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Fuck Disney.

Stormtrooper 12/23/2019 (Mon) 11:21:35 No.1193
I saw a few episodes of That 70s Show where Eric becomes a Star Wars fanboy after seeing it in 1977. One thing I found interesting was, when talking about Star Wars with his father, Eric refers to Darth Vader as a Sith Lord. Where might he have learned this term back in 1977? I don't recall the mainline movies ever using the term in the theatrical cuts, and the first time I ever heard it mentioned was in the Phantom Menace. Did he read some expanded universe material? Was there any published Star Wars work in the 70s that mentioned the Sith? All the expanded universe material I know from back then mentions "Dark Jedi" but not the Sith. Was this just an oversight by the writers of That 70s Show?
I first remember the term from the novelization of The Empire Strikes Back. It referred to Vader as the dark lord of the Sith. It’s possible that it was also mentioned in the ANH book. I would have to reread it. What I do remember from the ANH book is that the emperor was described as just some random bureaucrat. There is no mention of him being a force user.
Yeah, I'm pretty sure it was just an oversight since That 70's Show was written by people who knew of SW as it was in the 90's and 00's, not the 70's.
Open file (130.64 KB 960x720 n9yr8wk29f5z.jpg)
>>1193 Even worse was Eric's collection of Star Wars toys. This is in 1978 and he somehow has a Yoda and Palpatine figure. Was Eric a time traveler? Did he break into George Lucas' mansion and steal them not knowing what they were? >>1207 It kind of sucks, because Eric's entire Star Wars dream sequence is clearly from the perspective of someone who's only seen the first movie. A love triangle between Luke, Leia, and Darth Vader is not something anyone would imagine after Empire Strikes Back unless they had an incest fetish. So you can tell they at least tried, but fell short with some small oversights. Ultimately forgivable, but still needs to be nitpicked.
>>1193 The show had a lot of inconsistencies. Most episodes even had him knowing or owning shit that shouldn't even exist yet, and it wasn't just exclusive to SW.
I was honestly never that fond of the show. Unlike Happy Days it seemed to be too self-aware and often came across as too much parody. Parody is fine, but having the characters believe in the setting they exist in would be nice. But none of it really matters considering how awful the final seasons were.
>>1224 >But none of it really matters considering how awful the final seasons were. Was there more than one season after Eric "left?"

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