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Simple Tailor 09/23/2019 (Mon) 14:41:12 No.468 [Reply]
This is /strek/'s primary home until further notice Use this thread for meta discussion and submitting banners, spoilers, etc. Rules. 1. No hasperats 2. Talk mostly about Star Trek. Keep discussion of non Star Trek shows to an appropriate thread. 3. No Hasperats 4. Spoiler porn and gore. 5. No hasperats 6. There is no rule 6 7. No hasperats 8. Have fun!
Edited last time by dukat on 12/31/2020 (Thu) 19:01:25.
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Lower Decks Anonymous 07/12/2020 (Sun) 21:26:41 ID: d979ab No.796 [Reply]
I guess the show that the hacks from Midnight's Edge and Doomcuck thought that it didn't exist... is still a thing and it's coming out on CBS All Access. It's Reddit & Morty but with the Starfleet logo.
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>>809 Just one thing Anon, this isn't about the franchise, this is about the genre. >>808 Probably, but not for a long time. It'll take major cultural and political changes in the American media machine, and even at best that's a decade away.
>>810 It's also about hot alien babes.
>>811 But of course, how could it ever not have been about the hot alien babes?
Fuck you, I liked it.
>>805 The problem with this prompt is that it could never be sensible. Even in a pitched battle sequence with the fate of the Galaxy on the line, the non-bridge crew (and I exclude I anyone in charge in Engineering ala Scotty or Geordi, or other "main characters") is going to be doing unimportant things. There's Klingons on the starboard bow, and you want to focus on the dude repairing the broken power conduit in jefferies tube 420, section 69? Okay, sure. And anytime there's not really anything going on, their usual jobs are going to be even more mind-numbing. As it turns out, most people have jobs that are rote and boring and would not make good television content. The only way this can actually function is if you have rare episodes as "filler", focusing on the mundane as a breather in between all the action. But an entire show of "filler" is impossible. Like a novel without a plot. So the only way to solve this dilemma is to add in random wacky shenanigans that pretends to be important, when you already know it CAN'T be important. >>810 What IS the genre? Because I feel the way I view sci-fi is very different from the way a lot of people do. I see it as a method of exploring the human condition using extreme situations that are impossible with our current universe and technology. A bunch of hot-shots blasting around the galaxy having super-amazing space battles is cool, but it doesn't explore anything. It doesn't ask the viewer anything but to sit back, let their eyes glaze over, and shovel popcorn down their throats.

Open file (670.18 KB 1280x720 yas captain.png)
STD season 3 Anonymous 01/09/2021 (Sat) 17:09:18 ID: bff6fb No.847 [Reply]
YAS, this is Starfleet. What a shit show. 5th showrunner and it's somehow worse than the other seasons.
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>>860 Oh my fuck.
It's just incredible how bad new trek is. Not since halo was taken over by 343 industries have I seen such barefaced disrespect for the franchise they're employed to carry. It is mind boggling to think that modern media has degraded to the point where rights holders have a position of such unchallenged power that they will just appoint their friends to handle the IP they're financially invested in regardless of the outcome. And they continue to do this over and over.
>>889 >It is mind boggling to think that modern media has degraded to the point where rights holders have a position of such unchallenged power that they will just appoint their friends to handle the IP they're financially invested in regardless of the outcome. And they continue to do this over and over. They really don't care about the feedback from the audience, that's the crazy thing about this. I've never seen that kind of behavior from other productions. On any other show or IP, if they would do a few changes based on the reception. Hell, sometimes they would even get rid of the showrunner (The Walking Dead). I remember on Stargate Universe for example, they toned down the shitty reddit humor and brought the Icarus people together in the second season.
>>891 Like basically everything else, TV shows have become clickbait. This means that the MOST money is to be made immediately upon release. Look at basically any series and you will see that interest (and therefore viewership, and therefore profit) is highest in the first episode, and then falls off a precipitous cliff after a few more. Maybe if it's a good show it will plateau, but that's not very likely anymore. The thing is, people just have so much choice. In the 80s-90's, you had a few options of TV shows to watch and that was IT. But now you have hundreds, plus anything on subscription services, backlogs of shows on netflix, whatever you want pirated as torrents or cracked subscription services. There is just NO WAY any TV show can maintain an audience after more than a few episodes. So this results in a couple strategies: a subscription service that trickles in content one episode at a time for a "season" of like 5 episodes. Then they wait a year or so to build up hype, repeat. See this with Stranger Things and The Mandalorian. The other model is what I call a "pump and dump". When interest and the audience starts to tail off, immediately and deliberately cut the production quality and writing of what is supposed to be a long-running show, so it gets canceled as quickly as possible. In essence: sabotage your own work so you can move on to the next one rather than dragging it out over years. If you're an /a/ fag, you might recognize this technique as what happened with The Promised Neverland season 2. What this basically means is that media is trending to a situation where they are constantly chasing the audience's immediate dopamine high. Rather than a long satisfying meal consumed over hours, it's a shot of heroin that wears off after a few seconds. Followed by another, and another, and another. The idea that we will EVER get a long-running series that plays out over multiple years (and the associated growth/development and increasing production values and better writing) is laughable. Remind yourself that most Trek series (especially TNG) took a few seasons to shake off the cringe and develop their own unique voice. That'll never happen again. A series that will actually reach a full conclusion before being "canceled" will never happen again. We're not the studios' long-term lovers anymore. We're a whore that is meant to be used once and then left behind. After all, there are always new whores to convince to click once, JUST ONCE, and they make their money back and then some.
>>892 Reasonably good analysis IMO. You might even be correct in general about it. But >"We're a whore that is meant to be used once and then left behind." most definitely has the shoe on the wrong foot. It's not the prostitutes that pay out the cash friend. :^)

General Star Trek Bullshittery 1 Anonymous 01/31/2021 (Sun) 19:52:06 ID: d25500 No.863 [Reply]
Use this thread for general Strekposting, off topic discussions, and anything that doesn't deserve it's own thread.
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>>880 The huge irony with VOY is that it ran on UPN, Paramounts almost network instead of first run syndication like TNG and DS9. That syndication was partial reason why everything needed to be episodic and not serialized. Local stations could show shows in random order. That was the norm in 70's and 80's, prior to 90's and early 2000's when major networks fucked up scifi shows by arbitrarily changed episode orders like with Firefly.
>>885 Can't believe they don't like Encounter at Farpoint or Conspiracy but are cool with the episode where Riker gets a holodeck waifu. I hope their picks for S2 are better.
>>886 Conspiracy is decent. I agree with them about Encounter at Farpoint. That one is hard to even watch.

The Orville Anonymous 08/18/2019 (Sun) 11:47:36 No.297 [Reply]
Last I heard that Season 3 was coming to Hulu and that's about it. Really not sure what else I can say.
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Open file (106.60 KB 475x528 rage.jpg)
>>833 >Kurtzman's ego is so big that he even named an episode "Unification part 3" and used edited footage of Spock from those TNG episodes. From what I've heard, the nightmare isn't ending, they might bring the Guardian of Forever before the end of the season.
Open file (153.76 KB 650x536 can't wake up.jpg)
>>834 They've actually brought back the Guardian in a two-parter where they've "humanized" Mirror Georgiou aka Space Hitler before they sent her off to another timeline (for the Sec31 spin-off). At the end, there was a eulogy with the Discovery crew, all crying about their "friend" Georgiou. Tilly said that Georgiou redefined the word "badass", the redhead from the bridge said that she loved Georgiou's style, with her leather jacket and her boots. I... wish I was joking.
>>839 Christmas is ruined!
Open file (832.80 KB 750x1000 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.05 MB 1749x1652 ClipboardImage.png)
I disliked the show, but found uniform design to be kind of nice, even though the actual product didn't looked great. And god I hate the orange for the engineering as certain angles and light make it look red (looking like more of security), should have been yellow. And I just discovered concept versions, too bad I abandoned contributing to the space game else I'd had a field day spriting reference shit again.
>>299 >female worf but not hot Are you saying regular Worf is hot?

Open file (23.68 KB 574x382 Your Drazi Dose.jpg)
Babylon 5 Thread Anonymous 08/26/2019 (Mon) 14:53:26 No.411 [Reply]
Mr Morden really had our best interests at heart.
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Open file (374.83 KB 879x560 ClipboardImage.png)

It was a reasonable okay watch, their MC got the crazy's and had to be replaced (and this happens like every year with characters of various importance). Seasons 1-4 are pretty straight forward if a little rushed towards the end. Entirely worth watching for Bester for being such an irredeemable character, strong performances (better then the arks really but the arcs were solid) and an interesting universe that tries to be science fiction instead of science fantasy that you get with some shows.
Open file (220.60 KB 342x498 what do you want.png)
>>411 Acting jobs dried out of Ed Wasser, so he started construction company. >>716 The series finale was shot during 4th season and season 4 finale was something they came up with minimal budget and time. Content meant to run until half way thru 5th season was squeezed into second half of 4th season, 5th season is pretty much half season stretched to full season.
Open file (97.00 KB 928x523 mira furlan.jpeg)
Open file (24.90 KB 644x564 mira furlan2.jpeg)
As usual, Babylon 5 curse has manifested itself. Latest victim being Mira Furlan, who passed away at 65.
I've heard that they have made an HD version of the show for the streaming platforms. The CGI scenes are less blurry than the DVD versions.
>>877 From what I understand is that they basically re-scanned the live action film footage, ran standard definition FX sequences thru AI filter to upscale and clean it up and then edited everything together.

Open file (77.16 KB 501x585 serveimage.jpg)
Anonymous 09/30/2019 (Mon) 02:45:34 No.495 [Reply]
Top 3 favorite episodes of TNG?
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Open file (147.79 KB 500x454 1603434782490.gif)
>>495 Yesterday's Enterprise Cause and Effect Tapestry
>>757 That trial wasn't about Picard recognizing data's sentience but about the unresolved question of official legal recognition of his rights and status. It's also shit I would think had come up when he tried to join star fleet. I mean, what did star fleet regard him as before that trial? A walking computer with a military rank and command authority but isn't a person? The real problem you seem to be getting at is the divide between AI's in star trek, and holographic programs, that are some how not considered AI's. Consider how in voyager star fleet uses their EMH's as slave labour in mines and how in Picard, even after having banned all research and use of AI's for a decade or more, they still use emergency holograms with near human intelligence without pause. The only explanation would be that holographic intelligence's and AI's are somehow not the same thing in Star Trek.
>>757 >>852 You missed the point. Data was not acknowledged to have rights because he was intelligent, but because he was unique. A run-of the mill hologram, even the EMH, isn't the same thing out of the box. It wasn't until the Doctor's program ran for a really long time and grew in complexity and capability that it went from mindless surgical machine to a person. The problem here is a lot of people think there is a hard line between "not sentient" and "sentient", similar to one between "not alive" and "alive". In reality, there is no such line. There is a smooth gradient of complexity from rocks to crystals to prions to viruses to bacteria to animals to apes to protohumans to modern humans. The same thing applies here. Is the Enterprise computer self-aware and intelligent? Sure. But it doesn't have rights and isn't "alive" because it's not unique; there are infinite identical copies of its program back at Starfleet HQ. I don't actually know the timeline with Data off the top of my head. But if he "joined" Starfleet shortly after Soong activated him, he'd have been a blank slate program that hadn't yet developed the uniqueness required to achieve personhood, and probably when that happened nobody in Starfleet expected him to grow to the degree he did. This smooth gradient of complexity patches what seems like a plot hole perfectly.
>>853 That's an utterly retarded line of reasoning if you think about it for even a second. It's not the number of copies of a mind that determines if it's sentient. The doctor, being a hologram, can be copied, and that copy will also be sentient if run on a sufficiently powerful computer. They do this in show. You are right in the difference between smart computer program designed to emulate human behavior, like your average hologram, and something like Moriarty or the doctor, that are so complex as to be indistinguishable from human style sentience is fluid and hard to define. I would argue that the difference is mainly a question of processing power and complexity, but that is besides the point. All the same, it is not Data's uniqueness that makes him sentient. He wouldn't become less self aware or intelligent just because you copied him. Case in point, B4 and Lore, being almost exactly the same as Data. When he joined Starfleet, was commissioned as an officer, earned his promotion to lieutenant commander and was given a post as 3rd officer on the fleets flagship, isn't important, only that it happened before the series started is. What is important however, is that he was given these things, and that Starfleet doesn't hand these things out to pocket calculators. His rank gives him command authority, so Starfleet must trust his judgement enough to let him order around other officers, and not only that, but put him in a position to command the fleets most prestigious ship whenever the two highest ranking officers aren't on the bridge or in the event they are incapacitated. Why would starfleet give Data this kind of authority if they don't trust his ability to make decisions like any other officer of that rank? You'd think a question like "is Data a person who can make decisions or a piece of property" would have come up some time before Starfleet made him an officer with command authority. Are there a lot of starfleet officers that aren't considered intelligent enough to be sentient running around somewhere? Did archer set some kind of horrible precedent by finally making porthos an actual starfleet officer or something?
>>857 The whole thing with the Doctor's "program" being copied broke the established logic that the franchise was working with and I hate it for that reason. I hate the existence of B4 and that he was supposed to be a "replacement" for Data despite doing nothing to earn it, even more. It's like they're afraid of character death and so come up with contrived situations to avoid it, but then think "oh shit wait" when they realize they remove all narrative tension when they make a character functionally immortal. What reason do we ever have to worry about the Doctor being in harm's way if they could have just stored another copy of his program somewhere in Voyager's computers? What reason would we have to be concerned about Data if Soong can just shit out another android and it'd be "almost exactly the same". Starfleet, by and large, seems to be an expert at throwing the proverbial spaghetti at the wall and seeing what sticks, and not changing anything unless they have to. I'm sure the question over Data's sentience came up a time or two, but because he functioned in the capacity granted him, so they just shrugged it off and kicked the can down the road. Maybe, before then, there just had never been someone who ever proposed taking him apart and trying to make more. Or they just figured that machine intelligence in command positions was a natural evolution of technology, and it would free up the living humans to do science and art and other such Federation shit. After all, there is PROBABLY a precedent where the Enterprise computer can take command and warp the ship out of danger if everyone on board is incapacitated because of exposure to antithorium gas radiation from a reverse-folded dogcum nebula. It also depends how you see command authority on a starship aka a Navy. Is everyone on board below the Captain's rank just a tool to be used at his discretion? Because if so, whether that tool is a person or a machine intelligence doesn't make much of a difference. Picard "trusts" Data to be third in command, but he also "trusts" the replicator to serve him tea, Earl Grey, hot and not cyanide, and he "trusts" the warp core to not have a programming malfunction that causes it to instantly breach. The idea that people could think Data is a soulless machine despite being capable at his JOB isn't really a stretch if we assume these are people who still believe in magical, immeasurable, undefined things such as souls. The judge lady even said something to that effect in the episode. >Are there a lot of starfleet officers that aren't considered intelligent enough to be sentient running around somewhere? No reason why not. I'm sure they could find some kind of menial task for them to do so they can contribute, even if that's just sweeping the floors.

If Star Trek is set in the future how come there is no anime in it? Anonymous 08/11/2019 (Sun) 01:47:24 No.8 [Reply] [Last]
Did the Federation ban anime because no one would ever leave the holodeck? Was there ever an episode on any show that showed animation of any kind?
Dumping some of the images from the last thread
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Open file (618.71 KB 1280x1024 1399092970194.jpg)
>>8 >If Star Trek is set in the future how come there is no anime in it? Because strek always features the educated (indoctrinated), productive, and ambitious elites of their society. There are no episodes for the futureHentai addicts posting on their subspace message boards about how retarded the Prime Directive is (and it's all just Vulcan subversion anyway, you should do the research m80).
>>843 I mean, there was Barclay. Granted, they showed his "holodeck addiction" as part of an overall trend toward mental disease, but it was there. Really though, it seemed as if Trek really wanted to push this crazy idea that holodecks would replace literally all forms of creativity. All vidya is on the holodeck. All movies are interactive and on the holodeck. Even books have seemingly been replaced, what with Voyagers "holo-novels". This might be because the creators were producing a live-action TV series, and therefore were ill-equipped to understand that not every narrative works in a live-action format; and that, being PRODUCERS, also didn't understand that most people merely consume media rather than being an active part of it.
>>854 I think that could partly be explained by Roddenberry's transhumanist ideals. In the future, people will be more noble and crave more than just consuming media, they want to experience more deeply and to be a part of it. We kindo f see the opposite in Voyager. In that shitty time travel episode, they're watching TV, and Kes says something like, "There's something to be said for this non-interactive media," or some shit like that. It's like she hadn't even considered it as a possibility before. Also, we do see Picard reading books occaisionally. Back on Earth, there could be plenty of Weebs reading old manga reprints.
>>855 >In the future people won't be people anymore This is why I prefer later TNG and DS9. Every single TOS episode and early TNG just felt like maudlin "oh, look how much more mature and better humans are compared to today's monster/culture of the week". It's heavy-handed at best, cringy at worst.

Simple Tailor 08/19/2019 (Mon) 15:02:16 No.305 [Reply]
I finally get /strek/ and start pouring my heart and soul into it, and 8chan is kill. I didn't even know there was a /strek/ here. I didn't even know there was a here. I was just checking out smuglo.li and found /strek/. At least it's good to be /strek/posting again.

The glory of /strek/ can not be killed!
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Open file (29.24 KB 440x401 picard_feels.png)
Shit, I've just found this board. I didn't know /strek/ was still around.

There's no reason to play STO, these days they only make content related to the Kurtzmanverse.
>Just try to remember to log-in once every two weeks BO.
I have no life. That won't be hard.
>>451 >Just try to remember to log-in once every two weeks BO BO, we thank you for your service.
Open file (1.76 MB 996x1100 shut up dukat.png)
>>453 Shit, guess I'll just play all those old Trek games in my backlog. Elite Force sounds fun.
>>845 Nice. Let us know how it goes.

Open file (761.94 KB 768x576 FOR CARDASSIA!.webm)
Cardassian Appreciation Thread Anonymous 08/10/2019 (Sat) 19:46:23 No.1 [Reply]
Fellow citizens, I ask you a simple question. What makes Cardassia great? Is it perhaps our martial prowess? True our military proves itself second to none but it is not. Perhaps it is the well discipline Cardassian mind? No problem cannot be solved with such a mighty instrument but it is not that. Maybe it is our fine oratory skills? While I could listen to our most greatest speakers rouse the very fire within our Cardassian souls it is not our greatest gift. No fellow Cardassians, let me tell you what makes Cardassia great, duty. Duty to the State. No matter how petty or grievous our squabbles may be with one another, when great adversary is at our doors we all put aside our differences and show selfless devotion to the Cardassian State. In the history of Cardassia, not one citizen has ever truly betrayed the Cardassian State. It is our most beautiful attribute and that is what makes Cardassia great.

Long live Cardassia!
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This is an officially sanctioned drinking kanar with Damar thread.
A good glass of kanar is meant to be savored just like a red leaf tea. Perhaps that is why you would never make it in the Obsidian Order.
Open file (65.73 KB 707x530 1468062249626.jpg)
Didn't he say that he would build a subspace graviton beam and make Bajor pay for it?
That was the pic next to the announcement.
>>229 Oh, Elim. Such thoughts are beneath you! I know that the Obsidian Order corrupts everything it touches but there is no need for that sort of talk between men who once called each other colleagues. Besides, if you want to talk of 'prohibited liaisons' then maybe we should bring a certain young human doctor to the table?

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