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Fuck Disney.

Open file (551.34 KB 1082x903 shitting on the mouse.png)
Star Wars IX final trailer Stormtrooper 10/22/2019 (Tue) 04:56:27 No.166
Its out. Now let's deconstruct the hell out of this pile of crap.
Open file (592.86 KB 1280x578 it's_so_dens.jpg)
Glad to see the cinematography keeps getting worse.
Open file (1.77 MB 1280x720 It's So Dense.webm)
Remember when people ripped the prequels apart because "every scene was so dense"....How much do you want to bet these same faggots are praising this pile of shit. Vid related.
Is it just my retarded brain playing a trick on me or does every shit besides the Falcon look like they're going directly at the camera instead of going in the same direction? Also, what happened to there being like 10 people left in the rebellion resistance and no one would come and help them at the end of the last movie? Did Mary Sue use her mary sue powers to convince literally everyone that ignored Leia's call for help to help now?
>Is it just my retarded brain playing a trick on me or does every shit besides the Falcon look like they're going directly at the camera instead of going in the same direction?
I see it now, you're right. They're all on a collision course intersecting at the camera.
So, after this movie how will the mouse continue to whore out Star Wars? Are you ready for alternative timelines and more prequels?
>So, after this movie how will the mouse continue to whore out Star Wars?
Last I heard they had a ton of extra shit planned. They'll milk this series until it's completely a husk of its former self (even worse than now)
I think the next thing they are gunning for is a KOTOR trilogy, where they will get somebody who on the surface looks palatable to audiences but then they fuck it up once again grinding the franchise into the dirt. Kinda like The Mandalorian where they will license out iconography like the armor or Twi'leks to dupe normals into seeing it, despite the fact that Disney Mandos are nothing like real Mandos at all. Same with TCW.
Open file (77.98 KB 1242x1192 selyo0op6uv01.jpg)
Open file (256.46 KB 1200x957 3c5.png)
I felt nothing while watching it. A whole load of special effects and no fucking plot. Typical mystery box BS really. If the rumors are true that they're re-shooting the movie 2 months from release, this really is in trouble.
Also more space ships underwater for some bloody reason and horse riding on a star destroyer which is just stupid. Can't wait for it to bomb.

I just want you to realize what Lucasfilm is doing by going into KOTOR. When Bioware received a SW licence from Lucasarts, they told them, "Same Universe but not infringing on movies." So they went back a few thousands years and since tech in SW is stagnant anyway, they can still have the Jedi and Sith conflict. And alot of people point to KOTOR as a source for the background teachings of Jedi and Sith, Sith being about passion and drive and Jedi becoming Zen.
This loops back because it goes to show how utterly creatively bankrupt Lucasfilm is if they have to do a trilogy of a spin-off section of timeline that is still considered "Legends."
>Okay SFX team, it's time to make the climactic space battle.
<What did the directors and producers say it should look like?
>They said "make it a fitting climax for this wonderful trilogy"
<Alright, one nonsensical, gigantic, ugly-ass clusterfuck coming right up.
Open file (58.32 KB 991x558 3po.JPG)
taking one last look.......
at my friends........
Open file (79.51 KB 960x900 Settle down Kaiba.jpg)
What friends?! Han dead, Luke dead, Leia actually dead. You've known this guys a month in Force awakens and Last Jedi, you can't call them friends after timeskip.
You're just adressing the audience in hopes to get a cheap reaction. Also it's pretty fucking stupid to put a battledroid chip in a protocol droid.
Is no one going to talk about how they have actual horses riding on top of ships in space while being shot at?
Are you racist?
>You've known this guys a month in Force awakens and Last Jedi
Less than months. According to Disney, only 3 days passed between TFA and TLJ while both films only spanned a few days
> disney soywarz stages:
Stage 1:
It will sound good at first.
Stage 2:
Then they will reveal their ugly baboon & feminist casting choices.
Stage 3.
Next the story-line/plot will drop which will be the same poorly conceived malicious garbage from the rey movies wrapped in the "force is female" bolshevik propaganda.
Stage 4:
Finally the out of touch "writers" and or actors will go on social media or give interviews where they bitch about white people & men in general & how brave it for soywarz to have a tranny blue haired muslim wheel-chaired abomination as the lead in the film/series because its the current year + 4 and fuck you if you don't like this.

They are desperate the bow & arrow & space-horses for the hunger game /Dr who crowd confirm this.
Has C3PO even talked to any of the soy wars characters? I mean the most I've seen is that he was standing around in the background of a few scenes with Mary Sue and Rape Ape.

>Stage 1:
>It will sound good at first.
Except they can't even get that far.
I've been calling it for months, the not-Rebels will suddenly find themselves in the millions by the beginning of IX, with zero explanation whatso
Open file (242.61 KB 678x521 marey_sue_1.png)
Open file (197.89 KB 559x470 marey_sue_2.png)
Open file (258.77 KB 566x515 marey_sue_3.png)
Open file (112.36 KB 347x340 marey_sue_4.png)
Open file (158.26 KB 839x518 marey_sue_5.png)
Will she ever learn to close her mouth, or is it a lost cause?
>with zero explanation whatso
20 burgerbux says the explanation will be Mary Sue gave an emotional and heartfelt speech.

Lost cause. I'm pretty sure she'd suffocate if she closed her mouth.
Open file (387.42 KB 644x570 1571711912474.png)
How did she get even uglier?
She doesn't have the hair to cover a portion of her pig face, so it's on full display. The sweat also doesn't help.
Open file (22.23 KB 388x575 klaub.jpg)
> to put a battledroid chip in a protocol droid.
why not just replace the head like they did in episode 2
Why didn't they just used the battle droid? C3PO's body is not intended for combat while the battle droid's body is.
I've always said, you can't trust people with fishmouth.
They needed to pull that off or else it would be obvious by economic factors that the Empire holds the democratic majority.
Her throat's been HARVested too many times, I doubt those muscles even work anymore.
Here's the actual leak you guys
Is it me or did she get even fatter?
Because it's more dramatic-supposedly- this way. Don't you just want go pay to see how this beloved character from movies you love dies for this friends that he's known all of three days and has never interacted with?
That, plus VII and VIII each had characters that died pointlessly, so it must be with IX as well.
Open file (3.57 MB 1920x1080 sjw.png)
It even more pointless because according to the plot leak his personality is restored from a backup later.
What an undeniable shitshow.
In a "just" reality this would be the only good one since they clearly have zero fucks left to give & would go all out.
Unfortunately for JJ that just means "phone it in".
>In a "just" reality
In a just reality (((evil))) wouldn't control nearly everything and we wouldn't have gotten to this point in the first place.
In a "just" reality, there'd be no sequels

Nah, in the "justest" of realities they'd have been made instead of the PT.
Open file (14.34 MB 600x338 chick.mp4)
PT > Sequel ruination "movies"
Unless you mean George decided to make Star wars sequels in the 90's rather than the prequels.
>Unless you mean George decided to make Star wars sequels in the 90's rather than the prequels.
Exactly what I meant. Was the perfect time for it, Carrie still looked recognizable & Harrison & Mark could still get around without a walker.
In that case I agree because he could still make the prequels if he still wanted afterwards since it doesn't need any of the original actors.
What for though? Sheev had been introduced and killed in VI (even though it wasn't the plan originally and it should have happened in IX).
Personally the whole fucking ST could've just been the OT cast's boring ass post Empire lives & it would've been 10/10.
There was plenty of shit in the EU that could've been mined for the good bits far more effectively & efficiently than Yidsney has done.
>Carrie still looked recognizable
Boy did she.
Open file (73.82 KB 644x570 gross taco.jpg)
Thrawn stuff hell Kyle Katarn stuff since they decided to make Rouge one, it would have been interesting to link Rogue one up with the sequels by making Jedi Kyle Katarn turn up.
They went out of their way to pick this ugly thing when there are far better looking Asians that exist.... I've seen fat asians that are far better looking than the dog eater they picked.
It will never not piss me off that they only took the basic shadow of a concept from Jaina & Jacen's ultimate arc & made an extremely shitty, hamfisted, vague near-satire of it. The EU version was so comparatively well executed it damn near looks like fine art.
Disney's sequels are too convoluted to even say they've ripped that off.
They fly now.
They fly now?
They fly now!
I think it's pretty clear that Crylo was a low-effort ripoff of Jacen from LotF.
He looks like Driver in some pics too

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