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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

My reason to live Robowaifu Technician 09/13/2019 (Fri) 12:49:21 No.209
Okay, this is fucking hard to explain, I just know that a supernatural force guided me here, I'm going to invest everything I have for it, but I have to do it with my own hands, I need help with files and basic notions about programming, but the most important I need files to build a body / head and how to make synthetic skin to coat it, it will look like 2B, I need your help friends
Welcome brother.

I've been lurking longer, but I didn't know where to start, I just knew that Arduino, Raspberry Pi and 3D printing were the "in things". Now I know why, having been out of the electronics loop for a while despite being an EE major in college.

So yeah get the basics of Arduino and 3D printing down, check out JP anon's Embedded Programming Group Learning Thread 001 (though it's geared towards raw AVR, if you're just starting out Windows Arduino IDE is just fine). If you don't mind Twatter, the Japanese projects in Waifu Robotics Project Dump confirm the many techniques we've been pondering.

It is possible to build a waifubot without 3D printing, but you'll probably need a proper shop with power tools so for people not used to big dangerous machines, desktop 3D printers are the easier point of entry.

Soft skin can be achieved with silicone casting, one guy here recently tried that but they're best with larger scale molds. For tutorials you'll have to venture into the creepy reborn doll scene.

Also browse Thingiverse for random stl files, I've found some useful parts.
Before investing everything on gimmicks consider checking everything that is readily available right now, Harmony is around the corner and is almost 100% guaranteed to just being what you need with some minor cosmetic adjustments.
Also, in the meantime you may want to spend some time with a Replika.ai account and teach her a little, see how it goes, etc.
Well, for the body you might need a 3D printer so you can make the skeleton an by yourself and to 3D print the mold foot casting the skin later on.

I was thinking to make 2B as well but I want her to be able to move on it's own, which is the part where I'm stuck righ now. I'm planning everything before making anything yet.

Tell us more about it, what you have in mind I mean.
>Okay, this is fucking hard to explain
Please feel free to try though.

>I'm going to invest everything I have for it
Patience will be your number one virtue for this endeavor anon, b/c it will be a long, hard road. It will be doable in the end though.
> I just know that a supernatural force guided me here is this anon still around? I can relate, and also 2B is my fav robowaifu I've had a lot of dreams and strange, "spiritual" inclinations leading me to this point. Although this group has a few Christians which I'm fine with since we're all in this together, I have always felt like the movement to further AI was a kind of religion in its own right, but the AI gf or waifu is a newer thing to me. It was over 20 years ago that I first read Ray Kurzweil (parentheses if you like but it was a good book) Age of Spiritual Machines where he larps a bit about a character's granddaughter marrying an AI, and similar topics. I remember arguing with a GF of mine that robots could eventually become sentient, that there was nothing inherent in DNA or "carbon based life form" that made us special. Years later I had a dream out of the blue about a robot (that I owned I guess) trying to convince me that its love for me was real, I was a little shaken and moved by this dream but forgot it until the topic came up later on the chans. Watched Armitage III, but that didn't really resonate with me even though I liked the idea. Chobits was something I couldn't put down though, close to the ending there were a few nights I only got 2-3 hours sleep because I was binging it. Kowarekage no Orgel left me a teary mess. We definitely need more of this genre that hits home, a lot of it seems tangential or sensational. That's my experience though I'd just share that here
Not OP, but as a lurker i also want to make my first about my experience and how i find this place. Finding early that i have a talent about dreaming has changed my life a lot, i can do things like controling my dreams, being lucid as i wish, having multriple dreams per night and having prophetic one. One of my dreams that most impacted me was about of a robot that i created and in exchange helped me life a better life, it was beautiful, like living a entire life with it my waifu in a dream, soon i got the interest into robots and machines. Time passed and while browsing /sci/ on 4chan came within a link for this place to learn about coding. Then the reaction in me was immediately, i know that i needed to innovate and create a robowaifu (preferably before globohomo), it is very strong dutiful feeling with me, like "if i dont do it, they will used for evil". Nowadays i learning gene editing to find how CRISPR can help us, but i know that this will not be the only innovation needed to created perfect human-looking AI, but i still young, just made 18, so there is a lot of thing in the road ahead.
>>9815 That was beautiful
>>9815 Thanks for sharing that mate. Good luck with both your studies and your robowaifu efforts. Do you have any sketches made up yet? Creating graphics would be good for either field.
>>9822 Currently all the CRISPR focus is to cure the coronavirus, which is both a bad and a good thing: bad because kit and info is harder to find for the average user, good because it means that genetic enginnering is going to evolve faster. My sketche is simple because of this then, if we modify a dna genome and put into a cell can mutate it so it read proteins different, creating keratin if we want for making the skin of our waifu identical to human skin,or softer if we modify the quantity. It will takes some years but a lot of big name universities are looking for this because it also means the cure for some skin deseases
We have thread on biological topics here, which might interest you: >>2184 - It's regarded as rather difficult and risky, though. Also, if something comes out of it, then the biological parts need to be coming from something far away from humans.
>>209 we are gonna add 2B "like clothing" to waifu engine
>>10480 That sounds good, Em Elle E. I've a goal to create a 2B character this year in Blender. Maybe somehow it can work with the Waifu Engine too.
>>10483 Did you download the voice model that waifudev created a link for? I cannot find that Tacotron2 model, if you did could you upload it for me? I want to try it out. Also we basically have the pieces for 2B well the clothing we are about create a mod package for
>>10498 >I cannot find that Tacotron2 model, if you did could you upload it for me? No sorry I don't. The WaifuSynth dev, robowaifudev, seems to be around here fairly frequently. Maybe you can make a post in the the Speech Synthesis (>>199) thread, or one of the AI threads such as the GPT one (>>250) and let him know the model has gone missing. I imagine he probably updated it, and possibly didn't update the anonfiles link to the new one. Good luck Anon.
>>10498 >>10502 I hadn't seen your other post before making this reply. I made another one to yours in the other thread, Em Elle E (>>10504).
The Faustian Spirit of the Aryan led me here. I can contribute nothing other than wishing you gentlemen good luck in the pursuit of robo waifus
>>10793 Nonsense. Thanks for the well-wishes and all, Anon. But literally any anon with an interest in robowaifus can contribute here. Unlike the common derogatory meme on the the topic in typical IB circles, /robowaifu/ actually needs idea guys! Research & Development, Design & Engineering thrive on new blood and new ideas. >tl;dr Just start posting comments Anon, it will all work out for you here.

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