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Humanoid Robot Projects Videos Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 04:02:08 No.374
I'd like to have a place to accumulate video links to various humanoid – particularly gynoid – robotics projects are out there. Whether they are commercial scale or small scale projects, if they involve humanoid robots post them here. Bonus points if it's the work of a lone genius.

I'll start, Ricky Ma of Hong Kong created a stir by creating a gynoid that resembled Scarlett Johansson. It's an ongoing project he calls an art project. I think it's pretty impressive even if it can't walk yet.

Open file (1.22 MB 1269x609 2019-10-15_02-28-00.png)
Recorded one month ago by the Speecys guy. I think this is almost beautiful tbh. Found via anon's post >>1310.

Open file (51.47 KB 800x405 lims2-featured.jpg)
Very interesting development on joints, this wrist mechanism using a parallel or delta style approach is easy to manufacture for how complex it is and could work for the neck/ankle/hip too. There's a link to a github in the comments to 3d print your own.

That site also has another project for a humanoid robot project here, the GPLv3 software it uses is still being updated.
That joint is effin amazing tbh. At first I just assumed it was so flexible because the connecting elements were just squishy (and therefore not strong). Now that I realize the entire thing made of metal alone I have to say I'm pretty impressed with that clever design. Nice.
Not exactly link but, well...
Sage for double-posting.
Thanks for the videos anon. Please post more of them in this thread.
They post videos and updates on their twitter pages.
I like this two projects. The ST-01 seems like something the lapis anon (>>266) would like to see.
BTW, we don't have any of the previous WEBM, MP4, etc. video files from before. Please dump any you have ITT, thanks anon.
Open file (1.98 MB 256x286 not_horseface.gif)
>They post videos and updates on their (((twatter))) pages.
Thank you for you're sacrifice, anon. I doff my horseface to you.

Yes, I like them both. I hope I'll be doing a roboface practical study myself before Christmas.
Thanks for the joint, GREAT! What about the sources of the other projects? Names, Twitter handles, Youtube? Poppy project: https://www.youtube.com/c/PoppyprojectOrgVideos Nigel the InMoov robot, step by step: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWfchL316sg1B4hMTQJYUm0EOzYYsHve3 Fembot Erica: https://www.youtube.com/user/HiroshiIshiguroLab https://youtu.be/0yUyBuUcM3Y
This guy printed this great joint mechanism from >1348, but doesn't supply any infos about the files, comments and also saving is turned off 🤦🏼‍♂️ https://youtu.be/RXhtcWz5GBg I guess we would find the files on Thingiverse or alternatives, though.
>>4392 >comments and also saving is turned off Use youtube-dl, and then just youtube-dl https://youtu.be/RXhtcWz5GBg to save any videos from YT. BTW, just an FYI; when cross-linking to another post, use two greater than chars, like this: >>4392 That way, the rest of us can either hover over the link, or click it to follow. Also when you want your post to be associated with a previous post, like this: >>4392 then you simply click the little post ID number at the end of the first row of the post.
>>4389 Thanks for the links Anon. These are good, on-topic links for all of us here.
There's a short new vid from Automaton, the polish guy with his project of building a pneumatic humanoid robot with pneumatic hands. He upgraded to better valves and magnetic encoders in the new hand: https://youtu.be/gWvkhKPgqZA
Robot X, by James Bruton, available since 2018 as open source, more or less the full body, human sized, able to walk bipedal... https://youtu.be/nH1_8J6itIs
Also, this thread here >>366 has basically the same topic. Mixed videos about projects in general.
I just wanted to watch this video https://youtu.be/L6qI9wFjRTc for relaxation, and thought explicitly it won't be worth putting it in here. But there are several human-like robot projects I never heard of, or forgot about them. And they claim that they're 3d printable. Didn't look into the details yet, though. - Plen2 - Jimmy project - Rosa the Robot - Igus humanoid - Thormang 3 Of course, I already knew about Poppy and InMoov.
>>5452 Poppy is the most impressive of those to me with human-like movement and gait. I wonder how long it will take to prototype and build a full robowaifu when Poppy takes 7 hours to assemble with ready-made parts and instructions: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52Lqz3xDBvc
>>5454 I dont know, Poppy is based on very expensive servos. I'm impressed, but not that much. If I had the time and knowledge, and maybe soon this will be the case, then I would take the files and combine it with cheaper sensors in the joints and cheaper motors, also maybe some pneumatics.
>>5358 Had a good look at James Bruton's "Performance Robots". He uses fairly expensive ODrive brushless DC motor drivers ($119 dollars each and there's three per robot). The movement of the arms was very impressive. However, the main drawback I could see in his design was the stiffness of the torso. There was very little sideways motion and not much more front-back movement either. Basically what we need is a version of the Poppy torso but using much cheaper servo motors.
>>5563 Okay, very interesting. He said it was only a showcase, not something to copy anyways, so I don't mind that it has downsides. He showed that he can develop something that walks, and three hundred something for to main motors is quite a difference to 6-7k for the Poppy servos (maybe it's cheaper now).
High speed arm movement: https://youtu.be/hW6rdAClX_8 Same: https://youtu.be/c7rhiCto4Kg Talos: https://youtu.be/xUeApfMAKAE Talos balancing: https://youtu.be/lX6Q0zgFut0 Paula Petcu's project, neck design: https://youtu.be/GJRW8hP-Jcs Breathing emulation: https://youtu.be/NU-z-k3renQ Ghost in the Shell: https://youtu.be/KosBvDyWgnA Ghost in the Shell: https://youtu.be/WxUoqIrXd9E Aster 3D: https://youtu.be/O1vQXPAOv9M HRP-4C Outdoor: https://youtu.be/4bYRqRIReuY Same: https://youtu.be/YvbAqw0sk6M Terminator T-800: https://youtu.be/aKflhTrRh2k Socibot in the wild: https://youtu.be/BK-rsNP7AHg Md Tussaud Sh: https://youtu.be/PqnrTfMMnz0 Some of the vids are already in the thread for walking/legs or the one for actuators. Didn't check to much. If they're about something specific like walking, hands or the actuators then they might be there.
>>7351 > Didn't check to much. If they're about something specific like walking, hands or the actuators then they might be there. Don't worry about it Anon, just dump anything you consider interesting for us ITT. Now that we have an indexing thread too, eventually we should all be able to sort where everything is for ourselves. Thanks for these videos.
A InMoov video from his creator himself, fom 2016: https://youtu.be/2sZOyCBbows - nice overview but it also shows the limits: Noise of the motors, difficulty to understand commands, limits of using only AIML, slow processing on a tablet from 2016 and maybe using the net for responses, cant move his legs, ... Though, this came later, here: https://youtu.be/nri0cCRRVH8 and https://youtu.be/Bn39OzLrtyk
BTW, a Nanon on nano/g created a simple BASH script that retries youtube-dl downloads up to 10 times automatically if Y*utube rejects a torsocks-based connection with a 429 error. You ARE using Tor to download anything from any G*ogle properties, aren't you, Anon? :^) >tor_ytdl_retry.sh #!/usr/bin/env bash maxtries=10 em="ERROR: Unable to download webpage: HTTP Error 429: Too Many Requests (caused by <HTTPError 429: 'Too Many Requests'>); please report this issue on https://yt-dl.org/bug . Make sure you are using the latest version; see https://yt-dl.org/update on how to update. Be sure to call youtube-dl with the --verbose flag and include its complete output." set -o pipefail while :; do { e=$(torsocks -i youtube-dl "$@" 2>&1 >&3 3>&- | tee /dev/stderr 3>&-); } 3>&1 && exit [ $((--maxtries)) -gt 0 -a "$e" = "$em" ] || exit done
>>8439 Thanks, but I wrote a probably better script in a more readable language a while ago. It's on some SD card somewhere, I hope. Currently I don't need it. >Tor I'm using the official Youtube app on my Android tablet, where I'm logged into my Google account, where they have my debit card data. I'm not using Tor for archiving with Youtube-dl, because I'm assuming that these IPs wouldn't make it easier to download many files.
>>8440 >I'm using the official Youtube app on my Android tablet, where I'm logged into my Google account, where they have my debit card data. Haha, fair enough. What else can I say to that? :^) >I'm not using Tor for archiving with Youtube-dl, because I'm assuming that these IPs wouldn't make it easier to download many files. 'Easier' isn't really the point, but yes, I'd say that's a fair assessment, Anon. Cheers.
You know, I'd say we have a couple hundred links to videos here, and at least that much from the older board that haven't been reposted here as of yet. We should devise some alternative backups somewhere for all of these once G*ogle higher-ups decide "ALL POTENTIALLY DIY ROBOWAIFU-RELATED CONTENT SHALL BE CANCEL-CULTURED HENCEFORWARD". We all know they eventually will, it's just a matter of time. We should be planning and acting proactively on this Anons.
>>8442 by 'here', i mean all of /robowaifu/ ofc.
>>8442 I don't think they can do that, bc these are mostly maker videos. Or at least their motivation to do that isn't high enough. Downloading them should be sufficient for now. BitTorrent would be the easiest way to share the backups, but the IP addresses would be open or VPN/Tor required. I don't know enough about MEGA and such platforms. Something like Freenetproject would be overkill, until it isn't. Some years ago I2P worked better for file sharing via torrents than Tor.
>>8444 To a degree, I'd say I broadly agree. However, we explicitly had a few from the 8/robowaifu/ days that were deleted by Youtube. They weren't explicitly sexual, but obviously ecchi-oriented and provisionally sexdoll/robowaifu capable. For example a Japanese man had created a VR-waifu, with a mechanical masturbation machine synced with the animation. Obviously echii, but fully clothed and the man simply sat near the machine to indicate general usage. There were (and are) far more sexual things openly on Youtube. This one was pulled IMO simply b/c it threatened women's stranglehold on sex (that ultimately robowaifus represent to them as well). This was a pretty well-known example, but there were other ones even more tame pulled as well. Things will get worse for men in general in this whole area in the future as the Marxists and neolibs quadruple-down on their gynocentrism.
>>8445 That's a valid problem to some extend, but also more a nuisance than a showstopper for development. Also, this is mainly a problem if the owner won't upload it somewhere else by himself (Bitchute, Lbry, ...). MGTOW.tv got their app taken down by Google, btw. However, they're working on extending their site to the whole menosphere, which clearly includes us.
>>8446 Good points. Maybe we should consider an account on lbry or something? I have literally hundreds of videos at least tangentially-related to robowaifus downloaded over the years (including the one mentioned above of the Japanese guy & his VR-waifu simulator).
>>8449 I don't know enough about it. Which platform is the best? Are they allowing uploads of vids from someone else? ... LBRY never worked very well on my tablet whenever I tried. One big advantage of YouTube is, that they create vids in different resolutions and one can de- or increase the resolution while watching.
>>8450 I don't know, but I intend to find out soon. The question isn't whether Y*utube is the most powerful video content delivery system atm, it clearly is. And why they arrogantly flaunt their monopoly, again, at the moment. Many are getting fed up with G*ogle and their shit, and competitive alternatives will arise to replace them if they keep it up. Maybe LBRY is, maybe it'll be someone else. Regardless, we need to save everything of any value to us here as we prepare for the deplatforming that is coming for us.
This guy builds a humanoid robot, to some extend based on scans of human bones - DARA project channel: https://youtube.com/c/DARARobot Description: https://youtu.be/ygDFYg0iEig[Embed] Hands: >>8700 Feet: >>8704 Thingyverse: https://www.thingiverse.com/willy1067/designs >From a young age, I was attracted to engineering. Building things. However, I grew up and had to adult, so I made signs for my own company www.pinellas-sign-manufacturer.com. >Now, I have more time for myself and decided to follow my childhood dream of building things. >I bought a 3D Printer a few months ago (February 2017), and in no time I was designing parts and building robotic hands parts from the design I created many years ago. >What is the difference with my design, compared to other robotic out there? Well... mine only uses one motor, and a new technology called Bio-Metal as actuators. As of September 23, I can proudly say that my first finger is finally designed, printed, and in working order. Moving to the next parts now. head, neck, eyes, body. >When I finish with al the parts with small motors, I will then move on with my one to many motor. http://www.dararobot.com

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