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Fuck Disney.

Open file (573.50 KB 1183x192 y6.png)
Stormtrooper 07/29/2020 (Wed) 21:27:57 No.3198
>Waaah, Yidsney is abandoning the sequels, they totally care about the lore and the fans. Trust me. Cringe.
>>3764 >>3765 >waited almost another month to respond with a no u How retarded can you be?
>>3794 I know all these retards get hard over the thought that Kennedy will et the boot, but even on the off chance it happens yidsney will just replace her with another diversity hire.
>>3801 These people and their audiences have the memory of a goldfish. If it ever happens they'll go WE DID IT GEEKS AND GAMERS WE SAVED STAR WARS and then when the new hire fucks things up the whole thing will start again.
Open file (105.89 KB 1096x201 Screenshot_2020-11-28.png)
>>3801 The Fagdom menace just keeps falling apart. Their one claim to fame was that they have super deep insider info that Kennedy is gone and BASED Favrau is now running the how.
>>3801 >even on the off chance it happens yidsney will just replace her with another diversity hire. Yeah, they will probably replace her with her VP, who used to be JJ's personal assistant at Bad Robot.
>>3817 I wonder how will Doomcuck spin that in his favor.
>>3820 >NEW person in charge of LUCAS FILM things will finally CHANGE new rumors say
Open file (154.55 KB 1096x201 Screenshot_2020-12-16.png)
>>3836 Wait, are the SEQUEL TRILOGY films going to be ERASED(rumor)?
>>3837 Yes, that's what cuckchan my informant inside Disney said.
Open file (325.55 KB 720x480 smug sith.png)
>>3836 >Trust me this time guys! I swear I'm right this time! 33rd time's the charm!
>grrr kennedy
>>3888 (checked) Kennedy is finish!
>>3888 I really doubt Kennedy cares they didn't humiliate Luke in the cuckdalorian. As long as she can hold onto the job she's way underqualified for I'm sure everything else is just lip service to landwhales and soyboys.
Open file (154.12 KB 1096x201 doomcock - YouTube.png)
>>3892 No, you don't get it. We almost won, sequel trilogy will be erased, Kennedy will be fired, SJW will be BTFO. Grrr. Any day now.
Open file (175.48 KB 1920x1080 k.jpg)
So the Fagdom Menace spergs are celebrating this despite raising a stink earlier how using CGI doubles is immoral and bad and all that. But I guess it's okay if it - in their mind - "btfos disney" and is totally erasing the sequel trilogy. Really high morals here.
>>3894 I still dont know why they are happy, isnt Old Luke still going to try kill his nephew in his sleep? Is not like the sequels didnt happen.
>>3894 These hypocritical idiots are acting as if Luke is somehow saved or that this was a middle finger to Kennedy. Its the most obvious fucking bait imaginable to ensure ratings and give people the illusion of change for the better. The Mandalorian's already made references to TLJ, RO and TFA, with the same episode that had Luke even having a reference to Rey.
>>3897 >>3894 I'm guessing it's some form of I CLAPPED I CLAPPED WHEN I SAW LUKE
>>3897 They're all saying how this is "the future" of Star Wars. Regressing back to regurgitating the OT fanservice is future to them.
>>3899 >They're all saying how this is "the future" of Star Wars Well they're not wrong. Yidsney continuing to milk retards nostalgia for shekels with shit is exactly the future of Star Wars.
>>3902 And these retards gonna eat it all up and praise Yidsney for "saving Star Wars".
I like how these brainlets think that Yidsney is at all concerned with their tiny circlejerk when 99% of normalfags don't even know that NuWars are made by different people and are perfectly happy to pay their shekels. But no, Yidsney will change its policies based on the opinion of a bunch of internet goobers.
>new trilogy announced <we promise it'll be different this time goyim >retards get excited and give yidsney billions of shekels <those movies were shit and we're angry about it >enough times passes for yidsney to memory hole how bad the last set of movies were >retrun to top My guess is in about a year or so we'll see another movie announced and the retardation will start again, with none of these brainlets figuring out that the best way to protest Yidsney raping Star Wars is to not pay to see the shitty movies.
Open file (167.35 KB 890x269 y.png)
>>3910 >guess that it'll be a year before yidsney can run this grift again >3 hours ago I really want to believe normalfags at least have enough of a short term memory to still remember the how bad the last movie was, but who am I kidding? Everyone's going to act like Fage is going to save SW until the movie comes out and it's just as trash as the others and the whole fucking cycle starts again.
>>3917 With Dup getting BTFO and america going full left expect every piece of media to get extra woke. The next Star Wars film will not have any white people.
>>3919 >The next Star Wars film will not have any white people. I can see why'd you'd think that, but the kike producers wouldn't want to have nothing but ugly niggresses and gooks to rape on the casting couch. There will be at least one okay looking white girl.
>>3924 >There will be at least one okay looking white girl. Not a single one in the NuWars, so..
>>3919 The Lucasfilm employees on Twitter already said that was their intent for the next film since Rise of Skywalker came out. The idiots now want the next film to be made by an all woman team, mostly the hackettes that made Wonder Woman 1984.
>>3925 Eh, the cum rag they had playing Ray wasn't awful looking as long as she had makeup on and kept her mouth shut. At least average enough for JewJew and Ruin to run a train on. But even ignoring all that that a below average white girl is miles better then an "attractive" sheboon.
Open file (96.59 KB 1382x2048 1578745390010.jpg)
>>3933 >the cum rag they had playing Ray wasn't awful looking
>>3934 Sexist INCEL makes fun of Daisy Ridley - Has the Femdom Menace gone TOO FAR?
Open file (378.96 KB 1476x2160 stz2o3fifv041.jpg)
>>3934 Oh come on, she was kind of cute. Hot? No. But sort of cute
Open file (1.46 MB 2750x1692 bb7a67_7251022.jpg)
>>3952 No. Park Ray is cute. That thing is hideous.
Open file (96.59 KB 1382x2048 run.jpg)
Open file (620.61 KB 1920x1376 1588615601043.webm)
>>3952 The only thing I'd like about Rey is the deleted scene where Captain Phasma shows her who's the boss of this gym. Never knew why they cut that out, it had better choreography as a lewd scene than the entire sequel trilogy's fight scenes.
>>3952 Can't close her fugging mouth and for an english girl, her teeth arn't great either. >>3953 Dunno how she'd look without makeup but she is photogenically cute.
Daisy Ridley is trash, and this is coming from someone who got called Jewish for defending Kelly Marie Tran.
>>3967 >Kelly Marie Tran /who/
>>3968 She's the fat asian who essentially went "if you kill your enemies they win"
>>3967 Why would you defend that shiteast asian? She┬┤s as much of a feminist cunt as the rest of the new crew involved in Disney Wars.
>>3969 wew, that anons needs to kill himself then, what a faggot
>>3970 >>3971 She was uglified for TLJ. As I said at the time, she's not so bad otherwise.
>>3973 >fat ugly chink is "not bad" jfc, grow some taste
>>3976 I'm not saying she's good (in fact, the girl who got killed off early in TLJ is better), but she's better than Daisy Ridley and the admiral holdo woman (who makes me flaccid).
>>3977 literally just as bad

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