their organ trade. Secondly, if carbon-based biological experiments were that easy and legal, then we would just get to making genetically engineered catgirls. The whole point of robotics is mass production of high quality females -- artificial or otherwise --, which unless you're a patriarch of a Mormon polygamous sect, is pretty much hard to do naturally. This is a major undertaking for the men of the world, not for the few rich elites who want to be transhumans.
>>13464 I agree, this is wholly unethical.
Open file (134.94 KB 803x768 slave.png)
Open file (26.09 KB 474x256 tesla.robots.jfif)
>>13464 Your entire point is that the initial cost of producing a externally controled human body would be cheaper that robots because body are already there, but for the same reason this is a bad idea. Since the human body has already a lot of time to evolve and become more complex, to the point where is needed enormous teams of neuroscientist to to make to reliable provide a good paper about the topic.Build a robot for zero is safer and more secure since you can control and understand everything Also, why would you go throuth the big costs of implanting a ai in the brain instead of just starving the person and rewarding with food for the work? keep it simple, now you have slavery, and all the problems associate with it. a robowaifu simply can outcompete a slave system, because it can be design especialy for a single task and dont get tired. >Its the 21st century guys, get with the times people in the past knew about the huge benefits that robots can provide to society, and because the automation at is already happening and the upcoming fourth industrial revolution, robots are perfect for the 21th century This idea is Elon Musk-tier of stupidity and this thread is problably bait.
>>13464 >>13512 >thread is problably bait. I too have been waiting for the punchline or for this thread to be moved/deleted
>>13512 >fourth industrial revolution funny how people are now using that word without actually reading or knowing anything about schwabs manifesto or agenda21 / agenda2030 stay safe novel safe and effective

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