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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

Agalmatophilia Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 04:50:40 No.15
Is the desire for one's own waifubot a legitimate personal expression or simply yet another one of the many new psychoses stemming from First World problems?
They're real, so no psychosis involved. Case closed.
>>15 I'd say it's a way of substituting the mother and wife figure that so many men desire. Ideally men should never be exposed to females at all (like a monk), I imagine that'd be amazing XD On the one hand, a man should strive to be independent and aim for self-actualisation. At the same time waifus allow a man a temporary respite, when he can lower his guard and relax. Waifus on their own won't replace interactions with other men, instead they'll give an option to work with your primal instincts (not just sex, I mean more comfort wise) and allow you to make more rational decisions in the real world.
>>15 The "Welcome to the board" post says this as its first line: "Most of the world's modern women have failed their men and their societies, feminism is rampant, and men around the world have been looking for a solution." I think you could say First World problems might be a starting motivation, but the long term motivation is deeper. A fully capable robotic companion has more utility than just being a waifu. She is potentially a life-long assistant. I believe such robots ability to be generally helpful far exceeds its usefulness as a mere wife replacement. If a robot like Chi from Chobits were to suddenly be released tomorrow think about the huge effect it would have on the economy. It wouldn't even need to be as smart as a human in all domains in order to be revolutionary. Personally, my desire for a robowaifu is a bit mixed. I'd like one as a primary personal companion, but I'd also buy others for business purposes. I think their commercial potential is what will grant these robots staying power beyond Robowaifu enthusiasts. That'll probably be the core drive of the large corps that produce them.
>>4463 > I think their commercial potential is what will grant these robots staying power beyond Robowaifu enthusiasts. That'll probably be the core drive of the large corps that produce them. Well said. I think you're correct.
>>15 It's at least as old as the story of Pygmalion.
If western woman in decline and never wanted to fulfill the promise of a men dream then why worry?
Open file (201.23 KB 1133x1700 spaghetti_mama.jpg)
Saw this photo of a beautiful sculpture of the two lover Pygmalion & Galatea. > Étienne Maurice Falconet: Pygmalion et Galatée (1763)
Those who are rejected by humanity should work to advance A.I. instead. Sure you can get a cat or dog...they're cute and all. But cats and dogs just don't have the same potential.
>>15 Philosophically the want for a robot waifu is a weird one. We as humans have found love in non human aspects. Humans find love in houses, trees, animals, and drawings. So while it is a first world psychosis to want robots. The want for love from a non human has been there for years. They say dogs are a man vest friend and there are stories about the companionship between us. If you want objects then look at car guys for a modern example and archeticts that made chapels and building made by their own love. Love may be a chemical cocktail that disappears after a while. But affections that we give too our creations and we recive back from them is a spiritual forever. To know that you and its are the same and will be the same. But I am rambling spiritual bullshit to you guys.
>>6910 >Beautiful sculpture of the sculptor admiring his beautiful sculpture How meta. >>9528 >But I am rambling spiritual bullshit to you guys. Heh, I think you'll find spirituality has a been an oft-discussed topic here, friend, and hardly 'bullshit' regardless. I think evaluating the term love in light of a better language for discussing it like ancient Greek (how apropos, right?) might help you clarify your terms at the least. The very fact you use the same word 'love' in relation to both a drawing and a human being exposes the basic poverty of English in this regard. And even were you correct that the desire for a robowaifu is a psychosis doubt.jpg, it's certainly not just a First World Problem. This truth is pretty ironically evinced by this very thread itself, not to mention your own post. While I doubt the creations themselves do a lot of 'giving back' of men's affections towards them, the simple and obvious fact is that this kind of thing has been going on literally since the era of Adam and Eve, and well before Noah's ark was saved through the flood.

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