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robowaifu energy systems Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2020 (Thu) 08:16:03 No.5080
/waifu energy source general/ What do you think that our waifus will use for energy?And how much energy it needs to use?From my rough calculations if will need about 2kw for the computer plus 500w for the mechanical part(although I am not sure about the last part because I am not very familiar with the mechatronics ). Surely we don't want to use something like an engine because of the noise ,vibrations and the exhaust.The current state of the battery is not suitable for our goals because of the low energy density (energy per square meter).I think that PEM battery will be a good choice because of the lack mechanical parts , huge energy density , the energy is in the form of electricity.The only downside , for now , is the fact that the PEM layer is VERY expensive ,at least for now . What do you think?What kind of energy source our waifus will use? >=== original Batteries & Power thread >>23
Edited last time by Chobitsu on 09/10/2020 (Thu) 08:24:40.
>>5080 I don't know what you're talking about, and why you didn't post in the old thread, which would be moved up if someone would post there... Please post your calculations, claims and conclusions there.
Same anon than >>5081. On a second note I get it, it's actually better to have thread about real batteries, power sources and technical details of these, while this here is more of a speculative and broader discussion. Your thinking is of the rails nevertheless, IMO. Two kilowatts for a onboard computer is absurd and I also don't see how to get to 500W usage at the same time for the mechanical parts. Additional to the onboard computers, there will be external brains, wifi connected home servers. But they'll rater use max 500-700 Watts. How much more might depend on how much one is willing to spend. Also if more advanced waifus need a lot of mechanical energy we'll need to use airmuscles and at least one onboard tank. Also, they don't need a huge range, from one room to another is sufficient for most people. They can plugin for some time while sitting and talking, and cuddling on the couch won't need much energy. We might simple have different levels of development in mind. The most simple Robowaifus won't need a lot of energy, if you speculate about very active, smart and mobile ones, it might be more about future technologies. But then computers, batteries and motors might also be more efficient. Direct ethanol fuel cell is my current idea of a source for a longer range.
>>5083 >Also, they don't need a huge range, from one room to another is sufficient for most people. I'm inclined to think having at least two types of operational modes would be a good idea. Namely 'At Home' which as you mentioned would mean little more than room-to-room mobility. Secondly, the 'Lunch in the Neighborhood Park' mode, where she can wear a small battery backpack to give her a couple of hours mobility time away from home (but nearby). Thirdly, a 'Oniichan, you might have to carry me home' mode, where both your robowaifu and you wear battery backpacks. Hers is just 2 or 3 kilos, where yours might be up to 20 kilos in weight.
>>5084 Yeah, the second mode is something I had in mind for a while. The third one is new to me. Interesting. For the second mode I think a a plughole in the back would be perfect, then she could wear a backpack or a belt with batteries. Another one in the foot, so if at home she stands somwhere to pose or dance, then she can be plugged in. Additionally, wireless charging might also be interesting. The one in the foot would also work for boots or motorized skater boots with additional batteries. This would need to be controlled by her computer, so maybe micro usb plugs in the feet can cover both cases, or otherwise we'd need some ethernet as well.
>>5081 OP here. I proposed 2kw because of the recent 30XX GPUs power usage(4*3090+ some power for CPU and etc.).My idea is more in the lines of 2-3 to week autonomous operation.She will be able to travel from town to town on her own
Open file (1.05 MB 1000x1421 ClipboardImage.png)
>>5087 >motorized skater boots with additional batteries Yes, having skate boots or a hoverboard or scooter to use during 'Mode 3' travel should help with things. Either or both of you could wear 'stylish' black solar-cell vests as well for trickle charging too ofc. As far as plugs go, I'd think 2 (or possibly 3) USB-C plugs w/ a pair of hi-cap chargers would be sufficient for day to day use. Or the wireless-charging 'neck-pad' like in pic related. > Once you two are finished snuggling, she can top off while you were sound asleep ofc. >>5089 >My idea is more in the lines of 2-3 to week autonomous operation.She will be able to travel from town to town on her own You're going to have to wait for at least a couple of decades (or more) before we have sufficiently good tech for that. No one outsmarts the laws of physics, lad.
>>5089 Then forget about batteries. Some Ethanol fuel cell makes more sense. >>5090 I don't like walking in the sun, also if we already have more batteries then I don't need solar power on top of that. There's a reason why cars use fuel, it's energy dense. There might not be enough Ethanol for huge fleets of cars, but for some robots it should work out.
>>5091 >There's a reason why cars use fuel, it's energy dense. Fair enough. But the idea of living day to day inside my flat with a fuel-burning, fume-emitting robowaifu isn't actually to my tastes. It would be fine for a special-purpose outdoor robot, but not really for a robowaifu companion.
>>5092 It meant it additional to batteries, when they run out she can have some Vodka or so. The remains are water with some acid. She might emmit some harmless gas as well, if so then I forgot about that. https://youtu.be/9Ubhrr5GdQo
>>5097 Watched the vid again, partially. It emits water vapor. Also the one in the vid is very weak, so I have no idea how big this would need to be, so we can have some fembot hicking through the woods, which would be cool but not my highest priority for now. Let's say, if they start using fuel cell for electric bikes, then we'll be using them as well for our waifus...
>>5100 >Let's say, if they start using fuel cell for electric bikes, then we'll be using them as well for our waifus... Makes sense, thanks for the info Anon.

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