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Fuck Disney.

Stormtroopers Stormtrooper 02/02/2020 (Sun) 03:32:34 No.2327
I lost my Stormtrooper folder. I would greatly appreciate any and all Troopers that you have. All mediums are good. Thank you.
>>2329 Nice.
One of my favs.
>>2331 Truly the rebels are scum.
Are Clone Troopers allowed?
>>2331 The story behind this picture is that the Rebels have captured that Stormtrooper's son and are making him execute his father.
>>2350 The story you just made up? Cool.
Open file (643.23 KB 1493x1198 1452056595236.jpg)
Open file (164.99 KB 1048x655 1411071704568.jpg)
Open file (23.22 KB 383x434 storm_comparison.jpg)
>>2372 >Imperial Stormtrooper >Metric Stormtrooper I don't get it.
>>2373 Imperial stormtrooper is the one that can't hit shit with his blaster because his measurement system is a fucking joke.
>>2374 Imperial is a lot better for people who have not been educated and are essentially illiterate hence why burgers like it
>>2350 Guess he had an even worse "bring your kids to work"-day than Gary.
>>2372 Nice.
>>2374 >le stormtroopers can't shoot LOL XD! Back to Reddit.
>>2381 >A classic joke that has been around since your retarded ass was even born is now "reddit" Fellate a bowcaster, nigger.
>>2383 >muh classic joakes! The Troopers were never bad at shooting in the OT, it's a faggy meme from the likes of Kevin Smith and his ilk. It's worse than Reddit, it's Proto-Reddit. KYS, queer.
>>2386 It's still a classic joke. >they missed on purpose to track them! They still miss in any other scene when they are not tracking them too. And I'm not saying that's a bad thing. It's a heroic tale in which a farm boy and a drunk spacegangster outgun a whole platoon of elite soldiers, since the former are the heroes and the later are random mooks. One should be allowed to joke about something he likes.
>>2387 I know it's painful for you to learn it this way, but you are Reddit. Return to where you belong. You will feel better there.
Not him, but you first faggot, excuses for stormtroopers having awful aim was an EU topic before you were born.
>>2350 Sounds like bullshit, much more likely it’s the son of one of the rebels or a local kid they’re trying to radicalize just like those ISIS videos of kids beheading teddy bears. Your story is dumb as shit: >hey let’s give this kid a gun and have him execute his own father. This will surely show him how evil and corrupt the empire is and bring him around to the rebel ideology. There is no way forcing this kid to kill his dad will backfire and turn him into an imperial zealot who dedicates his entire life to killing rebels at any cost. <Great idea Zanik! Let’s do it.
>>2375 >the system that requires you to memorize arbitrary conversion ratios and do much more difficult math is for uneducated people while the system that requires you to move the decimal place one spot for every new prefix is for the educated I’m a metric man myself and while it makes some sense in the sense that the educated would use the logical less arbitrary system, it also makes sense the uneducated would use the easier one.
>>2397 Memorization != education.
>>2389 EU as in Expanded Universe, European Union or both?
>>2405 Lurk for ten years before posting again.
>>2404 Right but you still have to do a lot of mental math to get how many inches in 2.5 miles, or any other conversion that isn’t to a value of 1 in one of the units. To get how many nanometres in a terametre you just need to know how many decimal places you move from metre to nanometre and metre to terametre and then just start counting decimal places until you hit the decimal. To convert 1/34th of an inch to miles you need to do a lot more work with converting as each unit between has a different conversion value. Not hard to do on paper if you know basic multiplication and division, but that’s not the point, it’s not just memorization. Even for converting to the next scale up or down if it’s more than 1 you need to multiply or divide by some arbitrary number.
>>2407 >To get how many nanometres in a terametre you just need to know how many decimal places you move from metre to nanometre and metre to terametre and then just start counting decimal places until you hit the decimal. 21 zeroes. 12 between nano and meter, 9 between meter and terameter. It's simple memorization as well but a lot more streamlined. Memorizing imperial units is as sensible as memorizing 2+2+2+2+2 instead of 5*2. Sure you can learn both, but what would you rather use in your daily life? The simpler the system, the better and faster it is, because you can standardize things with it and don't have to spend half your time memorizing it instead of what you're using said system on. If you really need to remember all the random imperial measurements, you're better off leaving it to a computer.
>>2408 But that wasn't anon's original point - the implication was that the imperial system was for unintelligent people, which is at odds with the fact that it's much less intuitive to use.
Open file (290.03 KB 977x1558 Janek Sunber.jpg)
Does this count?
>>2408 I’m not arguing against metric, I’m saying metric is easier and better than imperial.
>>2409 >when you’re so dumb you can’t state your own argument simply and just ramble and confuse everyone. Thanks anon, can you do all my Retard to English translations from now on?
>>2409 Imperial doesn't make you smarter, it just takes more time. Smart people switch to metric and are done with it.
>>2408 metric has the strength of being consistent and logical, but it has the key weakness of being a decimal system rather than duodecimal. decimal gives you prime factors 2 and 5, and its omega 9 makes thirds a single repeating digit (.3...), all of which is decent. however, duodecimal gives you prime factors 2 and 3, as well as 4 and 6, with its main weakness being fifths (.2497...), but even there you could scale up to 60. there's also hexadecimal, which is great for even divisibility, and gives you single repeating digits for thirds and fifths. ten, twelve, and sixteen are all useful base numbers. however, one could argue that either duodecimal or hexadecimal would be a better base for a measurement system.
>>2420 >imperial doesn’t make you smarter. No one said that. It’s that imperial is harder so uneducated people should be more likely to use the easier system. Imperial, being harder, would make more sense for intelligent, educated people to use than “uneducated, illiterates” no one said that is a reason for educated to actually do so.
>>2422 >Imperial, being harder, would make more sense for intelligent, educated people to use than “uneducated, illiterates” no one said that is a reason for educated to actually do so. But educated people would be too smart to use such a bad system. Basically, it doesn't make sense for anybody to use it.
>>2422 This kind of thinking is why people still feel superior for playing AD&D.
>>2422 Thats the equivalent of saying someone using a flintlock is a better gunman.
>>2372 Pic 3 reminds of how human height is higher in WotC's Star Wars games than D&D, despite humans otherwise being a complete copy-paste, purely due to rounding. Average human male height is 1.8 meters in Star Wars and 5"9' (1.7526) in 3E.
>>2424 Yeah, but if one ground had to use imperial it would make more sense for the educated people to do so. I’m not trying to say anyone should use imperial, just as per the first anon’s point that only uneducated illiterates use it, I’m saying it’s a difficult system to use. >>2426 I wasn’t making an argument for imperial being better because of its complexity, you’re adding meanings that aren’t there. >>2427 No, it’s the equivalent of saying an expert gunman would be more proficient at using a flintlock compared to an amateur gunman, that doesn’t mean either shouldn’t use semi-autos. Again if you would read my posts you’d see I never advocated for anyone using imperial.
>>2429 The only reason garbage like imperial would be used is convenience; the only way it would stick through is if it was in use previously. Education wouldn't dictate it, convenience would. The uneducated masses would still try to use imperial if everything else was written in that crap. At most a hobbyist would, but that is a very niche category. While education definitely would help with that version; but thats not a large group.
>>2429 The entire scientific and engineering communities uses metric. Your point doesn't hold at all.
>>2408 >you're better off leaving it to a computer. Gross simplification, but couldn't decimal be considered metric in the context of looking at bit significance as equivalent to powers of 3?
>>2430 another reason is its use of non-decimal bases, e.g. feet divided into 12 inches. as I said before, twelve and sixteen are better bases for a measuring system than ten. decimalization is a crucial weakness of metric.
>nigga just trying to get some troopers >shit devolves into math arguments Gay.
>>2436 Especially since Imperial was good enough to go to the moon on.
>>2437 The Moon lander's systems and computers used metric. The information was only translated to imperial units on screens so the pilots could understand it. https://www.doneyles.com/LM/Tales.html >"With respect to units, the LGC was eclectic. Inside the computer we used metric units, at least in the case of powered-flight navigation and guidance. At the operational level NASA, and especially the astronauts, preferred English units. This meant that before being displayed, altitude and altitude-rate (for example) were calculated from the metric state vector maintained by navigation, and then were converted to feet and ft/sec. It would have felt weird to speak of spacecraft altitude in meters, and both thrust and mass were commonly expressed in pounds. Because part of the point of this paper is to show how things were called in this era of spaceflight, I shall usually express quantities in the units that it would have felt natural to use at the time." And Metric will take man to the moon next time, too: https://www.space.com/3332-nasa-finally-metric.html >"When NASA returns astronauts to the Moon, the mission will be measured kilometers, not miles. The agency has decided to use metric units for all operations on the lunar surface, according to a statement released today."
>>2439 >The Moon lander's systems and computers used metric. Of course. There's a reason why the SW universe uses metrics too.
>>2431 You have no meaningful reading comprehension skills.
>>2436 Maths Wars was Lucas plan for a sequel trilogy
>>2443 I'm just thinking on the same level as imperialfag.
Yeah, because metric units sound more Sci-Fi to most anglosphere people since they mostly use imperial units.
Rebel don't surf.
Open file (176.45 KB 299x450 ClipboardImage.png)
>>2454 >upvote
>>2456 Got it from old /sw/, so not sure how it made it there.
Open file (85.63 KB 388x388 1451952609789.png)
Open file (190.52 KB 627x1243 Battlefront.jpg)
Open file (76.89 KB 257x257 suicide.png)
Open file (56.95 KB 1280x720 tk.jpg)
Open file (219.27 KB 938x306 Trooper-headshot.jpg)
>>2458 >last one Fuck Leia.
>>2411 The artist for the first pic also does a star wars comic that they post on their artstation. The pic itself being part of a story they do the art for about the stormtroopers under Vader's command.
>>2474 Is it good?

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