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Fuck Disney.

Open file (80.51 KB 777x611 cw.jpg)
And then they came for Clone Wars... Stormtrooper 01/21/2020 (Tue) 12:40:16 No.1997
>nigress with twitter dyke haircut! So, are you ready for the exciting last Ahsoka Wars season?
They've removed a new male character that was supposed to become Ahsoka's boyfriend and replaced him with 2 black girls with haircuts that don't fit into the TCW aesthetic at all. Well at least there's the Bad Batch clone storyline.
>>2001 voiced by Matthew Yang King https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0455058/
>No more good vidya >no more good books >or comics >or movies I liked Revenge of the Sith no bully >or even tv shows that you killed off then brought back
>>2003 I would you hope like RotS, it's damn good. All the prequels are good, though, so I'm not sure what you're saying.
Open file (15.51 KB 256x234 smugl.jpg)
>>2001 >we want to make a statement that women are just as good as men, if not better! >so we'll replace this one man with two women Is this a joke? "How many feminist characters do you need to do a man's job?" or something like that?
>>1997 That implies I gave two fucks about TCW in the first place. It was inevitable that it'd get reamed with the stainless steel barbed wire revenge dildo of diversity but given how much it wrecked the EU I have no sympathy.
I hope it will be seen as the shit that it is, so much so that even faggots like Jeremy from Geeks and Gamers calls it bullshit. I think they made that season during the sequel years, while they were still full femtard and libtard, when they didnt think their sequels would end in such a mess. They're going to pozz the one thing that most fans enjoy, from disneytards to more older classic fans (and yes I know Filoni is not always loved here for good reasons, but all in all Clone wars was appreciated by a majority). It's going to be fun to see.
>>2010 It won’t
>>1997 Everything Star Wars was the last when yidsney bought the IP.
>>1997 never saw it never will but gross feminist mystery meat cartoon looks disgusting as is these characters promotion of self mutilation/mental illness. On the upside I doubt too many children will see CW especially since kids don't like starwars anymore.
>>2025 Do you mean, "cry tears of joy in their wives' shared hotel rooms?"
>>2030 They’re still raping Maul, eh? Just like Revan in SWTOR, seems they can’t come up with decent villains on their own.
>>2030 >also linking to jewtube to directly give Disney views
>>2030 Clone Wars was a good show but I can't be excited about this knowing that it's Disney canon so none of it will matter, and they've already done Rebels- you know how it ends. Ahsoka will die and get revived for no good reason, Maul will get shanked by Obi-wan. It don't matter. None of it matters.
wait till they make a KOTOR animated show
>>2045 I mean it would be fully pozzed pre-cartoon realistically since come about around the time as the movies for that.
>>2044 Yeah all of that is pretty absurd when you think about it. It reeks of desperation from the rat. >see, see we're reviving that show you liked so much that we canceled four our own shit, s-star wars is back (pleaase pay)!!
>>2056 They know it's the only thing left anyone cares about since they ruined the movies. And because it was cancelled, they can swoop in and look like the good guys for bringing it back, even though it was their fault it was canned in the first place. It's cheap.
Open file (1.12 MB 1920x1080 Revan.jpg)
>>1997 >nigress with dyke hair >another nigress with dyke hair My hope is that they aren't in it after the first episode.
>>2134 I hope they stay in it so I have another reason to laugh at TCW faggots
>>2134 >My hope is that they aren't in it after the first episode. This garbage is only 4 episodes long. One is about Anakin and clones, while the other 3 are all about Ahsoka, one about her gfs and the other 2 about her fighting and beating Maul because she's pretty much a Mary Sue by this point.
>>1999 Are they going to do the Boba Fett arc where he teams up with Cad Bane?
>>2044 >None of it matters. Pretty good way to sum up the (((disney))) era of SW.
>>2156 No.
>>2148 >4 episodes Kek
>>2148 >she's pretty much a Mary Sue by this point. Filoni has been given too much power at this point so he can make his OC donut steel waifu 100% the bestest. Hell she was even in ROS.
>>2167 >Hell she was even in ROS. Probably to attract the legions of Filoni psycohpants who yank off to the orange bitch because she was baby's first waifu for the lot of them.
>>2167 >she was even in ROS. Screen shot?
>>2169 I think it was only her voice, when all the Jedi in history give Rey their power so she can beat Sheev.
>>2173 >Can't tell if this is hyperbole or not Fuck disney
>>2001 This video is the embodiement of gurlpower, and even then they changed it?
>>2159 Ah that sucks. I was looking forward to that. Is there at least a book about it or a summary?
>>2005 They do like to coddle Islam these days, and that is Shariah compliant.
>>2001 >She even knees him in the balls Christ this is awful. Should've remained a story reel
>>2167 >implying it was Filoni being given power >implying that Filoni wasn't pressued by le feminists to replace male characters and change cool macho storylines. Don't be /co/ fags
>>2148 They cucked Maul. They got it all wrong Maul is supposed to be a "phantom menace" hence the name of the first prequel. Maul is supposed to be a Shakespearean like villain.
>Ahsoka I dont care about that, even if it was George Boy who created her. She contradicts directly Revenge of Sith, she doesn't exist. >Nu-Sw It doesnt exist in the double. Anakin never had an apprentice during his time as a jedi, period.

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