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Fuck Disney.

Open file (11.27 MB 824x464 Battle of Hoth.mp4)
John Williams Stormtrooper 01/11/2020 (Sat) 21:06:06 No.1756
What is his best SW piece in your opinion? What is the first theme you think of when you think of Star Wars? Which ones can you remember from start to finish? What is the worst one? Which is better: Separatist March, Jedi Temple March or Imperial March? Battle of Naboo, Battle of Geonosis, Battle Over Coruscant, TIE Fighter Attack, Battle of Hoth or Battle of Yavin? Duel of The Fates or Battle of the Heroes? Why is the Title Crawl theme so fucking loud?
>Battle of Naboo Alternatively, Escape From Naboo.
Open file (3.61 MB 360x360 laptinek.mp4)
>>1756 >no love for the Max Rebo Band Y'all niggas don't even like jizz.
>Why is the Title Crawl theme so fucking loud? Because why not?
>>1756 Cantina band. Both the empire march and opening themes were plagiarized (from the wedding march, no less), so I can only guess the rest too were lifted from some corner of the planets suite
>>1756 Starts like the soundtrack of centurion - defender of Rome.
>>1756 >What is his best SW piece in your opinion? Duel of the Fates >The Battle Over Coruscant The movie version is better than the album one. He should have kept the drums in. >What is the worst one? His entire work on Disney Wars, but if I have to pick one it's Rey's theme. It is really the worst, it doesn't fit with the character as protrayed on screen. It's like if he never got to see the cut of the movie and wrote the theme based on a quick description of the character. >Why is the Title Crawl theme so fucking loud? Because it sets the tone of the movie.
>>1759 >jizz I'm sure you're very fond of it.
>>1756 >Why is the Title Crawl theme so fucking loud
>It's like if he never got to see the cut of the movie and wrote the theme based on a quick description of the character. I don't know where I've read it, but I'm as far as I know that's pretty much exactly what happened.
Open file (139.38 KB 640x360 gP0s1Eh5wxs.webm)
>>1800 >Why is the Title Crawl theme so fucking loud So the people who have been waiting through 30mins of movie commercials realize the actual feature is starting
>>1835 >movie starts at x time >30 minutes of ads and quizzes before x time >clock is now at x time >30 minutes of ads >movie starts at x+30 God I hate that shit, I rarely watch movies anymore at all, but going to a Theater is probably the worst way to watch a movie, other than in plebian class on a plane next to the ethnics who are unable to adjust their speech volume. >same 10 ads played over and over for half the length of the movie >likely have to sit next to someone >can’t use armrests or only one >someone probably slouching in the seat behind you with their knees pushing on your seat >people sucking air through straws because their drink is empty >some dumb bitch probably asking her boyfriend questions the whole time >way too fucking loud >legitimate risk for hearing damage >everything overpriced at concession so have to go out of your way to sneak a bottle of water in >can’t leave when the movie is done because the other 60 people are trying to also or some old or disabled fuck is blocking the entire stairway >have to hear people’s opinions of the movie while waiting in line to get out of the Theater >can’t piss without missed some part and rubbing against 10 people’s legs I don’t understand why people pay for this. Do you really need to be in the know for some movie so quickly you can’t wait 2 months to see it at home?
>>1858 I kek'd because of how true this is. at least in planes, you can use headphones. the main draw for theaters is seeing a movie on a big screen in a darkened room, and it's a social thing for many people.
>>1863 Plane would be better if you’re in first/business class, in third class it’s worse because you have much less space and people aren’t at least pretending to be quite because the 12 Indians behind you aren’t watching a movie themselves and feel the need to talk at full volume during a night time flight every single fucking time. Second class is probably still worse than a Theater because I think second class seats are still a bit smaller than these seats. Unless they’ve made Theater seats smaller in the past two or so years since I’ve been to one.
The Bespin duel's climax (beginning of Rescue from Cloud City, Hyperspace) made for some very evil atmosphere in Jedi Academy, too bad the game ended in Korriban which is nowhere as moody. For some strange reason I'm also very fond of the Cloud City music, but more specifically the part that begins playing still in Dagobah (middle of Imperial Starfleet Deployed). One day I had begun the tenth level of Jedi Knight, right atop the Sulon Star with the cloudy sky flowing above me and it started playing. The impression has stuck with me ever since.
Open file (1.23 MB 852x480 out.mp4)
There's something really special in this little piece from Arrival at Naboo. I can't put my finger on it but it sounds really whimsical. I love it.

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