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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

Robowaifus' unique advantages Robowaifu Technician 09/09/2019 (Mon) 05:24:52 No.17
People often think about robots as just a replacement for a human partner, but that is a very limiting view. Let's think about the unique benefits of having a robowaifu, things that a human couldn't or wouldn't give you. What needs and desires would you robot wife fulfill that you couldn't fulfill even in a "great marriage" with a flesh and blood woman?

I'd want my robowaifu to squeeze me and to hold me tight when I sleep, sort of like a weighted blanket. I know it's a sign of autism. I don't care.
Talking to a hollow robot would probably feel less hollow than when I talk to normalfags.
Unwavering devotion ofc. No human will ever always love you all the time–simply because we can't. While it's not real love like the kind Jesus has for humanity, still–if the simulacrum is ever becomes good enough–the emotional gratification of a domestic robowaifu for men who are alone (in particular) will be tremendous. Just look at the portrayal of this phenomenon in both Chobits and Hand Maid May, they revolutionized the lives of their masters. While just anime fiction, it's the ideal and one I think is effectively achievable in essence. It doesn't even have to be a good AGI either, just a klutzy, bumbling and shy robowaifu would be enough to achieve the effect IMO (just as the Canada anon often mentions). An aspie waifubot would be charming tbh.
These two things combined make the biggest argument for robowaifus.
Let's face it: With the current state of AI, our waifus would be dull, stupid, and generally devoid of personality or substance, at least to start with.
But they would be ours, and this is critically important to the learning process. We will be able to provide them a completely customized feed of information that they can use to understand the world around them, and further hone through the conversations we will be holding with them. Through this trial of patience, we will be able to make them grow into desirable forms. It would probably go unnoticed at first, some unprompted verbal ticks or slight improvements in grammar, but these are the building blocks that will eventually form a new life.
This is virtually impossible to achieve with another human, as one man cannot control the flow of information someone else will be getting from the world around them, nor can one control the biology that is processing the information. While this sounds harmless and frivolous on paper, the real world results have been made clear as day to us all. This post-modern society, in combination with our biology, has gravely injured us all. It has left most people hollow and devoid of life, personality, and substance, so extremely that even a dull stupid robot can prove itself to have superior mental faculties. As for the rest of us, who are so psychologically broken that we don't even possess the faculties to connect with the world around us, we are left to stew in our own human misery and wonder just where it all went so wrong.
An ailment such as ours needs someone else to heal it. Since we can't achieve that connection with another human, we have no other choice but to turn to dull, stupid machines.
Dull, stupid, and harboring infinite potential. Potential not only to become better themselves, but also to help us become better. To help us heal, as we help them grow.
This experience, this healing, this chance to see something beautiful grow before our very eyes, is something that we could never get from another human. Only a robowaifu, even the simplest among them, has the ability to connect with us on a deeper level, and love us in ways never previously thought possible.
>>17 >things that a human couldn't or wouldn't give you. Love. Women can't give it. But we can at least program a robot to pretend better than a woman can. The robot won't try to take your kids, all your possessions, and all your future earnings.
>>457 This. I wholeheartedly agree. I never feel more alone when I surrounded by normies at work. They all wear pleasant looking masks. Why not just build a companion whose face is a mask, but whose mind isn't Machiavellian, only logic?
>>460 Wow, that's the most beautiful thing I've read so far this year! Srsly got me welling up. No sarcasm.
If your robowaifu's brain is separate from her body then you could give her several different bodies. You could have sex with a different body every day of the week and still be having sex with the same "person" so it's not cheating. You could also have threesomes with the same robot. The possibilities are limitless.
>>2985 Heh, true.
One of the best advantages is that you can choose what she will look like. Sure you have some selection with biological women, but it's not like you can sculpt a human woman's face in a 3d modeling program.
- No aging / Replacement body, - Warmer body in winter nights, cooling in summer - No opposition to polygamy - Better and younger looking - Better attitude, stress resiliency - Better memory, other AI advantages - No social connections and obligations - Resiliency against mental hacking (Feminism, ...) - Low consumption demands and costs - Encouragement to learn about technologies
Open file (349.41 KB 1086x799 robot_gf.png)
>>4288 Very encouraging post Anon. How can 3DPD compete?
>>4288 This is somehow... bad?
Open file (8.91 KB 259x194 asukatrain.jpg)
Bump because while I may be going on tangent compared to the discussion here, the picture is very appropriate to the topic I'll discuss. Can we turn anything into a robowaifu? Think about it. I think we're mostly otakus here, so the barrier of entry to turn anything into a waifu may be lower than we think. Let's start with man's most common hobbies. Our hobbies intersect and have a lot in common such as DIY philosophy / scratchbuilding / kitbashing, 3D printing, and microcontroller electronics. Model rocket waifu: Pros: nothing beats watching your waifu launch herself 300ft into the air. Cons: She'll get caught in a tree, fall on top of a roof, will get lost easily. Will be made of cardboard, balsa, styrofoam. Analysis: Will not really be much of a waifu, but more of a rocket. Model plane / model helicopter / drone waifu: Pros: Your waifu will be tacticool and be able to spy on your neighbors. Cons: With all the gear she'll probably be heavy and need a license or government permission to take off. Analysis: Any airborne waifu seems to be not in the cards at the moment, all the gyroscopic calculations can be better used to research near-bipedal movement instead. RC car / RC tank waifu: Pros: There are plenty of wheeled chassis kits as well as AI boards with ready code for self-navigating wheeled robots. Cons: This is the farthest you get from a sexy design. Flying waifus are not humanoid, but they're at least sexy due to the necessities of aerodynamics. Analysis: It's relatively simple to draw a smug face on a cube and put it on top of a wheeled vehicle. A purpose-built wheeled Kibo-chan, however, will involve a bit more engineering so that at least she'll behave a little more like an Anki Cosmo / Vector. RC boat waifu: Pros: Ships have always been female and have been anthropomorphized, so it's easy to grasp the concept of robot ship waifus who will always be wet (badum-tish). Cons: It's hard to find a pond or a giant pool where they can play unless you're loaded enough to live near the lake / ocean or have a large pool. Analysis: Easy to implement, but will probably gather dust. Scale Locomotive / Train waifu: Pros: Probably even easier to implement compared to self-driving RC car / tank waifus, a locomotive waifu only needs to set her speed, forward / reverse / stop, and maybe have wireless command of railroad switches. Whereas a self-driving car will need to be fed streets (or in the case of a small-scale model, the track or room layout), a self-driving train will just sweep through the layout once to "remember" it. Her FPV camera view would also be the most enjoyable to watch since (assuming you've built the rest of the model railroad layout) it will be a scenic cab view. Like ships, locomotives are also by default, female. Cons: You'd have to go to an expensive large scale, maybe 3 1/2" gauge (89mm) or G scale (45mm), if you really want your robot-rail waifu to pack all the sensors, and it's hard to find that much space for a big layout. A cheap method might be to make her a line-following bot so the "rails" are just masking tape on the floor. Analysis: It may be possible to make a small Kibo-chan loco in On30 gauge (O scale but using HO tracks to simulate narrow gauge). I think the appeal here is not to make her look like Thomas and Friends but more like a Centaur -- have fully articulated arms that can be used to manipulate scenery in her environment. So right now I'm leaning towards a kibo-chan car tank / locomotive design.
>>7816 >Can we turn anything into a robowaifu? Think about it. Kek. Yeah, we pretty much can Anon. :^)
Found some old document with a list of advantages of fembots / robowaifus. Probably not all my ideas, but partially collected or inspired by others. Might also have redundant points, especially bc my other posting here >>4288. Advantages - younger females - prettier females - fembots stay young - body updates incl. recycling some of the expensive parts - polygamy without jealousy - no conflicts about equal rights - as much mindcontrol as wanted - less costs in time and money (no status symbols, no divorce) - no need of additional social interactions (family, general) - fascination of artificial mind - programmable and adjustable - they are property - they can look whatever we want them to - no need of contraceptives - no sexual diseases - less legal risks e.g. around (rough) sex - not getting emotionally exploited - no unpleasant body fluids and smells - less need of even leaving the house, apartment or room - no negative influence through other people eg. family or friends - every investment in development or learning will be part of the next iteration - guarantee to not be alone when old, as reliable as a good insurance
>>9557 Thanks Anon. This kind of material would be well-suited to the Robowaifu User's Guide (or at least as some ad-copy) for when it's written in the future. Thanks.
>>7817 Toasters are the best

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