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Fuck Disney.

Open file (26.83 KB 947x700 cinema.png)
/sw/ YouTube & Misc videos thread Stormtrooper 01/30/2020 (Thu) 23:35:45 No.2263 [Reply]
starting off with a modern classic: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqnjzVX8EKA rules: don't post cringe (good vibes only)
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>>3490 Except that the video lays out why the guy most likely isn't the former. Think you can trust him on it.
Open file (45.46 KB 600x908 c6db91aec9c.jpg)
>>2263 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mArj6WvqzE >1.5k dislikes the seethe is real
>>3485 That is the most remarkable looking spider-bro tbh. I'm continually amazed with God's creativity and designs.
Open file (155.30 KB 1254x630 quijonpurple.jpg)
Open file (37.94 KB 1280x720 tnail.jpg)
Open file (229.58 KB 1770x711 tnail000.jpg)

Open file (65.13 KB 512x258 abys.jpg)
IRL Ethnic Parallels Stormtrooper 07/05/2020 (Sun) 09:10:58 No.3136 [Reply]
>Coruscant=Americans >Twi'leks=Black South Africans or Abos >Korunnai=Central Africans >Ropagu=Chinese >Neimoidians=Thainese >Chiss=Hokkaido Japanese >Nagai=Honshu Japanese >Alderaanians=Canadians >Chandrilans=Swedes >Tusken Raiders=Arabs >Jawas/Kumumgah=Mizrahi Jews >Muuns=Ashkenazi Jews >Hutts=Sephardi Jews >Yahk-Tosh, Quockrans, and Orooturoo=Galician Jews >Toydarians=Lithuanian Jews >Rybets=Black Hebrew Israelites >Evocii=Canaanites

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

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>>3424 Lmao paygay rats will try and infest any ship they come across, they're an autistic plague of mouth breathers and mulattos. The overlap between pagans and mental disabilities is almost as staggering as the overlap between trannies and other faggots and other forms of mental illness
>>3161 >>3162 I guess they are Inca while the Tusken are North-American injuns with all the raiding in settlers and the like.
Gamorreans are just pig people. You can't compare then to mongols or whatever. When one ever heard about the Great Gamorrean Khanate? Gamorreans are just dumb pig people who are used as muscle Also FUCK VS WHORE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t4Y30hapbUM
Are Zeltrons Swedes or Californians?
>>3757 Neither want to have a good time and wants you to have one too. Swedes consider hiring a hooker a crime, Zeltrons would consider that ridiculous. Swedes would be the people of Admiral Gender Studies, that Galateia or whatever NU-SW planet.

Open file (23.17 KB 500x281 Bane.jpg)
Open file (28.60 KB 744x567 tears.png)
Stormtrooper 03/06/2020 (Fri) 20:21:17 No.2702 [Reply]
Was Darth Krayt or Darth Bane right in regards to the future of the Sith? Darth Bane believed that the Sith were too traitorous and too many of them would always lead to conflict, however Krayt believed that uniting them all under one master would ensure stability. And then there's Palpatine's crazy Rule of One... So who was in the right?
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Open file (118.61 KB 400x267 revan is not nice.png)
>>2714 >Having unrestricted Dark Side users running around the Empire would be like giving imageboard autists the ability to settle their waifu debates by destroying entire planets. You say that like its a bad thing
>>2714 This is a true statement. Just look at the Sith Inquisitor story line in ToR. Right at the end of the battle for Correlia a dark council member with a flagpole up his ass decides to issue a kaggath with you.
>>2712 "Letting" the Sith run free would discourage survival of the fittest. All of the mid-tier Sith would gang up on Palpy and kill him, then fight among one another. Palps was able to enact the Rule of One and keep it that way more or less indefinitely because he was a walking Force nexus, who could crush any apprentice that tried to challenge him. If someone managed to challenge and usurp him even in spite of Palpy's myriad advantages, only then should they be allowed the mantle of Dark Lord of the Sith.
Bane was in the right. You limit the Sith, you limit infighting. The Rule of One was stupid because you were just giving space to pretenders. Krayt had Wyrlokk, Maladi and Nihl as potential threats. There was a limit to indoctrination, to the point of Krayt himself creating later mindless soldiers bound to his will as a new fighting force.

Open file (126.64 KB 1000x971 Hail Skroob.jpg)
Stormtrooper 11/04/2020 (Wed) 02:09:02 No.3720 [Reply]
So who you voting for Supreme Chancellor, /sw/? Sheev or Skroob? I'm partial to Palpatine myself, but then again Skroob is in full support of free enterprise.
>>3720 George Lucas and Walt Disney did nothing wrong.
>>3726 What did they mean by this?
>>3726 >both let what they created fall into the hands of kikes

Star Wars RPGs Stormtrooper 04/22/2020 (Wed) 04:56:27 No.2875 [Reply]
Anyone ever play any of the Star Wars /tg/ stuff?
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>>2875 >why did yoda have to 'work so hard' to levitate an x-wing This is a really bad example to use to argue that size does matter, because yoda is clearly being careful the same way you would lift a glass of wine. AotC is a much better example since they're just rocks and there's no reason he couldn't just toss them to the side effortlessly.
Is there a mimic-type monster in star wars lore? I want to do crazy stuff like pic related.
>>3462 Yes, and remember. The weakness for every BBEG Jedi is a retarded kaleesh with a vendetta
Found this in /tg/
>>3651 >for every BBEG Jedi is a retarded kaleesh with a vendetta Do tell

Photomorph Thread: The Revengeance Stormtrooper 12/05/2019 (Thu) 09:58:42 No.595 [Reply] [Last]
Same as on 8chan. Post dank memes and we'll edit them into Star Wars shit.
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Open file (177.18 KB 1024x800 guns.jpg)
Requesting an edit of this cartoon to make the guy a Rebel commando with an A-280, and to have him being blown up by the Death Star in the last panel.
>>3609 Do boomers really think comics like this are convincing?
>>3703 apparently. whoever drew that is woefully unaware of how difficult it is to fight an insurgency (see: Vietnam, Afghanistan). this is especially the case if it's a tyrannical gov't vs its own population, since they'd be destroying their own resources and infrastructure.
>>3703 Boomers were sitting in bars cheering as Waco burned, they'll approve of any tyranny as long as it's against "terrorists" and "bad persons".

Open file (20.39 KB 2050x600 red logo.png)
ROR 2.0 Stormtrooper 09/29/2020 (Tue) 04:03:57 No.3645 [Reply]
Hey pals, I'm back. The click's ticking for me and my chances to write are measured in months, so I'm gonna be delivering the shit I promised for once.
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>>3695 I'm digging this 6,144 character limit. Thanks heroic codefags, or whoever granted me this boon. Merr went overboard with his pet project though, not only do the new static pulse adaptors add quite a pricetag to the blaster but in his infinite wisdom he lined the barrel (and gas activator chamber, and prismatic lens chamber) with costly Zersium, which when used as a barrel's inner-casing means that even if either magnetic field fucks up the barrel's gonna be fucking fine because Zersium is the most heat resistant material in the galaxy bar below any of the depressingly rare goodies like cortosis, phrik, and beskar. Good luck getting your hands on enough of that shit to make blasters for a galaxy-wide army. So Merr's OG-5 Magnum is the best, most expensive and autistically complicated blaster rifle in the galaxy, which is probably why the Republic military gave him a no when he pitched it to them
Open file (739.55 KB 754x826 plasteel.png)
Open file (41.51 KB 700x341 GREEN COMPACT.jpg)
Open file (408.16 KB 1919x983 rhodium.jpg)
One thing I've also been looking into is different metals for Star Wars. Plasteel's a common name for sci-fi materials, it's got plastic (sci-fi!) AND steel (metal) in its name so it's a go-to bullshit name for any low-grade material retards want to slap in their setting. (Except in SS13, it's pretty good there because it has nothing to do with plastic) In KOTOR there's a few billion shitty no good cylinders that break if you breath to hard on them and these are your ubiquitous low-end loot treasure trash troves called Plasteel Cylinders. They're everywhere and everyone likes to put their garbage in them. But like in Pathalogic, sometimes there's gold in these dumpsters! (In KOTOR it's grenades) Plasteel is a cheap readily available material in Star Wars, it's a steel-plastic hybrid. A mix of iron and polymer powders typically compressed into shapes, plasteel's not gonna stop a blaster bolt but it will make a competent enough barrel for your garbage. And after you compress it you can re-smelt it into whatever else you fucking want, it's a hunk of plasteel after compression and a little bit of melting isn't gonna transform it back into powder or liquid goop. (A LOT of melting will cause the latter to occur)
Open file (174.78 KB 873x381 Zabrak Tystel.png)
Open file (59.48 KB 451x714 Iridonian.jpg)
Open file (3.94 KB 48x48 quadranium.png)
Next up is actually a cultural/species specific metal, dubbed Quadranium by Republic researchers the gold-brass-bronze (depends on the processing, tempered Quadranium is known to be more yellowy than your average orange-bronze ingot) a marvel of Zabrak metallurgy that they're awfully fucking proud of, Quadranium is cool. One of the most robust and capable alloys in the galaxy, Quadranium (quad because of the 4 elements Zabrak metallurgists use to create it) can be used for everything from construction to blasters to blades and excel in each. The zabrak have been making armor and buildings out of this shit for centuries and for good reason, it's not just tough but supposedly pretty straightforward to make, evidenced by the fact that the Zabrak's Outer Rim colonies have this metal out the fucking ass. Problem is that the Zabrak aren't exactly about to part with their metallurgy guild's trade secrets without a fight, and while Republic researchers have managed to get their grubby hands on some of it they're still not sure if A: how to fucking replicate it B: if replicating it is worth it, from what they can tell a LOT of work goes into a single kilogram of this stuff. It's a fucking wonder how the Zabrak have managed to create so much of it and why they've stuck to using it. Like I said earlier quadranium's color tends to shift towards the yellow end the more you heat treat it. Final stage annealed quadranium can be used for just about anything and is most valuable as armor and weapons, typically armor will be cold forged into the shape of whatever you to have an ideal grain flow before being tempered using zabrak space magic to ensure hardness and thus peak performance. tl;dr If you see orange-bronze quadranium, it's softer and more ductile than yellow-gold quadranium (which is harder but slightly brittle)
Open file (4.38 KB 48x48 agrinium.png)
Open file (3.93 KB 48x48 Alusteel.png)
>inb4 you already posted that agrinium image how'd you do it again?! doth not protest, bitch nigga Agrinium is an aluminum-based alloy with notTungsten and is really good at energy absorption. Originally used for ye olde Solar Sail-era spacecrafts to make their sails more radiation resistant (same story for deep-space repair droids plated in the stuff) the agrinium market's taken a huge hit as energy shielding has stolen it's spot in starship design, it turns out that having a power-hungry battery-devouring box project a space autism circle around you is much cheaper than plating your entire ship bow to stern in agrinium, who'da fucking thunk. Agrinium's found itself a niche in the blaster market though, as the black gorilla niggers at BlasTech realized it's energy absorption capabilities make it ideal for solving the scourge of the overheating blaster barrel without having to improve any other system whatsoever. Next up is Alusteel, which actually is cool because it's a very recent (barely created before the Mandalorian Wars) material that came about as a result of the Durasteel project, essentially being a much more expensive but infinitely more capable and resilient version of durasteel. New Game+ durasteel (Alusteel) is just durasteel that's been processed a little differently and has a few more elements crammed into it. Essentially you can take the best grades of durasteel, make it a little bit denser, and make every single property at least four tiers better. It's also ten times as expensive as durasteel.
Open file (900.00 KB 799x805 bondite.png)
Open file (12.77 KB 350x350 I beam.jpg)
>>3699 Now you might be thinking, "why is this dumb nigger talking about steel who the fuck care-" I mean, "why hasn't this dumb nigger brought up durasteel yet is it on purpose oh God I can't wait to read what he has to say about metal some more wooo!" And yes it is on purpose. Picture this, the Republic's metal industry is a fucking mess. There's millions of morons making construction-grade metal and weapons grade steel out the ass, any shred of supervision by a senate appointed body (like a metallurgy guild or a space EPA) has been whittled away by carefully worded and carefully paid for bills by carefully bribed senators and even chancellors suffering chronic reelection pains. This effects everything, as shipmakers are forced to either play Tionese Roulette and test every steel on the market (a task their great grandchildren MIGHT finish) before settling on a reliable grade from a reliable mill (Who could go tits up at any moment and get bought out by a Neimoidian corporation and begin making cast metal parts, I fucking hate cast metal) OR do the big brain move and make your own materials, of course you can do that until you yourself go bankrupt because the scheming Dresselian merchants who sold you vanadium at great bargain began slipping carvanium in the shipments and your products suddenly become so fucking brittle that somebody dies when they fire up the Allah-fearing engine unit suicide bomb you unwittingly made for them. Now I'm going off the deep end here but you get the idea, a fucked up and unreliable steel sector fucks over everybody else, from construction to vehicles to weapons. If you want a real world example look at China, who's fucked up industries create metal hammers that bend backwards when swung, steel bolts that twist and sag when sneezed on, and cell tower booms that fracture and collapse when you attach a twenty pound radio to and depopulate the rusty playground below it. A ferrous alloy called Bondite was the most prolific of these metals, a senate-backed charter for metal factories across the Republic to create the frames for everything from i-beams to blaster nozzles led to such a fuckup that over a dozen worlds threatened secession after the new water tower collapsed and flooded three boroughs or the nuclear water boiler's water line broke and contaminated an entire megacity's water supply and now the new generation of nikto ghetto trash are growing extra limbs. A party celebrating the efforts of an entire sector's worth of worlds gets crashed (literally) as the newly commissioned space yacht's dampeners fail along with the engine deck's bondite bulkheads, ripping the entire ship in half when the hyperdrive was engaged. Xaart, a roofer from the world of Dagary Minor swung his hammer into a bondite nail and compacted said nail into a ball of metal and compacted the back of his hand into a ball of bruised organic fleshbag appendage. Luckily the hammer he was using was also made out of bondite, and it's head flattened upon touching his hand. You get the idea. Bondite sucks, an unregulated metal industry sucks, and relying on it for a moment is going to lead to you chewing on concrete like a duracrete slug and wishing you were a mindless mollusk instead of a sapient being standing on top of some groaning bondite i-beam three hundred meters off the ground. Enter Chancellor Tol Cressa of Eriadu and his Durasteel project. Huge reforms in the Republic steel sector aside, the Durasteel Project was a big brain nigga plan to create a simple, affordable, and universal steel that could be produced anywhere in the galaxy and still be used for just about anything (while being carefully regulated by Republic officials and inspectors) was a bold move. Effectively creating a state-backed alloy industry, the Durasteel project experimented with every process and element known to the Galaxy at the time, specifically to try and replicate the properties of Zabrak Quadranium without violating their manufacture patents and offending the head-horns' autism.

Message too long. Click here to view full text.

Open file (259.32 KB 675x1114 this kills the mouse.png)
THE VERMIN IS DYING Stormtrooper 09/16/2020 (Wed) 17:08:46 No.3574 [Reply]
https://archive.md/pICww 91% YOY, from $5.4 billion to $460 million
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Open file (175.42 KB 896x1270 Mockey.jpg)
So pic related is finally a reality?
>>3659 >There will be yuge class-action + burnlootmurder riots at Disney corporate We can only hope.
>>3671 Considering all they layoffs, being cutoff from foreign tourists, and the massive spending for FOX, its not looking good.
>>3659 >An unusually high proportion of the layoffs were blacks I'm gonna spread this rumor as far and wide as I can. If it turns out to be true, Disney gets burned down. If it's false, all the idiots going on about "hwite privilege" get discredited. It's win-win.
>>3575 It's a vast communist, Jewish, capitalist, fascist, liberal, conservative, white, satanic, catholic conspiracy, I tell ya.

Webm thread Stormtrooper 12/02/2019 (Mon) 08:28:03 No.571 [Reply]
Post them webms
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Open file (828.24 KB 1864x731 goodbye.png)
Goodbye Star Wars. Stormtrooper 05/04/2020 (Mon) 00:53:35 No.2959 [Reply]
It is the end of an era, the final bastion of pre-disney wars comes to an end today, and on may 4th of all days, which is appropriate i suppose. Say what you want about the Clone Wars but it was the final remnant of the old Star Wars, the bridge between the old and new, and with it's conclusion comes the conclusion of the old good ways. It was a little disappointing to be honest. The ending gave off this vibe of hopelessness and sorrow and like something good has come to an end. Which is fitting because it is true, both in their universe and in real life, so that's it, that is the end of the old Star Wars. It's gone now forever… I don't mean to sound like a dramatic soyboy faggot over a fictional universe, but yeah that is the end of pre-disney Star Wars. whether you were one of the first to see it in the theaters those 42 years ago or you grew up with the prequels It has been a wild ride and an honour anons. I know i am going to sound like a fucking cringelord for what i am about to say but i thought it would be the only proper way to sign off and say goodbye to a franchise that filled our childhoods with joy. May the force be with you, always.
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>>3051 Petsnew? Well, if you are Petsnew, I hope you're doing well.
>>3053 I'm not the anti-gun BR, but you are half close in the sense that I know about his twatter account. But I haven't kept active tabs on him in over a year, and I only checked on what stupid shit he was saying again because of the new video. Hell at this point the only reason I'd care about what he says is if he gets off his ass and makes a higurashi video where he gets everything about it wrong.
>>3046 Damn right. I've run into some hurdles but haven't given up. It may take a decade though. Hopefully disney will be dead by then, or at least have relinquished their grip on Star Wars. It'll be a fun place.
>>2959 >the final bastion of pre-disney wars kys furfag
Star Wars will live on, but it's up to us the anons to carry the torch. hopefully we can re-organize, and at least get Baobab Archives up and running finally (ie a SW wiki with no Disney allowed).

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