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Fuck Disney.

May the 4th Stormtrooper 05/04/2020 (Mon) 10:43:29 No.2974 [Reply]
May the Force be with you all! And remember, Jedi philosophy is superior to Sith philosophy, and anyone who disagrees is a fedora-tipping pseud.
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>>2975 No idea if it's referencing something. I think it's just supposed to be a funny image, though I've seen those who thought it wasn't a joke, but those folk appear to be fairly moronic, so I don't think they're right. Even if they were, I would still find the image funny. Anyway, it's an old image, more than a decade old, and the earliest reference on TinEye is a JPG from SubDemon in a forum thread about attractive fictional characters, but without context of the post or the culture I'm not going to make assumptions, besides that it's irrelevant because it seems the original was an animated GIF, not a still JPG (i.e. the effects weren't put in by someone else years later). On the other hand, you have something like this, https://www.deviantart.com/novernil/art/Real-Jedi-204489926 , which I just found while trying to look for the source of that GIF. At first I thought this was a joke, but judging by this lady(?)'s account, it doesn't seem like a joke at all. But I saved it because it's still funny to me and I can pretend it's mocking fags or something.
>>2974 Death is a concept invented by the Jedi.
>>2981 I'd like him more if he didn't watermark his stuff like everyone feels the need to do nowadays. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7OlKmoApdok
Open file (60.38 KB 824x601 yoda_raep.jpg)
>>2983 And then I realized that was the wrong person, heh.
Open file (94.46 KB 1100x619 Darth Dennis.jpg)
Open file (18.52 KB 347x177 Darth Dennis zoom.jpg)
>>2980 Thanks for the info. Moving to May the 4th. Isn´t weird that we are celebrating the birthday of something that is dead? At least I would though it would be if it was of a living being now gone instead of a long ago good saga now zombified.

Stormtrooper 12/22/2019 (Sun) 07:47:21 No.1139 [Reply] [Last]
What's your own Star Wars story pitch? Movie, book, comic, game? Tell me your multi million dollar idea.
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Now that I think of it, the last centuries of the New Sith Wars are well fit for translation into Crusader Kings 2 as a mod.
>>1228 The Sith are even more flawed than the Jedi for anyone above the age of 15, or who aren't fedorafags. One of the great things about the Galactic Empire is it's atheistic, so I don't have to shit on it for its materialistic spiritual philosophy. The only downside to the Jedi is they're liberal ideologues*, although it's treated as more "knights if feudalism meant a form of democracy", that is, they're not really ideologues outside of what they profess to believe, often being critical of the system, much like how a knight may hold his liege lord in contempt but continue to fight for him as per the knightly way. Jedi protecting an empire would be a dream come true. *Where exactly is it stated that the Jedi are pacifists? Although they obviously prefer fighting only when absolutely necessary, I don't think they've ever been described as pacifists in the films. If they are, then that's another issue with them, but Sith ideology is so fundamentally broken (besides that the Force sees them as an unnatural element that disrupts the balance of the Force and therefore evil) that the Jedi will always be preferable.
>>2910 The thing about the Sith philosophy is that it can be reformed as seen with Khan and the Brotherhood of Darkness. They had the Republic completely on the ropes but fell into the same trap that Hitler did. Ruusan was their Stalingrad and I think that if they did not try to put all of their eggs in one basket and overextend their garrisons just to take one planet, they could have destroyed both the Republic and the Jedi Warlords.
>>2910 Here's how I see it. Jedi: -Repress personal interests in favor of supporting literally everyone. -Keep as many beings as possible alive regardless of their living/mental/physical standards. -Quantity over quality -Anti-eugenics Basically, say someone is born mentally ill and in agony every single day of their life. Jedi will advocate to keep that pitiful sack of flesh alive because muh Force in all things, muh living beings. Sith: -Personal interest creates strength, conviction, and drive -Living beings aren't inherently special unless they're useful or dangerous to you -Quality over quantity -Cutthroat environment leads to survival of the fittest, highly eugenic

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>>2910 >le edgy 15 year olds Bullshit. The Sith Empire is a pure and simple meritocracy. A core philosophy is literally "The strongest must rule if we're to survive". Jedi: -Will use the greater good to justify any and all of their actions Sith: -"Because I want/can" is more than enough justification.

Open file (929.94 KB 855x1025 TIE FIGHTER.png)
Why the TIE Fighter is a good ship Stormtrooper 01/15/2020 (Wed) 18:10:12 No.1841 [Reply]
Guaranteed Rebelboo Butthurt incoming Let me tell you fags why this ship is actually probably one of the best Starfighters of it's generation. For starters lots of retards tend to try and compare it to the X-Wing in an unfair comparison chart neglecting the fact that the ship is actually 20 years older than the X-Wing so they refuse to compare it to it's real competition like the R-41, Z-95 or even Y-Wing which for all purposes it absolutely dominates over. Most Rebel Scum tend to cite it's lack of shields. Most Rebel Scum before they got ships like the X-Wing ended up dead. For starters while it does lack shields, the TIE Fighter is known for taking a glancing hit or two but it's armor protection is not what it should be reliant on. The TIE Fighter for all purposes is a pair of powerful cannons strapped to a highly efficient engine that not only gives it considerable speed but lets it turn on a dime. A TIE Fighter in fact will out-turn an X-Wing in a dogfight and for the Rebel Scum that are unfortunate enough to not have the privilege of flying a toy payed for by spoilt senator daughters misusing daddy's trust fund money, well we have found none left alive to comment. Next what the uneducated masses wrongly criticise is the lack of life support and hyperdrive. They think this limits the ship's range but forget it gives it it's greatest advantage. Not only does it help reduce cost for a ship that is already remarkably cheap and easy to maintain, repair and replace, but it also helps to significantly reduce the energy signature of the craft. Many a deluded fool has found them suddenly descended upon by the Empire with virtually no warning and in nearly all cases the TIE Fighter has been granted the luxury of firing the first shot in an engagement, an advantage that cannot be understated. About the only thing you can truly criticise this piece of perfection for is that is now deserving a true worthy replacement to carry on it's legacy. Now with this information at hand, care to remind everyone why the TIE Fighter is bad again, you Rebel Scum!
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One advantage of the TIE model of cheap, mass-produced craft is not even about its role in combat, but its distribution among garrisons: granularity. The Empire didn't just need to mass its forces for decisive battles. In normal conditions it had to disperse them over its entire territory as a matter of maintaining control, not just to react to any threat but also to dissuade potential threats through fear and prestige. It was, of course, not possible to garrison every single system in the galaxy but a widespread presence was sought. This meant there were be massive garrisons on important systems but also microscopic garrisons in the remotest corners of the galaxy (e.g. Dosuun). Existing forces had to be split to occupy all of those garrisons. A large number of cheap craft is far easier to split than a small number of expensive ones. If, let's say, an ARC-170 is worth as much as 2 TIE Fighters in combat, then on a fleet massed for battle there's no difference between 1000 ARC-170s and 2000 TIE Fighters. But when it's time to man remote outposts on the Outer Rim, it is convenient to have the TIEs as some outposts will only need a few of them. 2 TIEs can go to separate hangars, a single ARC-170 cannot be split in two.
>capital ship drops into a system swarming with X-Wings raiding important infrastructure >scrambles its own X-Wings >Enemy X-Wings jump into a nearby system, and another, and another >capital ship and its fighter wing can pursue the enemy X-Wings and damage them hard in every system they flee to
>>1841 >About the only thing you can truly criticise this piece of perfection for is that is now deserving a true worthy replacement to carry on it's legacy. What?
>>1841 >have to fight in-atmosphere >get killed by your attempt at fancy maneuvering due to forgetting about absolutely disgusting aerodynamic characteristics This literally happens in several of the novels.
>>2899 If the X-Wing pilots have half a brain they would disperse to multiple systems though and further fracture with every jump. The capital ship can only follow one of the fleeing groups and would have to wait for jumping until all TIEs have embarked again.

Stormtrooper 04/24/2020 (Fri) 23:19:20 No.2891 [Reply]
Ugh, what could have been.
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Open file (652.75 KB 260x195 1587263166063.gif)
>but is enjoyable enough to at least be worth watching despite what underage autistics like to claim. TCW is not enjoyable in the least bit. It was quite frankly one of the worst shows I'd ever seen.
Open file (463.13 KB 1280x1001 1442805825679.jpg)
>>2900 How much of it have you seen? It's something that generally gets better as time goes on, especially in terms of the visuals.
>>2900 It was generally agreed to be decent on /co/ before /co/ went to shit.
Open file (248.89 KB 297x405 1571966158531.png)
>>2906 >latest episode >Ahsoka beats the Death Watch and then Maul unarmed, two forces even Kenobi had great difficulty with >gets better
Open file (152.41 KB 301x501 1584086994112.jpg)
>>2906 yeah no. Saw up to Season 4 and jumped ship. It was boring and the battles weren't even exciting-how are three or four ships fighting supposed to be thrilling? Gennedy wars managed four times more than that on screen and made the clone wars feel like an actual war. The 3d cgi nature of the show was also more of a detriment than a help. That's not even getting into Filoni's orange waifu fetish. >>2908 I'm not inclined to listen to a bored that proclaims adventure time and steven universe as recommended programming.

Stormtrooper 03/24/2020 (Tue) 20:39:15 No.2769 [Reply]
Hey does anyone have a copy of the revenge of the sith script the was used in the film? Rarther then the earlier drafts?
>>2771 that's definitely an early script, the opening scene has none of that dialogue https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZq53GloUhw

Open file (81.23 KB 506x722 Moff_Panaka.jpg)
Open file (114.36 KB 400x261 ChommellMidRim.jpg)
Open file (592.60 KB 2544x960 Pretor_mkII.jpg)
Stormtrooper 01/22/2020 (Wed) 00:12:50 No.2018 [Reply]
A while ago someone asked if anyone was willing to write lore about Moff Panaka and the resistance and ultimate defeat of the Empire in the Chommell sector. I do have some loose ideas on the topic, maybe they get too grimdark sometimes and I need a stronger basis in existing lore. From what we know he was appointed Moff shortly after the Senate was dissolved and ruled until only a few years after the battle of Endor. As a pessimist his style of military command should be cautious, and as the inventor of a successful decoy system he should know how to use deception against the enemy. He was loyal to the Emperor not just as his superior but also as his friend, and an orthodox follower of the New Order's principles. The story begins with his investiture as Moff. Palpatine himself is in Naboo and after the cerimonies they meet at Panaka's estates, where the Emperor receives a statue as a gift and promises to generously give whatever is necessary to keep the Chommell sector in order. At this point Panaka had spent prolonged periods far from his homeworld, which had changed considerably together with Imperial remodeling of the whole sector. Though Naboo superficially looked the same, it now housed a much greater number of off-worlders: Imperial bureaucrats, traders and a collection of university students, scientists and engineers: the planet was now a center of technological development for the military-industrial complex. Its technologies were used in a production chain made up of two other systems in the sector, which would also receive some lore. As there are several systems with next to no information they can be any of the other known systems in Chomell. Let's say they are Karlinus and Chommel Minor. Karlinus was long a backwater. Its idyllic, undeveloped plains were inhabited by a near-Human species organized into tribal fiefdoms which collectively rejected almost all external contact except for the trade in the eponymous tea. As order weakened into the late post-Ruusan period pirates and illegal miners began to visit the planet. A pro-opening faction among the fiefs negotiated with other systems in the sector to open up the planet for trade and limited settlement. Extensive mining operations were set up and eventually monopolized by the Trade Federation, which became hegemonic but ruled negligently and left the fiefdoms in place. Colonists slowly poured in. The indigenous population boomed and slowly modernized. The system was under CIS control in the Clone Wars but the Republic seized it with little resistance. Later a governor was installed and the planet fell into more enlightened and orderly rule with much investment into infrastructure and civil services. New indigenous elites with studies abroad arose, but found they could not rise further into the closed ranks of the off-world mining elites. They then became a hot spot of anti-Imperial sentiment and formed their own rebel groups against the Governor, off-worlders and traditional chiefs. This planet is a provider of raw materials. Chommell Minor is a densely populated urban world, not yet an ecumenopolis as it has vast oceans and wastelands but its cities already reach high into the skies. Though dystopian and decadent it has in the past two decades housed new manufacturing capacity. I haven't settled on which rifts in society produce conflict. There'd be criminal groups holding the lower levels which the Imperial governor desperately allies with when losing, off-worlders involved with manufacturing siding with Imperial rule, powerful local elites with maybe some of them being behind rebel activity and frontlines being more vertical than horizontal. With abundant support, the Chommell sector receives a large and modern fleet including a Praetor II, which serves as a flagship. The Rebellion launches hit-and-run attacks with small craft against military and economic infrastructure across the sector. Panaka's admiralty divides hyperlanes and systems into control zones (like quadrillage in the Algerian War), each patrolled by a garrison, and with its material superiority suppresses the insurgency down to a weak and tolerable level. Minor insurgencies pop up within the planets and in Naboo Gungan radicals harass the areas bordering their swamplands. As Boss Nass makes empty promises of holding them back they are kept in line with a heavy but soft-handed Imperial Army presence. Moff Panaka takes a lax attitude to civil life in Naboo, correctly assessing that though the traditional aristocrats are fond of a Republican style of rule they are too conformist and invested in the status quo to defy his authority. Within Human-populated Naboo there is no insurgency of note The Battle of Endor is a game-changer. Panaka is devastated by Palpatine's death, organizes a day of mourning and prepares a speech. However he failed to realize that in his free atmosphere radicalism had swept through the off-worlders involved in technology on Naboo. Instead of mourning the Emperor they flock to the streets of Theed to celebrate. Panaka hurries away in a Lambda shuttle. The Royal Security Forces, among them Gregar Typho's son as a high-ranking officer in Theed, fold and don't resist the demonstrations. An apparent political vacuum develops as protests spread and Gungans enter the cities. The traditional landowning families, believing the regime had already changed, join the off-worlders. Panaka orders Storm Commandos to forcefully retrieve the Queen from the Royal Palace before she can make a stand and she is kept in house arrest on the Lake Country. In a change of heart, he reflects on Tarkin's theories and chooses to crush the so far mostly peaceful uprising with an iron fist. The Imperial Army lays siege to Theed and moves in with AT-STs and other walkers for maximum psychological effect. Gunships hover ominously above and TIE Bombers drop leaflets. Some demonstrators, Gungans and Security Forces enter the Royal Palace, where surrender after a firefight with stormtroopers. After a few days Theed is pacified with hundreds dead, thousands under arrest and noticeable damage to valuable buildings. Panaka stands at night in a corridor of the empty Royal Palace, lit only through a broken window with its glass strewn through the floor, and ponders. Prominent noblemen are tried and banished or even executed. Gregar Typho's son publicly humiliates himself begging for forgiveness and invoking his father's name, but Panaka shows himself ice-cold and says no word. He is also executed. The Gungans also have to be dealt with. Panaka brings Boss Nass to a chemical weapons facility and tells him he wants to speak in frank and clear terms. He shows him intelligence reports that the Gungan radicals have official backing and threatens to attack the entire Gungan civilization if he does not stop all attacks. Nass feels insulted but has to accept. Panaka offers him a valuable work of art as a gift but Nass refuses. The swift and public annihilation of the protest movement successfully instills fear and Theed remains peaceful for the rest of his rule. However, it also builds resentment against him and the Panaka family among Naboo's aristocrats. During the siege of Theed some minor looting was done by the Imperial Army and though the artifacts were restored, the officers who allowed it to happen were too useful to remove; a handful of scapegoats were punished and the rest moved to other systems. A cover-up failed to hide everything and the incident worsened the reputation of Panaka, though he was not directly responsible.

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I like this write-up, Anon.
>>2048 I wrote this while sleepy, now I notice several typos. I've got some ideas for characters in this story. Though most of it would take place in Panaka's court there'd be two or three side characters in Karlinus, Chommel Minor and the navy to demonstrate what's going on in those places. The first is a near-Human in Karlinus, the second son of a traditional chief. Off-world colonists have plantations bordering their lands and they interact. His older brother studied in Naboo and supports the expulsion of off-worlders, seizure of mining assets, abolition of Imperial rule, integration into a new Republic and breakdown of the tribal system; as he pursues an urban career the chiefdom's succession is unclear. They have many political arguments. He remains as a civilian, trying to manage his lands while harassed by the conditions of the war -terrorist attacks, Imperial redistribution of population to controlled villages, landmines and so on. Later he is conscripted. As the end approaches his unit is set to redeploy to Naboo and he learns his father was killed by insurgents led by a rival family. On the way there's the convoy ambush I described, it's conducted by a New Republic battle group led by a Liberty-type Mon Cal cruiser. He takes part in a breakout attempt which comandeers a docked NR Corellian Corvette and arrives in Naboo, where he is one of the infantrymen who flee through the swamplands to Theed. He survives and is evacuated to faraway Imperial territory. The second is a dweller of the lower levels in Chommell Minor. Years before Panaka's investiture he joined the Imperial Navy both to build a career and because he despised the planet's ruling caste and hoped the Empire offered an alternative. He was quickly disillusioned. Despite hating what his position stands for and himself for taking it he cannot let go. Proving competent, he rises in the ranks and in the story goes from a weak ship (maybe a Bulk cruiser)'s captain to commander of naval forces at the border with the Quess sector. He is one of the pioneers of the convoy system. Near the end he has a distant link with an alleged plot against the Moff and is demoted to captain of his old ship, with his immediate subordinate tasked with keeping him in line. As the New Republic is about to launch its final assault on the Naboo system he murders his subordinate, arrests the officers most loyal to the Moff and relaxes crew discipline down to the level of a pirate ship. His men, many old comrades, cheer and spend a night in celebration. Due to the general chaos in the Imperial fleet he gets away with this, but he does not defect or flee. His ship takes part in a futile charge on the New Republic armada and is destroyed but he dies proud of himself and feeling in control. There could be a third character on the surface of Chommell Minor but I guess the second can sometimes arrive while on leave. I've also thought of Panaka's circle. He lost his wife years before becoming Moff, which reinforced his pessimistic and shut-in personality. His main relative would be his daughter. Wounds incurred during the Trade Federation invasion made her undesirable for marriage, and though a single and bitter woman she is deep within the social life of Naboo's upper class. She plays a role relaying to her father popular and elite sentiment of his rule. Gregar Typho's son is also close to him and Panaka is his godfather who favored him from an early age. This way his later execution has emotional cost. He acquires a lover, a beautiful but vain woman, when his rule is comfortable and lax. They break up after Palpatine's death when she complains of his actions and he deems her presence incompatible with an austere life devoted to the Empire. His top admiral is both a friend and a bitter rival. He favors an aggressive strategy, unlike the conservative Panaka.
>>2018 >>2072 So this is what happens when I don't pay attention to /sw/. Words fail me. Please return, you are a fine writefag. One suggestion I would make, however, is having some of Palpatine's arcane research sited in his old home, remade as what amounts to his summer house. There is a mysterious and grisly engagement with the Rebels there during the planetary battle, and disquieting rumors of strange military hardware come from the few survivors.
>>2835 I'm lurking, don't worry. The meeting at the very beginning can be at the Palpatine estates and already set up hints that there are secrets hidden there. I wonder what's the most practical way of writing this. No way I'm writing an entire proper narrative like a novel. Encyclopedic writing is the easiest, but even though it can be enriched with bits of minutes from meetings, records from diaries and biographies, contemporary pamphlets and manifestos, tables and graphs, etc. it can be dry. Something in the style of a historian's writing could remain exposition-heavy without being so dry. Numbers (armed and civilian craft, population, systems, personnel, naval tonnage, budgets) make it more serious but attention must be given to have them scale to what such a sector would have given existing lore.
Hope you write more outside of Panaka, I'd definitely be down with reading your ideas. I assume you've also posted in the Separatist Canon thread so I'll check that out too. It would be comfy to have a sort of fanfic repository for anons here.

Open file (20.05 KB 161x313 thispleasesmeslate.jpg)
Stormtrooper 04/20/2020 (Mon) 07:19:32 No.2858 [Reply]
http://archive.vn/swVUC Disney takes out 6 billion in new debt http://archive.vn/uXDVn Disney is losing 30 million every day 60 days of lockdown=Disney loses 1.8 billion. Even if the parks are closed for just 60 days, people avoiding crowded spaces (not to mention lack of disposable income to attend) is going to last much longer.
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>>2862 >>2863 >bankruptcy Bankruptcy doesn't mean that the company goes away (unfortunately), it just means they have time to liquidate assets to sort out debts. However, this blow and the Great Depression that's sure to follow might have a cascading effect where no amount of government bailout money will pull them out of the hole.
We should probably make a shitsney hate general. The board's starting to look like that's all that gets discussed about star wars.
>>2865 There's not much else to do since there's no new EU content other than Supernatural Encounters and Disney's new content sucks. All we can do is talk fanfiction in Separatist Canon, SW:TOR, discuss old topics and maybe mods in games. Fan communities are a bust to since they all broke up or went off to slob Mickey's knob.
P to piss on yidsney.
Open file (551.34 KB 1082x903 shitting on the mouse.png)

Open file (912.90 KB 3432x3417 Gar-Gar.png)
Stormtrooper 04/01/2020 (Wed) 10:01:31 No.2794 [Reply]
Where will you be, when the cat reveals himself?
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>>2841 Not as much as how much gibs are needed to power a nigger.
>>2841 Enough to create a galaxy-wide shortage and kickstart the Great Lasagna war.
[Rogue Squadron narrator] The GAR-GAR is the backbone of the Imperial Army's food supply corps. It can deliver over 20,000 boxes of frozen lasagna to Imperial troops on the front lines. But despite its role as a transport, the GAR-GAR still has powerful defenses including 2 heavy industrial firefighting hoses that spill lots of spaghetti all over the Empire's enemies. There are reports of Rebel tanks being disabled after having their cannons and drive systems clogged with the GAR-GAR's foodstuffs. It also has the unusual ability to attack by sitting on enemy units. When the GAR-GAR's designer was captured by Rebel commandos and questioned as to his peculiar design ethic, he replied only by devouring his entire meal in one bite and saying "That'll show Odie who's boss." [/Rogue Squadron narrator]
>>2851 Odie where are you when we need you?

Stormtrooper 03/11/2020 (Wed) 03:33:39 No.2720 [Reply]
If you could visit any planet from Star Wars, what would it be? Mine would be Mandalore so I could finally join the Mando way then kill and chill with the bruddas
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Dantooine. Mild weather, quite, peaceful, beautiful.
Open file (1.47 MB 1392x1296 Tatooine Palaces.png)
Every time I ask this question anywhere else, the answer is always the same "Tatooine". Seriously, aside from podracing what is the joy of going to such a barren shit hole? Murderous sand niggos, thieving little jawa rats, hutts and whiphids ruling the planet with a criminal iron fist, hot as Hell, nothing to do except racing and needlessly pulling daredevil shit because the inhabitants secretly want to die, filled with giant fucking dragons, monstrous sand plants that will keep you alive and digest you for a 1000 years, and even the colder underground is inhabited by naked creeps and angry molemen. Why would anyone want to go to the planet that every character from there, except Owen, wants to desperately leave?
>>2838 Also the Bomarr Monks. Don't get me started on the Bomarr monks.
Dac/Mon Cala would probably be an interesting place to visit, assuming you had the funds for a proper sub/were of some aquatic species and could get past the impending threat of global race war that always seems to be brewing. Sure, they're apparently great at opera- but just imagine what millennia of underwater civilization looks like!
Obroa-Skai. I would love to see what library in this world looks like, maybe they even have a rare book collection.

Stormtrooper 10/02/2019 (Wed) 09:15:12 No.27 [Reply]
Shops are open for business

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>>27 One order of Calamari, mashed juban root, and a Twi’lek waifu who will love me and be gentle to me until I die. Or just a Corellian ale.
>>27 Cup of joe and a ham sandwich please.
>>2481 >Corellian ale In a clean glass.
>>2497 CoreIlian als in a clean ass please.
Uhhhh, I'll take the Sheevros Davros + Sheev combo meal to go, please.

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