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We moved. https://anon.cafe/sw/

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Stormtrooper 04/30/2020 (Thu) 01:00:53 No.2935
What is /sw/ planning to do now that it has been announced julay will be heavily cutting down on boards for the re-launch? Have we already made a bunker to move to if we are not one of the chosen to stay?
what do bordo?
>>2935 We gotta move somewhere else then... Set up a bunker. Problem is the bunker I set up elsewhere also got deleted. The Banking Clan is taking down boards like firecrackers.
>>2935 There's a /starwars/ board on 9chan
>>2939 Its gay as shit and filled with Disneyfags. Also it has countryflags enabled and is constantly being shut down by {them}. Its got glownigger faggotry written all over it.
Here's the bunker. https://9chan.tw/swbunker/
>>2939 Judging from its sorry userbase and the goatse pics, moderation there is non-existent. Also why are we jumping the gun here? Robi or whoever said only unessential boards will get pruned. /sw/ is usually one of the top 20 or top 10 boards on julay. Boards with zero activity or that are borderline illegal or fetish-focused are the ones that will get the boot you retards.
>>2942 > filled with Disneyfags wrong
>>2944 He said no more than 10 boards will remain, while not impossible it's unlikely /sw/ will be included. he said he'll decide during the weekend so we'll see.
>>2945 >zero activity >most replied to thread is a disney shill thread >mod does nothing to clean up the board of spam and anuses At least come up with something better than saying "wrong". >>2946 Seems more than likely. This board is always in the top 15 or top 20, and half of the boards in that listing are just fetish boards which he said will go. If this shit hole goes we'll just have to go to anon.cafe or 9chan. Save what you can.
GOOD NEWS /sw/ stays on julay >>>/meta/10485
Open file (194.61 KB 222x314 Happy Hutt.png)
>>2950 >tfw you lived to see what its like to be one of the chosen BASED
Open file (57.63 KB 746x739 sad-kot.jpg)
>>2951 >>2950 >/sw/ stays on julay tfw Robi changes his mind the day before Julay goes down and /sw/ is kill
>>3072 Wait what
>>3073 Anon was posting a hypothetical. The current situation is fine.

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