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Fuck Disney.

Guardian of the Republic CYOA Stormtrooper 10/19/2019 (Sat) 16:04:04 No.149
Thought you'd like something creative and fun to do. Just create a build and make sure you end up with positive or 0 points at the end.
This is awesome dude really interesting I'm gonna do this when I get home
>female exile
Despite that, thanks for posting these anons. Really useful man
>Male exile
>never danced for vogga
>dancing for that worthless slug
>playing as Revan's fangirl Meetra Surik instead of Space Jesus
Good one feds, but I'll keep up not being a gigantic faggot despite your insistence
Rather look at a man's ass then a woman's
Thank you for signing your post, anon.
And why would you sacrifice playing as the correct character for booty when you could just bring handmaiden or mira along?
It's all about self insertion (giggity). Says something about you when you prefer inserting as a female & romancing the mens NPCs.
Speaking of self-inserting as a girl to get with other girl npc's, here's the donut steel I came up with":
>female zeltron padawan
>picked up as a young child
>adaptable, agile, attractive, charismatic, energetic, natural warrior, relentless
>rebel, deadly secret, bad influence, attachment, wrath
>force view: major heterodoxy
>archetype: jedi guardian
>basic force powers: telekinesis, force control, force confusion, force empathy, force sence
>advanced force powers: force cloak, battle meditation
>blue pike lightsaber
>lightsaber form: ataru/sokan
>skills: persuasive, survivalist, investigative
>custom clothes, sentimental item
>unliked in hutt, mandalorion, and corporate territories
>pathfinder corvette w/ electronics, hyperdrive, life support, stealth, laser canons, ion canons, slave rigging
>Master is Linneth Tal-Ithal, supported by Knight Lirwyn Nieth, with fellow Padawan Sy-nne Lyrenna
>contact as Thalia Cende
So my headcanon is, she was picked up by happenstance as a street urchin and carted off to the Jedi Temple. A number of years later and she's showing some behavior issues and caught trying to sneak out to explore Coruscant with her bestie Sy'enne, unsupervised. In order to straighten them both out and instill some sort of responsibility, they're tossed onto Master Linneth's shoulders for some offworld tutoring, some shenanigans go down concerning slavers and a missing Jedi and bam, fanfic foundations set. The only other detail I can cohesively go on about is that the item she holds onto is some seemingly harmless trinket that plays a little tune if she concentrates on it hard enough.
baste and dubspilled
Aw, thanks bro. I almost felt like putting it all together was wasted effort.

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