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Fuck Disney.

Open file (346.25 KB 775x790 oof.jpg)
Stormtrooper 10/26/2019 (Sat) 14:33:24 No.242 [Reply]
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>10 year old pics
Man shes hot fuck me!
Open file (416.15 KB 1366x2048 D0NfDvCW0AEDa_d.jpeg)
Open file (33.81 KB 300x259 that's a man.jpg)
>no ass
>no tits
>square jaw
>receding hairline
Stop posting here /tv/

The Dark Times Stormtrooper 10/10/2019 (Thu) 22:39:15 No.98 [Reply]
I've been thinking about the era between RoTS and ANH. While the very beginning and the very end of this era has been portrayed by Dark Times and The Force Unleashed respectively, I find the 20 years between the Clone Wars and the Rebellion to be virgin territory. For two decades the Empire ruled nearly uncontested, it's early years spent in campaigns to put down CIS remnants and pirates. The Republic Senate transitioned into a new Imperial Senate jockeying for relevance in this new system. I wish there had been a novel like Tarkin for the nu-canon that focused on the inner workings of the Empire during this period, as you could have had tons of internal conflicts between the Senate, the ISB, the Navy, hell the Imperial Army and focus on worldbuilding the Empire.

I also have an idea for a Rogue One style story in the old EU, centered around Operation Domino. This was the very first movement of the Rebel Alliance against the Empire, with them egging on multiple worlds to rebel against the Empire. The ISB dubbed these the Secession Worlds and crushed these rebellions. This was the brainchild of Mon Mothma and is why the Rebels operate the way they do in ANH, and having a Rebellion loses story being a tragedy would be unique compared to the legion of Rebellion victory stories in the EU. What do you guys think?
It would certainly be interesting. I always thought the Dark Times were a little too short to account for the big change we see between ANH and RotS. Should have been more like 30 years, like what was implied in Heir to the Empire.
Blame The Force Unleashed for that. It was originally meant to be a big multi-media project set in the dark times, but the game's development issues and ultimate mediocrity doomed it.

You did miss one big EU thing in TDT, the Dawn of Defiance adventure path for Saga Edition. A middle part has been set to 17BBY, and the whole thing has time skips of (intentionally) unclear length so it may go even deeper into The Dark Times.
You wouldn't happen to have a link to that adventure would you? I've been playing TFU but frankly it's a slog to get through. I think I would enjoy the novel version more because apparently it tones down the game and expands on it. There's so much West End stuff that could be expanded on greatly that's sort of ignored. Aside from some short stories and maybe Death Troopers there is this gap in the timeline.
this. there are massive political, cultural, and infrastructural shifts between the Republic and Empire. however, you need to have a single generational gap between Luke and Vader, which places a constraint on the timeline. I think the solution is to push the Clone Wars further back, so that Anakin would get corrupted after Sheev took control. of course, this would require a complete overhaul of the prequels.
They're in /tg/'s Star Wars RPG trove.
@ rebrand .ly

Look under Star Wars d20 then Saga.

Open file (827.47 KB 2400x1800 trust your feelings.jpg)
Stormtrooper 10/03/2019 (Thu) 19:48:42 No.47 [Reply]
Trust your feelings and always listen to your heart anons
Thanks based Kenobi of Nazarus poster
Aren't anger & hate feelings Master Kenobi?

Open file (331.89 KB 585x300 ClipboardImage.png)
The Mouse is turning the aliens gay Stormtrooper 10/02/2019 (Wed) 03:54:46 No.23 [Reply]
>Star Wars: Resistance Producers Confirm Orka And Felix Are Gay Aliens
>Star Wars Producers Confirm the Franchise’s First Openly Gay Onscreen Couple
vanityfair. com/hollywood/2019/1 0/star-wars-first-openly-gay-couple-star-wars-resistance
Figured I might as well make a containment thread for disneyshit given they've recently announced some ayys from the show nobody watched were prolapsing eachother's anal cavities.
Dunno why they think anyone cares about Resistance though, let alone that they'd win woke points for pulling a JK Rowling on a canceled series.
Open file (215.32 KB 635x469 pathetic.jpeg)
>show does so horribly it gets cancelled before its second season is even complete
>ratings are so low they've reached the earth's core
>toy deal gets cancelled due to low sales and lack of interest
>comic book spinoff gets cancelled before its even made

>they realize no one gives a shit about their awful show and that they will soon fade away from memory
>to avoid fading into irrelevancy they claim two random characters are gay to at least be remembered by the woke crow
Open file (704.87 KB 722x802 Caysin_Bog.png)
What, no respect for the walking toilet bounty hunter and his BF?
this cant be real
>the woke crow
I just imagined a crow flying round spouting the headlines and tweets from >>5 and >>6
>the new bounty hunter favorite is the Star Wars version of the Sonic the Hedgehog toilet OC from DeviantArt
>move over Mandalorian pissbabies

How does this fucker even see and aim his rifle? Why are his intestines exposed? Why the fuck does he have a blender on his back for pulping the shit that going down his gullet? This is so bad.

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