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Stormtrooper 05/03/2020 (Sun) 20:30:56 No.2952
In honor of becoming one of Julay's Chosen, let's post some happy merchants of the Galaxy.
Open file (636.11 KB 3420x900 Thrawn vs Toydarians.png)
Open file (45.09 KB 501x585 toydarian truguts.jpg)
Open file (414.98 KB 980x742 Kill Watto 3.png)
Are space jews better or worse than terrestrial jews?
Open file (60.03 KB 527x675 Happy Muun Banker.png)
Open file (209.08 KB 640x553 anti-muun.png)
>When will the Republic stop oppressing us?!
>>2952 Why do newfags love the cancereous nerve board idea?
>>2952 Here's one I did for 8ch's /rolo/ a few years ago.
>>3043 I was actually rather pleased with Lucas for that character. I'm sure it didn't win him a lot of friends but by that point he had mounds & mounds of fuck-you money so ehh.
>>3044 George was victimized and ostracized as a racist by Hollywood elites because of Jar Jar and Watto despite any claims being subjective. The only reason they were offended so much over Watto is that maybe it reminded them of what they're actually like behind the whining and limelight.
>>2952 Are republic credits the /sw/ equivalent of shekels? Any other (((currencies))) more appropriate?
>>3054 Probably truguts, because they're actually worth something. Republic credits are just a worthless fiat currency for the goyim to use.
>>3054 Considering Watto only accepts Truguts I'm figuring those are the shekels.

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