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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

The Sumomo Project Chobitsu Board owner 11/24/2021 (Wed) 17:27:18 No.14409
So I've been working for a while at devising an integrated approach to help manage some of the software complexity we are surely going to encounter when creating working robowaifus. I went down many different bunny trails and (often) fruitless paths of exploration. In the end I've finally hit on a relatively simplistic approach that AFAICT will actually allow us to both have the great flexibility we'll be needing, and without adding undue overhead and complexity. I call this the RW Foundations library, and I believe it's going to help us all out a lot with creating workable & efficient software that (very hopefully) will allow us to do many things for our robowaifus using only low-end, commodity hardware like the various single-board computers (SBCs) and microcontrollers. Devices like the Beaglebone Blue and Arduino Nano for example. Of course, we likely will also need more powerful machines for some tasks as well. But again, hopefully, the RW Foundations approach will integrate smoothly with that need as well and allow our robowaifus to smoothly interoperate with external computing and other resources. I suppose time will tell. So, to commemorate /robowaifu/'s 5th birthday this weekend, I've prepared a little demonstration project called Sumomo. The near-term goal for the project is simply to create a cute little animated avatar system that allows the characters Sumomo and Kotoko (from the Chobits anime series) to run around having fun and interacting with Anon. But this is also a serious effort, and the intent is to begin fleshing out the real-world robotics needs during the development of this project. Think of it kind of like a kickstarter for real-world robowaifus in the end, but one that's a very gradual effort toward that goal and a little fun along the way. I'll use this thread as a devblog and perhaps also a bit of a debate and training forum for the many issues we all encounter, and how a cute little fairybot/moebot pair can help us all solve a few of them. Anyway, happy birthday /robowaifu/ I love you guys! Here is my little birthday present to you. === >rw_sumomo-v211124.tar.xz.sha256sum 8fceec2958ee75d3c7a33742af134670d0a7349e5da4d83487eb34a2c9f1d4ac *rw_sumomo-v211124.tar.xz >backup drop https://files.catbox.moe/n2cffh.7z === >We witness Sumomo performing the wakey wakey exercises. (>>14459) >=== -add post subject -minor grammar edit -minor prose edit -add 'we witness' crosslink
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>related (>>14353)
>>14409 I've been lurking for a couple of weeks now and I think this idea of a group project to get a robowaifu up and running is a great idea. Really cool to see the board owner steering this project too too get more people interested. So it's gonna be very focused on the AI aspect in the beginning? It's just gonna be an animated robowaifu avatar and once it can interact well with the user we'll expand it with a robot body?
>>14417 Welcome Anon, glad to meet you. I hope you can find something interesting here to get involved with. Please don't hesitate to ask questions if you have any. >So it's gonna be very focused on the AI aspect in the beginning? Yes, but we'll need others to join in and help with that. Literally the very first two tasks on my plate now that the general library has been formed up and it's out there for everyone is to migrate two of our utility programs created here on /robowaifu/ and fold them fully into the overarching library (Bumpmaster & Waifusearch). Not very glamorous work I know, but even that will be a good groundbreaking 'ceremony' for the Foundations effort. >It's just gonna be an animated robowaifu avatar and once it can interact well with the user we'll expand it with a robot body? That's the plan yes.
I don't really know much about programming, but I have a few thoughts on this: 1. I like the idea of developing AI collaboratively, it at least seems easier than trying to collaborate on hardware. 2. I understand that it needs to be programmed at a high-level, but I really dislike the idea of restricting it to SBCs & microcontrollers for the sake of future-proofing. 3. I personally don't own any SBCs or microcontrollers and don't know if I think it'd be worth it to get one just for this. 4. What exactly does it do so far? Can you give more details on the short-term and long-term goals of the project?
>>14409 Will there be a github? That seems to be the platform to collaborate on programming these days.
Open file (161.29 KB 809x839 1.png)
cool, but what do I do with it now? sorry
Open file (67.48 KB 644x493 PlaystationLain.jpeg)
>>14409 You already know I'm in. I'm not good at programming but, I'm somewhat ok at 2D art and robotics. >>14418 For the initial animated version, making her like Playstation Lain would be kino. >>14422 Making it a multi-platform application would probably be best. Web applications are also good for making her generally available. I'm not a fan of her needing network access though. >>14424 A GitHub or GitLab would be greatly beneficial towards collaboration.
>>14422 >but I really dislike the idea of restricting it to SBCs & microcontrollers for the sake of future-proofing. Oh haha, my mistake. Bad wording I suppose. >"using only low-end... wasn't meant in a restrictive sense, but in a permissive one. As in "Great news Anons! We'll be able to run our robowaifus using cheap, low-end hardware! Isn't this great!11" :^) Certainly anything that can run C++ and provide a console can run this current implementation, though a GUI should be added be too long. Any PC could for example. >What exactly does it do so far? Heh, not much. Mainly the goal was to figure out a "how?" to enable us to have an overarching software architecture that would enable us to solve the many, many details we'll need to, and to do so organically. 'Future-proofing' I believe you called it. This is much tougher to pull off than I initially assumed. It's taken me a long time--literally years--to explore the many potential ways to attempt this. Imagine that you were creating a brand new Operating System literally from scratch. No compiler, no drivers, nothing but your text editor. R/n we're kind of at the 'AWESOME! The floppy disk driver is working correctly now!" It's very much at a 1337haxxorz stage at this point. But the biggest problem by far (devising the correct overall architecture) is behind us. >Can you give more details on the short-term and long-term goals of the project? We added more details in the other posts (>>14353), and this thread will kind of answer that as we go along. Stay tuned Anon.
>>14424 >Will there be a github? Explicitly no, insofar as my interests in the affair go. Micro$haft being a big, big part of that decision. But it was already a hive of wretched SJW scum and CoC villainy well before they moved in. We're not exactly politically """correct""" here, you know? :^) I would presume Anons have learned all their lessons about the evils of the Globohomo Big Tech/Gov by now? Ofc, as with everything else we're producing here, the code is MIT-licensed and Anons (or even our enemies) can do as they see fit with it all, within those licensing restrictions. I hate lawyers, and the licensing is there strictly to protect us, the authors, from any (primarily corporate) evildoers who wish us ill-intent. Lol, someone even posted BUMP up to SJWhub an Anon told us. Anyone can do the same thing with RW Foundations if they care to, be our guest. Someone urged me to set up a PGP system for my work here. I probably will in the future at some point.
>>14428 >cool, but what do I do with it now? sorry see this (>>14434), and i have a proposal for you: if you're willing to contribute, we need someone to create a Hollywood-style animation script breakdown of the ~8min long short Chibits series epilogue of Chobits. It was always my intent to reprise that story within the Sumomo project, so it would be a great way to help out if you're willing. Congratulations by the way Anon. You plainly have skills sufficient to build and run the code in it's current state. Did you have any problems with it?
>>14430 >You already know I'm in. I'm not good at programming but, I'm somewhat ok at 2D art and robotics. Sounds good, thanks Kiwi, you're a bro! My plan first is to get Waifusearch and Bumpmaster up in the Foundations framework, then I plan to begin devising a small GUI app with a 2D Sumomo/Kotoko and a text-entry field for Anon to type in. We could use some 2D exploitables for that purpose, probably around January or so? >>14430 >A GitHub or GitLab would be greatly beneficial towards collaboration. see (>>14435)
>>14430 >For the initial animated version, making her like Playstation Lain would be kino. I suppose that Kotoko might be able to pull that off, but certainly not bouncy-bouncy fun-fun little Sumomo. Hmmm. I've never played it and know next to nothing about her. Librarian Lain seems pretty appealing, character-wise. Maybe she could serve as an avatar in The Curator 's lair? BTW, we named the networking library for RW Foundations in the original show's honor :^)
>>14442 Umm, sorry I can't see anything behind the great Cuckflare Wall over Tor. Mind using a more friendly bin site Anon? Have something to do with Chibits?
Open file (819.00 KB 220x220 korone-pet-pet.gif)
>>14430 >I'm not a fan of her needing network access though. Yeah, waifus shouldn't have or need internet access. It would only be a disaster if they did. Some basic bug-reporting might not be a problem. >For the initial animated version, making her like Playstation Lain would be kino. I don't know much about the PS1 Lain game, but what I've seen it just seems to cycle through sprites. Something with even a simple skeletal animation system would be better, like a vtuber or Rayman. I'd also rather it not get too Lain-reference heavy in general. >>14434 >Imagine that you were creating a brand new Operating System literally from scratch. No compiler, no drivers, nothing but your text editor. R/n we're kind of at the 'AWESOME! The floppy disk driver is working correctly now!" It's very much at a 1337haxxorz stage at this point. I can't even program "Hello World" without help, so that's unfathomable to me. If only Terry Davis made WaifuOS instead of TempleOS, we'd at have some 640x480, 16-color schizophrenic AI to build off of.
>>14444 Thanks, appreciated Anon. I'll plan on working out a way to extract plaintext from the file so it can be safely used. We'll also need to devise ways to convert simple, human-oriented scripts into more complex, actual animation-cum-mechatronics motion descriptions. Nice digits BTW. :^)
>>14445 > If only Terry Davis made WaifuOS instead of TempleOS This! :^) Actually, I love TempleOS, and the world would be a poorer place without it. F
Open file (24.40 KB 300x364 87gt6veu5e657.jpg)
>>14435 The assessment of the lazy scumbags on Github is correct and they did try your idea a few years ago. In the end, they replaced it with a dumbed down random pre made dialog picker with changeable time variables because they could not get it to work and case sensitive keywords as the only method of dialog is a terrible fucking idea that is unusable in practice and was quickly removed early on only when people started complaining. Shocking, I know. /s They never even attempted random dialog generation or any form of higher ai. Still, I liked the ability to take the waifu out of the mod and into a portable flashdrive and it had some other good ideas like celebrating holidays based on your system calendar that it executed well enough. This is what gave me the idea to integrate some form of it into Madoka.mi. Should probably get around to modeling and printing that custom flashdrive casing I had meant to make for a while now. >>14430 Was also going to mention Playstation Lain but felt it would be hijacking the thread about a Chobits themed project. >We witness Sumomo performing the wakey wakey exercises. lmao. Is this how you summon a robowaifu? >>14445 >Waifus shouldn't have internet connectivity at all. That is a hardware issue. As long as it doesn't have a wi-fi adapter it won't matter. PS1 lain does cycle through pre made animations and some fans did rip the entire game into a playable browser version.
How it looks isn't really important for now, is it? Since it's going to be put into a robot body, we can just do something like a VN or a 3D model with skeletal animations, whichever is easier to do. Better to focus on the AI aspect of it first.
>>14444 I made a typo KOTOKO Miss Kotoko! It's not good to neglect doing the wakey wakey exercises! should be SUMOMO Miss Kotoko! It's not good to neglect doing the wakey wakey exercises! To be honest, I didn't proof read it.
Open file (186.91 KB 150x97 1147642443228.gif)
>>14447 Aside from a little footage on YouTube I haven't seen much of it. The idea of a barebones DOS-like open-source OS designed for modern hardware just sounds like a wonderful concept, if it weren't for his arbitrary restrictions, or it being done in a new programming language. Or maybe if After Egypt's burning bush was limited to grammatically-correct sentences. >>14449 > lmao. Is this how you summon a robowaifu? No, you must perform the dance. >PS1 lain does cycle through pre made animations and some fans did rip the entire game into a playable browser version. Yeah, I heard. Not really interested. >>14450 Yeah, just AI, some graphics and interface seems to be the plan.
>>14444 You deserve your digits, Anon. :^) === We witness Sumomo performing the wakey wakey exercises. SUMOMO 1, 2, 3, 4. 2, 2, 3, 4. And now one last, big breath! Chii, also performing the wakey wakey exercises. Kotoko is in the background NOT performing the wakey wakey exercises. CHII Chii… Sumomo glares fiercely at Kotoko upon witnessing this transgression. Sumomo begins to chide Kotoko from across the room. SUMOMO Hey there! Kotoko sighs in the foreground as Sumomo continues scolding her in the background from atop a television. SUMOMO Miss Kotoko! It's not good to neglect doing the wakey wakey exercises! Kotoko looks over to Sumomo. KOTOKO It's not that I'm neglecting it. I'm preparing Mr. Motosuwa's... Sumomo closes the distance and confronts Kotoko face-to-face, Sumomo stands over Kotoko emitting a deadly aura and wagging her finger at Kotoko. SUMOMO That's not good! You're being lazy. KOTOKO I can't get through to her. Hideki beings speaking off-screen, Sumomo and Kotoko look over at him. HIDEKI Thanks for getting everything ready. Camera moves behind Hideki, Chii standing to his left, Sumomo and Kotoko are on the floor in-front of them. Hideki puts on his backpack. HIDEKI I'll be going to school now. Keep an eye on things, you three. Hideki turns and begins to leave. CHII Chii. Take care. Sumomo raises her arms and says: SUMOMO Take care! KOTOKO Take care. Hideki exits the room and we see him closing the door behind him. Kotoko, no longer safe, is confronted again by Sumomo. Sumomo stands over Kotoko menacingly. SUMOMO So why don't you do the wakey exercises? Kotoko turns away, unable to withstand the onslaught of Sumomo’s deadly glare. KOTKO As I said... Eh? Kotoko sees a wallet on the ground. KOTKO That's… Sumomo and Kotoko are both looking at the wallet on the ground in front of them. Sumomo blows a whistle. Kotoko screams, frightened by Sumomo’s awful power. SUMOMO Warning, warning! A wallet! Mr. Motosuwa forgot his wallet! It's a problem! Chii picks up the wallet, Kotoko looks up at Chii as Sumomo continues to sound the alarm. SUMOMO It's an emergency! We see Chii holding the wallet. CHII Hideki forgot wallet. Chi will deliver. Chii turns to leave with the wallet in hand. Sumomo and Kotoko, in the background, appear a bit distressed. KOTOKO M-Miss Chii, are you stepping out in those clothes? We see that Chii is only wearing a white t-shirt. CHII Chii? No good? KOTOKO No, you need to wear these clothes! Sumomo uses her magical ability to change Chii’s clothing in an instant. Changing Chii’s outfit to a school girl uniform. CHII Chii? We see Sumomo and Kotoko, Sumomo looking prideful at her work, Kotoko uncertain. KOTOKO M-Must it be these clothes? SUMOMO It must be a uniform if she goes to school! Kotoko turns to Sumomo. Sumomo begins waving Chii off. KOTOKO But Mr. Motosuwa goes to college… SUMOMO Take care! Kotoko turns back to Chii, looking concerned. We see Chii leave and close the door. CHII I'm off! We see Sumomo and Kotoko standing side by side, Kotoko clears her throat. KOTOKO Miss Sumomo. Shot changes to a closer look at Kotoko, who turns to Sumomo. KOTOKO Um, I've been wanting to tell you this for a while… But you have too many needless actions. Shot changes to close up of Kotoko, she closes her eyes and continues speaking. KOTOKO Some problems telling truth from fiction, too. You should check your software… Sumomo blows her whistle again, destroying Kotoko’s ear drums, Kotoko tries to cover her ears as the sheer force of Sumomo’s lungs blows Kotoko’s hair to the side, Kotoko screams in fear at Sumomo’s incredible power. Kotoko turns to Sumomo who can be seen with whistle in hand, Sumomo looking at something. KOTOKO What is it this time?! SUMOMO W-We have a problem. KOTOKO A problem? Kotoko turns her head to see what Sumomo is looking at. We see a pair of ladies underpants on the floor in the foreground with Sumomo and Kotoko looking at them from the background. KOTOKO Can that really be… Sumomo jumps in the air, lands, and begins to run around the room. SUMOMO We have a problem! An emergency! Sumomo summons her clones and bangs on a tambourine as she continues on. SUMOMO Chi is in a crisis! Problem, problem, problem! Zoom in on the ladies underpants. KOTOKO Stop acting like that, and let's hurry after her! We see Chii walking on the street, a small breeze lifts her skirt lightly. CHII Chii deliver wallet. Hideki will be happy. We see Kotoko speaking, camera begins on her lower half and pans up to her face. KOTOKO It's good that we deliver this... But we can't open the door and go outside by ourselves. We see Kotoko from behind, standing in front of the door. KOTOKO How in the world… >(1 of 2) >=== -speaker edit for reprimand shot (SUMOMO) -add post subject
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>>14459 Sumomo runs up behind Kotoko at light speed, grabs her shirt at the neck, and pulls her back. We see Sumomo holding her weapon, sitting atop a trio of firecrackers with Kotoko looking frightened tied to the bottom of the firecrackers. SUMOMO - Let's go! KOTOKO - W-Wait! We see the pair atop the firecrackers in front of a window, Kotoko looks back at the camera. KOTOKO What is this? SUMOMO I prepared it for an emergency. Zoom in on Sumomo. SUMOMO The Sumomo Special Plasma Fire Engine! Kotoko raises her head into the bottom of the shot. KOTOKO Forget the name! You plan to chase her with this? SUMOMO That's exactly right! It's amazing! It's cool! Bravo! From behind, we see Sumomo light the device, Kotoko look back, frightened. SUMOMO Listen here... And a little push… The rocket takes off, Kotoko screams, the rocket leaves a trail of fire behind it. We see Sumomo and Kotoko fly looking for Chii. SUMOMO She's not around. KOTOKO Now listen here! Zoom in on Sumomo, looking around, she sees something and points at it. SUMOMO I found Miss Chi! We see Sumomo steer the rocket downward, Kotoko screams. Zoom in on the fire trail and the rear of the rocket, the fire goes out, smoke comes from the back of the rocket. Kotoko and Sumomo both look at the rear of the rocket, concerned. The rocket falls, Kotoko and Sumomo begin to fall as well. Sumomo uses the ladies underpants as a parachute, holding Kotoko with her legs. We see Chii walking on the street, holding the wallet in both hands. CHII Chii. Kotoko and Sumomo land safely on the top of a box truck. SUMOMO That's strange. Sumomo and Kotoko sit atop the box truck, Sumomo looks at Kotoko with her arms crossed. SUMOMO We should've been able to catch up with her by my calculations. Have you gained a bit of weight, Miss Kotoko? KOTOKO Persocoms don't gain weight. We see Kotoko sit up. Sumomo and Kotoko look at something in front of the truck. We see Chii pass by the moving truck. Sumomo and Kotoko look back at her from atop the truck. KOTOKO Miss Chi! We see Kotoko and Sumomo in the foreground atop the box truck, looking at Chii in the background who turns a corner. Zoom in on Sumomo and Kotoko atop the truck. Kotoko looks sideways at Sumomo. SUMOMO Let's chase her! Sumomo grabs Kotoko’s hand and runs off screen. SUMOMO Let's chase her! We see Sumomo sliding down a rail holding Kotoko behind her, Kotoko flying behind Sumomo. SUMOMO Let's chase her! We see Sumomo running across a fence-top with a man in the background, Kotoko struggling to keep up with Sumomo. SUMOMO Let's chase her! We see Sumomo driving a small orange car, Kotoko holding some sort of gun in the back of the car, looking mildly concerned at Sumomo. Two onlookers in the background look fearfully at this incredible display of force. SUMOMO Let's chase her! We see Sumomo atop a cat, the camera pans left to Kotko holding the tail struggling to hang on. SUMOMO Let's chase her! We see a dog chasing Sumomo, Kotoko, and the cat from before. SUMOMO Let's make a run for it! We see the cat, Kotoko, Sumomo, and the dog standing at a cross walk as a car passes in front of them. SUMOMO Let's wait. We see the light for pedestrian permission to cross turns green. We see Sumomo and Kotoko running across the road. SUMOMO It's green! Kotoko and Sumomo stop running and Sumomo hold her arms out to the side. SUMOMO Stop! We see Chii’s legs as she walks towards the camera in the foreground, Kotoko and Sumomo in the background. Kotoko waves her arms. KOTOKO - We've caught up. SUMOMO - Miss Chi! We see Chii turn around to look at the two. CHII Chii? Sumomo? Kotoko? We zoom in on Kotoko and Sumomo running towards the camera. Kotoko holds the ladies underpants in one hand behind her. The pair look as one would after completing the work of a lifetime. Elated as they have reached their goal, completing their arduous journey. SUMOMO - Miss Chi! KOTOKO - Miss Chi! We see Chii standing, holding the wallet in both hands at her chest. CHII This is... Underwear? We see Sumomo and Kotoko running to the left. A gust of wind blows and the pair stop, Sumomo grabs her head. The ladies underpants the Kotoko was holding flies off. We see the gust reach Chii, then we see Kotoko and Sumomo look towards Chii, concerned. As the breeze lifts Chii’s skirt Kotoko and Sumomo look in horror, the camera zooms in on their faces, both wear a visage of sheer terror and scream. The ladies underpants falls back to the ground. We see Chii in the foreground, Kotoko and Sumomo in the background look at her, the ladies underpants fall to the ground between them. Zoom in on Sumomo and Kotoko looking at Chii. KOTOKO Miss Chi is wearing underwear. Sumomo runs towards Chii, running past the ladies underpants on the ground. Kotoko holds out a hand as Sumomo runs off. KOTOKO Miss Sumomo? We see Kotoko walk up the ladies underpants on the ground. CHII Chii? SUMOMO One, two. There, all done! Kotoko looks questioningly at Sumomo who is off screen. KOTOKO Miss Sumomo, that's… We see Kotoko in the foreground from behind, Sumomo looking towards her from the background, Chii looking at the camera standing between them. SUMOMO Yup, it's really good we were able to catch up. It's the rule to have hair in this fashion when wearing this outfit! Zoom in on Kotoko, she looks disheartened. KOTOKO Then the underwear… SUMOMO The underwear is nothing more than a parachute. We zoom in on the ladies underpants on the floor of Hideki’s apartment, the camera pans up, and we see a red ribbon on the floor. KOTOKO So what you saw then and made such a fuss over was… Zoom in on Sumomo, we see Chii’s hair next to her with the ribbon in it. SUMOMO The ribbon. Zoom in on Kotoko’s face, she appears mentally destroyed. SUMOMO You're very strange, Miss Kotoko. Zoom in on Chii who appears a bit confused. CHII Chii? >(2 of 2)
>>14459 >>14460 OK, so together, how do we turn all this brilliance into necessarily-dull-but-effective character, props, costumes, lighting and layouts scene descriptions, and (later) motion-control sets? And oh yeah, synthetic dialog too. :^)
>>14437 Is it safe to assume you would want Sumomo parts that could be moved for puppet-esche animation? Like flash animations and picrel? Can definitely have that done by January. I understand GitHub is pozzed but, why not GitLab? >>14439 >>14449 To clarify, I meant a similar interface where many options float around Sumomo. You'd select the option you want and Sumomo would go through an animation and deliver a response. >>14459 >>14460 I wish I was this autistic, great job Chobitsu
Caturday Drop : v211127 edition Well, here we are and it's a Caturday again! Cute anime catgrill meidos in tiny miniskirts when? We've made an architectural change of moving the multi-library "switchboard" code over to within each of the library folders themselves instead, and primarily out of the Foundations code. It was quickly becoming a big hairball there, and is much more maintainable this way (as we've already satisfied ourselves of). We've also added 3 new main libraries into the RW Foundations system. - Action! - Dollhouse - Meido We've also expanded a few sub-libraries with additional new classes. So far, all the structural/interface diagnostics testing has proven to be rock-solid, and it appears we are going down the right track. We are very likely going to be able to build effective (and huge) systems using these libraries. And ones that are also (unusually) easy to both understand, monitor, and maintain for big systems as well. It certainly was a long, long haul to get here! :^) Also, let us all hope the systems remain efficient in both time and space going forward (as it is now). We shall see. Since the primary, very near-term focus for the (overall) project will be getting our two most common /robowaifu/ board utility tools (Bumpmaster, Waifusearch) up and running within the new Foundations framework, there may be little work on Sumomo itself until we achieve this basic functionality. Since this near-plan is also to move over to providing a few basic GUI facilities for these two tools as well, this may be a while. It will be rather a big chore I predict, since this is our first go at it. I'd expect work to pick back up on the current Sumomo project sometime next year--probably in February or March, Lord willing. So please be patient Anon, we'll all get there! :^) === >sumomo_version.log v.211127 --------------- -wired gets member; curly -begin Curly in rw::wired -bumpmaster gets members; catalog, page, post, thread -add alias switchboard files to all libs; mv over from rw:: incls_all -arigato gets member; meido -begin RW Meido library -begin Terminal in rw::graphicom -begin rw::preflight_masters_on() -begin Artstory, Moveit, Scene in rw::action -sumomo gets members; flags, pompoms, tambourine -begin Catalog, Page, Post, Thread in rw::curator::bumpmaster -bumpmaster gets member; waifusearch -begin Flags, Pompoms, Tambourine in rw::chibitsu::props -begin RW Dollhouse library -begin RW Action! library -begin a rough coding standard treatment within this file (below) -s/name_tag/handle/; 'handle' is actually a better description for the parameter >rw_sumomo-v211127.tar.xz.sha256sum 69f32b27f3b7162473251c55e1fc74840c7787cf55fb7cba2847e89682c1f1db *rw_sumomo-v211127.tar.xz >backup drop https://files.catbox.moe/amykug.7z
>>14488 Let me get back to you a little later this weekend on this Kiwi.
Open file (5.22 MB 480x480 Example.gif)
>>14488 Pic did not post the first time.
>>14518 Naicu progress Chobitsu. Really starting to see the potential in this project. Earnestly looking forward to continuous improvement. >>14519 Take your time
>In response to MeidoDev question from earlier. Yep, that's it. ' sage ' goes into the email field. The point isn't to draw attention to the sage, but rather simply to prevent the post from bumping a thread. Remember, there are automated tools Anons use to track boards (such as the namesake tool BUMP). If a post that didn't actually add anything bumps a thread, then that equals wasted attention and time for those Anons. I'd like to think that /robowaifu/ is an important board with many such 'remote' viewers, and so I'd simply encourage everyone to think about using polite sage regularly. But it's not some kind of rule, but merely a form of politeness here. I myself often neglect it through inattentiveness or lack of reflection before hitting the 'Submit' button. BTW as a protocol, it's one that basically also covers the entire Internet (by which term I mean ofc, the Imageboard universe, not FANGS golem-world). Ofc /b/-tier boards try using it as a form of "Lol I trole U!!11 LE EBIN DOWNBOAT TOURIST!111111111"--usually in the form of "Sage goes in all fields". >In response to Kiwi question from earlier. Yes, the """Chicken Farm""" is linked as part of the official directory in our Library thread. Oft-frequented by 'spelunkers', it's a fun place to visit occasionally. But you wouldn't want to live there the smell of the place is terrible (and even the Basement is a better place.) :^) >=== -edit 'Sage' to lowercase 'sage' (the only form that works) -grammar & prose edit -add 'smell' shitposting joke -text re-order + 'protocol', 'sage all fields' comments
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>>14488 >>14520 >Is it safe to assume you would want Sumomo parts that could be moved for puppet-esche animation? Like flash animations and picrel? Can definitely have that done by January. Perfect. Yes, we'll go with 2D, paper-doll-esque animation for Sumomo's World. :^) We'll also need fireworks, pantsu, toy cars, dog, cats, fun side-scrolling towns and layouts. Oh and I'd like you to add some kind of cute dollhouses for Sumomo and Kotoko to live in to the list. That was always missing in the show, and they will be a part of the gear inventory for any real-life RW Foundations-based Chibitsu & Arigato grade robowaifus. The former as actual cute dollhouses, and the latter as docking, charging, and storage cases. I'd like to include some representation of them in Sumomo's World. >=== -prose edit
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>>14488 >I wish I was this autistic, great job Chobitsu LOL. Don't thank me Anon, thank our brilliant Scriptwriter Anon (>>14442, >>14444, >>14451) Undoubtedly an Anon of many talents, I'll warrant. Through his choice word selections, he's actually improved on the original Chibitsu story IMO. We've added a library into RW Foundations (RW Action!) to both take advantage of his efforts here with us, and to try molding it into something even better for Sumomo's World'. But yes, it is some nice work, Kiwi. :^)
Open file (457.55 KB 680x1036 9819ni12byhe218nhd21 .png)
>>14527 >we'll go with 2D, paper-doll-esque animation for Sumomo's World. So its Bonzi buddy? But with a Chobits skin and without the malware?
>>14488 >I understand GitHub is pozzed but, why not GitLab? The issue isn't primarily about the current-year-tier degeneracy (after all evildoers gonna evil), but rather the fact they would be quite likely to yank the rug out from under it the moment any screeching harpies working there got wind of it. Why bother? And don't be shocked if GitLab goes down this exact same path, Kiwi--they are already well along their way on it. At least by dropping the code here we're still among friends. The only issue here is validation of the code's authenticity and I've decided to tag all the drops of RW Foundations software that I myself make here, with my role signature. As long as I'm still a part of the /robowaifu/ 'staff', this should at least help out a bit with that point. But, I do already have an account on GitLab (Chobitsu), and so I'll make you a proposition Anon: Set up an account for distributing our RW Foundations-based projects from here. Also, give me keys to the place as full contributor, and I'll occasionally look in on it and possibly leave some good things there for you. BUT I'M NOT GOING TO MANAGE IT FOR YOU ANON!11 :^) (honestly, I have plenty on my plate already) I'd highly suggest you wait to do this until the new Bumpmaster project is up and working, and then do that as your first repo there. That way, the project should eventually draw attention from the right sorts of men Anons, and hopefully establish itself quickly enough to become well-known and get some helpful pull-requests. And that before the target gets painted on your back there. This will surely happen once we move past the Sumomo's World phase, and move into doing real-life fairybot/moebot grade robowaifus using the software. Once this happens the attention will ramp up quickly, and the leftists and other evildoers will start their tirade-parade vitriol as they get wind of it. How does this idea sound to you, Anon? >=== -prose & grammar edits
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/28/2021 (Sun) 23:40:22.
>>14529 Lol. Sure if that's what you'd like Anon, we'll do a 'Sumomo Buddy' project. Can you code in C++?
>>14521 >Naicu progress Chobitsu Thanks! It's all Bumpmaster for now until it's working properly. I'm not sure what thread to do the drops for RW Foundations projects in until we get back around to implementing Sumomo's World. Any Anons have advice or suggestions? ATM, I'll likely just keep going with it here, even though it's plainly off-topic (the underlying software framework being the most important point, to me as a budding software architect). But I'm open to hearing other suggestions. >=== -minor prose edit
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Open file (387.85 KB 857x574 LainGame.png)
Open file (291.81 KB 857x574 SchoolExample.png)
>>14527 Would Lain Bootleg style work? I can make assets in that perspective and with Chobits style. It would also be nice if Anons would provide sketches if they want custom avatars for the game. If you don't submit a sketch, you'll be represented by Hideki Chobitsu. >>14528 Kek my mistake, I wish I was as autistic as Scriptwriter Anon. >>14530 I'm considering your offer, will get back to you on that. Though, I honestly do understand where you are coming from. It is much safer here. We have security through obscurity given the usually sub 10 unique IP's here.
>>14543 >Would Lain Bootleg style work? Sure! That would be great Kiwi. I would recommend you choose very saturated (and fun!) color schemes. Much richer than the series had. Remember, this Sumomo's World! Having everything vaguely Chibi-esque would right on-topic for the project as well. >I'm considering your offer, will get back to you on that. No rush, take your time thinking it through very thoroughly Anon. It will be at least a couple month's time. Same for the art assets creation too.
dropping this here for safekeeping. https://github.com/ad044/lain-bootleg-bootleg
>>14546 >making art assets Will the program support L2D model formats?
>>14555 Formats supported by (or convertible to formats supported by) the external assimp library would be supportable by us with little additional efforts beyond those having already been made here in the past. https://www.assimp.org/ Note that for Sumomo's World! there are no plans for anything beyond paper-doll-esque animations--it's both simpler to implement and is sufficient to begin fleshing out many of the robotics-centric algorithms and callgraphs. One of the (hidden, but) primary goals behind this initial effort is to keep the implementation details down to just bare essentials, since this reduces the 'frontloading' costs to development. And (if done well) it also assists in our ability to do reasoning about our algorithms (since, again, it reduces complexity). >tl;dr This is just a simple prototyping project at this stage. We'll tackle more complexity in due course. >=== -add phrase 'many of' -fix erroneous crosslink -add 'reasoning about' comment -minor grammar & prose edits
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/29/2021 (Mon) 22:52:28.
>>14556 That's essentially what I meant by the easiest way to make a paper model besides maybe pre rendered image sequences.
>>14557 Ah, thanks for clearing that up for me AllieDev. I'm unfamiliar with the format in any specific way, and just presumed it was 3D given the context of it's typical usage. If you'd recommend it, then do you mind pointing out some good 'implementer' resources related to it?
>>14558 Thought a website implementation may be neat for the board so I found this resource: https://github.com/Konata09/Live2dOnWeb/ Written in C++ and could work for the application specs: https://www.live2d.com/en/download/cubism-sdk/ There is also the official SDK manuals with some tutorials. you don't need to make a game, just use as a base to work off that already supports making and using the puppets you described. https://docs.live2d.com/?locale=en_us Sorry if I am derailing the thread. Just some suggestions I thought were helpful. I have faith you can implement the model formats with the extensions they developed for Live2D "Native" that work with Visual studio. The extension downloads are under the "SDK for Native" section.
Edited last time by AllieDev on 12/02/2021 (Thu) 17:54:10.
Open file (72.54 KB 888x499 Assimp.jpg)
>>14556 >>14556 >Assimp That can use PNG files as textures so I'll make PNG's for Sumomo. Your mindset on finishing the necessary minima before adding complexity is correct and appreciated. :^) >>14597 Live2D would make things easier. The deformation and easy rigging options would lead to less parts needing to be made for Sumomo and as her artist I have to go with that. Will post some Sumomo soon, full time Uni has been a drag lately.
>>14597 >>Thought a website implementation may be neat for the board so I found this resource: Neat idea. Anyone here good as JS? Custom JS is usable in Lynxchan (check the 'Settings' link in page header). >Sorry if I am derailing the thread. What!? Lol, no AllieDev. Anything related to the project overall is certainly on-topic ITT (or even the much broader-scope RW Foundations concepts). >Written in C++ and could work for the application specs: >There is also the official SDK manuals with some tutorials Perfect. I really appreciate the legwork AllieDev. I can't make any estimate yet of my ability to use the format, but it would plainly be a good idea at some point for Chibitsu avatars. I'll try to respond to other posts on the board discussing the L2D thing soon. Cheers >>14604 Great! PNG should be perfect Kiwi. >Sage Lol. You bumped the thread with your post anyway and summoned me, Anon (and a good thing too since it's on-topic). Only the lowercase version of "sahh-ghey" works. If a polite sage is what you're actually going for, then just put a single one of those into the email field. :^) (>>14526) >full time Uni has been a drag lately. I know that feel, trust me I do. Just keep a picture in mind of the day when a cute little Sumomo will be there to give you the Study Real Hard, and You'll Pass That Test!! cheer. Gambatte, Anon. :^)
RW Foundations Caturday Drop : v211204 edition It's Caturday again Anons. Woot! Well we've kind of shifted gears for this go-round, Sumomo's on hold for now, and we are focusing on getting the new Bumpmaster project up and running successfully within the overarching library framework. As mentioned elsewhere; >"So, when we reach a level where a functioning robowaifu needs to use Bumpmaster or Waifusearch, she'll be able to do so with very little extra effort on the part of the men developing her." (>>14353) We believe this style of software adoption is a good general approach for us, for a number of reasons: - Ensures the libraries all each work together successfully - Enables our robowaifus to have additional programs to safely use as well - Better proves-out our general stability, safety, security, & control concepts Hopefully, we can help move towards achieving all of these goals by prototyping, then fully integrating both Bumpmaster and Waifusearch into our Foundations library. Not only will it be a nice thing to have these new (somewhat more capable) programs ourselves, but eventually giving our robowaifus the facility to directly run them will also be helpful too. Even if it turns out we need to remove them both in the end, this effort will certainly be a good learning experience for everyone involved. And since we are writing the (vastly more simple) software ourselves--with full access & visibility for every line of code--it's very likely to be much safer than just giving a robowaifu unrestricted access to the data outputs from some potentially malware-infested pages through a web browser's file-save facility, etc. Read-only access (as in: literally reading directly from an external computer's monitor) using either approach is probably OK for her in most contexts, roughly-speaking. About the same as it might be for a human child for instance. But, when it comes to any more-direct data accesses (involving storing either files, data or information locally for offline-retrieval, for example) then we consider our approach to be a much safer one for our robowaifus. On that note; we've removed the main library RW Wired from the Foundations library itself, and begun moving to implementing that functionality within the RW Dollhouse library. Dollhouse was always meant to be a 'General Outboard Systems' (that is, outboard of the robowaifu herself) library, in addition to it's other features. Therefore, it seems the most appropriate place to consolidate all external network accesses through it's interfaces. It's both easier to control, and to account for any external networking usage through this approach. It's also far easier for a regular robowaifu owner to control things using the dollhouse hardware itself. He can flip the networking hardware switch itself off, or even just literally 'pull the plug'. BTW, we're adopting an "only-briefly-connected, 'Dolldrop' " approach & philosophy for all our external networking code within the Foundations (which has proven to be a pretty fun thing to begin thinking through, actually). In other news; we've begun some initial basic efforts to provide both callgraph-recording/tracing & function-level access-control within RW Foundations. Both of these facilities should be particularly helpful once the code grows larger. Actually understanding what's going on within a highly-complex systems is the first order of business for software architects and engineers building those systems. We hope our approaches will greatly enhance that ability for every Anon involved. Indeed for anyone. So, the plan is probably to just continue using this same thread for any new "RW Foundations" drops (even if they seem at first glance to be off-topic ITT). Over time all of these interrelated software & hardware technologies and concerns will blend together into a single, large, system in the end. We'll try to keep it all sorted out properly along the way. Be patient Anon, Good Lord is willing we'll all eventually get there! :^) === >version.log v.211204 --------------- -add global and local 'do_stamps' flags to control callstamping -begin 'stamps_.emplace()' calls into class' func defs -begin 'Stampstack stamps_' private member fields (callgraph analysis) -bumpmaster gets member; board -begin Board in rw::curator::bumpmaster -bumpmaster gets member; site -begin Site in rw::curator::bumpmaster -begin class' Master-only func protos; catalog, thread -begin enum class rw::Type + integrate across system -begin bind_master(), slave objects intended for a Bumpmaster 's use only; catalog, page, post, thread -in rw::curator::bumpmaster; rm aliasing of catalog, page, post, thread -begin prototyping the binding of all member slave objs to their master class -dollhouse gets member; shell (shell & power care) -shell gets member; dollhouse (shell & power care) -shell gets member; gears -rw::wired main library removed from RW Foundations -arigato, bumpmaster, curator gets member; dollhouse (dolldrop comms) -arigato, bumpmaster removes member; wired -begin protected/private classes Dolldrop, Wired within rw::dollhouse::Dollhouse_b -begin architectural rework; mv all RW Foundations network comms through dollhouse -ren Tip>Hip, consolidate RW field' accessor as 't()'; integrate everywhere -begin bumpmaster demo project; shifting dev focus over to bumpmaster for now -ren 'Sumomo' project to 'Sumomo's World!' project -ren sumomo_version.log>version.log; mv to RW Foundations lib's domain; -sumomo gets members; confetti, dustpan, whisk -begin Confetti, Dustpan, Whisk in rw::chibitsu::props -moveit gets member; bones >rw_bumpmaster-v211204.tar.xz.sha256sum cbd8349074b85f5d096e365709a0dd31f6cd6f89c5452dbd7f6f864d16677355 *rw_bumpmaster-v211204.tar.xz >backup drop: https://files.catbox.moe/mw7rp7.7z

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