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Cuddling Robot Robowaifu Technician 09/18/2019 (Wed) 11:37:33 No.411
I saw this cool looking interactive snake-bot. Thought some of you might enjoy it. Someday our waifus will cuddle us just like – no even better than – the robot in these videos.

heh, /monster/ pls. you just want us to build you a robosnek grill, don't you?

I think my preferences are well established.
Actually, good idea. We should be marketing the idea that robowaifus can be made into many forms, to suit all sorts of fetishes. We can make monstergirls real, at least to a degree. Get /monster/ and other boards on board with the robowaifu revolution. We need all the help we can get.
so, lolirobosnek grill then?

yea, i think a number of /monster/s lurk here tbh
I just want my moster-robo-snek-girl to be super flat, like a cobra.
>not wanting a monster-robo-snek-girl made entirely of glass and silicon

Pfft. Plebs.

This might be a good idea. Anyone feel like being an 'ambassador' of sorts and creating a Robo Monster Girls thread there to promote this board and further interactions between us? This thread can in fact serve as ours.
There's a Synth Girl thread there. Although the idea of making monstergirls real is a completely independent topic imo.

>ed. update - there is a vaguely related /clang/-oriented thread on their bunker now
>anon's gf
>kissing is always awkward
Open file (843.07 KB 955x1351 lamiadeepthroat.png)
Indeed. robosnekwaifus will be better than rather lamias due to their ability to cook properly.
Don't get me wrong lamias are good girls too but those girls can't cook worth a damn. They can't taste anything! robowaifus would be able to response to their husband's taste and have artificial taste buds.
Do any images exist of robosnekwaifus?
Open file (45.74 KB 600x315 am_i_kawaii.jpg)
>those girls can't cook worth a damn. They can't taste anything!
>Do any images exist of robosnekwaifus?
don't know, i haven't looked for any personally. i know there are a number of robots now that are in a snake-like form (for crawling through pipes and rescue work, etc) so it would surprise me a bit if some anon decided to put a wig, makeup and a kawaii little dress on one tbh.
>so it wouldn't surprise me a bit*
I'd only be worried about being assaulted by schnitzel and hefeweizen daily. I could probably still conduct myself but it raises concerns about mortality.
Open file (216.32 KB 512x499 eb_question3.jpg)
>Schnitzel and Hefeweizen
Who or what?
heh this. obviously germanbro/austrianbro is considering whether it's wise to keep a pet lamia or not. :^)

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