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your file is too big onii-chan Robowaifu Technician 09/12/2019 (Thu) 02:58:03 No.152
it's a commendable quest to try to breath life into metal and a topic i am very interested in. but, does anyone else stop and wonder whether it is right to bring waifus to the real world?
It's a complicated question. Ofc the globalist kike's transhumanism vision for the world is obviously evil and should be shunned. OTOH, there are literally millions and millions of disenfranchised men--many of whom are good men--who have been left out in the cold by the evil results of (((feminism))) (also largely directed by these same globohomo kikes ofc). It's those men that /robowaifu/ should be focused on helping imo. For me, that's the gist of the ethical question.

And (just to diverge a bit) the weird idea that some have pushed that a machine+software is somehow 'alive' and therefore deserves 'rights' is ludicrous. These faggy ideas about ZOMG don't raep teh waifubot!111 are just silly. It is a machine people. And while it's ridiculous, the fact that there are people delusional enough to literally believe these ideas, simply because a machine is physically shaped similar to the human form is, quite frankly, disturbing to me.

Anyway, back to your question. Yes, I think it is right to create robowaifus in the same way I think it's right to create automobiles or phones. Ofc there are abuses, but overall the benefits pretty much overwhelmingly outweigh the detriments anon. Helping these millions of men suffering under this modern plague of gynocentrism is well worth dealing with the issues that will arise.
I enjoy the metaphor "Imagine building a toaster to make toast for you, and then programming it to not want to make toast for you, and in fact make it so that it refuses to make toast for you until you perform a series of elaborate, pointless, and costly rituals for it."

Alternatively, you could build a toaster who wants nothing more than to make toast for you, as much as you want, no more, and no less. Doesn't that sound like a much better option?

This does not actually work on the sort of people who would bitch about it, of course. Their interest is not in the realm of reason, they just don't want competition and are acting off of knee-jerk emotional impulse, but it certainly will confuse and anger them.
Great metaphor anon, it brings out very clearly the dichotomy in their thinking.
The real world is outside. Here in this sacred burial chamber, is the gateway to 2D heaven. As long as they stay inside, they will be safe from the ruinous machinations of… the things lurking outside.
the gruesome restraints of physical reality are unchangeable no matter how deep underground you two hide
I'd rather be working on getting us into the 2D world too, but that'd require very good brain interfaces and brain-in-a-jar type things to extend lifespan.
The tech just isn't there yet, maybe in a few decades.
but… but, the 2D world is fictitious. it will never be real in the way we imagine it because it will always be constrained by the 3D world
I don't see why not. Some people may object, but there's no ethical dilemma and as far as I'm concerned it's just a matter of when.

It'd be fine if we could shape it to our will. After all, the 2D world was built by actual people so it stands to reason that we could create a 2D paradise.
>there's no ethical dilemma
why not

>as far as I'm concerned it's just a matter of when.
that wasn't the question

>After all, the 2D world was built by actual people so it stands to reason that we could create a 2D paradise.
you say that as if the 2D world is some sort of a well-defined egregore
it's not. the 2D world exists in ones own head. everyone's idea of what the 2D world is is different, and they are all equally valid because the 2D world doesn't actually exist. moreover, not one person knows what exactly their own 2D world is, because we are only capable of peering through a little window. the closer we get to the window, the more we can see, but it's diminishing returns. we can never go through the window, no matter how much we dream or write or just imagine. the 2D world is less real than imaginary.
> ethical dilemma
There needs to be a victim, a fancy chatbot is no more a victim than an video game NPC or a smart car. The only real ethical arguments that can be raised are in regards to sexbots, but as so long as we're operating under the assumptions that:
< A immoral act must inflict quantifiable suffering upon another (i.e. a victim) and
< We're dealing with at most a fancy AI that's likely less robust than those utilised by private corporations.
Then we can conclude that as there is no victim (a part from women having to get another meal ticket) then there is no problem. If you claim it's immoral because we're using an AI then you're probably worse than Stalin for killing all those video game characters.

As for 2D, i stated a fact, it's humans who create these worlds of fiction. Transplanting humanity into the "2D" would be no different than creating a fancy video game with scenarios if a person wanted to legit be anime animu character. In short, the 2D world (i.e. cartoons) is literally just another expression of the human imagination; you don't sound deep for claiming it anything else.

BTW, I've been drinking so I doubt my thoughts are collected. But trying to have some discussion about whether it's bad to make a fictional character into a primitive robot is pretty pointless.
>unironically objectifying human-level AI
An example of where I did/said this?
that's the only kind of AI this thread is talking about, i don't know why you've got your head up your ass about video games
Open file (23.61 KB 665x574 0705060933408_13_47b.jpg)
This shitpost belongs in my shitpost
It's obviously right, only SJW's say otherwise because they think NPCs and robots are people.
You never specified human level intelligence, at all. The thread was ambiguous at best. I also stated that I was talking about at most a fancy AI/chatbot when defining what would be considered a viable victim of a proper moral scenario. I legit don't even know the point of your thread and what you want out of it. Half of us are talking about transporting the human mind into some animu simulation whilst the other half are attempting to talk about AI in robots.

If you want to talk about a specific subset of AI, then specify that in your thread's initial post; don't just retcon it in.
>>152 This board only exists to create robot waifus. If you want, you can create a board that is against the creation of robot waifus. I actually don't feel like building a robot waifu and instead I want a robot daughter like in the Spear Hero parody manga where motoyasu buys firorial eggs and suddenly gets a lot of daughters because the firorials can transform into humans.
>>152 >>669 To progress humanity forward, men need to be given the choice of a romantic partnership which they can develop at their own pace, without needless hoop jumping of evolutionary psychology. This will allow them to focus upon their crafts, and perhaps make greater developments in every field that men partake in (ranging from cooking to rocket engine design...and even more). Not every man can exist by himself and be happy without a "partner" in his life, be it fictional or otherwise. Robo-waifus can provide this outlet for the ideal romance. And honestly when men talk about wanting a "real" relationship, what do they really want? If men had waifus with a personalities and traits that mould appeal to them the most, and would give them sexual pleasure on demand, there would be a lot less needless conflict and competition. Of course an artificial womb is also necessary for such a future, so that every man could have children if they wish. But we have to start somewhere, and robo-waifus are the natural progression from mankind's desire for an idealised female companion. This idea even stems from ancient Greece (Pygmalion and Galatea).
>>4799 You put that really well Anon. I wish you'd write us some greentexts from those ideas in our robowaifu fiction bread.
>>4806 I guess I've spent some time internalising this Anon. I'll see what I can do. I do love me some creative writing ;)
Open file (208.28 KB 1707x960 Alas Poor Human.jpg)
A lot of normies see what I am working on and their first reaction is naturally "Sexbot hur-dur-hur!" I always tell them that it's MUCH worse than that. If I just wanted a doll to ejaculate into then I could spend four or five grand on a high-quality silicone doll and be done with it. I see robots as a way for humanity to escape or at least circumvent the suffering and DNA-bound slavery of organic life. The futile cycle of mortality - the deprivation and temporary fulfillment. Also, less philosophically; robots are a gateway to learning programming and electronics. When making my robowaifu I always remind myself that it is her who matters, not me. My name and my history are unimportant. All that matters is what I can create. After years of struggling just to build up my C.V. I had to find a cause or project that was bigger than myself.
>>7782 >After years of struggling just to build up my C.V. I had to find a cause or project that was bigger than myself. Thanks for sharing that Anon. As you mentioned, philosophy can play an important role in our choices regarding robowaifus. Particularly if, like yourself, we are driven to strive for something important to more than just ourselves. It's not inconceivable that what /robowaifu/ is attempting may in fact benefit literally millions in the end. And not just the men either, but also (apparently ironically) women as well. If the woman somehow has sense enough in herself to not try and be a man (nor attempt to usurp the man's natural authority in their relationship) then they will certainly have a healthier mental state as well. The soon-coming robowaifu industry can be a catalyst for some women to rethink their roles in society, to the betterment of us all. OTOH, I have to take issue that you aren't important Anon. At the very least your work is already an inspiration and encouragement here. Godspeed to you.
>>7782 >A lot of normies see what I am working on and their first reaction is naturally "Sexbot hur-dur-hur!" >I always tell them that it's MUCH worse than that. If I just wanted a doll to ejaculate into then I could spend four or five grand on a high-quality silicone doll and be done with it. Normalniggerfaggottrannies such as ones who use the word "normie" need to be thoroughly BTFO at every occasion. Next time someone tells your NPC brain your sexbot is a sexbot, answer this: >If I wanted an object that is only good as a cumdump, I'd get a woman
>>7785 >need to be thoroughly BTFO at every occasion. It's fine to enforce good IB culture and etiquette, but I'd say try to find a way to do it that shows both respect and understanding that they are just newfags (and possibly) eternal-summer, underage b&ns. 'BTFO'ing Sophie-Anon would not only be misguided on your part, but it would also be quite detrimental to us all if he somehow took offense at it and perma'd /robowaifu/ off his goto list (not that I think he himself would be that thin-skinned, but it's the principle itself here). For example, did you ever share or kek at a Rare Pepe before Anon? AFAICT, that started out in a NORMIE-friendly forum (correct me if I'm mistaken but Lebbit I think it was?).
>>7783 Thank you anon. I appreciate it. Hopefully our work on /robowaifu/ can make a change for the better in this world, as you say. >>7789 LOL I'm not bothered at all! I've suffered far worse abuse from people IRL (and paid them back sufficiently) to be affected by some minor crudeness on an internet imageboard. Appreciate your support though, anon! Peace and robo-love!

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