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Fuck Disney.

Stormtrooper 07/05/2020 (Sun) 11:07:17 No.3137 [Reply]
https://8chan.moe/wholesome/ Also please fuck my face!
Edited last time by bordothehutt on 07/22/2020 (Wed) 10:56:06.
Open file (300.85 KB 1600x1200 Imperial_Scout.jpg)
>>3140 I'm bumping the thread to spite you. >>3137 >wholesome Fuck off back to twitter.
Can someone make a wordfilter for wholesome already so this attention whore on Marks garbage dump can fuck off?

Stormtrooper 06/01/2020 (Mon) 11:27:49 No.3078 [Reply]
>URRAH >he chokin' him! >that tusken boy need some water!
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Open file (565.88 KB 2061x2300 tyronus.jpg)
>>3152 Nikto are dumb as bricks and stupid sand people as well, and they're the most prolific henchmen of sleazy jewtalian hutts.
>>3151 >Some nigreses are fuckable You do realize that's like saying some dogs are fuckable, right?
>>3160 Well, if it's purty....
Open file (411.90 KB 936x1407 nerd autism.png)
>>3078 >Imperial Reclamation Service negotiating with the natives of Tatooine's wastes (Circa. 11 A.T.C.)
Open file (15.49 KB 236x355 neat.jpg)
>>3169 Absolutely based

Open file (21.57 KB 400x400 -HgIfO06_400x400.jpg)
Stormtrooper 05/15/2020 (Fri) 04:59:08 No.3059 [Reply]
Is he based?
Open file (203.37 KB 224x604 Chad Larken.PNG)
>watching Star Wars Theory >when Manda-lore exists
>>3059 He sucked Disney cock, got screwed over after they C&D'd his Vader movie, went crawling back to them after a fake apology spurred only because of backlash and still tries to pretend nothing's wrong, usually acting as an indecisive fence sitter. >>3063 This
>>3063 Shit, i never knew about this guy, thank you for telling me about him.
Open file (242.65 KB 680x680 starwars cuck.jpg)
Open file (109.84 KB 300x300 3.png)
>>3059 Not Based in anyway

Open file (17.74 MB 720x304 output000.webm)
Webms taken from: https://mega.nz/#!klgiBSTY!xoG81AXglBjYFkCuHVhCf-Y4mbvUCyMNnuyK6TflJnI It's a 1GB download and in higher bitrate than the webms. Enjoy!
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>>1375 What a fucking disgrace.
Open file (557.02 KB 299x192 107.gif)
Is this really the best they could fucking do? What a travesty Disney's been.
>>1069 I really wish someone would sheevpill him. I'm not a normalfag so I don't use twatter, but I'm sure some here do.

Open file (77.16 KB 720x720 1586043480838.jpg)
Stormtrooper 04/30/2020 (Thu) 01:00:53 No.2935 [Reply]
What is /sw/ planning to do now that it has been announced julay will be heavily cutting down on boards for the re-launch? Have we already made a bunker to move to if we are not one of the chosen to stay?
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GOOD NEWS /sw/ stays on julay >>>/meta/10485
Open file (194.61 KB 222x314 Happy Hutt.png)
>>2950 >tfw you lived to see what its like to be one of the chosen BASED
Open file (57.63 KB 746x739 sad-kot.jpg)
>>2951 >>2950 >/sw/ stays on julay tfw Robi changes his mind the day before Julay goes down and /sw/ is kill
>>3072 Wait what
>>3073 Anon was posting a hypothetical. The current situation is fine.

Stormtrooper 05/03/2020 (Sun) 20:30:56 No.2952 [Reply]
In honor of becoming one of Julay's Chosen, let's post some happy merchants of the Galaxy.
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>>3044 George was victimized and ostracized as a racist by Hollywood elites because of Jar Jar and Watto despite any claims being subjective. The only reason they were offended so much over Watto is that maybe it reminded them of what they're actually like behind the whining and limelight.
>>2952 Are republic credits the /sw/ equivalent of shekels? Any other (((currencies))) more appropriate?
>>3054 Probably truguts, because they're actually worth something. Republic credits are just a worthless fiat currency for the goyim to use.
>>3054 Considering Watto only accepts Truguts I'm figuring those are the shekels.

Open file (126.79 KB 564x1136 Big Brains.jpg)
Stormtrooper 05/04/2020 (Mon) 02:16:26 No.2965 [Reply]
Who is the biggest superbrain in the universe and why is it Vul Isen?
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>>2971 Do you think you could make a Killik nest devolve if you gave them someone retarded enough?
Open file (74.89 KB 1024x595 hivemind.jpg)
>>2997 They would have to be phenomenally stupid. Almost on a cosmic scale. Either that or they would have to be incredibly stupid but also have an incredibly strong will. What creature could possibly have an anti-IQ yet have the will to overwhelm an entire nest colony?
Open file (80.65 KB 1920x1958 Rebel Scum.png)
>>2998 Your average Rebel scum, easily.
>>2969 >Columi FRAUDS
>>3024 We wuz Celestials n sheit

Open file (104.86 KB 1152x864 patrickhand.JPG)
Stormtrooper 05/05/2020 (Tue) 20:54:02 No.3003 [Reply]
Who was Jason Ward before he was revealed to be a typical male feminist? I keep seeing updates about the disaster of him being so heavily affiliated with Disney's shills I have no idea on who he was beyond just a sexual predator.
Open file (183.10 KB 1152x864 dnahkcirtap.jpg)
>>3003 1. I don't give a shit about e-drama. Only fags care about e-drama. 2. I don't give a shit about some fag jerking off with some horny 14-year-old in some skype call. Only fags care about e-drama. 3. Who cares who this nobody was? 4. What does ice hockey have to do with Star Wars?
>>3005 In some seriousness, he had something to do with some shitty disney shill site, which I only found looking him up and via his twatter page. I don't use twitter normally and I hope the said can be said for most here. But I would guess that you use twitter or some normalfag social media site since you somehow knew about this. Stop fucking using normalfag websites like twitter. This anti-social media attitude used to be the norm, but ever since 8chan and the like have been plagued with normalfags, it's somehow "okay" to use normalfag websites outside of the occasional troll raid, in which case you generally make them on the spot as temporaries.
He was just some shill who hosted a popular SW spoiler website to get people hyped for the films with leaked info. He got too popular and started taking advantage of the dumb Disney kids that followed him. Now one of the most obvious tools has been pegged.
>>3008 Disappointing. Was hoping he actually worked at Disney instead of just shilling for them.
>>3009 Well he had a lot of connections at Lucasfilm. Maybe someone will find a pedo roleplay chat between him and Rian Johnson or Pablo Hidalgo.

/toy/ - SW merch and other crap we want Stormtrooper 05/05/2020 (Tue) 02:06:21 No.2993 [Reply]
So let's discuss some merch shit like a bunch of proper basement dwelling hoarders. But seriously though I personally I feel this thread is a good opportunity to not only share interests and info on SW crap we want, but maybe also discuss the possibility of trades, selling or finding out where to acquire some good stuff. Whatever. And maybe even discuss custom figures as there are a few I'd like to share here later on.

May the 4th Stormtrooper 05/04/2020 (Mon) 10:43:29 No.2974 [Reply]
May the Force be with you all! And remember, Jedi philosophy is superior to Sith philosophy, and anyone who disagrees is a fedora-tipping pseud.
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>>2975 No idea if it's referencing something. I think it's just supposed to be a funny image, though I've seen those who thought it wasn't a joke, but those folk appear to be fairly moronic, so I don't think they're right. Even if they were, I would still find the image funny. Anyway, it's an old image, more than a decade old, and the earliest reference on TinEye is a JPG from SubDemon in a forum thread about attractive fictional characters, but without context of the post or the culture I'm not going to make assumptions, besides that it's irrelevant because it seems the original was an animated GIF, not a still JPG (i.e. the effects weren't put in by someone else years later). On the other hand, you have something like this, https://www.deviantart.com/novernil/art/Real-Jedi-204489926 , which I just found while trying to look for the source of that GIF. At first I thought this was a joke, but judging by this lady(?)'s account, it doesn't seem like a joke at all. But I saved it because it's still funny to me and I can pretend it's mocking fags or something.
>>2974 Death is a concept invented by the Jedi.
>>2981 I'd like him more if he didn't watermark his stuff like everyone feels the need to do nowadays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OlKmoApdok
Open file (60.38 KB 824x601 yoda_raep.jpg)
>>2983 And then I realized that was the wrong person, heh.
Open file (94.46 KB 1100x619 Darth Dennis.jpg)
Open file (18.52 KB 347x177 Darth Dennis zoom.jpg)
>>2980 Thanks for the info. Moving to May the 4th. IsnĀ“t weird that we are celebrating the birthday of something that is dead? At least I would though it would be if it was of a living being now gone instead of a long ago good saga now zombified.

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