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Fuck Disney.

Open file (20.39 KB 2050x600 TOR Revisioned.png)
Stormtrooper 10/03/2019 (Thu) 02:15:58 No.42
What is this? The fourth of these threads I've made?
Here's for hoping it'll be one of the last, eh anons?
>>3095 >>3096 >>3097 >>3098 >>3099 Great posts. The Hammerhead class is confusing because the Republic still kept it in service well after the Mandalorian Wars (into the New Sith Wars). It can be explained away by saying that while the Hammerhead was mothballed, due to the dire circumstances the Republic was facing at the time they need to retrofit every ship hulk they could get their hands on to throw at the Sith. I also viewed the Centurion class as the successor to the Inexpungable, as the war progressed and the Republic borrowed more from Mandalorian (secretly Sith) ship design. Also would Revan's SIth Empire also field Hammerheads and the Foray be in use as well? I don't see them just scrapping them and spamming Interdictors.
>>3099 So it's basically due to the sith being much more militarized from the start?
Open file (71.77 KB 800x450 Vitiate.jpg)
Open file (56.41 KB 431x600 easy bake.jpg)
>>3103 Yeah basically. I'm not quite sure if I'd say militaristic, the term "seething for centuries" is more fitting. Vitty's empire was founded on the idea of avenging the old Sith Empire's death at the hands of the Republic and the Jedi, and thus the entire empire was grown around the concept of butchering the Republic as viciously as possible. Militarism followed fanaticism, and one part of the Sith's empire (The homo tech fags) focused on making the best machines and weapons of war to flex on the Republic, while the other (the cult-y traditional sith) put all their energy into using the Old Ways to eat (literally in some cases) the Republic and Jedi. While the Republic scrambled to play tard guard to a playground full of a couple dozen squabbling alien mutants, the Sith mastered the blade. They mastered the forging and honing of it through traditional arts of smithing, then quenched it in boiling baby blood or something else really fucking edgy and made it ten times killier. The militaristic side designed the most effective blasters, ships, and tactics, while the occult weirdos scribbled hebrew gibberish all over the walls and perfected the art of making sithspawn hordes and made their chrysalide easy bake oven creatures more effective
Open file (673.58 KB 1479x1479 Ziost.jpg)
Open file (166.89 KB 984x612 ZIOST2.jpg)
>>3109 A little departure from military talk, let's talk about Ziost is the cold adopted step kid of the Sith species, a world that grew into the most powerful colony in the Stygian Caldera after the Sith nicked FTL travel off rakatan corpses and decided to go see the stars. See, Korriban actually got sort of abandoned after the Rakatans got their asses kicked. When Adas died the Sith acted like Sith and fragmented into feudal retards feuding over scraps of the dead Sith'ari's widgets, some decided to stay on Korriban and maintain the halls of honored dead (Korriban has a LOT more tombs than Tulak Hord, Pall, and Ragnos. In fact all three of those names didn't even exist at this point) and everyone else shrugged and ignored the weird kissai idiots and their zuguruk engineer and massassi retinue peons, afterall if they weren't gonna demand any of the rakatan FTL goodies then they could have the homeworld to themselves. So there they were, ready to go fuck off onto the ring space highway of the Stygian Caldera soon to be known as the Nache Bhelfia. This is where the original 5 super duper worlds of Sith Space come in, with Ziost as their home. Each world became their own kingdom, and with the Sith people scattered yet contained by the Stygian Caldera (some did of course travel far and wide, as far as Malachor and Arkania potentially) and all were equal under the benevolent Sith people's eyes. The most equal of these worlds would be Ziost, the cold sister world of sweet home Korriban. In actual lore Ziost was some mountainous world that was for the most part temperate, bordering on cold, prior to the Sith's abandonment of it after the Great Hyperspace War where at some point before Vitiate put his new empire in the galactic dog fighting ring Ziost's surface underwent an ice age and became the cold shithole nobody knows or cares about. But, according to other sources, it's always been cold and retarded. I'll stick to that interpretation because I want a cold foil to Korriban's scorched deserts. Ziost's not got much going for it in regular lore, and I'm here to fix that. I'm gonna breath some new life into this old girl so you can actually give a shit when Vitiate scours it of all life. And I'm gonna use Dwarf Fortress to help me
Open file (119.42 KB 1875x989 DOrf ortress.png)
Open file (36.16 KB 360x269 Sith jews.jpg)
Open file (865.42 KB 1962x1230 Sith behemoth.jpg)
Open file (561.53 KB 1000x691 Kea.jpg)
Open file (7.21 KB 199x253 Warbird.jpg)
KORRIBAN, with it's ziggurats and subterranean mausoleums, and its deserts, is a lot like the middle east in that it's old and full of assholes that pray to dark gods that like baby flesh, like the jews and moloch ZIOST is different, it's a world of war and conflict, unending violence and constant aggression. I'm basing it off of Spain Cursed by a brutal and unforgiving climate across its surface, the few shreds of life on Ziost aren't the most friendly fuckers alive. Sith are quite a bit like dwarves in a few ways, they strike the earth and carve huge crypts and fortresses from the mountains hills themselves, (dunes and canyons in the Sith's case on Korriban) and then they horde their goodies in said underground homes. And just like tolkien dwarves they're a little jewish, being intergalactic space assholes intent on crushing the Galaxy under their foot for the great shoah they endured a long time ago, which they brought on themselves by being assholes. Plus they do blood rituals. But that's where it really ends, other than the fact they drain the life out of people using hebrew magic, but other than that they're totally not the same guys, George Lucas doesn't want you to think of jews and evil. If he did, he would've done something absolutely crazy like putting hebrew letters on Darth Vader's armor or something And there's no pottery in antisemitism. Diversity is our strength. I'm getting sick of writing for some reason Anyways, so I'm not quite sure where I was going with that, I'm sort of blanking right now. Oh yeah dorfs. Dwarf Fortress' got some crazy creatures in it that're FUN in every way possible, I'll be ripping off the King of Beasts (or KINGS since there's a fuckton of them) for Ziost's creatures. Giant fucking elephants SUCK in Dwarf Fortress, Hell even regular elephants do. If you don't know about Koganusan go fuck yourself War Behemoths, huge mastodon niggas. I've seen ice age and I hope you have Ziost, ice age world. Perfect I'm a genius Keas? Cool birds. Giant keas? Go fuck yourself I put a warbird next to it, look they're striking the same pose! It all just works, mostly because my high IQ lets me see patterns like they glow in the dark, begging for me to rev my engine and hit them with my car And everybody knows about the GCS. Everybody loves our amazing grizzly-bear sized web-spitting spider friends that're probably busy picking their mandibles of dwarf bones as we speak. It's funny, right as I was coming up with the Ziost dwarf fortress idea I was being tortured by SWTOR's Zakuul storyline stuff and I ran into the Iknayids for the first time. Weird space spiders? Weird Sith caverns in Ziost? Giant cave spiders? Fuck it's perfect! Thanks Jesus And before anybody says "are you sure they're spiders bro" I SWTOR itself agrees with me, they used the same model for some large tunnel spider. God is on my side here They also use the name Scyvan for the same thing on Iokath, so I'll be using that name for Ziost's cave dwelling troglodyte spiders. I didn't notice it at first, because they're usually facing forwards at you, but they have eyes! Little orca whale eyes.
Open file (18.22 KB 360x450 Sith citadel.jpg)
Open file (400.71 KB 1500x1179 Pall and Ziost.jpg)
Open file (182.32 KB 1000x792 tree scales.jpg)
Open file (920.33 KB 784x684 gross tree.PNG)
These have probably been pretty hard to read for you guys, they're not my best posts. I just got hit by some grogginess in the middle of them, I think the feds spiked my juice or something. I probably shouldn't have talked so much shit about the holocoaster customers because it's coming back to bite me Anyways I'll sum it up >Ziost sucks it's cold and everything there wants to kill you, eachother, and then poison whoever comes and eats it >War behemoths The giant satanic Dumbos are from Ziost, they fit perfectly with the perpetual ice age gimmick of the world >Scyvan spiders Spooky acid-spitters. I thought they didn't have eyes at first, like the xenomorph from alien, and they have smooth and sloped foreheads, like retards but also like xenomorphs. Plus they got the big red egg sacks. Scyvan spiders are also tunnelers, and they need a method of tunneling! So here it is: They have acidic blood, the egg sacs gestate in the acidic blood and like baby sharks only the strongest survive. They're less reliant on their shitty eyes because they live in the dark like me when it's 3 AM and I'm playing Movie Battles 2, and they spit acid like me after I eat too many bell peppers. The eyes are mostly vestigial at this point, that's why they're small like orca eyes. Where the Sith of Korriban dug deep the Sith of Ziost built tall, towers and spires that pierce the clouds and endure every blizzard and storm hurled at them by the world around them. One thing that I said a long time ago, maybe here maybe not here, was about Ziost's trees. I described them as lifeless, dead but undying. That was me flexing my poetic license to do whatever the fuck I feel like, and now I'm making it real Ziost's trees are dead, but it wasn't the cold that killed them. Here on comfy Earth fruit trees can become afflicted by insects called tree scales, gross buggers that eat away at trees while forming a powerful shell. They're pretty cool! In SWTOR when you go to Yavin 4 you'll notice the gross fucking trees everywhere, this image doesn't do just how slimy the trees looked in that game. And they're all pale and sickly, like a big reptile plant thing. Ziost's trees have been consumed by an arboreal plague that has enveloped them in gross, leathery scale skin. The parasite eats away at the tree while at the same time supplying it nutrients from the sun (whenever it shows up, which is rare) and from the soil itself, prompting the tree to heal itself stronger and tougher while the scales again eat away at it, like a cancer with self-preservation instincts. This process has turned Ziost scale wood into an impressively badass hunk of log, as dense as petrified wood while being as resilient as rocks. It's a great microcosm of Ziost and the Sith themselves at large, through pain and conflict the survivors are awarded with strength, continually tested again and again until they either collapse and die or rise up like real gamers
Open file (199.72 KB 1090x943 Iknayids.jpg)
Open file (307.34 KB 1920x1080 large tunnel spider.png)
Open file (216.77 KB 1920x914 Scyvan spider.png)
The iknayid images didn't post. That's okay
Open file (108.74 KB 1024x669 big ol tractor.jpg)
Open file (2.72 MB 4032x3024 High up there gamers.jpg)
Hey oldheads, read and weep in joy as this nigga returns Before I go off and ramble about Ziost and maybe other planets some more, I just wanted to talk about some gamer related activities such as inspiration and the drug that it is. Not long ago I went out with my grandpa and hung on the side of a mowing tractor as we mowed some fields, it wasn't this one but it was similar. No glass just and open canopy with a bolted on corrugated metal roof, (which was important because that's what I held onto while standing-sitting on the wheel arch) and between the sounds of the venerable diesel engine chugging in front of me, the ancient PTL powering the mower howling like a fat black lady denied child support behind me, and good ol' grandpa yelling at me to jump out and move the watering pipes (and Holy fuck those things are floppy for being made out of metal) it's moments like these that really get the inspiration flowing. My blessed retarded brain is capable of some severe autism, such as keeping me entertained for five hour truck rides through conversations with myself about nigger stuff and writing ideas, sequences and character quirks, subtle symbolism and motifs to hammer into your thick skulls, that type of stuff. Doing grunt labor on a cell site 200 feet in the air's fun too, cutting up a chunk of aluminum with scissors to pass it off as a factory-made locking mechanism because auditors are desk-jockey faggots with evolving criteria on bullshit they can't hope to understand while jacking off in their comfy spinning chairs really helps you understand what it's like being an honest laborer. So I take all this inspiration, all my fun experiences, and liquefy them to fill any shape I want them to, like my dumb stories. The tractor stuff inspired me to make a proper backstory for the indentured laborer slave camp on Onderon, a sob story similar to Tarlus' family's in that some wide-eyed jack off had the galaxy brained plan to start a ranch up, a ranch of vicious space-pigs known as Cannoks and the dull but useful nerf, while using a species of local space cactus to feed the Cannoks since they'll eat anything, including important mandalorian technical support gear. But where the ranch's story parallels Tarlus' family's is the part where it all goes to shit, a few bad harvests, a few kidnapped and baconized cannoks, all it took was a couple bad days to turn the honest ranch into a secret meth house for Iziz's alien space mobsters. Similar to how Tarlus' humble persian rug selling family (definitely not a reference to Nick's antique story from MDE) fell on hard times and ended when the sleazy STD-friendly backroom deal extravaganza """bar""" filled with nikto teeth and then blaster smoke. Tarlus was damned by his family's broken entrepreneurial dreams, while the ranch was twisted into a breaking bad distillery by similar failed fantasies. Inspiration can come all over the place, fuck George Lucas' movies are almost ALL references to something that caught his autistic eye.
Open file (21.60 KB 360x360 UUUU.jpg)
Open file (179.81 KB 512x288 malgus and eleena.png)
Open file (332.08 KB 500x485 Nigga flex.png)
Open file (1.86 MB 1190x1800 Maul leaning.jpg)
Open file (46.02 KB 500x593 shadowy figures.jpg)
>>3156 I've gone over the primary inspirations for Tarlus/Nox's character in the past but I've refined my ideas a bit while adding in new ones. I'll make this quick. >Big Sith Rule of Two "Was getting your backstory copied part of your plan?" Jokes aside while there's a lot of similarities between Dessel and Tarlus' lives, (purposeful ones) they're distinct for a bunch of reasons because I'm not a plagiarist I'm an autist that cannibalizes ideas and adds his own spin to them. Dessel? Indebted laborer miner man with a dead dad, big guy (ww) that's destined to become a Sith. Tarlus? Debt slave mechanic/indiana jones tomb explorer/fight club hitman/retarded brawler that makes excuses for his violence. They're similar in that they both are forced to work off a bullshit debt they inherited from their family, and have a dead dad, and could probably roll you into a bowling ball and kick you down a hill but that's besides the point. Bane is clearly a victim, of the company that took his freedom and of the assault on him that leads to the death of a Republic soldier and necessitates his fleeing, but Tarlus' victimhood ends with his family's imagined debt to the space mobsters they slighted when his mother blew the whistle on them. (It's a shame Onderon's witness protection program funding went to rebuilding Telos instead of protecting its people) Bane doesn't start fights, he's ATTACKED by another miner, and then AMBUSHED by drunk idiots, Tarlus shows up to people's (well they're usually aliens, hard to call em people) doors with violent intent, Tarlus frequents slave brawls because causing pain makes his heart happy, Bane is a guy fucked over by the galaxy while Tarlus is a monster made by the misery shackled to his existence, but a cruel monster nonetheless. Oh, and he's depressed. Not the mopey sad depressed just the spiteful, short-tempered feminine depressed that leads him to have shitty nightmares reliving his painful past that make him want to hurt people because he's a poorly adjusted retard. Anyways >Maggluss Malgus' an obvious parallel for Tarlus, well Nox at that point, because SWTOR made him to be that. Sith warrior? Check Twi'lek waifu? Check Big guy? Check A part of the Sphere of Military Offense? Check They've got a lot of superficial (and actual) similarities but Malgus is a calculating, nuanced, and vaguely noble warrior with a code of conduct and Tarlus'/Nox's a glorified hitman and space janitor for whoever his master is, and that fact remains the same for most of his life he can't fucking escape it. Baras uses him as a big pimp hand and middle finger, Vitiate uses him as a beating stick for anything dumb enough to say the Emperor's not just wearing no clothes but also is in fact trying to eat the galaxy. He's an executioner no matter where he is in his life, Tarlus-Nox-Wrath >Scourge I don't like the Revan book, saying anything else is me beating a dead horse. Scourge and Nox are like brothers, no more like clones of eachother in different stages. Scourge is the Emperor's Wrath, an executioner just like Nox will is/become, but he's a few steps ahead since he's got the goal of stopping Vitiate from giving the Galaxy a big ol' suck, where Nox is closer to the young Scourge in the Revan book before he learns of Vitiate's intentions, a glorified beat stick. There's gonna be similar beats, Scourge arrives on Dromund Kaas and fights mercenaries hired by his employer, Baras does some similar shit, way later on Nox realizes the same thing Scourge does and fights to stop his old master, blah blah blah Tl;dr for Scourge >A more actualized version of Nox who actually has a goal beyond just killing whoever he's pointed at. Superficial similarities that are direct references to Scourge in the Revan book to forge the connection >Maul Of course Maul's there, I like Maul and he's cool. But Tarlus' nothing like Maul's character. Maul is a controlled, extremely disciplined killing machine that's calm and collected on the outside while fighting tooth and nail with the category 10 hurricane inside all while giving 1000% of his effort into pleasing his master and doing everything correctly. Nox's a hitman in the same vein as Maul, but where Maul is unflinchingly loyal Nox is loyal out of complacency opposed to actual reverence. Where Maul will willingly die put his lightsaber down his throat and activate it if Sidious said so, Nox'd have some second thoughts if Baras told him that it was a great idea. Pre-Betrayal Nox is closer to Maul's antithesis, being a deranged hedonist with bloodshed on his mind and not much else, Post-Betrayal Nox is much closer to Maul because he's learned some degree of discipline and temperance after getting buried alive. So TL;DR >Both are space hitmen for their masters and ultimately disposable tools, but have very different personalities, and where Maul is a perfectly honed blade that'll cut anything Sidious wants, Nox is a dirty bomb in a crawlspace planted there by Baras to vaporize anything he doesn't like Running out of steam a little here, want to talk about sith culture not character garbage >little anakin This is a new one. I watched TPM and decided that the Anakin showed in TPM can be bent and molded to fit my needs. Little Anakin has a bit in common with Tarlus, a slave working for a sleazy alien that's good at fixing things and is generally regarded as high-value by his master but still a slave. Anakin wants to be a pilot so he can take his mother and fly away, and even builds a podracer in his backyard. Tarlus wants to take his mom and escape the shitty life they have, and even has bits to make a shitty speeder bike, just not enough bits. And this next part fits better with Luke but I'm still putting it here anyways, where Luke looks up to the twin suns and wants to get away from the claustrophobic existence of being a water farmer, looking out at the SUNS with hope, Tarlus never looks out at the suns, instead the moons of Onderon that are his companions. Where Luke and Anakin live in the day, with dreams of adventure and hearts full of hope, Tarlus' stuck in the dark, he lives the nightmares that plague his dreams and when he looks to the heavens like the protagonists of the 6 movies do it isn't the suns he sees, just the cold abyss staring back. This changes when he's given a chance to escape his bonds and free his family, for once his chapters don't take place at dusk or night but in the bright day, and even this gets turned on its head when he races the setting sun to the burning slavetown he called his home and finds his family dead. (Similar to how Anakin in AoTC rides a speeder to the muslims at dusk and finds his mother dead at night) I'm done rambling for now Tarlus is little Anakin if Qui-Gon never found him, only if Anakin was a very spiteful and bitter person who hated not having control over his life and a talent for violence. Oh and Tarlus' not a pilot, just a mechanic.
my last autism posts sort of burned me out for a bit, the unorganized spewing of new ideas that were twisting and changing as I typed sort of fucked with me on a spectrum-worthy level I'll just post about dumb stuff to grease the groove and get back in the swing of things. >republic trooper stuff I fucking hate SWTOR's Republic troopers. They're clearly Clone troopers tweaked to look slightly different so they can milk the TCW audience's balls like a micro-udder and appeal to that audience of weirdos that beat their dicks to wolves and alien jailbait. Not all are complete garbage, I like the ones that resemble the lovechild of Clone armor and Alderaanian special needs helmets, that one looks decent so it's the one I'll stick with. One of the things they could've (and should've) done was NOT BE FUCKING PLASTOID WHITE, because all that does it make the entire look come off as a Walmart brand Clone trooper, the point of George making the Storm troopers in the OT white was so that their squeaky clean appearance would clash with the colorful palette of the Rebels, since he made it a theme for the bad guys to be mechanical and inhuman looking while our heroes were very human and had natural, earthy tones to them. So the question becomes this: What color SHOULD they be? Well, SWTOR's own fucking concept artists found the answer, said answer did get tossed in the bin like a smelly cum rag but they at least thought about it. What's a good, natural color scheme for big bulky armor? Fucking metal. The metal color's great, it fits the criteria of being natural and doesn't make you want to tear your fucking eyeballs out after staring at stark white notClones all day.
Open file (553.30 KB 945x870 Before and after.png)
Open file (22.19 KB 340x340 Republic army dorks.jpg)
Open file (457.91 KB 816x1024 bits and things.png)
Open file (23.78 KB 320x550 Scorch.jpg)
>>3201 I made my own little before and after of one of the designs they chose to go with, I liked this one because it had a bit of uniqueness because it was made to resemble the Alderaanian retard helmet guys instead of just being a Phase 2 ripoff. I also fucked around with the Visor, because the T-shape is on Clone stuff as a nod to Mandalorian armor and I have no clue why Republic artificers would put it on there, I changed the visor to look like the ones for these Republic soldiers from the Galactic history videos talking about the Mandalorian Wars. It's orange and semi-translucent, allowing you to see the face of the person behind the helmet. (Like how George designed Rebel costumes to have visible faces to make them human) I also added a backpack, ignore the funky blob in the bottom right it doesn't exist. The backpack came from the Republic commando backpacks they wear, specifically Scorch's, and the old Rocket-jumpers Corps. The backpack's primarily a shield generator, but also can assist in arresting high-velocity descents so that the poor idiot inside the tin can stays alive rather than being turned into campbell's tomato soup.
Open file (313.95 KB 513x556 rocket jumpman.jpg)
>>3202 Look at me go, forgetting about the fucking rocket-jumper image
Open file (1.40 MB 1681x2110 DLA series.png)
Open file (186.07 KB 1280x720 Maxim.jpg)
>>3203 Another thing is blasters. In my KOTOR-era threads I talked about the DLA-7, a simple, powerful, but most importantly cheap rifle that was practically MADE to break so you could slap on the aftermarket repair bits and survive a whole campaign with a frankenstein blaster brought back over and over gain from the dead so you could shoot the badman Belkadan or Tionese secessionist for wrongthink. This newest brand of BlasTech autism would be the DLA-12, but this time it's an entire weapons platform built around the same receiver. There's the pistol, it's small, it's gay. With a tinier and bitchier chamber, it's perfect for Republic officer FOBbits that like to put their guns in their mouth because they can't do cool stuff like battle Rattataki pirates or police Ryloth's underground red light districts. Next up's the rifle. It's a blaster rifle designed to not melt its insides by using cleverly positioned vents, like the ones right below the fucking scope that totally won't that expensive piece of equipment, and the emergency one placed in the perfect spot to put Count Dooku out of the job and remove your hand for you. (To be fair, it's an emergency one you have to jump through a couple of lever hoops to activate. It's a last ditch sort of thing to save the weapon after you just overcharged it putting down that scary Zeltron hooker you didn't wanna pay) Then there's the long-dong version for species with tiny wangs such as Rodians, Weequay, and Muuns. It's designed to be a marksman's rifle or your squad's automatic weapon for when your sergeant would prefer YOU to melt your gun's guts rather than the whole squad doing it. Another important feature is at the end of the barrel, a beam disperser that goes the extra mile to make sure the retarded Nikto conscripts don't liquefy the gun. This limits it's range, penetration, and stopping power, but does wonders for keeping the gun working. >wood panels VS black panels That's just a little lore thing I tossed in, having wooden bits on the gun you want to hand out to your galaxy-wide army is dumb, but when the weapon trials were being done on Alderaan BlasTech's big brained muunitic shareholders hat the clever idea to make the paneling resemble local Alderaanian lumber, specifically the pine wood native to the Glarus Valley. The first 6,000,000 gorillion units had this fake wood shit, all models manufactured afterward were given BlasTech's signature cheap polymer stuff that totally doesn't melt in the sunlight just make sure not to put it on your dashboard space goy Next up we got what is TECHNICALLY the DLA-13, but it's not on any military market, and is instead only produced for the Sith military. The Sith's blaster platform is what the Republic WISHED they got. A bit more expensive, (that's was a very liberal usage of 'bit') a whole lot cooler and better-er, the Sith came packing serious heat when Vitiate came a calling. Where the DLA-12 has a beam disperser that adds to the weapon's longevity, the Sith went in the other direction and added a beam narrower that's does the direct opposite, allowing the blasters to considerably punch above their weight. Also a maxim gun-esque cooling shroud nullifies the need for the vent autism on its predecessor, so the only true vent the blaster has is that little gas rod thing poking out underneath the barrel. The blaster also has a collapsing stock, that's cool right? The gas conversion chamber (the XCiter) is also a step up from the DLA-12's, being a bit larger and more complex to ensure that the blaster doesn't waste any gas or energy, a problem other blasters of the era are forced to endure due to the restrictions of modern technology and corporate greed. (If they keep buying the garbage let's keep making it!) One notable flaw with the Sith's blasters though is that they're a bit fucking heavier than the skeletal Republic ones, but that issue is nullified by Sith infantry being considerably more conditioned than Republic ones, and it's harder to feel the weight of your gear when you're jazzed up on zealotry and really excited to avenge the wounds inflicted on your people millennium ago.
Heyyy, it's still alive. Did you make sure the rest were archived?
>>3226 No. A lot of the things I write about I brainstorm in text files before posting, older stuff I did this less frequently with and that's why it was so prone to changing. Nowadays I'm actually gonna indirectly archive all of my stuff by just writing about it for myself, both spitballing and cementing ideas, before even posting them here. Writing things feels weird for me right now, it's just my autism drilling a hole through my already lackluster work ethic for this stuff. expect more posts soon
Open file (53.03 KB 857x238 SWTOR BANNER.jpg)
We alive and kicking. Dial back in or dial 8 it's your choice, be a two bump chump or feed me (you)s like I'm a fatass slug named Boss Boonta
Open file (132.06 KB 728x800 aearea re.jpg)
>>4068 Let’s make a nice outline of upcoming ideas to get the ball rolling. >Scope and examples of Sith infiltration methods Scope, what they did how they did it. There are three (point five) specific examples here. 1: Infiltration of institutions The Republic’s military, industry, and media are all targets. The Jedi Order itself was infiltrated with the Ovair family, implanting agents into these other groups is child’s play in comparison. RnD labs/brain trusts are also on the menu, alongside corporations both legal and extralegal, AKA crime families and mobs. Planets free from the Republic’s influence and planets irked by the Republic’s influence, such as Belkadan, the Ruuria settlers, and the entire Tion Hegemony are ripe for getting a red left hand shoved up their ass and getting played like a puppet. Beyond that old ambitions and rivalries are opportunities, Wroonian expansion and lack of compassion for freakshit aliens is a cudgel to crack the skulls of alien races open so the Sith can pour resentment and hate into them, this kitchen’s cooking up a hot bowl of fedposting and nignog aliens are gonna take the bait. Beyond that, worlds with feudal governments are full of noble rivalries and dissatisfied factions, funding them like an EU4 rebellion is a powerful tool. But not every single family feud and smoldering race war is at the top of the Sith’s agenda, only the most useful ones. The most strategic worlds must have the groundwork for invasion completed, worlds such as Serenno, Eriadu, Sluis Van, these must be handled with immediate, overwhelming force. Every garrison world in the Outer Rim is a target, and friction with it’s neighbors is an opportunity that can turn a grueling siege into a smash and grab. But like I said corporations and mobs are a useful tool as well, beyond simply ensuring the Sith’s edge by gobbling up all of the promising prototype weapons and machines before destroying the projects so the Republic poking eachother with sticks like stone age niggers, but also the resources and wealth companies can accrue is a boon for the Sith’s own economy. Utilizing wealth and materials gathered in the Republic and transferred into Sith space accomplishes two things: giving the Sith more shekels to bribe whoever they wish and giving them more war material to turn into fun slaughter toys, shipyards, and other industrial endeavors, while at the same time denying worlds in the Republic the very same thing, stunting the growth of Republic worlds before they could grow into roadblocks to the invasion. At the same time, select worlds were granted the Sith’s focus and care, some of them would grow until they could stand on their own and aid the Sith as a vassal, such as Belkadan, others like Tandankin were prospective outer rim worlds that were developed using the resources drawn away from the Republic, these worlds would be integrated swiftly into the Sith Empire proper opposed to being governed by its many vassal states.
Open file (160.08 KB 900x408 fast plan.png)
>>4069 Next time on Dragon Ball Z -Outline the buildup to the GGW Describe the Sith's plans and methods of subverting the Republic and the prep work they did for their grudge match. -Describe the fleets and ships Every day I learn new things about widgets, shit, and another vulgar phrase. I've got a few things to say about spaceships, new things hopefully. Me repeating myself is a good way to nuke both this thread and my creativity -Influences and real world allegories A peek behind the curtain to see my unmedicated mind hard at work, it's coming bb -GGW events proper Talking about the strategies, the battles, the heroics, and the fuckups.
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The new Sith navy, or how I learned to stop worrying and tolerate SWTOR’s ship models. One of the things that bugged me early on in SWTOR was the Terminus-Gage dilemma, the fact that the lazy nignogs at Bioware just downscaled (or upscaled, from a certain point of view) one of their ship models instead of creating a new one, and then later on during their big boy expansion/masterclass of wasting your consumer’s time they created a new ship model and did NOTHING with it other than show it off once or twice. Now this is old news, you guys know that your Big Brain Brawniness himself has stepped forward to amend the problem with a real meaty double slap (x2) of my dreadnought hitting the metaphorical table, (for you newcomers I just slapped the Gage-class name onto the new ship model, bravo) but this was just one problem that I had with SWTOR. Another thing that bugged me was the Terminus and subsequent Terminus dilemma, I disliked the Terminus-class destroyer’s model (and name) so I waded around in the stinking nal-hutta esque shithole called Google Images till I found an image that soothed my mental illness, a Terminus-esque smooth murderwedge. Very pretty, very nice. One of the things that led to my hiatus (this one specifically) was the shocking realization that I hadn’t been 100% fair to SWTOR, all of my criticisms were ironclad but in my freight train rush to purify Bioware’s HQ through fire and sword (Plus some backup from your friendly neighborhood gasoline + styrofoam cocktail) I might’ve never taken a minute to step back and retrospect. SWTOR had a few books and short stories I hadn’t read, the Agent storyline was enjoyable, and when I looked into it, Bioware’s retards had actually done a little bit of work outlining the GGW, not only that but I had barely even looked at it. I’ve always preached that I’d rather tweak or work WITH an idea opposed to just flat out slicing it up with surgical precision and throwing it in the abortion clinic dumpster where it belongs. I’ve tried to uphold that rule, but I realized I had fucked up once or twice and decided to pack my bags and go to the book learning education microwave radio brainwashing institution (Wookieepedia and legally obtained literature) before continuing. Plus I really wanted to write about notAnglo-Saxon Vandals settling the notEast Coast and killing each other in a not30 Years War. So apologies I’ve decided to try and work alongside SWTOR rather than Mike Tyson uppercut it in the puss-crack like Sebastian did to that pillwhore during the motorcycle gang jacket saga, this includes making a few concessions. No more flat out ignoring SWTOR stuff, including it’s Godawful ship designs. I’m still sticking to the Gage-class change, there’s no reason not to, but I will be doing some big brain shit to the Terminus so watch out.
Open file (327.00 KB 1124x900 Terminuses.png)
>>4075 https://hooktube.com/watch?v=LMr7ZMHuyf8 post theme before I forget On the Terminus, I said earlier that “It’s gay fuck this I choose a different image” this was based, maybe even redpilled, but I have a whitepill to change everything. There’s a few discrepancies between SWTOR’s Harrower’s art and the actual model for it, my solution to this is related to my changes to the Terminus. Ash’enn’atul, ancient Sith for “Dead/Rotting”, and it’s not an opinion because of the alethic marker “atul.” A better translation would be “skeleton,” but fuck you this language is shitty and doesn’t even have the characters to create “Korriban” I can knot it’s guts to make it into whatever I want, bonus points if you understand that joke. When the war fired off the Sith had their ideal Harrowers and Terminuses, smooth and tapering to a fine point, points in the Harrower’s case, heavily armored and perfectly constructed. Very nice. They were also extremely fucking expensive and resource intensive, replacing them was a bitch, resource issues due to war exhaustion was one of the primary reasons the Sith’s offensive ground from a blitzkrieg advance to Moscow to a desperate Battle of the Bulge, which they actually won. To keep up with their fleet’s attrition rate the Sith redesigned elements of the Harrower and Terminus, stripping off armor and generally fucking around with them like a Jenga tower. The goal was to simplify and scrape off as much metal and redundant systems from the ships until they stopped making planet-cracking (like dead space) the only solution to their materials shortage while also maintaining effectiveness. Tl;dr in Forces of Corruption Harrowers and Terminuses were money sponges that took too long to build so the Sith modded in two new ships using the others’ models that were cheaper and faster to build, while also being notably less effective. The new Ash’enn’atul patterns of these ships rolled out of the Sith’s shipyards in the Dromund system, Taerab, and Tandankin right in time to reinforce the fleet after the costly Battle of Hoth that saw the Star of Coruscant’s death alongside many other little unrelated factoids I could be throwing at you but will save for later. The skeleton-patterns couldn’t compete with their predecessors in terms of durability or firepower, (they were faster and more maneuverable though, especially the skeleton Terminus) but at the same time they also still had a distinct edge over their Republic opponents so pick your poison. The two Terminuses differed from eachother more than the two Harrowers did, the skeleton Terminus was significantly less armored than it’s predecessor, especially on it’s bow and dorsal side, and it featured fewer weapon emplacements on these areas. I’ll go more in depth later, but in summary the old Terminus was a sturdy workhorse that could take a pounding before handing out an asskicking, the new Terminus could give as much as it could take, and let’s just say it can’t take as much as it’s predecessor can. Ironically though one modification that became a staple of Cold War era Terminuses did make it a superior rammer than the old Terminus. The Harrowers’ are a different story, the new Harrower is smaller than the older one and hits less hard, and it’s overall less armored (the trenches on the ship’s flanks were covered by the older Harrower more effectively, while on the skeleton/new Harrower they’re much more exposed) but there’s no significant changes anything like the ones done to the Terminus.
>>4069 So, at what point are you beginning your little elaboration on our take of the Sith Empire? With Vitty himself?
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I'll get to this ^ in a bit >>4076 https://hooktube.com/watch?v=4XpQI0ztOic ← Post theme I had this long, aspergers filled rant about how the new Terminus is stupid and whoever designed it is a cocksucking dumbass that thinks about boys all day, but I can’t talk about Drew Karphyshyn that much or it’d get old. (I know he didn’t design it stop calling me stupid, stupid) I calmed down and a cooler head I didn’t know I had has prevailed, I’ll just use ol’ reliable to detail the changes. --If you don’t care too much jump to the TL;DR >Skeleton Terminus AKA Ribcage/Auschwitz Mode >Same length, smaller beam (width) and more depth (taller) it’s like in paint.net when you scrunch up an image >Significantly less armor, entire dorsal section’s been revamped >Exposed dorsal section means less minor power plants, less battery banks, less turbolaser gas storage, less cargo room, less armor between the top and lower deck, and less effective usage of the murder-wedge designed because the guns can’t overlap their fields of fire as well anymore >The maneuvering fins, which are also stuffed to the brim with targeting sensors and the mark 3 technomumbojumbo array, have been swept back a bit >The bridge got pulled up a bunch and now there’s two engineering decks because the engine units have been thoroughly separated >The ship also lost a fuckton of weight so it’s, <A: a weaker rammer than before <B: waaaaaay faster >Still has turbolasers and ion cannons out the ass, just less than before >Still can fulfill the functions of a Terminus, just not as effectively Reminder on the functions of a Terminus/purpose of it >cruiser mentality = capable of independent operations, think of a german U-boat harassing the angloids or getting rammed by the Lusitania. It can fuck around without a fleet and is prepared to defend itself all on its own, or undergo missions solo. Like the HMS Surprise >Terminus is just as good at raping enemy ships during fleet actions along with going behind enemy lines to blow out the backs of merchants and other soft logistics targets. Wait for a fleet to leave a world, pop in and bombard the garrison, fuck off. A corvette with a spy on it has vital information and is heading to the core? Take a break from razing factories and BTFOing ships undergoing repairs to sit outside the next hyperlane the corvette’s likely to pass through and annihilate it when it enters realspace. I can go on and on >The old Terminus was also a capable fleet vessel, capable of holding it’s own against a Valor-class, for a small amount of time, and demolishing anything smaller, tying up secondary targets while the Harrowers make mincemeat of priority ships. Now that that’s done >Skeleton terminus gets beat bloody by Valors, but also excels at cruiser actions due to it’s increased speed and maneuverability. It’s a less effective fleet ship but ironically a superb cruiser ship TL;DR pros and cons between the two patterns + Skeleton Terminus is faster and more maneuverable, but still rapes smaller ships, allowing it to excel at cruiser operations + Skelly Terminus is cheaper and quicker to construct, this is helpful when you now need to garrison a massive chunk of the Galaxy + Ash’enn’atul Terminus can get beat up by a proper Terminus, making it a cost effective and clever tool to give to worlds who’s loyalty is suspect (cough cough Tion cough) since you know you can kick its ass - Ash’enn’atul Terminus can get beat up by a proper Terminus and where the old one could punch above its weight class this one can’t. - Less armored than the older one - Less powerful than the older one - Less cargo room than the older one - Smaller starfighter complement Now the skeleton Harrower’s easy, it’s a little bit tinier overall and more blocky opposed to the older one’s relative sleek design, the main differences are in armor distribution and total firepower. The new Harrower’s armor widens the gap between the dorsal and… Whatever the fuck bottom is’ armor plates, leaving the ship’s side trenches more exposed, a minor weakness overall but it’s there. Other than that the new Harrower has two less turbolaser batteries than the last one, so it’s punch is a bit softer but still enough to tear apart anything the Republic has.
>>4124 The mental illness continues The Republic fleet’s always been larger and more complicated than the Sith one, especially in terms of ship diversity and roles. We’re gonna do a quick rundown on it >dark red colors 1: The Inexpugnable-class Tactical Command Ship, AKA the big waste of space taxes, AKA the stage where mandalorians default danced on the corpses of republic navy men. Lots of communications blisters, sensor arrays, and starfighters, not enough shields or turbolasers. This masterclass in how to fuck up your navy cost the Republic a lot of ships and lives, only a few of them were ever made but they still found a way to drop the ball again and again. Only one of them is even left, that’s a common thread with the Mandalorian Wars era heavyweights, the Republic Navy Ship (RNS, which is what I’m all about brotha) Diligence is the last of the Inexugnables, and one of a few artifacts of the Mandalorian Wars still in Republic service. These things are big, don’t hit very hard despite that, but pack a swarm of fightercraft. Potentially OP when used correctly, most weren’t 2: The Centurion-class Battlecruiser, the first murderwedge and an all around fuck monster capable of rending any other ship of it’s time (and most of the ships before and after it up to the GGW) and it doesn’t afraid of anything. Also a pain in the ass to build and maintain, notoriously finicky upkeep that turns many boys into men, just like the video game Godhand. After Revan realized he’d fail to hold Fondor, Corellia, or the Vento System’s shipyards he put the schematics on a thumb drive and wiped them from Republic records, hoping the Star Forge would be able to pop them out. Complications arose and before he could solve them, a certain somebody wigged out and caused the plot of KOTOR to happen. The Centurion population continued to dwindle due to the JCW and Dark Wars, and despite there being two of these vessels remaining in the Republic fleet, nobody was really in the mood to build more of them, with the Republic teetering on total collapse and all. Regardless, the Hastati-class was born from careful dissection of Centurion corpses, chiefly the Ravager. Three Centurions remained in the centuries before the GGW, one self destructed because it’s crew refused to let a Sith warlord have it, and another lost the title fight to the reigning Centurion-class champion, the Corellian born RNS Turhaya (Old Corellian for “bright star”) who still serves alongside fellow relic RNS Diligence in the 5th Defense Fleet 3: The Spearhead-class, what happens when you take a ship and bloatmax it on a diet of shield generators. A slab of durasteel with engines and guns attached to it, the reason this fucking thing’s still in service due to it’s sheer resilience, models retrofitted with modern GGW era tech are only more effective at their job. 4: The Hammerhead, this thing just won’t fucking go away. It’s still around in the Bane era so I decided, what the hell, why not invite it to this party too. More on it’s modern incarnation later on, suffice to say it’s a shitty no good not a fucking cruiser, fuck you, it’s a frail bitch made to run away or transport soldiers PEACE out bitches 5: I said a long time ago in my Bolraida-class post that the Bolraida was the retroactive missing link between homo Spearhead and homo Hamhead, turns out I was fucking wrong! Digging through my old threads revealed the Suffuse-class light frigate, and I’m bringing it back baby. Not as fat as a Spearhead, not as big a ballerina as the Hammerhead, the Suffuse exists to support the fleet’s phalanx. While the Spearhead is the shield, (ironic given it’s name and shape) the Hammerhead is the speartip (darting in and out, poking and prodding the enemy) the Suffuse is the sword. It goes in and does what must be done, acting as a force multiplier for whatever tactic is needed, be it sitting there and slugging it out alongside the Spearheads, or charging in and kicking ass while the Hammerheads twirl around or do something gay, I don’t know, I’m running out of steam. 6: The Foray-class. A fast little transport that also does a kickass job fighter-screening. Cool dude
>>4125 hit limit going 88 MPH >Red-orange 1: The Hastati-class Heavy Cruiser. The Centurion’s more cost effective son, as his name implies he’s the line breaker that charges in, fighting till exhaustion, and hopefully getting the chance to rotate out. Utilizing the Centurion’s bulky frame to house shield generators and power generators, (plus it’s superb hull armor) the Hastati acts as the offensive element to the Republic fleet’s lineup, it goes in, cracks skulls, and takes a breather, just like the Centurion, only way fucking worse. (Not to insult the Hastati, it’s just that we’re talking about the Centurion here, who’s the realest nigga in town) It also managed to successfully maintain the Centurion’s infamous upkeep troubles, tight hallways, and overall uncomfortable working/living conditions. Bravo! 2: Remember I said I’d take about the Hamhead some more? Here we are. This is the Rendili StarDrive (RSD) Hammerhead refit pattern, it’s more heavily armored than its predecessor and swaps the old gun setup to include more turbolasers, making it an effective capital ship for fleet scenarios, and the new Rendili engines are reliable workhorses, turning the previously shitty Hammerhead into a mediocre shit. Impressive 3: The beginning of Corellian interest in the Hammerhead design, this Hamhead is a step in the opposite direction of the Rendili one, where they reinforced the design and made it tougher, the Corellian hamhead shaves off all the weight it can like a teenage girl with body image troubles by puking it all into the refresher, slapping new, blocky engines on there, compacting the entire engineering deck, and making it faster and more maneuverable than ever before. The Corellian hammerhead pattern is the predecessor to the later Thranta-class corvette. >Deep orange ships 1: The Valor-class Cruiser, the Spearhead’s spiritual successor (no, literally, I even reference the Spearhead in my image. Look at the engine area) Utilizing armor only where it really matters, the Valor manages to cut down on mass while also being a fucking brick thrown into the Sith navy’s window with the words “fuck you” written on it. Sadly, it gets crushed by Harrowers in a manner similar to pickaxe-wielding inmates bringing hot island love to some rock’s ice cold heart, and even the OG Terminus can put up a good fight against a Valor. The Valor’s like the Soresu lightsaber form only in ship size, outlast the other guy by making sure that he, despite his best, strenuous efforts, can’t touch you. One notable weakness to this tactic is that saboteurs wreak absolute havoc on Valors, due to their rock hard shells not being useful when you’re strapping plastic explosives to it’s squishy insides 2: The Thranta-class corvette, or what the Hammerhead always should’ve been. A compact hammerhead made to beat up pirates and smaller ships than it, the Thranta’s honestly great at what it does, along with being a competent carrier for it’s size, housing a squadron of fighters along with two wingpairs of bombers (that’s 4) >Real nigga orange 1: The Thranta with gunpods attached. The extra weapon pods are very useful, turning the corvette into something of a gunboat, additional turbolasers increase it’s hit-and-run abilities against capital ships and more laser cannons mean that it can kick the shit out of starfighters even better than before. (I mean, yeah it makes the entire thing a bit slower, but that’s not a big deal since the Thranta’s already a racehorse, and technically the gun pods act as extra armor when they get shot) 2: The Bolraida-class Frigate, the roided up Rendili version of the Thranta-class. Rendili got pretty pissed off when the Republic adopted the Corellians’ Thranta-class twink-mobile, going back to the drawing board to create a powerful intermediate between the Thranta and Valor based off their refused prototype’s design. That, or they just offered the Republic the same fucking thing when they came crawling back to them because they needed a compromise ship. The Bolraida is the spiritual successor to the Suffuse-class, it fulfills the same role of playing goldilocks between two specialized vessels, the Bolraida patches the holes in the Republic’s line and excels at its job, ripping apart Sith Gage-class transports and occupying Terminuses while the big boys try to bring down the Harrower, often escorting Valors to their dance with death against the Sith’s beatstick. 3: Bolraida-class but with gunpods. Pick your workout drug, creatine that’ll allow you to undergo berserk rages and ascend to the status of a supreme gentlemen, (turbolaser pods) or drink bulletproof coffee so you can swat flies out of the air and rip Israel right off the map (laser cannon pods) the choice is yours 4: The Iraida-class Transport, basically a Foray-class only not as fast and oh cool, it’s got a hangar.
https://www.starforge-rp.com/mobile/forum/viewthread/m/17460172/id/32773849-tychos-comprehensive-starship-index I feel compelled to mention this guy, I bookmarked his work as "Tycho's Spergery" because I disagree with a lot of his shit but it's a resource I might use in the future. If you see me throw out specific names for power plants, shield generators, and that type of nerd shit it'll probably be something I took from him. He also gave me the name for the Iraida-class, I originally was gonna give the Bolraida that name, but I decided to take the two Rendili StarDrive vessels and make them a series of sorts. But like I said, I disagree with some of the numbers he throws at shit and when I use something he made I'll mention it.
What autism shall we expect now?
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>>4128 The plan, Orthur, I've got a plan Quick note: I figured out what the opposite of Dorsal was. It was bugging me for a while
https://hooktube.com/watch?v=5JOj-Rl4IB4&t=0s Post theme We're talking about fightercraft and other tiny starboats. (Boats = Small ships, ships = boats that can carry other boats, got it?) First on our list is the Supremacy-class, backbone of the Sith's fighter corps and the only starfighter series in use by the Shadow the Hedgehog empire There’s two primary schools of thought when it came to WW2 era dogfighting, turn-fighting and energy-fighting. Turn-fighting’s simple enough, it’s based off WW1’s biplane slugging matches where they’d play rock-paper-scissors with their maneuvers until one or the other shot the other full of holes. It’s very effective in dogfights where both of you play by the same rules but you’re just better at it or your plane is, the only problem is that twisting and turning bleeds airspeed (airspeed =/= energy) and you’re a sitting duck if the other guy’s wingmate steps in. -Turn-fighting Example: A hawker hurricane and a bf109 are turning to shoot eachother, the hurricane’s one second faster and manages to smoke the 109 before he completes his turn. Energy-fighting is different, it’s a much more broad and general term (energy-fighting can also bleed into turn-fighting, but it’s the core philosophy that’s different) but the gist of it is simple: maintain energy advantage. This means always be faster than the other guy, the point of it is simple: the more energy you have, the more energy you can spend in maneuvers. The more energy you have, the easier it is to say fuck it and run from an unfavorable fight, the more energy you have, the easier it is to yank up on your stick and haul ass climbing while the other guy who bled his energy in a turn sluggishly tails you. Always. Maintain. Energy. Advantage. -Energy-fighting Example: A japanese Zero dives on an american wildcat, overshoots it and the wildcat pilot begins a turn to spank the Zero. The Zero pilot immediately begins to climb, and the wildcat pilot begins to follow him. The climbing god Zero sits back and relaxes while the wildcat’s engine starts choking as it fights to haul the overweight fatfuck wildcat up. The wildcat stalls, the Zero does a 180 and dives, shredding it’s dumbass prey. That scenario actually happened a lot in the pacific, it only stopped when Wildcat pilots grew a braincell, or started flying Hellcats, who could actually keep up with Zeroes. However, in space there is no drag, so climbing and diving are completely different from their atmospheric counterparts. With that being said, the Supremacy-class is a turn-fighter energy-fighter with suicidal (AND bloodthirsty) pilots. Designed for speed and maneuverability, the Supremacy is like a TIE fighter in that it’s an engine with wings and guns, but different in that it actually has fucking shields, not crazy ones mind you, but just enough particle shielding to negate the effects of atmospheric flight and just enough energy shielding to turn that crippling laser cannon bolt into a flesh wound. The Supremacy-class is designed just for that: achieving starfighter supremacy. It’s a dogfighter and interceptor through and through, it’s capable of out turning just about every Republic fighter, maintaining it’s momentum and energy throughout maneuvers that’d stall a Republic fighter, and running away like a pussy from any fight it’s pilot deems hazardous to his health. (A rare occurrence) An important caveat is that the Republic actually has a few ships faster than the Supremacy, the newest Aurek and Liberator models technically have higher max speeds, it’s just that the Supremacy accelerates like a bat out of hell. Now, combine all of those qualities with four rapid-fire laser cannons designed to grind through your shields and chew up your hull, wings with S-foils covered in maneuvering vents dedicated to granting extra leverage to every single fucking turn, and armor dense enough to shrug off everything that manages to penetrate your admittedly shitty shields. That is the Supremacy-class starfighter, and that is why the Sith pilots have such massive egos. Now a note about Supremacy pilots, they’re gloryhounds. Every single pilot sits down in his seat brewing up plans to one up his wingmate, his squadron, and garner more glory and prestige than his entire fighter wing combined. This philosophy is shared across the entire Imperial Sith army, but it reaches new heights in the fighter corps. Imagine an entire squadron of Corran Horns screeching “what the fuck do you mean you want my targeting data fuck off, if you ask me again I’ll not only steal your kills but do my best to push you into that Valor-class’ next turbolaser salvo” and you have Sith pilots. They’re really good, really obnoxious, and exceptionally autistic. And they turn into little choir boys whenever a Sith gives them instructions. That analogy sums up the entire imperial military. Next up is the Steward-class transport. It’s a shuttle. It’s pilots also have their own personality, they’re very doting, loving, and kind, female pilots are common and they fuck passengers haha just kidding none of that is fucking true. Imagine a robot, tell that robot that it exists to fly people around and develop the greatest technique of flying people around, and you get Steward pilots. It’s heavily armored, shielded, and armed sufficiently to get it’s boys from A to B. Hyperdrive equipped for long range transportation, this thing’s really good at what it does, bringing X from A to B and staying in one piece. It’s also packing a few concussion missiles alongside its laser cannons, and no those things on top of the dorsal fin things are NOT laser cannons, they are targeting sensors, I’m not stupid you’re stupid haha just kidding I’m done talking about this thing, this one paragraph is more than Bioware did, they didn’t give it a fucking name.
This bad boy’s the Decimus-class, I know it’s filename is Massacre-class but that’s just a joke about what it does. This thing is a strikecraft through and through, (that means is blows shit up, ranging from vehicles to bunkers) and it was designed to not only be capable of blowing up anything, but also excelling at it! It’s modular design allows technicians to swap out it’s modules (or restock them) with Speedy Gonzales tier quickness, this thing can go from a heavy bomber packing enough heat to make Taris look like a fucking joke to a proton torpedo boat ready to sling pigskins at Valor-classes, the latter role is arguably it’s most useful ability during fleet battles, that is if you think a mobile concussion missile porcupine flying around raping enemy Ace squadrons is for punks. This thing’s so cool the Treaty of Coruscant banned the Sith from using it due to it’s remarkable ability to depopulate urban areas, giving it my personal mark of approval. And here we are at the fucking end, finally. I’m running out of steam here so let’s get the Adroid-class multi-use spacecraft done. This guy’s the swiss army knife of Sith ships, capable of being an impromptu bomber (you can watch it bomb the shit out of Coruscant in the Deceived trailer) or a rugged transport ship ready to deep strike Sith berserkers inside of a Republic nursery at high speed, crashing through the wall like the kool aid man due to it’s robust array of shielding and not a small amount of armor. One thing you may be noticing about the Sith is that their ships are very, very specialized. The Supremacy dogfights and intercepts, the Decimus strikes and bombs, the Steward transports. The Adroit’s role is different, it’s not as tough as a Steward or as destructive as a Decimus, however it is cheaper than them. It can carry more boys than the Steward can too, making it the primary troop transport of the Sith along with a logistics beast ready to drop off everything from a squad of Zealot troopers directly into the fray or a DayZ airdrop full of goodies like blaster gas clips and a thermite charge because they knew the Republic would get to the goody box first and wanted to prank them.
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Thread theme → https://hooktube.com/watch?v=k8WM1LaF3mI You dirty n’wahs are by now probably cursing every time a ship shows up attached but unwanted to my posts so for your (but most importantly mine) sake I’ll fire up the dilation stations, map out the ideal Minecraft seed, and speedrun the Republic fighters. >Color coding It’s nice and simple so those of you who are thwarted by your shoelaces can understand it. Red = Republic Fleet Systems Green = Corellians Yellow = Republic Fleet Systems AND Corellians Orange = Rendili Hyperworks/stardrive/don’t care I even was generous enough to throw each company’s logo by each every ship. If you want to thank me, send me the writefag usual of (you)s and clawing demands to talk about dread masters, you know where to find me >Aurek Mk1 Here’s an easy one fluoride eyes, the original Aurek-class. By the GGW it’s old, underpowered, and everywhere in PDFs and pirate outfits. It’s still a solid workhorse though and a pilot with a surplus of skill and favor from Lady Luck can contend with modern fighters with a modicum of confidence. Oh, and a little note about the classification “strikefighter,” while the marble chewing retard who came up with the term was busy picking which crayon tasted best to think about the consequences of his halfbaked actions, your favorite tard guard actually has an explanation for this fuckup. The Aurek was designed with something that no other fighter of it’s time had, not even the advanced Star Saber model did, and that’s a pair of ordnance launchers that change this thing’s role from a purebred fighter into a semi-competent strikecraft as well, making the Strikefighter classification hold more water than an empty ballast tank. >S-250 Chela The boys at the Corellian Engineering Corporation dipped their Selonian-oppressing toes into the starfighter market at the tail end of the Mandalorian Wars with the introduction of this hot little number. An experiment utilizing cryogenic power cells to supplement the main ionization reactor’s power output, (cleverly solving the “hmm, should I put more power into shields so I survive this next volley or engines so I can avoid the next one” by letting you pick both!) the S-250 Chela was a truly innovative failure that nearly crushed CEC’s starfighter ambitions with a rock. Underappreciated by the Republic navy’s pen pushers due to overemphasized flaws such as “not having any feature the Aurek doesn’t, other than moving at the speed of an obese hutt” or “being expensive as fuck,” the Chela found itself selling on the wider market at a considerable markdown at the risky gamble of securing a sliver of profit. CEC didn’t give a fuck about the odds, and as usual, the Corellians scraped by. Only this time, they were determined to do better than survive next time. >Aurek Mk2 The Corellians went back to the drawing board and then gave Republic Fleet Systems a call, offering a lucrative deal where they’d collaborate on developing the Aurek’s successor. RFS’ recent successes with the Hastati-class and renewed confidence in the Corellians’ ability to make quality products after their proposed Hammerhead refits passed inspections (along with rumors of the Corellians’ new rumored fightercraft engines) led to them accepting the contract and promising to give a slice of the pie to our favorite bloodstripe wearing niggas. The result was the fastest, most maneuverable, and arguably most reliable model of the Aurek yet, the Mk2. The old engine had this funny party trick where it’d make technicians rip their hair out due to the compact kraut space magic mess of advanced bullshitechno jargon widgets, the Corellian ‘Starbird’ engine was designed to be a dream to fix AND manufacture, with just enough extra power to offset the larger thruster’s weight and then some. >Aurek Mk6 The intermediate step between the Aurek series and the Liberator-class. The older Aurek’s spindly and complicated folding design has been replaced by a more simplistic and sturdy design, afforded by improvements in the Starbird engine series, granting the ship greater speed, acceleration, and maneuverability over it’s predecessors. This ship also marks the end of Republic Fleet Systems and the Corellian Engineering Corporations’ youtube collabs. CEC came to the conclusion that hyperdrives are useless deadweights like Nero from DMC that do nothing but hold back a starfighter’s abilities in the current age where the only time starfighters even fired up their engines was when they had a hangar to operate out of, i.e. independent starfighter action didn’t happen whatsoever. Republic Fleet Systems shot back with diplomatic grace and said, “go fuck a selonian retard, no Aurek is going to go without a hyperdrive” So, the Corellians (probably followed their advice literally) went and made their own fighter, with sabacc and otter hookers
>>4137 >Liberator-class In the decades preceding the GGW the Republic had finally recovered from the gang rape it had suffered centuries ago at the hands of buckethead crusaders, Revan’s chimp out, and Traya/Sion/Nihilus’ big brain operation. The new Aureks were cool and prized across the Core and what few other worlds had fleets important enough to warrant them, but there still was a certain issue gnawing away at the hearts and minds of Republic fleet commanders. There weren’t enough new aureks for the whole class! The Republic had fucked up the #1 rule of bringing gum to school and not only was it’s own internal critics shitting on them for leaving countless systems under equipped, (cough cough Tion and Belkadan cough) but in the event of any major conflict, they’d be forced to rely on century old models because there was no fucking way their current supply of modern fighters would last. This, my good niggers, is when CEC stepped into the spotlight. Corellia’s presence could already be felt across the Republic fleet, the Thranta-class corvette had already become a mainstay of the fleet (to the Rendili’s ceaseless bitching) and here they were with the Liberator-class, a fighter that could square up to a Mk6 Aurek, shoot the fuck out of it, beat it in a foot race, and relieve a considerable amount of strain on the Republic’s treasury when all was said and done. With one, minor caveat. It had no hyperdrive. In essence, the Corellians were offering the Republic an Aurek Mk6 with bigger guns, better shields, (Turns out, ripping out the hyperdrive and navigation computer leaves quite a bit of room) two count em two engines, and a wingspan to rival Sebastian Brightbottom’s, only this one was stuck relying on something bigger than it to haul it around. And the Republic ate it right up. I mean, hyperdrives are only useful when the pilot gets abandoned by his mother ship or is forced to do an impromptu escape from a planet, that shit only happens during wars! There’s no way this could possibly come to bite them in the ass. >FT-5A Honor Guard Rendili StarDrive wasn’t too happy with Corellia’s success in every avenue of military Starships, so they fired back with this bad boy to challenge the Liberator. Didn’t go too well. They saw the Corellians strap two engines to an Aurek and said “fuck it, why not three?” In reality, Rendili had a very different philosophy when it came to ships, I spelled it out in big words when describing the two Hammerhead refits but I’ll repeat myself for those in the back. Corellia = Fast, nimble, twink ships Rendili = Slow, sturdy, bloat ships That’s the rough philosophical divide. The FT-5A exemplified it by being as slow as a rock assigned to the short bus, it NEEDED three engines to keep up with the Liberator. And it even failed at that. And believe it or not, throwing more shielding and hull at the problem doesn’t solve anything, and it doesn’t take a whole lot more than a quality salvo to rip this thing apart. Also it’s a two seater, the second guy’s job is to shoot missiles at everything in a two space mile radius and drop bombs on noncombatants when the Senate’s not looking. Suffice to say, the Republic wasn’t impressed. But Rendili wasn’t done yet >FT-6 Same problems as the other one only it has four laser cannons and the FT-5 has two heavy ones. I personally don’t think that a few engine tweaks and pretending that you changed the fighter’s frame validates making a second model but hey, I’m not in charge of RSD >PT-7 Prototype seven, this thing is actually cool. I’m not talking about it right now, don’t bother saying please. Suffice to say this is the point where Rendili pulled their heads out of their asses, it’s a real shame they waited for two decades of war to go by before releasing this album.
>>4137 Shall we expect more fightism?
yo test post
>>4144 Yes?
SWTOR writing fuckups shorts <Dromund Kaas Slave Rebellion is retarded and here’s why >--The slaves wouldn’t last eight seconds >A slave rebellion near the capital of the Sith Empire and the most important spaceport on the world wouldn’t last two minutes, let alone multiple days/possibly weeks >Kaas City houses too many crucial headquarters/institutions, HQ’s of each ministry and sanctums for dark councilors, not to mention countless garrisons, for a rebellion to be ignored for a split second That's it, post of the year, it's over.
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Haha just kidding >Yes, the rebellion definitely happened near Kaas City and the spaceport, there’s no reason for the Colossus to have been constructed anywhere else. It’d be like building the statue of liberty in the middle of Nebraska, that’s fucking retarded, clearly the guy that commissioned it wanted everyone coming in and out of the spaceport (and Kaas City’s spaceports) to see Vowran’s smiling face >there’s no way that the Sith wouldn’t send their apprentices in to prove themselves by ripping and tearing the rebellion till they were knee deep in slave blood, there’s no way that the Sith wouldn’t send the army of bounty hunters (especially the Mandalorian hunting parties roaming the jungles) in to get straight up cash money by bringing back slave heads by the wheelbarrow load, and there’s no way that Imperial Intelligence wouldn’t turn the slave rebellion into a proving ground for their agents. >The slave rebellion lasting any amount of time doesn’t. Make. Sense. No amount of help from Baras would prolong it past a day, and any direct aid he gave them would be child’s play for Intelligence to trace back to him, and then he’d have Mortis or Marr knocking on his door. Just don’t make no God dang sense feller. But there’s a more insulting piece of this jungle puzzle. -Rant sidenote And another important thing to note, SWTOR never makes it clear when the bunker was created OR when Skotia got control over it. Is the bunker older than the colossus? If so, how did Lord Qet acquire the rights to construct a colossus right in front of it? Was the bunker built alongside the colossus as a facility to fulfill whatever retarded desires Qet or Vowran dream up? This shit’s never expanded on, never considered, and makes me wonder if the Inquisitor writer OR Daniel Erickson even gave a single shit about this entire plot point or just decided to shove it into the slave rebellion storyline in the most hamfisted and thoughtless way possible. As it’s never stated the when the bunker was created, which determines whether or not Skotia always had it or if he seized it, I won’t harp too much on that but it opens a big can of greasy, wriggling worms and it’s haunting my autism. -Rant concluded >--Skotia’s clubhouse of trandoshan antiques >Be Darth Skotia, scaly bodyguard enthusiast and cyborg nigga >See that those retards over at the Pyramid of Logistics are having an employment disagreement with their imported labor who have a dearth of liberty >After some snooping about and a few sessions of scanning architectural schematics with your glass-eyed fluoride stare, realize there’s a handy dandy bunker nearby >Decide that the bunker that could be full of anything from armed slaves, surviving overseer troops, or horny jungle gundarks in the middle of an active warzone full of incompetent slaves who are likely to get steamrolled any minute by a horde of Sith, intelligence agents, or Mandalorians, would be the best place to hide your valuable trandoshan crayon doodles, which are the only things keep your admittedly pitiful and purely for show bodyguards in line >To this end, you covertly seize control of the bunker, staff it with not only plebs but also a Sith lord to oversee your operation there >… >Pray nobody ever finds the bunker, or that when they do they just shrug and ignore it Seriously what the fuck is plan here? Dude spends most of his time in his office anyways, why not store the artifacts there? Why bother with any of that and not just lock it away in a vault that ISN’T the property of Darth Vowran and in the middle of a fucking slave revolt? Seriously, whatever wires in this flatfaced retard’s skull must’ve short circuited or something because this entire getup is retarded. Here is what is at stake: >1: An annihilated reputation and getting investigated for aiding the slave uprising >”So this retard had a bunker full of soldiers and Sith in the middle of a slave revolt spitting distance from Kaas City and DIDN’T help clear out the rat infestation in his front yard? Why hasn’t Darth Mortis snapped his neck yet?” So Skotia’s forces never fought the slaves in their backyard, whether or not Skotia’s possession of the bunker is legal is dubious at best, and swinging back to that first point it brings a lot of shit down on Skotia’s (and by extension his tard wrangler, Thanaton’s) head. >Did Skotia, or Thanaton, aid the slaves in any way possible? >If not, why did they not help clear them out as they were an obvious threat to multiple key locations on Dromund Kaas? >Are they just retarded? The last one is correct. If you played the Inquisitor storyline you know as well as I do that Skotia had enough goons in that base to absolutely fuck up the slaves outside, Holy shit a lone bounty hunter or imperial agent manage to carve a path through them, and I’m not even mentioning the two newborn babby Sith apprentices when Skotia has a LORD on hand just to watch over the facility, let alone the multiple lightsaber wielding goons he also has staffed there. This shit embodies my gripes with SWTOR: Most of the writers didn’t give half a shit about the garbage they wrote, and even the stories that I like (Inquisitor, warrior, agent) are full of fuckups like this that make the lives of anybody trying to piece everything together a nightmare. If it isn’t obvious enough I have a comically large passion boner for the Old Republic era and my disappointment upon taking a magnifying class to it is immeasurable and my day is ruined. I WANT this shit to be good, I WISH it was, I want everybody from the mindless sycophants that gobble this garbage up to the high brow intellectual aspies that like to pick apart shit to enjoy Old Republic shit as much as I do, but God damnit is this frustrating.
This is unironically the tl;dr version of the schizophrenia charged essay I had gotten halfway done writing before I realized I wasn't gonna torture you guys with it. Thank me later
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>>4150 <Final Solution Here’s why my genius shines. This is what happens when you play on the Dante Must Die difficulty or Level Die your entire life, your brain grows 88 sizes and you are blessed with forbidden ADHD wisdom >Vowran was in on it It’s that easy. Now look at Dromund Kaas and imagine the real estate nightmare that you can see play out across most ancient Sith worlds: you can’t walk two feet in any direction without stumbling into a Dashade burial ground or falling face first into an ancient tomb, it is what it is. Now, what if there was an organization on the same level as the entire fucking judicial system or intelligence agency with the same amount of power and resources, only they’re charged with finding, exploring, maintaining, and protecting Sith heritage sites? Now, imagine how much property they would consequently accrue after MILLENNIA of doing that job? Now let’s say you’re an aspiring retard with a lightsaber, a very large wallet, but no brains. (i.e. You’re Lord Qet) You want to build something to show off your master’s prestige to everybody and you have the incredible wealth and resources of the Pyramid of Logistics backing your halfbaked endeavors. Now imagine you’re Vowran, dark councilor, cool guy, fan of sabacc and playing slave chess with the boys, you love a good laugh and you’ve been waking up to a certain somebody pissing in your boots every chance they fucking get. Said somebody is a lackey of one of your fellow dark councilors, one you don’t really mind except when he fails to keep his underlings in line. At the same time, nobody likes you but everybody relies on you, they rely on your pyramid to supply their ambitions but at the same time everybody wishes they had control over you. You’re in a precarious position with no allies and a rival who’s as devious as he is cunning. Oh, and now your doughbrained apprentice wants to build a statue of you where everybody on Dromund Kaas is gonna see it, and we’re not talking some meek little one or two times scaled up dumpster decoration, we’re talking a proper colossus. But, uh, problem is, you have zero fucking property in the area your apprentice is dead set on building his little art piece in. But you know who does? The other dark councilor who nobody likes’ heir, (reminder that Thanaton only became a dark councilor about halfway into the Inquisitor storyline) who nobody likes, the same one who’s underling has been having problems with his own underlings, and who certainly could use an ally right now, especially one as powerful as you. >The stage is set Vowran and Thanaton begin colluding and trying to stitch together an alliance, Thanaton will sell the land rights Qet needs to build his colossus, Qet will add a certain facility to Colossus’ schematics, Vowran’s pyramid will pay for all of it, but Thanaton and Skotia will have their little bunker to do as they wish with it. At the same time, the entire construction will be a step towards the two Sith’s cooperation and future as allies together. The completed colossus will be the headquarters of their joint operations, and everything will be smooth sailing! If one decides to try and fuck over the other, they both have loaded guns to the others’ head. Vowran has access to whatever artifacts Skotia decides to hoard away in his vault, and if things get too spicy between the two he can reveal the bunkers’ existence to Thanaton’s rivals, or even declare that he had no knowledge of it and that it was rightfully his (in an attempt to drag Thanaton or Skotia into a legal battle where he can sick his champions on them in 1v1 kaggaths or even lobby for the intervention of Darth Mortis’ agents, who’d then threaten Thanaton to leave, which would lead to a big shit flinging contest on all sides and a Grathan-esque situation) or Thanaton can sabotage the colossus, leak its schematics and plans to a certain Sith named Baras for him to sabotage, declare an expedition into the crypts and tomb below the colossus, deem that the entire property should be ceded to the pyramid of ancient knowledge blah blah you get it, it’s a very Sith agreement. Both are capable of fucking over the other, reinforcing their faith in the entire enterprise and consequently eachother, strengthening their alliance through mutually assured destruction. A prime example of Sith politicking. But, before the project gets finished, a certain somebody decides to throw a wrench into the mix, and publicly destroy their alliance before it can begin.
Open file (666.94 KB 1200x627 upsy dupsy.png)
>>4151 -Sidenote about Thanaton’s motivations Beyond the base desire to make powerful friends, Thanaton (and the entire pyramid of ancient knowledge) has a plethora of reasons to create factions opposing Darth Vengean and Baras. It’s no secret that Vengean despises the Treaty of Coruscant and would do anything to kickstart the war, and it doesn’t take a quantum physicist or a rocket scientist to understand that the Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge has achieved a golden age in status and power during the Cold War, the relative peacetime has granted them an enormous amount of success. Not having to worry about Republic soldiers dropping in to crash your party as you examine cave scribbles detailing the secret passageway into old tombs and not having to concern yourself with manpower shortages as all of your guards (remember: the Reclamation Service is a part of the military and ultimately if the dark councilor triumvirate of military offense, defense, and strategy demand that your valuable guards go waste their lives and skills attacking a Republic pillbox bristling with laser cannons, there’s not a lot you can say) while having a surplus of sites to investigate across not only the Sith’s newly acquired clay but within the neutral border zones like on Hoth, the war also introduced a new avenue of work for the pyramid by giving them the opportunity to hunt down and repossess Sith goodies lost during the war, giving them an excuse to seize salvaging rights at ship graveyards (which they would promptly utilize or sell the rights as they pleased, for more shekels to fund more operations for, you guessed it, more shekels) so you can see why Thanaton (and his master Darth Arctis, current head of the pyramid) would want to avoid another war when they still had plenty of sand pits to play in. -sidenote ended <tl;dr for this >Vowran’s getting pranked by Baras and now he wants a friend >Darth Arctis is starting to see the writing on the wall with his heir Thanaton and decides to throw wrenches in his plans >Thanaton’s underlings’ infighting is slowly building to a crescendo when he needs to be focusing on supplanting Arctis >Thanaton wants a powerful ally >Lord Qet wants to build a statue on the Pyramid of Ancient Knowledge’s clay >Thanaton & Vowran reach an agreement >Skotia gets a bunker to put his toys in >They keep the agreement secret to not tip off a certain Sith named Baras >They’re not as good at the whole intrigue as Baras though >The candy man ups his plans This leads into a bigger situation I won’t bore you with right now, just know my brain is large and has many schemes
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>>4153 Yey
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>>4155 I'm not the bordo or a janny and have no clue what's wrong. Everything's cool on my end
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Drebmaster writings. Part 1: The Phobis devices, what are they and where did they go? Cassus Dreypa, firstborn son of Remulus Dreypa, rose to prominence in the ensuing decades following the Ajunta Pall-Sorzus Syn Civil War after taking a mind opening ride on the crazy train and developing a bad case of hyper-rapture. The senior Dreypa would leave the Caldera around the same time as Ajunta Pall and Sorzus Syn’s grudge match erupted, with the expedition’s objective being finding a path back to Republic space and kicking ass, at least in the EU proper. This might sound retarded to you for a variety of reasons. >”Didn’t the Dark Jedi get their shit pushed in when they had a giant army and a bunch of mutated monsters? Why would you attack them when you have a fraction of even less forces than you did before? Is Dreypa smoking crack?” Yeah, probably. A host of exterior motives can be plastered onto the expedition and it’s leader, maybe they just wanted to find a route back to Republic space for the future when they’re ready to toss a pot of piping hot bowl of jambalaya on the Jedi? Maybe kissai pussy makes you go insane? Maybe Dreypa senior saw the writing on the wall between Syn and Pall and realized they wouldn’t just hatefuck and move on but instead would open up a can of woop ass on eachother, and to avoid getting caught in the middle of it, (thus endangering his family who’d be used as leverage by either side to force him to take a side) he packs up his shit and leaves on a supposed holy crusade of vengeance, removing himself from the equation (and rendering any actions against his family implausible because it’s hard to blackmail someone out of communications distance) while offering a chance to any other Sith in the same situation as him. If Dreypa senior leaves, his family is protected due to the fact that he himself is no longer even on the chess board. But hey, that’s just a theory, maybe he DID just get sick of cold, sandy Korriban, unbearably warm Rhelg, or frigid Ziost, and instead decided to go crash land on Kesh or wherever the fuck he ended up. Now about Cassus Dreypa. Cassus Dreypa, born of the gross interspecies bed squeaking of Baron Admiral Dreypa and the kissai priest that he mentioned to Sorzus Syn in the Book of Sith about getting it on with. Raised by his mother and her priestly companions, amerimutt Dreypa junior would grow into a proper Sith halfbreed, luv me tombs, luv me alchemy, luv me sorcery, ‘ate protosabers (not luddite jus don’ like ‘em) and a fascination with the pretty stars and the chilling void that lurks between them. A little baby by the time of his father’s departure and the first Sith civil war, baby Dreypa grew up during XoXaan’s reign as Dark Lady of the Sith (Remember, Dreypa senior dabbed on his rival Karness Muur, or at least Muur was assassinated by “somebody” before Dreypa’s departure, and Ajunta Pall and Sorzus Syn were busy murdering eachother. Of the 5 dark jedi bosses that leaves only 1 left, XoXaan) which all things considered was just what the Sith needed. Dreypa senior’s plan to go fuck the Republic up and come back after the dust had settled back home didn’t quite work out as planned, which may have been for the best as that’d mean power would be split between two Lords of the Sith again. Luckily that didn’t happen, and totally won’t happen again. XoXaan’s described as the greatest healer the Sith ever knew, and that’s a nice departure from the usual lightsaber berserker or sithspawn diddler, and it meshes well with the post-Ajunta Pall Sith Empire needing a break after ripping itself apart. XoXaan healed the Sith Empire and filled its cracks, the Eradicator Cult established by Sorzus Syn had to be placated or else they were likely to roll the dice on a second civil war, so our mummy mime mommy soothed their autism momentarily by channeling their passion into healthier projects like checking up on nearby Sith colonies such as Malachor or Vjun (the latter would become a home of their cult and remain so till Marka Ragnos slapped it with his dick) and to develop them into industrial, martial, or cultural powerhouses. She could really care less as long as they weren’t screeching about how “Remulus Dreypa was right and that they totally could win an arm wrestling competition with the Republic right now, fuck XoXaan Force wars now” and other quirky things the mentally ill repeat ad nauseam. XoXaan’s reign would also be marked by the Jiaasjen, the “Integrating of the Shadow,” the phase in Sith history where the fusion of Sith and Dark Jedi culture, technology, and genetics went from an interesting idea to talk about around the dinner table to a rapidly developing reality. Any Sith who had their doubts about the Dark Jedi’s abilities or techniques had them erased by the bloody civil war, and any overinflated Dark Jedi egos got bloodied by Massassi-shaped bricks. This basically means that Dark Jedi went from laughing at silly Sith toys like glass daggers and boomerang swords to asking zuguruk to forge right-handed lanvaroks and conversely massassi went from crying about how swords are cool because they get blood everywhere to politely asking for their own ded killy glowsticks.
Open file (172.23 KB 1280x720 Hyperspace.jpg)
>>4157 Sixteen years had passed during what at the time was considered a golden age in Sith cultural development, the remaining Dark Jedi rapidly integrated into Sith society at large while also leaving their own mark in philosophy and technology. It’s around this time (6884 BBY roughly) that Cassus Dreypa decides to figure out where ol’ daddy dearest ran off to all that time ago. XoXaan herself was more than happy to fund such an expedition, she was well aware of the Republic’s inability to find the Stygian Caldera let alone enter it, and with Cassus Dreypa being the sole remaining Sith with a strong claim (through his father) to the throne her bandage-wrapped ass was occupying, sending the potential upstart bookworm off into the void to die like his father did? To her it was a win win, and she nearly got her wish. Cassus fell prey to one of the Stygian Caldera’s natural astronomical hazards, a dangerous hyperspace jump into a shield-disabling nebula led to a followup panic jump into a ringed star’s mass shadow. Emergency failsafes dropped their ship into a whirlwind of micro-meteors and less-micro meteors at breakneck speeds. It’s a miracle the particle shields lasted long enough to save the bridge from getting swiss cheesed up, less of a miracle that they dropped at the perfect moment for the ship’s reactor to take a gruesome hit and the entire engineering deck to become a tranny’s wetdream (get it, because they’re suicidal) and the hyperdrive to get by Yuri Boyka’s bicycle kick and get very fucked up. A power surge courtesy of the faulty reactor triggered an accidental hyperspace jump. Casualties exploded, courtesy of hyperspace’s intolerance for ships with their sun roofs opened, willingly or not. Cassus and the other survivors weren’t the lucky ones, those who suffered quick deaths at the hands of rough meteor loving, erotic asphyxiation in the vacuum, or a bukakke of tachyonic hypermatter all over their faces would be the lucky ones. Today’s episode of the Dreypa dynasty’s bizarre space adventures had a year long cruise through hyperspace, complete pockets of life support, hazardous gases, and breathtaking views in the form of missing chunks in the ship’s hull, oh yeah, plus the untinted windows courtesy of malfunctioning shutters. Cassus Dreypa enjoyed a year’s worth of hyper-rapture, the condition you develop after staring at the swirling vortex of hyperspace like a zonked out fluoride addict who’s been imbibing in too much tapwater. A year of epileptic flashing, seizures, agony, terror, and the inevitable insanity that accompanies those stimuli like dutiful bedfellows. Speaking of bedfellows, Cassus Dreypa wasn’t the only one who had enjoyed this trip. No, at first he couldn’t sense the presence, no, shadow, beyond the attention demanding sensations of starvation, agony, and that dull throbbing you get from staring at a computer screen too long. But as time went on and his tolerances grew, and he learned how to apply the kissai’s grade school lessons about channeling emotion into power to this hellhole, he finally felt it. There had been something else here before, on this very sojourn through hyperspace, long before he found himself trapped within it. The residual presence of what would’ve had to be a gargantuan (or blessed with gargantuan willpower to leave such a powerful psychic trail) creature became his obsession, this creature’s phantom pain was his sole companion in the hyperspace tunnel now. (Meat had stopped being on the menu a long time ago, and the bones of his companions were significantly less interesting company than the Angry Yeeter’s metal gear solid 5) It scared the shit out of him. At the same time, it was a blessing as it kicked his ass into gear and he decided his trip in hyperspace was finally done. One convoluted and suicidal journey later, (that’s so complicated I won’t bother explaining it to you, I mean, putting on an EVA suit and doing the equivalent of space rock climbing across the tattered remains of your ship’s hull as tachyonic air pressure attempts to rip you off of it as you claw your way from crippled hangar to crippled hangar only to find a shuttle missing a wing and the ability to pressurize it’s cabin yet still has a functional hyperdrive, then plundering every emergency supply cash to ensure you have enough vittles to make it back home.
Open file (359.14 KB 1280x720 Hyperspace.jpg)
This is quickly turning into a short story so let’s summarize it with good ol meme arrows >Utilizing the baltimore crips’ shuttle to drop out of hyperspace, Dreypa goblino has a moment of respite in realspace >He decides to spend it meditating, stretching his awareness to tickle around star systems while hunting for the presence he felt in Hyperspace >Doesn’t find it but manages to brush against what could be more or less described as it snoring from the edge of the Galaxy > Calls it good and begins the lengthy journey back home, spending a year doing nerd shit like math, double checking his navigation systems to not have a second fucky wucky, and utilizing more or less “safe” (meaning traveled) routes used to patrol Sith space to get back into it >XoXaan’s not really ecstatic about his return, but could give less than two shits about him locking himself away in a shrine on Rhelg to draw star maps and consult with xenobiological experts about what he possibly could’ve felt >The Eradicator Cult catches wind of this and after hearing rumors about a “giant monster capable of surviving hyperspace and having the sentience and mental strength to leave an imprint of itself behind” and gets an anti-Jedi boner >Eradicators buddy up with Cassus Dreypa, who’d rather sit in the back and play with his trains like a good autist >XoXaan slowly comes to realize the merits of an organization of Sith where a single, powerful leader with absolute obedience from those below them is sort of cool >Hint hint >XoXaan sees the Eradicators supposedly teaming up with Cassus, they just promised him more thomas the tank engine posters >Is about to throw a thermonuclear bitch fit >Cassus Dreypa’s been busy drawing up the designs for what he calls the “Phobis Devices” >Eradicators ask him to help them take down XoXaan who’s rolling back her bandage sleeves and preparing to revoke their titles like it’s CK2 >He tells them to fuck off he’s got space squid phones to build >They tell him XoXaan’s gonna take away Thomas’ steam engine >Real shit >Wizard battle between a heal slut who keeps spamming self heals VS spergs in the cool SWTOR Sith acolyte masks and some guy with aspergers >Cassus and Co. are successful after drowning her in one of Vjun’s acid seas, getting pissed off when she crawls out of it, then sealing the remains in one of Dreypa senior’s (RIP) many oubliettes, then opening the remains in hyperspace, completely annihilating XoXaan >Cassus Dreypa ascends to the throne and doesn’t do anything with it. >Zuguruk fucking love him, his new ship designs (especially their hyperdrives) are genius >Kissai think his Phobis Device prototypes are interesting, good way to level up the willpower stat >Eradicators are hyped because they think he’s gonna help them attack the Republic >lolnope >Eradicators get pissy, try to double cross him >Most of them get eaten by sithspawn (usually their own creations) those guys got off easy in comparison to the ones that get captured >Woohoo new beta testers for the Phobis Devices! And that, dear readers, is where the Phobis Devices come from.
>>4159 Nigga, could you lay off the green arrow tldr's? We'll take your autism, but this makes things way too goofy.
>>4155 >>4156 He means the CSS is supposed to have a starry background and big yellow letters at the top. But that's not something that can be fixed since it looks like its a problem with theГунтretort since its not allowing anyone to upload a new css
Open file (82.50 KB 303x600 phobis devices.png)
Hello my grotthu audience, I am your local Jen’ari Inc. Shill and I’m here to talk about our dark overlord’s latest product, the new iPhobis Devices! Our hyperspace enthusiast Dark Lord of the Sith Cassus Dreypa has been hard at work on our newest line of personal devices, and his halfbreed majesty has granted me the honor of describing them to you under pain of death or the opportunity to be the iPhobia’s next beta tester! >Versatile devices that allow you to test your or a loved one’s mental fortitude by, <forcing you to go toe-to-toe with your inner demons by using the essence of the Sith Dreypa Jr. trapped inside of it, who’ve been conditioned to spam Summon Fear on anyone that touches Phobis Device #1 <Enjoy a simulation of what a year in Hyperspace with barely any food, no shielding, and life support so thin you feel like you’re on the summit of Ziost’s tallest mountain. Oh, and you have to stare at the blue tachyonic torrent-like twists of Hyperspace for the entire duration of your stay. After you enjoy that, you’re blessed with the activation phrase needed to access the third Phobis Device: Cassus Dreypa’s holocron. A repository of information encompassing his life’s work, everything from the star maps he charted, the physics and schematics of his hyperdrive prototypes, musings on starship power plants and sensor arrays, and how to commune with the terror from beyond by having a chat with him inside of his slumbering mindscape. The first two are pleb filters while the third’s the Dante Must Die device that none but a certain group of six has managed to walk away from, not only does it teach you HOW to talk to the Angry Yeeter but it traps a portion of your mind within the holocron so you can be Cassus Dreypa’s playmate until he feels the rather distinctive imprint left behind after a conversation with Lotek’k. 9/10 traitorous eradicator cultists agree that “ymg' mgepah'legeth,” with the last one unfortunately committing suicide with a shikkar dagger before we could extract a response from him. Now one interesting note I just remembered was Tulak Hord’s interest in Sith Sorcery and artifacts, he wasn’t just a beast with a protosaber but also a bookworm too, in fact he not only devised a number of Sith magic rituals, he also created a plethora of artifacts that look an awful lot just like holocrons, but hey that could very well just be Bioware’s laziness rearing its cromagnon head, said artifacts when combined could be used to perform an Essence Transfer ritual with the same effect as Darth Andeddu’s, only Tulak Hord’s K-Mart brand ritual requires the usage of his artifacts opposed to the streamlined spell Andeddu developed. Point is, I doubt Tulak Hord wouldn’t collect the Phobis devices for his personal collection. There’s no preexisting lore about who’s possession they bounced around, implying nobody did anything notable with them, so I’ll move on to Marka Ragnos. It doesn’t matter how Marka acquired them, I’ve got a few ideas on how he used them. While Dreypa Jr intended for them to be used to help others commune with the entity he discovered, fact is they make remarkably good torture devices. You can create your own homegrown supply of batshit insane freaks who are constantly projecting powerful emotions of terror and despair for you to gorge yourself on, and if that isn’t enough for you, the devices also have the potential to forge a willpower monster capable of not only enduring but reveling in the power of terror, giving whoever mastered it the “And they shall know no fear” rule from 40k, plus they have a new wellspring of gut-wrenching memories to draw power from. It’s a shame nobody mastered them, not even Marka Ragnos himself, who subjected himself to the first two (inner demons and hyperspace voyage) but had the brainpower to not gamble with the notorious third one, instead reserving that honor for whoever pissed him off. His usage of the Phobis devices as torture machines was so prolific that not only did they decorate his throne room with them, (a sword of Damocles for his visitors) he also famously gave the last of his rivals a choice between impaling himself with a shikkar, (gutting yourself with the glass knife is an old Sith phrase analogous to the Russian phrase “Idi Nahui”) or enduring a session with all three Phobis devices. Said rival was kneeling before Marka with six inches of glass in his intestines faster than you could say shik’nwul. (Shik’nwul = the knife’s peace/peace from the knife, think of harakiri but without being the slightest bit honorable and a thousand percent shamefur, and any unfortunate descendants you do have will spit on your name and spend their lifetimes cleansing the shame you shackled to them) >Tl;dr don’t fuck with Marka Ragnos because killing yourself in the most painful way imaginable will be preferable to what he’ll do to you. The Phobis devices wouldn’t be claimed by Naga Sadow or Ludo Kressh, they were too busy trying to kill eachother or getting their asses kicked. The interim Dark Lord Shar Dakhan was too busy fighting a desperate last stand against the Republic while Tenebrae, fresh from hos ritual that turned prosperous Medriaas into Nathema, gathered up his followers, his fleet, and his toys (including the Phobis devices) and fucking off to the corner of Sith Space that everybody forgot about.
>>4166 I had to trim so much fat off that post just to make it fit in the character limit. That's enough for tonight, tomorrow we talk about dread and it's masters

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