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Fuck Disney.

Stormtrooper 01/17/2020 (Fri) 20:02:55 No.1900
So what's your favorite species /sw/? Mine are the Chiss and SsiRuu. >inb4 humanocentrist shitposting
Open file (214.92 KB 935x1280 Kaleesh1.jpg)
Open file (157.75 KB 690x1054 Kaleesh2.jpg)
>>1900 Space serbs
>>1904 Something about the Kaleesh on the right looks really weird.
Zabraks have always been my favourite, Naulotans are cool too.
Which one has the most spankable ass?
>>1911 Hutts.
Open file (1000.92 KB 960x960 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.68 MB 1000x662 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (1.13 MB 720x800 ClipboardImage.png)
Open file (3.48 MB 1920x816 ClipboardImage.png)
Hard time picking a favorite but I always like the space gypsies and the space injun jihadists. Trandoshans are cool too. And while I wouldn't call them my favorites, I always liked Gungans.
>>1917 Trandoshans are neat, I liked the Bounty Hunter book that focuses on all the bounty hunters going after Solo, and the Tandoshan (Bass, Boss something?) one wants to skin Chewie. Trandoshans are the rightful rulers of Kashyyyk.
>>1920 >(Bass, Boss something?) Bossk.
>>1921 Right, was too lazy to look it up, thanks trooper.
>>1912 >ywn a slutty hutt
Ssi-ruu and Nelvaanians are pretty cool, though you don't see many of them for obvious reasons.
>>1926 I just meant because you literally couldn’t miss if you tried to spank one.
>>1950 Anon are you asking for a spanking?
>>1951 I'd be willing to spank Anon.
>>1964 >>1951 Faggots.
>>1967 Quit being tsundere, Anon. This is all part of my deep dark fantasy.
>>1967 Anon methinks is jealous that she is not getting spanked
Ssi-ruu are too cute not to love.
Open file (159.87 KB 320x400 Plo_Koon_TPM.jpg)
I admire Mon Calamari aquatic civilization and shipbuilding finesse but see nothing special in the individuals themselves. The Kel Dor have a more distinctive design.
Open file (566.90 KB 1280x960 Leiadeathstar.jpg)
>>1900 Mine are humans, they're just so exotic looking. There are a lot of so called "near human" species, but they're basically just palette swaps, or have some random feature stapled on which make them look more normal i.e. boring.
>>2124 What species are the two on the right? They’re clearly near-human but are not human, they must be from some tribe species.
Whiphid are cool. And Talz
>>1911 Pa'lowicks.
Open file (251.24 KB 590x774 trandoshan babe.jpg)
>>1917 Trandoshans are honestly my favorite. Badass merciless lizardmen with plenty of subspecies who devote themselves to fighting and hunts either for glory or for the chance to see who gets to fuck their mommy gf goddess The Scorekeeper.
>>1906 Maybe it's the clothes? I guess they make him look thinner.
>>2150 Why the fuck does a reptile have tits?
>>2161 Because it'd be cruel to make them miss out on all that fun.
>>2162 I wouldn’t know :^(
>>2161 Because fuck you that's why.
>>2155 >>1904 No. The artwork in the second pic is from some awful Disney guide by some guy who traces all his artwork and is just a bad artist all around. The kaleesh in the pic not only has fucked up fingers but the wrong kind of feet. He also made the pic in question by tracing someone's fanart.
>>2171 >tracing someone's fanart That seems to be a big problem in the Marvel Star wars comics nowadays.
>>2181 Marvel comics once copied 40k and they quickly learned how autistic a certain model maker was regarding copyright
>>2128 Those are called "Jews", I heard that species is now marked non-canon by Disney

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