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Open file (346.25 KB 775x790 oof.jpg)
Stormtrooper 10/26/2019 (Sat) 14:33:24 No.242
Man, either she gave him mindblowing head at some point or he's really into foot fungus.
Why are you cross posting this shit everywhere?
They know people hate her so they are putting her into a soywars film out of spite also she is a disney actress & disney seems to like to reuse their contracted actors as much as possible... probably cheaper for them than hiring someone new.
>Why are you cross posting this shit everywhere?
What? I haven't crossposted anything
It always just seems to be Feige though.
Does it matter?
Feige is their "agent" & he has the good will of fans.
Open file (558.49 KB 580x860 Brie Larson.png)
So not only Feige is working on a SW movie but he also wants to shove Brie Larson into the franchise as a live-action Ahsoka?
Why do they hate Star Wars so much?
>Why do they hate Star Wars so much?
It's made by white males for white males.
The story gives the peasants as they see all non-elitists a story that depicts a common man over coming seemingly insurmountable odds by bettering himself which leads to his ultimate victory over the status quo....
Why do you think they want to crush this idea & are actively turning it into a feminist anti-white/male story?
Eventually everything will have been utterly ruined, nothing is exempt. Tolkien was the smartest & saw it the clearest & even all his attempts to keep his shit unruined have entirely failed over time.
>block of wood devoid of a personality to ruin a character people like
You know what? Good. Everyone should encourage this line of thinking. The more bad choice they make the less money they make off the movie.

She probably let's him watch from the closet while she gets gangbanged by niggers.
Open file (383.18 KB 512x509 cute.png)
I think it's rather sweet how badly she wants to be in a Star Wars film, they should give her a role for sure, even a minor one.
Open file (73.60 KB 300x300 ganon-evil.jpg)
>defending this shit
She doesn't even have the emotional range to play a droid. So she's perfect for nuStar Wars.
Open file (110.66 KB 768x1024 D0Ng8ZCWsAAFEPR.jpeg)
Just let her into your heart anon.
Where's the booty
Open file (107.66 KB 1000x1000 1559668898324.jpg)
>10 year old pics
Man shes hot fuck me!
Open file (416.15 KB 1366x2048 D0NfDvCW0AEDa_d.jpeg)
Open file (33.81 KB 300x259 that's a man.jpg)
>no ass
>no tits
>square jaw
>receding hairline
Stop posting here /tv/

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