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We moved. https://anon.cafe/sw/

Moving Time: The Board is Migrating Stormtrooper 08/07/2021 (Sat) 02:04:36 No.5051 [Reply]
Troopers pack your bags while you can. Its time to move somewhere less broken. NEW BOARD LINK: https://anon.cafe/sw/
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>>5067 it's already more active on cafe than it had ever been here

Open file (798.95 KB 941x1027 Durga_LoNH.png)
Open file (311.84 KB 777x839 SWAnon.png)
Welcome to /sw/ Stormtrooper 09/30/2019 (Mon) 03:13:34 No.1 [Reply] [Last]
The board for discussing all things Star Wars!

This thread serves as a simple introduction.


• Here are some essentials to getting started on the board and integrating into the community.

1: Check out the board's CyTube channel for streams and live chats (feel free to edit the playlist if you're registered on the site): https://cytu.be/r/star-wars

2: We are currently working on starting our own alternative to Wookieepedia. Once its up, a link to it will be posted here.

3: Don't be afraid to ask for info, sauce or links about SW comics, books, games, etc. We're always happy to share.

4: Learn some freaking Huttese, you scocha kungs.

5: Fair warning. Diehard Disneyfags and Namefags can and will be mocked by the locals.

6: Always check the catalog.

7: Credits are accepted, but truguts are preferred.

The Rules:

• The rules here are simple, we live by and follow the rules and laws of Hutt Space. Which means we barely follow any real rules here unless its illegal or stupid. Just don't post CP, don't samefag, don't spam, don't do anything that will attract glowniggers, and keep shit on topic as I don't like banning or deleting shit, unless its necessary, like spam, cp, brownpill shit and raids. Off-topic shit will not be deleted either, but it will be anchored (unless its scifi-related and in relation to us), so just make a Meta general for that kind of shit.

May the Force be with you, troopers.
Edited last time by bordothehutt on 09/30/2019 (Mon) 03:15:48.
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What will happen to this board?

Vader vs Sidious. Stormtrooper 10/26/2021 (Tue) 14:58:59 No.5071 [Reply]
Now we all know Vader couldn't win after his injuries, so i have no delusions that he has a fighting chance, at least directly, a fully intact Vader/Anakin? Yeah definitely he would obliterate Sheev, but the Vader we got? No, especially since Palpi deliberately made his suit shitty as well, what i am asking is would it be a quick or long fight? Vader reached 80% of Palpatine's power even with all his injuries and loses. So would it be a thrilling fight for the emperor or would he wipe the floor with his apprentice immediately? Let's say Vader reaches his fullest potential that he could reach with all his injuries, he taps deeper than ever before into the dark side or just the force itself in its entirety, i think he could still sustain himself for a little while after Uncle Palps shocks his suit, so how long and how brutal would the fight be? would it give Sidious a run for his money or would he not even break a sweat?
Oh shit, just realised the migration, may this place rest well.

Stormtrooper 09/21/2021 (Tue) 19:42:42 No.5069 [Reply]
star wars? more like star NIGGER!
we wuz jedeyez and sheeeeeeeeeeit

Open file (150.61 KB 1024x582 thank_you_filoni.jpg)
Stormtrooper 02/22/2020 (Sat) 17:14:28 No.2607 [Reply] [Last]
So the new episode of Filoni's Clone Wars cartoon came out. I implore you to watch it here rather than pay for that crap on Disney+ http://kimcartoon.to/Cartoon/Star-Wars-The-Clone-Wars-Season-7/Episode-1?id=96113&s=beta&pfail=1
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I think this is the last episode or something, anyway here we go. >Super Secret passage way that NOBODY knows about, even thought the CIS and Republic fight undersea in The Clone Wars show. >Landing platform is at sea level, even thought everything is built high enough to avoid the fucking waves. >Everything gets hand-waved with a few shitty dialogs to explain everything
>Special clones going full retard >Omega hatching out a plane I want this shit to end.
Open file (16.75 MB 960x540 Everybody dies.webm)
Crosshair drops some hard trues on Hunter ass, having a little girl tagging along a bunch of retarded military special clones is wrong. Holy shit Omega did something wrong! SEE she is not a mary sue! And everybody dies! Except for one member of the diverse and inclusive team, can you guess which womyn survived? The nigger or chink?
Continue the Filoni bootlicking here goys: https://anon.cafe/sw/res/2607.html#q5023
>>2613 Ashoka doesnt even fit into the six star wars movies. Anakin being happy in episode three doesnt make any sense if clone wars season 7 is canon. Anakin in the movies and Anakin in TCW dont sound the same, dont look the same, dont act the same. They got Obi Wan wrong as well, but Anakin was completely changed.

Open file (145.87 KB 1600x800 ClipboardImage.jfif)
Stormtrooper 02/09/2020 (Sun) 19:12:11 No.2523 [Reply]
Was the Death Star a good idea?
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>>5018 >implying they did anything wrong if you only consider the OT They did nothing wrong in any subject except not compromising with the Mon Calamari. Alderaan was a terrorist world. Koruun was full of violent near-humans with access to dangerous Old Republic tech and deserved to get bombarded. Wookiees were savages prone to violent outbursts and refused to adapt to basic galactic cultural norms. So enslaving them was the only way to get the message across to these banthoids. The Galactic Republic was a highly unstable and corrupted to the core government that had long since fallen from grace and needed replacement. The Death Star would've only served as a symbol of fear to establish law and order. Alderaan and Yavin and a few others would've simply been examples until the message was made clear across the galaxy. The only real flaw in the Empire's perfection was Palpatine and his encouragement of deceit to ascend the ranks and needless use of pointless controversies to feed his ego against the jedi. So in short, Trachta did nothing wrong.
>>5022 >So in short, Trachta did nothing wrong. He did, he trusted fat people and got shot for that. Never trust fat people.
(meant to respond sooner) >>5018 if you're going to have extragalactic invaders, you need to handle that with subtlety. otherwise, you end up with the 'alien invasion' trope, which doesn't really fit in a galaxy full of aliens. there's alot wrong with them. their immunity to the Force is a contradiction, they don't fit the overall feel of Star Wars, and they basically take a sledgehammer to the setting and at the wrong time. as I've said, the Yuuzhan Vong feel like the creation of a WH40K fan who hates Star Wars. >>5022 I won't deny what you've said here (in fact, you could justify Alderaan as 'shock and awe' against terrorists). while the Empire is better than the Republic in many ways, the fact remains, they're supposed to be the antagonist. the OT is about the Rebels triumphing over the Empire, in parallel to the Jedi triumphing over the Sith. even if you believe RotJ had a bad ending, it's not intended to be that at all. if the Yuuzhan Vong happen, that means the galaxy ends up far worse off under a Rebel victory than Imperial (because the Empire could've fought them off much more effectively). the end result is the outcome of the OT being a bad thing in the long run, which subverts the core of Star Wars. with that said, I'm more than ok with Thrawn, the Imperial Remnant, and conflict continuing. but the Vong are all sorts of wrong.
>>5062 that's what I get for not checking in for awhile. thanks.

Open file (777.77 KB 1024x1024 e25.png)
Stormtrooper 08/08/2021 (Sun) 00:26:16 No.5058 [Reply]
Sneed's Feed & Seed (Formerly Chuck's)

Webm thread Stormtrooper 12/02/2019 (Mon) 08:28:03 No.571 [Reply] [Last]
Post them webms
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Open file (615.74 KB 1368x912 IMG_6329.jpg)
The absolute madman in Aberdeen, WA.
>>5020 Blessed pic.
>>5020 https://nitter.42l.fr/Dataracer117/status/1423567579805732864#m >Transgender City Council member harasses a Star Wars shop owner over a sign in his store. >This was a planned attack by a radical city council member on an elderly small business owner.
Open file (85.97 KB 720x799 65446532121.jpg)
>>5020 RIP they are going to burndown his store tomorrow in a protest.
Were moving https://anon.cafe/sw/res/571.html#q5020 continue this convo there

Open file (342.38 KB 638x477 One struggle.png)
Random Discussion Stormtrooper 03/14/2020 (Sat) 17:17:52 No.2730 [Reply] [Last]
Since this board is dead Anything goes in this thread. As a starting topic, the Confederacy of Independent Systems. Even if they were controlled opposition, were they in the right? How would things have gone if, somehow, the CIS were allowed to become independent?
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>>5039 >>5045 This nigger is probably the reason Battlefront III and who knows how many others never got released.
>>5046 >This nigger is probably the reason Battlefront III and who knows how many others never got released. Yep. >The rapid scaling down of internal projects at LucasArts was also reflected in its handling of games developed by external developers. During the tenure of Ward, Free Radical was contracted to produce Star Wars: Battlefront III, which had been in production for 2 years. Free Radical co-founder Steve Ellis described how working with LucasArts evolved from being "the best relationship we'd ever had with a publisher"[50] to withholding money for 6 months and abusing the independent developer's position to withhold the full project cancellation fee—this was a major event which contributed towards Free Radical entering administration.
>>5039 LucasArts? You're talking about video games, i'm talking about the whole, the franchise, the continuity, the storytelling, the themes. Force Unleashed opened a can of worms in terms of narrative, character, continuity issues.
>>5046 Battlefront III along with 1313 and many others got fucked long 2004 though, around 2011 when the Disney talks began
Continue your argument here troopers. https://anon.cafe/sw/res/2730.html#q5032

Open file (241.60 KB 512x512 No_Fun.png)
/sw/ community Stormtrooper 07/14/2021 (Wed) 22:18:59 No.4782 [Reply]
For any new /sw/ members not in the bunker/general chat discord here you go https://discord.com/invite/KKuRXej6
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>>4930 looks like we're moving to anon.cafe I guess
Open file (164.29 KB 1280x720 654123789.jpg)
Open file (170.69 KB 152x90 gr.gif)
>>4933 I got my bags ready. When we leaving bros?
Open file (129.94 KB 1280x540 mpv-shot0002.jpg)

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