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Fuck Disney.

Open file (72.99 KB 800x450 JediInterceptors.jpg)
Stormtrooper 10/13/2019 (Sun) 15:12:56 No.132
Out of the delta 7 and the ETA 2 starfighters which would you rather fly and fight with?
Delta, because I don't a stray space pebble to put a hole in my canopy
Open file (592.60 KB 1500x836 lpuk7yal7nebbcamznzp.jpg)
ETA 2, mainly because I can paint black when I turn to the dark side and get recruited into the Inquisitorius.
If it's the version with shields I'll take the Eta-2.

Any reason you can't paint the Delta black?
It's not Seinar enough and I want to blend in.
Delta 7. No question about it.
I feel like Delta us more reliable, and also more stylish, so I take it. It could certainly absorb some hits.
they are both insufficent in the role of dedicated jedi spaceship.

>have external hyperspace drive. imagine getting sent to a dangerous hutt controled region and being unable to come back because your drive was JAWWED
>no cargo space, at all. need to capture a dangerous pirate or move ancient relic to safe place? too bad
>1 seat. hope your padawan learned how to fly on his own.
>tie fighter tier durability and no shields, or shields so weak they are not even worth mentioning
>no room for extra supplies, long journey is impossible
>cost more then a fucking freighter, seriously what the fuck it is just a fucking set of engines and guns mounted to a cockpit, fucking corrupt republic no wonder it fell. seriously you could have 3 YT-1300 for the price of one

whoever thought this was a good idea was retarded. jedi should use bigger, heavier units, like patrol or scout craft
ETA 2, I was always gay for the TIE Interceptor so why wouldn't I want to blow it's grandfather that had an option of having shields?

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