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Open file (126.79 KB 564x1136 Big Brains.jpg)
Stormtrooper 05/04/2020 (Mon) 02:16:26 No.2965
Who is the biggest superbrain in the universe and why is it Vul Isen?
Open file (390.29 KB 640x587 3.png)
Give me 5 minutes in the Sith alchemy chamber and I'll show you a super brain.
Damn. I must've mixed up the phosphatidylserine with estrogen again.
Open file (28.00 KB 329x600 columi.jpg)
>>2967 >>2965 Get on my level bitches
Open file (86.63 KB 615x813 Killik Queen.jpg)
>>2969 >>2965 >>2966 All a killik needs to do is spit on you morons and your IQ points are added to the glorious nest!
>>2971 Do you think you could make a Killik nest devolve if you gave them someone retarded enough?
Open file (74.89 KB 1024x595 hivemind.jpg)
>>2997 They would have to be phenomenally stupid. Almost on a cosmic scale. Either that or they would have to be incredibly stupid but also have an incredibly strong will. What creature could possibly have an anti-IQ yet have the will to overwhelm an entire nest colony?
Open file (80.65 KB 1920x1958 Rebel Scum.png)
>>2998 Your average Rebel scum, easily.
>>2969 >Columi FRAUDS
>>3024 We wuz Celestials n sheit

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