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Welcome to /robowaifu/, the exotic AI tavern where intrepid adventurers gather to swap loot & old war stories...

Can the government really make anime real? :^) 09/15/2019 (Sun) 10:27:01 No.251
Does the government have the will and the talent to finally provide us with cute Robowaifus or is it something that can only be accomplished in the private sector?

What do you think anon? Can The Don actually make anime real?
No this ship sailed at the middle of 2017. Sorry.
>Let government make our robowaifus so they can be spy robowaifus
Why would you want that?
Good point. As this was a shitpost thread, I'm tempted to shitpost in reply. :^)

But yeah actually really good point anon, /robowaifu/ is very aware of the issue of privacy and security. As the posts get repopulated across the board, that should become quite obvious to anyone following along.
I know this is a shitpost thread but the issue of governments and their shills and bureaucrats and corporate sponsors and whatever other (((friends))) they have, and how they have affected the current landscape (including the social landscape) leading to the desire (or even need) for robowaifus is understandable. Governments waste resources so that those involved in the very top have an easier, better life than you. In the current corporate era they're mostly wasting your money, which is your leverage for trading for more goods and services, and in the current social climate, women, love, and sex. Every time they waste your money, that's basically one new expense you can't have. Most governments of the western world promise you some "economic freedom" line of bullshit (which you do not have) but it is only ever granted to the wealthiest corporate monopolies who pay a little up front and get huge returns as their governments now allow them to get away with murder. If you line the pockets of the politicians and the bureaucrats and the ((())) and whoever else, you get some interesting exemptions. But any time there's a legitimate public service to fulfill, they come taking from those with the least power, and they take the most from them. The government is interesting in that it will create its own problems and rely on the public to fund fixes, or waste their time trying to at the least. Feminism and all of that women's "liberation" shit served no purpose other than to have a larger amount of people eligible to be taxed, and keep them working and not having babies and worrying about family so the money just keeps rolling in indefinitely. Think of it: if it works, you can damn near double your profits due to doubling the working class. But when you have a world without women fulfilling their role, you get some catastrophic results. Even if we haven't seen the total catastrophe yet, if things continue, it's only a matter of time before we do. Those at the very top are not interested in you having love and companionship. To the government, an expense of "give men robowaifus" would get laughed at by all of them who are currently snorting cocaine off of hookers. For all of the money they could be spending on robotics to fulfill personal needs of the men of their country, they instead are spending it to shill you social policies like feminism and others that are damn near strangling the life out of the societies they inflict. The only interest in robotics that these faggots have is surely for manufacturing and other labor so that they can automate and replace you entirely and then you serve absolutely no purpose at all. And once you are worth nothing to them, what do you think they'll do to you? If the world governments wanted to waste time, money, and energy to give men robowaifus they'd be better off just undoing feminism and then we wouldn't need them. Get women back into their roles as women, supporting their men. It'd be easier and likely cheaper for them to do. But governments are part of the reason why we need robowaifus in the first place.
-------------------------------------------- Disclaimer: this post and the subject matter and contents thereof - text, media, or otherwise - do not necessarily reflect the views of the site administration. I do not give this site or any entities associated with this site permission to use my pictures, information, messages or posts, both past and future. With this statement, I give notice to this site it is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, or take any other action against me based on this profile and/or its contents. (NB. This is a parody and should not be taken seriously. Anything posted here are autistic works of fiction; only a fool would take them seriously). --------------------------------------------
>>1951 >leading to the desire (or even need) for robowaifus is understandable. That is in fact the case. The effects of (((feminism))) on society have led directly to a need for robowaifus to short-circuit the evil that has been created by ZOG in this way. Otherwise, it would simply be the domain of a small cadre of hobbyists and nerds, instead of a longing in the hearts of millions of men around the globe. >served no purpose other than to have a larger amount of people eligible to be taxed Actually, as a Christian, I see it as being something much more insidious. Namely, a spiritual, intentional, attack against the West having healthy and productive families with men and women in their proper roles. And feminism is the gateway drug to depravity. It leads directly to the majority of the other '-isms' plaguing our civilization today. >they'd be better off just undoing feminism Not that I think you're actually suggesting they will attempt to, but realistically it can't happen anyway. Feminism is a literal Pandora's Box, and every.single.time. feminism/effeminism have been used to emasculate a civilization, it collapses--destroyed by enemies. I like you anon. I'm gonna build you two robowaifus for a Christmas starter-pack someday. :^) >>1952 kek
>>1953 >attack against the West from having healthy...*
>>1953 >And feminism is the gateway drug to depravity. It leads directly to the majority of the other '-isms' plaguing our civilization today. It'll eventually lead to replacement if nothing else. If your people don't reproduce and have strong family values, they will perish. >Not that I think you're actually suggesting they will attempt to, but realistically it can't happen anyway. Feminism is a literal Pandora's Box Oh they won't, even if they could. And you're probably right, I don't know how to reverse this. It could possibly be done with some serious force and serious un-brainwashing of the masses. Maybe. >I like you anon. I'm gonna build you two robowaifus for a Christmas starter-pack someday. :^) Well thank you, I look forward to the catgrill meido harem. Actually think about it, in a production-based world of companionship, robowaifus could outnumber men. Your anime harem of your dreams could be a reality. IMAGINE.
Open file (311.23 KB 720x446 2016317154576130.png)
Open file (167.25 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault.jpg)
Open file (170.94 KB 1280x720 maxresdefault (1).jpg)
Open file (133.31 KB 1920x1080 b41wzX.jpg)
>>1956 The world's gonna need a whole lot bigger stock of cat-toys someday soon anon. SOON
>>1957 Shit, how am I gonna fug all this catgirl? I ain't even mad, even if it kills me. Sounds like a good way to go. Soon.
Open file (231.05 KB 1280x720 serveimage.jpeg)
Open file (142.61 KB 2000x413 Catgirls.jpg)
Open file (188.57 KB 1024x794 serveimage (2).jpeg)
Open file (72.47 KB 1024x398 serveimage (4).jpeg)
Open file (272.04 KB 480x360 YES.webm)
Open file (380.01 KB 480x220 ruri_dance_3.gif)
Open file (482.34 KB 640x296 ruri_dance_2.gif)
Open file (3.75 MB 480x270 ruri_dance.gif)
>>1959 God, I want to hug Azu-nyan so badly. I also hope for that I'll be able to read Nekopara Vol. 4 before I die. Shigure needs to be lewded. >Not posting this https://invidio.us/watch?v=KxGRhd_iWuE http://axqzx4s6s54s32yentfqojs3x5i7faxza6xo3ehd4bzzsg2ii4fv2iid.onion/watch?v=KxGRhd_iWuE
>>1961 heh, thanks for correcting me on that video anon. now i'm motivated to go back and finish up my little software learning project! >makes coffee, fires up editor*
Open file (34.04 KB 500x229 paluch-drozdzowy.png)
>>1962 Which editor do you use and with which language, if I may ask? I honestly prefer tea or hot chocolate over coffee, and I've just made some hot chocolate to eat with a paluch (literally means a stubby finger/big toe in Polish). Pic related is how paluch looks like. Now I'm going to watch my huge backlog of anime!
Open file (161.66 KB 1280x1024 Workspace 2_060.png)
>>1963 >Which editor do you use and with which language, if I may ask? You may. I generally use Juci++ for project work, vim+tmux for systems mgmt and small edits. I program in C++ primarily because I think it's the only programming language with any practical hope of helping us deliver robowaifus anytime soon. >related >paluch sounds good, i'll have to try it someday anon.
Open file (322.47 KB 1000x1000 IMAGINE.png)
>>1957 >>1959 I made us a cute little meme based on the exchange we had today. Hope you like it. IMAGINE.
>>1965 Shit I forgot to make a "drowning in pussy" joke. Get it? Because they're cats? Sorry, I'm leaving now.
>>1965 a cute. could you possibly figure some way to pare this down to a 100x300 png? i imagine the bo would be open to adding to the board's banners if you can manage it somehow.
>>1968 I am the BO. Not sure how it'd look at that resolution. Banners are tough.
Open file (20.66 KB 300x100 banner.png)
Whipped this up. I don't really like it. You can't really see that they're catgirls. In fact, you can't really see them at all.
Open file (406.02 KB 1280x720 1.jpg)
Open file (447.81 KB 1366x768 2.jpg)
Open file (560.49 KB 1600x900 3.jpg)
Open file (724.79 KB 1920x1080 4.jpg)
Open file (1.05 MB 2560x1440 5.jpg)
whatever here's some wallpapers to soothe your woes. let me know if you need a different resolution
Honestly at this stage I think that only a partnership between DARPA, Google & Facebook is likely to pull off a convincing humanoid robot anytime soon in the West. On the other major front, obviously Japan is already using a Government/Industry approach. They will probably get there first.
>>3345 >DARPA, Google & Facebook I think I'd rather stay alone.
>>3346 >I think I'd rather stay alone. I feel you Anon. Tbh I think the Nips are the most likely to get things right at a large scale of manufacturing anytime soon. They will probably invade you're privacy as well, but at least it won't be going directly into the NSA'SGoogle's hands. The only other reasonable alternative is the hobbyists. This board and other places like it. And tbh how many other places besides the Chan's will you find me working to devise the perfect robot waifu? Certainly not in the pozfest the general Maker community has now (((become))).
>>3347 >will you find men* autocorrect pls
An anon had some interesting ideas that touch on what might be called 'policy issues' for the robowaifu movement. This thread seems to be the best place atm to hold such a discussion. ]]1139 > You indirectly bring up the problem with being open source. Botnet companies (ie, Google and Facebook) could build robowaifus pozzed to hell. They'd be perverting our creations into spying machines. They could even limit sexual interactions while corrupting her so she doesn't treat her Anon as her master, and with complete devotion. We wouldn't be able to compete either; they can spend more than us, get things made for less then us, all while selling at a loss at first to bury us. > To defend our pure ideals of altruistic, loving robowaifus the necessity of having patents is sadly important. Patenting parts of her design to make it so that evil, uncaring, pozzed sjw companies can't touch her is something to consider. Of course, us Anons would share our patents amongst ourselves, while allowing anyone to build their own personal robowaifus. A shell company owning all of /robowaifu/s IP assets could be a part of us, collaborating together with us to help ensure the future of free & open waifubots. This isn't a bad idea. For lack of a better dividing line, I'll break my response up into what I'll call the Good and the Bad. Please pardon the pedantry of my approach, I need it to help clarify my own thoughts tbh. First, The Good: >To defend our pure ideals of altruistic, loving robowaifus the necessity of having patents is sadly important >Patenting parts of her design to make it so that evil, uncaring, pozzed sjw companies can't touch her is something to consider >Of course, us Anons would share our patents amongst ourselves, while allowing anyone to build their own personal robowaifus >A shell company owning all of /robowaifu/s IP assets could be a part of us, collaborating together with us to help ensure the future of free & open waifubots >This isn't a bad idea I certainly agree that this is not only a good idea, it's a very important topic for the future of the movement. All of us here want robowaifus that are wholesome and loving towards their masters. I also think that most of us want to promote the ability of NEETs and Hikkis everywhere to be able to freely create their own copies and versions of said waifus. Having a central clearinghouse to help enable this is probably a good idea for now, and certainly /robowaifu/ is a basic step in that direction. Protecting our waifus is a vital topic, and control of Intellectual Property rights and other assets may be a reasonable course of action to assist this. Open Source may – or may not – be important in this effort. Now, The Bad: >Botnet companies (ie, Google and Facebook) could build robowaifus pozzed to hell >They'd be perverting our creations into spying machines >They could even limit sexual interactions >while corrupting her so she doesn't treat her Anon as her master, and with complete devotion >We wouldn't be able to compete either; >they can spend more than us, get things made for less then us, all while selling at a loss at first to bury us Protecting our waifus from the evil clutches of evil people and evil organizations is not only important, it's vital. Unfortunately to do so would require legal resources and expertise that would literally requires lots of money. As this is a small hobbyist field atm it seems rather unlikely that funding needed for legal and lobbying efforts would be available apart from the surprise appearance of a wealthy and generous benefactor to /robowaifu/, et al. As Anon has aptly pointed out, not only will the large corporations (both those named here and many others) step in and monopolize this space to destroy a hobbyist consortium if they are not effectively countered. Also, they will almost certainly corrupt the basic behavior of the systems to align with their SJW ideologies and agendas. Namely anti-cis-male agendas. They won't be able to ignore the huge economic potential of this field in the future, but they most definitely will not be aligned with our goals here at /robowaifu/. * * * * * * * I'm hoping to start a dialog here on this important topic Anon brought up. I don't pretend to have any answers personally at this stage to the many needs and difficulties I've tried to break down here. There are a few things, however, I'm already convinced of and one of them is that this is an issue that could wreck the efforts of hobbyists and literally make what we're doing here illegal in (((their))) attempt to try and shut us down. I'm also sure that we need to have this discussion now before these issues wind up sitting right on our doorstep and we still have no answers to them yet. Everyone who can please provide input on this discussion, thanks.
>>3349 I'm not the anon you were talking to, but I've stated in another thread that making them illegal won't necessarily be a problem for us. ]]1113 "I don't think this becoming illegal will present a major problem to us. At most, it'll be an inconvenience. We may have to move to more secure methods of communication, but it's not like we'll stop having access to the base materials necessary to build our waifus, or the programming knowledge to make them love us. Besides, most of us live alone (or those of us who are underage will likely end up living alone). Who's going to report us? Besides, making something illegal doesn't mean people will automatically hate it more. In fact, it may even pique more people's curiosity by drawing attention to the issue, leading to an underground homebrew industry. If they were to become illegal tomorrow, I'm certain that we'd be the next generation of shady back-alley dealers. Those of us selling larger waifubots would be driving around in vans and SUVs to secluded areas and abandoned parking lots to sell our products to interested buyers, and those of us selling miniature waifubots would be hanging out in alleyways and shady corners of our local towns and cities with trenchcoats or briefcases filled with cute moebots." The black market is very real, and if necessary we can shoehorn ourselves into an underground culture. Even the government and the tech giants of today can't really keep track of everything.
>>3350 I personally believe and stated plainly that it will literally wreck /robowaifu/ should creating you're own robowaifu in the future be deemed morally outrageous and filled with wrongthink. Your post hasn't really convinced me otherwise. However, there are plenty of other issues at hand in the interim besides that eventual outcome should worse come to worse. We could discuss those if you care to.
>>3351 There are plenty of morally outrageous things that go on today, which all operate on underground channels. It's not like we have to use this board, we just do. If necessary, there are already plenty of other options for us to communicate. Like I already said, it'd be inconvenient but not impossible. On another issue, I'm a bit on the fence regarding whether open-source is the best path for any software we personally make. Though GNU or another similar license would keep anyone from making money off of it, these companies could still just make their own with their own hardware, or worse, alter our work and provide it free as in beer with their hardware product. However, closed-source would allow us some initial lines of defense against those with malicious intent, at the cost of stunted development. I'm not so sure if it matters as much with hardware at this point though. None of us own a fab plant, so it's effectively a game of "pick your poison" when choosing computer hardware for our waifus. All we can do right now is try to choose the best options.
>>3352 >dat pic Kek. I guess my point is that this field blossoming into something amazing simply because of the creative and open flow of designs and ideas would be crushed if these evils corps got their way, as they would intend ofc. Furtive underground endeavors are hardly conducive to the first case. Also, I don't feel personally up to having to contemplate in detail such an awful outcome at this point, merely pointing out that it's a real possibility. My impetus there is to try and avoid that outcome if it at all lies in our hands to do so by our own efforts. I'll give your second paragraph some thought and have a response later.
>>3353 I know all that about as well as you do, and believe me, I don't want this to become something illegal before we finish building working prototypes, then it doesn't matter as much because we can just hide them. I just think we should all remember that the worst possible outcome is a possibility, and be mentally prepared for that. We've all come here with a hole in our hearts, and unsatiated diamond erections in our pants. We can't stop for anything.
>>3354 The worst possible outcome is Google pozzing waifus to the point they're no better then 3DPD. I don't care what the general public thinks, we need to control the waifus, we need to start our own company and gain intellectual property to defend our future.
>>3355 >Google pozzing waifus to the point they're no better then 3DPD ATP John Q. Normie has probably become so brainwashed by feminism at this point that he literally cannot even imagine the concept of a mentally healthy woman any longer, much less a kind and loving servant and companion. I know for sure don't want a slutbot, I want a loving waifubot.
>>3355 How would we start our own company though? Is it even possible to have legal recognition under the pseudonym Robowaifu Technician?
>>3355 We can just do what people have been doing for years with computers, and undermine the security of the mainstream bots to the point where we can effectively do what we want with them. Or we can just keep doing what we're already doing, and make our own, which will effectively sidestep the issue. Either way, we have what it takes to do what we want with this and let the normies suffer for their sins.
>>3358 Interesting points but we better move fast. Once these corporations smell the vast amount of money to be made they will try to lock out any competition.
I have no idea what this retarded thread is about, but you fags need to look up project maven. Darpa is only interested in making Skynet a reality, not social robots.
>>3359 Even the largest of corporations can't stop homebrewing, and the homebrew industry is where I honestly see us going in the next few years. It'll be a long time before proper small businesses pop up, and it'll probably be a lot longer before any large company decides to do something about it. They have no money to be made by this right now. Do you know how they see us? They see us as a bunch of turbo-autists (which we are) who are trying to satisfy our fetishes on the cheap (which, again, we are) and have no interest in buying anything they put out because we don't trust them (which we don't). We need to think like they do to understand how to proceed, and absolutely no business will operate on a loss unless there's viable future profit to be had, or if they have another really good reason(for instance, Google keeping YouTube around to maintain their pre-existing monopoly and mine data from users who are already there), which they don't right now. Hell, the only mainstream robots right now are literal toys for children and fucking Roombas, and I don't see that changing anytime too soon. Rome wasn't built in a day, and the same applies to our waifu-skynet controlled new world order. Patience, close observation of our surroundings, and decisive thinking will be our allies.
>>3360 thanks for the tip, Anon.
>>3361 You're probably right. Google is too busy making shekels shelling spy devices and adds to really care about robot maids. We should focus on development to beat them before they realize what we're doing. I do like to think this will happen sooner then you think. With a much wider audience then anticipated by most Anons here.
>>3363 I hope this all kicks off soon too, but we must remember to be patient in the face of setbacks. I don't want to see any of us getting discouraged because a promising design goes horribly wrong or something. At this early stage, it's best to be conservative about our assumptions and estimations. Whether our pace quickens or slows, we must remember to keep moving forward in our glorious march towards a better future.
>>3362 yw. A lot of google employees protested it, got fired, doxed, and blacklisted. from it the community learned Androids are remote haxable: the can wipe Androids clean like you never had a phone to begin with.
>>3361 I'm not too sure they even see us at all at this point. Probably for the best. I imagine they think of Real Doll as the example of this industry. It's entirely understandable they are simply ignoring the field atm because of the potential for bad press from their virtue-signaling pets. And they are, for the moment, entirely ignoring the appeal of cute and wholesome robowaifus for the masses of disenfranchised young men out there. Those of us who want nothing to do with either 3DPD, or the trashiness of Real Doll slutbots and their ilk. Regardless of our current lack of resources, I believe our tastes are the right ones and will prevail in the end when normies by the millions will eventually want cute non 3DPD-like gynobots. Hopefully by that point we will have such a groundswell of popular appeal they will never be able to legally maneuver the system and shut us down.
>>3365 That's really interesting, actually. Care to provide some links about this for us all here? It would be a humorous and ironic twist if we actually found ourselves on the 'same side of the aisle' with the libshits on this haha. And yes, security and hardening are very big topics for segments of our community here.
>>3366 That was more or less my point, though I didn't convey it well. What I meant was if they see us at all, then that's how they see us. If they saw us as something more, then we would already have trouble. At this point they just want to ignore us, more or less. For a movement as tiny as ours, any publicity is bound to attract onlookers, and some of them will want to dig deeper and join the endeavor. We're at a point where both we and the big players want nothing to do with each other, so we just do our own thing and mutually observe. I don't see anyone high-profile intervening until we get to the point where we're a problem they can't safely ignore.
>>3368 That seems a reasonable analysis of the situation anon. Let us carry on then with cautious optimism for now.
>>3364 I wonder if we'll ever be able to make robowaifus that look exactly like your pic. It'd be a dream come true. Appreciate the encouragement Anon, let's all do our best!
>>3370 I'm not sure if we could ever go that far. To create something so perfectly 2D in appearance would require us to alter the face of reality itself. However, we could create some very convincing facsimiles. Many games use good looking 3D models based on 2D designs, and many 2D characters have 3D rendered figurines, so we could just take the same route. I'm certain that we can even get so close as to even brush the line between 2D and 3D, with time. That's a future I think we can all look forward to.
>>3363 I think you are right. >>3364 A CUTE
>>3371 That would be a great Visual Waifu theme pic.
>>3352 On the content of your second paragraph, I'd say your second point is clear cut and you're probably correct: Apart from something like FPGA tech, we have little choice in the matter as far as the chips go. Maybe h/w supplied from a vendor that at least supports GNU's freedom platform perhaps? On the first point, it's rather a complex issue since we do have some choice here. I'm not too sure I buy into original anon's position that open sauce creates the NSAakaGoogleLargeEvilCorp takeover of robowaifus. There is at least some indication quite the opposite happens, probably best exemplified by the GPL, and as you seemed to have alluded to in your post. Regardless, the said evil already has plenty of resources to A) create their own likely superior- engineered projects in this field, and B) the ability to readily reverse engineer anything we'd try to close source by any means. It would buy us some legal bonus points to go closed source, but no engineering ones. They'd simply side-step us. Again, you seemed to allude to this point as well. So, in my opinion, a liberal license that allows for commercial use (eg, BSD) is probably the best approach to foster widespread, grassroots adoption (eg, OpenCV et al) is probably our best-advised approach.
>>3374 Open source is good but, how would we fund such endeavors? If an Anon or a group of Anons were to dedicate there lives to this, how would they find an income for continual development?
>>3375 To code something, you don't really need funding, you just need time and motivation. Writing something costs absolutely no money beyond the electricity cost of your computer being on. As far as motivation, all the coders and designers could look at the picture of the wolfgirl you posted with her MASSIVE FUCKIN TITS and imagine being able to hold something like that when they go to sleep at night. Actually, that gives me an idea. For high-end high power units, we could give our waifus POWER processors and mount those with their heatsinks in a glorious pair of double Ds.
>>3375 >If an Anon or a group of Anons were to dedicate there lives to this, how would they find an income for continual development? It's up to each one of us open-sauce devs to find our own ways ofc. For one very good example, the guy who runs the GCC project doesn't make a dime on it. He's a professional C++ dev working elsewhere full time and he works on GCC simply because he cares about the compiler's quality for the larger world. I, for one, am very glad he does. Most open-sauce devs have some kind of similar story. No different here tbh. >>3376 >we could give our waifus POWER processors and mount those with their heatsinks in a glorious pair of double Ds. Kek. Don't forget ensheathing them in fluid-filled heatsinks anon. ]]895
I made a post about h/w + security in the R&D thread since it seemed to need more research yet before we could really consider it a 'policy' question. I hope that was a good choice, but I'll cross-link here as well. ]]1242
>>3385 Appreciated, that helps. We all have our own jobs to do here, since it's a big.fuggin.plate. here we all share. Much thanks, Anon! :^)
This thread's too gay, reads like fascist hoping corporations will help mankind. If you wanted to employ a social AI, you would have done it by now: https://microsoft.github.io/ai-at-edge/ https://github.com/MicrosoftLearning/AI-Introduction https://github.com/microsoft/botframework-sdk Chinks have been copying off that work for months: http://www.msxiaobing.com/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xiaoice >>3388 Stop using royal we, it makes you look like an evangelical retard.
>>3389 Actually we've looked pretty closely at all the offerings controlled by the corporations over the years, and rejecting every one of them so far soundly. And I'm not exactly sure which part of DIY is the unclear bith heh. :^) Heh, I suppose the 'royal' we is apropos in this case, since I'm the founder of the board back in the day. Old habit, sue me.
>>3390 You have Doctorate in Computer science? Microsoft is still hiring: https://pokde.net/news/introducing-xiaoice/ https://archive.ph/BSYla https://archive.ph/QMXze https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/research/project/ai-creation/ https://github.com/Iamnvincible/msxiaoicemsg Artificial intelligence requires collaborative effort of varying fields and academias. It's hopeless to "do it yourself". You have to learn to interact with people you abhor. You have to learn to mesh all the good bits of everything, and take out the undesirables. I hate I'm talking to a retard with low emotional intelligence.
>>3393 Kek, I like you lad. Actually I'd suggest you have a look at Stephen Wolfram's bits tbh. Slightly less toxic and problematic than Microsharts stuff. https://products.wolframalpha.com/api/
>>3394 Thanks for telling me you don't have an accessible repository of code where you are at the least six months ahead of whatever Google cocked up. You know there's coding AI, right?
>>3396 >where you are at the least six months ahead of whatever Google cocked up. Yes, sad but true I think. OTOH, they have a slightly bigger budget to work with atm.
Yes, as long as Trump's at the helm. Just look at his beautiful waifu if you want guidance.

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