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Stormtrooper 05/05/2020 (Tue) 20:54:02 No.3003
Who was Jason Ward before he was revealed to be a typical male feminist? I keep seeing updates about the disaster of him being so heavily affiliated with Disney's shills I have no idea on who he was beyond just a sexual predator.
Open file (183.10 KB 1152x864 dnahkcirtap.jpg)
>>3003 1. I don't give a shit about e-drama. Only fags care about e-drama. 2. I don't give a shit about some fag jerking off with some horny 14-year-old in some skype call. Only fags care about e-drama. 3. Who cares who this nobody was? 4. What does ice hockey have to do with Star Wars?
>>3005 In some seriousness, he had something to do with some shitty disney shill site, which I only found looking him up and via his twatter page. I don't use twitter normally and I hope the said can be said for most here. But I would guess that you use twitter or some normalfag social media site since you somehow knew about this. Stop fucking using normalfag websites like twitter. This anti-social media attitude used to be the norm, but ever since 8chan and the like have been plagued with normalfags, it's somehow "okay" to use normalfag websites outside of the occasional troll raid, in which case you generally make them on the spot as temporaries.
He was just some shill who hosted a popular SW spoiler website to get people hyped for the films with leaked info. He got too popular and started taking advantage of the dumb Disney kids that followed him. Now one of the most obvious tools has been pegged.
>>3008 Disappointing. Was hoping he actually worked at Disney instead of just shilling for them.
>>3009 Well he had a lot of connections at Lucasfilm. Maybe someone will find a pedo roleplay chat between him and Rian Johnson or Pablo Hidalgo.

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