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Fuck Disney.

Open file (191.29 KB 720x719 vong wish.jpg)
Star Wars memes & images Stormtrooper 10/19/2019 (Sat) 18:13:01 No.152 [Reply] [Last]
What the title says. Post any and all SW memes and images you have in this thread.
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>>3561 Now this is pure autisum.
>>3561 /sw/ is cool again.
Open file (449.38 KB 500x276 twicum.gif)
>>3590 Based

Original Drafts Stormtrooper 12/27/2019 (Fri) 15:05:16 No.1351 [Reply]
Here we can talk about all the funny, nonsensical and outright bad decisions Lucas had made on his drafts of the original six movies and how they were salvaged by people he had hired to unfuck his ideas. The birth and refinement of good ideas and how they came to be added into the movies is also welcome. >Ford famously told George Lucas, concerning the clunky dialogue in "Star Wars," "George, you can type this shit, but you sure as hell can't say it."
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>>1581 Mace Windi was one of many names created in pre-production, like Starkiller. It wouldn't have been Mace Windu the eventual character.
>>1618 That's what I meant to say, but the idea of Windu surviving RotS and later meeting up with Luke and Obi-Wan on Tatooine sounds like a neat "what if"
>>1576 This the idea the bunch of dwarves could ever fight an army of 6' ubermensch is retarded beyond belief.
>>1581 I don't know anything about that, I know originally that the protag was supposed to be called Starkiller and he was supposed to be an old man and a general.

Open file (400.94 KB 1237x644 Screenshot_2020-08-29.png)
Stormtrooper 08/28/2020 (Fri) 21:53:41 No.3463 [Reply]
>Daisy Ridley struggled to find work after Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker But how can this be?
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Open file (300.53 KB 1024x261 shittiedr.jpg)
>>3512 If it is tell him to make better content rather than peddling lies he thinks people want to hear. It's over, Star Wars post disney purchase is dead & there is no going back as realistically it would take a second depression to ruin disney or a civil war to remove the people that actually control culture from the media & other institutions. >>3509 They test things in secret for years before rolling it out publicly.Hidden trannies as a psyop is highly probable in CY+5.
>>3513 Tell him yourself.
>>3506 I wouldn't be surprised if she's a hermaphrodite tbh.
Truth be told I think she got a job only because of casting couches. Because I saw her performance in that shitty remake of Murder on the Orient Express and it was bad.
>>3591 >I think she got a job only because of casting couches No shit.

Open file (10.02 KB 202x249 sss.png)
Stormtrooper 09/09/2020 (Wed) 19:51:38 No.3537 [Reply]
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Qi_sI9CeNQ&t=324s&ab_channel=StarWarsTheory Fucking lol, Only now is he coming to his senses and realizing that it was all complete dog shit. He wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt so bad it was painful. Hopefully this finally breaks him free from his Disney-cuckery.
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>>3537 >direct linking >cant even make webms
>>3543 >doubling down kys
Open file (157.28 KB 299x379 Faggots.png)
>>3544 >>3545 Whatever man, whatever.
>>3537 I think he's done this before. I wouldn't be surprised if when Mandalorian season 2 airs he goes back to sucking mouse cock.
Open file (19.68 KB 685x695 yyy.jpg)
>>3555 Women & soys follow propaganda trends until they become completely and thoroughly despised by everyone that they are forced to drop it.What else is new? >>3555 Of course because the multinational billion dollar corporation known as disney is the good guise fighting the ebil KKKs of the world don't you watch any of the thousands of media properties that tell you how great disney is?

Open file (1.95 MB 1920x800 haha.webm)
Meta pottery Stormtrooper 12/22/2019 (Sun) 07:00:45 No.1134 [Reply]
>prequels divide the fanbase >prequel shills cry that they are kino because of the low audience scores >sequels divide the fanbase >fans of the prequels and series cry they are shit because of the low audience scores >wait about 5 years and sequel fans will be asserting that the sequels were pleb filtered and prequel tier kinos which will make certain Star Wars fans go insane >meanwhile the most retarded star wars fanbase cooms over baby yeed garbage Best Star Wars timeline?
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>>1134 >prequels divide the fanbase Not really, only normalfags ever disliked the Prequels and who gives a fuck about what normalfags think. >prequel shills cry that they are kino because of the low audience scores What? >sequels divide the fanbase Not really, only normalfags ever liked the sequels and who gives a fuck about what normalfags think. >fans of the prequels and series cry they are shit because of the low audience scores Not really, only normalfags care about scores, sequels are objectively shit by any standard whether you like the prequels or not. >wait about 5 years and sequel fans will be asserting that the sequels were pleb filtered and prequel tier kinos which will make certain Star Wars fans go insane What? >meanwhile the most retarded star wars fanbase cooms over baby yeed garbage okay... What a shit thread, how did you even find this board, cuckchan is the other turn.
>>1134 >prequel shills cry that they are kino because of the low audience scores heh
>>3473 >bringing random video game russian scores into this Cringe
Open file (3.31 MB 2081x3085 rlm_vs_non-rlm.png)
>>3508 >cringe >based >redpilled >bluepilled >seethe/seething >rent free >dilate >zoomer/boomer/doomer/etc. >obsessed >have sex >yikes >cope >soy >onions >oof >that's gonna be a(n) x from me

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Open file (22.09 KB 640x480 1444884616623.jpg)
>>3508 >le russian bot maymay Absolutely disgusting on your part.

New Board Stormtrooper 09/30/2019 (Mon) 22:57:12 No.2 [Reply]
Are we going to get our threads ported over from vchan? And will we eventually go back to 8chan?
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people said the same thing about faggots
there's an essential difference between those who are mature enough to handle sex and are capable of giving consent, versus those who are not.
Open file (55.79 KB 1126x634 b9mmv5drtju11.png)
>when you're mature enough to die for Israel but not raise a family oH sAy CaN yOu sEee...
>>3480 You seem lost friend
>>3480 Yuros would just eat the shit plain.

Open file (146.23 KB 750x1104 sw ea.jpg)
Star Wars Vidya Stormtrooper 11/29/2019 (Fri) 03:45:34 No.498 [Reply] [Last]
Let's have a thread about /sw/ video games anons, what're you playing now? any good mods out? do you have a favorite genre or style of game? do you have a favorite lucasarts pre-game logo gimmick?
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>>3447 You think? Of all the star wars games, this is the one that is almost unplayable.
Open file (24.54 KB 500x375 1469418207638.jpg)
Are the normalfags hating on Star wars Sims 4 pack?
>>2074 Rogue One and Dark Forces aren't in the same universe.
Open file (4.23 MB 714x294 0-771.webm)
>>2340 >I mean we haven't gotten to the point of pulling a star destroyer out of orbit
Open file (17.86 KB 146x187 1443124163336-0.png)
>>3471 >set up to have an amazing space battle >rebel scum jump into orbit >start shooting everything up >the empire takes a shit load of time to deploy their tie fighter squadrons >no tie bombers >only the small ships are shooting shit up, capital ships of the empire and rebel scum are doing nothing at all >disable a star destroyer >oh, i bet they are going to destroy their guns or something >mfw webm related happened There were a lot of retarded shit in that movie, but that takes the cake.

Open file (611.18 KB 1861x1209 cutaway (1).jpg)
Open file (4.20 MB 2923x1978 cutaway (2).jpg)
Open file (4.74 MB 2927x1979 cutaway (3).jpg)
Open file (4.95 MB 2978x2094 cutaway (4).jpg)
Just a dump Stormtrooper 12/01/2019 (Sun) 01:16:14 No.523 [Reply]
I think I might actually be missing quite a few of these if anyone has the rest.
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I wish there were detailed diagrams like these that only point out the armaments of each ship, where they're located, and how many there are.
That seems to vary based on which source you use.
>>531 Anyone got cutaway (19)? The pic is missing.

Open file (59.64 KB 500x370 e58.jpg)
Stormtrooper 08/04/2020 (Tue) 20:23:58 No.3237 [Reply]
>they will apologize now
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>>3339 I just started assuming anyone that works in (((hollywood))) or (((the entertainment industry))) in general are some kind of sex criminal until proven otherwise.
Open file (473.44 KB 375x215 1454109085775.gif)
>>3335 >Nah, Spielberg is too old for that shit. >>3339 >(((Spielberg))) is a pedo Pedowood stricks again.
>>3339 >mfw the kids in the movie got molested by jews in the back stage
>>3349 Spielberg is too powerful. The man is untouchable within Hollywood and he's probably got the most child-sized skeletons in his closet out of anyone in Hollywood.
>>3369 >back stage >implying that kikes have to hide that they rape goyim children in pedowood

Open file (20.39 KB 2050x600 TOR Revisioned.png)
Stormtrooper 10/03/2019 (Thu) 02:15:58 No.42 [Reply] [Last]
What is this? The fourth of these threads I've made?
Here's for hoping it'll be one of the last, eh anons?
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Open file (553.30 KB 945x870 Before and after.png)
Open file (22.19 KB 340x340 Republic army dorks.jpg)
Open file (457.91 KB 816x1024 bits and things.png)
Open file (23.78 KB 320x550 Scorch.jpg)
>>3201 I made my own little before and after of one of the designs they chose to go with, I liked this one because it had a bit of uniqueness because it was made to resemble the Alderaanian retard helmet guys instead of just being a Phase 2 ripoff. I also fucked around with the Visor, because the T-shape is on Clone stuff as a nod to Mandalorian armor and I have no clue why Republic artificers would put it on there, I changed the visor to look like the ones for these Republic soldiers from the Galactic history videos talking about the Mandalorian Wars. It's orange and semi-translucent, allowing you to see the face of the person behind the helmet. (Like how George designed Rebel costumes to have visible faces to make them human) I also added a backpack, ignore the funky blob in the bottom right it doesn't exist. The backpack came from the Republic commando backpacks they wear, specifically Scorch's, and the old Rocket-jumpers Corps. The backpack's primarily a shield generator, but also can assist in arresting high-velocity descents so that the poor idiot inside the tin can stays alive rather than being turned into campbell's tomato soup.
Open file (313.95 KB 513x556 rocket jumpman.jpg)
>>3202 Look at me go, forgetting about the fucking rocket-jumper image
Open file (1.40 MB 1681x2110 DLA series.png)
Open file (186.07 KB 1280x720 Maxim.jpg)
>>3203 Another thing is blasters. In my KOTOR-era threads I talked about the DLA-7, a simple, powerful, but most importantly cheap rifle that was practically MADE to break so you could slap on the aftermarket repair bits and survive a whole campaign with a frankenstein blaster brought back over and over gain from the dead so you could shoot the badman Belkadan or Tionese secessionist for wrongthink. This newest brand of BlasTech autism would be the DLA-12, but this time it's an entire weapons platform built around the same receiver. There's the pistol, it's small, it's gay. With a tinier and bitchier chamber, it's perfect for Republic officer FOBbits that like to put their guns in their mouth because they can't do cool stuff like battle Rattataki pirates or police Ryloth's underground red light districts. Next up's the rifle. It's a blaster rifle designed to not melt its insides by using cleverly positioned vents, like the ones right below the fucking scope that totally won't that expensive piece of equipment, and the emergency one placed in the perfect spot to put Count Dooku out of the job and remove your hand for you. (To be fair, it's an emergency one you have to jump through a couple of lever hoops to activate. It's a last ditch sort of thing to save the weapon after you just overcharged it putting down that scary Zeltron hooker you didn't wanna pay) Then there's the long-dong version for species with tiny wangs such as Rodians, Weequay, and Muuns. It's designed to be a marksman's rifle or your squad's automatic weapon for when your sergeant would prefer YOU to melt your gun's guts rather than the whole squad doing it. Another important feature is at the end of the barrel, a beam disperser that goes the extra mile to make sure the retarded Nikto conscripts don't liquefy the gun. This limits it's range, penetration, and stopping power, but does wonders for keeping the gun working. >wood panels VS black panels That's just a little lore thing I tossed in, having wooden bits on the gun you want to hand out to your galaxy-wide army is dumb, but when the weapon trials were being done on Alderaan BlasTech's big brained muunitic shareholders hat the clever idea to make the paneling resemble local Alderaanian lumber, specifically the pine wood native to the Glarus Valley. The first 6,000,000 gorillion units had this fake wood shit, all models manufactured afterward were given BlasTech's signature cheap polymer stuff that totally doesn't melt in the sunlight just make sure not to put it on your dashboard space goy Next up we got what is TECHNICALLY the DLA-13, but it's not on any military market, and is instead only produced for the Sith military. The Sith's blaster platform is what the Republic WISHED they got. A bit more expensive, (that's was a very liberal usage of 'bit') a whole lot cooler and better-er, the Sith came packing serious heat when Vitiate came a calling. Where the DLA-12 has a beam disperser that adds to the weapon's longevity, the Sith went in the other direction and added a beam narrower that's does the direct opposite, allowing the blasters to considerably punch above their weight. Also a maxim gun-esque cooling shroud nullifies the need for the vent autism on its predecessor, so the only true vent the blaster has is that little gas rod thing poking out underneath the barrel. The blaster also has a collapsing stock, that's cool right?

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Heyyy, it's still alive. Did you make sure the rest were archived?
>>3226 No. A lot of the things I write about I brainstorm in text files before posting, older stuff I did this less frequently with and that's why it was so prone to changing. Nowadays I'm actually gonna indirectly archive all of my stuff by just writing about it for myself, both spitballing and cementing ideas, before even posting them here. Writing things feels weird for me right now, it's just my autism drilling a hole through my already lackluster work ethic for this stuff. expect more posts soon

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