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Fuck Disney.

Open file (150.61 KB 1024x582 thank_you_filoni.jpg)
Stormtrooper 02/22/2020 (Sat) 17:14:28 No.2607
So the new episode of Filoni's Clone Wars cartoon came out. I implore you to watch it here rather than pay for that crap on Disney+ http://kimcartoon.to/Cartoon/Star-Wars-The-Clone-Wars-Season-7/Episode-1?id=96113&s=beta&pfail=1
They are going to sell a bomb to get food and supplies. Echo is the only one that changes his cloths, everybody else is dressing the same, because reasons. Then he gets sold like a slut to a xeno with a clank fetish, they should sell Omega instead.
We have our first strong female character, so strong that she can win against Hunter! Not be able to confront the Strong Female Character, Hunter calls for help. Gee, this whole drama wouldn't be happening if Omega had a communicator with her. And Echo steals some droids, how lucky! I hope the owner doesn't call the police, of course he won't! He was using restraining bolts, and those are evil.
Oh no! Wrecker lost against the Strong Female Character. After some stupid shit happens, Hunter flies to the rescue, and instead of shooting at the Strong Female Character, he shoots at one engine and then the other one too, rescues the damsel in distress and uses the fucking bomb that would give them food and fuel, to destroy the airspeeder that was already disable. And to top it all off, the Strong Female Character gives this badass look at the end. Isn't she great? Please buy the toys.
>>4473 I like how the chase scene is purposely choppy and poorly edited so you don't notice that they keep passing the same handful of buildings.
Open file (13.21 MB 960x540 chase.webm)
>>4479 Well I be damn, I see that same tower Omega was hanging on the left, I bet they made a half circle since you can see a wall in front of them in a few shots, so I guess they just made them start from A and go to B over and over again until they finished with the chase.
Open file (1.63 MB 960x540 communicator.webm)
Open file (2.40 MB 960x540 who is cid.webm)
Our brave clones embark into a new adventure, but first they give Omega her very own communication device, so that they can avoid the incident from last episode. It is crossair comm device, why didn't the clones give her that comm device before? STOP ASKING QUESTIONS! They start to look for a guy name Cid, they don't know how he looks like, but that is not stopping them, at the end they didn't find him so they give up on the drop of a hat and begin to hatch a new plan. Look! Omega knows that ugly reptile xenon is Cid! How did she knew? I told you to stop asking questions.
Open file (1.43 MB 960x540 slaves.webm)
Cid is another strong female character! And the SPECIALS forces think that everything is free, how silly!. Now they are bounty hunters mercenaries, because that is better and honest work than being an empire clone, right? Also, slavery is wrong.
Finally, some good old fashion special ops. Some shitty slavers are no match for this band of super clones. But wait! This shitty slavers have a flying lizard! Those poor clones didn't have a change. Now WHO is going to save them?
Mushi is a rancor HAHA! Good one feloni! Wrecker punching the shit out of the FEMALE adolescent rancor was the only good part of the whole show. And Omega found a slaver bow and is using it without anyone objecting against it, because that is not a cliche at all. Also that fallen xenon girl is cute, would buy her as a slave to headpat
It amazes me how everybody is acting retarded, from the clones to that filthy reptile xenon. On one hand you have the clones that can't find an old republic underworld contact, and they are still using their old republic special forces armor. Remember the disguise of echo? Is fucking gone now for no reason. And on the other you have this underworld contact that doesn't want to be found out, even thought she needs help to get a small rancor that is property of fucking Jabba the hut. Instead of giving the clones all the necessary information, she withhold it, for shit and giggles? It doesn't make fucking sense. And how those she act the whole time? like she is in control, the writers think they are writing a strong female character, but instead they are creating a retard. If they clones just left her alone, she would be dead, if the clones rescued the wrong thing, she would be dead, all because she didn't gave the necessary information. This whole situation is written in a way to make you believe that the clones were the ones in great need of help and not her. All this stupid shit is written in such a way to make you believe is engaging and funny. Look! the clones are in trouble! Look! Mushi is a small rancor! The writers can't make this shit interesting. They can't withhold information from the viewer, but make the clones know what they are after. They can't make conflict between the clones and the slavers interesting, without turning the clones into retards. I prefer to watch Star Wars: Resistance again, than this shit. I will continue to make webm though, for all of you.
>>4492 >It amazes me how everybody is acting retarded Why? A character can only act as intelligent as the writer.
>>4492 Thank you for keeping us informed of this show's retardation, trooper.
Open file (157.71 KB 1920x1080 45665487932.jpg)
>>4498 Just doing my part.
Open file (7.13 MB 960x540 wew.webm)
>>4493 You can say that again. <she is awesome! <how she accomplishes her goals, is really interesting >take Omega by the hand and hope the clones don't notice <VA had awesome thoughts on the design and how the hair works <WOAH Yeah! lets do everything you talk about >Remember to listen to womyn. <Fun and dramatic story telling >Omega can't die >Strong independent bounty hunter womyn wins against the super clones without much effort or outsmarting them <Fennec is streetsmart >She hopes that Omega to get lost, which she did, and later tries to slowly walk to her ship >Omega getting lost was not Fennec doing >Beats the 2 super clones by strength alone, didn't use 'streetsmart' to do it >Head writer doesn't know what streetsmarts means. <We really got to see how she schools them WEW. If they really wanted to do the whole "streetsmart" "fishoutofthewater" scenario. They could have made Fennec hire some underworld contacts in the city to help her fight the clones implying they will let a strong independent womyn ask for help. Hell, when the police arrives she could have bribe them or fake being a victim of an attack getting hunter arrested, implying they will let hunter get #metooed I hope they keep doing these interviews, hearing the writer perspective gives me more info on how retarded they are.
They're back. How long before normies realize that show is yet another disney shitshow? Faggot Star Wars theory is more and more non-hyped by it week after week lol.
Open file (337.72 KB 495x369 1430505128189.gif)
>>4513 >the two niggers that cockblocked feloni selfinsert are back >He is forced to add then into his show >mfw forever a cuck
Open file (11.82 MB 960x540 here we go again.webm)
>She trains now?! >See viewers? She is not a huge marry sue, she is training her bow skills, even thought she is already amazing at using a fucking blaster >I guess the kikes still think that girls using bows is popular >Being lucky is succeeding 3 times out of 12 >We haven't decided to work for you >Even thought we are hanging in your business and shooting up the place >The whole point of doing work for her is to get shekels and keep Omega safe >Until something more important than Omega shows up, but that is a bit spoilery for now >Strong female character lizard shows the other strong female character how to use the bow correctly >Isn't she amazing?
>This old trick? >It gets us past the planetary sensors every time This whole sequence baffles me, you are suppose to say that line the moment they glue themselves on that transport ship and enter hyperspace. If they really wanted to make the scene when they are passing the planetary sensors and enter the planet atmosphere, it should go like this >Tech: "We have passed the planetary sensors" >Echo: "This trick never gets old" Is like the one that write those lines and the ones that created the scenes are not communicating at all. >Omega: "What is that? Why is that? Who is that?" >Echo: "Let me explain the whole reason why we are here" They are treating kids that are watching the show like retards
>Let's take Omega with us in this dangerous situation >Omega stay here and keep an eye on things, you will be 100% safe here >Clones start to look for the command droid while stunning ALL the workers >Oh no! It is not going as planned! There is another group trying to steal our droid! >Yo...Huld up, kid! >Omega points an arrow at the thief >The first thing the thief does is to pop open her helmet, because how else will we she knows that the nigger means no harm? >The other accomplice walks directly to the bad batch, so what do they do? >Stun her immediately and take the droid for a swift escape? >Wait for something bad to happen? >You guess it! They wait for something bad to happen! >The nigger just want to talk so Omega... trusts her... >Omega is suppose to know other people intentions/feelings/whatever, one of her MANY special abilities, but in this specific case, it fails her, because story and drama >So what does the Nigger do? Try to steal her bow What did the writer mean by this? >And all hell brakes lose >Now those two need to work togheter to fight their way out of there! >But why would The Bad Batch™ need help from two nigger that are strangers, to fight fucking droids?
>Skipping some drama about Omega almost dying, getting rescued by the nigger and Wrecker getting his head hit for the Nth time, even though his helmet is suppose to protect his head >The nigger gets the fabulous idea of using the CIS droids to destroy the security droids, by telling the command droid to command it >Wait >Tech didn't come up with this idea? >Tech helps the nigger to modify the command droid help and lets the nigger, a total stranger, to command the command droid? >You mean that the droids that are being destroyed in the factory are functional? >They didn't remove the batteries? >They didn't take the blaster rifles from the B1 battle droids? >What the fuck? >WHAT THE FUCK?! >And just like that The Bad Batch™ escapes the factory and lets loose fully functional battle droids on the planet >Oh, I almost forgot, with just a few minutes of training, Omega is a total pro with the bow, even though, the strong independent lizard told her to get /fit/ to use the bow
>>4519 Also forgot to add, that the nigger and Omega are running right at the security droids without a care in the world and don't die under enemy fire. Fuck.
>How dare you take that tactical droid to an unknown person and make a profit to feed Omega and keep her safe! >We, the niggers, want that tactical droid for a gud cause! To fight against the Evil Empire™! >Feel bad The Bad Batch™! Feel bad! >I guess you are right, here take the only copy we have of the tactical droid, because I trust a complete stranger Cid will NOT get mad and never gives us a new job ever again >#trusther >#believeher >Niggers snitch on them to someone, I guess Bail Prestor Organa or a new strong female character It amazes me that the newest show is the shittiest, from The Clone wars all the way to The Bad Batch, they get to a new low, at least in SW: Rebels I got some starship action and rebel scum getting purged, but here? I get nothing. Hell I even dare to say that SW: Resistance had at least a proper story course, that was boringly executed, some pseudo racing that lead nowhere and Tamara Ryvora was an actual interesting character and should had been the MC instead, I know, shocking. Don't watch SW: Resistance
>>4521 >>We, the niggers, want that tactical droid for a gud cause! To fight against the Evil Empire™! That and the digsuting goblina from Solo, whom to be sure we'll see again in one form or another. They're totally making the rise of the rebellion like a racial uprising against evil whitey, even though they can't themselves and have to pozz the empire too.
>>4513 Not these lesbos again. I thought they were universally hated. Why the hell would he think anyone would want to see these dumb broads again?
>>4516 >kid you cant use this laser bow because of your weak noodle arms Then give the kid a fucking blaster then. Also who does target practice inside of a bar with a lethal weapon? And they're basically living there and shooting up her place, yet they claim they don't know whether they'll work for her or not even though they're wrecking her place?
>>4525 I guess (((disney))) forced him to add niggers.
>>4527 That's all on Filoni. He's the creative director.
>>4530 That was before he got promoted for being a good goy.
This thread is the last minute I give this shit heap of a franchise.
And we start this episode with some action, damn feloni knows how to do it good! To bad we don't get to see any of the mission at all, it would be far better than this episode, since is the most boring so far, but that would be spoiling too much. Our brave heroes finally finished their mission with success and what happens when they cash in? They discover that filthy xenon is ripping them off or maybe they are retarded when it comes about credits? Or is both? The only thing that I do know is that hey have done 10 fucking missions for an underground contact and they barely scrap by, they have turn into slaves, at least the Empire would feed them and cloth them. She rubs on their faces the fact that they gave the droid info to the niggers, now they are in danger of not be able to feed Omega. Why are they doing this? I know they think Evil Empire is bad, but is this any better? They have a fucking spaceship with the ability to go anywhere in the galaxy like the unknown regions or wild space, and the best they can do, or better yet, the best they can THINK of doing is working for a filthy xenon?
Open file (7.36 MB 960x540 remember Rex?.webm)
You see this whole scene and makes you wonder. Why is Rex there? He just wanted to have some drinks and shoot the wind? And the special forces are happy to comply. They start to ask questions like "How did you find us?" but never asked "Why?" The whole scene feels that he went there to kill them, because of the whole "muh evil inhibitor chips". But in reality it was all because of the plot, the story needs Rex there so he can help those retards to remove the Evil Chip from their heads. Also, Rex is using his fucking clone armor, maybe he was special too.
Open file (5.87 MB 960x540 jumk planet.webm)
Omega doesn't have an inhibitor chip and the gang accepts her word for it, she doesn't even answers Wrecker's "Why?" Feloni... are you trying to pull a fast one on me? Is Omega turning evil at the end of the season when Tarkin activates order 69? Nah! That would actually sound too good. Remember all that subtle exposition about Wrecker inhibitor chip? The hits on his head. His headaches. The construction of that head scanner thingy that we don't see episodes later. The fact that they don't give a single fuck about Wrecker headaches. Of course not! Because you wave it away as not important or were to invested in the main plot of the episodes to notice that elusive story arc. All that deep and emotional story telling climax is near, dear readers. Anyway, they jump into a junk planet full of military grade spaceships, with no disregard of planet sensors and the only thing guarding the planet from filthy scavengers that might steal high yield weapons are a bunch of guards driving around, guards that won't be relevant for the whole episode, until the last second.
Wrecker almost got eaten by a monster and the gang finds the medical bay. How are they going to turn on the medical bay without a fusion furnace? Well, that is easy, just flip the switch, the Venator is functional and with power, how lucky. Good thing the retarded logic from the other episode about the droids being fully fictional and armed still applies on this one. Then Omega tells the gang not remove their inhibitor chips, Feloni are you implying something here? Nah, he doesn't have the balls for that. And before they could do the operation this whole totally normal dialog happens in front of Wrecker. "You boys got lucky" "Very few clones were immune to the effects of Order 66" I guess the special forces are not that special "When the regs attacked the Jedi on Kaller, we didn't understand why" "We couldn't save the general, but at least we helped the padawan escape" And then Wrecker activates. Tech doesn't yell for help. Rex hesitates to shoot/stun Wrecker. Even though he was ready to shoot everybody back in the bar. And Wrecker starts to kick their asses, even though he is outnumber and got his ass kicked by a womyn in another episode. While kicking everybody asses, he forgets about them and moves on to the next target. Let me repeat that, he defeats every clone, does NOT kill them and moves to defeat the next one.
Small note: Omega makes a perfect warning shoot while using an oversize weapon and to add insult to injury she runs with not problems while holding that same weapon.
After stunning wrecker while he was busy trying to kill Omega, he gets his Evil Inhibitor Chip removed, but doesn't wake up. Feloni you wouldn't! Please let poor Wrecker live! He does. Shocking no one. And that is whole the emotional and roller coaster inhibitor chip arc ends. Feloni blew his load too early, if the normalfags are satisfied with this arc I wouldn't be surprised, since they will eat shit and ask for more Feloniverse. But is not all that bad, I liked the scene of Omega and Wrecker eating popcorn, it was sweet. Rex and Hunter talk about shit, and Hunter still doesn't know what to do with his life, what a shocker. Also, the Republic is not gone, it turned into the Empire, because the people voted for it. And the episode ends with the guards finally doing their jobs, by contacting the Empire, I guess they are lazy and retarded, since they didn't detect the Venator powering up and not wanting to fight intruders. Anyway, one would ask, "Is it possible to unfuck this whole arc?" I don't think is possible, since everything needs to be rewritten. If Wrecker got killed in this episode and later have Omega eat popcorn all alone crying, while wearing Wrecker's helmet, that could have an more emotional impact and push Hunter to be more proactive instead of going with the current. It wouldn't be great since the whole popcorn thing is introduced in the same episode, but at least it would be something. This whole season doesn't have purpose at all, there is no end goal, one would think removing the EIC is the goal, but they ignore it completely. Yeah, they talk about it, make a scanner for it, but all that wouldn't do shit to remove EIC if weren't for Rex helping them in the same fucking episode he appears. What is going to happen next? Well, I guess they will join the Resistance Rebels and fight the Evil Empire. Why? Because they are going with the flow.
>>4539 I mean why wouldn't a little girl be able to run holding a hunk of metal as big as she is? What are you a Trump supporters or something?
How did these morons rake up debt from eating too much?
>>4553 >rake up debt from eating too much? >20 popcorns >cost: 14 credits for 2 popcorns >140 credits in total They didn't actually, the whole thing is that Cid is a slaver, since she is "paying" for all those services and forcing them to collect debt. >docking fees >port charges >fuel >gear >rations >Cid not selling their asses to the empire One would think that Tech would be the accountant, taking care of the finances and credits, but no, the special clones can't into money. Here is a little detail that you might missed. The popcorn maker asks 14 credits to wrecker and he says to add it to Cid's tab. The thing is that this whole conversation doesn't make sense. They already bought 20 popcorns in different occasions, so the owner should know them by now, but since the audience are too retarded to understand or feloni is the retard one, they added that dialog to explain who is buying a lot of popcorn. They can't into subtlety.
>>4554 So they're enslaved and everyone is just too retarded to notice
>>4555 Those trips can't lie.
https://insidethemagic.net/2021/06/bad-batch-changing-order-66-th1/ Why do idiots keep pretending this shit is deep and complex or thought that they would legit get rid of another main character so soon after premiere?
>>4561 https://archive.md/LJR5y >article starts sucked disney star wars cartoon dick > the theory that Filoni may be attempting to solve the Star Wars sequel trilogy’s muddled story and obvious plot holes. And I stopped reading right there.
And we start the episode with the now diverse and inclusive Empire finding out the location of the traitor clones. The liberal imperial does not listen to the filthy xenon to recover the "advance" clones and orders to terminate the special clones. Ha! When they arrive it will be already too late since the clones will be at Cid's place where no one have found them yet, even if they keep using their special starship while using their special armor. But, what is this?! They are still on the junk planet, why?! Wrecker is training Omega, how dare he! Omega is a strong independent clone that does not need training specially from a male! 3 Junkers are spying on our trio by using a binocular, that for some strange reason its reflecting light at the clones, one would think that a material would stop the reflection from happening and what is worse the junkers are a few feet away from the clones, because... how else are we going to see a pointless action scene? The clone stuns the junkers, but one flies to escape, leaving Omega and Echo behind while Wrecker is still hanging on the repulsorlift vehicle. Then Echo manage to get into position and shoots the driver... somehow after seconds of high speed driving Echo was still near enough to stun him. What is worse, is that Omega gets to Wrecker seconds after he falls on the ground while carrying his weapon and a backpack, BRAVO FELONI BRAVO! Oh, I forgot that the driver falls to his death, I guess stunning him was part of the plan to make it a painless death.
After finding out that they have been found out, Echo the voice of reason pleas to Hunter to leave the Junk planet, but Hunter says no, why you may ask dear reader? Oh, because they need credits, yes you read that right, after episode and episode about them not giving a single fuck about shekels, NOW they start to think in ways to get those sweet sweet credits. And they are in luck! The Venator-class Star Destroyer, the very same one that they use to get the Evil Inhibitor Chip out of their retarded heads, still has a lot of armament in it and also something about info on the main computer, damn those clones are super lucky! But why? Why is the Venator full of potential credits? Oh, because of the monster that is in the water, the Junkers couldn't find a way to unload the ship without getting eaten by the monster... and the clones unload the ship with ease... Jesus Christ I want off this ride. The gang moves to get as much cargo they can get their traitorous hands on. They think that Cid of all people will give them a good or fair price for the armament. Meanwhile Echo talks with Hunter to tell him they should go with Rex, which would lead into fighting against the Empire, because... they are soldiers, so much for being special and different. I know they are going to join the rebellion, because Imps bad and terrorists good, but damn this whole show is forced. Tech is getting some info out of the computer while Omega once again asks a million questions. Holy shit that proximity sensor is the stupidest thing on the ship, it just blinks, why is it there? Just to make Omega ask about it? Wouldn't the fucking ships flying on top of them is more than enough to tell that the Empire troops are arriving? I'm being to hard on the show?
The filthy xenons, that are not diverse since they don't have different skin colors like the superior Empire, send another bounty hunter to get Omega, can you guess who? The empire arrives, Crossair with his inclusive and diverse team moves in with the help of not so diverse and inclusive Clone Troopers. The special clones are trying to escape, because Crossair will wreck them. Oh and some Clone troopers don't check their corners, clearly is because of the Evil Inhibitor Chips! Crossair out smarts them, because he knows all their tactics, which is believable, what is not believable is that they talk to each other giving the gang time to hatch a plan and the next scene is the most retarded shit possible. The special clones, that have been stunning people left and right, outright starts killing clones, even fucking Omega does it to. Clone Troopers are getting shot by blasters, crush by debris, pierced by energy arrows and thrown to their deaths, but don't worry dear reader, its OK because they are EVIL. I fucking hope the diverse and inclusive team dies in this episode, since one of them doesn't know the range of a flamethrower.
The special clones escape by going into the engines to the outside, once they get there they are shot by Crossair... and he misses the shot. He got a clear view of them and the special clones though they were scot-free and He still missed the shot, fuck you Feloni. Well, at least the whole scene of them blowing up the engine and Hunter and Omega getting separated from the group was well made. You all know what is going to happen next right?
Hunter and Omega get to the ship first, they know something is wrong since the Clone Troopers are all dead, so instead of regrouping with everyone he goes in the fucking open to check on the dead and surprise is that bounty hunter from the clone wars! The soy filled normalfags will get orgasms at the sight. Omega says "That's a bounty hunter" Jesus H. Christ who writes this shit? It can't be Lucas, since he no longer gives a fuck about Star Wars. Bane walks against Hunter and Omega, as he boasts about killing clones left and right, Oh he in for a surprise! Hunter is not a regular clone! He is a special clone! Is hunter outclass? Maybe, maybe not, but he is definitively not outgun, since he has Omega. EH?! Where are you going Omega? Use your fucking energy bow and land a lucky shot like you always do! Don't let Hunter get in a fucking cowboy fight against that filthy xenon! And Hunter loses... surprising no one. Well, this episode was retarded, all this could have been avoided, but nooo think about the credits they owe to that filthy xenon slaver! Hell, they don't even have any armament to sell, they only have the shitty computer data that could be of value, odds are for the Terrorists or something. Also what is up with the helmets not protecting them from smoke or not having fucking night vision? Yeah, the flashlights on the guns are cool and all but why?! The only good thing about this whole shit was when Omega was training with Wrecker and helping Tech, something that should be in every episode to show growth. The banter between the special clones is also nice, but I guess to much banter would be toxic masculinity, Oh Vey! We can't have that! Oh well, see you next friday, fags.
>>4596 >Omega says "That's a bounty hunter" Jesus H. Christ who writes this shit? I laughed when she said that because she's talking to Hunter, so is the bounty hunter hunting Hunter? Jokes aside, Omeeguh should have kept quiet, this is SW Rebels type of dialogue where they want to make sure that the most retarded person in the audience understand who Cad Bane is, despite that it has been established since the second episode that the Kaminoans have hired bounty hunters to retrieve Omeeguh. 2 things saved that episode: C(h)ad Bane and the set pieces (going through the ion engine of the Venator).
>>4607 How the hell does she even know he's a bounty hunter? Its the same thing with the orange asian girl a few episodes back. Like do bounty hunters just emit a bounty hunting aura? Its like they just threw in that line there because they thought their audience needs to have their hand held.
Cad Bane' new model shows him with a cybernetic patch on his head, most likely implying his duel with Boba Fett from the cancelled TCW arc already happened and he survived it.

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