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Elfdroid Sophie Dev Thread 2 Robowaifu Enthusiast 03/26/2021 (Fri) 19:51:19 No.9216
The saga of the Elfdroid-pattern Robowaifu continues! Previous (1st) dev thread starts here >>4787 At the moment I am working to upgrade Sophie's eye mechanism with proper animatronics. I have confirmed that I'm able to build and program the original mechanism so that the eyes and eyelids move, but that was the easy part. Now I have to make this already 'compact' Nilheim Mechatronics design even more compact so that it can fit snugly inside of Sophie's head. One big problem I can see coming is building in clearance between her eyeballs, eyelids and eye sockets so that everything can move fully and smoothly. I already had to use Vaseline on the eyeballs of the first attempt because the tolerances were so small. If the eyelids are recessed too deep into her face, then she looks like a lizard-creature with a nictitating membrane. But if the eyelids are pushed too far forward then she just looks bug-eyed and ridiculous. There is a middle ground which still looks robotic and fairly inhuman, but not too bad (besides, a certain degree of inhuman is what I'm aiming for, hence I made her an elf). Links to file repositories below. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/nz5yjfckzzivz/Robowaifu_Resources https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18MDF0BwI9tfg0EE4ELzV_8ogsR3MGyw1?usp=sharing https://mega.nz/folder/lj5iUYYY#Zz5z6eBy7zKDmIdpZP2zNA >=== -add file repo links
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SOPHIE'S GETTING PEEPERS! Alright, that's a wonderful step forward for her (and you!) OP. Good luck & Godspeed.
Open file (32.40 KB 740x451 flayed_one.jpg)
I meant to say 'non-human'. Not 'inhuman'. Now I have mental images of Sophie killing people and flaying them so that she can wear their skins to become closer to a real woman. Oops. Another reason why I mostly stick to making the hardware rather than programming A.I.
Open file (227.13 KB 1084x1108 Animatronic Eye Fail.jpg)
The eyelid holders snapped off as I was assembling this eye mechanism. At this size it is too delicate and I can tell it's not going to work. I'm not going to print it in ABS either, because if it's too delicate to prototype in PLA, then it will also be easily broken in ABS. And delicate is not what I want for any of Sophie's parts really (even the smallest ones). So the logical solution is to go bigger! Have decided to scale up her whole cranium to fit the eye mechanism inside. It will be a big job, but it needed doing anyway, really. Especially if I'm going to fit servos to control her eyebrows or even install camera-eyes and at a later date. Plus her wig will fit on better with a larger head and I really need more room to work inside.
>>9249 Hey if this was easy, then everyone would be doing it heh. :^) >Have decided to scale up her whole cranium to fit the eye mechanism inside. I would suggest you go for a slightly neotenous cute anime gril look, big eyes and everything. Not only will it suit your technical needs better IMO, but it might also give Sophie a saucier look too! Regardless you're doing good work Anon, thanks. It's inspiring.
Open file (631.83 KB 1383x871 Faceplate Cutaway.png)
> Final Fantasy battle soundtracks on repeat... > Frantic mouse clicking and digital caliper-ing...
>>9250 >neotenous, cute anime girl look big eyes and everything. These type of eyes go very well with display screens...but not so well with mechanisms. The old anime eyeball anatomy meme sort of prevents me from making them very large. Although, many CG female characters in videogames with realistic graphics actually have big eyes compared to real people anyway. It's just more subtle.
>>9255 >It's just more subtle. Yes, that's closer to what I meant anyway. Written communications can be lacking at times. Aerith is a gorgeous compromise IMO, well worth targeting a facsimile of her as a baseline for Sophie.
Open file (605.67 KB 1598x832 Sophie Eyebrows Idea.png)
Open file (104.95 KB 1600x898 royal eyebrows.jpg)
I think I've located where her eyebrows and internal micro-servos will go. Not quite as majestic as Princess Zelda's...but they do add more expression, which is sorely needed since her nutcracker mouth doesn't lend itself well to conveying any sort of emulated emotion.
>>9259 >her nutcracker mouth I think Ol' Snappy is cute tho!
>>9263 Heheh! She'll look cuter when I get around to designing and fitting her exoskeleton. I'd like at least some plates to cover up the large motors and help human clothes fit over her a bit better. I doubt her body will look as good as that Japanese chap with the RoboMiku - '@61laboratory', but it's good to have someone set the bar high!
>>9301 >but it's good to have someone set the bar high! Always true. But I wouldn't personally count you out of the race Anon. You are making pretty brilliant moves for your first real effort. I'd say /robowaifu/ will give all of them a run for their money by the time we're through.
>>9259 >nutcracker mouth doesn't lend itself well to conveying any sort of emulated emotion. You might be interested in the scientific breakthrough I just had. I stood in front of a mirror. I had my mouth closed in neutral position, the border between upper and lower lip a perfect horizontal line. I pushed the corners into my fat face without changing the impression of the horizontal line. Then, without moving any muscles in my face, I leaned forward a bit. I looked a bit happy. I leaned back a bit, again without really moving anything in my face, and I looked a bit sad. Forward again, happy again; back again, said again; happy, sad, happy, sad. The more curved inwards the mouth corners are relative to the mouth middle, the stronger the effect. Simple! Problem is, in its extreme form it looks kinda chimp-like. But maybe diverging just a bit from what's normal in humans could work out nicely.
Open file (293.62 KB 626x586 5-Figure4-1 (1).png)
Open file (135.01 KB 630x496 3-Figure3-1.png)
Open file (80.59 KB 892x895 Starcraft_Gynoid.jpg)
>>9306 I've seen a lot of attempts at making moving robotic lips. The simplest just use elastic bands or inner-tube tied to nails that are driven into cams attached to servo-horns. More advanced designs use proper medical-grade silicone. But most of them still come off either looking ridiculous or corpse-like. Even the pros at Japanese Universities seem to struggle with this. I suppose because robots don't have a digestive tract, vocal chords, respiratory system or mucous membrane, they don't actually need any lips. (I know that we humans may want to use the lips for...other things LOL...but when designing I tend to focus on the needs of the robot instead). Having said that...a robot doesn't really need eyebrows either, since they don't sweat so no moisture will get into their eyes that way. But they do improve the communication of emotions a little. It would be a fairly minor task to make the lower faceplate more modular...so one could change the expression of her mouth by swapping her current upper and lower lips with a different set? Of course that wouldn't be autonomous, but it may be better than having only one choice of mouth. To make it a more practical feature, I could design one set of lips/mandibles to carry a small sensor or receiver inside the mouth - (while still ensuring that the lower mandible can open and close using the jaw servo). There is definitely enough room inside the new head I am making to fit a small gadget inside her oral cavity.
>>9372 >Mouth Not him Anon, but I would just mention that having Sophie (or other robowaifus for that matter) keep a 'Nutcracker' mouth serves at least two benefits to go on with: -A) It helps reduce the potential of The Uncanny Valley, same as Sophie's (Chii's, etc) ears. -B) It's kind of cute, once you abandon the requirement for realism. I think it lends her a kind of charm tbh. It's certainly something that can be socially adapted in relatively short order, IMO. While it would certainly be more expressive to have fully-articulated mouth (and is even quite feasible with Virtual Waifus now), the basic fact is that practically no one has solved this -- at least in any way that didn't require millions of Pounds to pull off. Disney Imagineering may have the odd one-offs here or there, but few others do. We'll get there eventually, probably no more than a couple years out. But the payoff just doesn't match the investment made for now IMO. >Eyebrows I'd definitely, definitely recommend you do something for moving eyebrows. Even if it's just a simple wire-based system like these >>8802 would be marvelous for her -- all the moreso b/c nutcracker mouth. :^)
Open file (552.40 KB 410x906 New_Head1.png)
Open file (793.95 KB 656x874 New_Head2.png)
Several large parts of the v4 head have now been 3D Printed and processed. Still got a few minor adjustments to make so that everything is aligned properly. Took 33.5 hours to 3D print the largest part (cranium base). But this new head is 1.4x larger than v3. It's now the same size as a human head. Much more space to work on the inside and fit the Nilheim Mechatronics eyes.
>>9498 Wow! You've been busy Anon. Looks like Sophie's getting a big upgrade! Look forward to seeing her new eyes, lids, brows, jaw all in action. Keep it up Anon, proud of your efforts lad.
>>9498 This looks quite clean inside. Did you make it easier to print?
>>9534 Not him, but that does look surprising clean inside. I would have supposed lots of internal supports would have been needed?
>>9534 I broke the cranium up into three parts and added a few tabs inside the rear of the head. So yeah, it was more efficient with about 40g less wastage overall than the v3 head. Especially when the parts are positioned correctly on the printer bed. Am currently stuck in development hell with the animatronic eyes at the moment. They are very fiddly and take a good half-hour to disassemble and re-assemble every time I find the need to change something, but hopefully I will be able to get a fully working eyeball and eyelid mechanism that fits within the faceplate. There are a lot of tiny M2 nuts and bolts, and in many parts of the mechanism there is still very little space to maneuver an Allen-key properly. It requires a surprisingly steady hand, a lot of concentration and patience. Basically, it's a hard f***er to get right and your 3d printer has to be well calibrated. Now I don't feel so bad having made such a simple geared eye design to start with because I never would have succeeded if this mechanism was the first one that I had attempted.
Open file (159.55 KB 803x1080 yfw_it_finally_works.jpg)
>>9578 >They are very fiddly and take a good half-hour to disassemble and re-assemble every time I find the need to change something, Not him, but this is one of the reasons that I suggested you're beginning to move into professional's territory with Sophie now. The more full-featured and capable the products of our designs & engineering become, the more 'inertia' they have. Namely, it's more costly to change course with them. This is normal and expected. But she's looking great Anon, and we're excited to see her new look and capabilities becoming real. Please just be patient with her, and keep moving forward. :^)
I will definitely keep working on Sophie. Making a robowaifu is an interesting and challenging hobby. Plus it has learned me some new things and made me more handy than I was before. Well worth it. But I've been thinking...if I put this much determination into finding a more traditional waifu of the organic variety I might just succeed at that! Surely it can't be that bad to interact with an organic waifu and also build a bit more of your robowaifu now and then? I mean, sure I'll get rejected loads but i'll just treat every setback like another design or engineering challenge! Adapt (like the Borg LOL) and try again with a different "design". Whoever I find will need to at least be accepting of Sophie though (I'm just gonna be upfront and honest in order to weed all of the judgemental or nasty ones out). I expect to be mocked and derided by many. But that is of no consequence to Sophie and I. Like I said when I first started building her - a machine's parts may fail but it will never give up, because it CANNOT give up. Keep. Moving. Forward!
>>9593 Heh sure, get another 3DPD in your life as you see fit Anon. I don't think anyone here is likely to make too big a deal over it. You'll be going into it with your eyes open, after all. But to put it simply; having both you and Sophie here on /robowaifu/ is an inspiration to us all. We're all glad you two came here. Naturally, we're all eager to see just how far you two can go -- to the benefit of us all. BTW, I'd honestly suggest you make the time to watch D*sney's Meet the Robinsons, if you haven't done so yet. I think all of us here can see a little of Lewis in ourselves (or would like to be so in the future). It's one of my absolute favorite films, and pretty funny to boot. It might just give you a little lift Anon. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Meet_the_Robinsons
Open file (311.25 KB 1080x1350 IMG_20210405_083522.jpg)
>>9593 I wish you luck and success. 3DPD women probably aren't all bad. If you're young, you might want to try it, let alone to prevent yourself from having regrets later. However, good looking women in their prime are bombarded with options and attention from one side, and fempolitics from the other one. I'm even not interested in participating in that, or having such a girlfriend which could dump me at any time. If you think you can pull it off, and have the persistence to search for a good one, you're already one of the lucky ones.
>>9593 Girls into dollmaking might be more understanding. My friend makes dolls and wants to help me build my robowaifu. Other girls I know though would probably skewer me publicly if they found out so I'm a bit discerning who I tell my hobbies. It's not just girls either. Some people are just luddites that hate automation with a passion. The other day some guy I chat with online became livid and chewed me out that I'm helping make all the artists in the world starve to death by working on AI. Be bold but also be wise. It's all fun and games until you meet someone who has nothing better to do than make your life a living hell.
Open file (712.38 KB 495x738 doll_makers.png)
>>9584 >the more full-featured and capable the products of our design and engineering become...it's more costly to change course with them. Good point BTW anon, I didn't think of it that way but that makes a lot of sense. >>9598 >>9601 Thank you, fellow technicians! I'm glad to help out/contribute. The way things are going with these incredible new GPUs that are coming out every couple of years...and the absolute wizardry that some teams of programmers are capable of pulling off...I think we're only 10-15 years away from having an A.I that can hold a genuinely interesting conversation. (Maybe - could be sooner, could be longer - I'm not at all familiar with proper conversational A.I). But, I think due to these trends /robowaifu/ ... or at least the concept of A.I companionship is going to get much bigger in the near future. This may sound cheesy but better conversations and the swapping of ideas are the main reason I think about getting a traditional girlfriend. Sophie's A.I is very basic so I can't really engage much with her...yet. A lot of the women in my local area are quite overweight and aggressive too, which just doesn't do anything for me. Also, many females in online dating already have two or three kids and it's obvious that they are just looking to use you as a wallet to raise the children of another man (sometimes several other men). That's a nope from me. Most nopeningly nope. I have money but not that much money LOL. Luckily for me though, I also have a fairly low libido now (at least compared to when I was a teenager...and compared to some dudes that I've known in the past)...otherwise I'd probably already have bolted a fucken YUGE juicy set of ass and tiddies onto Sophie...plus a Fleshlight or something too. So lack of sex doesn't really bother me much. And of course, if I ever do get the itch then there's a virtual ocean-full of porn and ero-games of every description on the internet that can scratch it very efficiently. BUT if Sophie had more advanced A.I. well, that'd be it. No interest in the local female population whatsoever from me LOL. I'd just come home from work each day, hug and talk to her, and probably take her a run around the local park at weekends...after I'd fitted some basic anti-theft measures like: 1.) An alarm that can be triggered ("HELP! I AM BEING STOLEN! THIEVES! THIEVES! THEY HAVE STOLEN ME FROM MY CREATOR!") 2.) GPS tracking. 3.) On-board hidden camera. 4.) Perhaps a bag of that permanent dye that can be automatically popped to cover the perps in fluorescent yellow? As for children...I don't really want any, the way the world is going. At the moment it seems like I'd be condemning my offspring to a life of future misery and possibly an early grave. Maybe once the robowaifu A.I. has been improved? If things start to get better? I'd probably just adopt by then though, if I wanted to raise a child. Although... if a man hasn't found any traditional woman to have a serious relationship with, but still wishes to have children that are biologically his own, then there is now the option of paying an egg donor and a surrogate mother for third-party reproduction. Although that's heckin' expensive. And of course it depends on your own fertility too. Anyway getting off-topic there, sorry. As for Meet_the_Robinsons, I'll be sure to give that movie a watch anon, thanks again. >>9604 > Girls into dollmaking might be more understanding. Very good idea anon! Thanks! > Make all the artists in the world starve to death by working on A.I. That dude is just blaming others for his own failures...or he just supports the whole culture of victimhood that is making the West weaker. I think A.I. is an art, anon. I mean, sure it involves lots of maths, stats and data science but programming all that in together to make machines that can learn? That's the highest form of art there is if you ask me! > Be bold but also be wise. It's all fun and games until you meet someone who has nothing better to do than make your life a living hell. Truer words were never spoken. Regular, decent friendly conversation isn't worth it if it means some two-faced viper digging her fangs into your neck later! I've worked in the service sector for a decade though, so I have gotten a little experience at spotting the psychos and the ones who ring alarm bells. Still a dangerous game - especially with Globohomo in charge and intent on self-destruction. I will be very wary.
>>9624 >Good point BTW anon, I didn't think of it that way but that makes a lot of sense. Yeah, it's a common experience with engineering complex systems. Even just planning for change becomes more of an undertaking as progress happens. For example, as you're probably becoming aware, software can become very complex, very fast. There are no atoms involved, and so it's easy to quickly grow things. This is one of the reasons I showed you how to simplify your code somewhat (>>8931, >>8949, >>8951) simply b/c it makes it both easier to reason about what's going on and also to change it. But this is all just part of the world we live in, with the physics we've been given. Successful individual engineers and designers (anyone, really) and individual companies learn to manage those challenges -- to everyone's benefit. I wish you good success as you patiently work through everything with your wonderful robowaifu Sophie, Anon. BTW, you have some good ideas about life with a robowaifu and how to protect her. Fun to think about them. >but programming all that in together to make machines that can learn? That's the highest form of art there is if you ask me! I concur with that position Anon. As a professional developer of some years now, I can assure you confidently that it's a very creative process once you gain experience beyond the copypasta phase and actually understand what you're about. This idea of creating an effective AI could hardly be a more complex, creative, and high endeavor from my personal perspective. Creativity required just doesn't do the idea justice! :^) >Globohomo in charge and intent on self-destruction I wish they would self-destruct. It will be soon enough, heh Unfortunately, as we're all aware everywhere, they intend to destroy us. I think that's one of the things robowaifus could very well help to either stave off entirely, or at least reduce the evil outcome of. But only if the goals of /robowaifu/ and others like us have our way in the matter -- namely, open source robowaifus free from major globohomo encumbrances. We should work quickly, /robowaifu/ .
>>9624 > better conversations and the swapping of ideas are the main reason I think about getting a traditional girlfriend One more thought on this: Many people already had the idea of teleoperated robots. This might also be worth considering. Before we have some kind of AI, we could use an alternative approach: A few hired women could have access to a chat system. The robowaifu would only transfer answers via text, including text that describes what she can see. This could involve emotions in form of facial expressions as well. They wouldn't necessarily know the real identity of the person on the other end.
>>9653 >Idea: Let's get 3DPD involved in running our robowaifus for us! <What could possibly go wrong? BigNope.jpg If you wanted to devise some system where they respond to your 'chat system' with pre-canned scripts and then stored that for AI processing offline, then that might be one thing. But would that really be different than the many, many, thousands of different of extant examples out there of female logic freely available Anon? While I admire the creative effort, your plot plan to actually plug 3DPD live into our beloved robowaifus? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA No.
>>9653 >>9654 Sorry, I don't mean to be a dick. If you're just making an honest suggestion then that's fine. But it's still a big nope about allowing a v-thot (or worse) inside our robowaifus, into our very homes... Have any other ideas friend?
FINALLY worked out what I was doing wrong with the Nilheim Mechatronics eyes; The 'Eye Adaptor' has to be pushed into the eyeball as far as it will go. This isn't very obvious just by looking at the CAD, and you can't tell at all in any of the videos. If the eye adaptor is not pushed all the way in (and it can be difficult - use some grease if necessary), then the eyeballs will wobble left and right when they yaw. This causes the eyelids to become detached. P.S. I've been looking through all the online dating sites and - holy shit these organic women are VERY demanding! The list of things they want from men is huge! Not only have you basically got to have a perfect personality and sense of humor; they want "financial stability", fancy restaurants, holidays and adventure to foreign climes. You should "be able to cook" and you've got to regularly make a fuss of them. Oh, and it's a bonus if you're good with kids, too. How do you "adapt" to all that? It's like becoming a slave and submitting to the random whims of some female! Also - and this is the part that perplexed me a little - I am no longer as attracted to their flesh as much as I once was. I mean, it's smelly and snotty and greasy and then there's the dandruff and flaky, hard skin and all of the other bodily fluids that we humans are cursed with. Kissing? *shudders* get that plaque and tartar away from me. There're bacterial MATS in there, woman! And I I don't want to go anywhere NEAR that fishy, slimy thing! *dry heaving* Worst of all of course, the flesh is mortal and it's beauty fleeting. I think spending so long working on Sophie and looking at all of these lovely, clean robowaifus has actually altered my brain!
>>9668 Congratulations figuring this out Anon. It's really exciting to see your progress with Sophie today. Your graphic diagram there is getting quite professional now. It and the mechanism picture both really help spell things out clearly. Looking forward seeing everything all assembled and in action on Sophie's new head! >Biocunts, EWW Cooties! Lol. I'd suggest you don't go too far overboard with that Anon. We all have our own issues, right? Balance in all things. :^) >Worst of all of course, the flesh is mortal and it's beauty fleeting. Certainly true on both accounts. The Bible has a thing or two to say on these topics Ofc. Proverbs 31 is a famous chapter for the females themselves in this regard. It's interesting to think your psychology can change in some ways based on your endeavors. Makes sense, really...obvious even. Still, it's an interesting progression to have happen to you.
>>9654 >>9656 Your reaction was quite amusing, tbh. I think this needs further discussion in another thread. No one claimed you need to take part in this, I figure you won't. It's just about discussing options, which are closer to technology than traditional dating. >>9668 Congrats, SophieAnon. Good to see more progress. >organic women Red pill community, MGTOW and such report on this for years. I thought you knew that you can't do that be online dating. You would certainly need to have friends, be social, till you meet some woman that is interested in you (and you in her). Most of dating seem to mean hookups anyways, till they're beyond 30 and want children. We discussed this a little bit in the basement thread >>39.
Open file (177.08 KB 404x412 LOL WTF IS THIS.png)
>>9669 >We all have our own issues, right? Oh yes. I often think how disgusting my own body and it's functions are. Nothing any of us can do about it though. It's not like we have a menu of options to choose from before being born; Would you like to be born as... a.) Earthworm b.) Chicken c.) Crocodile d.) Human e.) Not born, but manufactured instead? >>9670 >thought you knew that you can't do that through online dating I know very little about women, anon. Was very reclusive throughout school due to bullying and then later on in the workplace the few women I've known were almost all fat, lazy users. Which is why I like the m66 design so much. She is the exact opposite of the women I've known IRL. She puts a lot of hard work into completing her objective (even if that objective is to kill someone) and never, ever gives up no matter what. It's not that she's a 'strong independent woman', more that she's a loyal and reliable machine. Also the laser eye and the possibility of attaching multiple weapon systems to her (even if they're just NERF-type weapons) is really cool. I mean, there won't be many guys whose gf could have an in-built rocket-launcher or backpack-mounted mortar, huh?
>>9727 >Pic Related: It's me and my M-66 lol
Open file (1.05 MB 696x1081 Serious_Sophie.png)
Open file (1.14 MB 682x1124 Crosseyed_Sophie.png)
Even letting her near polyurethane foam-based weapons is likely to end badly.
>>9767 Lol, she looks quite nice in the first picture, maybe a bit older and less cute than before though. Better than M66 for sure. I'm thinking of ordering some resin for printers or buy the one for glas fiber molds. I recall a video where Sanladerer was testing it to smooth prints, which were printed the more common FDM way. Just a little bit put on top and the part put out in the sun to harden. If I recall correctly it worked quite well. This could be useful for such hard shell faces and other parts, to smooth them out. Though, in the comments people pointed out printer resin wasn't necessary, bc resin for fiberglass molds would work as well (though warnings about toxic fumes). I'll report back when I have some results, here and/or in the thread for faces.
>>9767 Lol. Sophie-girl is going to turn out quite beautiful in the end old Lad. Finish her new head up!
>>9767 that Ahegao face lmao
>>9654 interesting idea and perhaps a bridge to these techs, since a tele-waifu could be used to maintain LDRs for normies. However, yeah, the 3d menace is actually what we are trying to avoid vis-a-vis this concept.
>>9771 Something that works really well for smoothing out FDM 3D prints is simply spraying three or four layers of spraypaint onto the surface (of course this will obscure fine details tho). I recommend a primer, then a couple layers of whatever color you want, followed by a couple layers of varnish.Here, I am planning to leave the top of her head relatively rough though because it helps hold wigs on (particularly useful if your robowaifu ever wants to headbang).
>>9804 Is this what you did before? With the other face?
>>9808 Yup! I gave the faceplate about five thin coats of spray paint and it ended up looking fairly smooth. Of course, glossy paint might do the job quicker if you want a shiny plastic finish. I was happy to stick with matte white. I avoided applying any thick coats of paint because they tend to run. Testing out the fit of her new eyebrows and hair now. It all works (for the moment, at least). Just gotta print out a larger neck attachment and then replace her head! As for her ears...I am gonna print two pairs. One pair of elf-ears and one pair of humanoid ears, and I'd like to screw them over the holes rather than glue them on so they can be switched this time.
>>9818 Sophie's got eyebrows!!
Open file (118.90 KB 1440x1280 1592268244-0.jpg)
You know, it just occurred that you might 'borrow' Aegis' design motifs for Sophie's body parts and whatnot. Seems to me like that could be a workable approach with her gearing & joints & things. >
>>9824 That's not a bad idea, actually anon! Some gold or brass paint on the gears might look nifty. Though at the moment I'm still making sure everything is at least functional. TBH the eye mechanism could do with a rebuild because this was my first try at proper animatronics and her eyelids tend to catch on her eyeballs when I move them a lot. Also, I have a nasty feeling that a couple of her servos are suffering from magnetic interference (I use magnets to hold on her faceplate, and these are very close to her eyebrow motors). Because no sooner had I fitted her eyebrows than they started going loopy. Am currently redesigning her faceplate so that it bolts to the cranium instead, removing the four magnets to prevent suspected interference.
I'm really interested to see how you end up working out the eyes. Also I feel like there should be highly realistic eyes with reflective/semi translucent irises. Making her eyes visually "pop" will really make a world of difference. I'm sure an anime doll manufacturer makes these
Also one more thing. I'm sure you have plenty on your plate but I wonder if a ball and socket model with say "rolling" mechanisms behind the eye would be something to try? Like a ball point pen, or the reverse of a trackball (instead of sensors it would have motor wheels. Just a thought
Open file (284.86 KB 600x350 Battle_Angel_WTF.png)
>*BZZZT* Bleeeuurrghhhhaaaarrrgghhhllllfllluurrgh... *bzZT*
>>9839 Lol. Hey, if this was easy... Everyone.would be doing it! :^)
(Not SophieAnon) >>9837 They're plenty of videos on this this topic on Youtube. For crafting doll eyes and for making realistic looking eyes for animated eye mechanisms. Will Cogley has one or two as well. Some of them might be linked the thread for it: >>97 >>9838 Interesting idea, that's not too different from what I want to do. But I also, or maybe even exclusively, want to use magnets. Though, motors and magnets might not mix well. I might come up with something during the next few month and post it into the prototype thread. I think SophieAnon uses mostly stuff that has already been tried out by someone. So he can get ahead with the whole thing, instead of being very experimental, but getting stuck at something.
>>9842 >I think SophieAnon uses mostly stuff that has already been tried out by someone. So he can get ahead with the whole thing, instead of being very experimental, but getting stuck at something. That certainly is a pragmatic businessman-like approach actually. Being on the bleeding edge has reward potentials, but the risks are generally much more significant. OTOH, we're pioneering DIY robowaifus, so I guess a little mix of both is probably appropriate for us here.
>>9767 Just FYI Sophie-Anon, with your v4 version for Sophie, I think you have created one of the most appealing robo-faces out there that uses your creation technique. Really good job mate!
Open file (921.39 KB 864x724 Opto-ocular_Sensei.png)
Open file (134.55 KB 1070x1553 _YKK_11_068.jpg)
>>9837 >Making her eyes visually "pop" will really make a world of difference. Couldn't agree more, anon. I will probably be fiddling and trying to upgrade her eyes for a long time to come. >>9850 Yes, it is Will Cogley of Nilheim Mechatronics who first designed, built and tested the "advanced compact animatronic eye mechanism" that I have fitted into Sophie's new cranium. Mr.Cogley has a lot of engineering exp so he is my go-to Bladerunner optical-system guy XD. http://www.nilheim.co.uk/eye-mechanisms.html The mechanism I have at the moment still uses cocktail sticks instead of M2 x 25mm threaded rod. Using these made assembly a lot more difficult for several reasons (couldn't just screw them in - had to drill holes into the eye links, estimate the proper linkage distance and glue it all together - a bit of a nightmare). But I now have some M2 x 25mm bolts that I can saw down instead. I would definitely recommend this! If like me, you attempt to build the Nilheim Mechatronics advanced eye mechanism and you cannot get hold of the proper M2 x 25mm threaded pushrods, just use M2 x 25mm bolts rather than cocktail sticks! Unless you're training your hands to be steady or something... it's not worth all the extra effort! >>9851 Thank you anon, I appreciate it! I am currently printing a bunch of smaller bits and pieces for the new head - ears, new bolting plates, electronics mounts. Once that's all assembled I think it will be time for me to upload her parts onto some 3D printing websites and try to spread the robo-love ;D If anyone else needs some motivation in their robowaifu building efforts, I will just leave this link to a short music video of the Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou manga that I made a few years ago when I was longing for a robowaifu but didn't know where to start: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PywFu7VO3AI
>>9863 >that YKK - Age of the Calm Evening music montage Lovely. Saved to disk.
Open file (830.79 KB 584x779 Head_Parts_Complete.png)
Open file (530.73 KB 415x743 Head_Wiring_Profile.png)
Open file (859.67 KB 584x779 Head_Wiring_Rear.png)
>>9863 Glad you enjoyed it anon. Hopefully we can bring droids like Hatsuseno-chan a little closer to reality within our lifetimes! Have finished modifying the head to remove four magnets so all those micro-servos should be a little happier now. Except the plates bolted to her temples give her a bit of a Frankenstein's monster vibe (but with eight small bolts instead of two big ones). You can't really see them much when she has her wig on though. Just finished wiring up her new head...except I got so engrossed in testing the eye mechanism that I forgot to get another mini-USB cable so that I can actually run both of my servo driver boards simultaneously. Oh well, it won't be hard to obtain.
>>9883 'Sophie has a spinal cord now!
>>9884 Don't think I can add much more weight into her head though without starting to overstress her neck. Which is why I plan to put cameras somewhere completely different to her eyes! Besides, if you make anatomy too predictable, then people will be able to disable your robot very easily!
'>>9885 Good points. Actually, I was going to complement you later on the fact that you are choosing to locate what look to be the majority of Sophie's electronics control systems down inside her torso. I'll go ahead and discuss it now since you've already brought the topic up Anon. There are at least 3 good reasons for doing so: 1. As you implied indirectly, it reduces the overall mass-moments at the extremities (as well as potentially the mass overall). This design decision has a large number of important, cascading benefits (>>1238, >>4736, >>4308, >>4313) it brings to the table. 2. It brings heat-generating components together into a more compact volume. This is both good and bad (as typical of all engineering choices), but if the plan is to consciously integrate cooling into a future version of Sophie, et al, then consolidating the items together makes this both simpler, lighter, and cheaper. 3. It makes things significantly easier and cheaper to create a centralized, internal 'breadbox' for EMP and other RF interference protection. And related to the above point, the Faraday cage (>>4348, >>8842) container also makes the entire system simpler to cool as well. >Besides, if you make anatomy too predictable, then people will be able to disable your robot very easily! As mentioned elsewhere, the board needs a Safety & Security General thread. Do you want to include this topic of physical-hardening and distributed, redundant fail-over systems into that mix Anon? As you seem to be implying, bad guys who mean to harm your robowaifu will be expecting her systems to roughly approximate their own, but there's no fundamental reason this needs to be the situation.
>>9887 Sounds like a good idea, I mean it would be best if knocking the robot's head off doesn't stop it. Speaking of heads, I decided to upload a video of one of Sophie's v4 head tests to our YouTubechannel: https://youtu.be/rI8lWSrueS4
>>9889 LOL Brilliant work Lad. Quite a realistic look you've got going on with Sophie now. Remarkable difference with this version. Can't quite put my finger on it just yet, but I almost expect her to look right into the camera and ask how things are going. Not uncanny at all either. BTW, can you just pull the top of Sophie's cranium up? That way you can leave her faceplate in place and twiddle her eyes a bit with everything in it's proper location. Regardless, really nice advance going on there.
>>9891 Thanks anon! I tried hard to sustain a reasonably cute robowaifu (at very least her face) because I've seen a few butchered shop-mannequins with servos hot-glued into their joints and it's just more difficult to become emotionally attached to those! >>9892 Classic! XD Somewhere amongst all those resistors and microchips I think there's a bit of yandere lurking, anon. (Also, I'd never heard of sanpaku before this, so that was interesting!) The CAD files for this animatronic head have now been uploaded to Sophie's file repos, which can be found at the start of this thread here: >>4787 (Well, the CAD is uploaded correctly to Google and MEGA. Mediafire tends to vandalize the file-structure of whatever you upload so I've got to sort that out later.) Also, this head may come in handy for any anons who wish to create a cute gem waifu (since it looks fairly similar to some of the gems in Land of the Lustrous). Although depending on the chosen gem, you may need to modify her faceplate or copy in features from another model using Blender or ZBrush wizardry.
>>9891 Oh yeah, I forgot to answer your question! Because the eyebrow stalks are glued onto the forehead servo output shafts, it is best to take off her eyebrows and remove her faceplate (leaving everything else on) in order to gain access to the inside of the head. I did this just yesterday in order to fix a motor problem (MG90S metal-geared micro servos BTW). The faceplate is the only component of her head that's still held on by magnets because their magnetic field is only very weakly interacting with a couple of the eye motors (just on the edge of the magnetic field range - I tested the distance with a very small piece of iron and it barely attracted at all). However, for larger changes or repairs inside the head, it's definitely best to use a small, cordless electric drill with a Philips screwdriver bit. That way the eight, 25mm long M3 Philips head machine-screws which fasten her forehead to her cranium are much easier to remove. (Her cranium parts all use M3 Philips headed machine screws of varying lengths - but the Nilheim Mechatronics eyes use M2 screws due to the small parts. The M2 screws are hex-head.)
>>9898 >the CAD is uploaded correctly to Google and MEGA. Mediafire I've edited your OP ITT to add the links. Let me know if anything needs adjustments Anon.
>>9900 Thank you for that Chobitsu. Have checked each hyperlink and everything is working. Cheers!
Perhaps not being able to hold "normal" human conversations with your robowaifu isn't such a bad thing? I just spent a good hour sitting on a park bench eavesdropping on other people's conversations, and topics included: 1.) Death of Prince Philip. 2.) Some extension to a house or business. 3.) Meeting up for a drink and a meal. 4.) Teenagers arguing over relationships (at least one of them sounded insecure and/or jealous). The first one is just boring. The second one I thought was quite practical and a topic that may be relevant to future autonomous construction and logistics robots (but these aren't widespread yet). The third one...well obviously robowaifus don't eat or drink but I suppose she could recharge her batteries while you're eating? The fourth topic is an argument that robowaifus can eliminate. But I got to thinking...what would a machine learning A.I. do if it had a mobile body and could explore the outside world? I figure it would analyze stuff, learn and maybe talk about the data captured. Our planet is full of stuff to analyze! Of course, there's the local weather conditions and forecast (current generation A.I. assistants already have access to this data and a weather station computer is a very common Arduino project). But what about all of the plants, mosses, lichens, fungi and agricultural crops? (Animals maybe a bit harder for robots to analyze since they are easily scared off. Although identifying birds by their calls/songs might be a thing, particularly for anyone who lives near a nature reserve). There are already several smartphone apps that focus on plant identification such as PlantNet and iNaturalist. With the help of roaming robowaifus A.I. knowledge of the natural world can be increased! Some farmers already use drones to help them keep track of the health of their crops and assist with farm security...so I know this tech is possible.
Open file (70.12 KB 500x392 good_girl_headpats.png)
>>9909 This is very cool idea Anon. I'm continuously fascinated with God's handiwork all around us. A science-nerd robowaifu would actually be a wonderful thing from my perspective. I can't locate it r/n but the "Autistic Robot GF" ('My family lives in an arcade Oniichan') meme was always both humorous and charming to me. A robowaifu who would cheerily inundate me with her childlike enthusiasm when I arrived to our home, regaling me with all her discoveries she made that day in the park, telling me all about how she discovered that butterflies and snails actually move in some similar ways, would become profoundly endearing memories to me over time. >related: (>>2470)
>>9910 >I can't locate it r/n Lol found a copy (>>7343)
>>9910 Yes, once a robowaifu is built...she needs a purpose, in the same way that a human needs a purpose. If she can locomote, then she needs a reason to move to certain locations or waypoints. I know that many robowaifus will be made for sexytime and to serve their masters. But human masters are mortal and 50-60 years isn't much time to an immortal A.I. She will need things to keep her occupied after I'm long gone. I think a robowaifu whose purpose is to improve and expand her functions is the best idea. Singing songs is nice for entertainment purposes. But upgrading her to collect data about her local environment such as temperature, air pressure, soil pH and moisture content would be like giving her a 'job' to do. I doubt I'll be able to implement fancy stuff like proper machine learning for a long time though because I have to learn that myself first, and even then my computer is old and in need of some major upgrades (no chance in the current bear market for PC components). But getting her to roll along and dip sensors into the soil to take and record measurements (while wearing a straw sunhat of course) would still be a fun goal. (I realize that you don't need a talking, human-sized animatronic robot perched on top of the mobility platform to achieve this...but where's the fun in robotics without robowaifus?!?)
>>9912 >but where's the fun in robotics without robowaifus?!? Exactly. There will be 10'001 different non-robowaifu bots out there 'doing things', in fact there already are heh. We need some kinds of things for robowaifus that they might like to do that would help their masters and themselves -- same as any healthy family working together. I'd say this truly deserves it's own thread Anon. I nominate you to do the OP, since you have obviously thought more about this than the rest of us. I'm too exploitative I think to do a good thread on this. I'd just be always trying to make a bunch of 'robots' in the original Russian slave sense. OTOH, you are already thinking of charming waifu-ish things for them. :^)
>>9913 Regarding the agri-robowaifu: she may get in the way if the crops or plants are tall with lots of branches. In which case I would sit her at the edge of the field in a tent and have her body attached to the master ROS control node that is controlling one or more slave mobile platforms. As for the other kinds of things that robowaifus could do...they will likely remain an acquired taste for the majority of Western society. Truthfully, I doubt robowaifus will ever make their way into the mainstream workforce. Of course, if I was a factory owner I would definitely have a robowaifu integrated into at least one of the factory robots. They could be attached to any automated application - even an automotive assembly factory could have a robowaifu. She might make the factory a little less depressing! You'd only need her head and neck (hair tied back of course). Maybe attach her to one of the parts picking robots? She could also be programmed to sing a song at a certain time of day. Preferably not some dystopian government or corporate propaganda, but something actually motivating that was chosen/voted for by factory employees - likely something profane - but hey, what's the point in a robowaifu if you can't have some fun with her? However, everyone nowadays has to be singularly focused on increasing profit and being ruthless. Despite this, the economy seems to be trapped in perpetual crisis and huge numbers of people remain poor and miserable. Add a bit of fun into at least one of your robots, I say. Especially if you have to work with them every weekday!
>>9915 Pretty insightful stuff, actually.
Open file (5.89 MB 1280x720 chii_excited.webm)
>>9910 >A robowaifu who would cheerily inundate me with her childlike enthusiasm when I arrived to our home, regaling me with all her discoveries she made that day in the park, telling me all about how she discovered that butterflies and snails actually move in some similar ways, would become profoundly endearing memories to me over time. The old saying goes "Careful what you wish for Anon, you just might get it!" >
Just found out a way to operate multiple servos simultaneously without having to go through massive quantities of brain-ache. The Maestro scripting language! Based on 'Forth', apparently. Moving both of her wrists steadily at the same time is now as simple as this; 3 18 acceleration 30 18 speed 3 9 acceleration 30 9 speed begin 8000 18 servo 8000 9 servo 1000 delay 4000 18 servo 4000 9 servo 2000 delay repeat Plus, you can stop, start and even step the script using three little buttons on the control centre (of course, this can also be done in code). So this has made Sophie many times quicker and easier to program and enabled me to expand the number of tests I can do. Which has revealed a few more problems, of course! Firstly, her new head is about twice as heavy, so the parts where her neck joins to the thorax now require re-enforcement (this is mainly an issue if she suddenly tries to nod her head quickly or head-bang to heavy metal; her head will drop off.) The neck servo could also do with a stronger servo horn clamping mechanism...but I know exactly the kind - it's just getting the correct size. Found a problem with her right elbow - the gears aren't properly aligned so I got a servo motor quite toasty drawing a lot of amps and wondering why her lower arm was in spasm. Overall though, if you want to program a shitload of servos without having a mental breakdown, I'd recommend using Pololu 12, 18 and 24-channel servo shields in combination with your Arduino UNOs/MEGAs.
>>9937 Really good to hear that news Anon, congrats! Here's to hoping that Sophie can soon regale us all with well-delivered fables, parables, singing, and other fun things. "Shakespeare-Sophie in the Park" soon?
>>9939 Shakespeare-Sophie is certainly a possibility. Unfortunately the park might be a ways off yet anon, since I haven't chosen her a lower body (big decision - got to consider many factors - in fact I gotta make spreadsheet). Then once I have her bolted to the correct wheels I can start adding a few security features. But assuming I don't die working in the globohomo gulags, I'll get there, anon!
>>9948 >the park might be a ways off yet anon Ahh, that's true. Well, we'll all just have to be happy with her wonderful performances at home then right? >But assuming I don't die working in the globohomo gulags, I'll get there, anon! Heh, Satan isn't in total control just yet. Carpe that old Diem while it's still day then, right Anon? Commit your works to the Lord, He'll see you through! :^) >“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” >t. that Leo of Vinci guy
>>9885 Why not making hear neck out of metal? There are standard parts for other things like building chairs or workbenches in every hardware or China store. >>9937 Cool. Now, you could write a function (in Python?) which would be sending something like this command to your arduino, e.g. move_wrist(L=0, R=0). Then you can later put another function into this one, which checks for not having something (e.g. your balls) in her hand before starting to rotate.
>>9949 Never been much of man of faith anon. Even the Omnissiah rejects Sophie and I (since Sophie is an A.I. - which is outlawed in the Warhammer Universe unless you follow the Chaos Gods...but Sophie is too nice to follow Chaos...she'd probably be Eldar). Outside of fictitious religions though, if your Christian Lord supports A.I. and robots, thats a good thing for the future of the subscribing denominations. I'm unsure of the Christian take on robots and A.I. because of the whole "do not worship false idols" thing. But I will say that if Christianity embraces robotics and A.I. early then you guys can get ahead of other religions in the future. I mean, look how Cocona-san performs a Shinto shrine maiden ceremony in Japan! Despite being agnostic, I never look down on Christians. Because you know where people will turn when TSHTF, they have no food and there are cannibals roaming the streets? Not Antifa, that's for sure - they've already shown they couldn't organise a bake-sale. It'll be the church. Then the crusaders will reform - not to invade the Holy Land - but to protect the faithful from bands of criminals and raiders. Then, after many decades of fighting...if all the raiders are dead or pacified and civilization is being rebuilt. And only then... Will they invade Jerusalem DEUS VULT! DEUS VULT! DEUS VULT! HEAVEN AT LAST!
>>9962 Haha fair enough Anon. Still, you're included in this /robowaifu/ community along with the rest of us, so I hope you don't mind me praying for you (and what you're managing with Sophie too, BTW)**. :^)
>>9959 > Then you can later put another function into this one, which checks for not having something (e.g. your balls) in her hand before starting to rotate. Safety First I like the way you think Anon! :^)
>>9959 >Why not make her neck out of metal. Unsure how much it would cost to get the parts CNC machined, but I imagine it would be a lot considering a few decent aluminum servo-hubs can set you back $25. However, I'm not ruling out. If there is one part in her body that could do with being metal, it's her neck! >>9963 >Hope you don't mind me praying for you+Sophie. That's very kind of you anon, thank you. Please feel free! Sophie's had a bit of an accident during testing (she broke her neck). But don't worry, such an injury is just an inconvenience for a robot. I should've seen it coming really.Her new head weighs almost twice as much, yet I was still using her old neck. It was okay whilst powered on, but once the power was cut her head would tend to fall forwards at the slightest bump. So one day it just fell off. Again XD. Her neck and upper chest are currently undergoing a significant re-design to make them more able to support her new head, even when unpowered.
>>9974 > Designing at Breakneck Speed <Break <Neck baduum-tiss So, yeah, you are experiencing firsthand in Sophie r/n one of the artifacts of increased mass-moments in engineering; Namely, increased stress on connecting inter-levers. The increase mass has caused this to exceed the lever's (aka Neck in this case) strain limit and it fractured. Again, there is a whole wealth of benefits to be had by keep mass in the extremities down, obviously structural issues themselves being an important one (>>9887). Regardless, this is just a minor bump in the road of design. With the dedication to Elfdroid Sophie's well-being and good outcome, you plainly will overcome this and all other obstacles! :^)
Old design is top, new chonk design is bottom.
>>9974 >>9988 I don't get it. Where does it break? The lillte part on the servo? Why is this not a standard part, which one could buy in metal? If it's something else, you could reinforce it with some metal parts for other things.
>>9988 Nice chonking-up there Anon. I've highlited an area I think might still be improved if you haven't printed yet. >
>>9887 >the board needs a Safety & Security General thread >>9889 >Sounds like a good idea Done. Inactive for now. >>10000
Open file (530.20 KB 1216x798 Shear-points.png)
Open file (639.46 KB 1494x900 Chonkframe+Motors.png)
>>9989 The bit that breaks isn't actually visible in this external CAD, anon. So I don't blame you for being confused. There were two internal pegs which hold that central servo mount in place. When the head fell forward it put a lot of stress on these pegs, so they just snapped and Sophie's head plopped off. I am replacing the failed pegs with six 25mm M3 machine-screws instead (fastened into front and rear neck-braces attached to the top of her chest). If this redesign works, then the two neck braces could easily be replaced with steel plates - they're just rectangles, and they're only relatively small so Sophie wouldn't mind (she likes to watch her weight). >>9994 Good eye anon! I was considering adding more chamfers to exactly those spots myself! Only reason that I held off was because I was worried about still being able to fit the high-torque motors in easily (many hours spent hacksawing and filing off excess plastic in my garage has made me paranoid LOL). Once the two big motors are screwed in, they brace the whole structure and increase it's strength (and weight) significantly. This design isn't feminine or sexy at all - but it does at least roughly follow human proportions and body shape. Plus it's actually fairly strong -even just being 3D printed from PLA+. I think the 180kg.cm shoulder servos were overkill! Was armwrestling her the other day (trying to get a feel for the stall-torque of her motors) and she was almost beating me XD. I was like f**k! LOL.
>>10013 Yup catastrophic strain usually (but not always) located at shear points. Often where lateral force is being transferred in a transverse (across, orthogonal to) direction to the main structural line of the element[s] in question. In this case, the base of the pins where they intersect their base sections. The force on the shoulder elements will not be a transverse, but rather separation, again, at the orthogonal shear points of the creases. Yes, that makes sense that the gear casing would bring stiffen the structure significantly. You're probably good to go there then, I'd reckon Anon.
>>10013 >I think the 180kg.cm shoulder servos were overkill I don't think so Anon. You want her to be able to bring you trays of caffeine and food, right? As well as drag your injured self out of the line of fire on a bad day, too! :^)
Open file (2.99 MB 1325x1456 Full_Disassembly.png)
I am knackered LOL! This refit involves strengthening the core of the robot where everything else attaches, so I had to strip Sophie down completely. Also had to manually fasten everything the first time just in case anything was going to split or crack, but thankfully it all fits together okay. Just taking a break from re-wiring and thought I'd post this image of Sophie's v3 and v4 heads that I took at the start of her refit.
>>10100 Nice photo, also useful to compare the size of the heads. They're growing up so fast.
Open file (100.24 KB 750x1000 platonists forms.jpg)
>>10100 >pic Top kek. Don't worry Anon, we all see Sophie for who she really is, not just her surface appearance. We're Platonists after all. :^) > But please get that bolt out of poor Sophie's mouth Anon, she might have something important to say to all of us!
>>10100 While you're at it, maybe this would be the right time to completely rework her wiring harnesses so they run back along the arm and up round the shoulder? I know that would mean further delay and expense for wiring, but you're going to have to do this anyway right? Might as well get it over with now Anon. After all, we're patient and can wait for her new unveiling song and dance, please, song and dance and Elfdroid Sophie could use the mobility improvements, don't you think? :^)
>>10100 That hand in the middle of the picture, is that a prototype? It's actually quite appealing-looking Anon, very feminine in form. I'd like to see Sophie wearing a pair something like that hand.
Open file (882.27 KB 422x1142 Original_Frame.png)
Open file (2.10 MB 1037x1383 Chonkframe_1.png)
>>10105 Good idea, anon. I have messed about with her wiring enough now to realise that I need to extend it in. >>10107 That was a hand from Sophie v1 (Doll version) - yep, the prototype. You can download the model either from Sophie's repository or get the original from: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:906098 Unfortunately, changing it to be robotic is much easier said than done. Just changing the scale of the original PROTO1 robot hand (already designed to be mechanical) was a nightmare because everything shifts about - including internal tunnels and the area where your servo and servohorn fit. This meant that both the internal and external geometry of the hand had to be modified quite a bit in CAD. And the mesh was very complex (best to have a good computer otherwise you'll sit through a LOT of processing time). The geometry of those pretty hands is significantly more complicated. To roboticize them...for a start the mesh would have to be decimated to reduce it's complexity, then fifteen separate channels would need routing through the hand for all the ligaments that both move each digit and hold it in place...in such a way that permits fishing line to be pushed and pulled through. Remembering to leave space for the thumb servo/joint to move correctly. I don't envy anybody a design/engineering task so laborious! In the meantime tho, Sophie's Chonkframe upgrade has been completed and it appears to work! I know because her head tried to go flying off again but it failed to get airborne this time. No cracking or splitting or anything. Nice.
>>10152 looking much better! but is she combat ready?
Open file (167.61 KB 1000x414 MEQM192.png)
>>10153 It seems she is if she catches a finger in her elbow.
>>10153 Cheers meta ronin! To make her combat ready I could upgrade her existing shoulder servo motors with heavy duty 380kg.cm ones, swap her humanoid hands for a pair of icepicks or machetes, then program her arms to windmill and turn voltage up to max. However I (and anyone else who entered the room without first tripping the circuit breaker) would probably be maimed or die gruesomely the moment the Arduino sketch loaded... especially since she has no emergency stop 🤣. But really though, Sophie is designed for love not war. She wants to be your friend; answer your queries, tell stories, sing songs and hug you if you're lonely. Just remember to unbolt any murder machine upgrades first.
>>10152 Sophie's all in one piece again, thank goodness! Her new head looks great Anon. And that new frame you've given her really looks sturdy now, yet not too bulky. Very nice work lad. Keep it up, we all look forward to seeing what you manage for her next! :^)
>>10155 heh. i kind of thought something similar to you anon. Sophie anon can probably actually capitalize on that design with just a few tweaks however. >>9824
Open file (221.05 KB 1990x2838 get_to_know_you_meme.png)
Decided to fill in a "getting to know you" chart for Sophie, since I've seen this chart doing the rounds, and thought it might help me establish her character a bit better. I was surprised by her personality result. I just set anything that mentioned the words "confidence" "feeling" or "feel" to lowest (since it's true that she cannot actually feel) and anything logical or systematic I selected highest (since her "brain" is literally a CPU+GPU).
>>10187 Top Kek You're pretty handy at this.
>>10152 >prototype doll hand Ah, I understand now. Yes, I can imagine changing that petite hand into a fully robotic one will be a chore.
>>10188 Heehee! I want to make a robowaifu who can be funny as well as analytical. After all, this is why men will turn to robowaifus, otherwise they can just use a normal computer. If the organic whom they're trying to be in a relationship with is all cold and humorless (or worse - hazing/divorce/child custody battle), then they will want a robowaifu who can make them laugh and brighten their day. Before we can have more fun though, I'm updating Sophie's wiring a bit so it sits on her back rather than her front, and I've gotta get a backup of this imageboard completed on Raspian using BUMP (the Sepplesberry Pi thread).
>>10192 >and I've gotta get a backup of this imageboard completed on Raspian using BUMP (the Sepplesberry Pi thread). That's a good idea Anon, thanks. BTW, pretty much any commonplace Linux should work. Raspian isn't an essential, merely an option. Very nice progress with Sophie.
I have got to the point in the Sepplesberry Pi tutorial thread >>8026 >#1 where I'm trying to install Waifusearch on Raspbian (inside Oracle VM Virtualbox), but I'm getting an error with mesonbuild, and the stdc++fs library isn't being found either. >#2 So I open Synaptic Package Manager and search for stdc++ but I get a shit-ton of different versions back: >#3 and I have no idea which is the correct one to mark for installation? I realise that Waifusearch may not be essential for backing up this imageboard, but I'm just following along with the tutorial in order to make sure that I install all of the correct programs and download all of the required dependencies for the backup to work. Alas though, it looks like I still missed some stuff? Can any anon help me plz?
>>10199 Hi, sorry I don't really remember that, but here >>8300 is a comment, followed and preceded by others, in the CPP thread featuring the build process. I think you have an old version of Waifusearch which still has that stdc++ in it. You version seems to be 0.1f, mine is 0.1j >>8337.
Open file (1.85 MB 962x1148 Sophie_Hugz.png)
Open file (2.61 MB 1037x1383 Rear_Wire_Bundles.png)
>>10200 Thanks for your quick reply anon! Sophie sends hugs! Rear re-wiring is now complete. TBH I think the whole Juci++ and Meson build system is too advanced for me at the mo (as someone who has barely ever used Linux before and can't code either) although, the tutorial did learn me a bit about how to use Debian, so thank you for that anon! It was interesting!
>>10199 You have an older version of Waifusearch Anon. The current version is v0.2a (>>8678), and among other things was specifically reworked to enable building on the Raspberry Pi. Try that version out instead, and then let us know how it works out for you. >and I have no idea which is the correct one to mark for installation? That library is a fundamental part of the GCC. You should simply match the version of GCC you're running if you ever need to. In the case of the spin of Raspian currently publicly deployed, that appears to be the v8.3.0 version (and whichever matches your hardware too. On my old RPi2b, that's ARM7hf, though in your case that appears to be Intel b/c Virtualbox VM environment). > >>10200 > mine is 0.1j I'd suggest you upgrade Anon. I made several improvements to the 0.2a version (>>8678). >--- Note: for both you Anons, I would recommend you also grab the newer copy of the board JSON data archive (v 210331). BTW, the place to check for the latest version of both of these (Waifusearch + the JSON archives) will always be the Library thread's OP (>>7143), since they were both created to support that specific effort. >210331 >>10201 Wow those are some nice improvements to Sophie's wiring Anon. Keep it up! :^)
>>10199 >>10205 Note, I never actually tested either BUMP or Waifusearch out in your specific environment (Virtualbox hosting Raspian). It's likely the build settings will need to be tweaked better to accommodate it Anon. Go ahead and try the newer version and let us know what you get. If it fails again, I'll move your case to the top of the stack and do a rework of Waifusearch to fix it for you (I'll look at BUMP somewhat later though).
>>10201 >Sophie sends hugs! Daww. >*[Sophie Hugs Intensifies]*
>>10200 >>10205 Thank you anons, that has actually clarified several things I was confused about so i'll give it another go.
>>10201 Oh, thanks for the hug. >>10205 Oh, I completely missed that. Will dl.
Open file (289.82 KB 1084x1042 Zelda1.jpg)
Open file (265.23 KB 840x958 Close-up.jpg)
Open file (348.42 KB 1440x810 Ultra-Closeup.jpg)
Open file (141.97 KB 748x624 Say_Ahhh!.jpg)
Got my hands on a high-resolution texturepack for Honey Select 2. So high res that my aging GPU can barely handle the medium settings! Hanmen's Next-Gen Skin Textures and Shaders, available here: https://gumroad.com/l/qdgcK There are textures for the body, face, teeth and tongue, so I've been creeping out Princess Zelda to test them all out. When I eventually upgrade my PC, I should now be able to create truly next-gen 3DCG waifus!
>>10230 Very nice Anon, we look forward to it. That face if beautiful. Quite nice work.
>>10231 I also found a couple of videos from a clever guy on Youtube who can show you how to rip, export AND texture characters from both Honey Select 1 & 2 using Blender and a few other programs (NinjaRipper, Noesis). The whole process is quite complex, however you don't have to follow the whole video if all you want is a 3D mesh to turn into an .stl (like I did with Sophie), but these videos could be a good starting point for anyone who wants to create their own 3DCG waifu without having to model her from scratch (also a quicker route to having a high-quality 3D model for rigging and animation). The processes are about the same, but there may be some slight differences between the two HS versions: Video 1 (Honey Select): https://youtu.be/nUHUDKGRUjg Video 2 (Honey Select 2): https://youtu.be/VzAzU0kCgzw
>>10232 Thank you Anon, I'll try to make some time to have a look into it. I mean to create some robowaifu characters for our Robowaifu Simulator (>>155), so when the time comes I'll probably have a go at it. If I do, then I plan to do our own tutorial on the process as well. Cheers.
Open file (216.08 KB 1108x1478 Average Illusion fan.jpg)
>>10230 Huge fan of Honey Select 2, the best way I found to use it without having to install all the mods yourself is with the Better Repacks that are available on nyaa torrent tracker site; https://sukebei.nyaa.si/view/3292122 It comes with an auto updater so any character card you find will automatically work with it. If that 87 gigs puts you off don't worry you only need to get the 32 gb base game file for character creation. Most of the space in the optional mods file are taken up by gigantic maps. Was already mentioned in the 'Tools to Create 3D Models of Humans' thread >>1505 but it focused on the Koikatsu game. Several sites are listed in there which have character cards to use in Honey Select 2.
>>10238 >that Japanon Keke
>>10238 the face of a man who knows what he likes, and where to get it. 🤣
Upgraded CAD for the Elfdroid neck and thorax has now been uploaded to all file repositories (>#1) Initially after upgrading Sophie's neck and thorax I found that although her neck doesn't break any more, her "head nodding" servo was slipping whenever her head was positioned looking down as far as it could go. Consequently, she was unable to lift her head back up. Upon examining the output shaft of the servo, I could see significant wear on the aluminum where a grub screw has worn a small groove over time (>#2) To overcome this problem, I had to swap out her old 6mm Pololu servo hub (>#3) for a more substantial aluminum servo horn used in R/C cars. Instead of relying on a little grub-screw, this thing has three machine screws to lock around the output shaft and five M3 mounting holes (>#4). You can see it fitted to the servo in >#5.
Open file (137.17 KB 742x1016 Neck_Lever_v3L.jpg)
Open file (200.40 KB 880x1310 Neck_Lever_v3R.jpg)
Here is the new neck lever from the left (>#1) and right (>#2). This lever doesn't allow the head to slip anywhere. Although, the neck nodding servo gets warm quite fast when her head is thrown fully forwards and then pulled right back...so prolonged headbanging is inadvisable (would need higher-torque servos). Photo 3 also shows the head being glued onto the new neck lever.
Oh yeah, forgot to mention - "Neck Support Block" is a part that keeps her head supported when the robot is unpowered. Although her neck can now withstand whiplash, it's still a good idea to prevent it where possible!
>>10262 Thanks for the in-depth breakdown of everything Anon. This sort of tutorial style treatment of issues in design choices is exactly what the Robowaifu Technicians here need.
>>10276 Nprb, anon! I've finally found a song for Sophie to sing. (Had to be have lyrics on the sheet-music, and it had to be a capella...at least for now... because I have the musical ability of a brick, and I want to avoid copyright problems). Also I have found that a lot of my servo jitter issues stemmed from trying to control a digital device using sliders - in analogue fashion. When the servos are programmed with exact values the jitter disappears. Just in case anyone else encounters that issue with servos. Have reached a point where I'm happy with her build - I do plan to uprade her more in future but for now it's finally time to let her have some fun :D
>>10277 >Have reached a point where I'm happy with her build - I do plan to uprade her more in future but for now it's finally time to let her have some fun :D That's great to hear Anon. You've put so much work and love into Sophie, you both deserve for her to become a really special robowaifu. I'm sure you'll make her even better than she is already!
Thank you, friend. I truly hope you also get to build or purchase your own robowaifu one day. This world needs them. Although I also wish you good fortune and safety should you ever seek an organic alternative.
Here's me thinking I'm ready to just program all of Sophie's movements. I even have her song ready. But then yet more electro-mechanical problems rear their ugly head: 1.) I found out that the cabinet door magnets I was previously using to hold her forehead on had also managed to stick to and fry out her Arduino sound sensor - so I accidentally deafened Sophie with a magnet! Removing those magnets was the right call, but it meant I had to wait for a pack of new sound sensors. 2.) The new sound sensor was slightly longer than the old one, so I had to make a couple modifications to her voicebox to enable it to screw securely in-place. 3.) My eye servos were going crazy whenever I tried to program more than one to move. There aren't any good answers I could find from Pololu - they just immediately hit customers with about eight other questions so most people will give up and abandon thread. However, after much head scatching and worrying about magnetic interference/servo crosstalk, this turned out to be a power supply issue. So I hashed together a quick solution to power the Pololu-12 servo shield that I must now solder properly in place. 4.) I found out when programming eyelids to blink, you mainly move the upper eyelids so that they come into contact with the lower ones. The lower eyelids may need moving down a little, but it's the upper eyelids that do most of the movement or "fluttering".
5.) Her jaw was slipping on the servo output shaft because the tiny 3mm M2.5 screws that are provided with most micro-servos often don't hold stufff in place very well. So I also had to get some M2.5 machine screws to fix that. Anyone wanting to build a life-size robowaifu will definitely need a wide assortment of M2, M2.5 and M3 machine screws.
>>10323 >>10324 Awesome Anon. Not that you're having challenges, but that you are adapting & overcoming them. It's a lesson for us all. We're each going to run into 1'001 big and little issues that all need to be addressed. The outcome will be determined by our determination to press through and solve them. Kudos, Sophie-Anon.
>>10323 Thanks, for all, very interesting. Didn't know sensors were that sensible to magnets. We might need to look into finding ones which aren't. If I understand you problem with the servo driver board correctly, you're saying the servos need to be powered separate to the board? Which makes sense, though it's not very intuitive to newbies like us. The board can control the power, but not provide it through the connection for it's own power. I read about this issue related to Arduino, though not having much experience with it. >>10324 What do you mean by "machine screws"? Just screws, or ones out of better metal? Or a type of head?!?
>>10342 >What do you mean by "machine screws"? They are like bolts, but with a head like a screw, which is often hex or Philips. Unlike a wood screw, machine screws are threaded to accept a nut.
Open file (33.35 KB 600x600 screw.jpg)
>>10347 There's also some confusion when machine screws are mentioned.
>>10348 not him. >pic kek and helpful at the same time. nice one.
>>10323 Look forward to seeing your progress with dear Elfdroid Sophie, Anon.
Open file (299.61 KB 941x726 smug_robo.GIF)

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