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Roadmap: file restoration script within a few days, Final Solution alpha in a couple weeks.

Sorry for not being around for so long, will start getting back to it soon.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY /ROBOWAIFU/ Robowaifu Technician Board owner 11/27/2019 (Wed) 17:27:05 No.1591
4th Birthday Edition greeting here: >>7224 Well it's Thanksgiving time again and that means it's /robowaifu/s birthday time too. It's been 3 full years since we began, and this last one has been a bit of a ride tbh. With the deplatforming of 8ch all of us who had communities there were mostly left out in the cold. Thankfully we've been given a new home here in our bunker at Julay, and a few of us have found our way back together here. Hopefully the rest of us will find Julay, and /robowaifu/ again as well. We've also made some new friends since we've been here, and I think we're in pretty good shape all things considered. On the topic of deplatforming, we have a new archival system in action that keeps a copy of the board up to date on my machine. Note that my original intent was to fully automate the archive.today archives, but it hasn't worked properly (they seem to be fighting against bots pretty hard now). I hope at least one other of you will also join in for the approach that's actually working, and use BUMP to keep at least one other copy of /robowaifu/ safe in addition to my own. You never know what might happen to my gear (or even to me), and it's just smart thinking to have at least two of us keeping this board safe. My intent is to finish up the system for board migrations (along with Robi), and then bring over other things from the old files and get this board in shape again. Then we can keep it fully backed up together. As you regulars know, /robowaifu/ is basically unique among imageboards and deserves preserving IMO. Any other takers for doing backups as well? I just use a cronjob and it's all fully automatic daily I never have to touch it. I'll explain everything in detail how to do it if anyone else wants to participate. One other thing; should anything ever happen to Julay, just regroup on Fatchan in our bunker-bunker there. Actually, I'm pretty upbeat about both the world of IB communities in general, and our own /robowaifu/ in particular. We all took a hard knock a few months ago, but we're back on our feet and in the fight again. Kudos to Julay and Smug in particular for their innovations with the webring. It's lent a resilience to the underlying systems for all our various communities that we've never had before afaict. This alone should help to ensure we have a long future of shitposting together anons. Anyway moving on, I hope this coming year will also see a resurgence in everyone's posts here about their personal projects. I intend to do so myself. It's always a pleasure to see anon's efforts and blog-posts about their current attempts and ideas, regardless whether they are successes or failures. Persistence is really the single most important factor for eventual success--even more than innate talent--and so just don't quit anon! Don't be afraid to get back in the game even if you met with failure before. Try something different this time, right? Industry-wise, I think that most predictions about the ever-increasing pace of technological innovations in the areas pertinent to robowaifu production are on track. I believe this will eventually also translate into much cheaper components and other resources that we all need for our projects. AI is gradually improving and becoming more accessible for the budding software engineers among us (and the old hands too). 3D printing is still improving and becoming more widespread and a bit cheaper in general. Mechanism designs are slowly becoming better suited to cheap production techniques. Electronics of all sorts keep getting better. Materials science breakthroughs also pop up occasionally. I hope this will be a great year for all of us, and that we each can find some work, project or ideas here that we will all agree on and can get behind together as a team. When we work together, we can be assured of progress--and then eventual success. Let's stay focused and make our dreams become real during this 4th year together. We can do it /robowaifu/, you have some amazing ideas! >=== -added link to current birthday message
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 11/26/2020 (Thu) 23:57:09.
Cheers to three years, and to the comfy webring.

May we all be putting our dongs in anime catgrill meidos soon, brothers.
Open file (269.69 KB 924x1268 swift.jpeg)
I'm looking forward to working on some cool ideas this year. I want to create tools that anons can use to further their dreams of synthetic companionship, and knowing that there are so many of us all striving to reach the same goal gives me the drive I need to carry on working. Happy anniversary, /robowaifu/, and here's to many more!
I'd like to invest in a decent 3D printer soon that can do nylon carbon-fiber. Cheap ones only do PLA so I'm a bit hesitant to blow half my budget for a good one and not have enough money for parts. In the meantime I've started designing a robowaifu that I'm gonna put together in Blender with all the artificial muscles, joints, bones and whatnot, ready to be printed. I was playing with Kizuna Ai's model a bit today and realized it's gonna be hard as fuck to design something with a full range of motion that looks good and doesn't cost a fortune to build. A simple shoulder is going to cost well over $500 unless I manufacture my own muscles.

I doubt my model will be usable for much but I think it'll be a fun place to start and learn what actually goes into building a robowaifu. If I fail, I'll just dismantle her, create an assembly instruction booklet, and ship her to a good home with a new fleshlight included to recuperate the costs.

Hopefully we can start making some physical progress this year. We've gathered a ton of information already. It use to seem like an impossibly complex task to build a robowaifu but every month it seems more and more possible.

Thank you for bringing /robowaifu/ back from the dead. May we all be blessed with waifus and electric love.
You don't have to spend all that money on expensive high temperature filament to get extra strength.
And same thing with the printer itself all you need is a heated chamber combined with an enclosure and a hotend that can handle the heat, most cheap printers can be modified to do this at much lower cost than buying a high temperature printer.

I've been researching 3d printers for years now and almost pulled the trigger on purchasing one several times. I'm probably going to go with a basic Anycubic Kossel Linear model which will cost more in extras for upgrades than the printer itself.

I hate to say it but reddit seems to be the best source of information for 3d printing whether it's news, modifications, buying or troubleshooting.

I also hope to be posting my results on here in the upcoming year.
Neat, I had no idea a heated chamber was necessary and the cheaper ones could be modified to do it. That'll save a lot of money if I can just tinfoil it and get a hardened steel nozzle. Filling the parts seems like too much work for the amount I'm gonna be printing and I need to make the parts lightweight. If I was going for a house robowaifu I wouldn't mind PLA but I want her to be able use power tools, build houses and lift other robots.

Might as well post your progress too. This board is slow as fuck. I'm not even sure if I'm modeling this right. It'd be nice if there was a progress thread where we can get feedback.
Thanks for the sentiments anons, much appreciated. I have a feeling this will be a good year for /robowaifu/

Now, let's all get busy and work hard together towards our goals!
Happy Thanksgiving again, /robowaifu/. This weekend marks the end of our 4th year, and the start of our next one. Happy Birthday! Wow, what a year this has been. No need for me to detail anything other than the continuing recovery and growing prosperity of this board. In fact, by many objective measures we're better off now than we've ever been and every indication is we will soon be/are moving into a more powerful realm than before. -The board itself Thanks to Robi and his backers for continuing to keep this place afloat and to graciously host us here alongside their own forum. That has taken some doing on their part, you can be certain. We now have both a bunker, and a bunker-bunker as well. Archives are being kept current daily. Quite frankly we are in a much more robust position than we were before the sudden migration here. We now have the early beginnings of a topical index (started just today) >>7143 . I anticipate this will help everyone, newcomers and old hands alike, to navigate the complex topics we're addressing here on /robowaifu/. We have more and more interesting and new information coming in at least weekly now. -AI chatbots, voice-synth Thanks primarily to Kokubunji, we now have effective implementations of both AI chatbots (Talk2Waifu), and very impressive voice-synthesis (WaifuSynth) to go along with it this year. Along with the other utilities and research he has done here, he has really distinguished himself as a top scholar and waifuist, and deserves much honor by us on /robowaifu/. We also have at least 2 other AI researchers here as well now, and the entire field is becoming increasingly more accessible to us all thanks to everyone's efforts. -Practical robowaifu prototypes While we seem to have lost many of our other anons from before who were working on their own personal projects, we have been joined this year by Robowaifu Enthusiast-anon who is sharing the nice progress on his wonderful robowaifu project Elfdroid Sophie. She is already coming along very nicely and we're sure she will be even more appealing as time goes on. He deserves recognition both for his progress with her so far, and for his frequent other engagements here on /robowaifu/. He has already distinguished himself as a real team-player here. -New visitors and Anons We have been seeing a marked uptick in the number of first-time posters on /robowaifu/ during this past year despite the turmoil of everything else that's been going on. I consider this a good sign that our shared group vision of "ever-increasing demand for robowaifus by men everywhere" is not only a reality, but is a growing movement as word continues to get out and the idea spreads. I would suggest everyone work hard with their own focus' and projects, because at some point we're going to see the dam burst, and a sudden flood of newcomers will be finding out about this place and will arrive here wanting to know where they can get their own robowaifus. Some will come here to stay and actually help us out ofc. So, we're in pretty good shape overall. I suggest everyone keep communicating with each other, keep sharing and open-sourcing ideas and cross-pollinating them, keep encouraging one another motivationally, and keep making this board a welcoming place for newcomers. Here's to a great 5th year for /robowaifu/. Happy birthday to her!
>>1591 >4th birthday edition >It's been 3 full years since we began Hmm, I'm I confused or did you get it wrong? It's the 3rd birthday then, or not? When talking about in which century we are, then you use the number of what we're in, but in terms of age it's the years passed by, not the year which we're in now.
>>1629 Buy a cheap printer, not one which can do carbon fibers. You can buy that one later, when you have more money and need it. You can add fibers to the outside, with glue or resin, or put metal parts into your plastics. We have a thread for 3D printing, with infos on that >>94. I'm glad that you have that much enthusiasm and optimism, but I'm skeptical about being able to design your waifu, including muscles, in Blender and then print her. Good look, but make sure you can adapt your plans to difficulties you might run into.
>>7225 The OP was made 12months ago. The new post is from today.
Open file (176.19 KB 1500x1832 Summer-Glau-06.jpg)
>>1630 >Anycubic Kossel Linear Did you have arms and legs in mind when deciding o go for a delta printer? Or lack of space? >>1654 > I want her to be able use power tools, build houses and lift other robots Try building a trophy wive first, sitting on the sofa all day or dancing while holding a pole, then a housewife, then a mother or nanny, and then you can try building Cameron or Alita. Tools will be cheaper then, and you'll have probably more money. >>General >Reddit spacing One empty line is enough here. Thanks.
>>7224 I'm definitely interested in helping backup /robowaifu/. I've never made a backup of an entire imageboard before though (just copied a couple dozen gig of photos and documents onto M-Disc and external HDD). I'm a total noob, but willing to learn tho. BUMP? Is that the "BUMP CLI command line backup utility" I can see on Github that I must download and install onto a Linux distro?
>>7230 >Is that the "BUMP CLI command line backup utility" I can see on Github Haha, someone put it up on Github huh? Yes, I'm the author of BUMP, and yes, it's what I use. I'll push my current version as a zip onto catbox sometime soon and I'll walk you through the process in our /meta2 thread Anon.
Happy thanksgiving /robowaifu/! Your friends over at /monster/ have their own thanksgiving thread going on! Drop by and say hello! https://smuglo.li/monster/res/70236.html#q70236
Happy birthday /robowaifu/ Remember us when the day of the sexbot comes
Happy Thanksgiving and Birthday /robowaifu/! With love, /monster/
Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks to everyone keeping /robowaifu/ alive and growing. I hope next year I'll be able to have thanksgiving with my robowaifu.
Open file (535.75 KB 954x533 cheers.png)
happy fucking birthday, cheers to this comfy-ass board full of bad motherfuckers and to especially elfdroid bro, get drunk and fist your onahole, cheers cunts
Open file (572.56 KB 1280x870 sukabu.jpg)
Open file (395.12 KB 1200x848 sukabu2.jpg)
Open file (134.95 KB 996x778 sogamarudou.jpg)
Open file (188.56 KB 1202x922 sogamarudou1.jpg)
Happy Birthday and happy Thanksgiving from your friends over at /cuckquean/, /robowaifu/! We wish you all speed and hope that one day you will be able to construct anime catgirl meidos in tiny miniskirts that are good enough to satisfy our fetish.
>>7244 Where is this board even? Can't it be linked here? I didn't find it on the friends list. Asking for a curious friend. I found out that it often works to put in some hint to another board, so it isn't linked but can be found, like 8/k or 4/diy or alogs/robowaifu ...
Open file (38.83 KB 476x234 wireedm.png)
>>7228 My reasons for choosing a delta have to do with a rather pie in the sky idea of having it double as a traveling wire electrical discharge machining CNC machine. The guy who runs the AvE youtube channel tried making a similar project awhile back but gave up on it. For most people delta style of printers are a terrible choice, the only benefits are slightly faster print speeds and and a taller print area. Nowadays the conveyor belt bed system for tilted 3d printers has made printing long objects such as arms or legs a non issue.
>>1629 >>1630 >>1654 >>7228 >>7248 Cheers lads. I may end up moving this over to one of our other threads before long, just a heads-up. Not really on-topic ITT.
>>7237 >>7238 >>7239 >>7240 Hi /monster/ always good to see you here! >>7241 Kek. Have one for us Anon. Cheers! >>7244 Hi there ladies, thank you for the well-wishes. May you and yours find the perfect robovixens this coming year. >>7246 >Where is this board even? Can't it be linked here? Good point. I'll go ahead and add them in. Sorry for that oversight, girls. >>3
>>7253 >May you and yours find the perfect robovixens this coming year. If /robowaifu/ can blow open the field in the next year we'll be extremely happy for you. Good luck! >I'll go ahead and add them in. Sorry for that oversight, girls. >Non-feminist females, who knew? What a sexy description! Seriously, some of us probably consider ourselves feminist--for whatever value of the word (if any) excludes the androphobic nutters--we just get off on sharing our men with other women. Cuckqueaning's a kink and/or lifestyle, not a political outlook. Just want to make sure we're not held up as something we ain't necessarily. That said, on a personal level I can understand why you concluded that's what we are. >>7246 >Asking for a curious friend. We're always happy to welcome guests. If your friend is male then please make sure he understands not to loudly trample about. I'm sure it'll be fine, since anon has good taste in friends.
>>7233 Excellent! Thanks anon, it's good to know we have capable programmers supporting the cause!
>>7241 Cheers mate! *pulls out hand from onahole and waves, flinging lube everywhere*
Happy birthday!
>>7259 Haha, my mistake. I'll go ahead and use your own board title. :^) Thanks for the well-wishes /cuckquean/ , I'm sure we'll pull it off eventually at some point. Stay tuned! >>7262 Thanks Anon, much appreciated. Happy Thanksgiving to you!
Happy birthday board.
>>7340 Thank you kindly Anon! :^)
Thanks for all the well-wishes and warm sentiments everyone. It's comforting to know we have plenty of friends and neighbors who care for us. We've made much progress this past year, but don't stop yet. We still have a way to go to reach our goals, though we can already be encouraged by all our practical advancements thus far. Let's all work hard together to make our 5th year the best one yet!
Open file (578.11 KB 1576x1000 ENUBD2SVAAAElNu.jpg)
I'm actually looking for a Happy New Year for 2021 thread, but as of the time of this writing, there isn't one, so I'm posting here instead as the theme is sorta similar -- what can we expect in the coming year? In my case, since I really want to have a successful project this year, I'm approaching from a different angle -- that of hobby grade RC. I only got into hobby grade RC very recently... before my experience was only toy grade. I just couldn't stomach spending on a single chassis or fuselage more money than what a decent 3D printer would cost, until I realized there is so much in the RC community that can be applied to robotics. You can get started cheap with Tamiya, and there are even people building from scratch, especially with cardboard planes. There is so much to learn with regards to radio transmitter / receiver standards, multiple communications channels, first person view, rechargeable batteries, electronic speed controllers -- as arduino roboticists, we're familiar with dual motor PWM drivers, which are just low power low speed versions. Not to mention with hobby grade car RC there's a good mix of plastic, metal, and carbon fiber parts, the aim being to make the highest performance lightweight chassis. I realized there may be an opposite approach to the robowaifu construction problem. So far I've been looking at dolls, starting with huggable things, silicone sex dolls, etc, then scratching my head how the electronics would fit. My 3D modelling has been too much focused on injection molded plastics which would probably crack and fall apart due to the density. The the designs I've had in mind have all been heavy designs which would be impossible to power inexpensively. So why not approach the problem from an RC hobbyist perspective? Lightweightness being paramount, with just a thin sliver of vacuum formed plastic for the bodyshell? Yes, the robowaifu may be dented, but it will be easier for her to achieve optimum movement characteristics, that lively movement. Similar to how a hobby RC is so powerful compared to a mere toy. I also notice how the customizeability and interchangeability of parts in the RC scene is exactly what we want with robowaifus -- pick a scale, and all components will be compatible. Some of us can supply chassis parts, others body shells. Then someone can supply TX / RX modules that enable us to monitor her batteries, her line of sight, temperature, and other parameters. They are already doing this with drift RC cars, albeit with close to thousand dollar transmitters! We can do the same with an STM32 or ESP32, or just hook her up wirelessly to a tablet and have the software guys here create an app. Just like how cars are standardized to 2-3 channels and aircraft to 4-8 channels (6 being optimal), we can have standard channels for communications... e.g. one channel dedicated to robot vision, several dedicated to locomotion, etc. We can pick either a 2S (7.4V) or 3S (11.1V) standard for our motor controllers depending on her size and power requirements. Think of a robowaifu as a very big complex giant scale RC. On the high end will be the near-1:1 scale just like the turbine powered RC jets costing more than a car. On the introductory end would be a few hundred dollar kits in 1:3 scale and smaller.
Open file (265.38 KB 1200x1800 67367373673573553.jpg)
>>7977 This is an interesting perspective. It sounds like you've been broadening your horizons. I wish you good luck pursuing these goals into 2021! I have some robowaifu related goals myself for this upcoming year, although less technical. I've been developing my art skills for a while, yet I haven't really applied these skills to robowaifu despite being massively into robowaifu/mecha musume for years. I've been doing some humanoid art practice for some time now, but I need to improve my ability to draw mechanical components. For 2021 I'm going to push myself to improve at drawing mechanical & robot girl art. If I manage to produce worthwhile results I'll post them here on /robowaifu/ eventually. I've wanted to make progress on this but I've been procrastinating. My overall goal for 2021 is just to push myself harder in general, not just art. I'm hoping 2021 turns out to be better than 2020. Happy New Year everyone! (actually I'll go ahead and upload the one example I have...) Pic related: A random practice sketch I did a while back of a robot girl moving a box. I'm planning to do more than just practice in 2021.
>>7977 >Lightweightness being paramount, with just a thin sliver of vacuum formed plastic for the bodyshell? I'd follow the model RC plane community's example and use expanded polypropylene foam for the body if you want durability. Apply a layer of extra strong tape to the outside if you want a sleek shiny look and scratch resistance. For a domestic humanoid style robot that's not for use in the bedroom this could work. For a real life example of this design look at how modern light weight bike helmets are made. You might be able to get cheap large sections of the foam from used but damaged high quality insulated shipping crates, it feels much sturdier than typical styrofoam which is extruded polystyrene foam. Also sometimes it's in child safety seats and they're pretty cheap used as they have expiry dates on them.
>>7977 >RC robowaifu This is a good idea IMO and as you point out, brings a lot of advantages & prior art to the table for /robowaifu/ . Here's a waifusearch of the term ' RC ', some of them may be related & valuable : (q to quit) enter search phrase: RC ORDERED: ======== THREAD SUBJECT POST LINK Robowaifus' unique advantages >>7816 @ch: ~1108 Micromouse - Minimum Viable Supe >>3589 @ch: ~154 Robot Wife Programming >>7828 @ch: ~857 Bipedal Robot Locomotion General >>4504 @ch: ~110 " >>4505 @ch: ~349 " >>5645 @ch: ~579 Aoki Lapis model; Robot fairy >>1005 @ch: ~148 Robotics sites, organizations an >>546 @ch: ~254 Embedded Programming Group Learn >>3813 @ch: ~310 " >>3815 @ch: ~462 " >>3819 @ch: ~821 " >>3837 @ch: ~1308 Actuators for waifu movement! >>4316 @ch: ~204 " >>4773 @ch: ~75 Prototypes and failures >>969 @ch: ~950 " >>973 @ch: ~154 HAPPY BIRTHDAY /ROBOWAIFU/ >>7977 @ch: ~335 " >>7980 @ch: ~126 Making money with AI and robowai >>1642 @ch: ~1605 Work on my Elfdroid Sophie >>7509 @ch: ~601 Proto1 All Parts >>6886 @ch: ~34 ' rc ' [21 : 0] = 21 results
Open file (394.11 KB 1920x1357 download(5).jpeg)
>>7979 Super a cute Anon. Finish her up plox. HAPPY NEW YEAR /robowaifu/!
>>7980 >For a real life example of this design look at how modern light weight bike helmets are made. You know, that sounds like a great idea Anon, thanks!
Happy New Year /robowaifu/. Remember, we've already burned through one month of our next year thus far, I hope you put it to good use! Just 11 more months until the 5th birthday, so let's all really lean into it and see some great progress happen this year, yea? :^)
Happy belated birthday /robowaifu/, and of course happy now year! This year is gonna get real busy real quick (for me at least) and I aim to make the best of my time. Now just need to recover from the laziness of the holidays, and back into project work! May you all achieve what you need/want to achieve this year!
>>8002 >May you all achieve what you need/want to achieve this year! Thank you kindly Anon, I needed that encouragement tbh. Let's just keep moving forward.
>>7230 >I'm definitely interested in helping backup /robowaifu/ BTW, in case you're still interested in this and didn't know, a release of BUMP that has some instructions has been posted here. >>8769 I can walk you through the process there or the /meta3 thread if you need help with it.
>>8856 Thank, I'm going to try it. Thanks for the reminder.
Open file (38.37 KB 1315x527 ChanThreadWatch.png)
>>8856 I don't have a Raspberry Pi yet, but I did find this program called 'Chan Thread Watch' for Windows 10 that can download the html of each thread. Sorry if I'm doing it wrong - I'm a complete spastic when it comes to this sort of thing.
>>8860 Yes. I have played about installing a couple of different Linux distros on virtual machines in the past, and with the instructions about BUMP written on here, I should be able to make a proper backup. Thanks for pointing that out anon!
>>8900 Well if you have any questions just give a shout Anon. I've been doing stuff like VMs for about five years now (it's how I finally managed to escape the MicroStasi gulag).

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