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Robowaifus in media Robowaifu Technician 09/10/2019 (Tue) 06:24:00 No.82
After reading anon's Robowaifu fiction bread, I wondered what media is out there that already predominately features a robowaifu(s) as an important character. Animu and mango are obvious choices (pic related), but surely there are live action movies as well.


post robowaifu movies, books, etc.
A lad over at >>>/britfeel/ made this and gave us his blessing to it. Literally the best rip I've seen of the Chobits OP.
>>2676 Same lad also did my second-favorite Hand-Made May.
Maybe not directly related, but the movie "Her" by Spike Jonze comes to mind. The AI is disembodied and it could be seen as more of a cautionary tale about falling in love with a botnet, but some of themes it touches on might be relevant to this board.
>>2978 Thanks Anon. Yep, I'm quite sure it's relevant to this board's interests!
/robowaifu/ should have a movie night to build the community and discuss themes related to AI and robotics. The movies should obviously be related to AI and robotics.
>>2980 Good idea. Maybe Robi can give us the keys to the Гунтstream once in a while?
>>2981 >> Maybe Robi can give us the keys to the Гунтstream once in a while? That phrasing gives off school day activity vibes. Is nice.
My personal favorite is Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.
>>3662 Yeah, that's literally how we should spin the whole thing Anon, good thinking! :^) >>3663 Pics pls.
Open file (1.16 MB 1372x967 Alpha2.png)
Open file (1013.92 KB 1356x984 Alpha 3.png)
> Pics pls. This shows probably what I consider peak aesthetic x slice of life x robowaifu. I highly recommend it since its only 2 episodes. >>3664 to be completely honest I've been hoping once VR kicks off it could become something like ReLife where people can go and somewhat relive high school life like we see in some anime's (think ReLife). Kind of an embarrassing thought but I guess why not put it out there? In that same line of thought it would be pretty useful to use VR for robowaifus meetups once more users joined. It would keep people from being harassed irl since robowaifus is one of the targets of the culture war going on right now and we could probably host our on servers. The only issue would be people who don't have VR capabilities would be left out.
>>3665 I'll also add, this show is also really made by its sound design and ASMR like voicing.
>>3665 Sounds great, I'll grab a copy. Any particular one you'd recommend? >It would keep people from being harassed irl since robowaifus is one of the targets of the culture war going on right now and we could probably host our on servers. It is indeed, and it hasn't really even begun, currently it's only the batshit screeching harpies. Normalcattle 3DPD don't even realize the implications yet. Once they do in a broad way, we'll be seeing the pussy pass exerted like never in history. Any yeah, we have a Visual Waifu thread Anon where VR is the prime topic I don't think it's been repopulated yet after the move though. Thanks for the info about the show!
>>3667 > Any particular one you'd recommend? Do you mean VR meetup wise or Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou-DVD wise?
>>3669 ohh, in that case I can only recommend the first OVA since I haven't seen the second (Quiet Country Cafe) and I'm waiting to get it for a special occasion.
>>3665 Thanks for the recommend Anon. Peak /comfy/ tbh. I'd definitely like to see us use these for /robowaifu/ movie night.
Found this while digging through old images.
>>3696 Thanks Anon. I'll have to try looking these up. A few I've seen (though it's been a while tbh), but most I don't think I have.
Open file (139.73 KB 500x563 all3_ot_smug_lime.jpg)
Open file (331.94 KB 283x648 lime_repaired_ep19.PNG)
>>82 An anime I discovered a few years ago, Saber Marionette, shows a planet on which there are no human females (colony ship accident). New men are produced by cloning, and any female is actually a gynoid. As a potential future, I'd think it'd be incredible (though we would need artificial wombs). Also discovered my waifu in the first episode XD
>>4419 Yeah, that's a nice series. Something about those oldschool animus is nicely distinctive in the art styles.
>>4422 I get ya. The older style is cool, cute, and distinct from real life. At the same time it's not too cute-sie (?) or moe (though some moe is nice).
Open file (474.61 KB 1350x1920 46011.jpeg)
Recommendation: Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai / My Wife Has No Emotion Link: https://mangadex.org/title/46011/boku-no-tsuma-wa-kanjou-ga-nai This is about a salary worker that lives alone with his domestic robot that he regards as his wife. It's a light-hearted slice-of-life about him learning how he should care for his robotic wife and their day-to-day life together. I found the manga endearing and I think you guys might enjoy it as well.
>>4889 Thanks Anon, much appreciated.
>>4889 Thanks anon! Very wholesome, nice waifu design to strive for XD
>>4904 That was a nice story. Is there a continuation of it I wonder?
>>4906 Looks like there are at least 11-12 chapters, but perhaps they are still being translated? The 7th one only came out recently.
>>4914 Thanks for the information.
Open file (684.75 KB 1845x1188 1599323394714.png)
Open file (485.76 KB 960x720 1599626457337.gif)
Open file (185.86 KB 372x330 1598148494356.png)
>>2676 Emmy the robot by dominic cellini
Open file (481.90 KB 849x1200 1.jpg)
Open file (307.97 KB 852x1200 2.jpg)
Open file (258.91 KB 852x1200 3.jpg)
Open file (367.55 KB 852x1200 4.jpg)
Open file (309.78 KB 852x1200 5.jpg)
Been working on translating a new robowaifu manga starring an android named Alpha who is programmed to cause chaos. My Japanese isn't very good but I gave it my best. English WIP: https://imgur.com/a/eMQ1VUa (half of chapter 1) Japanese: http://www.comic-medu.com/wk/plusalpha
>>6673 Look forward to your work Anon. Seems like a humorous scenario so far.
>>6673 >He doesn't fuck it, he instead wants to eradicate the ((())) and degenerate normalniggers instead I need this manga in my life, this has hilarity potential
>>6674 Chapter 1 is pretty much done. There's still a couple parts I need to fix and get help with. https://imgur.com/a/8loAvKc >>6675 She's armed to the teeth too
>>6720 Pretty interesting. So far I like it Anon!
Andromeda Stories. Amazing Nurse Nanako, but it's only a gag for a single scene. Megazone 23 but she's a computer and not a robot, almost the same thing really. Tenchi Muyo.
>>3696 And amazingly that picture doesn't include it, but Key the Metal Idol is one of the more known robowaifu anime.
>>6748 >Key the Metal Idol Thanks I'm checking it out.
>>6748 Any chance you could create a new one for /robowaifu/ Anon? You seem to know a lot about the robowaifu animes.
>>6748 I'm not even all the way through Ep4 and already I can see half a dozen things CLAMP stole directly from this show for Chobits. I always wondered where those women got it from, now I know.
>>4889 >Boku no Tsuma wa Kanjou ga Nai / My Wife Has No Emotion Thanks again, I forgot the name and could find it recently. >>6747 How good is that show? https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/andromeda-stories My favorite show in terms of entertainment value related to Robowaifus is so far Clockwork Planet and of course the Alita: Battle Angel live action movie. Doesn't mean these are the best waifus, just the show/movie is the best from what I've seen. Others are to much slice of life or not really thrilling for other reasons. I think Butobi CPU and Unbreakable Machine Doll are my second favorites, though the latter one is incomplete as a Anime, and the Chinese "Manga" wasn't available in English. They all have in common to have some other interesting story instead being about a shy boy with problems and some waifu. Outside of Anime I also like Terminator SCC a lot. Cameron really is a fascinating piece of work, and not only optically. I think it might be the best impersonation of a fembot ever.
>>6770 It's worth a watch. It's fun and 85 minutes long. It's a bit shallow and wacky and things happen just for the sake of happening, no particular writing skill can be attributed to the writer. The art style is a solid early 80s style but doesn't stand out. The animation is also unremarkable. It's very original and the idea behind its originality is very good at least. It's really a decent anime that's worth a watch, it's not one of those obscure OVAs that turn out to be amazing and for some reason still fell through the cracks and into obscurity. You will enjoy it a lot more if you like shoujo, science fiction meets fantasy, originality, and that era in anime.
Recently I watched Chobits again, for the first time in years. While I thought the anime was very cute and all, especially Chi, and I chuckled a little bit at all the innuendos, I felt that it was overall lacking. I wish the plot was a little bit more engaging, and if not that, then I felt that the amount of episodes needed to be reduced. The plot at the end was foreshadowed, but I still feel like they rushed it and that the length of the anime should have probably been reduced to like 18 episodes or a little less. It seemed that the final 6-7 episodes just exploded in your face. But I guess transitioning from a SOL perverted romantic comedy to a Sci-Fi plot is pretty hard. But overall, I liked it. The cuteness saved it for me. The next /robowaifu/-themed anime I'll probably watch will be either the Half-Broken Music Box OVA or Koukaku no Pandora.
>>6846 For me, Chobits was where I first realized that an Anon conceivably could actually have his own robowaifu, and how that could possibly radically change his life for the better.
Open file (121.26 KB 800x1085 Sky_Doll_T01_00c.jpg)
Open file (55.65 KB 800x1083 Sky_Doll_T01_00i.jpg)
Open file (263.87 KB 800x1140 Sky_Doll_T01_43.jpg)
RoboWaifu with a soul.
Open file (196.51 KB 728x1071 2.jpg)
I'm surprised this hasn't been posted Or if it was in another thread?
>>6896 This is one of the bigger threads that have never been ported over from the archives of before. It was mentioned IIRC, but thanks for posting it here Anon.
>>6896 It's "only" a manga and has no description on Anime-Planet... https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/latin Anyone tried Violet Evergarden? It's very beloved by some, but others think the story is quite lame. She's a former weapon, but the story is only about feelings, writing letters, her becoming more human-like. I'm gonna look into it sooner or later. Manga: https://www.anime-planet.com/manga/violet-evergarden-light-novel Anime: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/violet-evergarden
I made a list with links to more infos on most known anime shows about fembots/robowaifus, without hentai but including some ecchi. Not all are on topic in a strict sense, because the fembots might be daughters, sisters, colleges, or warriors instead of waifus. In some cases I can only assume that the show includes robogirls, since the show is about various robots, but I haven't seen it yet. A.D. Police Files: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/ad-police-files Andromeda Stories: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/andromeda-stories Angelic Layer: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/angelic-layer Armitage III: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/armitage-iii Blade Runner 2022: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/blade-runner-black-out-2022 Busou Shinki: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/busou-shinki-moon-angel Butobi CPU: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/buttobi-cpu Casshern Sins: https://www.anime-lanet.com/anime/casshern-sins Chobits: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/chobits Cutey Honey: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/cutey-honey Clockwork Planet: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/clockwork-planet Frame Arm Girls: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/frame-arms-girl Hal: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/hal Heaven's Lost Property: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/heavens-lost-property Ichigeki Sacchuu Hoihoi-san: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/ichigeki-sacchuu-hoihoi-san Key the Metal Idol: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/key-the-metal-idol Kowarekake no orgel: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/kowarekake-no-orgel Kurogane Communication: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/kurogane-communication Magical Pokan: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/magical-pokan Mahoromatic: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/mahoromatic Metropolis: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/metropolis No Game, No life: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/no-game-no-life Pandora in the Crimson Shell: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/pandora-in-the-crimson-shell Pandora in the Crimson Shell - Ghost Urn: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/pandora-in-the-crimson-shell-ghost-urn Plastic Memories: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/plastic-memories Parasite Dolls: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/parasite-dolls Planetarian: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/planetarian Outlaw Star: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/outlaw-star Robot Carnival: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/robot-carnival Robot Girls Z: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/robot-girls-z Rozen Maiden: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/rozen-maiden Saber Marionette J: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/saber-marionette-j SoltyRei: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/solty-rei Steel Angel Kurumi: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/steel-angel-kurumi The Big O: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/the-big-o Time of Eve Movie: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/time-of-eve-movie Unbreakable Machine Doll: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/unbreakable-machine-doll Violet Evergarden: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/violet-evergarden Voogi's Angel: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/voogies-angel Xenosaga: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/xenosaga Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/yokohama-kaidashi-kikou And because it's really good and about a robot learning about the world, I mention one non-anime here: Terminator SCC https://terminator.fandom.com/wiki/Terminator:_The_Sarah_Connor_Chronicles I won't watch 'SoltyRei' on the list above. It's not about a waifu, but a daughter and probably not a good anime. I ignored 'Battle Angel Alita', because she might have a human brain in her artificial body. Also, I did't like the anime that much. The live action movie is great, and on-topic because of her looks. 'Ghost in the Shell' is also about Cyborgs with human brains, but worth watching. I did include magical robot girls and dolls in the list above, where the technology is at least partially magic or something similar. 'Space Dandy' features a non-humanoid robot with a female voice. I can highly recommend the show, but I didn't include it in the list. I only put the 'Time of Eve Movie' on the list, but not the show. I think it's the same story, and I did't really like it that much. I did not include 'Vexille 2077', because it's the worst anime I've ever watched. 'Love Like Aliens' is even worse, but I wasn't able to watch much of it. Some shows might have sequels or prequels, I didn't put in the links for those. You'll need to look on your own if there's more based on a show you like. Example: Armitage III - Poly Matrix: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/armitage-iii-poly-matrix Armitage III - Dual Matrix: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/armitage-iii-dual-matrix Then there might be other shows including NPCs, like Overlord: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/overlord
>>7008 Wow, great work anon! This will come in handy! Does Violet Evergarden count? I don't think she's a robot, just an awkward human. She has robotic arms but that was because of the war. Good show though.
>>7008 Excellent. It would be great to see this turned into a /robowaifu/ infographic. Possibly grouped by theme. Everyone should add suggestions for anything else they think should be included.
>>7008 Iczer-1, it's about an android girl who has come to earth to save the world and it has yuri themes. One of my favorites, the soundtrack is also really good. Then there's "Monkey Punch no Sekai - Alice". Part of the "überdegenerate" genre in anime, some guy makes a woman he hates into a robot, then his son tries to kill her.
>>7009 > Violet Evergarden Oh wow, I only watched the first episode. If she's supposed to be human, then this is one of the dumbest storylines ever. - Supersoldier, only regarded as a weapon - Wants to be disposed of if not usable - Works with automatic dolls - Wants to learn what love means - Has arms out of metal ... >>7010 Thanks, but maybe we first need to find out which of those shows have been watched by someone here on that board. Otherwise we might put shows in which don't really belong there.
>>7013 I've watched Andromeda Stories, Armitage III, the original Blade Runner movie, Buttobi CPU, Key the Metal Idol, Magical Pokaan, No Game No Life, Robot Carnival and Rozen Maiden. Rozen Maiden has no robot girls, they're all doll girls. With doll joints and stuff. A big part of it is that they've been created by someone to be the perfect girl. Maybe it's close enough. No Game No Life's robot girl is in its movie, not the main series. All the others I've watched are primarily about robot girls or have important characters who are robot girls. Robot Carnival is probably the most /robowaifu/ anime of all. It's a 3-part OVA of with a different story in every part, one of them is about this inventor type of guy who made a robotic woman. And she's beautiful. I also remembered a few others: >Megazone 23 Movie series, one important plot point and character already in the first movie is a computer named "Eve" who presents herself to humans as a woman on a screen. The soundtrack calls her "Sleeping Beauty," one of the movies has "The Awakening of Eve" as the title. >Terra e... In this one there is a computer people call "Mother". It's only ever seen as a super intelligent computer. >Tenchi Muyo! It's a harem anime about this guy named Tenchi and all these women who lust after him for no reason. The main one, Ryo-Ohki, is a hyper advanced sort of organic robot made with real eggs from her "mother". Really blurring the lines, but keep in mind they also have organic spaceships and stuff, she's really "tech". >El Hazard A pivotal plot point and important character is a robot girl. Watch the OVA not the TV series.
Hand Maid May: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/hand-maid-may Fight!! Iczer-One: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/fight-iczer-one Monkey Punch no Sekai - Alice: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/alice >>7014 Thanks, I wrote that I would out in magical dolls and robots. Since many are not about technology anyways, Rozen Maiden fits in imho. Construction, getting the parts, and stuff like that is a quite important part of the story. I found it boring at the beginning, but liked it later. I myself watched A.D. Police Files, Armitage III, Blade Runner 2022 ( I think?!?), Butobi CPU, Chobits, Clockwork Planet, Kowarekake no orgel, Metropolis, Plastic Memories, Robot Girls Z, Saber Marionette (not completed, yet) Steel Angel Kurumi, Time of Eve Movie, Unbreakable Machine Doll, and Terminator SCC. However, yet I often only watched the first season in many cases. I also started watching Violet Evergarden, which might be OT anyways. Some others will be watched soon.
>>7013 Yeah, I thought the Violet Evergarden thing was weird too. I spent most of the series thinking she was a robot girl. It wasn't super clear and was confusing with the mechanical arms. I don't think anything major would change even if she was a robot girl. Still a great list that you made, Anon! Thanks
>>7012 Linked your shows in >>7015 The second one (Monkey Punch) has a very bad rating though. One more, I overlooked on my watch later list: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/indian-summer - it's hard to find anyways. And another ones I found through som tag lists, which might be interesting: Cat Girl Nuku Nuku TV: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/all-purpose-cultural-cat-girl-nuku-nuku-tv ToHeart: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/to-heart-remember-my-memories Miss Monochrome: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/miss-monochrome Kamisama Dolls: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/kamisama-dolls Coyote Ragtime Show: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/coyote-ragtime-show But we can delete Hal from the list above, since the robot is a guy. Anime-Planet has some tags to find on-topic shows. However, some shows are missing the right ones or have wrong ones. Android is used as a generic term for humanoid robots. Cyborgs can be ones withna human brain or a human-like body but a CPU. Then there are shows which might have some fembot character, but it isn't the main protagonist. We don't need to go through all of them, if they have poor ratings. Some are also very short e.g. some with Drossel. Feel free to go through the lists, I just think some filtering makes sense. https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/tags/androids https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/tags/robots https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/tags/cyborgs Combined tags female robot: https://www.anime-planet.com/characters/all?gender_id=2&include_tags=212
It's hard to stop... Dimension W: https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/dimension-w
>>7018 By all means, don't stop. The more exhaustive the initial list, the higher quality and more comprehensive the final infograph.
>>7019 One way I can see how this could be done, is listing shows by some well selected trait of the robowaifu of that particular show, or their shared traits if there are a few: Magical Doll, Angel, Maid, Gothic Lolita, Stoic, Amnesia, Clumsy, Rosy Cheeks, Scantily-clad, Verbal Tic, Frequently-Naked, Pervert... We already got lots of tags for it. Others we have to make-up on our own. Lime from Saber Marionette for example has nothing descriptive.
>>7020 Yes, seems reasonable to have tags like that at the bottom of each paragraph describing the show. Makes sense to me Anon. As far as the overall order goes, then rankings by the ratings, torrent DLs, etc. seems reasonable. Obviously community consensus here on /robowaifu/ is more important for our infographic than the general anime consumer population's but I suspect a nice dovetail there for this 'robot girl' genre regardless. And these can be versioned as well, even once an initial agreement is conceded, it can always be modified somewhat with a newer version.
The Humanoid. I'll probably make an encode of this later as the existing one sucks.
>>7022 Neat, please do. I've never heard of this before tbh.
>>7022 I thought about putting her show into the list because of her special looks but left it out, because of the rating and bc I haven't watched it to state otherwise.
>>7017 I decided to try Torrenting Cat Girl Nuku Nuku only to find there are no seeders.
>>7031 Sometimes it's necessary to wait for some show. I've got a lot of links like that. Sometimes after a year or so, someone is seeding... Rare (anime) shows are of course the stuff which should be seeded regardless of ratio.
Would the gems from Land of the Lustrous count? I know they are not robots but they aren't biological and they break apart but can keep going in a similar way to robots. The way they all have the same body with white "skin" made me think they are prime candidates for robot conversion. It just looks like a white chassis to me! The only parts you'd have to change are the faceplate, eye sockets and wig.
>>7078 I don't know, haven't watched it. Problem is, there are many shows with some non-human characters, some based on other forms of biology or another material. This could get out of hand and water down what this is about. Maybe we need some filters? Just some suggestions for what might be on-topic: - non-humans-females build by humans - if not build by humans, then the body needs to be out of some kind of mechanics and she needs to be in a relationship with a human, brains are some kind of computer or they are animated by some kind of magical force - exceptions maybe if the story revolves a lot around how a mind work and/or building artificial bodies, ... (in that regard, some of Ghost in the Shell might qualify)
Open file (78.66 KB 720x540 humanoid.jpg)
>>7222 And is it good? Any remarks about the story and characters? Is it a lot about technical stuff, talk about AI, like Ghost in the Shell, or just a gimmick?
>>7222 >checked Nice quality work Anon, thanks.
>>7222 Amazing amount of work goes into these old stop-motion anime and I'd never even heard of this one before. Thanks for the upload anon! Very cool!
>>6896 An anon mentioned her in our Robowaifu References thread >>42 .
I rewatched Clockwork Planet recently and really have to emphasize the entertainment value of that show. Every episode has it's little hooks to keep ones interes and the story is moving forward. There's a very little bit of jokingly trannystuff in it, but very minor, like the a guy using female dress as a disguise and some male robot is getting body switched. Minor stuff. The show is very positive towards men liking female bodies and embracing fembots as servants, wife-like partners, cute child-like girls for cuddling, or doll like ones as entertainers. The show has a complete ending, no cliffhanger by accident. Also, only one season, nothing to big. The difference to Chobits for example is, that it has a thrilling background story and doesn't focus on slice of life at all, even not for quite some episodes like Rozen Maiden does. The show features a very skilled female tech worker as one of the main characters, but she's an exception, they don't make it about all females can do this or are even better. Recently, I also started "Kurogane Communication" which is quite relaxing to watch. Only one human seems to be left, a cute girl which looks a bit like Asuka Langley. She's living with robots, trying to take care of her. I think the show is on topic, bc there's a fembot, but it's also about robots caring for a human as best as they can and talking about their own tech but also how humans might think and function. I'm not through with it, only watching a bit at a time, to relax. I'm in the middle and like it so far, it also has only one season but might end with a more unfinished story or rushed ending.
Open file (481.81 KB 640x480 arale-chan.png)
Add Dr. Slump to the list of /robowaifu/ anime. Sadly it's still being subbed.
Open file (45.00 KB 350x490 arale-norimaki-2997.jpg)
>>7781 Okay, thanks, seems to feature a fembot as one of the main characters. How good is it? It's labelled as slapstick. Is it okay for adults?
>>7794 Not him but I've read some of that growing up, if you're familiar with Dragon Ball think of it as set in that fantastical universe but with much sillier self contained story lines and an overall less serious tone. I'd start with the manga. I'm not surprised that the anime wasn't subbed completely as a lot of the puns and jokes require knowledge of Japanese language and pop culture of the era it was made in to get it. I wouldn't recommend it to adults unless they were a huge fan of Akira Toriyama's works and wanted to see where the setting of Dragon Ball came from. Putting it on a list of /robowaifu/ media is quite a stretch while Dragon Ball Z would be more appropriate thanks to Android 18.
Open file (182.58 KB 960x2127 Android-18-fanart.jpg)
>>7799 Yeah, she has quite some arguments going for her... Haven't seen the show though and after taking a brief look into WP, she seems to not have been part of the show all the time. Also she was human, becoming a cyborg, which is called Android-18. The sloppy use of these terms alone makes me cringe. Btw, here's no official list, the thread is "the list" and some anon make postings with lists in it. Oh, and thanks for the info on Dr. Slump, I'll probably pass on it. I have a long list of (mostly unrelated) anime to watch anyways.
>>7780 >Clockwork Planet Thanks for the recommendation Anon. About halfway through and it's got some great moments. >Automata Monthly This.must.happen.
Open file (156.35 KB 838x954 Motoko.jpg)
>>7839 I made a posting here about shows which did't fit into this thread, since they are not directly on topic, or only with some huge stretch. Though, they are often related to some human-like AI or people living with AI gone wrong, or simply about human minds and some philosophical thoughts on what it means to be human. Also, I only picked the ones which I think are generally outstanding shows. While doing that, I realized that Ghost in the Shell is mentioned here and there but always like, "maybe it belongs to the other thread"... Well, it features human-like AI, but not really robowaifus, except maybe as minor characters like the famous robogeishas, and this often goes wrong ... >>7836 You're welcome. I'm glad others enjoy it as well. On the idea of bringing back paper magazines, idk.
>>7840 With here, I meant in the quoted posting >>7839 in the off-topic thread.
>>7840 Thank you, that's fine. The Basement can have posts on pretty much any legal topic, including listings of animes you like. Yep, GITS is kind of an odd juxtaposition across numerous themes, but I think there are sufficient robowaifus (certainly as the doll-shells themselves, which are everywhere in the series). As you referred to, the writers conveniently just side-step many of the difficult and technical AI problems by appealing straight to fantasy, and the uploading of ghosts into the shells. It's fiction so w/e. OTOH, we robowaifuists have to solve things in the real world.
>>7842 >straight to fantasy, and the uploading of ghosts into the shells Well, there are androids and other intelligent robots, it's just in question if they are like humans. Ghosts refers to the German "Geist" which can mean Spirit but also Mind. For some reason their robots lack that, but it can emerge or human ghosts can be used instead.
>>7846 Fair point. Do you recommend removing the GITS series from the /robowaifu/ list?
>>7859 Short answer: No. It is related to some extend, it just isn't really focused on waifus and maybe even critical about that idea. I don't know what list, tbh. I made a list with links to anime planet >>7008 but didn't really put it into the main section of that list. If you plan to make a /robowaifu/ infographic, then it might depend how you wanted to sort the shows. Maybe in the core (or on top) there would be ones with actual waifu/girlfriend-like characters which are robots? Then GITS and Alita would fit into cyborgs with human brains section. But Alita comes of as nicer and has more love story to her. Idk how to sort this perfectly, either. I would count GITS also rather to the shows which are critical about humanoid robots, the same as AD Police Files or Terminator. If (friendly) female robots are sufficient to make it to the list, then "Blame!" (movie) from my other list >>7839 might got there as well. Kurogane Communication feels like it belongs to the list, because the robots there are really helpful and the whole show circles around that, though the one fembot is just one of the characters (and the only human is a girl).
>>7866 Good analysis, much better than I would have managed I'm sure. So thanks. >If you plan to make a /robowaifu/ infographic, Heh, we certainly need one IMO, but I'm not the one to do that I don't think. Individual files like a /robowaifu/-infographic or the RDD can be easily and compactly passed around and not only serve as information sources but secondarily as promotional/propaganda resources as well. So ofc they help facilitate board growth. The RDD is a years-long project with deep technical and other requirements, so that won't be done anytime soon. The Robowaifus-in-Media infographic is much more straightforward a task, but requires a broad understanding of the topic which I don't think I really qualify for generally speaking. So we could hope someone will come along eventually who's motivated and capable to produce our /robowaifu/ infographics for us.
Open file (139.41 KB 1000x1375 wireless_charging.jpg)
>>4889 Whenever I read this manga I get the warm fuzzies. But what makes it even better is that the author actually illustrates some damn good ideas that could be implemented IRL. Pic related.
>>7885 Yes I think that's a good idea, and one we've discussed here on occasion. I didn't realize there was more content out, thanks.
>>4889 >>4904 >>7885 I know we have no money to offer him, but I wonder if this artist could somehow be persuaded to create designs for /robowaifu/ ? He seems to already have a good understanding of many technical aspects that real robowaifus would possess, and obviously has decent drawing abilities. I realize drawing robowaifus != wanting robowaifus, but somehow he seems to be able to impart an innate charm and realism into their relationship. I presume he has therefore given some depth of thought to the topic. Maybe the first thing to discover is whether he actually dreams of real robowaifus one day at a personal level, or if he simply pursued this project as a niche topic.
Open file (871.92 KB 1280x1024 super_smart_mina.png)
>>7890 You know, another thought occurs to me. Given the wide popularity of The Manga Guide Series , >>4216 I wonder if the publisher themselves could be convinced to start a The Manga Guide to Robowaifus? This guy's arts and insight take a technically-complex notion like distributed, cluster-based node computing (which we'll all probably need something similar in our home server computational support systems) and makes it easily approachable for the uninitiate w/o going into too much detail. https://www.ohmsha.co.jp/english/manga.htm > In fact, I bet Ohmsha Company has something like this already in the brainstorming stage going on. Also, they as a publisher seem to be supporting a journal called New Generation Computing so it doesn't seem too far-fetched to me they could be convinced that Domestic Companion Robots could be a good fit for themselves. Wouldn't it be wonderful if a legitimate publisher like this took up the mantle of robowaifus for a broader world?
>>7894 and following comments are about Cyberpunk 2077, Blade Runner (Westwood), and the looks and traits of characters in some games.
>>7799 Arale is the main character of Dr. Slump, though. Android 18 isn't very important outside of the little while she is one of three main villains, and a tiny bit near the start of the Buu arc. And the Bio-Broly movie, I guess. She's good in those, but I would hesitate to say she makes DBZ more appropriate /robowaifu/ material than a show where a robot girl is the main character. That said, to answer the other guy's question, Dr. Slump is basically for toddlers, though 1980s Japanese toddlers, so it's still too hot for TV here and now. Like one of the first stories is about Arale coming home and telling the doctor that the other girls made fun of her for not having a vagina, which he wasn't able to build for her because he's never seen one, not even in porn, due to Japanese censorship laws. So the story is then about his quest to see a vagina, not to be a perv, but so that he can build one for Arale. Now when I say it like this, it sounds ecchi, but naw, if you watch it it's clearly meant to be humorous for young kids that think genitals are funny, not sexy for adults that want to see anime pussy. Also, it's a tease because when he invents X-ray specs specifically to see pussy, all that happens is Arale sees her male friends' penises, again to be funny, not to get turned on (also she has the mentality of a toddler, even though she's supposed to be like 12 or something, so she wouldn't find it hot anyway), and nobody gets to see any pussy ever, because it's funnier to see the doctor fail, and because even in 1980s Japan, penises were seen as funny and vaginas as too attractive to be funny. All that said, Arale is still best robowaifu, even if she doesn't have a pussy. That could be corrected in any meatspace recreations anyway. >>7801 "Android 18" is a bad dub name. Most names from the '90s dubs of Dragon Ball have stuck around even though they are terrible, like the female lead being translated as "Bulma" when it's obviously supposed to be "Bloomer" because her whole family is named after underwear. The term "Jinzo Ningen" was translated as "Android" when it is much more accurately "Artificial Human." Some of the Artificial Humans are cyborgs, some are androids, and one is some sort of completely biological genetically engineered monster. 18 is a cyborg though. However, she is best waifu in the series. Unless we count Arale, since it is the same universe and she does appear.
>>8119 Thanks for the breakdown about Arale in Dr. Slump Anon. That's sounds cute and endearing now, actually. I was vaguely concerned it might be something the Japanese would have considered ecchi lolicon-ish, but that doesn't sound anything like that. I think it should probably be part of a /robowaifu/ infograph 'canon' now, even if only for the misadventures of Dr. Slump himself. BTW, I seem to vaguely remember seeing her as an adult 'woman' at some point. Was that arc ever in the official canon do you know?
>>8122 I haven't read/watched the whole series (slowly watching the anime now, but I know that most of it doesn't have subs yet), but Arale frequently fantasizes about being an adult and having huge tits, or sometimes characters are just drawn differently for a joke, like maybe she will be drawn sexy if she's acting seductive for some reason, and the joke is the contrast with how she actually looks. Also, there's one episode where they go to the future and see all her friends in their old age, but she is still the same as ever, since she's a robot and doesn't age, and this is basically the one time she (or anyone else in the series) seems to ever have a serious thought about anything. It raises some pretty deep questions about what it means to be human, and the fate of an immortal robot watching all of her loved ones die around her. But this basically lasts for about five seconds and then they go back to poop jokes. Also, Arale appears in Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Super. When she appears in Dragon Ball, it's a few years after the end of Doctor Slump, but nobody has aged that much yet. She then reappears in an episode of Dragon Ball Super, which takes place at least 30 years later, and Goku, who she had met before, when he was 11, is now around 40 years old, but Arale is the same as ever. Then again, so is Doctor Slump himself, and he's just a regular human. But he is by far the best scientist in the multiverse, so maybe he has some sort of anti-aging formula. Also Arale saves the day with gag-manga powers, which make her much more powerful than Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (yes, that's what it's called) Goku, so basically, no rules apply because comedy. But to answer your question, as far as I know she's an eternal loli.
>>8134 >It raises some pretty deep questions about what it means to be human, and the fate of an immortal robot watching all of her loved ones die around her. One that we've discussed often here on /robowaifu/. We even have a dedicated thread on it. >>829
Open file (700.78 KB 948x1505 Cibo.Blame!.png)
Open file (147.25 KB 569x1220 Sanakan Blame!.png)
Blame! (pronounced "Blam!") is a manga/anime that features some very manufacturable robowaifu designs. They have pretty heads but the rest of the unclothed body is more machine-like.(Obviously can't manufacture a functional Gravitational Beam Emitter, but that's probably for the best).
>>8143 Thanks! You know that might just be a good approach (among many possibilities). Certainly seems like it should be suited to small garage factory runs. >but that's probably for the best). kekd
In Star Trek - The Original Series, S2E22, Return to Tomorrow, the crew encounters a highly advanced pre-human civilization which is stone old, but they can't build human-like robotic or cyborg bodies with human-like sensory input ("feelings"). LOL. But therefore the ones they can build last 1000 years... 🤦🏼‍♂️
>>8226 I thought I remembered someone posted about that show here before but couldn't find it. I looked it up and found it. What are little girls made of? has a robowaifu in it (they called her an android). AFAICT the entire little community are all 'androids' according to the article. They even replicated Kirk as one lol.
Open file (167.96 KB 1920x872 Athena.jpg)
>>8227 Ah, a man of culture. Andrea - I have her on my list of adorable gynoids as well. She also has a cute way of talking and the dialogs are great. Are we now extending this thread to non-anime? Asking for a friend.
>>8233 >Are we now extending this thread to non-anime? Asking for a friend. Sure, I think live-action has always been on the table ITT. For example, Cherry 2000 was in the older version of it.
>>8226 >emoji The first sign of this board's eventual quality decline.
>>8242 Okay. Yeah, I mean we always made exceptions, but not really more than that. Occasionally I thought about expanding it. For example about posting all shows and movie fembots I know about. However most of them are just some female fighters which look like a woman and don't behave much differently. Samatha in "Her" is the only one which is in a relationship while it is clear that she is an AI. The Cylons in BSG and Caprica are kind of uploaded humans, or their descendants. Basically all of these live-action shows are against human building robots and especially against cute waifus. Even "Her" is at the end more of a cautionary tale. Cherry 2000 shows a waifu at the beginning but sells "real" women as the better alternative for "real" men. We still can take inspiration from characters which don't fit the waifu pattern or are a letdown at some point, but I decided against listing all of them or the related shows here. Same goes for starting to post pictures of women here on /robowaifu/ just because they are acting like they are robots in some show (except Cameron, and some rare exceptions). In Cameron's case it's so that her whole act is more about being a robot than in other cases, also the story was rather going towards coexistence between men an machines. Well, and Athena from Tomorrowland looks halfway like a character from an anime and she's very likeable and loyal to mankind. Andrea, from that ST:TOS episode is also very cute >>8227 and very submissive. I know about two other ones I like and are pictured in a positive way. In one case it's a minor spoiler, since it might not be obvious that she's a robot right from the start Apple from Turbo Kid and in the other case it's a very big twist at the end, but you might not watch the rather old movie in the first place: Screamers from 1995. I'm planning to watch ARCHIVE (2020) soon, btw. I think I never watched this Weird Science movie from 1985 for some reason, it's probably also very anti-waifu. >>8235 Well, I brought all my friends from Twitter.... No, not yet... kek, it was just a test. I wondered if that even works, though I think it did it before once or twice.
>>8243 >I'm planning to watch ARCHIVE (2020) soon, btw. I've seen it. Here's my take if you'd like. >SPOILER ALERT -ghost in the shell story, basically MS DeadChat >>8176 >>8177 , but with VR -implied corporate espionage -nice tech tidbits, lots of robowaifu-related tech shots -AI has no real explanation for coming into being "Hey it's '37, just believe in magic people!" -nice storyline set location, some very pretty water & mountain forest winter shots -some very nice (indistinguishable, really) CGI comp work -some disconcerting time jumps, and character appearance shifts MGTOW types won't appreciate much of it IMO; -very pro-3DPD ie, "OK fine, you can have a waifu. But you must embed the scheming, screeching harpy into it!" -the whiny, spoiled-brat, girl protoype 2 bot is kind of funny at times, sad at others. -in the end (as typical) it's all the male protagonist's fault that everything fucks up (and ofc it all does). he even says so lol. typical hollywood spin in present day. The surprise, twist-the-knife ending really drives this last bit home :^)
Open file (4.44 MB 305x300 WeirdScience.webm)
>>8235 Might still have the webm I made for it somewhere otherwise I'll rip that robowaifu repair shop scene again. >>8243 I've only seen the television show for Weird Science and it's more a 'I Dream of Jeannie' fantastical comedy without the romantic element where the female lead is an older sister style character who helps the two main characters go through young adulthood. It's a wholesome show with one of the best musical intros I can remember from the mid 90's. I find this song fits in well with the topics on this board. >Tomorrowland Now there is a fucked up movie for those that can recognize masonic imagery. That bizarre blindfolded ritual in the Eiffel tower makes absolutely no sense unless you get the real meaning behind it. There's also a German movie about a man who falls in love with an android based on his dead daughter called 'Trouble with Being Born' which I have to warn potential viewers depicts the nude child form using CGI so is potentially obscene in many jurisdictions. The crazy thing is that it's loosely based on a true story where a man bought a sex doll modeled off a younger version of his dead wife, his daughter eventually resembled the sex doll after going through puberty which caused an awkward situation. It's probably too early to consider design wise how a humanoid robot could age gracefully or have any ruin value. I'd appreciate any suggestions of media that touch on that theme.
>>8274 This could easily go off-topic so let's keep it short please. Just wanted to ask why you would want a robowaifu to age at all? The majority of us certainly would enjoy her 'eternal' youth actually, and most of us would probably be highly suspicious of some mandate that they should. Clearly smacks of the gynocentric system already everywhere around us. >"Alright, you can have your waifu goy, but she must age on you. After all we have a business to run here!''
>>8274 >I'd appreciate any suggestions of media that touch on that theme. Also, while not a robowaifu main character, this topic is very squarely addressed in The Bicentennial Man >>1536
>>8275 To keep it short signs of wear or repairs have their own aesthetic merits that are highly valued by some people and are often replicated artificially on brand new items. I'm talking about developing a patina or the concept of kintsukuroi not an expiry date or planned obsolescence through making the aging process similar to what occurs with a human body in order to sell newer models constantly.
>>8278 I see, thanks for clearing that up Anon.
>>8278 Also (again), since that's the point, then Bicentennial Man isn't actually apropos, b/c it's dealing with literal, morbid (human-like) aging of the android. >>8276
Open file (549.80 KB 1591x2001 IMG_20210125_033001.jpg)
>Tomorrowland >recognize masonic imagery. And now? Movie discredited? It's a mixed bag for other reasons anyways, but still worth watching. One of my future waifus looks will also be inspired by Britt Robertson (the Blonde). However, I'm very glad we have someone here who knows how teleportation devices really work and that it is not necessary to cover ones eyes while using it, except for the masonic symbolism, now I'm finally certain that we're going to be successful. >>8273 on ARCHIVE Thanks, but I'll watch it myself. I don't expect too much, it will have good and bad parts. It seems to be about uploads, not AI anyways. While writing this it comes to mind, that there's also this movie about a woman raised by robots. Will need to look into that as well. >>8275 Short answer: No. I don't want her to age. Also: No, I don't know how that would even be done. It will be hard to make these bodies last for more than 10-20 years anyways, my goal are 30, then they'll need a new one anyways. However, if they are cheap enough and the technology moves ahead, then it will make sense to get new ones more often and keep at least one of the used ones stored away, in case the current one malfunctions. Also, a idea I once had, would be a kind of instant aging in some ways. In case of people being hostile to young looking fembots, some might have the option to strech a little bit, to fill up some internal airbags, and widen their hipps, all within the limits of silicone rubber being able to strech, of course. This could be useful if visitors turn up or a car gets into a traffic control. Bit like that scene in Terminator 3, where she increases her boobies (for other reasons).
>>8273 >ARCHIVE (2020) Now my take: Please don't pay for it. Watch the trailer, make some screenshots or download them, and you got the best of it. I'm hiding all the real spoilers, but not every piece of info, especially if it's even in the trailer: This movie is more about uploads than robowaifus. The problems the main character encounters feel utterly constructed and don't make much sense. It's just about twisting it towards robowaifu and AI engineers bad, trying to outsmart death also bad. >SPOILER ALERT I don't see why you >>8273 called prototype 2 a spoiled brat. She would have deserved some hugs, and I would have done it. But she would't even exist, because why? I mean, they came up with something... When he refused prototype 3 in his bed, this was so cringy that I needed a break. Again, it might make sense in a way that it is revealed later, but this is soo bad. SPOILER about the END: Yeah, the twist at the end could be great if the rest wasn't so bad, but nowadays I'm thinking that of course they had to put in a "wahman are still the future". Some parts of the story make a bit more sense, in retro perspective, with the twist at the end. But that's just bad story telling. It's like a not so great episode of Black Mirror.
>>8332 Yeah it was pretty awful writing. There aren't a lot of films I've watched that I wouldn't want to watch again. Literally count on one hand, but this one is on the list now.
>> 8343 That Whitney Cummings bot is very interesting. But $100K LOL! A bit steep! (Although she did mention it cost about $60K extra because she is a custom model). Her chat programming is also well done. As for Poppy, I was expecting robot Poppy from the Flowers laboratory. That Poppy is is a fake robowaifu! She's just another meatbag trying to make $$$ out of being edgy.
>>8383 I'm not that impressed with the Whitney's version of Harmony, but it would be great if we were already there. She's more of a sexbot with animated head than anything els, and her "AI" is prescripted and needs WiFi. >Poppy This is the waifus in media thread. Including 3DPD artists. I like how she's playing fembot, sometimes creepy, sometimes cute, sometimes both.
>>8383 >She's just another meatbag trying to make $$$ out of being edgy. This. I found the stuff pretty distasteful personally (no offense meant to the poster).
>>8386 No offense taken. Always interesting how much tastes differ and how hard it is to anticipate what others like or dislike. I like it a bit creepy, weird or edgy. On that note and related to >>829 in a humourous way: https://youtu.be/G8kFIbmmuEk But not for sensitive persons with a good taste (It's a mini prequel to Turbo Kid).
>>8393 I remember watching Turbo Kid. Great movie! Laurence Leboeuf does one of the best robot impressions I've seen from an actress. I also like the way this scene takes a common robot trope (the robot with an infinite magic power source) and plays it for laughs. It reminded me of a painting I found by Amano Takumi of Alpha Hatsuseno where the same trope is inverted. In the picture it looks like Alpha has run out of power waiting inside her coffee shop for the return of her owner (who very likely died many years past). It looks like she has been slumped down on her knees for at least a year. The little gun that she's holding is also subtly suggestive of some kind of societal breakdown or external threat, but the observer is left to speculate on the state of the outside world. I like this painting a lot. Got a sort of pathos to it.
>>8394 Yes, really interesting. I should watch this at some point in the current year.
>>8393 One of several things /robowaifu/'s goals represent is a positive spin on the whole idea of robowaifus in society in the first place. This is simply because of the great benefit their reality would potentially represent to disenfranchised men in this gynocentric 'culture' of today. Casting them in a dysgenic, dystopic, or an otherwise harmful light is not only commonplace in media atm (for obvious reasons I probably needn't go into) but antithetical to our basic purpose here. The writers/directors/producers of those music videos plainly intend an evil spin of robowaifus as portrayed by that useful idiot woman. It's not about being 'creepy' any more than Ex Machina is. Rather, like that film, its intended specifically to cast the entire idea of robowaifus itself in a negative, destructive light. Of course I'm not going to approve of any such typical hollywood spin on robowaifus, either here or elsewhere. >>8394 >The little gun that she's holding is also subtly suggestive of some kind of societal breakdown or external threat The pistol was obviously given to her by her owner in the series, and the setting for the story is explicitly defined to be a post-apocalyptic era where few humans exist. But magically still, things like utilities and even street lights continue to function. I've only gone through the two paired-sets of OVAs ('98, '02-'03) and haven't yet dug through the mangos. Maybe I will at some time, hopefully so. Regardless, Hatsuseno-chan is just about as perfect a robowaifu as one might imagine. Of course AI will need to advance far beyond it's current capabilities for her and her sisters to become a reality, but that's one of the things /robowaifu/ is here for after all. :^)
>>8399 Yeah, I took the whole "Your Time is Up" video more as a joke. If taken more seriously, you're right.
>>8399 The manga is a masterpiece. Even people who aren't into robowaifus tend to praise the artwork of Hitoshi Ashinano and cite the manga as a prime example of the iyashikei genre (this despite it's post-apocalyptic setting). It's one of the main works that first got me interested in the idea of robowaifus, so I reckon you're in for a treat :D
>Turbo Kid <those 3-white eyes
>>8409 You mean those three colors? Yes, looks fascinating.
Open file (81.52 KB 1280x720 Defiance-shot0001.jpg)
Open file (112.20 KB 1280x720 Defiance-shot0011.jpg)
>>8409 Btw, I recalled that they did this anime-style eye increasing thing in live-action before. In Defiance, a scifi-show. I only watched season one, because it's a lot about tensions and conflicts and I try not to watch that (also basically one-world immigration propaganda). The character with the big eyes is an alien, not a robot. However, with her red hair and big eyes she looks like one of the robotwaifus I hope to build one day.
>>8418 No, it's a joke about her being yandere. > >related xpost >>167
So, I watched "Indian Summer". Can't really recommend it. The humor is really cheesy and it's only partially about robowaifus. It has three episodes, the one in the middle is the best. I also watched "Pandora in the Crimson Shell: Ghost Urn". It's certainly one of the better shows with robowaifus. Not really as entertaining as "Clockwork Planet" but good enough. (Pics related) Both shows are Ecchi, so with some nudity and such. I wouldn't recommend watching it with persons you would have explain to WTF you're watching there. Pandora also features rather young looking characters (young teens), but in some kind of animated ball-jointed doll bodies. In terms of such bjdolls it's the most interesting show I know about. https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/pandora-in-the-crimson-shell-ghost-urn I did not finish "Kurogane Communication", yet. >>7780 - though this has only technical reasons, I still like it. Btw, watching this little bit of anime is not the reason why I'm not doing more. Got distracted by other things. Watching stuff like this is rather helpful. Now, let's take a look into what the wicked witches of the West are up to. Did anyone look into "Raised by Wolves"? Trailer and preview looks like anti-robowaifu propaganda: https://youtu.be/nAg6RTQEfeM or it isn't? I thought about putting this one into the Basement like this here >>8493 but it might still be interesting or at least have some good parts. Not sure, if I'm going to watch the spoilered explainer video https://youtu.be/_auMVXbxcbw or give the show itself a try.
>>8759 Thanks for the reviews Anon. I've also seen Crimson Shell and part of Clockwork Planet. Crimson Shell is spoiler-alert: a silly light-hearted treatment of what is actually rather an apocalyptic destruction of a resort-like island city-state a few decades from now. It's filled with ecchi girl-crush yuri sequences of a young cyborg girl (the main protagonist) who lives in a robo-shell, who is impassioned over an actual robowaifu catgril meido hyper-assassin QT3.14 enforcer loli. The one has to literally finger rub the belly of the other to release her magical-girl assassin mode. So yeah, typical day in animu-world. :^) Still kind of a fun story in the end, but nothing too serious. I haven't seen enough of Clockwork Planet yet except to say: A) Get the 1080p yuge version. You can thank me later. B) It seems an actually serious treatment of the topic of a robowaifu assassin. The detail in this anime is pretty much fabulous, it seems to be a seamless combination of 3D/2D art.
Open file (34.64 KB 350x495 beatless-9215.jpg)
I forgot to mention that I tried watching 'Weird Science' and that really was too silly fo me. I liked how they created the fembot with some kind of vodoo involved, since it wasn't going to be realistic anyways, but it's just goes on being very silly and cheesy. This here might also be interesting: Beatless (Anime) https://www.anime-planet.com/anime/beatless https://youtu.be/YRbns_9IY88 https://youtu.be/C7MoL9d62JA Didn't get a high rating, but might be good anyways. Found it via our Japanese pals on Twitter. >>8763 Just for the record, to me Pandora in the Crimson Shell wasn't really that silly. Especially not compared to other anime and not to a negative extend. I liked the edgy humor and it being ecchi. Also, yes, my version of Clockwork Planet was 1080p.
>>8815 Should've looked for the scene. This is us, if we were in the 80s and fictional: https://youtu.be/B8dldLG_ZhI https://youtu.be/-UJ9K8lMxPA I'm not sure how's better off, they have it kind of easy after all.
>>8815 My apologies, I wasn't trying to insult Pandora in the Crimson Shell, I actually quite liked it myself. And the fact they literally had an Anime Catgrill Meido in a Tiny Miniskirt robowaifu, and as a main character in the show was ridiculously funny to me. Thanks for pointing out Beatless. Actually, Weird Science looks pretty funny as well.
>>8836 Here's the whole 'Weird Science' movie in one music video (extreme spoilers off course): https://youtu.be/jH3wSh2PLvo - maybe I'll watch it one day if I'm in the mood for it, it's really really weird. I only scratched the surface. I wasn't offended or something since you wrote PidCS was silly, just wanted to make sure others don't think everyone agrees and concludes that it's one of those very silly anime. Probably it's very subjective. To me 'Indian Summer' was unbearable ridiculous, for example.

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