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Fuck Disney.

Stormtrooper 12/23/2019 (Mon) 04:48:44 No.1180
>get dragged to see the last nu-wars movie by family >it's shit even in the opening crawl, but at least something is happening >you can almost see JJ trying to salvage what little he can from the last two movies >palps is fucking davros >he's got a fish tank full of defective not-sidiouses >some idiot behind me is making it his duty to laugh at every fucking worthless quip and clap at the focus group-approved moments >soyboys are fucking real I should have stayed home. How was your day, /sw/? and go ahead, repost this cuckchan you disgusting crossposters- I can't fucking stop you
Open file (12.64 KB 292x211 angry lumpy sounds.jpg)
>>1180 I saw IX via a camrip and now I have a fever. No joke. Shit was so bad it made me sick. Not even TLJ or TFA accomplished that.
>>1180 >>1218 Sorry to hear that mate, my wife and I got tickets for it as a Christmas "present" and she is very excited about it so I don't have much of a choice. Is there anything in particular I should look out for and how mans shots should I take before the movie. Is 5 enough?
>>1308 many*
>>1308 Six or seven would be more appropriate anon, I'm sorry to hear about your predicament.
>>1308 Palpatine bass drop lightning. ADHD pacing to prevent you noticing the numerous plotholes. It does give a few "fuck you" to Ruin Jonson, but it still does not fix the mess. Take enough shots to get in the mindframe that it's a meta tragicomedy about the attempted milking to death of a franchise called SW, not an actual SW movie.
>>1308 It depends on what kind of shots you mean. Are we talking about whiskey or a 9mm?
Open file (155.85 KB 307x397 disgusted_paun.png)
>>1180 As if being forced to watch IX wasn't bad enough, my Christmas family reunion was a fucking mess. Everyone either complaining or arguing with each other or talking about Rise of Skywalker.
>>1309 >>1311 >>1312 >>1313 Thanks for the advice, just got back from seeing it and it's actually not as bad as I though it would be. But that might just be because I made sure I was drunk before entering the theater we live within walking distance and took 20 milligrams of melatonin once we got inside to make sure I was half asleep. Wife liked it though so that's good.
>>1413 >giving money to the mouse
>>1418 >not reading the thread nigger I got them for christmas. >>1325 well that sucks mate, at least mine didn't talk about it.
EH man I hear you. Maybe I'm just getting old too but I can relate to your opinion on SW. It's not the dark, edgy, gory, deep space scifi we all wanted. Disney is just following their protocols. I watched solo yesterday. All I can say is the effects are undeniably well done. THe acting was soulless and the characters too. You can see how desperate the devs were by scrounging up what ever they could from the original sequals just to make it feel nonstrategic for the old fans (forget being original). ANother thing I could not stand was all the subtle humor jokes in every fucking scene, aukward silences, perverted puns (lando fucks robots apparently). It was insufferable, but I had a good time with my family, they enjoyed it.
>>1312 I cannot believe the pacing of these films. they skip so much it hurts me physically not knowing how they go form one place to the other so quickly.
>>1413 > to make sure I was half asleep. That's about the only way I can think of to be able to tolerate the trainwreck. The movie simply falls apart the moment you stop for 5 minutes to think wait, that doesn't make any sense why woul- "who cares we're off to the next scene mystery boxes and soulless nostalgia amirite!" >Wife liked it though so that's good. In the sense that she got to spend time with you, I hope. Because the movie actually has an awful moral (nothing is impossible if you are female, everything should be instantly given or near intantly mastered because, force is female you Sithlord!) that tries to pass itself as muh female empowerment when the Marey Sue spectacle wears off.
Did anyone else watch this thing and feel hideously exhausted by the end?
>>1180 fucking awful my life went to shit after that horrible forsaken bitch rey made what star war is now, a complete extremist propaganda it's not even sjw even more, it's fucking feminist diversity extremism
>>3928 That is what happens when you sell an IP to white slavers.

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