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Stormtrooper 10/27/2019 (Sun) 14:16:31 No.272
Well /sw/, was he right?
I hate niggers
>by Seth (((Abramovitch)))
>'Star Wars' "Star"
But seriously, what the fuck is this 2 year old shit even referencing? Some context would be nice.
What the fuck is carnival grinding?

There were videos from the Notting Hill carnival in London of some Dindus grinding their crotches up against various women, including police women.

I assume it is referencing that, but it's just a guess.
Its clown world so assume its some repulsive form of degeneracy.
Ah, I remember this now. I've seen them but have none of them.
No idea why Boyega's input on it would've been necessary.

Just searched for the article.

> https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/heat-vision/star-wars-star-john-boyega-defends-carnival-grinding-1033941

Turns out John Oogabooga was the one doing the grinding.
Ok, entirely different thing than I was thinking of.
>one side claiming the images are demeaning to female fans of the franchise, and the other dismissing those complaints as culturally insensitive at best, racist at worst
Always entertaining to see them splitting apart over their internal hypocrisies.
>The full-contact dancing has a name — "wining" (sometimes spelled "whining") — as well as a rich tradition, having originated in the 18th century "Jamette carnivals" of Trinidad and Tobago. "Jamette" comes from the French word "diametre," which referred to the class of people below "the diameter of respectability" who attended them; "wining" got its name from the winding motion required of the hips while performing the dance.
>a rich tradition
Fucking niggers should all hang.
Wait, why would the perfect progressive Mary Sue 'back up' guys grinding their crotches on women? Isn't that something that would be "toxic" or whatever gay shit they say these days?
Its only wrong if white men do or don't do something,"minorities" raping or doing disgusting things is celebrated because deconstruction of white people through race-mixing & destruction of society is what the elitists whom support & created feminism seek to achieve.

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